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Recent Reviews for Uriah J. Fields

AN ACT OF KINDNESS (Short Story) - 2/18/2015 6:22:55 AM
You really went the extra mile for her. It's too bad she didn't trust you to help her with the tire. If she had, you would've helped her change the tire for nothing, she would've been grateful, and both of you would have saved $20. Soon after I was paralyzed at 20, I found that I could drive certain unmodified cars with my paralyzed hands. Since that time, I've driven over 500,000 miles, mostly alone. I've had many flat tires and blowouts over those years and never was stranded because of it. There was always someone that would appear very soon and help me out. I generally had a few dollars in my pocket and would pay people who helped me, but most refused my money. The last incident like that was last year when I cut a tire badly on a sharp curb trying to avoid hitting a squirrel. The young student driving behind me, spent 20 minutes or so of his time changing my tire. Through all those 50 years since, strangers have pumped my gasoline, never asking for any money. Many times, I could see that they were very happy to have shown to me a simple act of kindness. Whenever I could, I've always helped people without ever asking for any compensation. It's my way of giving back for all those that have given to me their time and assistance. Ron

This is a very compelling sermon, of sorts, coming from a the pulpit of the written word. Pastors and people of all colors and positions in life need to assimilate your words, the circumstances that you describe, and walk in kinder more inclusive shoes. When we do not acknowledge the sins of omission and fail to help those who must live in poverty, what good can come from the reading the Bible, and singing praises on Sundays?

It has been many years since I listened to sermons from white pastors, but I do occasionally hear sermons from televised mega-church pastors who always seem to be preaching prosperity which allows them to grow huge followings of believers in feeling good with prosperity and getting more. As I recall civil rights from the north, many pastors and churches, churchgoers, were very reluctant to get involved in what was going on in Montgomery and other southern cities and towns. Our leaders were primarily campus ministers who worked with young people to develop programs like the Freedom Riders and a conscience for northern churchgoers. It was all about being ecumenical and doing the right thing with the war on two fronts: Vietnam and black America. It is a real shame that all that effort to integrate and strike down Jim Crow has fallen back into segregation, especially when it comes to churches. Ron

Thank you for one of the most informative articles that I've seen on the situation in Baltimore. And I especially liked your first hand account of the Rodney King affair that has seemed to escape the memory of so many embroiled in today's problems. As far as I know, that was one of the first times that video showed what was really going on during a brutal police arrest. Always remember Rodney King's admonition to everyone, "Can't we all just get along?" As long as we have de facto segregation that is occurring in many cities with white and capital flight from certain areas that become toxic real estate, these problems will continue and become worse. While we abhor mob mentality that is particularly something that occurs among young male adults, we have to also understand that in the adrenaline charged chase of a suspect, young police officers often have a kind of mob mentality that is increasingly being revealed by the ubiquitous smart phone video. When a mistake is made with tragic results, ranks are closed, and the guilty often go free from lack of evidence. Ron

THE WORST DEBT TO LEAVE OUR CHILDREN (Article) - 3/28/2015 9:49:36 AM
A wonderful article and a rousing challenge change the perspective that so many conservative people have that doesn't allow positive change to take place. Thank you for your scholarship, wisdom and stewardship of our country's heritage. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a luncheon sponsored by the Center for Houston's Future last week honoring Barbara Bush for her dedication to education of all Houston young people. The very diverse crowd heard Rev. William A. Lawson describe how his college students got him involved in a sit in and then Houston black-and-white leaders sat down together and desegregated without violence. Ron

An informative, well written article on the subject. I find that much of the problem stems from white American isolation and ignorance of the problem, while they always claim that, "I am not racist." I've tended to drive fast all my life and have been stopped by police, and sometimes in speed traps, many times. Most of the time, the police just warned me not to speed, and let me go on my way, politely. A few times I received tickets and paid them. I only objected to one and took it to court. I was fined, anyway, but got to have my say before the judge in court. While traveling with my friends, a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi, the black president of our university, my black girlfriend and my Asian partner (both driving and not) we were not speeding, but were pulled over because of racial profiling, plain and simple. We were always polite, but that did not stop unwarranted tickets. You have to have experienced racial profiling to understand the insidious nature of it. Ron

We already have the EEOC and the Civil Rights Commission. Perhaps the EEOC could have its responsibilities expanded to cover your suggestions. It is time we have de facto Jim Crow thoroughly removed from every segment of society. Fifty years from Selma, we still have apartheid in this country. While the wounds are deep and are constantly exacerbated by thoughtless ignorance, progress is being made all the time through actions like this. In 100 years or so, interracial marriage will probably make all of these stupid racial separations moot. Ron

Practice Community (Article) - 2/7/2015 9:07:29 AM
A very good description of what it means to be part of a community. Communities are thought of as being "small" rather than large. As far as location goes, a community can now encompass the world quite easily through the magic of the Internet… Marshall McLuhan's global village realized. Ron

Tolerant of Intolerance (Article) - 2/2/2015 6:47:11 AM
I agree that intolerance cannot be tolerated. When we condemn an entire group of people for their religious belief (in a country that believes in religious freedom) or their ethnic background for the action of a few crazed, irrational zealots of that religion or ethnic background, we are intolerant. As for what you have written and Martin Luther King wrote, the real danger is those who just go along with intolerance, either through fear or ignorance. I recall the 1964 quadrennial conference of the Methodist Church in Lincoln Nebraska, where the all white Mississippi delegation was confronted by members of the Mississippi Free Democratic Party. These naďve young people, whose beliefs were finally challenged, feared going home to their intolerant parents after their enlightenment at the conference. It takes courage to stand up to intolerance and many do not have the backbone to do it. Those of us that do, like you and I, have to take leadership. Like you, I want readers to not just to read your fine article, but to comment thoughtfully about it. Ron PS. You are far healthier than those bus riders because you walked that 6 miles to school every day. If only fearful parents would let their kids walk to school today we would see much less obesity and disease in later life. And those kids would be much tougher and tolerant, as well, having experienced life in the street and not in the SUV with mommy dear.

Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Article) - 1/16/2015 6:36:40 AM
As I listened to his speech from my balcony perch not 50 feet away in that Lincoln, Nebraska auditorium on December 31, 1964, just before midnight with 2000 others, I had first thought his speech to be a bit drone like and boring. But something happened before he came to the conclusion, and I was willing to go out with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and die for the right of black persons to have an equal chance at life in our great country. Martin Luther King accomplished something that the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation failed to do, he provided the leadership to free a whole race of people from bondage of segregation in our country. May we never forget and may it always be so. Ron

Hands Up (Article) - 12/10/2014 10:44:14 AM
A most cogent article on the problem and what needs to be done. We must not "pass on racial injustice to the next generation." It is "about race" and not about political agenda. Race is "the elephant in the room." That we are not addressing well. When we suspect, indict, judge, and execute on the street without the due process of law, we are acting in fear and hatred. When due process for police officers is different from due process for other suspected criminal activity, there is discrimination. When eyewitness accounts are used to prosecute, we prosecute unjustly. Ron

A very good reason why so many are so endangered by their own behavior. Well-written and everyone should pay attention to what you have to say on the topic. For some reason, by the time I was 10 years old, I was investing in myself and avoiding self-indulgence that other children seemed addicted to. And then, when I was paralyzed at 20, I realized that my health would be the only thing that would allow me to overcome the obstacles that my body would throw at me. As a result, I am healthy, have a good outlook on life, and fear not the future because I have invested well. Ron

CUTTING UP IN CONGRESS (Article) - 11/13/2014 8:26:22 AM
I agree. My congressman was nearly unopposed in the last election. Although he always appears at the right places, I don't hear him "cutting up" when it comes to insults the president or stupid bills designed to promote special moneyed interests are introduced. Ron

TO KILL THE CONFEDERACY (Article) - 10/22/2014 11:34:34 AM
A good point made. Somehow the villains of history also get honored when they probably shouldn't. I believe your grandfather died in 1950, not 1990. Ron

CAPITAL TO EXPLOIT POTENTIAL LIVING (Article) - 8/9/2014 12:29:50 PM
A fine outlook on life. I practice it, with the help of a little good fortune. Ron

THE GREED INSTINCT (Article) - 6/28/2014 9:16:59 AM
Not only well said… Well be remembered. Greed is causing much of the world's financial problems, political unrest, and suspicion, if not outright accusation. Without greed our lives certainly would be "heavenly." Great work! I think I'll go out and supersize it… ;-) Ron

MAYA ANGELOU, ENCOURAGER-IN-CHIEF (Article) - 6/3/2014 6:27:42 AM
I will always remember her mesmerizing voice, like King's. And her resolve in the way she said things with that conscious and careful thought process before she opened her mouth and let out those beautiful, encouraging words. We all think of her works… Her memoir, her inaugural presentations, her poet laureate status… But I think of her students… So many that she encouraged to write and to write well. Thanks for reminding us, Uriah. Ron

A Mutuality Warrior's Take on The Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path (Article) - 5/21/2014 7:07:15 AM
Some interesting concepts, but I will pass on interpreting Buddha. Ron

MY HOUSING DISCRIMINATION CASE (Article) - 5/1/2014 6:22:31 AM
I applaud you for your courage in taking the action you did 50 years ago. It is only through concerted action, using the laws and the courts, that unfair practices can be eventually eliminated. Houston is a rather open city. However, its classes seem evermore divided with people moving at the mere threat of their neighborhood becoming more diverse. The use of charter schools has become a new way of segregating. Neighborhoods with very diverse housing and business like mine are considered poor, crime-ridden, unsafe, and with poor schools. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is the unfortunate perception by many, forcing resegregation on many fronts. I'm glad your case was successful. I filed two cases for discrimination in employment based on both race and disability. Both cases were deemed unworthy of trial by judges and lawyers. Ron

BLACK HISTORY MONTH - THE PAST IS NOW (Article) - 2/16/2014 7:50:14 AM
Thanks for the history. We cannot build a better future without understanding where we come from. I will share this with others. Ron

SAY THANK YOU (Article) - 2/2/2014 8:23:50 AM
I have to rely on many individuals, often strangers, to help me with little things through life. I tried to say "Thank You," graciously every time I'm helped. Unfortunately, particularly with my paid helpers, I may have to make several requests in a row, or in a hurry, and not say Thank You for every one. So, I have been accused from time to time for being ungrateful for the help I get. Also, when traveling around campus, I have raised my hand to wave, and said "Hi," to those I meet, but rarely to those who are in conversation with others, so as not to interrupt. Sometimes, when I'm focused on getting somewhere in my wheelchair, my thoughts are on my destination or something I'm going to do, and I pass others without "speaking." I have been accused, for not "speaking, even though the other person never said a word, didn't hear me, or I didn't hear them." However, I never accuse anyone of not speaking to me, unless I am really trying to get their attention and they totally ignore me even though they hear me. Like everyone else, distraction, focus on other thoughts, and poor hearing, get me in trouble for my manners. Disabled persons are supposed to be more "grateful" than others. Ron

RELIGION WITHOUT REVELATION (Article) - 11/21/2013 1:45:44 PM
I used to be religious but I've come to see my past as a sincere attempt to believe what those around me indicated I "Should believe." I could not in fact believe honestly in what religion offered. Revelation to me is discovery, insight, and an honest admission when one is dealing with facts or not. It may occur to me for instance that it not constructive to attempt to form relationships with deceased historical figures. It is painfully obvious that one is only compelled to do this with Jesus, but also that those who make the most claims about such a relationship most deeply violate the essence of what is reported as his teachings. It would seem that those who "Believe in" Jesus do not "Believe Jesus." Or at least do not agree with him. I believe in thankfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and honesty. I find those things in my heart and offer them. I appreciate the wonder all around me without any motivation to define it, capture it, or try to sell it. Appreciate and participate is really all I can do. I see enough that I don't have to pretend to believe in what I do not see. John

RELIGION WITHOUT REVELATION (Article) - 11/21/2013 8:29:07 AM
I don't need any revelations. The news is filled enough with them already. I do enjoy understanding new concepts and directions for life. Without challenges, life would be quite uninteresting. I also can't conjure up any gods that I would find useful for any reason. That's why I am truly atheist, meaning that I don't need any gods to define my view of life. Ron

RACE: AN OBSESSION AND DILEMMA (Article) - 5/25/2013 7:23:59 AM
As you know, I am not a religious person. However, for what you have written here, all I can say is, “Amen.” Ron

RACE: AN OBSESSION AND DILEMMA (Article) - 5/24/2013 4:15:38 PM
Try You Visit: www.Mychal-Massie.Com... TRASK...

NAME: ETHOS AND IDENTITY (Article) - 5/14/2013 7:10:52 AM
An informative and entertaining article. While I am of predominantly Germanic origin, my name is English and Hull is derived from shipbuilders from the city of that name in England. My name is often confused with Hall when I speak it, because Hall is much more common. I've been quite interested in some African-American names and their origins. For example: Spearman, King, and Freeman. I believe these names were chosen in order to create a good name for all who follow. There are very few Caucasian Americans with the name Washington, but many African-Americans with that name, as well as Jefferson. Ron

Rebel Currency, Flag are Worthless (Poetry) - 7/21/2015 5:48:40 AM
Amen to that. I see no problem with the Confederate flag (of the Civil War era) being a collectors' item or museum piece. But, as you have so eloquently stated here in this letter in the poetry section, the Confederate flag has no place in modern society any more than the Nazi swastika flag has. Those that rever these symbols in modern day life want to throw back history to a time of great disservice to the intelligence of people of color. They want to hang onto supremacy of race as though it were some kind of ordained right when it is only ignorance and stupidity. Ron

SPIRIT (Poetry) - 5/1/2015 9:48:51 PM
A well spirited poetic piece! Well done! Amen.

BEAUTIFUL LIVING (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 5/1/2015 12:06:16 AM
Lovely uplifting words suffused with Hope and Beauty... Diana...

BEAUTIFUL LIVING (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 4/30/2015 11:02:46 AM
I'm reminded of another song, Love Is All There Is. If everyone filled the air with lovely love songs like this, the world would be a much better place. Ron

BEAUTIFUL LIVING (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 4/29/2015 5:56:47 AM
Yep. That would be a good song put to music. I'd sure give it a listen to . . . Enjoyed just reading it, never mind that there was no music.

MY NEIGHBOR'S LANDMARKS (Poetry) - 4/28/2015 6:00:34 AM
Another article with a very good message. Always admire your knowledge. Ron

MY NEIGHBOR'S LANDMARKS (Poetry) - 4/27/2015 9:47:41 AM
Ahhh . . . THIS is not a poem. Not even prose. It is an article. There is a place to post articles.

EMULATION vs IMITATION (Poetry) - 4/22/2015 5:52:31 AM
A whole bunch of guys are making a living imitating Elvis Presley. As far as I know, no one has emulated him yet. An interesting lesson in a poem. While "covering" someone else's song seems to be very common in the music industry (I'm not sure of royalties are paid), for someone to copy a written work of someone else and claim that it is theirs, is an abomination. As a former professor, I found that many students would copy someone else's work (now they buy or steal readily from the Internet) and present it as their own, just to get ahead. This lack of originality and integrity is disturbing. Ron

EMULATION vs IMITATION (Poetry) - 4/21/2015 11:47:32 AM
But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Michael D.

KNOW YOUR IDENTITY (Poetry) - 4/16/2015 8:37:47 AM
I'm with Ed. You've shared some very profound thoughts that everyone should consider. Ron

KNOW YOUR IDENTITY (Poetry) - 4/16/2015 7:10:19 AM
This is a well-crafted, thought-provoking composition. It not only requires the reader to submit to a serious introspection, but it also explains the steps and the reasoning behind the inquiry. It deserves a wide audience and many more reviews. Well done.

I RESOLVE (Poetry) - 3/17/2015 5:12:10 AM
Great words to live by! Ron

I RESOLVE (Poetry) - 3/16/2015 10:08:35 AM
Pretty much a blueprint for a happy life . . .

I RESOLVE (Poetry) - 3/16/2015 9:52:14 AM
Yes, that's coool!!!! Love this!!! Sandie

ON READING (Poetry) - 3/16/2015 7:42:11 AM
I agree with you:Reading does all of the things you list and more. I have read all of my life,and now, I have over four hundred titles on my kindle,but I still check out hardbacks,paperbacks,from local libraries. Reading is a vital part of my day to day activities. One of my contemporary writers is Malcolm Gladwell; I have read all of his books; his latest book, "David and Goliath", is a thought provoking,powerful read. Thanks for sharing,and continued success. Barbara J. Henry

AMBISPIRIT (Poetry) - 3/14/2015 7:19:48 AM
This article describes a phenomenon that occurs to everyone because life is full of serendipity that one may attribute to spirituality or just plain serendipity. I'm not sure the president takes over anything, although a lot of people are accusing him of taking over the country in some way… silly… ;-) If he did that would be a dangerous precedent, wouldn't it? Ron

POWER OF PRAYER (Poetry) - 3/3/2015 6:07:39 PM
...there is a power in prayer... ....."God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".....Serenity Prayer by R. Niebuhr, 1734.

ON READING (Poetry) - 3/2/2015 7:06:34 AM
Turn the page, and read on. Michael D.

ON READING (Poetry) - 3/2/2015 6:14:33 AM
I don't read as much as I should, mostly short stories because it's hard for me to hold a book and read it. Probably the most enlightening time of my life was when I read philosophy books during my doctoral studies. Plato's, The Republic, was especially instructive and I would recommend it to anyone interested in government. Ron

ON READING (Poetry) - 3/1/2015 1:15:11 PM
I am reading "Private Sector," by Brian Haig. It is a good book. Probably falls into the Mystery/Suspense category. I read different kinds of books. I don't know how I would live without my books.

CHARACTER OF THE MUTUALITY WARRIOR (Poetry) - 2/21/2015 11:44:26 AM
Would make a great comic book character. Ron

LORD SEND ME I'LL GO (Poetry) - 2/4/2015 1:23:16 AM
Yes, bold and beautiful poetic words. I am ready too. There is NO Higher calling. Thank you for sharing. Amen

LORD SEND ME I'LL GO (Poetry) - 2/3/2015 1:03:07 PM
In the spirit of the old spirituals. Shows great commitment that you've always had. Ron

LORD SEND ME I'LL GO (Poetry) - 2/3/2015 6:27:54 AM
Wonderful testimonial.

LOVE, JOY AND PEACE (Poetry) - 1/29/2015 12:20:43 PM
Let the good times roll… Ron

SHOW ME (Poetry) - 1/25/2015 7:49:25 AM
Only when we show our real self to another can we be comfortable together. Your poem so reflects this truth. Ron

SHOW ME (Poetry) - 1/25/2015 4:11:40 AM
Hear! Hear! A soothing and safe play of words to sweetly remove "the mask". Wishing you continued creativity and bliss! With respect and smiles, Carol Phelan Aebby

SHOW ME (Poetry) - 1/24/2015 2:07:44 PM
I don't need a mask, but I wear a lot of different hats. Michael D.

PURSUIT OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (Poetry) - 1/22/2015 10:51:02 AM
Higher consciousness is welcomed. For me I will accept just being conscious of what is right and abide by it. Ron

TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW (Poetry) - 1/17/2015 9:36:32 PM
Jesus has provided the answer. But most reject Him and throw their lives away. It's our choice. He gave us FREE will. If you were God would you want to force your children to love and accept you? Of course not, well neither does the Father in Heaven. Amen!

TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW (Poetry) - 1/10/2015 7:46:07 PM
1-10-2015: Sadly Until You Do **Die-DEAD You Only Find IT Out For YOURSELF--If He (God) Lets You Come Back Into This Evil World-- Do Tell Me Your Story!! ** I Have 4 N D's Since Childhood Whence You Are Dead Bible,Faith, Religion Totally Irrelevant You Either Go Up Or You Go Down-- Take Your Pick!! TRASK...

TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW (Poetry) - 1/9/2015 2:14:22 PM
Death/life maybe its a cycle, maybe it ends. Truth is that its a mystery that everyone will know the answer to. The urge for humans to understand and learn has been something that has always been around and may always be there. Opinions vary from human to human and thats what makes us who we are. Like a spider web, building up over time to only be destroyed later. We weave the web of life and in it is our own lives. Waiting to feed our hunger, until the end.

TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW (Poetry) - 1/9/2015 12:41:25 PM
You post some interesting questions in this poem. Most religious people say that their religion as an answer and it is quite simple. If you believe in that religion, in the correct way, your life on the other side will be much better than this miserable existence we call, "life," here and now. Since I'm not religious, I believe that all I have is here and now. My only legacy will be what I have accomplished that will be remembered among those who live after me. Therefore, I live this life with gusto and don't concern myself with any, "other side." Ron

TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW (Poetry) - 1/9/2015 8:19:16 AM
Death is last great mystery. A question that will never be answered, but we will always keep asking. Michael D.

L. D. REDDICK COMMENTS ON U. J. FIELDS (Poetry) - 12/19/2014 11:36:57 AM
I think this would be better placed in the Articles or News sections. But I know that you want it to be read. And the most visitors come to Poetry. I've been thinking about you lately while seeing information on Oprah Winfrey's new movie about Montgomery. Were you there? Are you portrayed? Or is it just the characters that Oprah thinks were important players? Ron

THE IDOL OF TOGETHERNESS (Poetry) - 12/7/2014 11:11:21 AM
I love that last word… "ultimacy." I agree with the idea of person avoiding getting tangled up with other people and seek for his or herself the way one should live. I have done that without god or gods interfering in the process of self understanding. Ron

BEYOND PROPRIETY (Poetry) - 12/4/2014 1:26:01 PM
I remember reading Beyond Freedom and Dignity when it first came out, as well. It was BF Skinner's finest work and had a profound effect on many, including you and me. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've written in this poem. I think everyone should read it and fully understand what it means. Ron

WHY-WHERE-WHEN-HOW DO I SING (Poetry) - 11/21/2014 7:19:49 AM
As a result of all the singing, I pronounce you a happy man! If only everyone would sing instead of getting angry over nothing. Ron

HAIKU EXPOSING CONGRESS (Poetry) - 11/20/2014 8:10:20 AM
As I recall from historic records, cutting up in Congress is nothing new. Your poem has a two-edged sword to it. Not only are the new majority fond of making outrageous statements of what they believe (often to the expense of everybody but their buddies), like John Boehner crying crocodile tears when he described how he had to do demeaning work (since when is labor that is necessary, like cleaning, demeaning?) when he was young. But now that he is rich, he can hire wage slaves to do his bidding, or better yet, illegal immigrants while claiming that none should ever cross the borders. The other is cutting government funding for all the things that all citizens can benefit from equally. Making sure that privatizing fills the pockets of their rich buddies controlling things from behind the scenes. The new Congress will all say, "Let them have charity! We can't afford to carry any slackers (like us) in this country through bloated government. But I remember what happened to Marie Antoinette when she queried why the poor could not eat cake when they had no bread. Ron

CHOICE (Poetry) - 11/19/2014 10:10:42 AM
Partly because Frost did not explain why he made that decision may be the reason why that poem has endured and intrigued people for so long. The message in your article was quite clear. It's the choice is to make in life that make our lives. While we cannot predict the future, we can shape it in some way by making educated choices rather than ones that are clearly wrong from the start. Ron

CHOICE (Poetry) - 11/18/2014 3:02:38 PM
Wonderful poetic thoughts! I took a very unfamiliar road the other day on my bike. It was exciting, new, and refreshing. I meet some amazing people when I reached my destiny. I was glad that I took that road. Amen

BELIEF AND FAITH (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 7:03:56 PM
Thank you Uriah for this victorious poem of faith that landed on this website like a lonely US Marine. We are the few, we are the faithful, but in the end with the Love of Jesus Christ we will have victory! Amen

BELIEF AND FAITH (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 9:07:43 AM
Belief and faith have certainly helped people get through hard times when they had no options. Those that do get through hard times often claim that their belief and faith carried them through. However, those that do not get through hard times are silent because they are dead. Belief and faith are easy because they require no action except to accept and let some outside force take care. But those who act on their own conviction have it much harder because they often make the wrong choices and end up worse off. That's why belief and faith are so enticing… But they haven't contributed much to human progress… Individual action does that. Ron

I'M STILL HERE (Poetry) - 10/8/2014 10:02:37 AM
Uriah, Jesus IS STILL HERE. Nothing can change that even thou alot of people want too. Keep writing for our Lord. Love and blessings, ~Linda

I'M STILL HERE (Poetry) - 10/6/2014 4:52:34 PM
GREAT write! Kings and Kingdoms will ALL pass away but the Lord our God will remain eternally and forever.

I'M STILL HERE (Poetry) - 10/6/2014 7:51:04 AM
Not only a wonderful song of redemption, a bit biographical as well. Kudos! Ron

I'M STILL HERE (Poetry) - 10/6/2014 7:33:43 AM

SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY (Poetry) - 10/2/2014 6:11:50 PM
Dittoes Ron.

SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY (Poetry) - 9/27/2014 8:04:43 AM
Great advice in this article. Ron

SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY (Poetry) - 9/23/2014 3:45:26 PM
Life is too short to worry about what others do or don't do. It's their life and their choice to keep secret. Why would that bother you to not know other people's businesses, or secrets? Each of us live our own lives, no one is obligated to make his/her life an open book. Unless you are running some kind of gossipy magazine just leave others alone! What you don't know won't hurt you. Sandie

OBAMA CARE (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 9/18/2014 6:34:32 AM
unfortunately, a much flawed law ...

OBAMA CARE (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 4:00:16 PM
There are still 30 million Americans without health care. My insurance premiums have more than doubled since it became law and I don't receive any better health care than I had before, in fact I receive less and wait longer. Months not weeks.

OBAMA CARE (Lyrics) (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 7:51:56 AM
Two of the most important tenants of the Affordable Healthcare Act (it was nice of the president accepted the pejorative Obama Care with open arms) are the striking down of "pre-existing conditions" that befell so many children that were born under "right to life" without the right to get insurance. Also the idea of limits, monetary or time, for payment for certain conditions that are by nature, chronic. Focus on research for cures rather than long-term care and preventive medicine instead of last-minute, emergency room, expensive corrective care, are landmark new strategies for healthcare as part of the law as well… Bravo! Ron

LET HIM LIVE (Poetry) - 9/10/2014 5:24:43 AM

LET HIM LIVE (Poetry) - 9/8/2014 7:10:20 AM
Police, driven by fear and adrenaline, often act offensively in defense. After encountering many angry and dangerous encounters, officers sometimes act angrily trying to avoid that one time when they could be killed while trying to calm a dangerous situation. They should never get angry and be professional, but they do, especially when threatened by angry taunts or after their adrenaline is all very high from a very long chase of a suspect. Far more deadly to young men is the insidious, corporate greed of incarceration. Young people are being imprisoned for nonviolent crimes that could be treated much differently than putting them away where they are abused and forced to learn prison culture just to survive. Only to be thrown out on the streets with no place to live or job because they have a record (even though they've served their time). The profit-making prisons keep them as long as they can and welcome them back as they create more prison space and more ways of dehumanizing those incarcerated. The cycle is vicious and taking more lives than what's happening on the streets. Ron

LET HIM LIVE (Poetry) - 9/7/2014 8:10:44 PM
GREAT poetic truths! We send our youth to fight in foreign lands galore and forget to fix problems we have on our own shores. Truth be known we should enlist in an Army that helps our fellow brothers right here at home. Amen!

WRITE IT DOWN (Poetry) - 9/3/2014 7:31:47 AM
A wonderful song and message. After 22 years of writing and postponing, I not only wrote down my story, but published it this year. Now, wherever I turn, memories flood back that I haven't written about. And, most importantly, new ideas pop into my head that I must write down. Fortunately, whenever I get these kinds of inspiration, my voice dictation system makes it very easy to "write it down" by merely speaking into this computer as though it were recording my very thoughts. Now, I can visualize that actually happening… A person's thoughts being transformed into written words. That makes it a scary, but brave, new world. Ron

OH BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAKEUP NOW (Poetry) - 8/15/2014 11:50:45 AM
I'm with you on this one. There's a lot of unwanted fear and distrust that carries all the way to the President of the United States. We all came from the same genetic stock and only acquired differences in pigmentation to survive the environments we were in. Fortunately, the amelioration of racial lines through intermarriage is growing and eventually those few isolated origins of racial differences will disappear. Like Martin Luther King said, it won't be in your or my lifetime, but it will come. Ron

A GOOD HEALTH PLAN (Poetry) - 5/8/2014 11:10:58 AM
Would love to hear you sing it… Ron

A GOOD HEALTH PLAN (Poetry) - 5/8/2014 3:46:49 AM
this is the perfect health plan. it bears resemblance to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

WHO RECEIVED THE RANSOM CHRIST PAID? (Poetry) - 4/12/2014 9:05:35 AM
What a well-written poem today about God loving man-kind so much that he sacrificed his only son Jesus for our sins. Oh how I love God and Jesus for All They Have Done For Us All. Thanks for the write.

WHO IS RIGHT ABOUT ME? (Poetry) - 4/10/2014 7:19:08 AM
I was thinking of the song, "Got to Be Me," as I read this. We all have to be ourselves and love ourselves to move on in this world. It's a lesson everyone should learn early. Ron

I GOT IT, YOU WANT IT (Poetry) - 4/3/2014 10:59:52 AM
Once again, wise advice. I rarely ask for something unless it's available when I need it. And I find negotiation over something I don't need to be quite ridiculous. Ron

I GOT IT, YOU WANT IT (Poetry) - 4/2/2014 11:07:08 AM
So true. Thanks for sharing! Sandie

MY MOON SONG (Poetry) - 3/26/2014 11:10:37 AM
While the Moon seemed to be your inspiration, you left it out of the lyrics. Perhaps you could add another stanza with "I felt the light of his warm presence shining down through the darkness of the night. The moon was in its essence, and my heart was filled with light." Ron

I was not struck particularly at a loss by your loss because it is normal in the course of things when people live long lives. However, I was struck by your fine reference to the difference between great and good. For that I am very grateful. Ron

This is a wonderful tribute to your siblings and your brother-in-law in celebration of their passing. What a wonderful write this is! Thank you so much for sharing! Sandie

I'm sorry for your losses. Too many all at once. It was refreshing though the way you celebrate their passings. Great read. Liz

Uriah, First, my sincere condolences for the loss of your two sisters, your brother and brother-in-law over the past two years. You've have had much to grieve, but at the same time you have had much to cherish and joyfully commemorate. Your words of love are a testimony to each of their "good" lives. Your wrote elegantly about their impact on you and your family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and many blessing to you and yours. ~jeanne

GRANDPA BENJAMIN (Poetry) - 3/23/2014 10:22:09 AM
A wonderful tribute to your grandfather. He left a wonderful legacy for future generations through his grandson's prolific writing of the times. Ron

TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED (Poetry) - 3/19/2014 2:00:26 PM
all the tomorrows, todays, and yesterdays are the same Now ... you've always lived in The Now and the only promise The Now has is that you're in it ...

TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED (Poetry) - 3/18/2014 8:07:00 AM
There is only one "tomorrow." The next day will be "the day after tomorrow". People always die on the day of "today" as they know it, for they could not have woken up the next day to find out that they had died yesterday. So tomorrow is not promised seems to make me anyway. Sandie

BUT FOR GRACE (Revisited) (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 9:32:15 AM
As usual, beautifully and gracefully written. Ron

DO THESE 3 THINGS AND BE HAPPY (Poetry) - 3/14/2014 4:54:21 PM
Great advice,and you have expressed it in a most creative way. Thank you for sharing it. Barbara J Henry

WHO MADE GOD? (Poetry) - 3/14/2014 12:01:22 PM
Not a poem ..anyway the human mind is not capabe of conceiving how or when god was conceived ...

WHO MADE GOD? (Poetry) - 3/12/2014 8:12:17 AM
Your article in the poetry section asks a deep question that most Christians completely overlook. Bravo for bringing it to their attention. Ron

WHO MADE GOD? (Poetry) - 3/12/2014 5:20:40 AM
God will reveal to us, a little at a time, who He really is each time our prayers are being heard and answered. It is up to us to believe that God is real, and He is there for us. My prayers are being answered each time, so I know He's really there for me. Sandie :o)

DO THESE 3 THINGS AND BE HAPPY (Poetry) - 3/8/2014 1:47:39 PM
Happiness times three! You always are inspiring. Ron

DO THESE 3 THINGS AND BE HAPPY (Poetry) - 3/8/2014 9:00:53 AM
Sound advice. Thank you so much sharing! Sandie

SELF-DIALOGUE (Poetry) - 3/7/2014 6:43:55 PM
Good poem! I agree with everything you've said. Sandie

Wise thoughts in this article. However, my mother, now unable to hear except through her teletype phone, and losing her ability to handle her computer in a way that can allow her those many emails… Both reading them and responding… That she has done in the years since had to write handwritten letters, gives her as big a sense of loss as not being able to see me personally but every few years. Ron

LANGUAGE AND FEELING (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 8:44:15 AM
What a wonderful article in the poetry section! Yes, words are that and more! Enjoyed. Now I'm going to go out and shovel that more inches of "partly cloudy" off my driveway. (Just kidding--we have no snow in Houston). Ron

ENTROPY (Poetry) - 2/9/2014 10:17:22 AM
Yes, a very interesting revelation about the Book of Revelation. Ron

ENTROPY (Poetry) - 2/9/2014 5:46:17 AM
The clock runs down and sometimes starts up again. I particularly enjoyed your analysis the Book of Revelation and the natural process of entropy. This was well written, intelligent and enjoyable to read Uriah. A pleasure to review you. Bob

O LORD MY GOD, OPEN UNTO ME (Poetry) - 2/5/2014 9:43:00 PM
Wonderful poetic prayer! Open up to us Dear Lord, we need you now more than ever! Amen!!

O LORD MY GOD, OPEN UNTO ME (Poetry) - 2/5/2014 6:24:12 PM
Amen! Beautiful!!!

GRANDPA BENJAMIN (Poetry) - 2/4/2014 11:44:15 AM
Your story has a bit of "Roots" in it. Reads like quite interesting reading to me. Ron

EXCEPTIONALISM OR UNIQUENESS (Poetry) - 1/29/2014 9:09:06 AM
We all are unique. Unfortunately, society's institutions all try to make us march to their tune, never letting our souls venture too far from what they consider to be "right." Ron

SOLO SINGING REHEARSAL (Poetry) - 1/25/2014 11:43:06 AM
Your songs are treasure like your life. I sing often too, but not every day. I wish I could take an hour long walk and sing while I walked, greeting birds, deer, and people along the way like you do. Unfortunately, I can only look outside at the birds on my exercise machine where I concentrate on my breathing rather than singing. Your songs will long outlast your mortal life. Ron

MY ONE MINUTE GIFT OF LIFE (Poetry) - 1/23/2014 11:43:17 AM
The second hands are ticking on my one minute…. I'd better get busy. Ron

MY ONE MINUTE GIFT OF LIFE (Poetry) - 1/23/2014 6:16:57 AM
I believe we could all make better use of our time if we set aside all notions of rewards and punishments and just tried to find out talents and use them.

WHO HAS THE GREATEST NAME? (Poetry) - 1/19/2014 9:00:35 AM
I would add Gandhi and King, but leave out John Smith. I also leave out Brokow and add Mandela. Ron

WHO HAS THE GREATEST NAME? (Poetry) - 1/18/2014 12:59:38 PM
amen budd

God Rejoices Over You With Singing (Poetry) - 12/20/2013 4:39:34 PM
Enjoyed it Thanks for sharing And Happy Holidays !

MANDELA: THE LEADER PAR EXCELLENCE (Poetry) - 12/9/2013 7:31:49 PM
I commend you on such a well-written document on Mr. Mandela. This is a very interesting tribute about his life. Some of the things that you wrote about I was completely unaware of. Thanks for this enlightening and wonderful tribute to Mr. Mandela, he was a great man, had lots of wisdom. integrity and intelligent. He helped his people and also changed the lives of so many. He is gone but will never be forgotten. He left his legend to live on in History. Thanks God Bless.

MANDELA: THE LEADER PAR EXCELLENCE (Poetry) - 12/7/2013 12:20:22 PM
I know this should be an article and not a poem, but it will reach more readers here. You have written a wonderful tribute and outlined a few things that most people do not know. I did not know that President Reagan and the others in Congress that you pointed out were on the wrong side of history when it comes to apartheid. Apartheid was a cruel and inhuman way of life for too long in much of South Africa. It needed to end. Apartheid ended badly in several countries in South Africa, but not in South Africa itself, largely due to the heroic efforts of Nelson Mandela. In 1979, while I was an associate professor at Atlanta University, I attended a rally at Little Five Points. The occasion was a rally supporting the release of Nelson Mandela, for some reason a person I had not heard of at that particular time, but became acutely aware of after that. You are right, if it wasn't for all the people like those I met in that rally, history might have been much different and Mandela may not have had an opportunity to shine. Many in Congress are on the wrong side of history right now. Most of the world is aware of the right side and has granted a peace prize to our president for his intuition into the problems we face. If nothing is done to change the situation violent conflict may erupt in the future. Surely individuals as courageous and insightful as Nelson Mandela will rise to the occasion if that occasion arises. Thanks for showing us the way. Ron

DANCE TO YOUR OWN MUSIC (Poetry) - 11/26/2013 10:09:12 PM
God bless you as you dance. You and I have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

DANCE TO YOUR OWN MUSIC (Poetry) - 11/26/2013 8:59:51 AM
I really love the positive aspect of this. When people say, "there you go again," all they are saying is that they are jealous of your joy. I wish everyone had that outlook on life… Singing and dancing their own tune every day for their own enjoyment. Ron

FOR HEALTH'S SAKE: THIS I DO (Poetry) - 10/27/2013 10:48:33 AM
Excellent advice with a poem tying it together. Ron

THIS IS HOW IT IS - A REALITY CHECK (Poetry) - 10/14/2013 9:52:01 AM
It's good to see a larger view of things with people focused on so many little things. Ron

SAY IT (Poetry) - 10/11/2013 2:19:13 PM
Great message using powerfully true words. There, I have said it! Continued success- Barbara J. Henry

EVERYTIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT I WILL SING (Poetry) - 10/8/2013 3:07:42 AM
Sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Nice poetic message. Amen!

EVERYTIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT I WILL SING (Poetry) - 10/7/2013 11:16:14 PM
Music is way of communication and each word of song is something of life! Fakhre

EVERYTIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT I WILL SING (Poetry) - 10/6/2013 8:51:33 AM
Makes me feel like singing. Ron

You're absolutely right. When those commercials come on I started meditating about something else, and viola!, they're gone. As far as rhetorical e-mails… The delete key works just fine. And when it comes to those unwanted telephone calls… Hanging up works every time. A great article about a poem… I think. Ron

You have definitely struck a chord, Uriah, It could be said that poetry is the opposite of irrelevant rhetoric. It seeks only beauty and truth. My antidote to the profane stuff on tv is to hit the "mute" button. You have given us new ways to drown out the noise. Many thanks.

I've pulled the plug. A walk in the forest and soothing music- And none of the above. John

Your article on focus is quite interesting. I go by what Peter Drucker advised… We need to allow large chunks of time to accomplish great things, and, in order to accomplish something large, we must break it down into small steps and take one step at a time until we've accomplished what we set out to do. Multitasking is the exact opposite of focusing on a single task. The result of multitasking is usually poor performance and delay rather than accomplishment. Ron

DAMNIT THAT'S BULLSHIT (Poetry) - 9/18/2013 12:38:51 PM
I'm surprised no one has responded to your hilarious, but true, description of bullshit. You did forget one thing and that is once one has achieved the highest learning, i.e., a PhD he or she is now qualified to, “pile it higher and deeper.” I've not known any excrement to be “fragrant.” Unless you are referring to that fine smell emitting from Frankfart's book on the subject. But then I would be flagrantly lying, wouldn't I? Ron

LIFETIME OF LOVE SONGS (Poetry) - 9/11/2013 7:21:53 AM
I'm so glad you're still writing and singing songs. Now they are on cyberspace they will continue as your legacy for as long as people love music. Ron

LIFETIME OF LOVE SONGS (Poetry) - 9/10/2013 2:26:41 PM
Love songs are the BEST songs. Well said Uriah! Well said!

SAY IT (Poetry) - 9/4/2013 8:34:21 PM
I believe! Your poetic prayer poem is very inspirational. I believe! In my life I have seen many miracles. I believe! The fact that I am still alive today is a miracle. Praise God - for He is the creator of miracles and life itself. Amen....

SAY IT (Poetry) - 9/4/2013 7:55:39 AM
i enjoyed this much budd

GESTALT TIME or TIME AS A GESTALT (Poetry) - 8/28/2013 6:31:47 AM
With brilliant insight and wisdom that only time living life to the fullest can bring. Superlative thoughts expressed… Ron

GESTALT TIME or TIME AS A GESTALT (Poetry) - 8/27/2013 8:37:37 PM
A timeless piece of poetry... Peace, love and a shower of Christ blessings, John Michael Domino

IF YOU HAVE THE FAITH, GOD HAS THE POWER (Poetry) - 8/15/2013 3:14:37 PM
This is such a well-written poem about faith. I truly believe that we must have it in order to achieve whatever it is in life that we desire, each verse is so inspirational and true. Thank you for sharing God's message to us today. May you be blessed and peace be with you.

IF YOU HAVE THE FAITH, GOD HAS THE POWER (Poetry) - 8/12/2013 9:46:02 PM
Thank you so much for this inspirational and poetic message. May the Lord bless you abundantly, John Michael Domino

Thank You God for These Things (Poetry) - 8/8/2013 6:00:29 AM
Thank you for the wisdom and intellect of Uriah J. Fields and his eyewitness to history and written and musical legacy for all humankind to behold. Ron

Thank You God for These Things (Poetry) - 8/7/2013 4:08:01 PM
Splendid poetry! Thanking the Lord is expressing love and respect for the Lord our God. You have your priorities in the right order. I pray that the world will listen carefully to your leadership. Yours in Christ, John Michael

Tribute to my Sister Ruth B. Massey (Poetry) - 8/7/2013 8:01:08 AM
This is a beautiful tribute to your sister, Uriah, and a good example for all of us.

Tribute to my Sister Ruth B. Massey (Poetry) - 8/6/2013 3:29:12 PM
What a wonderful tribute to your sister, Ruth. Your love and respect for her shines through in your writing. May God richly bless you as you mourn the loss of your beloved Ruth. David Lee Thompson

Tribute to my Sister Ruth B. Massey (Poetry) - 8/6/2013 12:14:17 PM
It certainly is wonderful that you could sing an original song composed for your sweet sister. I know she will be missed by many. Ron

Tribute to my Sister Ruth B. Massey (Poetry) - 8/5/2013 6:56:32 PM
A wonderful poetic tribute to your sister. I am sure this will be treasured by many. Well done! Peace be with you... John Michael

TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED (Poetry) - 7/11/2013 2:01:34 PM
Great advice! Peace, love and abundant blessings, JMD

TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED (Poetry) - 7/10/2013 5:18:48 AM
I have no comment other than the simple fact that, barring a celestial accident of unknown origin, the Earth will rotate around the sun exactly as it has every day for over 4,000,000,000 years tomorrow, and all tomorrow's thereafter. There will be slight shifts in this rotation that will require people interested in keeping time to adjust the calendar a bit to compensate for the shifts in rotation. As far as individuals are concerned, some will face hardship tomorrow and even death, while others will experience joy and progress, just as it has been throughout human existence. Ron

JESUS, HE'S STILL THE ONE (Poetry) - 7/3/2013 11:41:02 PM
Good write for Independence Day! Jesus is STILL the ONE! Amen! Peace, God's agape love, abundant blessings, John Michael

Your article brings up some very interesting thoughts for discussion. I totally misread the title thusly: I was thinking “right wing” versus right. I have often wondered while people with the facts will steer towards the right wing in their thinking rather than what is right. One of the problems is that the right wing is not conservative. Right-wing behavior tends to be expensive, outrageous, and greedy… all all characteristics that are far from prudent or conservative. Going back to your premise, I agree, when choosing between two rights, it's always best to let your inner intuition guide you in your choice. Like the right wing, one right may be a snake in the grass. Ron

My Response to a Prayer Request (Poetry) - 4/29/2013 8:06:54 AM
A truly generous and loving response. Ron

My Response to a Prayer Request (Poetry) - 4/29/2013 5:22:48 AM
a very pleaseing response to the one in need of prayer budd

NAMASTE - Salutation and Goodbye (Poetry) - 4/24/2013 10:38:00 AM
A wonderful tribute to your wonderful mate. I can see that she taught you a lot from her heritage that you still carry with you today. My Asian lady is a constant joy to me. Ron

THE FIGHT OF A LIFETIME (Poetry) - 4/23/2013 10:37:10 AM
Such a powerful, persuasive truthful call to action for many, and a call to continued action for others. Fighting the good fight keeps us true,as you so eloquently stated,to who we are; the alternative to that is "being someone else". It was Emerson who said: "Imitation is suicide." I wholeheartedly agree with him. Thank you for sharing this encouraging, thought provoking message. Continued success- Barbara J. Henry

ACROSTIC FOR BE NOT AFRAID (Poetry) - 4/13/2013 9:51:45 AM
Fear is one of the greatest enemies to our progress. Thanks for the reminder. Ron

IT IS WHAT IT IS (Poetry) - 3/26/2013 7:21:53 AM
An interesting article on reality. Most people use beliefs as filters when they view life. This gets in the way of their accepting the facts. You have illustrated that sometimes people need to just face the facts and a lot of the world's problems would disappear. Ron

IT IS WHAT IT IS (Poetry) - 3/25/2013 11:01:29 AM
Reality is the best teacher and keeper of sanity...

NINE STAGES OF A MAN'S LIFE (Poetry) - 3/21/2013 9:08:49 AM
When I am out of here, I will inhere. So there. Still, that is one knotted 'Not' you offer in closing, Uriah. Aphoristic and more than a little sententious, in a good kind of a way. I do like the way you close with such a cinch knot! Roger

NINE STAGES OF A MAN'S LIFE (Poetry) - 3/21/2013 7:13:48 AM
I'm not old enough to know the meaning of, “Not.” Ron

NINE STAGES OF A MAN'S LIFE (Poetry) - 3/20/2013 8:03:09 PM
A poem to ponder. Well done! My answer: Not thinking old. Amen

THE FIGHT OF A LIFETIME (Poetry) - 3/19/2013 9:37:10 AM
This story shows us what wisdom really is. Ron

THE PURPOSE OF LIFE (Poetry) - 3/13/2013 4:24:01 AM
Timeless wisdom for a dumbed-down world. May peace be with you, love surround you and blessings abound you, John Michael

Race Matters but Grace Matters More (Poetry) - 3/13/2013 4:22:07 AM
Wonderful thoughts about grace. We are saved by the grace of the Lord. What could be more powerful and loving? May peace be with you, love surround you and blessings abound you, John Michael

Race Matters but Grace Matters More (Poetry) - 3/12/2013 8:26:33 AM
You have presented an interesting concept in Grace. I can only speak from my experience--primarily one of curiosity, not grace. I have always been curious and that led to higher education and study. My study led me to Darwin and the origin of species. While Homo sapiens is one species, there are many varieties of us, primarily created by the environments we have lived in for a very long period of time (thousands of years and generations). For those living in the tropics, skin becomes darker than those living in temperate climates. Those with the lightest skin and and blue eyes lived closest to the Arctic regions. Skin color then becomes a survival attribute and not an intellectual one. Surviving in an hunting and gathering environment creates intelligence because only the intelligent survive the constant state of flux that hunting and gathering requires. Few modern day people could survive hunting and gathering--a few still do--and they are highly intelligent in spite of often being considered ignorant and primitive. Therefore, I do not see race as a problem for me, only individual behavior. I admire and abhor the behavior of individuals depending upon the color of their character, not the color of their skin (Martin Luther King deserves credit for pointing that out), their nationality, their religion, their political party, or their perceived strengths and weaknesses. Thus, I am free from categorizing people and all the turmoil it causes. I take you for who you are and don't believe that there is some superior force out there telling me what I should believe. And I believe that you, Uriah J. Fields, have done a great service for our country and are a great man that I am pleased to have communion with here on Authors' Den. Ron

THE FALL FROM GRACE TO DISGRACE (Poetry) - 2/23/2013 10:56:29 AM
Are we writing about Jesse Jackson Junior? Ron When they fall, they fall hard.

LONGEVITY OR NOT? (5 Haiku) (Poetry) - 2/20/2013 7:12:27 AM
I agree. Life's a gift, why waste it. My grandmother, in her seventies, became a big fan of grandma Moses. I know she corresponded with her, but I don't know if she acquired any of grandma Moses's paintings. Because we have a branch of the family that is Moses, grandma said that we were related to her. If grandma had any of her work, my uncle Ed, now 92 and still quite active, has it, because he was the one who collected all of her belongings when grandma died. Ron

Affairs of the Heart: A Valentine Message (Poetry) - 2/15/2013 6:38:27 AM
I like the part about, “… Tame my wilderness.” Ron

Affairs of the Heart: A Valentine Message (Poetry) - 2/14/2013 1:51:58 PM
That's what love is all about.

POWER AND YOU (Poetry) - 2/14/2013 9:00:54 AM
Wise advice. Power to the people, for it is we that makes all the difference. Ron

JOY AND YOU (Poetry) - 2/13/2013 6:50:35 AM
Joy to the world. That is what you bring. Ron

JOY AND YOU (Poetry) - 2/12/2013 2:28:18 PM
the joy is there if you allow it to be budd

Don't Give Away Your Joy (Poetry) - 2/1/2013 3:11:06 PM
This is so very true,and it is said with such clarity. Thanks for sharing,and continued success. Barbara J Henry

PRAYER EMPOWERMENT (Poetry) - 1/31/2013 5:39:36 AM
Wow! This is for printing and posting so we can be reminded how to pray. I am printing MY copy now. You ARE a Saint! A Royal Priest! May peace, blessings and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always, John Michael Domino "Miracles are everywhere - we just need to be aware!" JMD

PRAYER EMPOWERMENT (Poetry) - 1/30/2013 8:07:41 AM
I agree that when groups of people pray, they get action because they're all thinking the same way. As for individuals praying? Regardless what they pray, what will be will be, and no amount of prayer will change that. Ron

THE PURPOSE OF LIFE (Poetry) - 1/26/2013 1:28:09 PM
Wise thoughts from someone who has met the challenges and created much purpose in this life that will carry on for future generations to look up to and strive for. Ron

WHEN YOU LAUGH, WHEN YOU CRY (Poetry) - 12/13/2012 5:03:59 AM
Ha' Great write. "You know..I start off with a right good Ha Ha Ha..if it's too funny, the 'Ha Ha Ha' turns into a 'Glugg-Glugg' eventually I turn red making no sound at all, and looking like I'm needing the Paramedics.. but not?

YOU GOT IT, I WANT IT (Poetry) - 11/30/2012 10:59:03 AM
Oh, how many times have I heard this discussion. I think it applies to Israel and Palestine today and all of us who value things over friendship and kindness. I read a lot about the lament that some people are getting “free stuff.” There is no free lunch in this world. Ron

I THINK! DAMNIT WHAT DO YOU KNOW? (Poetry) - 11/16/2012 8:39:36 AM
So many bloggers, pundits, and prognosticators with very strong beliefs that color their thoughts and sometimes not only make them unbelievable but downright dangerous. I'm with you. If everyone looked at the factual matters instead of their beliefs, we would all progress more quickly and not be so decisive in everything we do. Ron

OBAMA IS STILL THE ONE (Poetry) - 11/13/2012 3:31:23 PM
don't try for the 'X Factor'w/ this one

OBAMA IS STILL THE ONE (Poetry) - 11/13/2012 12:03:13 PM
Well said, Uriah. They hit him with everything including the kitchen sink, and he's still standing tall. Obama has more strength, character, and courage than the entire right wing combined--and they hate him for it.

OBAMA IS STILL THE ONE (Poetry) - 11/13/2012 8:22:29 AM
A wonderful song honoring a wonderful man. We are and Obama-nation once again, and I'm grateful that the rich zealots did not get their way and sink us into further poverty with their archaic ideas of survival of the financially fittest. Ron

PEACE OF SOUL IS MINE TODAY (Poetry) - 11/7/2012 12:18:57 PM
Wonderful, encouraging poem,Uriah and on a topic that is priceless. Thank you for reminding me of how valuable it is. Continued success/ Barbara J Henry

B E T H A N K F U L (Poetry) - 11/4/2012 12:41:36 PM
amen and thank you! asa

B E T H A N K F U L (Poetry) - 11/3/2012 7:16:43 AM
I am thankful that I have this life I'm living and that sanity will prevail and we will have four more years of gradual recovery from our economic downturn. In thankful that when I leave this life that will be it and there will be no other tempting place out there to yearn for. Ron

GRANDPA BENJAMIN (Poetry) - 10/27/2012 10:25:46 AM
I am reminded of Alex Haley and his journey to find his roots. I was fortunate to meet the man once and found him to be open, gentle, and humorous. Like you, he was shaped by his aunts who sat on the porch and told stories of his ancestors. Ron

Nothing Is Between Us, Everything Is For Us (Poetry) - 10/2/2012 8:10:17 AM
I like the reference to “the eternal now” because we do not have any eternity out there to get it right. We must love each other right now, eternally. Ron

Nothing Is Between Us, Everything Is For Us (Poetry) - 10/2/2012 6:51:42 AM
Its in the giving that things happen for the good! Very different read, we don't know what tomorrow holds and living for the giving brings forth fruit! Thanks Uriah!! Teresa

IT'S AIN'T ABOUT NOTHING (Poetry) - 9/14/2012 4:51:52 PM
Quite thought provoking, Uriah! I will remember this work in the future when I need to be reminded of its profound message. Continued success- Barbara J Henry

Great peom for your sister Henretta's siblings. May God forever bless and keep you in His loving care is my prayer for you my dear Uncle Uriah.

THE GARDEN: IT WAS, IT IS, IT CAN BE (Poetry) - 9/7/2012 9:27:05 AM
Very thought provoking and very true, Uriah- Thank you for sharing this powerful message. Continued success Barbara J Henry

THE BARACK OBAMA ANTHEM (Poetry) - 9/3/2012 5:14:44 AM
I am singing your song. Barack Obama has done no wrong. Only backward thinking people would come along and face the future strong. The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, and the winds of change are upon us. For those that do not heed the wind, will have their house of cards blown down. Ron

IT'S AIN'T ABOUT NOTHING (Poetry) - 8/31/2012 11:21:48 AM
Pseudo-authorities abound and are growing by the pound. Did you ever notice that most of them are rather fat cats. Bullshit is good for one thing, fertilizing the garden. I like your rant and your observation that “it ain't about nothing.” Ron

THE GARDEN: IT WAS, IT IS, IT CAN BE (Poetry) - 8/27/2012 11:22:15 AM
Yes, the earth is our garden of Eden and we have been stewards to it., We haven't been very good and it is time for us to pay attention before our garden is gone and we have nothing left to fall back on. Ron

SOME CALL IT ET CETERA; I CALL IT GOD (Poetry) - 8/24/2012 7:17:15 AM
If God is so easy understand, why is so much being said over and over and written to try to justify that God exists, etc? Because humans, especially young humans at their questioning age, are susceptible to indoctrination by repetition. Once they understand by hearing it over and over again, they believe, simply because they no longer think for themselves and let someone else do their thinking for them. They become enslaved to God and have to keep justifying over and over why for the rest of their lives because it is the only way they can overcome their fear of the unknown––most likely their pending death. We all die, so I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it and whether or not I'm going to heaven or hell because they don't exist except in books like the Bible and Dante's Inferno, etc. Ron

WE WERE POOR BUT DIDN'T KNOW IT (Poetry) - 8/10/2012 9:58:16 AM
Wise words. That saying is reserved for those who have escaped like I have. For those that remain poor and powerless, ignorance may take over their lives for lack of positive reinforcement. Ron

COLOR ME LOVE (Poetry) - 8/3/2012 6:04:06 AM
Yes love is all in all. Beautifully penned.

COLOR ME LOVE (Poetry) - 7/31/2012 9:05:27 AM
Love is a very powerful emotion that everyone should use when everything can. Fear is another powerful emotion that is necessary for our survival in an ever creating dangerous world. Unnatural fear an unnatural love are not of any help and should be avoided. Ron

PERMISSIVE RELATING (Poetry) - 7/26/2012 11:41:41 AM
I had permissive parents who gave me responsibility for my own actions early in life. We lived in a bad neighborhood, and by ten years of age I knew right from wrong and how to avoid the trap so many young people in the neighborhood fell into. The most troubled are those parents who give their children no slack to learn right and wrong and dictating everything… leading to rebellion eventually. Ron

MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE (Poetry) - 7/20/2012 8:17:55 AM
Life is a journey every single day. Donna

MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE (Poetry) - 7/19/2012 12:45:01 PM
Echoes of Martin Luther King! Ron

A beautiful tribute and history lesson as well. May voting rights never be taken away again. Ron

PEACE OF SOUL IS MINE TODAY (Poetry) - 7/14/2012 6:52:19 AM
Peace must be found within each one of us,,,,,only then will it spread to the world. Thank you for sharing your words. Donna

OVERWORK (Poetry) - 7/12/2012 4:23:08 PM
Powerful message Uriah,and it is so appropo for such a time as this. Sobering to think how much of our energy is spent accumulating things that we do not have the time to savor.I agree; they certainly won't go with us. Thank you for putting it all in perspective. Continued success~ Barbara J. Henry

COME ON MY PEOPLE, WE ARE ONE (Poetry) - 6/14/2012 12:28:33 PM
Uriah, great song i agree with Ron. Budd

COME ON MY PEOPLE, WE ARE ONE (Poetry) - 6/14/2012 10:51:50 AM
Good verses for our time. I'm reminded of “Come'n people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and love one another, right now.” Ron

Great advice offered with great wisdom. As an “outsider” by nature of my disability, I have always stayed true to my nature even though I have been chastised mightily by friend and foe alike for my views. I'm most comfortable with that. Ron

My Letter to an Opponent of Gay Marriage (Poetry) - 6/1/2012 11:29:14 AM
Hey, you stole my definition! I can see that it's incomplete. We notice that there are a lot of pundits, or so-called experts, out there pontificating without a license or even the knowledge of the subjects they pro port to be experts in. Guys like Rush and Beck come to mind. Pompous balloons of hot air. Ron

OVERWORK (Poetry) - 5/27/2012 7:19:21 AM
Very wise words. Unlike others, I have always paced myself for the long run. I've seen so many burn themselves out by trying to do everything and be everything only to lose their health and life. I hope you reach a lot of young people with this message. Ron

IT'S IN THE DNA, ADAM'S AND EVE'S (Poetry) - 5/23/2012 9:15:29 PM

IT'S IN THE DNA, ADAM'S AND EVE'S (Poetry) - 5/21/2012 7:32:28 PM
Interesting, Uriah. Seems to me we extrapolated greatly since the first 'two'. Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

IT'S IN THE DNA, ADAM'S AND EVE'S (Poetry) - 5/20/2012 10:31:32 AM
I agree that heredity plays a large part in our behavior. However, it comes from our ancestors and goes back to a source that is prehuman. The story of Cain and Abel is a myth used by the Jews to help control their flock of believers, sheeple all. Ron

It's going to be a long, uphill climb. But we'll all get to that mountain top someday. The world is too diverse and opportunity too great, for people to be passed by. Ron

A YOU AND ME CELEBRATION (Poetry) - 5/6/2012 7:10:10 AM
Yes, but let's not celebrate too much. Seven billion souls on the earth is too much and we can't save them all until we stop producing them at such a rapid rate. Everyone suffers in our excess. Ron

MY EARLY MORNING WALK (Poetry) - 5/3/2012 3:30:12 PM
SIX A.M.?? Is there such a time on the 24 hour clock...hell no I say, not on my clock...though it does sound like a nice time for you...;-) e

MY EARLY MORNING WALK (Poetry) - 5/3/2012 3:23:51 PM
Very enjoyable to read...Yes...I think you have nearly convinced me! It is wondeful to be out and about, being in touch with nature and people, At present Twilight is the time I go dog walking...but I might just make it early morning... Thank you for sharing this... Diana...

DAMMIT, I feel! (Poetry) - 4/28/2012 11:50:20 AM
I feel it too… Your powerful expression of feeling. I hope you won't be offended with a good joke. But I feel with my hands. ;-) Ron

DAMMIT, I feel! (Poetry) - 4/27/2012 3:07:00 PM
Awesome! I feel you! Great poem and thanks for sharing Uriah! Blessings to you! Debbie

A LONG LIFE IS BETTER (Poetry) - 4/24/2012 11:11:55 AM
Sure is, especially if you're wiser. Ron

A PRAYER FOR THE HOMEGOING OF A BROTHER (Poetry) - 4/20/2012 9:28:40 AM
Uriah, God be with the brother, and give him and his family strength they will need to endure this loss. God bless you for writing this. Many blessings, +Linda

COMING HOME TO AFRICA (Poetry) - 3/24/2012 1:41:10 PM

COMING HOME TO AFRICA (Poetry) - 3/24/2012 12:03:28 PM
An uplifting poem for uplifting times. A former tenant of mine–we keep in touch and and continue our friendship, is from Liberia. Founded by Americans and populated by Americans. She is here now and come home. Ron

My eighth grade Latin is a bit sketchy, but I'm glad you're having a wonderful year. Ron

ROMANTIC LOVER'S SONG (Poetry) - 3/10/2012 1:02:39 PM
That irrevocable attraction that leads to poetry or song. Like springtime, it always comes along. Ron

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