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Recent Reviews for Susan K. de Vegter

A Southern Funeral (Short Story) - 6/22/2008 4:50:38 PM
Will tell Eric Hunter to git on down to a funral sos he cain git suma that country cookin and humor. His standup is a bit too deadpan fer me. Am dying to join you there, but you'll have ta wait, cuz I aint quite ready ta go yet. Ron

A Southern Funeral (Short Story) - 6/22/2008 7:26:38 AM
Sounds like some of our Down East funerals, either here in Nova Scotia or even in Newfoundland...the funeral turns into a party and good time for all. Fee

A Southern Funeral (Short Story) - 6/21/2008 6:45:22 PM
Foods after our funerals are great too. We have banana bread, pumpkin breads, date and nut breads and other delicious foods. Everyone gathers but do they talk of the dead, No, they just chat about others. It is a time to get together when someone dies.

A Southern Funeral (Short Story) - 6/21/2008 4:54:45 PM
I love this, it made me hungry, I hope no-one dies. Love,Pierre

The White Shirt (Short Story) - 2/23/2008 6:58:59 PM
beautiful, beautiful write

The White Shirt (Short Story) - 2/23/2008 6:04:12 PM
This is so utterly beautiful! This made me cry, I feel your every stroke and movement, I can catch your every glance, I can hold your your true desire, I can touch your very soul. Love, Pierre

The White Shirt (Short Story) - 2/23/2008 7:36:12 AM
...walking through a museum of loves colors...where a green shirt...becomes white...and brushed with oils of the finds passions eternity of two. beautifully penned Susan... John

The White Shirt (Short Story) - 2/23/2008 1:38:58 AM
Painting emotions with words, heart fluttering like on a first time love crush, and then...the silent predator cat waiting on boudoirs for passion to come and made a flesh offer among emotinal flashes of Michelangelo and Rodin in bronze lovers.... Georg

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 12/28/2007 1:14:38 AM
Beautiful imagery - I felt I was there with you, Karen. God bless, Sandie.

Anger and Old Souls (Short Story) - 5/29/2007 6:11:27 PM
This poem is an inspiration to me. Great writing. Love, Pierre.

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 1/24/2004 1:50:08 PM

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 11/28/2003 3:30:58 PM
A nice tribute to your little corner of the world.

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 11/22/2003 12:18:41 PM
wonderful imagery here, and strong feelings too

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 11/19/2003 7:47:12 PM
A very beautiful write that aptly describes the life on the Islands and marshes. Very well written and the composition on the photograph to the dock is splendid. Well done all the way round. Allen

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 11/19/2003 8:36:00 AM
heartwrenching write; well done, susan! :( (((HUGS))) and much love, your texas friend, karen lynn. >tears <

Nature's Visit (Short Story) - 11/18/2003 10:14:55 PM
Thanks for letting me in...and sharing this with you...I cried too!! Love Tinka

Anger and Old Souls (Short Story) - 7/6/2003 6:52:47 AM
Susan: This was really wonderful write indeed. This was written with so much strength and powerful inspirations. Everyone gotta love this! May Lu a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Anger and Old Souls (Short Story) - 7/6/2003 5:05:03 AM
excellent work from you Susan!!

Deep Thoughts on Religion and God (Article) - 1/27/2010 11:36:52 AM
We just really need to practice - AGAPE LOVE - The first commandment in the NEW testament from J.C. It is that simple. If we truly loved eachother we would not hurt, steal, take advantage of, or kill one another physically or mentally. Period dot! Love in Christ, John Michael

Being In Love With Love (Article) - 1/21/2008 7:09:17 PM
I haven't been here long, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Very emotional writing, sad and happy, but realistic. I'm sure many can relate to this as I do from both sides. I believe love never dies and it may be the love of love. Excellent work! Stay well and keep writing. Ed

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/21/2008 2:53:33 PM
YES .. He's got the right idea. We saw him in a documentary here in the UK, when several Brit prisoners spent some time there, most of them wanted to go home to mum after the first day! We saw the prisoners with the dogs too, they all seemed to be very fond of the dogs they were given to look after, and I'm sure the unconditional love that those animals offer had a major effect on most of those men. Our prisons here are overcrowded. Recently one prisoner refused to attend a court appearance, because he was afraid someone else would get his 'luxury' cell while he was absent. We need a Sheriff Joe here, NOW!

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 1:16:43 PM
That's our Sheriff Joe LOL

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 10:45:34 AM
...I say "Go Joe!" John

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 8:17:11 AM
Maybe if we had a lot more sherrifs and politicians like this man our countries might start being safe for the innocent again. Fee

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 8:10:43 AM
I saw this sheriff on TV. He is a one of a kind man who knows how to run a Jail. He has brilliant ideas that should be copied in most of our jail. If only more of our wardens would be like Sheriff Joe Arpaio there would be less crime in these United States.

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 8:10:17 AM
We should convince the Sheriff to run for President!!! He's got my vote!

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 7:53:35 AM
wow--this man is my hero!! we must make it so crime doesn't pay--even some of my middle school students think nothing of going to lock-up as they have seen their own relatives go in and out of jail and prison

SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! (Article) - 1/20/2008 7:37:11 AM
What a man . . . What a patriot . . . What a man!!!!!

An Artist Paints a Dream (Article) - 12/31/2007 7:27:46 PM
Dreamy. HAPPY NEW YEAR ..."Bubba"

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/21/2007 10:31:57 AM
Powerfully penned; saving it!! About time someone speaks up for America and Americans!! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :(

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/21/2007 6:43:16 AM
Susan, Had a hard time finding this, but worth the search...powerfully penned. Saving this one. Thank you. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/21/2007 6:34:06 AM
This is quite intense, and brings all issue to the forefront. Much courage and passion went into this write. Thank you Susan for posting this, and thank you Betty for writing this. Love, Light and much PEACE, Amber "V"

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/21/2007 5:27:20 AM
Thanks for putting a name on this one, Susan. I posted it as a an author unknown Blog when I got it in an e-mail. Walt

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/20/2007 6:15:52 PM
Have to agree though it is sad that it has all come to this. Fee

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/20/2007 5:54:10 PM
well said, Lady J

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/20/2007 5:50:03 PM
Amen from me as well!

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/20/2007 5:31:02 PM
And when they start ranting and raving here in the USA....WE SHOULD KICK THEIR KORAN ASS RIGHT OUT HERE....PERMANENTLY!!!

From one Angry Woman (Article) - 12/20/2007 5:14:33 PM

Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God (Article) - 12/10/2007 8:50:06 AM
Thanks for sharing so honestly your heart. D. Scott Arant

Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God (Article) - 12/9/2007 5:07:31 PM
Most of these points are very good, Susan. However, there are a must keep in mind free will. I agree about the Mormon part, though it remains a mystery to me. For example, I've never been comfortable with why a good person in China or Japan or other places should not share heaven's many benefits. About confession and start again the next day (Catholic practices), it is certainly bible based and valid. That's why Jesus Himself said to forgive 70 X 7 (as a minimum). The point, basically, was always to forgive. So, yes, the person can confess and go about her/his business the next day, I think. Anyway, there are many points open and good for discussion here. Cheers

Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God (Article) - 12/9/2007 3:45:46 PM
You ask a question that has been asked many times. Each of us finds a belief that feels right for us. They all preach the same thing they just don't see that from where they are. Good little write. Lady J

Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God (Article) - 12/9/2007 5:21:13 AM
Very deep thoughts indeed here Susan. I think that one of the greatest sins we can commit, if not against God, but against ourselves is to not keep an open mind. When we close our minds to the values and feelings of others and their belief systems, then we are surely dead. But in the end we must all remain true seekers and our own peace we must find. Love, walt

Deep Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality and God (Article) - 12/8/2007 11:21:54 PM
Well if you believe Jesus Christ is God then you have a God who is forgiving over and over again. The disciples asked Him how many times should I forgive my brother, 7 times? And Christ said no not 7 times but 70 timers 7 or in other words as many times as your brother repents to you and asks for forgiveness.

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 1/10/2014 6:55:15 AM
very sweet! -Portia

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 1/18/2013 9:10:51 PM
"and daylight reminds us that living is pain" I know this all too well great poem. Love, Pierre

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 1/18/2013 9:01:41 PM
It's true, too many of us have let the material world come to own us, It's time to make the trip back to nature. Great poem Love, Pierre

A Lover's Art (Poetry) - 1/3/2013 9:04:48 AM
A sensuously beautiful write. Cheers, Dan

A Slow Dance (Poetry) - 11/19/2012 5:59:55 PM
I LOVE THIS....I also think that it's neat....both of OUR NAMES are KATHRYN must be something SPECIAL.......Met my husband by DANCING beasue it's in BOTH of our SOULS...We have been HAPPILY Married since 5-14-1995. This is what my husband would LOVE TO SAY to me if he had a way with words....If along the way I need something to use in one of my poems/Short Stories, I am asking permission to use this from YOU....I will give you ANY & ALL CREDIT bc this just touches me like nothing I have ever read......THANKS for touching me this way

A Lover's Art (Poetry) - 10/16/2012 8:03:05 AM
Ah, such sultry sweet passion! I love it Susan and thanks for the share. Blessings to you! Debbie

Heaven's Shadow (Poetry) - 4/25/2012 11:40:30 AM
For a Dancer Under the Falling Sky Colors of the Sun For Everyone.

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 2/23/2012 6:45:03 PM
so true....the memory of ourselves, and our environments....and written so well.....applause....Pax Anita :)

A Lover's Art (Poetry) - 1/22/2012 9:37:00 PM
There is so much to "digest" and to absorb in this poem, Susan. You write poetry that awakens the senses, the emotions and that elicit meaningful responses. Thank you for sharing this poetic gift. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/22/2011 3:47:36 AM
Well composed poem, Susan.

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 11/9/2010 1:02:46 PM
Taylor... Thank you for the kind words. I miss you and YES!! I have arrived home and the landing was divine! Susan

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 11/8/2010 6:28:17 PM
Beau-TI-ful.......very inviting and smooth.

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 11/8/2010 6:25:53 PM
Love the word content and they way this flowed and the ending is simply beautiful....

A Dying Rose (Poetry) - 11/8/2010 6:23:05 PM
ahhh... nice... I actually have a poem titled a dying rose simular in it's simplicity... they say great minds think alike...

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 10/24/2010 3:06:45 PM
Wonderful. And No.

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 10/10/2010 4:27:17 PM
Let us all take a deep breath and contemplate "Nature's green abyss"... A well-scribed ode to awareness, Susan. Blessings, Carolyn

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 10/3/2010 6:18:57 AM
Very lovely indeed sweet lady....stay safe and well..Hugsss

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 10/2/2010 3:22:14 AM
great imagery in your words as always Susan

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 6:31:03 PM
A great nature poem Susan! Yes, I recall the memory of fresh air and blue skies in upstate N.Y. when I was a teenager. Going back was like visiting a Hillbilly slum. We rarely drive backward - we only do it because we have to. I guess we need to keep on driving forward and keep out headlights on for safety first on that road of life ahead. Love and abundant blessings, John Michael

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 2:06:00 PM
Enchanting journey. Your renewal and return was much anticipated. Ron

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 8:17:11 AM
This was absolutely beautiful, Susan, and I felt every word...nothing feels better to me than breathing the air one finds out in the thick of nature! Some wonderful phrasing here.... Anna

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 8:08:33 AM
finding a memory and regaining sense and sensibility : win-win-win!!! Fabulous, coherent (and humorous!) philosophising in tightly woven verse. You never lose your style or your generous touch, Susan. So good to see you here again. Love it when you seamlessly weave your urbane and free-spirit sides to bring us such presence, such balance, such wisdom. Bless you, xx

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 7:48:31 AM
Susan this is exceptionally well done, you drew us in to your country like a moth is drawn to light except in this case you allowed us not only to live but to enjoy, Fee

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 6:25:55 AM
something about the mountains........"while searching for a memory" keep ahold of those memories....nice write

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 3:58:22 AM
love the truth and depth and beauty!

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 3:53:59 AM
Susan, this is stunning poetry! I am so glad to see you back here, I have missed you so much. It certainly seems you have taken a mental health break..I need to do this soon, but my choice of sanctuary is the ocean. Perhaps Tahiti or some remote quaint island retreat... Come back again very soon, don't stay away.... Peace, love and light, Amber

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 3:35:55 AM
Simply beautiful, Susan.

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 12:40:38 AM
"The material comes to own you..." and once we've made that realisation, Susan, we're in a position to move beyond and find ourselves again. A gracious ode to what's best and natural and, in hope, what will last a while longer if we're wise enough to temper greed. John

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/26/2010 7:40:08 PM
Invoking a search for happiness is something worth finding. To secure them to memory get harder the older one gets. But it's worth it. I think poets live in a fantasy world anyway!!

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/26/2010 7:07:31 PM

While Searching for a Memory (Poetry) - 9/26/2010 6:47:57 PM
I appreciate the philosophical perspective that you have shared within your verses here, Susan. Thank you. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 8/6/2010 3:40:08 AM
Very well put together, Susan

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 8/3/2010 2:30:33 PM
You said it, girl. So glad to read your words again. May your enthusiasm return as well. Ron

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 8/1/2010 4:15:10 PM
The flow is always like a gentle ease of breese. The differing days make this alive and so true to many of the likes.

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/31/2010 2:51:06 AM
..such emotion flows from deals us so many things that we need to deal with..this is heartfelt~ Christine

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/30/2010 4:18:25 PM
It's hard to sustain such an exceptional flight, Susan, but you succeed remarkably, admirably well. John

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/30/2010 8:09:24 AM
conceptually stimulating as well as well written ...

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/30/2010 4:52:22 AM
So good to read you Susan. Top shelf poetry, always. This poem is not only beautiful but deeply thought provoking.

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/30/2010 3:58:44 AM
Absolutely fantastic, Susan. Great job with this beautiful piece.

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/30/2010 3:43:51 AM
Awestruck at this one Susan, it has been a whiile since you last posted but you sure make up for it when you do. This is a masterpiece of reflection and foresight combined. Enjoyed and empathized. fee

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/29/2010 11:25:36 PM
Susan, Don't come down to earth. Write another poem. Blessings, John MD

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/29/2010 9:05:01 PM
Where shooting stars admits spectacular poetry to regain Wondering where you have been Like little children with valentines to send Our tears become fused Life remains confused. . . . . . . Love those last 2 lines

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/29/2010 8:07:52 PM
Susan, it is good to see your words again. The verse is ecellent as always, yet there seems and feels a finality in these words...might just be me...good to see you again. Are you back home yet? Always Allen

Wings of Endless Dawn (Poetry) - 7/29/2010 7:10:41 PM
I felt myself carried along as though on wind currents as I read each verse, Susan. Thank you. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 5/2/2010 4:44:43 AM
Susan, I have no idea how I missed this supremely written poem, I could feel your words jumping out at me off the screen of my computer..I love "Passion's Metamorphosis" it is definitely one that I will read again.. Very well thought out and written.. Much peace, love and light, Amber "V"

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/26/2010 4:43:49 PM
It's wonderful to be able to come here and read your poetry Susan even though I don't find the time to do so as often as I'd like. This is a lovely poem and I love the line, "Its in the heart and mind and is a silent duty" that shows the genius of your talent. I sure do miss you, Marcia

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/26/2010 1:41:34 PM
Love the verve and energy in this just BURSTING its buttons... or out of the cocoon. Somehow reminds me of the Anais Nin (??) quote about the risk of staying in the tightly-furled bud being greater than the fear it takes to bloom (VERY paraphrased!!) Love is the best and greatest reason to let go and metamorphose! Your movement through these well-conceived lines demonstrates how and why. xx

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/26/2010 5:57:31 AM
Yes, love is a great thing, though I got to admit sometimes I kinda wish I never found it, for it hurts when one cannot express it enough or in a way that they want too...Ed

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/26/2010 2:57:46 AM
Enchanting write,my dear!!! Anna

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/25/2010 1:43:04 PM
Perfection! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/25/2010 6:53:11 AM
Passion becomes love. You metamorphized it well. Ron

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/25/2010 6:24:48 AM
...the flight of love has endless boundries,,,this is breathtaking Susan~

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 7:47:15 PM
Love is wonder, to extreme, in passion's metamorphosis. I find the meaning expressed via your verses to be so true and real, Susan. This is why when something cause that love to "go wrong," no length of time will "make it all better." I have not found it to be true that "time heals all wounds" when it comes to love. Thank you for sharing this meaningful perspective. Love and best wishes, Regis

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 6:21:13 PM
This is really good Susan. Love...always and intriguing subject. Dayvid

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 5:38:56 PM
You caught it- the love wonder. I've seldom found it captured like this... Beautiful work- beautiful experience. John

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 5:36:37 PM
Yes I like this...some say love and lust are not the same, and perhaps they are right but...when passion and the first stirrings of desire awaken in two all too often can develop into captured your subject very well here Sussan. fee

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 3:35:33 PM
Beautiful indeed, Susan.

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 3:28:29 PM
Always lovin' your wondrous wordings and spirit...

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 3:01:49 PM

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 2:53:32 PM
I like this. Very Good.

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 2:52:30 PM
Nice N'Easy does it every time.

Passion's Metamorphosis (Poetry) - 4/24/2010 2:39:24 PM
Absolutely wonderful writing... Cheers, Dan

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/22/2010 4:28:30 PM
wonderfully crafted nature poem, Susan ,,,

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/21/2010 7:08:35 AM

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/20/2010 4:43:03 AM
Beautiful write, Susan! Happy Spring, Carolyn

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/20/2010 3:46:31 AM
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 4:35:16 PM
Susan, "With a dress full of color and bling" indeed! This is joyful, positive, warming and as Kate says, 'with seductive charm' John

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 3:30:32 PM
She seduces me, too... especially the cherry blossems... whew! Ron

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 1:55:52 PM
Has all the beauty and seductive charm of a southern belle, this Spring! Like the coquettish repetitions of the word "spring"... like throwing confetti high in the air! Love it! :)) xx

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 6:42:15 AM
So very beautiful and joy to read Susan.

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 5:16:27 AM
My favourite time of the year too, Susan! I love poetry about nature, and this one is lovely! Thank you. Anna

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 3:17:59 AM
the best time of year , i think, love the write!

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 1:02:55 AM
I love it but I wish I could say the weather up here was the snowed all day yesterday and although it was beautiful...big fluffy flakes like miniture clouds, it was not the warm sun and green we are ready for...thanks for sharing yours. fee

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 12:53:35 AM
Beautifully written, Susan. God bless.

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 9:00:37 PM
So joyous, loved this, Susan! Especially 'Greens in limes rebirthing' Who doesn't look for limes, in spring? Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 8:16:07 PM
Truly uplifting and envigorating, Susan; a fine ode to spring. Love and best wishes, Regis

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 7:58:37 PM
A very nice poetic song about Spring. Bravo!

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 7:43:41 PM
Lovely. Yes, Spring is a wonderful time of year. I love that Pic.

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 7:41:32 PM

Feeding Upon Spring (Poetry) - 4/18/2010 7:22:44 PM
The passion of Spring is wild around us. Beautiful! Dayvid

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/16/2010 8:30:24 PM
A rhythmic message for all humanity! Nice work! Dayvid

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/16/2010 2:55:10 PM
Lettuce hope that Earth's butter daze are a head. Very phosphorus. Ron

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 4/16/2010 2:11:33 PM
So warm and gentle. I can relate to "You fit like you're my shadow." Thank you. Dayvid

Asleep With Man-Child Dreams (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 3:32:54 PM
Musketeers! Prince Valiant! King Arthur! Don Quixote! All you needed was to add Cyrano de Bergerac! I can see that you are well versed in the classics . . . I've enjoyed your composition, thanks for sharing . . . and keep up the swashbuckling lingo! Ted Anthony Roberts Swashbuckling Author

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 1:38:12 PM
Very mesmerizingly beautiful have a winner in this one for sure, for sure. fee

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 7:57:04 AM
Awesome poetry, Susan! I love your lyrical poetry and that's that!!! The context of the poem is truth in all it's splendour! Loved every line! Anna

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 1:08:26 AM
Brilliant, Susan

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 12:48:53 AM
Beautiful piece of creative work, Susan. Nice job.

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/15/2010 12:16:31 AM
There are big pictures, Susan, and then there is the Big Picture...and your language choices and overview are definitely Big Picture. Happy Earth Day to you, too. John

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/14/2010 6:58:31 PM
If we can't do earth better Then soon, we'll live to pay A most apt and timely message, Susan. You have emphasized it via this lovely poem of kaleidoscopic imagery. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love and best wishes, Regis

Illunminating Phosphorous (Poetry) - 4/14/2010 5:17:01 PM
beautiful write with a reminder to take care of our lovely planet

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 3:46:20 PM
Enjoyed as I remember evenings at Brazos Bend with birds twittering to sleeping places and alligators booming in the rising mist. Ron

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 4:12:14 AM
I love it when there is such a special feeling you want to share. All too often it just can't get across the bridge, and my loneliest moments are those when I have to carry the feeling home by myself. But you have given Southern Shades the perfect wings. Thanks for sharing that magic. John

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 3:48:29 AM
Sounds heavenly, to experience it one day! Anna

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 12:59:14 AM
As always your writes make me long to see and feel the life of the south. I am hoping to go to Texas this fall and I am also so excited about that. Great write that paints a soft picture of warmth and love for your home... fee

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 12:09:18 AM
Nicely done, Susan. Been all over Dixie myself and I love it. God bless.

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/6/2010 11:56:55 PM
Highly atmospheric, Susan, and with the absolutely right word choices. John

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/6/2010 5:57:49 PM
You have very effectively shared the "flavor" of Dixie, Susan; most enticing. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Southern Shades (Poetry) - 4/6/2010 5:52:06 PM
beautiful tidbits of southern charm!

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 4/2/2010 7:55:50 AM
again you steal my heart., wonderful....Eugene

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/30/2010 6:50:00 AM
" I feel you in me always" wow-that was quite the sentence-steamned up my glasses-well done--if this poem is for somebody in your life you should tell them as this is a very romantic poem

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/29/2010 9:00:42 AM
Lilting is the word to describe this - characterized by a bouyant rhythm. Goodness Belle ... it takes talent to rhyme amd flow this effortlessly. I am going to celebrate reading this with 6 Hershey kisses. Yummy! Blessings and love ... richard

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/29/2010 6:07:23 AM
This is, as you say, SOOOOOOOOOO Nice N'Easy that you convince us that yes, indeed, such a love CAN exist... and even more, that you've actually found it and are experiencing it!! This speaks from that special place of "knowing", Susan, and is a joy to read, to hear about and to behold. Bless you! xx

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/28/2010 8:32:25 AM
Sounds like hair coloring. I get the message. Am rolling it on my tongue, like a French phrase, as I write. Like nice 'n easy cookies, a real treat. Ron

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 8:28:39 PM
Great writing. I enjoyed reading it.

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 2:31:06 PM
So soft and wonderful...this write is one of your best. fee

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 12:32:42 PM
As a ship slowly comes into harbor. I can visualize soaking up the Lord's light of love. There is nothing quite like it. I can feel the energy of your passionate poetry nice & easy. Many Blessings, John Michael Domino

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 8:53:39 AM
Nice n' easy...the most beautiful way to love!

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 6:19:50 AM
beautiful, soft and peaceful

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 5:06:51 AM
Nicely done! Thanks Jim

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 5:01:22 AM
Nice 'n easy give truth to the word "love."

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 3:56:54 AM
A delight to read as is the art work with its warm tones.

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/27/2010 2:11:42 AM
A sincere and beautiful write, Susan. Well done.

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/26/2010 8:46:57 PM
...and I love the 'nice n' easy' almost throwaway style...gentle on the ear and on the spirit, Susan. Very fine. John

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/26/2010 7:06:32 PM
Love is all, Susan. Your verses pay sweet homage to it. Thank you. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Nice N'Easy (Poetry) - 3/26/2010 7:02:43 PM
A wonderfully written fantasy.

Simple Things (Poetry) - 3/26/2010 5:14:40 AM
This answers a question from a previous comment. You must be inspired by Savannah again. She is a mystery and and a blessing captured in time and you caught her natural spiritin astounding imagery. ~Taylor

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/26/2010 5:10:38 AM
I haven't had the fortune of reading or writing much of anything barring a snippet here and there that I share with a special soneone. This is special Susan. It speaks only too well to life and what can happen to a relationship left untended, and not always by the gardener who only wished to reap the fruits. Instead, the tender must deal with the return of an untrustworthy seed risking the heart, if dared. So wonderful to read you again. Have you yet made that journey back to your beloved Savannah on a more permanent basis? ~Taylor

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/25/2010 7:05:00 AM
I envy what you saw in the most respectful way. You have eyes that are attune to the beauties of life. Lovely Belle ... richard

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 5:27:00 PM
This fuels the imagaination with the beauty that both picture and verses offer us as readers, well done Susan. fee

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 3:51:11 PM
Lovely as a sunset with baby blues jumping the sun. Ron

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 7:03:13 AM
This is so beautiful Susan. You brought the picture to life with the beauty of your words. Well done! Peace and love in Christ. Sheri

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 6:21:57 AM
This has such lovely visuals; soft images that are pleasing to the senses and you brought them to your reader in such a striking verse. Beautiful piece and the artwork is beautiful, as well. ~Elizabeth

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 3:30:25 AM
This is stunning poetry, Susan....You have vividly captured the essence of that picture....awesome! Anna

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 2:28:07 AM
A perfect reminder- we only need to look outside- often. So much beauty exists all around us. You are quite the artist to write so well. John

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 1:58:46 AM
Really beautiful, Susan

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 12:57:14 AM
Great write, Susan. God bless.

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 9:31:46 PM
Susan such wonderful thoughts and images floating in my mind after reading this beautiful poem..I love the photo you chose!! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 8:41:11 PM
Fantastic poem Susan!

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 8:28:26 PM
Both the poem and the painting are amazing. I enjoyed this!!

Barrier of Speech (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 7:42:19 PM
This is a theme I can identify with particularly, almost peculiarly; again, beautifully written with depth and resonance. I'm glad I found you. John

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 7:27:00 PM
Beautiful, every stroke. Be Well, Carin'

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 6:53:33 PM

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 6:35:33 PM
Must have been beautiful to watch As it was to read. Through your words, I can see the jewelery. But. . . ."Enough of the Night"

A Sky of Opal Jewels (Poetry) - 3/23/2010 5:51:40 PM
Beautifully rendered, many wonderfully rich phrases...'midnight gravy' is special indeed John

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/22/2010 3:52:33 AM
Susan, Such wonderful work here. I loved how I just wanted to keep on reading what you have written..It flows so beautifully and it is filled with passionate offerings..Very well done, my friend! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 11:36:39 AM
Susan, I love the rhyme and rhythm in this gem! Superb love poem! ET

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 8:07:41 AM
You bloody well not worry... unless... you are older and richer. Put your soul in this one. Ron

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 7:04:56 AM
Watch me bleed or cause me to bleed - Anothers true intentions are often hidden in this world. At one time or another we can all become victims of anothers guiles. "Sweet mystery who speaks to me" "sing me into heaven" I love these lines ... Excellent Belle ... richard

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 6:59:18 AM
A wonderful insight Belle. And you know I've asked you other questions on another site. Blessings to you ... richard

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 6:44:26 AM
I like the way your heart beats in each poetic line and how in sadness at the end it's left to die. George

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 6:22:19 AM
Nicely done with lots of feeling and heart... fee

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 6:19:28 AM
Beautiful words and understood.

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 5:29:32 AM
well said

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 5:21:06 AM
One of your best. 'Nuff said.

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 4:48:29 AM
Hi Susan: I love this write. Very well done!! Sandie Angel :o)

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 4:43:17 AM
very well written work-i enjoyed it!

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 4:10:28 AM
Powerful writing, Susan

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 3:52:31 AM
Wonderful write, Susan, and the piccy is gorgeous! Well done; brava! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. ;D

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/21/2010 1:52:44 AM
Excellent write, Susan. May God bless.

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/20/2010 9:38:07 PM
I think it's what we make of it. Beautiful poetry Susan. Really nice!

Why Do You Come for Me (Poetry) - 3/20/2010 8:43:04 PM
Can you rock me into midnight Hold me tightly while I sleep Or sing me into heaven I love these verses and the passion inspiring the whole poem, Susan. Love and best wishes, Regis

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/19/2010 11:20:08 AM
we all have our talents, yours is certainly poetry if not gardening. enjoyed.

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/19/2010 6:19:46 AM
Cute one, Susan; happy belated St. Patrick's Day! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/18/2010 7:31:56 PM
I love this, Susan! :D

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/18/2010 10:29:25 AM
Good one Susan, are you sure your last name is not O'Vegter lol fee

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/18/2010 5:14:16 AM
Pleasingly funny, honey. You'll attract many green bees. Ron

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/17/2010 9:22:33 PM
" . . . reason with my jealous side." Blessed with writing poetry and a sense of humor. Your redneck friend

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/17/2010 5:59:17 PM
Thank you for sharing the humor, Susan; nicely done. Love and best wishes, Regis

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/17/2010 3:40:02 PM
So be it. But do you know why the Irish have potatoes and the yanks have oil? Well it's because the Irish had first choice.

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/17/2010 2:06:48 PM
Nicely done, Susan. I had a good laugh. Thanks and God bless.

Ode to the Irish Gardner (Poetry) - 3/17/2010 12:30:36 PM
I would need more than the luck of the Irish to keep plants healthy- or even alive. Much enjoyed. John

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 6:35:36 PM
This reads as if you were flying beside these birds. The wonders they see What nature will be Nothing we lack Sky Blue & Black

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 2:30:43 PM
Wonderful imagery and piccy; perfect! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 2:18:43 PM
Susan, It is always a pleasure to read your wonderful work. Colors of the Wind flows so freely just like those birds in your photo.. Nicely written. Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 10:03:39 AM
Lovely write. I love poetry about nature...and this one is beautiful! Anna

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 7:04:32 AM
I love your poetry Susan, the images and metaphors in this are amazing

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/15/2010 2:15:26 AM
Excellent writing, Susan

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 5:37:21 PM
Our souls need the beauty of nature. Thanks for feeding us this bounty. John

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 3:25:47 PM
Fantastic image and an equally fantastic write. Rich with imagery and intelligence. Eleven years old too - goodness where has it gone? Blessings Belle ... richard

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 11:06:41 AM
Wonderful. Without migrations, many birds would go unseen. The local rookery of cattle egrets enables me to see three buzzards from my suburban backyard yesterday. Ron

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 10:59:11 AM
Truly beautiful wite Susan and with such intensity it brings the outdoors alive with each line... fee

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 6:22:51 AM
beautiful write, the coming of so mny species is so glorious!

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 2:54:40 AM
Amazing natures call / A sight to behold / You made the migration even more special than it is, Susan, with you carefully flowing poetry / I hear their voices in the distance of my mind.

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 12:33:52 AM
Gorgeous write, Susan. Very well done indeed.

Colors of the Wind (Poetry) - 3/13/2010 10:54:40 PM
Beautiful poem and awesome photo. Reminds me of our pelicans here in Florida. Loved it! John Michael Domino

Artist's Easel (Poetry) - 3/12/2010 8:13:06 AM
Beautiful imagery!

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/11/2010 3:02:11 PM
Dear Susan, you have expressed yourself well in this meaningful piece. I'd like to believe that everything happens for a reason, be it something good or that hurts, it would still serve the purpose of strengthening our inner selves for lifes twists and turns. Well done! Peace and love in Christ. Sheri

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/9/2010 8:32:05 PM
Love's song for me has often been a sad and lonely lament, I really can relate to your choice of words here. Honest writing at it's best Pierre

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/6/2010 6:45:36 AM
Its hue is darker, but so true. I've often wondered why women succumbed to the clever lies of predators, but ignored the purity of honest young guys. No danger, no desire? Ron

The Fish (Poetry) - 3/5/2010 4:12:10 PM
Not into astro-ology but your web shot is mite-e-fine. Ron

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/2/2010 3:10:59 PM
An aching ballad, Belle. For some reason, I can hear Bob Dylan speaking this... or singing... I am never quite sure with him which is which... but it has the same hard-hitting effect, the way it continues to unfold from line to line. This is a tale that never ceases to be told, but you have done so uniquely. xx

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/2/2010 3:10:01 PM
Ah, much to reflect upon here. John

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/1/2010 1:54:33 PM
Just beautifully written Belle. Flows like a river, and it sounds wonderful spoken aloud. enjoyed this a lot. Blessings to you ... r

Discontent (Poetry) - 3/1/2010 6:33:01 AM
Loved it! Very nicely crafted poetry... Anna

Discontent (Poetry) - 2/28/2010 11:34:21 PM
Well done, Susan.

Discontent (Poetry) - 2/28/2010 6:31:14 PM
true enough and well expressed!

Discontent (Poetry) - 2/28/2010 3:22:40 PM
Hmmm, we are kinda on the same wavelength. Could love be natures trick. Without it we would not propagate. Then we see the trick that took us away from everything we really loved.

Discontent (Poetry) - 2/28/2010 3:20:53 PM
Love and utterance of such is a two-edged sword, agitated by the forked tongue of vile assault of the lovers camp.

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/26/2010 6:28:36 PM
Susan you are a wonderful writer been away but coming back to your voice warms my heart truly "Composed of complexities larger than most Compassion compounded." beautiful thank you

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/26/2010 4:19:07 AM
Very well put, Susan.

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 7:01:24 PM
Susan, this was very cool to read...Some of these things I did not know. Way to go. Happy Pisces to you. Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 6:33:30 PM
i like this-very nice compilation for all you fish!

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 11:37:23 AM
Quite the job eh sis? Guarding the abstract mind. The fish must work overtime with mine I am a March 17 baby. Peace and celestial fun ... I like that I enjoyed this - quite a character study. Blessings and luv Belle ... r

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 9:40:25 AM
2 of my daughters are Pisces and they are just as delightful as you have described, Susan. :) I wish you a beautiful and joy-filled year.

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 9:19:03 AM
. . . and awayyyyy we go . . . Nicely done . . . You got it all in and did it with your uaual flair.

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 8:19:19 AM
Just made it as a Pisces, guess I fit into some of those categories you mentioned, actor, musician and Poet? Great poem. George C.

The Fish (Poetry) - 2/25/2010 8:17:50 AM
Very cool write, Susan....well done. Anna

Simple Things (Poetry) - 2/23/2010 9:31:04 PM
Superb Susan!

Valentine...Romance (Poetry) - 2/23/2010 8:24:09 PM
A picture beautifully painted with words. perfect write for Valentine's day Pierre

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