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Little Master (Book) - 11/23/2011 1:12:37 AM
Little Master - Shardul Sapkota Have you ever wished you could talk to the nature, meet some great people in the world and visit some exotic places? A great fiction author Uday Sharma takes the readers to a magical journey with his new epic “Little Master”. Little Master is a coursebook, handbook and a story book- all in one and is an odd and an engrossing little tale. While of the same high literary quality as his previous two other great books, A Million Dollar Teacher, and Circle of Excellence, Little Master distinctly different from other books by Uday Sharma. The tale does not have a fixed setting. With the journey of a little boy the author takes us to the early human civilization; to the pyramids; to the moai of eastern island and the great wall of China. Indeed it also marks the non-native places of the eco-system. The title of the tale gives the reader a clue that this is not an ordinary book. It states “the story of a lost and lonely little boy who takes a daring journey to a unique world - a world of his own greatness.” It is a course in genius and a guide to greatness. And then, it is a charming little tale that both young and old can enjoy. Discover your own greatness. Little Master is indeed a little book of great lessons, a virtual treasure trove of ageless wisdom and timeless inspiration. It could be your guide to greatness! Uday Sharma, the author of Little Master, is a passionate educator. He writes to educate, especially on areas of human potential. He is almost a crusader on the subject. Education, he maintains, is a means to explore the genius and expand the potential of children and it should never be misused as a tool to subdue their passion and slaughter their dreams. He went to school seven miles away from home, walking barefoot each day along a jungle trail infested with bears, only to be thrashed with belts and nettles for failing to understand his lessons. In sheer desperation, he dropped out of school, ran away from home, and educated himself. The barefoot schoolboy went on to become a street urchin, an addict, a sadhu (at age 14!), a teacher, a teacher trainer, a textbook writer, an educational consultant, an NLP practitioner, and now a recognized author and educator."My real work has just begun," he says. "You can expect at least one book a year from me for the next several years. All my books, whatever their genre, will be deeply inspiring and educational like Little Master." What prompted Uday Sharma to write such a book? According to the author, “It was my own experiences as a child and young adult that led me to embark on this mission. Little Master is my first significant book. It is, in a way, the story of my own life.” And unlike the little boy in the story who discovers his greatness in a few hours of contemplation at the riverbank, he says that it took him good 38 years to discover his own mission and purpose in life. The result is a wildly entertaining tale with some important message to imagine and the tale brings an ultimate conclusion “Imagination is greater than knowledge” The characters include a very special little boy who is the protagonist in the story. Like other boys and girls of his age, he liked to play games and chase butterflies and unlike many of them he wanted to go school. The special thing about him is his unrealistic dream that narrates the whole story. The little boy loved rocks and dreamt to become a geologist some day in his life. The little boy is a child filled with curiosity and imagination which later makes him the creator of the universe. The other characters in the story are: the young boy who marks the significant statue of David by Michelangelo (although not mentioned in the story) in the early chapters. Similarly geniuses and greatest people in the world (although name is not mentioned in the story) give some significant teaching about discovering your greatness. As any other story, novel or a tale this one does not contain any antagonist. The unnamed narrator in the story adds intelligence to the story, frequently asking questions, admonishing the reader, pointing out the consequences of certain actions, and sending the reader to the dictionary to look up for few unknown words. Indeed the use of the language is one of the gifts that Uday Sharma brings to the story, along with his imaginative story and character development. Little Master is a charming little tale that both young and old can enjoy. It tells the story of a lost and lonely little boy who after getting his worst grades of the exam dreams his daring journey to a unique world – a world of his own greatness and imagination. In this magical journey to different exotic places in the world he meets the greatest people in the history who teach him great life lessons through which he becomes able to discover his own greatness! Enjoy his talks with the stars, how he listens to the river and dances to the music of the moon light and finally enjoy him being a real master with all his imagination and curiosity. The part that I really enjoyed in the book is when the little boy pops out of his dream and realizes all his mistakes and trouble he had brought to his family. I really appreciate the author's way of making the reading more enriching by including such exotic places and greatest people from the history by making us ponder on them. Well.. In this book the thing that I disliked is unrealistic and quixotic idealism of the author that makes the book very hard to believe. I would rather suggest the writer to bring realistic ideas in the story with some enjoyable places in the nature itself. Written in simple yet rich language, this fantastic little tale takes just about an hour to read. Yet, in that short hour, you could discover the most amazing things about yourself, just like the little boy does in the story. The author shows his great effort through this story where every chapter brings one moral and guides us to discover our own potential. The tale begins with the starting note as any other ordinary fairy tale or story does “once not so long.........” But since every moment of our life, we have one foot in the fairy tale and another in abyss. So I do appreciate the author's way of starting the tale, in that perspective. The author has used simple and easy language through out the tale to make it not just a book but a guide of life to everyone.. The author possesses a great strength of descriptive writing as he describes some greatest heroes of the century and some exotic places in the world in really an interesting manner. What I felt is that the author conveys a strong message in the hearts and minds of all the innocent people that, imagination through which everything is possible. There are many heart touching sentences in the tale which have made a great impact on me which I would like to turn into great “quotations” by Uday Sharma. Some of them are: “If you fail a test, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. It just means that you got a result. Tests can be taken again and results can be changed. You are worth a lot more than any test or result, and you can't let it dictate your value.” “It is a good thing to laugh at your mistakes. If you don't, then they will laugh at you and torment you. Look at your mistakes in the eye of laugh, and watch how they turn into purls of wisdom.” “You look for luck when you are weak and full of doubt. When you are powered by your passion and driven by your dreams you don't need luck. You already have it.” “Greatness lies in everyone. Every one is talented in some way and everyone has some special gift to give to the world. The secret is to know that you have the gift or that gift or that genius already in you and sure enough it will be there. Find it, love it, and live it.” WHO CAN READ LITTLE MASTER? Little Master has something for everyone. Learners No real learning can take place when you are caught in a whirlpool of tests, grades, degrees and certificates. That's not learning. That's madness. True learning explores your genius and inspires you to greatness. Little Master can be your guide. Teachers There are plenty of things for teachers. There is in fact a complete chapter dedicated to you - What a teacher! You shape the destiny of countless lives and you literally steer the course of the world. You carry in your hand a staff of greatness, a true magic wand. Don't ever let your magic wand turn into a cane of torture, a devil's weapon! You can let Little Master remind you, now and then, when you are unsure or tend to falter. Parents The greatest healers in the world - that's the chapter for parents. Why healers? Read it and you will know. You are healers when you know. Surely you have seen parents who are killers - they murder their children's greatness without the slightest compunction. That's what can happen when you don't know. Youngsters Hormones, society and so many other things can play havoc on your life when you are young and growing. You could easily lose direction, and you could even commit dreadful acts out of ignorance. But when you know your own greatness, petty things lose their sting. Reading Little Master can help, truly. Adults No matter how old you are, there's a kid in you, alive and kicking. Or has that kid already died? If he/she has, then revive him/her. An adult is no adult if they have no kid in them. Read Little Master and let the kid in you come alive one more time, full of wonder, amazement and questions - questions that you have either forgotten to ask or are too scared to ask. You get the answer only when you ask. With this fascinating tale I've learnt that those who have beauty in them also have the vision to see the beauty in others. And if they were wise people, they will not call anyone stupid. Those that are truly wise have the wisdom to see the greatness in others. Similarly, Michelangelo carved a masterpiece David with a huge block of marble. We all have a David, an angel, inside us. The angel is hiding, waiting to be discovered, wanting to be revealed. Geniuses have found their angels. Every great person in history has found and followed their own inner angel. You and I can find ours too. All it takes is a realization that there’s an angel within and some work to reveal the angel. Yes, it takes work. Ask Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein. It takes work. Ask a farmer who’s weeding the crops. It takes work. Ask a woman who has just given birth to a baby. It takes work! It takes work to be a genius, and it takes work for a genius to reveal his angel. But it won’t seem like work. When you are out to explore your potential and uncover your genius, it won’t seem like work. Because it isn’t. It is a mission. A mission worth accomplishing. Everyone comes to this world with some sort of talent. You’ve got it and I’ve got it. We are all good at something or the other. We all have our own unique gifts and special abilities. Maybe you don’t yet know what it is. But it’s there. Hidden somewhere deep within you. Waiting to be discovered. Wanting to be expressed. It’s the passion of your heart. It’s your core genius. It’s the key to your greatness in life. It’s what you want to be famous for. Would you like to find out what this talent is? Would you want to explore, express and excel at it? Would you want to make it your reason to live an extraordinary life? Or would you want to forget about it, let that talent die within you, unexpressed and unknown, so that you may live a quiet, desperate life? Your choice. But I’d suggest that you give talent a chance. Find your angel. Thus, Little Master is indeed: A fabulous tale about discovering your greatness, motivating and inspirational, amazing life’s lessons for kids, teens and adults alike, ignite your passion and discover your greatness. Let Little Master be your guide!

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