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Cory V Clark

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preview Reflections of a Dark Soul
by Cory V Clark
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Not rated by the Author.
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a dark trip into the human soul

(Preview) selections from: Reflections of A Dark Soul 

Venom of Hate

Stuck in my head Infecting me

Twisted and dirty


Digging your claws into me

You can't let me go

No, no

Not this again

Staring into me

Caught in the pools of my soul

Digging into me So much deeper It couldn't feel better

Tearing at my flesh

Ripping me Away from me

Until you find what you seek

Staring into me

Caught in the pools of my soul

Digging unto the nadir of my filth

Tearing at my flesh

Hooks like talons buried in my soul

Scratching at my mind

Pulling at the darkness of my soul

Drawing me hither I'll never bleed for you

To be the feast for your roaming demons


Seeking me out

Laying in wait

I pray you search harder

Seek me farther

My sin awaits your service

Forsaken knowledge on the breath of my tongue

Scarring me from within

Never to return

From the far side of normal

The worms of your filth

Wiggling around in my gut

You're the filthy little maggots devouring my soul With your eminent touch With the breath of what must be

Loving my suffering

Wanting it to be yours

Craving the agony of the flesh

You're so unable to emulate

Loving the hate in my eyes

Turning your soul to black

Like demons breading In this dark sepulcher

Controlling me

Controlling you

Contorting us inside these prison walls



I'll devour you all

Wasting them unto nothingness

Leaving only the venom of your hate

To sear the wounds of victimhood In the eye's of the innocent

With the pleasure of our twisted agony Is it your own weakness you hate The petty differences

Compared to mine

How can it matter so much When the

Scars left behind are the same

Our world divided

Our children to be left behind

Left with nothing substantial to hold As our hate divides us

Our hope can bind us

Look into my soul once more

To find the truth you seek

Young and old dying alike In the maelstroms Of celestial ire When the venom of hate Awakens into our lives And the demons of apathetic ignorance Dominate our hearts and minds Then there's nothing left to find Twisted Race What violent creatures we are What sick thoughts we think Twisting lies into truth Cutting each other Smiling all the while Pretending every thing is as right as rain, And never see the damage done. Intercity street Children playing Where crack is sold A drive-by or two Streets Run red They run red with the lives of our own flesh Wasting away into nothingness Sacred institutions thrown away Forever blown into the wind Never to be seen again in the turbulent eyes Of our pups Pain an important part of life When hate replaces love in our souls What truly twisted creatures we are If only for a while Before our time is nigh Is there any hope for the future? When we're so willing to undo our children With our ignorant rhetoric Before they even have a chance to create their own undoing On theses torturous streets Twisted Twisted inside I'm all fucked by the shit you put me through Would you even care if I told you That I was dying inside Or would you just walk away like so many times before To join the sheep in line for the butcher's hand So what if I was bleeding in the streets You brought me into Would you stop and try to save me Or just walk on by pretending that I wasn't even there With the dead eyes of one who's lived too hard If I told you how much I loved you one Would you hear me out? Or just tell me to get fucked Ripping out what's left of my pathetic soul Leaving me empty like so many times Before that innocence was stolen Only to be replaced with your filthy little monkeys sent to dig out my soul treasure I build these walls of my own so you couldn't inside Sitting here in the prison of my mind I wither further for your twisted pleasure Pleasures of the flesh Your dirty sins of the soul Can you even hear my cries anymore? Have you even been listening to us? Your progeny of mindless indifference Crying out for penance A return to a beloved innocence What the fuck does it matter anymore Our lives are wasting away Form within these streets we call home And you don't even give a damn For the one's you've condemned to this eternal Sheol Chained here by all of your filthy maggots of self loathing Twisted inside again Ripped apart inside for nothing more than your twisted enjoyment We're all fucked up inside form the shit you gave us But you can't see that And neither do I forevermore So now I'm one of you The sheep in line for the butcher's hand Suffering Lost in the darkness you created inside Abandoned by your loving hands I searched you out And found only the cold stones You built around you heart In your apathy I called out your name The walls were just too high You'll not hear a single word of it And still you keep building Pushing us further away Into the arms of the night We can no long hear your screams Of pleasure and pain Only the silent and perfect darkness remains To keep our company in your absences Only the emptiness of hate inside Our friendly fiend with which to play Until we see the end of this duhkha of our own design Masochist Burning ire Scorching everything endowed Like a forest fire on the rise The worlds turned to ash Dark rage building Grotesque images fill tortured minds Visions of a shattered and twisted soul So tired of being told that I'm loved Only find only more than lies Only to find the cursed Chewing their curd In the metal fields where the lay Themselves to waste away Forgetting what they've been Love used to come so easy to me Now hate and loathing fill that void Emotions once mute When but a cub Now the masters of the spirit within these walls Darkness come to save Now a fortress of sorrow With just ruined lives Of then ones you've touched Too keep my company Now just the dead to keep the tenderness Of your touch Masochism forever now our companion Sadistic pleasures And schizophrenic dreams brought to bear Without any thought of the suffering To come from whence they came Unto me So many wound So many Scars Laid in wait So willing Yet so unable to replant The forest of our souls gift Lost in the maelstroms of ending times Madness Stabbing pain Hate Deep inside my burning soul What I did too deserve this never-ending pain With my apathy I embrace that madness given unto The world with carnal pleasure for all But none enjoyed Taking it for my own Paranoid pleasures Flesh to strip Undressing of the innocence Twisting the mind Until the souls are all turned asunder Taking in all the hate we've given We return to the sins of the flesh Making pain our pleasure Open the door To let out the demons buried deep inside Patently waiting to devour you As your sins build up around you So the walls of sin bind you within And there's no escaping our prison of satisfaction This is the hell we've long made You cut me free Tearing away the mask of flesh Left me there to bleed and die Now the door opens So your soul can be with mine Embrace this insanity With schizophrenic dances in you mind Take in this madness With dark pleasure Feel my suffering Let me devour you And we can be once more in the lake of fire From whence we were born The hate that blinds us Old men stand around on the corners In tattered rags Huddled around burn barrels Fires blazing but hearts dulled to a tarnished chill By the cruel worlds that they have for so long perceived They're unwilling or can't see that they have paved Their own way to this their little corner of hell. A baby's hungrily crying for his mothers' love Not knowing she doesn't really give a damn Not understanding she's to busy with her own shit, Smoking her life away in another pipe Condemned to be trapped with that goddamned monkey on her back Twisting her own arm She sells herself away, With her soul already sold There's nothing left to sell but her dignity And when the infanticide comes All the boy has is himself to save His only hope is to beat his away out of this shit filled world and make his own And never look at what he's left behind Because we're all guilty as fucking sin When hate is the common place And vice is the flavor of the day They say that hate breeds hate but it's all a fucking lie Because we're our own source of hate When we hate ourselves We hate every thing around us And in the end we're the only one's Who can end the massacre of the innocent Shots are fired There's no one left to blame but you and me When our heart and lung are as black as coal And we've sold our dignities with our soul With eyes that blaze forevermore My fire consumes you And all that surrounds us So remember where it came from Know that I didn't see the hate that consumed your soul I wasn't there when you took it in When I turned it away But I'm sure as hell here to now To stay   A Prayer For A Dream Come True I close my eyes Rest my sleepless soul In the plague of the restless the night I see your face Deep breathes taken I listen closely Taking in every word from your breast Into my own With a smile of sinful delight You brighten my soul With your every breath Causing the stars shine high above my world I see your smile But for the moment I can close my eyes And dream of you as I listen To the rambling song of your soul Pray one day soon My holy dream will in time Become Passing my dream from the gut Of the universe into the realm of truth Manifestation The vision of deluded grandeur The hope of faith unseen Crashed into the shores of my soul Taking the dream And leaving your own twisted nightmare Being you no more I'll not wait But build my own road To heaven or hell I'll spread my wings Revelations Destruction The pathos you've chosen I'll spread my wings and embrace my fate So lay your souls out upon the street at my feet This life I will not waste And your hell I'll never taste Trapped Trapped inside this shell. Bound to the floor Naked, Wantonly hungry My soul brimming with a passion I can not feed. Gagged and chocked back by fear I can't even begin to explain So how can I tell you that no one can even begin to know me. The binds that blind me Gag me Grow ever tighter As I grow weaker Cutting me down to the bone. My blood flows freely from unseen wound My bandages drip demon blood Onto the floor until I swim in an oozing ocean of life's juices Is all hope lost When no one can hear your screams The chains that hold me onto the floor digging deeper into my soul Pulling me farther down into this my hell. It's killing me that I can't speak out against your ternary I just want to scream Releasing all of my pent up rage But what good would do No one to hear me cries. So I cry out and scream your name But your no where to be found Maybe if I didn't build up these damn walls Somehow you'd be the one to see my pain. Dark God of the Void The silence Of the bitter void Cold emptiness Awakening Demons Entombed within Leathery wings Shadows beating against shadows Palpable All encompassing Indignant Obscurity Made evident In this shadow mist Rusted barbs Cutting away the rind Of your malignant veil Bleeding and alone Once more Upon the pole In the forest of the impaled Imperiled Rip my soul apart To reveal me for the hollow husk You are Crack this empty shell Release the evil The fork tongued beast within Dark God enters the world In retched gloom I leave my thrown From the damnation you sought For the wider world Taking the souls of the waiting multitudes With open arms Welcomed The dark pleasure Stripped of your glorious light I'll leave you an empty husk Devoid of substance Loveless an empty hole With the only beauty to be found In the suffering of the innocents Seplica Dark clouds Cover the world in ire Unnatural seplica Darkness Eating away all pretences Hope lost Devours the joy of children Leave us bitter Cold And Jaded Empty Begging to be filled Our souls cry out for a taste of the sun Hidden from us the stars A breath of moon beam Gods and Goddess Shine your gaze upon us Once more If for a moment You'd hear our plight Have withered beauty Dead roses In the field of the crucified Hear our sorrows In morning Feel for us the pain of the misery We have wrought upon our children And spare us the indignities of our sins With your seplica of grace With the light of the heavens If but for a moment In the eternal night Of breathless flight Holy Wars Dark desires in the night Fill the void Empty soul Maggots churning in rotted flesh In the garden of the dead Foul creatures of hell Beating leathery wings in their breast Feeding on hidden sins Claws Razor sharp Tear at the shell To reveal the truth Of the madness within Break away the shell To bring out the flesh Awaken to the suffering The beautiful agony Of heaven's holy genocide Dig in deeper Devouring the souls of the innocent To vomit out your hate With unjust cause To find away back into you're sanctimonious holy wars Where infanticides Regicides And genocides are there for the taking But when your babies are burning And you've nail their turbans to their shattered soul Will you be the martyr? To suffer unto me The faith that has failed you Begotten Tyranny Black feathered wings Spread to cover the light And bring us unto the night Corruptions Laid it to waste Genocide Hate bred infanticide Leavened with the call for fratricide On the tongues of the legions The dead cry out from their garden of misery Pleading for merciful peace For there shattered And tormented soul Finding none Even in eternal sleep Just as they did in life Cluttered masses Await the butcher's hand Lambs laid to waste Led by the lapel To their eminently terminal fate Corrupted by the rose Corrupted by hate's sweat taste What a beautiful tragedy Laid in deceptions That wounded empty souls strike back Take unto me your wrath Mindless aggressions Torture of the innocent Wounding yet more They sought to heal in their ireful deeds Leaving oceans of tears in their wake PRISON OF POVERTY The hunger burns on Belly filling up with pain A perpetual emptiness Fills me to bursting Trapped, So cold With only the night To shelter myself Left to starve Left half alive Yet half not The hunger still burns Black pain creeping Eating the memory of the life I once lived Stealing life away As the hours still pass on Days left bleak Unable to bear The fruits of my dreams Why are these nights still so black As black as coal In the hollows of hell unseen I can but only wonder What lays waiting beyond The darkness of this world Death is creeping Waiting for me It lingers at the doorstep of my life Ever patient Waiting to take me in its dark embrace Letting me kill myself off slowly It begs Let me take you away from here I resist though I know I'm ready To go home with him in his dark arms To be born a new CALL TO ARMS Come O' faithful horsemen Mount thy trusty steed For we set ourselves to go out this day, To make war for the house of heaven And our king. The God of the righteous Put on thy steadfast armor For the battle over our souls Still rages on. Draw fast thy blade; The blade of the righteous Put it to the enemy That the lost souls of our brethren maybe freed Send him fast to the house Of Hades Bind his chains unto the lake of fire. Suffer unto me This heavenly genocide With babies burning In the forest of the dead They'll find cities set ablaze In malicious holy matricide Let the souls of the enemy not rest Impaled upon your pikes Rotting in this unholy Holy night Left behind in corpse nations Until eternity its self is no more. Blue moon and blood tears A blue moon rises Over the sun dried seas Of rotting flesh As the earth shakes lose Her ungraciously departed. Blood tears Fall from heavens dry eyes. The living beast Heavens iniquitous guard dog The dead beat winner To an unholy game Fields of the crucified Unholy saints Subversive to your deadly hunger To undermine your own opinion In ireful defeat Pathetic faceless wonders Left to die in vain Condescended Burning truth in naked lies Stars fall from the sky As black feathers fall from heavens fallen angels Has the end to this unholy war truly come Or is it still only begun Red tape, simmering in pretension Communal trust betrayed Common fields where babies lay Bureaucratic refuses called to play As the satanic masters carry the day Pretentious, myopic views Leaving nothing but death In the eyes of those who call out to you Regurgitating ignorant slush from your pea sized brains To crush the souls of the young and still pure Not for very long For soon your innocence will no longer be recompense In the bureaucratic back wash Filling the sewer of societies lost All in the guise of a savior come to cut us down With red tapes ugly brother Found in your ignorant bureaucratic rhetoric Simmering in pretensions unqualified to fill my toilet Let alone my child's soul   


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