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Recent Reviews for +Steven Curtis Lance

Sea Stones, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 2/17/2009 4:09:28 PM
Hi Steven I recently purchased your book "Sea Stones" I've enjoyed it. I like that you share all kinds of feeling's views and emotions in your work! My husband sat to read it and I must say I never heard him laugh so much. Your humor is inviting and welcoming what a great book! Kindly Laura Mckenzie :)

The Red Book of Lance, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 7/10/2008 5:42:24 PM
Beautiful all the best to you Stevie on ALL your collections. Congrats again, ~Gwendolyn

Sea Stones, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 12/18/2006 3:20:42 PM
I have read all of these poems, some many times. Very few things have given me such pleasure. A book to buy, to keep and touch, to read and love, again and again.

Sea Stones, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 12/17/2006 12:58:43 PM
Wonderful! Another great addition for every poetry lover's library. Chrissy

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Softcover Edition (Book) - 12/10/2006 7:16:17 AM
I have read all of the poems in this book and each came as a delectable surprise. This craftsman of the sonnet has skills in all corners of the poetic world. I recommend this and all of Steven's books to you. They are outstanding works of literature and you will not be disappointed. My wish for this poet is that he gains universal recognition for he has a talent that deserves acclaim and support.

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 12/10/2006 7:14:49 AM
I have read all of the poems in this book and each came as a delectable surprise. This craftsman of the sonnet has skills in all corners of the poetic world. I recommend this and all of Steven's books to you. They are outstanding works of literature and you will not be disappointed. My wish for this poet is that he gains universal recognition for he has a talent that deserves acclaim and support.

Transcendental Sonnets and Other Observations ...for Silke (Book) - 11/7/2006 4:07:14 PM
I've been away for so many reasons Steve. I found this page it appeared to me tonight, as I opened up A/D. To drop a Poem or two in! I miss reading/commenting and writing and I am trying to come back on atleast 1 wk... if not more. I miss reading you and this Sonnet book sounds EXCellent and maybe even Closure! I will be collecting this sonnet book too! CONGRATULATions My Special Unique Friend! STay Positive, Healthy, Alert and Keep Writing! Peace and Light! Warm HuGs, SheeeOXOOX... - Sheila G -

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Softcover Edition (Book) - 8/25/2006 3:57:17 PM
Another Intelligent book from you Steve, that will be upon my bookshelf! I have always felt drawn to your style! You speak to my Heart and Soul, with Words I find myself using over and over. YOur Heart is Honest and Divine and I can't wait to buy these books too! Love & Light, WArmly,*She*OXO

The Red Book of Lance, Softcover Edition (Book) - 8/25/2006 3:40:08 PM
Wow! Sounds Excellent Steve~ I've had to be away to help and be around for my mom *( Had to get the Elderly Abuse Agency after my dad) Long story, but I am on top of it... YOu have accomplished so much my dear friend~ I will be here again. I need to play catch up... I love reading others thoughts and feelings! I hope you read what I started sharing! P.s. I am totally floored on how many books you pushed out! Awesome Steve! Glad your feeling STrong in everyway, to accomplish so much in this day and age. Love, Light and WArm HuGs! Warmly, *She*oxo

Sea Stones, Softcover Edition (Book) - 8/23/2006 3:08:54 PM
The new book is out...wonderful!!! I can't tell you how much I love the cover too. The stones smoothed by the sea bring up so many peaceful images!

New Poems (Book) - 8/3/2006 6:03:04 PM
Those who were and are no more are images left from past folk lore. They leave no seed, nor life behind, as the newness of now makes former times blind. You live.

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Softcover Edition (Book) - 5/6/2006 8:17:08 PM
Stephen's poetry is a melody of whispers sifted straight from the soul! "Dancing Naked in a Haunted House" is a mixture of observation and deep introspection. The words leave easily followed footprints from a mind that shines with love, honesty and intelligence. This isn't a book full of 'purple prose'. These stanzas are bursting with meaning and brilliance.

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Softcover Edition (Book) - 3/10/2006 4:09:02 PM
"Dancing Naked in a Haunted House" is a brilliant collection of poetry that employs language as an art form. Mister Lance's work about the nature of writing poetry such as "Riding the Riddle" are so insightful that I found myself wishing that I had written them. He finds solace in practicing his craft and should inspire young poets to do the same.

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Softcover Edition (Book) - 3/8/2006 3:19:39 AM
Congratulatons Steve, as my new book just came out this week as well perhaps our muses are kindred spirits as well as you have suggested in past. felix

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 2/26/2006 1:54:49 AM
Congratz!! Love Tinka

Dancing Naked in a Haunted House, Collectible Hardcover Edition (Book) - 2/25/2006 10:44:12 PM
Congratulations ;my good friend, I hope it is a best seller. I just received the galleys for my new novel on Friday and meet with publishers next Friday to sign off and approve cover design then it goes to print. All the best Steve, Felix

The Red Book of Lance, Softcover Edition (Book) - 12/21/2005 10:06:00 AM
Wonderful! The new book is out. Those of us who have read your previous poems are thrilled and wish you the very best...

The Red Book of Lance, Softcover Edition (Book) - 12/21/2005 2:45:42 AM
Well done and huge congratulations on the new book Steve, I hope it sells well and brings pleasure to all who read but mostly I hope it gives you the satisfaction of enlightened creation completed that we all strive for. All the best my friend. Felix

Magic (Book) - 10/12/2005 3:23:21 PM
What do I think of Magic? I believe in magic and can feel the aura that is being transported from you into your written words. Your words have been engraved into my heart. You are indeed magical poet. Karen

Magic (Book) - 9/16/2005 8:54:19 PM
I read every word! You indeed have a gift! Being ruled by Saturn is always a test, but I can read that you have a grasp on how to use what you know. Keep sharing your words! What you send out, you get back. Stay positive. Mary Lynn ~

The Little Book of Lance (Book) - 9/2/2005 10:23:01 AM
The way to go Stevie!! love Tinka

New Poems (Book) - 6/28/2005 9:56:36 PM
Congratulations on the new book Steve...impressive cover! Peace, Carole

New Poems (Book) - 6/28/2005 3:02:05 PM
* This is AWESOME STeve* VERy HAPPy 4 YOU! Keep up the Good Work... I have slowed dowwwwwwn, or shall I say, My mind has... I lost something somewhere,nothing is coming to me in any form. Oh well, a REason 4 Everything, but- I give LOTsss Of CRedit to you and other writers like you, who just keep going like the Energizer Bunny- Many HuGs,Sheee AGain-C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S!!!OXXO.... I'll try to come back into the writing world- if I am pushed by my Spirit- Never sTOP! Steve- and writers of all kinds-

New Poems (Book) - 6/28/2005 2:55:30 PM
Heartfelt congratulations on this new book Steven, all the best. Felix

Steven Curtis Lance / Collected Poems (Book) - 5/21/2005 1:29:08 PM
I have this Wonderful Poetry Sonnet Book...Thick and well worth reading alittle everyday! :) It's so Swipes you away! into another dimension, alot of it does. Thank you again Steve, for writing it out from your heart and SOUL! Many Grateful and Deep HuGs my Friend-Truly- HUGs,SheeeOXO P.s. I take this Poetry book and more, with me on the bus.

Stumbling Toward a Bio for Doc PenPen (Article) - 7/28/2014 6:49:07 AM
Your poem says a great deal about you, and the explanation says a lot more. I particularly like the short biographical sketch because it is very well written and clear… Something I would not expect from someone who is paranoid schizophrenic. I do hope you continue to write more along this line and your followers will grow. You certainly have an artistic bent with your daily photos and drawings accompanying your poems. Ron

Recapitulation I: A Quarterly Review of My Poetry (Article) - 5/18/2011 2:16:21 AM
You have a unique style that flows with a gentle awareness of life and your place in it....Bob

Recapitulation VI: A Quarterly Review of My Poetry (Article) - 4/23/2008 4:01:41 AM
Good Morning Steven, "You are right for you: I am right for me One side for me and another for you Therefore let us agree to disagree And save ourselves the trouble to argue I look back over life and I can see It never seems to help when people do If others must then let them fight and fuss But all ideas are free to everyone" I quote This Because It Is Imperative for all to know (Those Who Don't) it is perfect in a gift of poetry's Wisdom as you express very well these important factors-life is to short. Embraced ~ Embrassé Victoria L. McColley

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 5/5/2007 4:39:45 PM
This is a lovely page, Steven. Thanks for putting it out there. My problem with Goethe is that often his thinking is absolutist. You need to allow for the outliers. Outliers change the world. Wishing you peace today, --Bill Brent

Recapitulation I: A Quarterly Review of My Poetry (Article) - 2/11/2007 1:28:46 PM
Great re-cap, Stephen. It takes a lot of time to do this... Chrissy

Introducing my New Book, DANCING NAKED IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (Article) - 11/7/2006 4:09:55 PM
CoNGRATUlations STeve, Sell over a Million! You always speak Volumes with your feelings and heartfelt words! YOur such a Wonderful Mystery! Enjoy! all your Passions! WArm HuGs, SheeeXOOX - Sheila G -

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 7/5/2006 2:07:32 AM
Steven, You have collected much food for thought here, if man could only stop for a few minutes everyday, and just ponder and think about why he is here, I think the world would be a much better place. If we all saw today as our last day we would definitely be making phone calls all of us. Indeed, as the Prophet Muhammad said (would appreciate if you could add that to your wisdom-collection): 'The truest words spoken by any poet are those of Labid: "Know that everything is vanity save God."' Thank you!

A Letter from Hell to Heaven: In Memoriam Patricia Lance (Article) - 5/3/2006 7:59:02 PM
A beautiful tribute to your Mom - I am sure she is blessing you from above - Keep praying to and for her - no prayers are unanswered or WASTED - they are applied to another soul in need. 'lil flower

Introducing my New Book, DANCING NAKED IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (Article) - 3/18/2006 2:55:41 AM
sounds an intriguing work, good luck and congratulations

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 3/13/2006 3:38:21 AM
enjoyed the read

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 3/9/2006 4:05:04 PM
Thank you for reminding us of these great words of wisdom, including your own...

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 3/9/2006 10:01:11 AM
Enjoyed much! Thanks, Leland

A Working Theory of Poetics Expressed in Quotations of the Wise (Article) - 3/9/2006 5:04:38 AM
Wise words from a lot of very wise people, thank you for sharing Steve. Felix

Introducing my New Book, DANCING NAKED IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (Article) - 2/19/2006 6:07:44 AM
I've no doubt it will sell a million copies! You know I love the title!!!

Introducing my New Book, DANCING NAKED IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (Article) - 2/19/2006 4:13:31 AM
Congratulations and well done old friend, I hope it sells a million copies. Felix

The Red Book of Lance (Article) - 12/7/2005 2:52:03 PM
I think you were well ready for this one old buddy and the words speak for themself. You should not fear for life is an embodiment of anti fear once we chose to grab it and take control. Felix

The Red Book of Lance (Article) - 12/7/2005 11:18:30 AM
Knock knock...well done!! Love Tinka

My "About the Author" Statement for My Fifth Book: NEW POEMS (Article) - 9/11/2005 5:57:42 PM
There is something to be said for reclusion. I never understood metric feet, or even counting syllables. I find that when I try to force a phrase I create crap. Actually, I have a feeling a great deal of what comes off my finger tips is crap, but it gives me pleasure, so I go on with it. I wonder though, do you actually count your syllables or are you just aware that they fit? I'm not sure I know what you are all about, but I enjoyed your explaination of why. Peace ~ Sara

Description and Dedicatory Page for THE LITTLE BOOK OF LANCE (Article) - 9/8/2005 4:45:14 PM
Awesome Steve-- I never really read your articles but, felt drawn too-- Glad I did-- nicely shared-WARMly,Sheee and conGratulations-

Description and Dedicatory Page for THE LITTLE BOOK OF LANCE (Article) - 8/17/2005 2:06:32 AM
Looks like a winner my friend!! Thank You!! Love Tinka

Description and Dedicatory Page for THE LITTLE BOOK OF LANCE (Article) - 7/31/2005 8:14:47 AM
Excellent! Peace, Carole

Description and Dedicatory Page for THE LITTLE BOOK OF LANCE (Article) - 7/31/2005 6:59:21 AM
Looks good old friend well done. Felix

My "About the Author" Statement for My Fifth Book: NEW POEMS (Article) - 5/21/2005 12:42:44 PM
Steve- this is the STeve I got to know and love! VEry Poinantly said(oops-sp) This was nice of you do, let us know about -YOU- ! :) VEry Well done, who can't love someone who speaks from the heart! Truly your Friend- Many HuGs,SheeeOXO.... and Steve, have Fun on your 5th book! - New Poems -

A Letter from Hell to Heaven: In Memoriam Patricia Lance (Article) - 4/29/2005 8:34:06 PM
As I was bopping back and forth between dimensions on this Friday night, I saw the title of this piece doing the same so decided to drop by for a moment. With each word written here you help to construct a glittering bridge of enduring and unconditional love. Or, if you prefer: a shimmering philosophy of trascendent love. The best of what was given and received remains alive in the act of reflection and appreciation. With all due respect to treasured cynicism, much more heaven here than hell. Thank you for writing your soul so openly upon the page. And gratitude also to the one who inspired you to do so. Peace.

A Letter from Hell to Heaven: In Memoriam Patricia Lance (Article) - 4/28/2005 4:48:38 PM
Wow Steve.. I just read this 4 the 1st time! Sorry- I just came upon it, Powerful STuff YOU felt... (feelings) here. Mom is proud of her son, as she is looking down at ya'- I can tell, by the relationship you OPenly had with her. This saddened me,as a reminder of our parents we NEED to Always Love dearly...Thank you 4 that, Stevie- Love ya' -Lady,Sheee (Sheila) I hope your feeling more peace and love by now. Look deep within and keep writing- It will be a Blessing from above! :) Sweet Dreamszzzzz... I enjoy your Poetry! YOu just have that way of clamping onto the heart!

Real (Poetry) - 7/28/2015 5:19:55 AM
Life can be likened to to a movie, a reality show with a reel that is unending, until, of course, the end. Ron

Real (Poetry) - 7/27/2015 1:30:29 PM
I especially enjoyed the line, "At the edge of now with open eyes". Write on, Steven!! Love ya! Jane

Lost and Found (Poetry) - 7/23/2015 7:51:35 AM
Like the Joshua Trees bend to the wind, so must a life to go on. Ron

Lost and Found (Poetry) - 7/22/2015 7:23:36 PM
The last three words say it all and what else can be said...-e-

Lost and Found (Poetry) - 7/22/2015 9:45:39 AM
Sometimes we must leave ourselves behind in order to find out who we really are. Go ahead and crow it!! Love ya! Jane

For (What I Have of) Ever (Poetry) - 7/18/2015 6:07:45 PM
This makes great Rap! Love ya! Jane

Look Deeper (Poetry) - 7/13/2015 5:19:58 PM
"Clearer in the mirror of the soul" from which we should all look outward. Thanks Chris

Look Deeper (Poetry) - 7/13/2015 12:07:33 PM
This reminds me my family and of how others who know us actually perceive us. Lovely! Love ya! Jane

Through an Open Mind (Poetry) - 7/12/2015 5:29:15 PM
Steven, I hope you had a Happy 4th, Steven. Excellent write here. Love and blessings, Linda

Through an Open Mind (Poetry) - 7/9/2015 7:32:55 AM
Happy 4th and so forth to you as well, Steven! Yes, we must remain open minded. Good reminder! Love ya! Jane

As it Happens (Poetry) - 7/4/2015 12:49:54 PM
I'm so glad you are happy these days! Love ya! Jane

The Rain (Poetry) - 7/1/2015 2:00:35 PM
I get energized by a good rain storm! Enjoy! Love ya! Jane

Bright at Twilight (Poetry) - 7/1/2015 8:07:29 AM
Great picture of an event I wouldn't know except for the weatherman and poetry on the go, like yours. From the desert it must've been wonderful. Ron

Bright at Twilight (Poetry) - 7/1/2015 6:00:22 AM
This poem beautifully describes the event for all to see which happened last night. Sorry to say, we were clouded over in N.E. Ohio. I saw pictures of it though. A heavenly wonder! Love ya! Jane

In Conclusion (Poetry) - 6/28/2015 8:41:30 AM
Quite conclusive or inconclusive? Ron

In Conclusion (Poetry) - 6/27/2015 8:02:14 PM
"Learning the hard way the price was steep"............oh, yes. I understand. Love ya! Jane

A Function of Felinity (Poetry) - 6/27/2015 4:28:16 AM
enjoyed this read!!

A Catecheticality (Poetry) - 6/27/2015 4:18:09 AM
enjoyed the read

A Boy and His Cat (Poetry) - 6/27/2015 4:11:31 AM
enjoyed the read cats are great companions!!

Firescape (Poetry) - 6/26/2015 6:19:48 AM
In my day we had the skyhook. But a ladder will do. When the fire comes, we all have to get the hell out of there. Ron

Firescape (Poetry) - 6/25/2015 2:48:50 PM
This ranks up there with your best work! Love ya! Jane

Firescape (Poetry) - 6/25/2015 6:12:45 AM
Kool write Steven The fire escapes of my youth In the multiple dwelling of time past Which I no longer wish to embrace Served several purposes escaping from fires if need be Sit out side and watch the goings on of ghetto life And to sleep upon on dog day night heat " it was safe then" Believe it or not, thank for you for posting this piece Peace be with you William

Spoken to Reality (Poetry) - 6/23/2015 11:42:05 AM
Words are mighty! We must be careful how we use them. Good job, Steven!~ Love ya! Jane

Dream (Poetry) - 6/21/2015 1:04:28 PM
"Hanging on and hoping for the best"................... lovely! Love ya! Jane

Angels (Poetry) - 6/16/2015 12:59:24 PM
I like that part the best as well!!! Love ya! Jane

Report Card in the Yard (Poetry) - 6/15/2015 7:25:48 PM
If you blow by on an easterly track, pick me up and we will ride the wind together...-e-

Report Card in the Yard (Poetry) - 6/15/2015 6:44:02 AM
Don't blow away yet! You have much inspiration to give to others. Love ya! Jane

Whenever My Forever (Poetry) - 6/12/2015 12:27:08 PM
I love, love, love this!!! Love ya! Jane

Leaves (Poetry) - 6/8/2015 5:13:04 AM
Wonderful thoughts and a great analogy. Ron

Leaves (Poetry) - 6/7/2015 2:17:40 PM
Just as your words go free. Love ya! Jane

Finding My Way (Poetry) - 6/7/2015 1:55:38 AM
Puts me in mind of a Dr. Seuse rhyme...maybe you can get it printed as such and become rich, though that is certainly an uncertainty for certain & for sure...-e-

Finding My Way (Poetry) - 6/6/2015 6:21:33 AM
"Not to be certain feels uncertainly free" it! Love ya! Jane

Ready (Poetry) - 6/5/2015 5:53:15 AM
How about, "Ever Ready?" Ron

Ready (Poetry) - 6/4/2015 10:23:41 AM
I'll have to start calling you Steady Eddie! Love ya! Jane

Something Else (Poetry) - 6/3/2015 9:19:52 AM
Starting to reveal something troubling you very much. It may take more than poetry to get it out and conquer it once and for all. Ron

Something Else (Poetry) - 6/3/2015 3:09:08 AM
What happened, Steven? It had to be very mind blowing! Love ya! Jane

Icarus All the Way (Poetry) - 5/30/2015 12:55:15 PM
I always loved the story of Icarus......and so many more. Fly low daddy-o! Love ya! Jane

Everybody Needs Enough (Poetry) - 5/28/2015 7:14:16 PM
You'd better just stop lookin' so cute! Love ya! Jane

For Franziska (Poetry) - 5/28/2015 11:33:41 AM
A lot of living and learning in this piece. Ron

For Franziska (Poetry) - 5/27/2015 2:20:39 PM
"Like it was always Thanksgiving".........I like that! Love ya! Jane

Souvenir (Poetry) - 5/23/2015 7:24:23 AM
What a wonderful souvenir it is!!! Very nice, Steven. Love ya! Jane

Anything Could Happen (Poetry) - 5/22/2015 3:58:18 AM
"So I might as well be a happy old man." This is the line which resonates with me, Steven. Like Jane said, I too have had my own dark moments,but have loved through them to become an old man and am working very hard to become a happy old man.

Anything Could Happen (Poetry) - 5/21/2015 5:27:36 PM
O.K., hon. I've gone through some stuff myself. It's all like yesterday's garbage we've thrown out. Do you think about that? I love ya, guy! Love ya! Jane

Complementarity (Poetry) - 5/19/2015 6:39:21 AM

Complementarity (Poetry) - 5/18/2015 1:00:01 PM
You sure got me going on this one, Steven!!! Love ya! Jane

Better Not Bitter (Poetry) - 5/18/2015 9:14:38 AM
Truly ministers. I've been there.

Better Not Bitter (Poetry) - 5/18/2015 5:35:22 AM
The only thing left is what "my getting by," means. Everything else is for the better. Ron

Better Not Bitter (Poetry) - 5/17/2015 12:22:01 PM
There ya go! Love ya! Jane

Alice Blue Eyes (Poetry) - 5/16/2015 12:32:03 PM
Curiouser and curiouser! Love ya! Jane

Alice Blue Eyes (Poetry) - 5/16/2015 10:13:15 AM
I'm quite sure your Alice will be joyful to see and read your kind words.

For Paul (Poetry) - 5/14/2015 5:36:39 AM
His love will remain in your heart forever. This poem touched my heart. Love ya! Jane

For Paul (Poetry) - 5/13/2015 8:46:49 AM
A sadness which sometimes seems unbearable, but we, as do you, carry on with the memories. The good memories . . .

I Want to Believe (Poetry) - 5/12/2015 12:47:40 PM
The past is just that............the past! Yay! Now, believe in yourself and be good to those dusty desert dogs!! Love ya! Jane

I Want to Believe (Poetry) - 5/12/2015 10:39:06 AM
Gotta believe in yourself before people will believe in you . . .

The Good Stuff (Poetry) - 5/12/2015 7:35:13 AM
In the end, all we have left is the good stuff. Ron

The Good Stuff (Poetry) - 5/11/2015 6:17:19 PM
I think I sometimes feel the same as you are saying here, myself...I just have to move on, as life is as it is...what else can you do...-e- (by the way get a haircut & a real job, hippie...LOL [from one hippie to another])

The Good Stuff (Poetry) - 5/11/2015 12:55:24 PM
I do enjoy your writes here at the Den. I wish you would reveiew other member's sites and works as well. It would only be right, hon. Love ya! Jane

Like Icarus (Poetry) - 5/9/2015 9:20:05 AM
We can never fly we don't try. Ron

Like Icarus (Poetry) - 5/8/2015 4:38:55 PM
At least you "flew" for that one moment. Some never do. Love ya, Jane

Like Icarus (Poetry) - 5/8/2015 2:08:42 PM
Didn't that guys wings melt as he got closer to the sun...? I am probably wrong but I do remember the name...I have too fallen quite regularly in point of fact, but I always seem to get back up, dust off my ego and continue on...I guess that is what we all must do...-e-

Like Icarus (Poetry) - 5/8/2015 11:47:50 AM
I like the correlation of Icarus within your poem. But the thing is, to hold back because we may fall from the high we are on is tantamount to giving up, and I feel giving up is just something which is not in your makeup. So fly away and land safely.

At Last (Poetry) - 5/7/2015 9:12:01 AM
It's better not to "Live it up at last," but to live it up before it's gone. Ron

At Last (Poetry) - 5/6/2015 10:40:29 PM
Good direction and beautifully penned! Love ya! Jane

The Thing (Poetry) - 5/4/2015 1:29:37 PM
To understand and to be understood is a wonderful thing! Love ya! Jane

A Careful Man (Poetry) - 5/3/2015 5:03:11 AM
'Love the pic! Yes, I believe you are going to be just fine! I think you are already. I understand having a "terror" from an "error" big time! Love ya! Jane

Big Pig (Poetry) - 5/1/2015 4:50:54 AM
'Makes me think of BBQ ribs!! Love ya! Jane

Us Indeed (Poetry) - 4/25/2015 12:33:21 PM
So very true and beautifully written! Love ya! Jane

In the In Between (Poetry) - 4/24/2015 10:53:06 AM
Love is all. Love ya! Jane

A Lucky Star (Poetry) - 4/22/2015 7:28:39 AM
This is beautiful, Steven. This is the best thing you've written since I've known you although I do miss the dungongs! Love ya! Jane

Time Will Tell (Poetry) - 4/21/2015 1:43:23 AM
Karma, baby! Love ya! Jane

Diamond Stars (Poetry) - 4/18/2015 5:25:38 PM
'Lovin it! Love ya! Jane

The Laughter of the Immortals (Poetry) - 4/15/2015 12:41:40 PM
Life looked at from both sides.............very fine, Steven. Love ya! Jane

Real Time Roosters (Poetry) - 4/13/2015 6:39:13 PM
I can just see him strutting his stuff! Love ya! Jane

Someones (Poetry) - 4/11/2015 12:46:18 PM
You are doing it your own fine fashion! Love ya! Jane

Different (Poetry) - 4/10/2015 5:57:24 AM
Understood! Love ya! Jane

The Cage (Poetry) - 4/9/2015 4:41:01 AM
Deep one, Steven! Love ya! Jane

All There Is To It (Poetry) - 4/7/2015 11:30:01 AM
I love this! Love ya! Jane

The Opportunity (Poetry) - 4/6/2015 3:41:13 AM
Splendid! Love ya! Jane

The Opportunity (Poetry) - 4/5/2015 10:34:11 PM
a bit puzzling though, but that's just me. gives a warm feeling.

Hello (Poetry) - 4/4/2015 5:56:50 AM
Oh, I could name a couple of times this was very true in my situation!! Love ya! Jane

There (Poetry) - 4/1/2015 1:41:56 PM
You've got a wild style but I've been with you since you stole that dugun's (sp?) grass!!! Love ya! Jane

Be Free (Poetry) - 3/31/2015 5:05:56 AM
Let us get it! I agree!! Love ya! Jane

The Hadrosaur We Had (Poetry) - 3/28/2015 1:43:40 PM
Man! How many times do I need to let you know that I think this is briallent????????????? Fuck the spelling!

Watching As the Dogs Watch Me (Poetry) - 3/27/2015 6:15:50 AM
Those dogs are doggone good! Love ya! Jane

The Tree of Life (Poetry) - 3/25/2015 10:12:04 PM
A GREAT tree explained quite eloquently. Nice write Steven!

The Tree of Life (Poetry) - 3/24/2015 12:38:19 PM
Cool write! Love ya! Jane

Pack (Poetry) - 3/22/2015 2:48:17 PM
I enjoyed this poem! Why am I thinking of Three Dog Night?? Love ya! Jane

Otherwhat (Poetry) - 3/19/2015 8:07:28 PM
I believe we are all a bit touched........every single one of us!!! Love ya! Jane

Swingset (Poetry) - 3/13/2015 6:44:33 AM
Much learning takes place around the swing set. But eventually, we leave it to rust. Ron

When the Sky Falls (Poetry) - 3/3/2015 6:52:01 AM
Reminds me of of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. Michael D.

The Orange Public Library (Poetry) - 2/25/2015 5:28:14 AM
Curiosity is always a good thing for everyone, that is how we learn. Great poem, Steven! Sandie

Yuk it Up in Yucca Valley (Poetry) - 2/4/2015 9:53:36 AM
Good fun, good insights, great play on words. Keep on truckin and yukkin.

Threescore (Poetry) - 2/3/2015 7:34:06 AM
Age tends to humble us. Humility is admirable. Keep penning!

Threescore (Poetry) - 2/2/2015 12:42:16 AM
A clever,charming write! Wishing you continuous creativity and bliss! With respect and smiles, Carol Phelan Aebby

Other (Poetry) - 1/26/2015 1:13:56 AM
(Hmmm... does anybody else remember "ad-free pages"?)

This Book (Poetry) - 1/7/2015 11:25:43 PM
Good books are like good friends. It's great to have many. Well done!

This Book (Poetry) - 1/7/2015 10:54:29 AM
Strong evidence that a book can cross generations and continents and still be valuable. Ron

Blue and White (Poetry) - 1/5/2015 8:29:20 AM
A rare and magical experience captured by your poetry. Ron

Journal (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 1:28:55 AM
I do keep a journal of things each day happening to me and some are grand, some are bland, but it's a good way to remember and not forget the possibilities and the past too.

December I Remember (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 1:27:49 AM
Makes me remember a great time i had a month ago, and not to be again, since i've no way to begin to live that weekend again, just no way and it's so sad, but i'll live into the NY and just the memories survive now.

The Any if Not Many (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 1:26:19 AM
I'm not in the Philippines, but i read your poetry here and it's great.

The Book of Me (Poetry) - 1/2/2015 2:59:55 PM
As far as I saw some years back and after reading this, I still think you are a brilliant poet/writer. Happy New Year to you with my best wishes, Steven. Love and peace, Regis

Four-Color Pen (Poetry) - 12/19/2014 11:29:42 AM
Poetry colored by your world… And your pen. Ron

Time (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 8:56:37 PM
Excellent write. We spend much time reflecting this time of year. We also spend more time planning visits to people and places. Then it all passes only to return again and plan again for the next years events. Good time is spent with close family and fine friends. Amen

The Wind (Poetry) - 11/30/2014 7:37:13 AM
Gave me a sense of, "blowing in the wind." Ron

The Racist "But" (Poetry) - 11/24/2014 9:11:50 AM
So true! I was raised in an atmosphere where racism ran rampant. It was almost expected. As a child growing up in the 60s, I couldn't understand my parents believes of 'staying with your own kind'. There's only one kind. Human kind! Mom wasn't thrilled when my best friend was black and my boyfriend was Mexican! She got over it. I hope it helped her in her backwards ways a little bit.

Dwight and Mamie (Poetry) - 11/23/2014 8:39:04 AM
Quite whimsical and a wonderful ode to the lovely, lowly manatee. Ron

Latterly (Poetry) - 11/19/2014 10:27:38 AM
Life goes on, like you say. Until it ends. The question is, did we make any difference? Ron

I Will Not Be Made Afraid (Poetry) - 11/15/2014 10:46:01 AM
You really got to the point with this one. There's a sense of fear in the air that is fostering fascism like it did in the 1930s. Only these folks are deaf and dumb to history and are only repeating what their forefathers did in the face of unnatural fear. Ron

Alongside (Poetry) - 11/3/2014 11:09:58 AM
Two of the kind. Ron

Abutted (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 10:20:57 AM
Funny, but true… peewwh! Ron

The Watchdog (Poetry) - 10/24/2014 7:39:32 AM
Nice tribute to your favorite watcher. I don't find Marisol the least bit unattractive. Looks like a wonderful dog to me. Ron

A Being Simply Being (Poetry) - 10/15/2014 1:27:06 PM

Let Go and Grow (Poetry) - 10/6/2014 8:49:45 AM

Let Go and Grow (Poetry) - 10/6/2014 7:08:21 AM
I take it that we should let go of obsolete ideas and move forward with the ones that make the most sense. Ron

Maybe You May Be (Poetry) - 9/24/2014 3:56:19 PM
Good memories are always nice to have.....

Like a Star (Poetry) - 9/20/2014 5:28:48 PM
Having no chance to be, but ourselves, we must genuinely be ourselves. I've tried being who I definitely was not. Doesn't work too well. If you are truthful to yourself then others will ultimately rectognize that truth. Yes, I understand you. You shine Steven. Bob

Death (Poetry) - 9/18/2014 7:10:42 PM
December - ah, cold but interesting, as this poem is very interesting. Seems I got something out of it anyways, I usually do with most poetry.

Humankind (Poetry) - 9/18/2014 7:38:58 AM
Unfortunately, being "human" does not necessarily mean one is "kind." Ron

Humankind (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 7:06:40 PM
Beautifully written.

Albeit (Poetry) - 9/7/2014 7:40:59 AM
I hope, albeit, you get it all this fall. Ron

Albeit (Poetry) - 9/6/2014 4:42:39 PM
Well said Steven! I agree!

Bus to Fabulous (Poetry) - 8/21/2014 4:12:56 PM
One thing I like about your poetry is that you have great ending with a positive note. You are a very strong person. You better believe it. Sandie :o)

Always Free (Poetry) - 8/17/2014 2:55:28 PM
Great advice, Steve, for many who constantly dwell in the darkness and the negativity. Take me and my hubby for instance, we had fallen so many times too in our lives, but we've beaten life's lowest. Like my dad, we would always rise back up to our feet; and it's a good feeling when you know you have conquered your lowest, for where else would you go but up and continue walking? Staying in the darkness to complain about anything and everything isn't our cup of tea, and that is why my hubby and I would never let life beat us down because of our outlooks in life. We know no one would help us if we don't pull ourselves off the ground. Sometimes we just have to do that much for ourselves in order to feel good about ourselves. Sandie

Crossroads (Poetry) - 8/17/2014 8:00:23 AM
Los Angeles, my old stomping grounds - really not much we can do, but "go on gonging" - keeps it simple, yes?

Beer Run at One-Fifty-One (Poetry) - 8/14/2014 6:13:11 AM
I used to make this run many times. When I stopped nothing really improved. Hmmm...

Beer Run at One-Fifty-One (Poetry) - 8/13/2014 8:04:23 AM
I sense there is a crowd doing this… Ron

Forget-Me-Not (Poetry) - 8/8/2014 5:59:02 PM
A very heartfelt write. If I haven't read this wrong, I'm suspecting that this is your mother that your are talking about. There are moments in life that we do not understand why things would happen the way they did. When my grandfather died in his sleep, no one even told me that he would not wake up, I was only about 6-/12 years old, and was waiting all morning for my grandfather to wake up and hold me, but he never woke up. I saw everyone was crying and people "assume" that I knew what was going on, and I was criticized for not crying when grandpa died by the adults. But they did not even realized I had no clue of what was happening. When I finally realized my grandpa would never wake up, then I realized that he was gone forever; and yes that feeling of loss is almost like being "abandoned" by someone I love, and who loves me. Sandie

In Humankind (Poetry) - 8/6/2014 4:59:32 PM
It's always good to know there's someone to love us. Love is soothing and comforting, and beautifies the mind. Your girlfriend is very lovely!! Congratulations!!!! Sandie :o)

Opportunity (Poetry) - 8/6/2014 10:10:08 AM
I make hay while the sun shines, because gloom will come again one day. Ron

Opportunity (Poetry) - 8/5/2014 5:18:24 PM
If we see the sunrise we are assured that we will live one more day. What we make of that day is up to us. Not assured that we will live till tommorrow, we've got to grab our lives and not let go. I can think of plenty of catch-phrases like that, but that doesn't give us the feeling there are more days. As you say, the sunrise is good for us Steven. Bob

Going Free (Poetry) - 8/3/2014 2:25:40 PM
A seamless poem my friend. Compact and flowing and expounding on the fact that we cannot live in the past. Only in what's to come. Bob

Going Free (Poetry) - 8/3/2014 8:31:05 AM
Great poem, Steven!!!! Sandie :)

Free to See the Love (Poetry) - 8/2/2014 4:00:50 PM
It is delightful, it is great and you will be alright. A fresh song Steven. Bob

Free to See the Love (Poetry) - 8/2/2014 1:24:26 PM
I love this in Facebook, and I also love this here in AD!! Great image and poetry, Steven!!! Sandie

Guardian (Poetry) - 7/31/2014 9:19:23 AM
It looks like she's not "shy." Ron

Guardian (Poetry) - 7/31/2014 3:34:45 AM
Wonderful tribute to a good friend! Love her photo. too! Sandie

Guardian (Poetry) - 7/31/2014 3:21:19 AM
Great poetic thoughts. I once knew a girl from Korea. She was an angel to most. I was warned just don't piss her off. She may show off the other side. One friend did not listen and he almost died...

Respect (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 8:32:45 PM
You must be asking about someone special. Excellent poem!

Cousins (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 8:28:43 PM
I am touched by the poem. Thank you.

Change (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 3:15:22 PM
Good for you! The only way to GROW, is to CHANGE.

Dreaming My Reality (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 3:13:39 PM
Excellent poem! I give you a gold medal for expressing your own feelings to the world! I did that for awhile and then took a break. Slowly, I am starting to write again. Thank you!!!!!!

Change (Poetry) - 7/28/2014 7:12:10 AM
That's right. Change is the only constant. Glad you're changing. Ron

Smoke Break Rat Reality (Poetry) - 7/25/2014 7:54:36 PM
A poetic wake-up call. I used to smoke two packs a day but when I got bored I could smoke up to four. My doctor advised me to quit cold turkey if I wanted to live much more. I did and now I have to have my sugar-free gum handy all the time, every day. That was thirty-plus years ago and I would not have it any other way.

Magic (Poetry) - 7/24/2014 11:29:15 PM
Well said Steven!

What We Are Made Of (Poetry) - 7/21/2014 1:53:38 PM
I believe each one of us has a good person inside that is loveable, and we are constantly seeking other loveable souls within others. Sandie

Ultimately (Poetry) - 7/19/2014 9:39:21 AM
Much wisdom in your words here. Ron

Down and Out in Santa Ana (Poetry) - 7/18/2014 8:55:43 AM
Many have fallen hard on their debit card, and worse, on their credit, Bard. Ron

Down and Out in Santa Ana (Poetry) - 7/18/2014 8:46:54 AM
what a delightfully real picture you give us here steven...pmedlin

Seven Times Seven (Poetry) - 7/17/2014 3:50:59 PM
A great poem with a wonderful message. I hope the world reads and heeds it! Peace be with you...

Seven Times Seven (Poetry) - 7/15/2014 2:23:46 PM
An all rounded circle within every square peg. That's nice, Steven!! Sandie

Soon (Poetry) - 7/15/2014 7:01:58 AM
I think she will appreciate it. Ron

Soon (Poetry) - 7/15/2014 3:50:16 AM
It is said that our moods are governed by the moon. How we feel has a lot to do with the stage it's in. Sandie

The Only Cure (Poetry) - 7/13/2014 3:27:33 AM
We always wonder from time to time if we were given the opportunity to go back in time would we be doing things differently. I personally don't think if that's a great idea. You want to go back in time where only you know what's going to happen, and you want to strive your best to please your love to save whatever the love you want to save, so pleasing one another will only be a one way street when you go back. Then why not do it now to find a new love and let both you please each other to make love work? Sandie

Always Now (Poetry) - 7/12/2014 11:19:10 AM
Lots to ponder in the now where we all are living in, but even we may not to look back behind us, yet somehow we always do. Great reflection! Sandie

Across the Dark (Poetry) - 7/11/2014 7:58:03 AM
Beautiful poem!

Another Us (Poetry) - 7/10/2014 10:16:31 AM
Sometimes, not often, but sometimes...

Monday (Poetry) - 7/6/2014 10:56:28 PM
Mondays are if nothing else, days of exhaustion, due to not getting enough sleep.

Open to the Free (Poetry) - 6/28/2014 10:35:40 AM
You are certainly writing as though you are free. Ron

Gas Station Cheeseburgers (Poetry) - 6/24/2014 11:09:14 AM
Two things I never do -- Eat the yellow snow or gas station cheeseburgers! But I like your honest poetry.

Songs Unheard As Yet Unsung (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 5:26:36 PM
Well done.

Songs Unheard As Yet Unsung (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 1:09:00 PM
Life is a continuous process of learning. I'm glad that now you are more inspired to learn new things. Sandie

Songs Unheard As Yet Unsung (Poetry) - 6/22/2014 10:53:14 AM
Beautiful! Kathy J Parenteau

Because I Want to Be (Poetry) - 6/17/2014 7:51:40 PM
That is good! Just being yourself and enjoy being yourself at the moment... Sandie

Beyond Heaven and Hell (Poetry) - 6/15/2014 3:30:41 PM
Steven: This is so meaningful and reads like a song lyrics. This can be made into a song. Sandie

Just as We Are (Poetry) - 6/14/2014 4:33:15 AM
Oh, this is soooo lovely!!!!! The picture and the poem complement each other. Both are beauties to behold!!!!! Sandie

Your Other Unmet Brother (Poetry) - 6/12/2014 4:57:05 PM
Wonderfully expressed! Yes, we are all different and are at various stages in life. Some would not dream of living alone, others cherish the single life. Some love God and could not live without the Lord. Others want all symbols of faith removed from the face of the earth. That's too extreme for my blood. The Beatles said it right, "Let it be" as we are all seeking answers in this life. Someday I believe we will find them even if it's on the other side. Amen

Your Other Unmet Brother (Poetry) - 6/12/2014 2:25:00 PM
Intriguing!! Sandie

Illusion (Poetry) - 6/12/2014 3:33:01 AM
Good for you! Sandie

How This Happened (Poetry) - 6/11/2014 4:12:24 AM
That's great!! Sometimes the ultimate survival skill comes from within ourselves that we didn't know the strength and the wisdom we had all along that is inside us all along. Wonderful poem, Steven!!!! Sandie

How This Happened (Poetry) - 6/10/2014 2:10:23 PM
This poem is so well written. You used your words very cleverly. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing. Kathy

Too Too (Poetry) - 6/9/2014 5:20:35 AM
Totally too… Ron

Twin Stars (Poetry) - 6/7/2014 8:02:11 AM
Like General MacArthur said, "Stars never fall, for they are too big to fall, so through it all, they just fade away." Or was that old soldier's?… Ron

Twin Stars (Poetry) - 6/6/2014 10:14:58 AM
Great poem, and it just goes to show that the saying was true: It is said that for each of us there is one star in the sky that is representing, and when two people meet, the two stars would come close to one another. Sandie

Over the Wall (Poetry) - 6/3/2014 3:00:08 PM
A poem for reflection of the past. Thank you for sharing! Sandie

Fancy Man (Poetry) - 5/26/2014 5:57:03 AM
Your happiness is everyone's smile for it is contagious.

Fancy Man (Poetry) - 5/25/2014 5:23:19 PM
Wow! What a big smile you have in this photo.!! Yes, you must be really happy!!! Sandie

Living Up and Down (Poetry) - 5/25/2014 2:54:55 PM
Going on 70 but still loving kool-aid and poetry.

Fancy Man (Poetry) - 5/25/2014 2:54:02 PM
Yes, you are far happier than i am these days.

Unshaken (Poetry) - 5/24/2014 8:38:27 PM
Great one, interesting too.

Unshaken (Poetry) - 5/23/2014 10:08:24 AM
Lovely poem! Kathy

Unshaken (Poetry) - 5/23/2014 3:53:17 AM
Nice! Thanks for accepting the friend request in facebook!!! Sandie :o)

When the Morning Comes Up Blue (Poetry) - 5/20/2014 12:32:08 PM
Some people don't even have time to be depressed. I have one friend in facebook who is a single mother, homeless, with two young boys. Many days she and her boys slept in her car; and many of the social agencies would not give her the help because she has a car and a cell-phone - both of which she needs in order to find a job, and the car is the last resort to have a roof over her head. She has not even the time to be depressed. I'm just glad that through her hard work and determined efforts she has now found herself a job, and a place to live for herself and her two young boys. It was NOT without any struggles. Her friends helped her out through the toughest times with help and prayers too; and then she signed up herself to some volunteer data entry jobs to gain experience, and before long she was hired as a full-time employees, with some overtime pay too. We are so proud of this lady, because through her own hard work and determination she was able to work up to have a job, and a place for herself and her boys to live. A real roof over their heads, and it's all due to her own efforts. We are all so proud of her!!! I think between being "Homeless" and have a "Roof over one's head" the choice is entirely up to the person himself/herself. What I have said is true fact, I can even give you a link to this woman's profile so you can find out how she had struggled and finally won everything for herself and her two young sons. Sandie

Open Mind (Poetry) - 5/18/2014 6:33:12 AM
The trouble with an open mind is that everything falls out. Keep on tokin' and writin'. Michael D.

Open Mind (Poetry) - 5/18/2014 4:40:36 AM
smoking pot releases inhibitions of the mind making you more creative. the brain of a constant smoker is likened to schizophrenics. still, i would try one, just to compare the outcome of poetry.

Open Mind (Poetry) - 5/18/2014 3:27:41 AM
It's always good to self-examine, and do evaluation of self; but I don't know about smoking pot. I've never smoked pot, and probably never will. Sandie

Open Mind (Poetry) - 5/17/2014 11:25:03 AM
Smoking pot opens the mind to much self-examination wasted on the young and a productive life. Ron

STFU (Poetry) - 5/9/2014 10:11:28 AM
I'm with you on this one. Especially on the phone. I have called up someone to tell them something, only to find that, after 15 minutes, I was still unable to get a single word in edge ways. Ron

STFU (Poetry) - 5/9/2014 2:48:38 AM
LOL!!! I'm not sure who you mean in this poem; but we all have our favorite poets, and then the unfavorite poets here in AD as well. We just have to choose those ones that we like to read and comment. Sandie

Friends (Poetry) - 5/8/2014 11:48:58 AM
Researchers have found that we can have but three or four true friends in a lifetime. The rest are all acquaintances. I know my real friends are, and so do you. Ron

Friends (Poetry) - 5/8/2014 5:23:26 AM
Riddliscious as ever, Steven. Two lines in here could be an entire mantra: "To mind how it goes/By making it better." Thank you for that. Your ending line is haunting to me: "It means something between." I like that. ~~ Diana

Friends (Poetry) - 5/7/2014 1:37:31 PM
Succinctly said, Steven.

Transcend (Poetry) - 5/5/2014 10:00:26 AM
LOVE is always more powerful!! Sandie

My Thing (Poetry) - 5/4/2014 11:14:21 AM
Me too. I like poems that I can jump rope to. I don't like poems that say a farce of nothingness. Pointless poems always BUG me. Sandie

Santa Ana Songs (Poetry) - 5/1/2014 7:21:55 AM
Singing to the choir. Ron

Santa Ana Songs (Poetry) - 4/30/2014 9:39:10 PM
Very nice poems indeed! Deep, thoughtful and real they come across to me, so thank you. Grtz, D.T.

Mountains I Had Forgotten (Poetry) - 4/27/2014 6:55:33 AM
I remember all the Grand Tetons of my youth. Those were some wonderful mountains to explore. Ron

Living Up and Down (Poetry) - 4/25/2014 9:14:36 PM
The mystery of life slowly revealing over the years. Knowing it and becoming it. Love, that is. I very much like this poem.

All that Matters (Poetry) - 4/21/2014 4:36:53 AM
Loved this one Bravo! Kathy

All that Matters (Poetry) - 4/21/2014 2:21:58 AM
It is always great to think positively, because our minds set our moods for happiness when thinking positively. Love this colorful picture of your happy self!!! Sandie

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