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Recent Reviews for Doug Boren

Pirates Revenge (Book) - 8/10/2012 1:16:53 PM
Behind every action adventure, there is always personal stories of individuals--people who became what they were in life, many times by happenstance--but sometimes from the "dastardly deeds" of others! Even in the Society of Scoundrels, there were many who became pirates because they liked to fight--they were quick to take a drink, quick to take offense, and quick to start fighting. And if those fun things could lead to money, all the better! Many of these individuals took to the seas sailing to various ports or conquering other ships on the seas, taking whatever was being shipped to another place for their own, most times killing all on board and sinking the ships they had attacked, if they had not already gone under due to the damage from their cannons... But there were also many who had turned to piracy because of the deceit and theft of others, those who were already wealthy and continued in their thirst for power, regardless of how they got it... That's why I would have joined the Society of Scoundrels! LOL Readers will meet Maggie, a young servant girl who was beaten and raped by a visiting friend of her boss. He, of course, wouldn't accept the truth when he was told of the attack. And when she became pregnant, he dismissed her in order not to be tainted by the gossip. Maggie had a son who she called Rafe. She had met and fallen in love with a captain who worked for the government, sailing a ship. They were to be married but Maggie was killed on the streets by thugs shortly before and Rafe had too late come to her rescue, but had killed her attackers...The police considered him guilty as well! He ran to the ship owned by Maggie's lover and was immediately taken on as a cabin boy, learning as much as he could about sailing... But when he learned what had happened to his mother and learned who his real father was, his only thought was--revenge! And when the man who had taken him in and raised him discovered that the government had reneged on his financial payments and property grants, he was penniless and had no choice but to take to the seas as a pirate... But there were limits to what he would do and he taught Rafe that there was no reason for killing when unnecessary--but then he was killed! By then they had become part of the Society of Scoundrels--and was loyal to the Black Widow! Ah, the Black Widow was a beautiful woman! At one point she had faced a traumatic experience. From that day, she had known nothing but blackness in her life--she had become ruthless and showed no mercy as she captained the ship now renamed after her. She was just a bit mad and while she continuously planned her own revenge, she was quite willing to take everything in her path. Soon she had built a hidden stronghold that soon became a town...Soon individual captains came into her town seeking the protection and friendship offered. Slaves that had escaped were pleased to be accepted as equals and served on the small fleet that she was slowly building. Her tactics soon became known and feared--just the sight of the various flags that were flown on each ship ensured surrenders. Those who did not found themselves surrounded by two or three ships and soon were captured and later sunk... Rafe was attracted to the Widow and soon they became friends, then lovers...It didn't mellow the Widow's need for revenge though--because Rafe's own needs were merged--they found that the tyrants in their pasts were the same men! Battles at sea were the norm at that time. Pirates were fast gaining control and were the terrorists that attacked, no matter what country... Soon individual countries had lost so many ships that they were unable to respond to the needs of their respective lands... Wealthy land owners/shippers were losing everything they had to the pirates as well... Pirates of the Caribbean Indeed! You may have seen the movies, but Doug Boren takes us deep into the lives of many of the captains--leaders of the ships that had turned to piracy. The story cannot be changed to ever forget what damage was done by those scoundrels. But we see a side of those individuals that you've perhaps never thought of. Based upon some historical facts about those men and women who were actively working to plunder ships and towns, Boren, nevertheless, looks at those ancestors of many of us, who may have had no choice, but to turn their backs on former lives... Those who love action and adventure will get their fill! Sword fights, knives, pistols, cannons and other "stolen" weapons available at that time, walking the plank, burning and killing...with the reward of riches and supplies to live on...It happened historically! But I loved the underlying stories of the characters, including those in minor roles, such as the Indian who asked to join the ship and became Rafe's friend, after the love of his life had been raped and committed suicide... Invaders to the Americas were just like now--good and evil. Boren has created a fascinating tale of the individuals who were, perhaps, on both sides of any given battle. And he has done it without any loss of the thrills, danger and suspense that we all love. An intriguing glimpse at our history from a totally different perspective, in my opinion. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended! GABixlerReviews

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 7/13/2009 9:28:20 AM
reading this excerpt, makes me definately want to read the book. I am a history fan especially the civil war and Indians. This book sounds like a must read

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 1/3/2009 10:47:43 AM
Welcome! Glad to see you in your new Den! Glenda

The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer (Book) - 5/29/2005 5:34:45 PM
The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer takes the reader into a world well beyond that of Cousteau’s startling adventures by mixing a treacherous watery mystery with sinister realism. Adventure, excitement, fun – this one has it all. You won’t forget the adventures of Josh and Jimmy as they embark on a simple scuba diving vacation. Who knew that death stalked them from below -- inthe water. And above it ...

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 2/16/2004 5:37:05 AM
Doug Boren is ruthless. It wasn't enough for him to craft this epic Civil War novel with the skill of a master storyteller or for him to move and enlighten his readers with the multitude of rich historical content he injected into this saga. No, he ruthlessly makes his defenseless readers feel as if they are witnessing first-hand the brutality of war, imprisonment, massacres, and the cruelty that dwells in the hearts of evil men. And yet, amidst all the blood and gore and horrors of battle, he manages to introduce us to characters who love and care for each other so deeply that it sustains them throughout their lives. It's amazing that the same book that contains scenes that horrify and repulse can also contain scenes that abound with tender emotions, sensitivity and an appreciation of life's true pleasures and the beauty to be found all around us. The main characters of Mace, Tom, George, and Louie are the embodiment of the spirit that made the American West wild, but there is nothing typical about any of them. They have other dimensions that are wonderfully illustrated in their relationships with each other, with the men they meet and respect, and with the women they love. We rage with them, laugh with them, suffer, cry and love with them as they travel over the untamed landscapes of their lives. Mr. Boren even makes us feel for the vile, despicable character of Chactoke--a renegade Apache who is almost evil incarnate. We hate him fiercely for the horrific things he does, but we know that even he has suffered in his past and can't help feeling for him at times. This is not a feel-good book to curl up with and savor--it's too real for that. But when you finish reading it, you will have gained a better understanding of just how much our forefathers endured for us. Sometimes, ruthlessness is a good thing.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 7/23/2003 6:34:13 PM
Beyond the Horizons is a stunning example of great writing and vivid realism! Of heroes who personify valor and desire. Of women filled with passion and strength. Of villains that drip with malice. This historical fiction novel combines adventure, romance, and brutal vision with the trials of both the Civil War and the battle for survival in the Wild West as it follows a band of friends through the daily pain of living and the fierce warmth of loving. From page one you will feel the will and determination of a young soldier caught in a time of fury where one knew why to fight but not why death was always so close on the heels of winning the battle. Be ready to run the gamut of emotions as Boren takes you into the realism of life on the edge. At times I laughed with the characters, feeling a content that one wishes for in real life. But just as I was becoming comfortable, the lurking menace and evil were so strongly and cleverly written that my skin crawled with revulsion and a shiver made its tingling way up my spine. But the worst – or the best, depending upon how one looks at it – were the times that tears fell as I slammed the book shut, shouting: “No! That cannot happen now!” Make no mistake: Boren is on his way with this epic saga of ruthless life and love in times not so pretty. It might even make one wonder about the parallels of times present. Read Beyond the Horizons. You won’t be sorry.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 6/17/2003 4:56:57 AM
What a grabber! You can feel their fear. It draws you in. PS Loved the bookmarks you did for Sherry Gibson. Any hints on how to make them look so very professional. and also, I am a retired nurse...was a school nurse in the Atlantic City High School for a loooong time.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 5/3/2003 7:54:00 PM
Having been fortunate enough to read 'Beyond The Horizons' in its glorious entirely before its actual publication date, I must congratulate Doug Boren for painting an immensely realistic landscape of the old west, while also penning some of the finest battlefield action scenes I've ever had the priviledge to read. His characters breath realism as well, and their dialogue is as gritty and sincere as the actions that drive them. I could almost taste the gunpowder and smell the cannon smoke! You will find yourself rooting for the heroes that Doug has created, while at the same time be swept away by a fictional landscape that might well have been. I recommend anyone who enjoys a good dramatic storyline, accompanied by suspenseful scenes and astonishing action to purchase 'Beyond the Horizons' upon its release by Publish America. Such a novel would make a great television or cable mini-series. Again, congrats to Doug for a finely honed project worthy of praise!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 5/3/2003 10:29:38 AM
Just completed a 'sneak peek' read of Doug Boren's fantastically realistic western/action novel 'BEYOND THE HORIZONS' and I cannot stress enough how purely exciting an experience it was! As a born 'rebel', I have to say I rooted especially for Tom and Mace in the action-packed and equally suspenseful travels they experienced! The characters are fresh; their dialogue wondefully colorful. The action scenes are gritty, bloody and real, as they should be. It's a novel that's hard to put down once you start! Equal parts drama, action-adventure, and suspenseful chiller, I whole-heartedly recommend this fine work, and cannot wait to hold a copy of the finished product in my hands! Way to go, Doug, and good luck on all future writing endeavors! No doubt there's more to come from such a talented scribe.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 4/24/2003 6:26:49 PM
This excerpt certainly puts the reader right in the mix! Very, very exciting and definitely leaves the reader wanting more. In fact, I can't wait for more!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 2/5/2003 4:54:49 PM
Although I only read chapter one I was impressed with the dialogue and the excellent writing...made me want to read on...good job!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 1/17/2003 5:32:39 PM
Beyond the Horizons: An aptly named novel of intense friendship and emotionally charged dangerous situations. Bound to hold your interest through interlaced episodes of dangerous adventures. A novel as big as the land it describes.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 1/12/2003 11:28:09 AM
Beyond the Horizons drops a reader into the depths of times past with heroes as fresh and alive as this morning’s news. Not since John Jakes has there been a story told with such ferocious realism, combining the hard conditions of the era with the personality of true life. Brilliantly written! Terrific emotional intrigue! The west is, indeed, wild! Don’t miss this one!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 1/8/2003 6:03:05 AM
Sounds exciting, very visual. There may well be many writing successes in your future!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 12/9/2002 4:14:39 PM
Now here is a book that seems to have it all! Suspense is dripping from the first page. I like the twist of a book about the civil war, but in a totally different area that one normally reads about. War, suspense, love, friendship, all wrapped in one package, this says winner in my book! Good luck

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 12/7/2002 3:25:41 AM
I love the excerpt; quick, feverish and very visual. The oft-overlooked Civil War battle fields in New Mexico is also an intruiging locale from a novel. Great!

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 12/5/2002 5:10:40 AM
Great job, Brian. Vivid and emotional.

Beyond the Horizons (Book) - 12/3/2002 12:04:41 PM
Excellent read! Personalized action, great description of the peril they were in. The reader is there! This excerpt is enough to make it a 'must read'!

Escape (Short Story) - 6/27/2011 10:41:22 AM
really enjoyed the read. suspenseful with purpose-the just way i think a good story should be written. thanks- jch

Escape (Short Story) - 11/21/2007 1:22:58 AM
Intriguing storyline! I love the comparison of this woman to a snake! Very vivid imagery throughout, but that was my favorite part. You built suspense in this tale perfectly, and the ending was a shocker. Great work! Sheila

Escape (Short Story) - 2/3/2007 2:56:59 PM
Doug, Great story! Thanks for posting it.I felt like I was right in the room with Dave, feeling his emotions. I hope there's more to come. Denny

Escape (Short Story) - 8/29/2003 9:04:54 PM
Doug, The story left me wanting more. I was right there, waiting, wanting to read more. Such a gifted writer you are.

Escape (Short Story) - 8/2/2003 5:52:16 AM
enjoyed the read

Escape (Short Story) - 5/4/2003 7:16:56 PM
So real. If this is an example of how much suspense you can put into a story, I can't wait to read your book. Short stories are hard for most to write. This was EXCELLENT! You managed to tell a life time in just a few short paragraphs. Loved the Gardinia perfume touch. So glad I stopped by and read this. You are an inspiration to all writers. Sherry

Escape (Short Story) - 4/8/2003 2:43:25 PM
Loved it. You did a great job of foreshadowing, giving away just enough little by little to build the tension, and it gave me a wonderful case of the shivers. Thanks for the scare!

Escape (Short Story) - 3/16/2003 11:03:07 PM
I was never married but once engaged I can relate to this. Dark read to say the least; it actually gave me the chills because reminded me of the psychototic ex-girlfriend a bit.

Escape (Short Story) - 3/5/2003 6:39:31 AM
What happened to warning people eh? Before they read something so filled with emotion and feeling at 9am in the morning.. A read that will trigger everyone who reads it's own held onto nightmare escape.. Thanks for the memory, but i am glad your ending was different.. well done...

Escape (Short Story) - 2/27/2003 7:36:14 AM
Pretty good read.

Escape (Short Story) - 2/19/2003 9:34:48 AM
Good story Doug. Like they said the perfume was a good touch, glad my wife doesn't wear that kind. Keep it up, waiting for the next one. Kevin

Escape (Short Story) - 1/25/2003 2:49:48 PM
Fantastic! I was right there in the room! Gooseflesh from this one! It's a true talent when an author can make a reader's neck hair stand up. (Now I'm afraid to take the dogs outside, Doug.)

Escape (Short Story) - 1/13/2003 10:55:47 AM
Great balls of fire! The hair on the back of my neck stood straight out! Heaven help me, if I even begin to smell Gardenia perfume, at Wal Mart or any other place, I will wonder if it is Martha and run like hell! Loved the write. Whew! Joyce Rapier

Escape (Short Story) - 1/6/2003 7:24:38 PM
Incredibly real. I felt almost as if I had lived this myself. We all come face to face with the Queenofallwitches at some point in our lives. Wow! Amazing!

Escape (Short Story) - 1/6/2003 11:22:33 AM
Speaking as a man thrice-divorced, I can at least identify to a certain extent...chilling stuff. Now if I could only get my first ex out of my mind...

Escape (Short Story) - 1/6/2003 5:19:06 AM
Doug: Chilling. Excellent piece of work. I'm impressed . . . & I now have a serious case of the willies!! The gardenia perfume scent was a perfect touch.

Escape (Short Story) - 1/5/2003 11:03:40 PM
Deadly relationships (literally) put to words...I could feel the frustration...nice job..

An inside look at the Sea Explorer (Article) - 7/17/2008 11:53:29 AM
Doug: We expect nothing less out of you . . . from experienced knowledge of your work, of course! You're a pro, & your writing is excellent. -- Linda

An inside look at the Sea Explorer (Article) - 7/5/2008 6:50:03 AM
Great article, Doug. Thanks for posting it. Denny

An inside look at the Sea Explorer (Article) - 7/5/2008 5:16:49 AM
Great intro for the "Sea Explorer Doug. I do envy your enthusiasm to continue writing; you make the exercise sound invigorating. Based on your previous writings, I'm sure this one will be very entertaining. Cheers, Henry

Road Trip for Book Sales—a Pilgrimage; Part Seven (Article) - 5/7/2006 6:50:20 AM
I want to thank you for sharing this with us. Many of us will never see these places in person...

Road Trip for Book Sales—a Pilgrimage; Part Three (Article) - 5/7/2006 6:47:09 AM
This is wonderful! I love history and exploration. I've heard the Zuni are a VERY interesting tribe...

Road Trip for Book Sales—a Pilgrimage; Part Two (Article) - 5/7/2006 6:44:58 AM
This sounds like a wonderful journey, and a great way to get your book out there...

Road Trip for Book sales- a Pilgrimage; Part One (Article) - 5/6/2006 12:17:36 AM
Intersting write, thank you for taking us along with you on your journey, and congratualations on your book God Bless Michelle!

Road Trip for Book Sales—a Pilgrimage; Part Seven (Article) - 5/6/2006 12:15:08 AM
This is a great writing, thank you for sharing your journey with us God Bless Michelle!

Road Trip for Book Sales—a Pilgrimage; Part Seven (Article) - 5/5/2006 3:59:53 PM
Doug, Seems I've traveled a million mental miles since my book first came out and the day your book arrived in my mailbox and I read it for the first time. I've read all seven of your collection on your Road Trip. Excellent my friend, as always. Since I read the book myself, your chronicles here took me back to another place, another time. Wonderful reading. I do have a question for you! Would you rather have taken this road trip before Byond the Horizons was written or was it better for you after the book was released. I just wonder if this trip would have impacted anything in your book. By the way, I still love the story today and would recommend it to anyone that loves to read and combine history as I do. Sherry

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 7/10/2014 1:36:16 AM
I am sorry for your loss, lovely tribute

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 7/10/2014 1:35:14 AM
well done

Threshold (Poetry) - 10/19/2011 7:20:55 PM
Powerful poetry filled with faith, hope, love and everything inbetween! BRAVO!

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 6/27/2011 10:43:00 AM
i do not often read poetry. i am so glad that i read yours. this poem is lovely, really lovely. thanks for sharing, jch

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 5/31/2011 8:30:25 AM
an emotional write -- your love is evident, Doug. I do hope it had an eventual good outcome! Robert

Threshold (Poetry) - 5/9/2011 4:45:05 AM
Absolutely Beautiful! I'm sure your bride is highly impressed!! Blessings to you both!!!...Frances

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 11/30/2010 10:53:27 PM
Touching. Written to the delight of the reader, to share in such a personal utterance from the soul Thanks for sharing

Threshold (Poetry) - 9/25/2009 9:35:10 PM
I like how this poem unfolds. With the passing of time, you show us how the commitment grows and blossoms. A romantic tribute. Sheila

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 8/1/2008 5:53:54 PM
Beautiful words captured straight from the heart! Blessings...Frances

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 5/12/2008 6:03:10 PM
Those who read your newest poetry know it ended well. Not a sad story but a very loving story and cannot be compared with other love except it is a true love and will last into eternity. Brought back so many memories to me of my 2nd love ended by death of spouse. Want to cry when I read your newest writes and this one too.

Threshold (Poetry) - 5/12/2008 5:59:46 PM
So romantic you are and lucky to have a future wife to honor, obey and love. Treating her right will not be hard and she will love you all her days as your love for her will last and last. Death is cruel but must be as I have seen with my hubby last Aug. You make me realize the love I shared with him. It was like yours for Barbara.

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 5/12/2008 5:53:57 PM
Great tribute to Barbara and I am sure she deserves it and lives up to it. You have given her love and it will be there til death. Great love like this is hard to find and should be treasured by both. Such profound words of wisdom too. You both gave your hearts to each other and Love Makes the World Go Round.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 9:42:47 AM
Wonderful tribute to your friend and to be able to take on his family is a great trait you have and reminded me of a friend's hubby saying Take Care of My Wife as he lay dying in the hospital. When we know our loved ones are going to be taken care of by someone throughout the rest of their lives, we can go in peace. Truly a beautiful write.

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 2/25/2008 1:18:08 PM
This poem brings my husband and his love back to me. He died on Aug 17 07 and is truly missed each day. I know I will meet him again some day in heaven. He truly loved colors and things and guess he is enjoying them up there now very much so. Lois

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 1/10/2008 8:44:52 AM
Simple and elegant, much like a flower. Just lovely. Kathy

Threshold (Poetry) - 12/31/2007 3:53:56 PM
well done enjoyed the read

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 5/27/2007 10:35:34 AM
Very powerful emotions well described.

Threshold (Poetry) - 5/19/2007 2:27:05 PM
Beautiful, thank you!

Threshold (Poetry) - 2/2/2007 11:52:32 PM
perfection!! Vesna:)

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 11/15/2006 12:39:50 PM
How beautifully put!

Threshold (Poetry) - 4/30/2006 10:06:19 AM
Wonderful poem for wedded bliss and hope...

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/14/2004 1:29:12 PM
You are too lovely of face to have suffered this way - tell us there's a happy ending! It's hard to share our deepest pain, bravo to you for mastering that art. Monette

Threshold (Poetry) - 1/13/2004 4:14:46 PM
Doug, Beautifully written as always. May the two of your be blessed with love to last an eternity. Great writing! Getting ready to read Beyond the Horizon again. Loved it the first time through but always enjoy a second reading more as I pick up more detail, lol.

Threshold (Poetry) - 12/12/2003 4:18:17 PM
Impressive poem you have here, I have a short story which also shares the title of your poem but I will try not to get them confused here. You got something which has a lot of power behind it.

Threshold (Poetry) - 11/3/2003 9:19:53 AM
Doug, Once again you have sewn a masterful piece filled with true emotion that serves as an example of how people should express their feelings to that special person in their life. Thanks again for the invite.

Threshold (Poetry) - 11/3/2003 9:19:29 AM
I almost think you should have posted this as a short story because it tells so beautifully the story of your lives together thus far. The depth of your love and the sensitivity of your soul shines through in every word with the brilliance of the diamond in the ring. I'm so happy for you!

Threshold (Poetry) - 11/3/2003 7:48:33 AM
Doug: Your love is so obvious, & your wife-to-be is certainly honored w/your creatively emotional words. Now . . . write the book! There has to be a real story behind these poems.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 10/19/2003 12:38:08 PM
..a remarkable light shines forth ever so brightly..thankyou! excellent write!!! Vesna

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 10/2/2003 4:20:34 PM
Beautiful heart/soul felt tribute.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 10/1/2003 2:20:28 PM
Well done, Doug. A fitting eulogy. You are showing yourself, daily, to be one not afraid to show his love and share it. Your friend was so very lucky to die with the strength of a friend like you beside him. One massive bravo and a hug. Jay

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 10/1/2003 4:22:05 AM
Doug, Once again, you display an amazing virsatility as a writer. You are truly a wordsmith with a talent so few can claim. Thanks for the invite.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 9:11:49 AM
A wonderful tribute to your friend, Doug; well done! :( (((HUGS))) and love, your Texas friend, Karen Lynn.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 6:12:18 AM
Doug, you always make me feel as you do when you write poetry -- that's been an agony, a delight, and now my heart is heavy with this fine tribute. My condolences. And so I don't forget why you are here, another wonderful poem that defines "slice of life."

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 6:02:28 AM
This touches the very bottom of the heart. Strong and gentle loving thoughts for a friend so rare. Thank you for sharing. Lisa

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 5:50:35 AM
This is a heartfelt tribute.

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 5:41:37 AM
Doug, A powerful piece of poetry and yet so gentle and loving! Quite a combination and as Linda said, we simply don't see a man express this type of love often enough. The gentleness of write is combined with a strength that comes from being strong enough to express yourself. Excellent my friend. Sherry

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/30/2003 4:29:26 AM
Doug: I'd say this is the best yet. Beautifully poignant, a pure & innocent statement of love from one man to another. We don't often see that, unfortunately. I look forward to the next. . . .

Farewell To My Friend (Poetry) - 9/29/2003 8:47:25 PM
This is an absolutely beautiful piece. It brought to me the painful yet wonderful memories of my dad. Thank you so much for this wonderful write. Shirley

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 9/14/2003 12:37:43 PM
Doug, Totally an emotional write! Very intense and it pulls the reader right into the pain of the poetry. Sherry

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 2:32:10 PM
Now I know why your poetry is so endearing. It is a journal of the soul. It is a day by day -- no! an hour by hour recounting of a man's love for his woman. There is a feeling of immediacy that draws one into the very essence of the lives of Doug and (now we know her name) Barbara. At the end of each poem I feel like I'm closing the book and locking it with the key, then stealing quietly out of the room and back into my life. Thank you for sharing yours.

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 2:16:14 PM
A very moving, but disturbing poem, with highs and lows, and unfortunately ending on a low point. One can only hope that "In the Garden of Our Hearts" follows right on the tail of this one.

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 1:50:14 PM
A well-crafted and deeply felt piece. You don't skip along the surface of Love, you submerge and come up with its essence. Your last two lines are a couplet worthy of Alexander Pope. It is a handle to carry the rest of the poem in one's mind. Marvelous!

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 11:01:39 AM
Any woman foolish enough not to realize what a treasure you are from this needs to do some soul-searching and find out what's wrong with her heart. I wish there were more men so comfortable with their emotions and able to share their feelings so beautifully.

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 10:49:01 AM
Your deep understanding of what love really means comes through in every line. I could almost hear your heart beat as I read. Beautiful!

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 2:57:08 PM
Doug. I am never left without a comment, but this read left me almost speechless. My friend, your talent with poetry is stunning. The lady in your life brings out the best in you! Keep up the excellent work. Sherry

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 8/29/2003 8:59:37 PM
Doug, Tears escaped as I read this for I too know that feeling. You are a wonderful gifted writer and show your emotions freely so the reader also feels them.

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/29/2003 8:51:39 PM
Doug, Beautiful picture and such beautiful heartfelt words. The words just sing.

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 8/29/2003 8:46:19 PM
Doug, Beautiful. That's the only word I can come up with. Your words speak volume's. A beautiful piece by a great writer.

So What is Our Love? (Poetry) - 8/29/2003 8:09:34 AM
Doug, To say you have a way with words is a pathetic understatement. The woman in your life must still be catching her breath.... Great work.

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/25/2003 11:37:12 AM
Doug: Very beautiful, heartfelt. And touching. Where'd the picture come from? Did you take it?

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/21/2003 5:05:04 AM
Doug, You are obviously a talented wordsmith that writes from the heart. Thanks for the invite.... as usual, it was time VERY well spent.

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/20/2003 3:57:34 PM
A secret this flower of love does hide, hidden away, deep inside. And that is its power, latent and strong, “forever” is its answer when asked, “how long?” I love those kinds of secrets.... thank you for sharing such romantic words.... In Spirit, Bear

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/20/2003 3:44:24 PM
Doug, Whoa, had no idea you were such a romantic my friend! Such a good poem! The picture is the perfect background setting for words that flow so smoothly. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Excellent work my freind. Sherry Only a Game

In the garden of our hearts (Poetry) - 8/20/2003 1:53:08 PM
<gasp and claps!!> That's so precious, Doug! I love it. I love the effects of the bold italics on, 'forever'. That's sooo wonderful. Nice poem. Refreshing. ....*.... Brittany

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 5:59:00 PM
Great stuff, Doug. It tugs at the heartstrings of even an old grump like myself. This profound work proves you can pen any genre, cover any subject, with style. Thanks for the was WELL worth the time.

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 4:12:33 PM
Doug, obviously wrote from pure emotion on this one. I'm very impressed..and hope things work out for you the way you want. Personally, I've lived through the devestation of divorce several times. But, never give up hope that true happiness is but moments away, when you least expect it. Corny? Maybe...but I've seen it happen in my own life. Good luck, pal.

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 3:33:10 PM
Wow, such feeling and emotions poured out in this one...I loved it!!!! ~Nikki~

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 8:43:59 AM
Good work.

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 8:30:03 AM
This was wonderful, so hauntingly sad, I loved it, beautiful and so touching, Reindeer

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 4:47:06 AM
Very touching, Doug, very real. It left me wondering -- did they (stay together) or didn't they?? Is that what I'm supposed to wonder?

I once had a Love... (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 4:04:40 AM
There is probably no worse pain than that of a love just out of reach. And even knowing that everything happens for a reason does not dull that ache of wishing. Truly a heart-felt rendering of that pain in this poetry. I pray that it is a created author's fantasy and not the writing of knowledge. Regardless -- Moving.

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