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Recent Reviews for Bourge

Break Away (Poetry) - 8/5/2014 1:17:29 AM
Excellent poetry. This is perfect for young people and would be fantastic if you could contact me so that we could discuss the use of this poem in an education program.

Almost (Poetry) - 10/8/2009 1:41:10 PM
wow that is awsome! I compleatly understand - Katie

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 4/18/2009 11:29:20 AM
Charlotte, This poem is thought provoking. All of my life I have believed that all things would be better off if they were free,now I read your poem,and I wonder. This is good. Continued success Barbara Henry

Almost (Poetry) - 9/3/2007 6:15:35 PM
Wow, this is really good... I totally get it. Its amazing. -natasha

Your Equal (Poetry) - 7/20/2007 11:22:10 AM
Strong, evocative and well-expressed. Very nice.

Your Equal (Poetry) - 6/5/2006 5:16:58 PM
I fail to see why I should miss out on a good night out dancing with my friends, and let those wasters mess up my weekend. If a guy's an ass, I feel no remorse in letting him know that he has no right touching mine. Chaaarley

Your Equal (Poetry) - 5/24/2006 8:15:32 AM
Powerful poetry. It is so good to hear of the concept of standards. Seeking meaningful conversation, friendship, all the time in the world because they are enough... That can lead somewhere, but only follow if it does. This is such a great poem for those who can't ever understand it. Ah, but perhaps a club is a gathering of wasters better avoided? :( John

The Poet (Poetry) - 11/1/2005 11:51:41 AM
To "dare to dream of dying" at such a young age ... this is truly amazing. Yet my wish is for this poet to live for a long time. One of your best Charlotte. Love & Light, Joseph

The Poet (Poetry) - 10/25/2005 3:43:31 AM
You are the poet who is brave. Your writing is inspirational. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

The Poet (Poetry) - 10/25/2005 3:14:11 AM
Yes, Yes you are the Poet, from heart, mind to hand, reguardless of what else your dreams believe you are or could be. And I might extremely talented one too! Grand write Charlotte! Lisa

The Poet (Poetry) - 10/25/2005 3:10:46 AM
Charlotte, The cornerstone of this Poet has a solid foundation to build a bright future on. Very beautiful and emotional writing.

Be (Poetry) - 9/20/2005 5:16:10 AM
Charlotte, For most,as we grow older our minds mature faster than our bodies. Some are caught in limbo. Their minds never mature. Very well written.

Be (Poetry) - 9/20/2005 4:06:32 AM
Panful and dificult topic to write about. Especially when someone seems to love themselve so much that they can't come to terms that anyone else couldn't love them as well... Well writen. In a dramatic and unique style. Keep up the great work. Hang in there...

Be (Poetry) - 9/19/2005 4:58:48 PM
We run into this at one time or another, there's always someone who wouldn't take "no" for an answer and insist that you should love him. Good write. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 9/5/2005 3:44:38 AM
Wow is one word to describe this poem. Very moody and Gothic in nature... Perhaps even a little cryptic in its' message...

The Virgins (Poetry) - 9/5/2005 3:43:00 AM
"Knowing someone is good. Knowing yourslef is wise. Knowing God is blessed." I agree with Sandie. You are an individual and precious in all that you are. Stay true to yourself and you become all the more unique and special... Beautiful poem. Thank you for being brave enough to share this...

The Virgins (Poetry) - 8/16/2005 4:05:42 PM
Wonderful write, Charlotte. Yes, stay true to yourself and be precious. You won't regret it. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Like No-one's Watching (Poetry) - 8/1/2005 7:44:41 AM
Wonderful lesson and so very very true.

Like No-one's Watching (Poetry) - 7/30/2005 6:22:19 PM
Be careful what you wish might just get it ! Its definitely best not to worry about what others think of you Charlotte ! Peter

Like No-one's Watching (Poetry) - 7/30/2005 6:04:52 PM
Absolutely Fabulous! True and the final lines reached all the more. You've accomplished the authors mission to touch the the reader. Excellent!'' Rich Criso Suarez

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 7/18/2005 4:15:10 PM
Haunting imagery, chilling verse--excellently conveyed! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :(

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 7/18/2005 11:59:15 AM
Charli, You float untethered in this forlornity. Your detached regret is heartwrenching. Very emotive and understated. Peace, B

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 7/18/2005 9:58:47 AM
i can relate to this very well, excellent poem

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 7/17/2005 8:18:25 PM
the real tragedy is when we keep our love to ourselves ...

My Tragedy (Poetry) - 7/17/2005 7:54:04 PM
So very deep and dark, this touches the soul, excellent poem. Reindeer

Open Daisies (Poetry) - 7/5/2005 6:01:39 PM
A nice little read! :) Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Shine (Poetry) - 6/25/2005 2:03:46 PM
A nice little romantic write, so sweet indeed! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Shutting Up (Poetry) - 6/15/2005 2:49:35 AM
Sad write....peace be with n luck....BHWUAN!!!

Shutting Up (Poetry) - 6/13/2005 8:30:31 PM
Oh this is sad. I would die for my son. If I had/have a daughter anyone being harsh had best watch out. What a sad dilema. But don't look for a father figure in male friends. Just have young fun fun fun...

Shutting Up (Poetry) - 6/13/2005 6:14:02 PM
Charli, Very poignant and heartbreaking. Being a father, I try so hard to me a part without overwhelming them. Thank you for sharing on this painful subject. Peace in all things, B

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 5/25/2005 7:16:16 PM
This would make a great song

Denim Blue (Poetry) - 5/25/2005 7:14:04 PM
Blond girls in blue jeans, my favorite San Francisco treat. Good poem Charlotte

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/17/2005 6:54:27 AM
Good write! Great flow and imagery. :) -Carrie

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/15/2005 9:28:44 AM
Lovely write!

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/15/2005 7:48:42 AM
excellent poem ... enjoyed reading ...

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/15/2005 4:29:51 AM
I've been blinded before by these billboard. An excellent write. Peace

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/14/2005 7:08:07 PM
Nicely it.

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/14/2005 4:27:18 PM
Good stuff Charli! It is the plea of all lovers. B

Love Me More (Poetry) - 5/14/2005 4:08:26 PM
Wonderful write with great rhythm! Sandie Angel a.k.a. Sandie May Angel :o)

One (Poetry) - 4/5/2005 6:30:59 AM
Good poem..very sweet and romantic. Its a struggle sometimes to part with someone who makes you feel good to be with the person you know you love. :) -Carrie

Know me (Poetry) - 3/26/2005 9:23:26 AM
yeah dare one to see the real maybe they'd understand life...............really excellent piece

Know me (Poetry) - 3/24/2005 3:45:12 AM
Great pen of the need to be mentally explored

Know me (Poetry) - 3/22/2005 10:56:48 PM
impressive self-reflection ...

Empty Eyes (Poetry) - 3/22/2005 2:41:36 PM
Charli, This may be your best work... You have a gift. B

Us and Me (Poetry) - 3/22/2005 2:37:13 PM
Charli, I was led here by "Know Me". I am enthralled. You have great vision. Parallel subject vision. I think in duality quite often and it usually plays out in my work. I'd like to know about your "process". B

Know me (Poetry) - 3/22/2005 2:35:00 PM
Charli, Through every line of my poetry I am crying this to the masses. Know me! It's what we do and hope that there are those bold enough to take a step forward and live (for a moment) behind our eyes. Great stuff!!! B

Us and Me (Poetry) - 3/15/2005 4:47:59 AM
This is intense, and I can relate so well. We have to be able to exist, and not lose ourselves in the attempt to fit in to some "Us." Well done. John

Happy Mother's Day (Poetry) - 3/10/2005 6:24:02 AM
Wonderful tribute to a Mother who sounds like a true supporter

Happy Mother's Day (Poetry) - 3/9/2005 7:09:17 AM
Wonderful are very creative....keep it n luck...BHUWAN!!!!

Happy Mother's Day (Poetry) - 3/8/2005 4:35:15 PM
Mom- hee, you americans crack me up... Tis mum! MUM! Or Mam if you're really going to overdo the Welsh thing.

Happy Mother's Day (Poetry) - 3/8/2005 1:42:23 AM
Outstanding!!! lovely tribute to mom*

Reaching (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:36:20 AM
Charlotte. This is another of your "masterpieces" on love. I can so relate to what you write about. I think you mean "I'm more in love than I want to be" in the last verse. Hey. I make typos all the time particularly when I get passionate. I appreciate it when people tell me about them. I love your style. I love short and powerful poems. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:32:42 AM
Nicely done, Charlotte. I know I can easily get lost in someone's eyes but it's because of the feeling behind it all as you elicit so truthfully in your verses. Thank you. Love and peace. Regis

Her (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:30:59 AM
Well. I don't know. Really I don't. I don't think we get away with anything. But I like the honesty of the sharing in this. Thank you, Charlotte. Love and peace to you. Regis

Home (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:28:08 AM
I can totally relate to the message in your verses, Charlotte; even though, I suppose I am not considered a member of the "youth" club anymore. I sure feel just the same and as young as ever when I read you. Thank you. Love and peace. Regis

Running Dry (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:25:53 AM
Wow. Such honesty would make any man's heart melt, Charlotte. These verses of yours sure stirred my soul with your sincerity. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 12:24:27 AM
This is so powerfully symbolic and deeply meaningful, Charlotte. Great poem. I so enjoyed getting into it. Love and peace to you. Regis

Her daddy (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 5:57:24 PM
This is a topic that needs to be addressed much more often that it is - as writers, we can do something about that. Thank you for bringing such an important topic to light. Tami

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 5:53:16 PM
Nice flow in this one. Very nice work, Charley!

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 3:58:03 PM
Well I got the point of this one. My little bird is perfectly content within his home. I have had him now for eight years. He is a intelligent bird. And I suppose he knows that he is loved because of the songs he sings.

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 9:18:20 AM
I never really understood the need for captivity

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 9:11:26 AM
Intriguing point of view. Well done!

A Caged Bird (Poetry) - 2/14/2005 7:33:10 AM
This poem makes a lot of sense,provokes thought and is beautifully written! etw

Home (Poetry) - 2/12/2005 3:58:15 PM
I think the last verse justifies what Phillip wrote and I agree.

Home (Poetry) - 2/12/2005 9:00:18 AM
Peened well with solid truth

Home (Poetry) - 2/12/2005 6:43:31 AM
beautiful poem... that first kiss makes everywhere home...

Her (Poetry) - 2/11/2005 11:06:59 PM
it is hard not to comment on the a poem the flow is tight!!! and on the subject coming from a woman whos been on both ends there are no winners in this.... enjoyed!!!

Her (Poetry) - 2/10/2005 11:11:29 AM
With all due respect, this poem is potentially fictional, and all I ask is your criticism of this as a poem, not as a topic, or as a reflection on me. Charley

Her (Poetry) - 2/10/2005 10:25:09 AM
oh yes he will...eventually. players always do...and if he will cheat on one woman he will cheat on another. i didn't use to be so judgemental...must be getting older haha

Her (Poetry) - 2/10/2005 7:24:53 AM
Oh the woman knows far sooner than most men or the other woman realizes. Sometimes though it takes awhile for the other woman to realize something too. That he has not stopped having sex with the other one.

Her (Poetry) - 2/10/2005 4:25:16 AM
Perhaps she knows that already, and you are the one who's going to be getting hurt at the end. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/8/2005 8:06:55 PM
Beautiful flow, creative vivid images. Hugely romantic !!

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/8/2005 5:03:08 PM
nice......... creative touch!

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/5/2005 7:00:07 PM
I like the flow in this one too.

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/5/2005 11:39:27 AM
charlotte, good images-nice love poem thanks, d.

Nocturnal (Poetry) - 2/5/2005 9:27:35 AM
Very nice poem. I thought it flowed beautifully. Wonderful!

Reaching (Poetry) - 2/3/2005 3:41:18 PM
it is hard when you have someone and feel for another see them in the next lifetime or let go of the one your with enjoyed the words!!!

Reaching (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 2:27:32 PM
I say---go for it.

Reaching (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 2:18:11 PM
I agree with Dave and your last paragraph sums it up.

Reaching (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 1:51:07 PM
Why does love have to be so hard...

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 12:40:47 PM
lol yes........thats it!!! hit the nail on the head bravo!

Reaching (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 12:33:16 PM
The inner struggles of the heart...

Reaching (Poetry) - 1/31/2005 12:20:16 PM
boy this displays all the confusion that being in love can bring...

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/15/2005 5:17:35 PM
and that's all folks!!!! nice way of putting it enjoyed!!!

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/11/2005 6:16:36 PM
love can be freaky ... love can be sneaky ... love is to adore life completely ...

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/11/2005 6:15:26 PM
Loves only a freak show if you don't take time to read the signs and enter the theatre of misery.

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/11/2005 6:57:38 AM
It is always hard to say to someone hey I like you but I do not love you?

Freak Show (Poetry) - 1/11/2005 4:24:37 AM
Charlotte, Very good write. Sometimes love is just not meant to be.

Mr me (Poetry) - 12/24/2004 5:15:35 AM
You have the gift. Explore your talents, get brave. I look forward to reading a lot more by you.

Momently Whole (Poetry) - 12/17/2004 2:54:38 AM
This is amazing to say the least. I don't know how else to describe this without writing a 'book' about it. I love it. Thank You Have a wonderful day everyday Tracey

Momently Whole (Poetry) - 12/10/2004 11:37:37 PM
Charlotte, you've managed to capture in words something many of us experience and struggle to communicate in such an effective way. Kudos!

Momently Whole (Poetry) - 12/10/2004 5:30:32 PM
A great pen from the view of all those who cherish that special someone from anonymity's defences

The Lost Prayer (Poetry) - 11/12/2004 2:42:45 PM
Another good one...very emotional and well-worded. I like the way you write! :-) April

Blossom (Poetry) - 11/12/2004 2:40:12 PM
Boy, this really struck a chord in me! So poignant and sad and TRUE! Great write. :-) April

The eleventh day... (Poetry) - 11/12/2004 4:19:55 AM
Your feelings are well-expressed. Sandie May Angel :o)

The eleventh day... (Poetry) - 11/12/2004 1:32:16 AM
A great write here God Bless Michelle~

Her daddy (Poetry) - 10/16/2004 5:39:08 PM
There are alot of people who can relate to this piece. One of the reasons why people shy away from God the Father is because of a poor relationship with their own fathers. This is a heart wrenching write. Michelle

Her daddy (Poetry) - 10/15/2004 8:18:54 AM
powerful write.

Her daddy (Poetry) - 10/14/2004 8:03:14 PM
excellent write

Her daddy (Poetry) - 10/14/2004 9:54:19 AM
Good write...Sad and true for so many children...That daddy needs a strong dose of his own medicine. EDL

Her daddy (Poetry) - 10/14/2004 9:12:36 AM
tragic and well written

Sleeping Eyes (Poetry) - 8/30/2004 4:56:56 PM
You always inspire me to write better, Charlotte. Good one.

Sleeping Eyes (Poetry) - 8/28/2004 6:20:43 PM
nice one ... i like it ...

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 8/24/2004 10:14:19 AM
Well writen, true emotions

Sleeping Eyes (Poetry) - 8/24/2004 10:09:46 AM
Well done, very sensitive

Sleeping Eyes (Poetry) - 8/24/2004 10:05:19 AM

Am Byth (Poetry) - 8/23/2004 7:35:25 PM
lovely sentiments beautifully expressed ...

Never, Forever and Always (Poetry) - 7/16/2004 5:18:15 PM

Spellbound (Poetry) - 6/29/2004 12:31:23 AM
Nicely expressed perspective; daybreak moments on a frigid winter morning bring back a rush of memories. Enjoyed the way your words come full circle. Excellent write!

Never, Forever and Always (Poetry) - 3/9/2004 7:44:22 PM
One day you'll write a good, .. no great, famous book and I'll go, 'I sort of knew her!' ;)

Never, Forever and Always (Poetry) - 3/6/2004 6:26:07 AM
Beautiful expressions in these verses.

Never, Forever and Always (Poetry) - 3/6/2004 1:28:27 AM
Very beautifully expressed and constructed. I felt your angst and your celebration of pain and which will evolve within you and make you a better person! Enjoy life while you can Now and forever cheers Alain

Ready (Poetry) - 2/29/2004 11:41:08 AM
LOL, James. Good poem, Charley

Ready (Poetry) - 2/29/2004 11:15:00 AM
nono- I mean ready to grow up! Thanks anyway James ! Charley xx

Ready (Poetry) - 2/29/2004 11:00:32 AM
OK, the protective father in me is standing here, arms folded, asking 'ready for what?' lol.. nice to see you again, Charley

Losing Petals (Poetry) - 2/19/2004 1:34:27 PM
Beautiful....beautiful. I love the rhythm and flow and the ~Kerry

Losing Petals (Poetry) - 2/19/2004 12:33:32 PM
Charlotte this is gorgeous writing...I love the deep meaning in this poetry...Brava....well done...I have not read you before but I will surely be reading more...floria

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/16/2004 9:21:35 PM
Interesting, but foreboding, next time you might want to see if alliteration will work better in these tight conjunctions you have written here. But Blossom will do in these trying times where frugality doesn't interfere with creativity. Well less is said with more words Cheers Alain

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/15/2004 1:23:43 PM
Simple, honest, from the heart ... beautiful! One of your best! ~Joseph

Dim ond Ysgerbwd (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 12:44:19 PM
Very creative, and a great poem. Michael

godless (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 12:41:22 PM
Excellence in poetry. Very nice. Michael

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 12:36:37 PM
Fantastic poem. Bravo! Michael

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 12:05:07 PM
Lovely, beautiful imageries, loved this, Reindeer

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 11:17:34 AM
beautiful Rhyme and flow a beauty.

The Lost Prayer (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 10:35:18 AM
This is beautiful. A powerful prayer, and very well written.

godless (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 10:32:28 AM
Wow, this is very poignant....truly tender and heartfelt.

Blossom (Poetry) - 2/14/2004 10:30:24 AM
Wonderful descriptions...I enjoyed.

godless (Poetry) - 2/3/2004 6:51:47 AM
This is an extremely revolutionary perspective that you took on as the narrator of this poem. Extraordinary, Charlotte. Like a nighttime day-dream, it runs very fluidly. That last stanza is marvellous. THIS is your poetry.. beautiful. In Prayer, Brittany

godless (Poetry) - 2/3/2004 2:08:15 AM
'For to touch an angel's fingers, and to feel an angel's light, is too much for the godless heart and for the godless sight' Beautifully sad, Charlotte...

godless (Poetry) - 2/2/2004 3:17:44 PM
Oh wow, now this is powerful!

Dim ond Ysgerbwd (Poetry) - 2/1/2004 6:04:47 AM
Charlotte; All right, if nobody else will I'll ask the question. What language did you use for your open stanzas? My first guess would be Elfin as described by Tolkien. Or are these verses from the ancient Edda? Could it possibly be a tongue you have created yourself? Last question: would I be correct in interpreting the title as "Just a Skeleton?" Dan S.

Destructive (Poetry) - 1/28/2004 3:18:22 PM
I hate saying this because I adore you as a poet (you're brilliant at poetry) but this isn't your best. But it is good to read you once!!

Dim ond Ysgerbwd (Poetry) - 1/28/2004 1:58:59 PM
Oh Charlotte....this is exquisite....perfect. Kerry

Destructive (Poetry) - 1/28/2004 12:29:01 PM
this needs a little smoothing out...get the sound of it correct, also needs something unique...

Dim ond Ysgerbwd (Poetry) - 11/30/2003 6:32:44 PM
are you only sixteen this is an excellent poem

Dim ond Ysgerbwd (Poetry) - 11/30/2003 3:13:00 AM
Truly beautiful, Charlotte. Well done. Blessings, Libby

When (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 2:12:41 PM
sad but true heartbreak-

Beautiful Hands (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 2:11:14 PM
It reminds me of me and my boyfriend- how he cheated. Good job

The Lost Prayer (Poetry) - 11/1/2003 10:50:48 AM
Exceptional poem.

The Lost Prayer (Poetry) - 10/31/2003 6:29:52 PM
This is a very deep and emotional piece...well spoken and an in earnest prayer. Speaking from my own experience, When I thought that I was the most alone and scared...HE was not absent from my trial, but there. Take care.... Allen

The Lost Prayer (Poetry) - 10/31/2003 5:21:33 PM
Beautiful prayer; and so wonderfully expressed.

Beautiful Hands (Poetry) - 10/18/2003 4:28:52 PM
That rhyme is so unique! Wonderful!

Beautiful Hands (Poetry) - 10/13/2003 6:50:25 PM
Nice to see you back, Charley.

Beautiful Hands (Poetry) - 10/13/2003 3:52:12 PM
Oh this one is powerful. ouch yes.

Beautiful Hands (Poetry) - 10/13/2003 2:44:34 PM
ouch! I'm sure whomever this was produced for will have no problem figuring out the message. Good rant! Lisa

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 10/7/2003 11:10:56 AM
I love this write of urs....Brilliant!!!

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 10/6/2003 6:05:17 AM

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 10/5/2003 12:44:02 PM
Excellent job!

Her Eyes (Poetry) - 10/5/2003 12:17:47 PM
Wow! THis one is good! I like the rhyming and the message! Great job! - J -

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 8:09:23 AM
An innocent cute.

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 4:19:09 AM
sweet sweet write!!!

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/7/2003 2:57:35 PM
Awww a very sweet write! Glenna

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/7/2003 2:39:51 PM
Ahhhh, this is just perfectly sweet. ~Kerry

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/7/2003 1:40:07 PM
This is just sprinkled with sweetness. Wonderful job, Charley. -James

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/7/2003 12:38:05 PM
This is just soooo sweet. I enjoyed the romance in this one. Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Forever Tonight (Poetry) - 9/7/2003 11:57:51 AM
I love the realism of this one the emotions.

Little things (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 12:28:38 PM
Wonderful and excellant Charlotte! Even the simpliest and smallest of things have a meaning a purpose! ~Nikki~

Little things (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 9:21:47 AM
Excellent poem "World Peace is NOT going to happen, but there are people who want it- people who won't stop fighting for it- people who show the rest of us what purpose really means- and that's something special. " PJ

Little things (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 8:10:09 AM
This was wonderful, I loved what you had to say here, Reindeer

Little things (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 7:36:45 AM
Sometimes it's in the trying, and not the doing that counts. Keep trying. -James

Black Kiss (revised) (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 7:05:42 AM
What Fate awaits all? lgl

Little things (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 6:23:06 AM
This is something special. Thank you! John

Black Kiss (revised) (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 8:28:21 PM
WOW, I must agree with the two who have reviewed before me Charlotte! This is some excellant raw and powerful expression here and those last lines a most befitting end! KUDOS HERE! ~Nikki~

Purpose (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 4:05:52 PM
That was ingenious.

Purpose (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 3:50:06 PM
The last stanza says it all. Superb writing! ~Joseph

Black Kiss (revised) (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 3:47:34 PM
Powerful write ... Bravo! ~Joseph

Black Kiss (revised) (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 2:54:21 PM
This one cuts deep. The last two lines are killers. -James

Purpose (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 2:47:09 PM
Such maturity and depth in this write,really liked the end...are you SURE you are only 16??? LOL ~Kerry

Purpose (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 2:25:41 PM
Well done, Charley. Good to see you again. -James

Who (Poetry) - 8/14/2003 6:48:30 PM
From one contradiction to another... Bravo! -Gramps

Who (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 3:56:52 PM
Well done work.

Who (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 1:20:19 PM
I think I'm the answer. I'm sure many readers of this poem will agree that they are the answer as to 'who' because many of us feel this way. Your writing has totally changed... and for the better. Brilliant writing. -br-

Your Glorious God (Poetry) - 6/26/2003 2:47:29 PM
I liked your poem, Charlotte. I like the way you think for yourself in spite of the peer pressure to grab a Bible. I have a slightly different take, but that's me. Write on! Leland

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 6/4/2003 1:28:58 PM
Very interesting, Luved it.

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/14/2003 4:06:23 AM
This is an amazin poem one of the best I have ever read, but alas I'm a blonde Bimbo so I do not fully understand the poem unlike some brunette wannabe's. But the poem is exellent. Well done! Charley

Charley (Poetry) - 5/12/2003 5:01:14 PM
ur so gud at this

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/12/2003 3:11:54 PM
This is really gd luv :) I like the line "Touch a star and scorch your skin, for beauty hurts much less within" - I think its really pretty

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/12/2003 5:26:01 AM
ummmm...... Scary But Good

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/10/2003 1:37:11 PM
this is amazing

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 7:00:40 PM

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 5:50:15 PM
i was hypnotized

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 3:55:06 PM
Lovely rhythm and rhyme. Bravo.

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 3:14:20 PM
Charlotte this is PERFECTION...what a super duper temperal roller coaster ride!!!! WOW!!!! ~Nikki~

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 7:50:25 AM
Charley, Excellent job with the meter and rhyme in this piece! ~Joseph

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 4:07:12 AM
Beautiful imagery and feeling! Sandie Angel :o) a.k.a. May Lu $*_*$

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 4:07:08 AM
Charley, This makes it official... you are a poet. This is strong on every level, including one of the most important, the title. -Absolutely LOVE the title. -James

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 3:29:47 AM
Charlotte, wonderful poem. Life can surely become a rush.

Death By Adrenaline (Poetry) - 5/9/2003 3:12:28 AM
Charlotte. "Touch a star and scorch your skin, for beauty hurts much less within. Touch an angel, catch a dream, and watch your life drift off downstream." this I have lived this is beautiful Love the imagery nice one to take along to work... Peggy

Charley (Poetry) - 5/1/2003 1:02:48 PM
Nice rhyme and meter and well expressed thoughts. I'm human ... so I do get sad and I do feel pain and that makes me real, and that's okay. ~Joseph

Charley (Poetry) - 4/29/2003 12:42:24 PM
this is wicked! good one tracle :-) jammy xxx

Charley (Poetry) - 4/29/2003 8:29:33 AM
all from 1 line? Strnage but yet amazing

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 7:42:16 PM
EXCELLANT WRITE...says it all!!!! ~Nikki~

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 5:32:44 PM
This is stunning work peggy

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 5:22:18 PM
You're Charley, and you are a goooooooood poet. Bravo.

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 5:00:25 PM
Wow! I love the rhyme in this. It honestly flows off the page and off your tongue! Brilliant. I like the humbleness yet confidence in this poem of yourself. I especially adore the last stanza. I may be wrong, but I think a lot of girls our age feel like that, well, at least I know I do! I don't show myself clearly to many... if any, people. Brilliant write. Look forward to many more... if they can top this! Warm Love *-Brittany-*

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 3:35:44 PM
You're Charley, and I'm glad you are. As a poem, this had great meter, Charley. Well done. As far as you go... you are a light in this Den; we are lucky to have you. -James

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 2:52:19 PM
Awesome write! Sandie Angel :o) a.k.a. May Lu $*_*$

Charley (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 2:34:01 PM
Wow! This is unbelievable charl, I don't know if everyone else will think the same thing, but this poem really does say everything. This is undoubtedly the best you've ever written, there's no topping this.

The Words (Poetry) - 4/20/2003 3:01:50 PM

Like a Child. (Poetry) - 4/20/2003 2:58:09 PM
Frankly. Scary

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