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Recent Reviews for David Snowdon

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 3/8/2015 7:17:25 AM
Best Crime Investigation story : Who would be murdered next..??? This would be the question comes in your mind when you start reading the book until the end. This is an excellent detective book and I am sure readers interested in reading crime and detective novels would not miss it. The main character is Tom Swanson, who is a private detective. He got to know that his cousin was murdered by someone in a different city where he came for work. Tom traveled all the way from Miami to New York to find out who was the murderer. The sequences that follows after his investigation and attempt to nab the culprits, was written in the more enjoyable manner. We can feel a kind of suspense when we turn each page. The narration during the fighting sequences involving Tom and the enemies are portrayed in a more realistic manner and will surely gets the applause of readers. Author David Snowdon had done an excellent job in maintaining the suspense until the end. The book has several twists and turns and one would not imagine, even in the slightest possible manner, on the climax. This book is yet another feather on David Snowdon’s cap. I recommend this book for all crime and thriller lovers....

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 3/4/2015 5:10:18 AM
Murder Mystery at its Best! Two Times a Sucker gives readers a good murder mystery written in a crisp style as the story develops with a host of characters. Private Investigator Tom Swanson travels from his home base in Miami to New York City where his first cousin, Mason Dunkley has been killed. The characters are developed through the unique use of dialogue and observations by Swanson. Swanson keeps looking for the killer and takes a trip to North Carolina and then London. Along the way he discovers some surprising information about his cousin. The sad truth of any murder, including this fictional one is that finding the killer does not bring a loved one back and the author did not lose sight of that fact as he told this story. The reality of the story and how murder changes the lives of family left behind makes Two Times a Sucker worth reading.

Coin For A Killer (Book) - 2/22/2015 9:35:02 PM
Story that enthralls action lovers: “Coin for a Killer” by David Snowdon is one of my all time favourites; it is an excellent book with all features that requires for a thriller. The main character of the book, Anton Okienka is regarded as a war criminal and a Serbian spy, who escapes from US prison. The whole world is after him to nab him live but he keeps elusive to the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The battle between Okienka and members who want him to be caught is excellently written and make one glued to the book, until it gets finished. The book is full of action and suspense. The story line travels far and wide, covering different geographies of the globe. The climax is real unexpected turn of events, which will certainly get the appreciation for the author. The rush between different police forces of various countries creates a sense of thrill, and also characters like Fred Carmichael, Jackson Jones, Colin Shooter and their actions and dialogues brings in humor. In short, Coin for a Killer is fully entertaining.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 2/19/2015 4:35:48 AM
Diamonds for a Dollar, is a good suspense thriller of a senior citizen Brendan O’Brannigan. He gets released from the jail after 39 long years and he starts travelling to all his familiar cities in US. Author David Snowdon had done an excellent job in holding the untold story of his imprisonment till the climax, the pace of the story keeps us guessing what would happen next...the narration of the story gives a sensation like watching it live, author had managed to bring the characters live before our eyes. The end chapter is excellent work. A chapter about the Vietnam War is such a heart thumping one, presenting the War veterans life and their sacrifices. To conclude, Diamonds for a Dollar is a suspense drive and heart touching.

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 1/11/2015 10:36:26 AM
Snowdon does not disappoint David Snowdon is the man if you are interested in crime fiction or action. His `Coin for a Killer' and `Diamonds for a Dollar' were books that I enjoyed immensely so when I got `Two Times a Sucker', I was sure I was in for a treat. The most striking thing about Snowdon's story-telling is his ease of spilling the story to your mind. He will introduce the characters in such a way that they make the most of your attention. Tom Swanson's character is impulsive, strong-willed, no-nonsense and Snowdon has done a great job developing it and letting it grow on the reader's mind. the story moves from Miami to New York, North Carolina and London and the transition of the story through this travel makes it a joy-ride to read. I was so hooked to the story that I kept on reading it through the day and it kept on growing on me. The action and the mystery have a perfect mix in this book and as you turn pages you slowly get deeper and deeper into the plot. The language is easy yet crisp, the southern accent mentions actually make you imagine the lines that way, and Swanson keeps things coming, surprising you constantly with his perseverance and impulsiveness in finding his cousin's killer. No spoilers here but the way the story progresses, the impression that this might just be another murder mystery gets replaced by sheer interest and amazement. Mason's flashback is interesting as you don't see it coming for a while and it is suddenly there. Mason's impression as a character also surprises you after you get to know him better as a character. If you buy this book, turning pages is what you will do until it is over. Loved it!

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 12/3/2014 1:15:06 PM
I am always excited when I receive a new book to read. I like the idea of getting lost in the words of others. It takes me away from the reality of real life. So when I received this book Two Times A Sucker I knew I was in for a treat. I like to know a little about a book before I divulge but on this occasion I decided to go in blind. All I was given was that it was a thriller. Two Times A Sucker is the story of an african american detective who in my opinion goes on the hunt to avenge his cousins death. An average story one would presume but as you engross yourself deeper and deeper into the story you realise that not all is as it seems to be. The best kind! Tom Swanson is a cool, handsome guy from Miami who is about to embark on a journey to New York to find out the truth about his cousin Mason Dunkley. What Tom is in for, is a journey of secrets, lies and a huge awakening about who his cousin really was. I really enjoyed this book. The writing was powerful and slick. I loved the characters and he portrays Tom very well. I like to imagine what someone looks like in my own mind with the help of the author and he does not disappoint. I read this book in a week and as a busy working girl that is impressive! It kept me on the edge of my toes constantly, wanting to lose myself the minute I finished work. This book promises action, secrets, travel and mystery. All in all great ingredients for an amazing read.

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 11/10/2014 12:02:16 PM
Best Thriller One of the best crime detective thriller - Two times a Sucker - is sure to captivate the minds of the readers. The book has many twists and turns, that makes the reader guessing who would be the murderer. The story line was excellent, and the narration was clean, without creating any confusion on the characters, though the author had frequently introduced many new characters. Even though the story moves in a fast pace, the author never let the suspense down. David Snowdon, had given all characters vital importance. Tom Swanson, who is the central character of the story, is depicted as a strong willed person. He is a private detective determined to book the killers of his Cousin, so he travels all the way from Miami to New York to find a clue. His never-turn-back attitude was clearly visible, though the author didn't make any special description on his character, it was evident from different situations he encountered with. The action sequences are worth reading again and again. In one occasion Tom was almost hit by the culprits and miraculously escapes. When we read we could feel as if it happens before our eyes. There was not a single dull moment throughout the story. This book will certainly remain in my personal library for many years.

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 11/2/2014 9:54:12 AM
Fast-Paced Suspense Thriller "Two times a sucker" by David Snowdon is a fast paced thriller which certainly makes everyone to enjoy till the last page. It was a about a crime detective, Tom Swanson, who takes all challenges to book the culprits involved in the cold blooded murder of his cousin Mason Dunkley. There was no clue of who killed him and for what purpose. David had managed to introduce different characters with ease, There are many surprise elements that takes the readers to different zone. Though the story revolves around the murder of Mason Dunkley, you will not find any flashback of Mason Dunkley and no conversation of his was found throughout the book, which I feel is the best part. Until the last page, the suspense was kept by author, not letting the reader to guess, who the killer was. As we read through the last chapter we could see the story itself unraveling the mystery behind the killing. The action sequences were beautifully written and make one feel like watching a James Bond movie. I recommend this book for all crime thriller lovers.

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 10/27/2014 7:59:55 AM
I have been fortunate enough to have read David Snowdon before, so when I got my hands on Two Times a Sucker I had very high expectations. And I wasn't disappointed. This book follows PI Tom Swanson through his investigation into his cousin's death. David does a great job of building suspense in this book through his tight dialogue and 3D characters. The pace of the storytelling is fast, but so is the action. His ability to draw you into the story allows you to put yourself directly in the action rather than being a passive onlooker. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am eagerly anticipating his next release. This is another great hit for David Snowdon. I highly recommend it.

Two Times A Sucker (Book) - 10/24/2014 2:48:52 PM
"Two Times a Sucker" is a fast-paced thriller set in steamy Miami and gritty New York. African American Private Investigator Tom Swanson heads to the Big Apple after his cousin is murdered. He uses his sleuthing skills to get the to bottom of things. He ultimately finds out his cousin may not have been what he seemed. David Snowdon has managed to write a page turning thriller. He captures the Miami Vice-Esque sheen of Miami, as well as the grittiness on New York. Good read.

Coin For A Killer (Book) - 1/17/2014 3:06:55 PM
Edge of your seat Thriller Nothing quite grips the reader like a well-crafted thriller that produces characters so palpable that they prompt the locking of the door while reading the story! Such is the case for the novels by David Snowden, a fascinating author who started writing in 1983 and has written 12 thrillers and many short stories over the years. His first published work, Too Young To Die was published in August 2006 and his second novel, The Mind of a Genius was published in November 2007. The Mind of a Genius won an award for the best Mystery and Adventure novel in 2008. A Crime To Be Rich was published in May 2010 and became an instant bestseller. Sucker To Be Alive was released in April 2011, and this novel Coin For A Killer was published in May of 2012. Hopefully he is penning another. Snowden opens his tale with the escape from death row of a US high security prison of the infamous war criminal and Serbian spy Anton Okienka, a man who despite a resume with every possible atrocity known to humans maintains a cool yet disturbed demeanor matched by his impeccable appearance. Escaping from death row sets off an international chain reaction. Desperate to gain control of Okienka, the US sends CIA agents Jackson Jones (a brilliant characterization!) and Fred Carmichael to London, following a lead of his whereabouts, while the British MI4 assigns agents Colin Shooter and Clay (a grafted on entertaining pairing of minds and personalities) attempt to capture the lurid Okienka on their own. And as if the trail weren't full enough add in the Australian and Dutch forces to the fold. In addition to the characters mentions there are strategically placed figures (such as beautifully sculpted character named Johnny McCloud) who pepper the plot with humor of both the dark and intellectual form. The story zips us through various locales - London, Chicago, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, the Netherlands and Tenerife - and it's espionage through and through! But the ever-evasive Okienka proves to be more than a match for the international squadron of surefooted undercover detectives, and the resolution of the tale is withheld until the final pages. For those mesmerized by this genre, David Snowden will satisfy. Grady Harp, January 14

Coin For A Killer (Book) - 1/16/2014 5:01:24 AM
I'm still a little bleary-eyed, because I stayed up till in the morning reading this! I just couldn't put it down. This is one of those books which grabs you by the entrails in the first 20 or 30 pages and refuses to let go until the final paragraph. I loved it! This is an action-packed thriller with so many great characters, but the central figure of Onkienka is an "evil James Bond" Serbian killer. He is a cool but very disturbed figure, but I couldn't help myself rooting for him. Then there a number of red-blooded characters who are after Onkienka. I loved Jackson Jones, who reminded me of an African American Jack Reacher, intelligent and teak-hard, and also the suave upper-class Brit, Clay, in his stylish beige suit and red shirt. Then there is the deliciously dissolute artist Johnny McCloud, a truly wonderful fictional creation. With so much testosterone on the hoof in this story, small wonder that Snowdon manages to create one dramatic, unforgettable scene after another. It's a real page-turner and packed with entertainment. The story just hauls you forward, through London, Chicago, Holland and Hong Kong. This is a perfect thriller if you like great cahracters and plenty of action.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 12/19/2013 1:34:59 PM
A great niche book! Some authors have the ability to reach their specific audience perfectly and this is an example of that. Diamonds for a Dollar clearly is written for a specific group and it does so with a lot of action, thrilling excitement and surprises until the very end. Don't miss this new addition from David Snowden!

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 11/12/2013 6:57:49 PM
A tale of vengeance At 73, a cool headed war veteran Brendan O’ Brannigan is released after spending 39 years of his life in prison. He makes a pact with himself to lead a beautiful life, no matter what comes up his way and he surely has a grand chance at it. But before he embark on it, he has to deal with some unfinished business. He finishes it all right. But does he get lucky this time? Well, that up to you to find out. This book definitely provides you with a nerve-fraying experience and keeps you on the seat’s edge till the very last page. And you are guaranteed to complete it in one sitting. The protagonist puts every last possibility presented to him to lead the life he had dreamt in prison. And with every year behind the bars, his urge to live had only deepened. Read the book and you will learn that it is only the story of a man of vengeance treading the face of earth but also a man yearning to live life to the fullest he possibly can, a life that was snatched from him. Check this book out and you will know.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 11/6/2013 7:00:25 AM
David Snowden’s Diamonds for a Dollar is a thrilling read about 73 year old Vietnam war veteran Brendan O’Brannigan and his quest to seek revenge on those who let him go to prison for 39 years for a crime he did not commit. The story gives you glimpses into Brendan’s past and keeps you turning the pages as he finds those who have done him wrong and extracts his revenge on them. You also get to see the human side of Brendan as he is faced with the realities of life outside of prison and trying to rebuild some past relationships. As with David Snowden’s previous books, this one is a real page turner full of excitement and drama. The descriptive words give you a great sense of what Brendan is seeing and feeling as the tale is told through his point of view. A thrilling read!

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 10/20/2013 11:54:17 AM
This is not my first time reading a book by David Snowden, so I wasn’t surprised that I was instantly transfixed once I started reading Diamonds for Dollars. The story follows convict and veteran Brenden O’Brannigan as he seeks revenge against those who have wronged him. Wrongfully convicted, Brenden is now in his seventies and struggling to adjust to his new life as a free man. Brenden goes on a quest to get justice for himself. Which leads to a lot of suspenseful situations. Diamonds for Dollars is an action packed adventure. It left me wanting to know more about the main character. Brenden was ruthless in his pursuit of justice, yet he was still relatable and likable in many ways. I read this book so fast I almost felt like I missed something and found myself going back to the beginning to reread certain sections.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 9/13/2013 7:41:01 AM
David Snowdon was an author that was new to me, but is now one that I will be reading more of. Having now read Diamonds for a Dollar I am a fan! From the very beginning I was drawn in to the story and found I was unable to put it down. It is a rare treat for me to find a book that engages my mind in a way that makes me dwell on the story long after I put it down and drives me to distraction until I pick it up again. This was one of those stories for me. Normally I am not a big fan of thrillers, but the style of the writing and the plot pulled me in before I knew what was happening. I was intrigued by the main character, Brenden O’Brannigan, Vietnam War vet with a serious chip on his shoulder, and wanted to know what Snowdon would do with him next. I was impressed with the depth of the character and creativity of the writing, as well as the style in this work. It was unique in its own sense, a standalone work of art, not a knockoff clone of the run of the mill thrillers on the market today. Well done, Mr. Snowdon. A real treat for readers, whether those who enjoy thrillers or those like me who will be pleasantly surprised by this gem.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 9/8/2013 7:20:20 AM
Diamonds for a Dollar is a story based on a few weeks of the life of Brenden O’Brannigan’s. He spends his first few weeks after being released from prison after 39 years of hard labor, traveling around the United States, visiting his old buddies. The same buddies he served in Viet Nam with in the ‘60’s. His flashbacks to combat in Viet Nam, where he served in the swamps as a sniper bring realism to his character as he goes about the revenge that he has planned against those who betrayed him. He visits family and meets nice people that he quickly forms friendship with, as he enjoys each beautiful day of freedom. David Snowdon gave this thriller a main character that could be a very bad guy but still one easy to understand and relate to with a great twist at the end to explain all of O’Brannigan’s reasons for everything that he did in Diamonds for a Dollar. If you love thrillers, this one is excellent and if you are not a fan of thrillers it is still a beautiful story and worth reading to better understand betrayal, revenge and justice.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 8/13/2013 5:53:04 AM
An Old soldier life. The author David Snowdon expressed his writing with a classic touch and characterized about Brendan O’ Brannigan in a phenomenal sophistication. The story represent about the soldier who spent his life time in the jail for 39 years. After release, he meets his old friends & family with delightful memories. The character of the Comrade Burt Gibney who is very competent and the friend of Brendan lost his life in Vietnam 1967. The writer gives a little glimpse about the character Sydney O’ Callahan who was fishing at a site and the expression between Brendan and O’ Callahan on the spot was narrated genuinely. Meeting between Hank and Brendan in Boca Raton shows the expression of Hank’s eyes by the surprise visit of Brendan. The visit in Coconut Grove and the emotional meeting with his daughter Stacey brings the tears for the readers. Brendan almost spent his valuable life in the jail and meets her daughter where he broke's down ashamed for not being a proper dad. Harry Kontkowski & Brendan unification in Ohio where he reads the bible scripture with emotions. Well narrated story from David with rapid pace and emotions and can feel Heartily touch of Promising characters.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 8/11/2013 8:32:56 AM
POETIC JUSTICE AT ITS BEST David Snowdon’s Diamonds for A Dollar is a scintillating story of a Vietnam war-veteran’s crusade against his former mates in Army who let him down leading to his unfair incarcerated for 39 long years. Brendan o’ Brannigan returns from a traumatic life imprisonment only to find his friends turned foes who betrayed him for a few dollars leading a luxurious life. No wonder, Brendan bays for rightful revenge for what he calls as acrimonious arrest in dumb penitentiary. Written in first person narrative technique author David Snowdon carries his readers along with him till the fag end of the story. This technique provides an aura of involvement and subjectivity so much so that readers identify themselves with the protagonist. Well, if you think that this is a merely hit and run story of a wronged man, you are terribly wrong, because there is no dearth for primeval emotions of love, romance and loyalty to friend. David Snowdon’s “Diamonds for A Dollar” is a real treat for action-bugs, as the author gives a vivid description of Brendan's various physical encounters. Diamonds for A Dollar is indeed a fabulous novel one should never miss.

Coin For A Killer (Book) - 7/17/2013 8:40:11 PM
Serbian War Chief Anton Okienka suddenly vanished in the US while on death row. The US authorities believe that Okienka has fled to London and urgently want him back. They want him so bad, they dispatch their top CIA agents to fly out to London to get him. But they're not the only ones who urgently want Okienka. The British MI4, the Australian government and the Dutch police also badly want him. And they're determined to get their hands on him before the CIA. But dubbed one of the most perilous fugitives in the world, Okienka's more than a match for the best of the best. And he's absolutely determined never to return to jail. Set in London, Chicago, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, the Netherlands and Tenerife, it's espionage through and through! It's non-stop action as the hunt for a callous killer intensifies!

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 7/10/2013 7:16:56 PM
Worthy of Diamonds Snowdon had come up with yet another thriller, Diamonds for a dollar is a treat for suspense lovers. One can easily attune to the central character Brendan O'Brannigan, when we read the book. It is a tale of about being a victim, by no fault of his and later taking a revenge on the people who made his life hell. The narration was excellent and David Snowdon managed to create a thrill in the minds of the readers. His natural story telling skills helped the readers to read in at one go, overall it is a nice page turner with ample emotions...

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 7/6/2013 6:55:35 PM
Intense - An outstanding read! "Diamonds for a Dollar" is an outstanding work of fiction to be enjoyed immensely by the readers. There are several elements to the story, and the author integrates them gradually. The hero is not a young man, he is a vietnam veteran released from prison. He has had a tough life and has spent most of his life in prison for no mistake of his. So, when he is back, obviously he wants to take revenge. There are no destructive car chases, elaborate explosions, or extended hand-to-hand fights. The hero is not a belligerent risk taker who thrives on violence as he delivers pithy one-liners. It is not football. There is thought, preparation, deceptiveness, detective work, and tension throughout the story. The joy in reading such a book is not so much the mystery. It is all about how much a man goes through, both physically and emotionally in such situations. The aura is deep but intense. If you want a really good read in terms of styling and plot then this is a timeless masterpiece of a thriller.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 6/17/2013 1:19:29 AM
Imagine being an innocent casual citizen, living your own life, in your own world. And then the sky;s come crashing down. You are jailed for a crime you did not commit. And you spend 39 years behind the bars knowing that. I doubt if an average human being can retain their sanity after that. Brendan O'Brannigan is one such story. "Diamonds for a Dollar" is a tale of anger and revenge, fight and tears. When the world refuses to believe you, and family and friends turn away. And when Brendan gets out, he is spurred into a mode of bringing his mind at peace again. There is love, there is hate. A novel much worth reading. Snowdon has not disappointed after his last book.

Diamonds For A Dollar (Book) - 6/16/2013 7:26:19 AM
Timeless - the genre's best! A 73 year old Vietnam veteran is released from prison. He has spent 39 years in jail for no fault of his. One can imagine what his state of mind would be once released. Yes, he comes to take revenge on all those who spoilt his life. But what one cannot imagine is the intensity of the action involved in the book. After reading "Coin for a killer" by David Snowdon, i decided i will not miss this book. The protagonist is tough, smart, and clever, but very realistic. He does not make stupid mistakes but when hit or shot, he suffers as much as any of us would. There are also issues with loyalty and personal loss. Even in the extreme distress of the situation, the character is able to dig for deeper meaning, in people's eyes, and in their hearts. It isn't all guns and politics. Of course, there is the standard fair share of shooting and running and all-round suspense. You won't be able to stop reading this book, and you will find yourself asking aloud to nobody in particular "what started this whole mess"?. All in all, I highly recommend this book to those who appreciate a good thriller, and to those who don't usually read this kind of book but are open to new experiences.

A Payment From Heaven (Short Story) - 3/10/2014 4:05:27 PM
well done m

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