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Recent Reviews for Mary Ann Biddinger

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 8/4/2015 6:58:30 AM
that's so well written , such beautiful array of words

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/31/2015 7:16:50 AM
The idealism was perfect at the time. Yet times move on and certain parts are outdated and don't hold resemblance to modernity. Nor a 'civilised' culture a culture where all people's should be equal. It'll be great to see the country live up to such ideals. We can but hope.

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 7/28/2015 9:37:57 PM
A heartwarming story.....M

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 7/28/2015 9:36:32 PM
An interesting tradition. Many cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways.....M

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/27/2015 5:21:04 AM
An excellent tribute to our nation. We need more people to speak up and take a stand. hug Kathy

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 7/26/2015 9:40:19 AM
This is my favorite among your recent poems I think. It's highly evocative and effective in associating movement and art, emphasizing the purity in the act of creation. Enjoyed.

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/23/2015 11:43:12 AM
Like the constitutions of so many nations, the ink is dry and the intentions are clear... but circumstances and actions are so lacking! Once our societies become humanist then any semblance of Laws under God become somewhat redundant. A well-penned ode to what once was - and again could be if the great tide turns. xx

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 7/18/2015 3:23:35 AM
The poems simplicity is overwhelming!....M

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 7/18/2015 3:21:35 AM
Beautiful and very moving...........M

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/18/2015 3:20:44 AM
A heart felt tribute to Independence Day !.....M

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/15/2015 8:28:51 AM
I appreciate the point of view that you have shard through your verses, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/4/2015 12:40:00 PM
Your poem confirms the thoughts of the signers of that great document. Unfortunately, while many people believe those signers did so, the words, "Under God Indivisible," were added in the 20th century by those that believe we should have a religious state, something that the signers of the Declaration wanted to avoid by staking their lives on it. Ron

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/3/2015 3:29:13 AM
The Declaration of Independence is being sorely pot to the test by the despot who currently resides in the White House these days.

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/3/2015 1:13:55 AM
thank you for sharing this wonderful poem "the ink is dry" keep up the wonderful work...your words touch my heart.

The Ink Is Dry (Poetry) - 7/2/2015 7:41:00 PM
There are many who would like to do us in so we have to now be ever vigilant.

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 6/19/2015 4:54:15 AM
So cute! I love the innocent side of halloween, but not the ghoulish, blood-smeared costumes or horror shows. It should be fun for kids, but always light! Love, Connie

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 6/19/2015 4:50:54 AM
Mystically romantic lines. Missing you, Mary Ann...does that explain the Au revoir? Love, Connie

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 5/7/2015 6:50:26 PM
Almost a haiku. So delicate. I can smell roses for some reason. Te Amo.

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 5/7/2015 8:59:56 AM
Love the telling and unusual details you choose here for this most special of all love messages - starting with 'au revoir' is perhaps puzzling and bold and truly poignant. Classic, and yet the mention of 'air guitar' also adds a sense of the contemporary and a change of tone. Delicate and succinct. xx

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 3/31/2015 6:36:05 AM
just so beautiful sweet lady..Hugss

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 3/21/2015 4:29:44 PM
breathtaking...nice to read your words again....Hugsss..

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 3/7/2015 12:09:01 PM
Gentle like the notes of a lovesong on the breeze. Lovely as always, Mary Ann

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 3/6/2015 9:28:40 AM
Love to learn of different legends. Well done. hug Kathy

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 3/6/2015 9:27:31 AM
Simply lovely write hug Kathy

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 3/6/2015 9:25:13 AM
Beautifully done MaryAnn hug' Kathy

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 3/6/2015 9:24:06 AM
Such a lovely and loving write MaryAnn. hug Kathy

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 3/1/2015 8:27:15 PM
lovely valentine

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/24/2015 1:47:32 PM
A jewel for my collection thanks for sharing Peace and love be with you william

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/24/2015 3:45:32 AM
je l'aime cette poeme beaucoup...tres bien Mary Ann. Vive l'amour et le romance. Amor

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/22/2015 4:39:38 PM
Je t'ame indeed. so soft and loving.

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/18/2015 2:19:31 PM
J'aime ton poème, Mary Ann. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you. The love expressed through your verses are apt for every day of the year. Love and best wishes, Regis

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/18/2015 2:53:45 AM
Wow! It's after Valentines Day and I can still feel love in the air from your poetic charm. Thank you Mary Ann!

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/16/2015 1:59:31 PM
Delightful and in your sweet signature style! Blessings, Christine xx

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/13/2015 2:00:38 PM
Every line delightful..! Diana...

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2015 1:48:12 AM
There's a touch of magic in your poetic lines Mary Ann...captivating.

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/10/2015 4:09:01 PM
Beautiful and sweet, Mary! Sandie

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/10/2015 12:02:21 PM
How sweet Mary Ann.

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/10/2015 7:22:05 AM
Love the "air guitar." Ron

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/10/2015 1:53:09 AM
lovely, wonderful...another terrific piece of work from you, anna'

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/9/2015 4:44:00 PM
Lovely, sweet, precious, gorgeous!

Enclose Valentine Love (Poetry) - 2/9/2015 3:20:06 PM
Very pretty, young lady...-e-

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 2/8/2015 8:15:04 AM
This poem catches the essence of autumn--so much beauty that stays for such a short time. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Such careful word choice!

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 2/6/2015 2:07:40 PM
Fine Art of Nature's designer of bird and flower...matched by notably fine poem and vivid description of the world of animal and botanical portraiture...ekphrastic articulation of the soul. Thank you Mary Ann for sharing your verse.

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 2/3/2015 9:13:09 AM
Autumn is the twin of my favorite time of year, Spring when everything comes to life and not its hibernation. Somehow you made this season romantic. Excellent work.

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 2/3/2015 8:41:40 AM
Beautifully penned; this tightly-woven jewel imparts tremendous imagery and denotes considerable skill! -- Jeff

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 2/2/2015 10:08:36 AM
Oriental culture is minimalist where less does become more. Less distraction. Tight write doing the ekphrastic work real justice.

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 2/1/2015 6:14:45 AM
This is so beautiful, Mary Ann!! I enjoyed this!! Sandie

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/31/2015 12:26:53 PM
Beautifully written most enjoyable reading Peace be with you William

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/30/2015 5:11:38 AM
Lovely, Indeed.

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/29/2015 7:08:56 AM
an interesting array of imagery

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/28/2015 10:34:03 AM
a poem as lovely as an oriental canvas.

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/28/2015 9:21:17 AM
A very delicate and lovely poem! Peace, love and light, Amber

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/28/2015 6:41:48 AM
What a lovely poem, Mary Ann.

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/27/2015 8:09:42 PM
Very creative and artful; thank you for sharing this gift, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes, Regis

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/27/2015 2:26:23 PM
An eloquent poem Mary Ann and fine painting. Is it yours? I dabble a bit in oil myself. Jon Michael

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/27/2015 8:19:57 AM
Just lovely... simple elegance... Diana...

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/27/2015 7:58:27 AM
Interesting. Each line could have been the title. Peace...

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/25/2015 5:19:53 PM
A beautiful line of art painted with strokes of eloquence. Wishing you continued creativity! With respect and admiration, Carol Phelan Aebby

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/25/2015 9:52:25 AM
Beautiful poem, Dear Mary Ann but who did the artwork depicted? Amor

Line Of Art (Poetry) - 1/24/2015 12:02:11 PM
Words cannot begin to explain quality of the natural world. Drawings do much better. Ron

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 1/12/2015 5:26:45 AM
Gave me such a smile, love this Mary Ann. Beautiful poem and animals.

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 1/12/2015 5:25:47 AM
Enjoyed this so much, seems Father Christmas is the same with small differences around the world.

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 1/11/2015 3:32:26 AM
I am with Morgan on this hope that the season went well for you. Love this little big of legend. Thank you for sharing it. Amor

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 1/9/2015 6:31:00 PM
Hope you had wonderful holidays!

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 1/4/2015 7:22:13 PM
Apt, timely, cultural; a lovely offering, Mary Ann. Thank you! Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 12:09:53 PM
This was sweet and interesting, Mary Ann. The picture is special, too. Love, Connie

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/27/2014 9:42:48 AM
Happy Holidays, Mary Ann, to you and yours. Enjoyed the Christmas insight. Peace...rlc

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/27/2014 4:31:42 AM
I love old ethnic Christmas tales - mine are Polish - but your German one is marvelous as well. And I truly miss the marvelous old world, magical, family Christmas gatherings of my youth.

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/26/2014 11:48:33 PM
A new one for me by all"s well if it makes our children Happy Love & Peace be with you....... Merry Christmas William

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/25/2014 10:51:00 AM
There are so many Christmas traditions from around the world. At one time, Germany was made up of feudal kingdoms. Each one had its own traditions reaching back into pagan times. When they mixed with Christianity, we have the many visions of Santa. Thank you for enlightening us on one of them. Ron

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/25/2014 9:50:48 AM
i never knew of German traditions and unfortunately never will ... your poem instills their spirit ...

Belsnickle 'ole Yuletide (Poetry) - 12/25/2014 6:32:58 AM

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/22/2014 2:00:47 PM
Totally adorable Mary Ann! Blessings and Merry Christmas Christine

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/21/2014 11:13:40 AM
Compassionately compelling, Mary Ann; a wonderful sharing of simplicity that is a miracle too. Thank you. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 5:17:51 PM
A beautiful poetic tale with a wonderful ending Love the picture accompanying the posting Love and peace be with you....... Merry Christmas William

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 9:55:28 PM
Lovely write. Dogs have big hearts. Humans can learn much from a dog. Dog is God spelled backward for a reason a believe. Amen.

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/14/2014 5:40:31 PM
This is so sweet, Mary Ann, and written in a compelling way. I like the play on words in the title, too. "Shiver cold" and the rest of the poem gives a clear picture of this story of Faith and Grace. Christmas love, Connie

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/14/2014 7:32:11 AM

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/14/2014 6:13:48 AM
Mary, This story warmed my heart. I feel so bad for the animals out in the cold and starving. You rescued one that will be Ok and loved. Grace is one of the fortunate ones to find a good home. God bless you. Love and blessings, ~Linda

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/13/2014 11:29:36 AM
I like this little kitty story of redemption… Cute. Ron

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/13/2014 3:23:09 AM
Lovely story and Kudos to Faith - if only more would do the same.

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/12/2014 9:56:27 PM
..candid and heartwarming poem-story of friendship...human kindness and unconditional love... Thank you Mary Ann, for sharing this incredibly awwwdorable verse and photo of two unlikely. animal friends...Meow! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/12/2014 12:35:00 PM
Very touching. An enjoyable read. Michael D.

Faith Saves Grace (Poetry) - 12/11/2014 11:51:32 PM

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 12/10/2014 3:05:42 AM
This is a GREAT poetic reminder of the joys of my childhood during the winter Holidays. We used to ick the season off with a home made "House of Horrors" that was scarier than the amusement parks for sure. Then it was trick or treating contest to see who can get the most junk food (candy). Christmas was filled with stories of Santa and how he arrived in an apartment that did not have a fireplace. Today we look towards Jesus and he brings us incredible gifts. One gift he brought me is the gift communicating with folks like you Mary Ann. Merry Christmas and may this New Year be better than ever! Amen! John Michael

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 11/15/2014 2:46:47 PM
Such an apt and timely tribute to my favorite time of year, Mary Ann. Well done! I have a poem posted here at AD titled, "Dance of the Autumn Leaves" which you have commented on before and I thank you for that. I do not know if you have seen the video that I posted on Youtube along with the poem. Here is the link: Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 11/15/2014 10:57:17 AM
Truly a loving poem.

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 11/15/2014 10:56:02 AM
The leaves are mostly gone now, - but I did step across some red oak leaves today in my walking outdoors.

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/5/2014 5:12:12 PM
lovely .... joyful reading ...

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/2/2014 3:57:09 AM
I love Howloween, black cats, and your poem - Hope you had a good one.

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 4:26:49 PM
A wonderful and playful write. Thoroughly enjoyed. hug kathy

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 4:19:47 PM
most enjoyable seasonal treat great for children thanks for sharing Love & Peace be with you William

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 12:48:25 PM
Strictly for kids. Or those that are young at heart. Ron

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 10:12:13 AM
Delightful. Could easily be included in a children's book of holidays. Blessings... rlc

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 11/1/2014 9:22:55 AM
Thank you for sharing this delightful, apt, and timely write, Mary Ann. Well done! Love and best wishes (witches lol!!!) to you, Regis

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 10/31/2014 9:54:10 PM
A timely write. Halloween is so much fun, even for the cats!!!! Sandie :o)

Lucky Boo Scardy Cat (Poetry) - 10/31/2014 2:23:20 PM
Superb! Now for the 12 cats of halloween. :)

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/28/2014 5:08:51 PM
Ah! the radiant metaphor of joy to you Mary Ann, who know the poetic chant of new season...the crispy Fall returning to earth's northern hemisphere...melancholy sound and fait veil of silence attending the ball of dance... dance the ritual under the apple tree...that goes on... with reverence and much needed that honors Pamona Goddess of fruits...divine and grace and faith...compassion and tolerance in our hearts...gratitude and generosity of loving gold-cherry red-and azure sky with white the expedite soul's passage to other- -world...unlock the secrets...explain the contemporary tradition of bobbing for an Halloween apple...and life is worth living...saying. Many Blessings!

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/27/2014 10:00:04 AM
Lovely images flowed through my mind when I read this write hug Kathy

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/27/2014 1:59:06 AM
Autumn's Dance is always marvelous.

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 11:45:58 AM
This poem is very colorful Mary Ann.

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 9:11:03 AM
Your words are uniquely connected and the picture you paint with them is delightful. Many blessings... rlc

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 8:52:54 AM
Autumn is the season for poets to shine. Your rendering shines brightly.

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 4:17:53 AM
Beautiful write about autumn!! Sandie

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/26/2014 1:32:51 AM
wonderful....always your wonderful words...keep going...blessings, anna

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 9:06:55 PM
Excellent autumn write, makes me miss my views Of the northeast mountains and their wonderful kalaidescope hues Thanks for sharing....... Love and peace be with you William

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 8:13:20 PM
Lovely poem

Autumn's Dance (Poetry) - 10/25/2014 12:44:01 PM
Just beautiful Mary Ann. Worth reading again and again! Thank You!

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 11:39:48 AM
An enchanting poem, delicate and beautiful.

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 5/16/2014 11:26:21 PM

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 4/16/2014 6:30:37 AM
And how beautiful they sing their song Lady Mary Ann... I have several around my home... they are hypnotic Love and Light Lily

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 4/8/2014 1:16:06 PM
Such a lovely love write hug Kat

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 4/8/2014 1:15:15 PM
Lovely image of the "ice flower". Beautifully done hug Kat

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 4/8/2014 1:14:27 PM
Such a beautiful write of spring. hug Kathy

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 4/8/2014 12:31:59 PM
Joyous and uplifting, Mary Ann. A musical greeting and welcome to the season of gladness and renewal. xx

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/25/2014 4:19:32 PM
Such fun rhythm and imagery! Love it! Blessings, xx Christine

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/24/2014 11:57:25 PM
You've put a definite Spring in my step this morning! Uplifting and enchanting imagery...I Love the Blossom picture too...can't wait for the Lilacs to flower! Bliss! Diana...

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/22/2014 9:59:49 PM
beautiful imagery and enjoyable reading Love & Peace be with you William

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/22/2014 11:49:57 AM
And about time too!, lovely description of spring

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/22/2014 11:07:08 AM
I love my wind chimes and I love this ode to spring that you have shared. Thank you, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 6:37:43 PM
Loved it!! Bring it on... come on Spring!

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 6:15:38 PM
a musical time of the year ... your poem sings ...

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 3:10:39 PM
Yours is a creative heart filled with the wonder of one with deep and abiding faith. Blessings... richard

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 1:25:13 PM
Oh yes! Mary the Equinox where days and nights are equal... the beauty of Nature that has been invisible...under the snow...comes back...into line with Spring...tend to feel more inspired your poetic words...and sounds of chimes. Thank you for sharing.

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 9:02:17 AM
Puts spring in my mind and heart. Ron

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/21/2014 12:00:50 AM

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/20/2014 2:58:01 PM
Just like a breath of fresh air. This is refreshing. Sandie

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/20/2014 2:57:29 PM
I know what you are talking about. Walked my little mutt today without even wearing a coat, and with shorts on too. Yesss!

Wind Chimes Spirit of Spring (Poetry) - 3/20/2014 2:35:55 PM
No Flowers blooming around here as yet.

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/19/2014 8:32:17 AM
What a beautiful poem Mary Ann.

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/18/2014 3:00:12 AM
A marvelous prayer, indeed.

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 8:30:21 PM
Loved it! Well said Mary Ann! Peace, love and Irish Blessings in the Lords name, Amen

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 5:13:16 PM
happy St. Patricks Day!

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 3:42:43 PM
wonderful festivity to your poem,,, hey, Ron ... partake in a real nyc st.patty's day parade and i think you'd think differently ... forget the religious politics ...

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 1:06:06 PM
thank you budd

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 12:25:08 PM
...expression of hope...from your lips to God's ears....

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 10:01:47 AM
Ron's mind set is typical and sad of some. But the poem is excellent and beautiful. George Carroll

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 9:48:37 AM
I never quite understood all the fervor over St. Patrick's Day. But then, I guess you have to reflect on all the suffering the Irish have had in their homeland and overseas while trying to immigrate and fit into a world that thought their allegiance to the Catholic religion quite absurd. In any event, the Irish are a proud lot and love to celebrate whenever they can to get out from under the iron fist of the priests, Pope and bishops. Ron

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 9:10:04 AM

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 7:35:36 AM
Ahhh . . . Great Irish poetry, Mary Ann . . .

Wearing Of The Green Irish Prayer (Poetry) - 3/17/2014 7:34:59 AM
Thank you, Mary Ann! This is so sweet! Sandie :o)

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 3/15/2014 5:15:12 AM
A poem which is short and nice, a lovely picture too! Well done!

Watercolors this Magic Moment (Poetry) - 3/13/2014 12:52:50 PM
A very peaceful and lovely poem

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 3/13/2014 12:49:46 PM
Some interesting word pictures; ice flower, nice flower!

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 3/12/2014 5:57:31 PM
No two crystals are alike if you follow snow flake lore. Likewise, "Ice Flower" is one of a kind. Nicely done Mary. Patrick

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 3/10/2014 9:15:43 AM
Superb imagery replete with symbolism and open to the reader's imagination to interpret; thank you for sharing, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Whimisical Fairiae Mae Sprite (Poetry) - 3/8/2014 8:54:21 AM
This is so magical!!! I really enjoyed this one!! Sandie :o)

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 3/8/2014 8:53:11 AM
Mary Ann: This is truly a beautiful write! a breath of fresh air and beautiful!!! Sandie

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 3/7/2014 11:42:22 AM
I missed this on Valentine's but a romantic dance of love is applicable any time. Thank you for sharing, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes, Regis

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 3/4/2014 10:25:31 AM
A very beautiful write! I enjoyed this, Mary Ann! Sandie

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/26/2014 12:42:47 PM
Beautiful image and your verse complement each other. Love them both! Sandie

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/25/2014 11:58:12 AM
Delightful and as unique as each individual water crystal. Sharp and clearly visual. xx

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/24/2014 4:49:01 AM
Absolutely stunning collection of phrases!!!!! Just LOVE it! Anna

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/22/2014 7:48:11 PM
beautifully composed Love & peace be with you William

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/22/2014 9:31:06 AM
The magic of water in its crystalline form and sunlight is a wonder your poem describes perfectly. Ron

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 5:02:06 PM
your crystallized imagery really captures the moment ...

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 12:26:13 PM
beautiful budd

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 12:00:41 PM
quite the graphic ode to a flake... M.True

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 11:07:43 AM

Ice Flower (Poetry) - 2/21/2014 10:39:13 AM
Awww . . . This is just very, very ingenuous and lovely, Mary Ann. The frozen crystals are commented to longevity within the lines of this special poem.

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/14/2014 6:33:10 PM
enjoyed reading thanks for sharing Love & Peace be with you William

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/12/2014 5:57:57 PM
perfect for in the season of valentine's

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/12/2014 7:41:55 AM
The picture and poem is painted with love

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/12/2014 5:59:00 AM
Truly beautifully written poetry!!! Laura

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 5:47:16 PM
Far too much passion to be too calm... M.True

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 11:45:55 AM
Beautifully penned!!!!! Loved your enchanting phrasing... Hugs, Anna

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 8:43:41 AM
So beautifully penned are your cameo moments of love in the arms of your Valentine as you dance the dance of lovers everywhere. Mary Ann, your poem danced off the page... right into my heart. Absolutely a beautiful, poignant poem that you have shared with us! Happy Valentines Day to you and John. Love, Joy

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 8:42:38 AM
Calm, a great ending to a great beginning.

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 8:30:53 AM
A dance of love. Ron

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 6:51:53 AM
A wonderfully penned poem about two hearts and love which they share.

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 6:46:01 AM
beautifully written Mary Ann beautiful words......thanks for sharing this one..

Of Hearts In Love (Poetry) - 2/11/2014 6:39:39 AM
a superbly loving vision and so heartfelt budd

Descant of a Kite (Poetry) - 1/12/2014 2:06:00 PM
I've never flown a kite; you make it seem like that is something all of us ought to try. Lovely offering, Mary Ann. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 1/3/2014 7:15:46 PM
A most apt, timely, and meaningful write, Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing these sentiments. Happy New Year to you with love and peace and best wishes, Regis

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/31/2013 5:12:11 AM
That star still shines in all our hearts its the light that brightens our way Love & Peace be with you Happy New Year William

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/28/2013 7:18:36 AM
What a gorgeous Christmas poem.

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/27/2013 9:54:49 AM
wonderful Christmas sentiment ...

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/27/2013 5:49:12 AM
The spirit of Christmas sings out in this chiming piece, Lady Mary Ann! May the blessings of peace and joy be yours at this special time and continue to abound in 2014. xx

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/26/2013 6:02:41 PM
So Wonderfully written and such a beautiful photo ,hope your Christmas was merry my friend!!! Laura

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/26/2013 2:10:55 PM
Such sweet verse..from quite The Lady Mary Ann.. Lady Vivian

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/26/2013 9:17:41 AM
How lovely Mary Ann. Happy Holidays

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/26/2013 4:05:10 AM
And the very same to you, Mary Ann.

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/26/2013 12:55:40 AM
thank you marianne for sharing this wonderful greenting,,,hug anna

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/25/2013 5:11:19 PM
Very cheerful poetic song. Merry Christmas Mary Ann! John Michael

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/25/2013 4:38:00 PM
Merry Christmas budd

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/25/2013 10:59:25 AM
All the best wishes to you and your family as well. Ron

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/25/2013 10:16:23 AM
And peace be with you... M.True

Peace Blessings Star (Poetry) - 12/25/2013 10:04:47 AM
Beautifully rendered poem of the virgin birth.

A Song of Amour in Paris (Poetry) - 11/27/2013 9:40:56 AM
Dreamy as you paint amour in Paris...the City of Lights comes alive in this piece de resistance Amor

Mother The Garden Is Lovely (Poetry) - 11/11/2013 7:55:38 PM
What a beautiful tribute to your mother and her garden. I know that you love gardens and Victorian poetry, in this poem you have blended the two together to form a beautiful bouquet. So lovely and soothing to read. Joy L. Hale

Whimisical Fairiae Mae Sprite (Poetry) - 10/10/2013 9:52:14 AM
I came to get a dose of fairy dust In the nameing of flowers you came about the name Corabell and it reminded me of the fairy/pixie that Walt Disney used in his magical kindom...her name was fitting it comes here

Mother The Garden Is Lovely (Poetry) - 9/17/2013 7:34:11 AM
This is one of those poems that fills you with warmth and smiles, and brings these beautiful scenes to life. God bless you and your mother! Connie

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 8/27/2013 8:01:53 AM
Would that the world invested in the innocence of childhood and just stopped fighting. A lovely poem, Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love and best wishes, Regis

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 8/26/2013 7:41:24 AM
Tightly woven delecate piece. Had my thoughts turn to A Midsummer's Night Dream.

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 7/26/2013 1:41:54 PM
Delicate is the sound of the flute just as the lyrics of your poem, Mary Ann, so sweet and innocent.

Enchantment Of The Heart (Poetry) - 7/18/2013 6:09:40 PM
whoa I like this

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 7/5/2013 2:54:39 PM
another wonderful piece thanks for sharing Love & Peace be with you William

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 7/4/2013 12:10:47 AM
VERY Good poetic write Mary Ann! Peace, God's agape love, abundant blessings, John Michael

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 7/2/2013 1:18:23 PM
Lady Mary Ann your poem dances with the whimsical the love of a summer day <3 Love & Blessings Vickie

Little Heart Flute Dance (Poetry) - 6/30/2013 4:27:45 PM
Your words meld into a beautiful visualization, Mary Ann! Blessings, xx Christine

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