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Recent Reviews for Tyler Joseph Wiseman

Symphonies Anthology (Book) - 10/21/2003 11:38:03 PM
Marie, I'd be interested in who it was that declared as much, since Taj Mahal does not follow the criteria of a vanity press. Foremost, they do not ask exorbinant fees, which is a crucial standard. Secondly, They keep a fairly constant page count, which indicates they do not accept every author. Third, Several authors whom I have high esteem for have been published in cyberwit, and I trust both thier judgement and my own. Finally, They offered to ship me several copies which I could sell with a fair commission. Vanity presses do not run on commissioned writers, nor will they, for the most part, individually correspond with writers. so.... Avail not, it's legit!

Symphonies Anthology (Book) - 10/21/2003 9:01:43 PM
I also have three of my works included in this anthology. Some writers here at Authorsden have warned me about Cyberwit -- they are a vanity publisher; they told me being published in this does not count on your resume. I confronted Cyberwit about this and they claimed to be a small press with no office or staff, so I'm a bit torn as I submitted poetry to their literary magazine. They also invited me to submit to other works they publish. I was told by these Authorsden writers to avoid Cyberwit if I wanted to be taken seriously as a writer. Just wanted to pass this info along to you.

Journal Entry 3-15-01 (Short Story) - 2/29/2004 3:46:59 AM
Interesting write man. I am no longer with livejournal, long story there and something that got really ugly really fast. I posted some from my journal here, but on diary-x though.

The Golden Roots II (Short Story) - 11/2/2003 2:09:15 AM hichhiking poet this is going to be a whopper!..Thanks so much..c'on get going ..and...and...and? I can't wait.... Intriguing write! Ah..but you truly are a talent Tyler..I'm sooo proud of you! Vesna oxoxo

The Golden Roots (Short Story) - 10/27/2003 12:36:55 AM
Interesting, Tyler, I went through Fargo on my youthful journey to pick cherries in Washington, and ended up in the streets of Seattle, though certainly not with the passion of the artisitic soul such as yourself, more of an escape. You may need to number these to keep the reader following you with ease. :)

Hitchhiking the Montana millenium part 2 (Short Story) - 9/25/2003 1:47:20 AM
Having read part one and two, I hope you are going to continue your account of this journey toward Alaska, did you make it? I like to travel but I must admit, that at 63 and with arthritic knees, I prefer the comfort of a vehicle. You will get to see and experience so much more than we ever could, in some ways I envy you, but in others not, like sleeping under those bushes! I once tried hitch-hiking back to my RAF camp (at the age of 18) after missing the last train back, unsuccessfully I might add. It was dark, cold and raining, I spent a very uncomfortable night under a dripping bridge. When I finally got back to camp and slid into my bed, I was woken and told I had to go on duty because someone else was sick!! Grrr - I was not a happy bunny!! Jackie <> <

Glossary of poetic terms (Article) - 10/14/2003 8:31:22 PM
Very cool, thank you Tyler. BTW, I did remove that link on my bio-page. Blessings, Janet xoxoxo

Love Letter II (Article) - 10/10/2003 12:40:31 PM
Jewel has an etherealness, or perhaps an 'understanding of essence', grounded in common sense and reality that I feel in my own self, the part she touches. I love the way she places her gorgeous voice right into the heart of her words; inflecting, lingering, punching and echoing. "Adrian" is one of my all-time favorites. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows is my sweet poison, his voice causes the strangest reaction(s) within me, buzzing and boiling with his ambiguous inflections and lyrics until I have to move and dance to his beautiful tonal voice...ha, I think I've written 7-8 tributes to his affect on me, most under the titles of "Dancing with Adam: etc., several in an inebriated state late in the night. I do know he does not match Jewel in the 'beautiful soul' category, more like he personifies the primal part of humanity. Take comfort in the fact she is in our world producing beauty and musical gifts for us all, Tyler. It would be a more barren place if she had not been.

Review of Canadian Spirit Voices (Article) - 10/10/2003 12:18:51 PM
What a wonderful review of Richard's book, Tyler! The book/CD sounds intriguingly intrinsic and lively, made interestingly so by your lovely sonorous style of writing. :) You have an elegant writing panache which causes its own audio/mental vibrations, an elusive freedom of flow which I cannot seem to capture.

Review of Canadian Spirit Voices (Article) - 10/9/2003 6:34:25 PM
Dear Tyler! I am profoundly grateful for and deeply honoured by your truly thoughtful and discretely literate review of my latest book, Canadian Spirit Voices. I should be only too delighted to return the favour by reviewing your contributions to the Crystal Dawn Anthology (which I believe Kedco has already sent me... I'll need to check). There are a few typos and small errors in the review, as outlined below. These also appear in CAPS in your review. Changes are: 1. the book's title is: Canadian Spirit Voices, not: Canadian Voices 2. my name is Richard, not Ricard. 3. Change: A fine Short Story to: a fine short story 4. In your review of "Lasts the First Light" (which I composed when only 27 years old), please change: or specificity in it's subject TO: or specificity in its subject (you used the verbal abbreviation instead of the possessive) 5. You will need to change your wording on the haiku section. I did not translate the Haiku, I wrote them myself, and then translated my own French haiku for English readers, so they could at least get a notion of what they were about. The same goes for all my French language sonnets. These are ALL my own poems. I am fully bilingual English-French, as are a lot of Canucks. Thanks again, Tyler! You have been so extremely helpful. I cannot express enough in words my gratitude for your careful critique of my work. I shall attend to your poetry soon. Rather than negatively critique any of your less successful poems on AD, I shall send you private e-mail evaluations where I believe I have seen you "miss the mark", as it were. Overall, your own poetry bears the same class of originality and genius as does that of Sara Russell, Robin Ouzman Hislop, C.S. Snow, myself and a very few others I've encountered on AD. Sadly, most so-called "poets" on AD are not poets at all, as can be readily ascertained and attested by the almost mind-numbing "sameness" of their works. That is to say, one could substitute one author's name for another's with so many of the poems posted there, and one would be left with the distinct and uneasy feeling that they had all been written by the same author.... Monsieur Average. You get my gist. As a parting favour, I'd love to be able to LINK to your review from my AD, and even quote brief bits of it in my BLOG or BIO, if you so permit. Copyright notice will be duly supplied. If there is anything further I can do to be of assistance to you, Tyler, in the near or not-so-near future, please advise me so. Sincerely yours, Your new Friend and fellow bard, Richard Vallance, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Glossary of poetic terms (Article) - 9/27/2003 5:42:21 AM
This is GREAT! So original! You DO impress me, Tyler (which is to say a lot, since so few people do) Bye for now, Richad Vallance

Listing of poems lost (Article) - 9/25/2003 1:05:04 AM
What a heartbreaking loss, I hope you get at least some of it back, I used to manage motels in California, not Ocean Beach I might add, but we had a room full of lost property in most of them, people rarely ever wtote in to enquire about lost belongings. Most of the stuff had been there long before we took over management. Jackie <> <

Love Letter II (Article) - 4/9/2003 4:19:23 PM
I was moved beyond the capacity for expression, no small thing considering my articulations compulsions. Tragedy now reigns with us...

Love Letter II (Article) - 4/7/2003 7:46:00 PM
I once looked directly into Jewel's eyes and at that moment I remember thinking that "here is a woman who's soul is even more beautiful than her face, or, for that matter, her voice." But alas, the night reclaimed my soul with its false bravado, and I was lost to wander like a pilgrim through a strange and hostile world. But always with a rose burning like a flame within the inner chamber of my heart. So I know how you feel. Blessings, Ron

Broken Promise (Poetry) - 5/24/2005 12:19:01 AM
Simply outstanding, this is excellently deep and insightful poetry, Reindeer

Upon Waking to Perpetual Dusk (Poetry) - 5/19/2005 8:10:14 AM
Words from the lexicon of an interplanetary navigator, residing presently in the planet Earth; doing business as human being, - make this composition - "Upon Waking to Perpetual Dusk" an encellent poetic meal to satisfy any one in the Court of Phoebus, and this reader. Bearing a suureal and symbolistical imagery, this poem reaches the inner mind and strikes thoughts on our function on this planet. "Upon Waking to Perpetual Dusk" is a philosophical poetic grand. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Upon slumbering in darkened night I (Poetry) - 5/16/2005 10:44:31 AM
Bountiful imagery of surreal, symbolistical depicting on ontological nature of social strata, duly poemized with philosophical contents and words from the lexicon of a wise mind. "Upon slumbering in darkened night I" - is a compliance to Poetry´s must in the Poetry´s Revelation Century. I salute You, Sublime Poet! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Upon slumbering in darkened night I (Poetry) - 5/16/2005 9:43:28 AM
Two cents is all that you need, to see fools dancing to bleed Dear Tyler....I adore your writes because they are so realistic but yet so mix them up so well...and thats the hallmark of a real n luck....BHUWAN!!!!

Upon Waking to Perpetual Dusk (Poetry) - 5/12/2005 10:08:24 AM
Your poetry is always exemplary, pure fine art of writing, whatever the tone and the emotional frame. All the best to you. Love&Light* Alexandra*

Troll (Poetry) - 5/11/2005 2:29:28 AM
This is a beautiful poem, filled with the true nature of repentance. I see the troll as all of those who believe your stumbling block to be the scarlet letter you wear. No matter what they do, trudge on as if you never heard them. M.Rose

Troll (Poetry) - 5/10/2005 11:26:54 PM
Sounds very altruistic! A noble poem, albeit one of frustration for the character;-) Beautifully written! Eileen

Lament for Mother I (Poetry) - 4/27/2005 11:22:57 AM
Good. I resonate with the sadness expressed in this one. Emeka

Lament for Mother I (Poetry) - 4/27/2005 9:49:47 AM
sadly poignantly beautifully written

Lament for Mother I (Poetry) - 4/26/2005 6:09:01 PM
A proper lament it is! Eileen

Lament for Mother I (Poetry) - 4/26/2005 12:55:27 PM
so sad, but very well done!

Seasons Devoid of Defence (Poetry) - 4/12/2005 5:18:26 AM
Well written. Loved this line: "what your eyes held, or your hands afforded- like windows to the deliberate wind of wanting"

J-04 (Poetry) - 4/1/2005 9:40:08 PM
This is one of those poetic creations that simply demands more than one reading, perhaps a lot more than one. Thank you for sharing this offering, Tyler. Love and peace to you. Regis

Santa Cruz poems #Y (Poetry) - 3/29/2005 7:12:12 AM
Tyler, Stunning! "hunger knows few cousins closer than darkness" that line epitomizes poetry. This is a master stroke! B

Santa Cruz poems #Y (Poetry) - 3/29/2005 3:52:59 AM
Imagery well-described. Good piece! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Journey Begins (Poetry) - 3/28/2005 5:17:04 AM
Great visuals here. Well done Tyler.

Journey Begins (Poetry) - 3/28/2005 4:44:33 AM
A beautiful searching poem. Well done. I'm wishing you good luck. Henry

Ripple (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 10:11:26 PM
And I hope that new season does start soonest...I have HAD winter for this year...Seek Peace, Ed & Rufuz (w00f)

Beat between North Beach and Haight Ashbury (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 8:43:26 PM
A compelling poetic offering, Tyler. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

Easter Poem (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 7:10:42 PM
This is a great write God Bless Michelle!

Easter Poem (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 8:42:30 AM
Good. Emeka

Easter Poem (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 3:54:03 AM
Well done poem. "Hope for humans again" Wonderful end line. Henry

Easter Poem (Poetry) - 3/27/2005 2:22:43 AM
Beautifully done. We get our new legs to dance...I love this line. It says a lot. M.Rose

Alex (Poetry) - 3/13/2005 11:20:13 PM
I admit this caught my eye because I have a story with the same title. But alas my particular Alex is a little harsher and rough around the edges. This Alex that you speak of seems to be soft and delicate. You write as if you are afraid to hold her for fear of breaking her. Such a beautiful poem. M-

Alex (Poetry) - 3/13/2005 6:34:16 PM
Beautiful Tyler.

Death of the poet III (Poetry) - 3/13/2005 7:34:55 AM
Flowing from the philosophical stream of the creative Verb, "Death of the poet III" complies with its mission under the Poetry grandiose's tree. I have learned through the rich imagery and lines of "Death of the poet III". I thank the author for sharing his knowledge and art with the world. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Profane profundity I (Poetry) - 3/11/2005 3:26:52 PM
There is a lot that I like about this one because it is different so I will read again so that I won't miss anything in this unique poem.

Alaina (Poetry) - 3/10/2005 7:10:22 AM
An imagery of romantic poetic pictures in "Alaina" delivers a message of love and appreciation through the lines of this magnificent creation adding value to the treasure of Poetry. I salute You, Sublime Poet! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

For her (Poetry) - 3/9/2005 6:58:17 AM
Moving letter my n luck...very very beautiful ....BHUWAN!!!

For her (Poetry) - 3/8/2005 1:06:23 AM
very deep and personal sincerity runs through this great exposing of the heart

For her (Poetry) - 3/6/2005 7:49:56 AM
Such deep intese prose, beautifully done! Eileen

For her (Poetry) - 3/6/2005 5:47:44 AM
Lovely Tyler. Great, heartfelt write.

For her (Poetry) - 3/6/2005 5:29:53 AM
A nice letter, Tyler. Loved this one. Sandie Angel a.k.a. Sandie May Angel :o)

Awareness (Poetry) - 3/6/2005 2:15:07 AM
Awareness inside impression sometimes bursts as it permeates, in a way that no other awareness does. A magnificent painting, here. All the very best, Alexandra*

First Movement (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 8:49:30 AM
yeah sounds bout right enjoyed you here!!! take it easy

First Movement (Poetry) - 3/2/2005 4:21:03 PM
Wow! I really enjoyed this. Very unique style.

First Movement (Poetry) - 3/2/2005 4:05:21 PM
i can remember when we really weren't welcome in many places, they called us freaks but we liked that and used it for ourselves. this is very good, but it reminded me of the sixties and made me feel old

First Movement (Poetry) - 3/2/2005 4:01:51 PM
With all of life's unpredictability, people will still be predictably stupid everywhere, when it comes to judge other people with just one look, yet proceed to ignore them almost immediately... Your poetry is as outstanding as ever, and I'm very glad to read it again. All the best, Alexandra*

Paradigm (Poetry) - 2/25/2005 6:03:39 PM
Hi Tyler: Have not seen you for a long time. As usual, you are so good with words. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Santa Cruz Poem number X (Poetry) - 2/25/2005 6:01:54 PM
Glad you woke up and discovered the woman by your side. Wonderful write. A little different, but I like the style. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Santa Cruz Poem number X (Poetry) - 2/25/2005 4:17:32 PM
This is different and kinda funny.

Amy (Poetry) - 2/24/2005 3:49:38 PM
Truly beautiful and expressed very passionately.

Amy (Poetry) - 2/24/2005 2:39:25 PM
Soul-grasping in its passionate expression, Tyler. Thank you for sharing this poetic beauty. Love and peace. Regis

Fathers Day After His Departure (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 7:58:29 PM
Tyler, it is a masterpiece. I see the whys and wherefores, the use of softness and strife, the life of a man who gave you life. I mourn for his loss, your loss of his past time, the butting of minds, and the affection declined, because of circumstance... Truly, Tyler, you've occupied my mind ... with your father. I am pleased to see you, my friend. I hope you are well and thriving with poetic accentuations, as am I.

Fathers Day After His Departure (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 6:34:43 PM
I can feel the emotion in this. A wonderful tribute, Tyler.

Fathers Day After His Departure (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 6:16:59 PM
A moving tribute written perfectly by you.

Personal Crucifixion I (Poetry) - 5/27/2004 7:33:04 AM
pissing sparks on it's ancestral ashes ---great stuff!

Personal Crucifixion I (Poetry) - 5/26/2004 8:34:30 AM
"Personal Crucifixion I" is a mix of thoughts on ontological and teleological subjects. Contents and message flow and thus the poet fulfills his task. I have enjoyed this "Personal Crucifixion I". On this sixty-sixth day of Spring I salute You, Sublime Poet! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU. P.S.: Third Line of first Stanza. Please check the last word, "SUFFERAGE". It seems that IT could be either "SUFFRAGE" or "SUFFERANCE". HEALTHY CREATIVE DAY! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Personal Crucifixion I (Poetry) - 5/26/2004 7:08:51 AM
what the good leave behind thanks, d.

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 5/9/2004 10:31:42 PM
I know this of what you speak. I feel it well. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

A Black Cat (Poetry) - 4/8/2004 5:57:38 PM
Tyler, I have a black stately cat! I'm going to use your poem to help readers in the public schools as I am an educator.

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/10/2004 6:32:40 AM
well crafted and well thought out. a great poem.

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/8/2004 2:28:40 PM
This subject touches a chord in my heart. Well done, Tyler. Thank you. Carmen :-)

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/8/2004 11:40:40 AM
"Wonder As I Want" and this is just the commecement of the Poet's call for respect and justice. Profound social, philosophical and poetical expression... True Voice of the Master of the VERB. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/8/2004 9:51:57 AM
WOW..I love this...I wonder too... great writing Tyler...floria

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/8/2004 3:59:21 AM
Sometimes I wonder about these too; but thinking too hard hurts my brain, so I've stopped wondering. ~ Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu ~

Wonder As I Want (Poetry) - 3/8/2004 1:08:21 AM
I wonder along some of these area's too. Wonderful write.

New York's Burning Magnolia (Poetry) - 2/8/2004 4:36:44 AM
... I think protelyzing is an abhorrent practice ...attempting to sway another to one's belief system is way outa line..hmm..I'll only comment on that aspect of the poem.. ..well done ususal *smile* vesna

New York's Burning Magnolia (Poetry) - 2/4/2004 6:29:40 AM
well done

New York's Burning Magnolia (Poetry) - 2/4/2004 1:47:23 AM
Sounds like a fun day in the city. I felt the narrator's voice blending into the innercity movement -- like he belonged. I liked this. It took me that that street corner -- or wherever he was standing. -- Carmen PS: Glad you're back :-)

New York's Burning Magnolia (Poetry) - 2/3/2004 3:36:47 PM
Always a good day when we meet someone we can share with.

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 2/1/2004 9:02:11 PM
Best wishes to you, Tyler. I am sure there are great things in store for you :}~Z~

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 2/1/2004 5:30:48 AM
Somethings, can be worked out.

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 2/1/2004 2:11:35 AM
Very nice.

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 1/31/2004 11:37:51 PM
And a very eloquent adeiu, it is. We shall miss you. Carmen

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 1/31/2004 8:30:20 PM
Good luck to you Tyler. You leave a wonderful poem for one and all... All the best with your writing, Dani

A final bid to Adeiu (Poetry) - 1/31/2004 6:56:19 PM
I wish you well, Tyler. I shall miss your writes.

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/31/2004 12:31:00 AM
Tyler...enjoyed this poem of yours...BHUWAN

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/30/2004 1:05:57 AM
A sad but fabulously written expression of the process of loving a 'prickly' person.

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/29/2004 7:41:06 PM
Great write!

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/29/2004 8:28:31 AM
"Comfort took the plane, Love took the rest " this is powerful and wonderful writing Tyler...floria

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/29/2004 5:26:29 AM
Great scenario! A flash into the pleasure and pain of love. Really enjoyed this poem. Carmen

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/29/2004 5:02:48 AM
Tyler, you are still one of the foremost "expressionist" poets (to me)on Authors Den, and these verses are no exception. Potently beautiful...

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/29/2004 3:26:21 AM
Leaving is terible, memory even worse.

West Palm Gusting (Poetry) - 1/28/2004 9:54:26 PM
I especially like the last verse. Well penned, Tyler.

Naked Lands, Fantastic Light, the Longest Night (Poetry) - 1/27/2004 4:58:00 AM
chill in the nude air, makes the seeming of an Adonis wrapped in the veil of Tantalus ..exceptional lines Tyler... Vesna

Naked Lands, Fantastic Light, the Longest Night (Poetry) - 1/22/2004 8:08:44 AM
Simply beautiful expression of a loved land....wonderful writing Tyler...floria

Naked Lands, Fantastic Light, the Longest Night (Poetry) - 1/22/2004 5:22:45 AM
I like the fishing there, but too cold for a bath.

Naked Lands, Fantastic Light, the Longest Night (Poetry) - 1/22/2004 4:36:28 AM
I've never been to Alaska, but I heard it's nice. Wonderful write Tyler! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Naked Lands, Fantastic Light, the Longest Night (Poetry) - 1/22/2004 4:18:41 AM
me too, literally and figuratively. excellent, this!

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 11:56:57 AM
Written as only the great Tyler can do...succinct and powerful in impact.

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 8:23:51 AM
Fantastic lines here Tyler. Wonderful writing. Expressive. Floria

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 7:42:49 AM
sone great lines in this great poem. sweet job.

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 6:52:28 AM
Longing can leave you dangling with unresolved emotions. Well done, Tyler. Carmen

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 5:59:25 AM
This one sticks to your bones.

Euphoria I (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 4:06:10 AM
A great sense of longing well=expressed. Well-done Tyler! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/6/2004 7:32:27 AM
wonderful poem. deep message. so well written

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/5/2004 10:46:59 AM
..and has this man discovered that which he seeks? ..well written always..:) Have a wondrous 2004!

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 12:23:39 PM
Tyler.... "seeking wisdom on feet of clay which were destined to temper to stone; " Your lines are fantastic...great message...intense writing...floria

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 8:59:02 AM
Tyler, a man on a noble poetic mission! Keep on keeping on - talk the walk! esp. liked "flames which skirted borders of reason" Helga

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 7:23:26 AM
Awsome write!

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 4:54:42 AM
Many layers to this. An excellent, profound poem. ~Chrissie

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 2:19:28 AM
"He abandoned home to understand why mothers suffered to lose children in wars which were ever present" This is the hardest thing to understand. And fortunately, or otherwise, experience is the only teacher. We have to go out into the world and see it for ourselves. This piece is, in my humble opinion, extremely well penned. Carmen

Standing Still In Wiser Footsteps: I; The man  (Poetry) - 1/3/2004 10:30:05 PM
There is much depth and wisdom in this introspective write, Tyler. Thank you.

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 1/2/2004 6:46:46 PM
Tyler wise and great words from one of the den's best! Happy New Year ~Nikki~

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 1/2/2004 5:48:39 PM
excellent poem! sounds great in theory ...

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 1/2/2004 1:45:50 AM
I didn't that "Gods didn't know how to write"... This is a REVELATION to be announced in the Basilica of the Poets, where I am told - is a Pedestal - with Your name, always shining! "New Year Resolutions" is a flawless alexandrite for the Crown of Poetry's twenty-first century. Happy Healthy Productive Year, Poet Tyler Joseph Wiseman! Thank You for the offering of "New Year Resolutions. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 1/1/2004 7:06:55 AM
A great resolution, indeed. Your expression, crisp clear uncluttered. Well penned, Tyler. Carmen

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 12/31/2003 10:18:31 PM
Good luck on your resolutions! :-)

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 12/31/2003 7:46:43 AM
From a golden heart, love the book of wisedom

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 12/31/2003 6:15:31 AM
and best of luck at keeping them!

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 12/31/2003 4:00:46 AM
Tyler, these words are great! This is a well-written piece. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

New Year Resolutions (Poetry) - 12/31/2003 3:42:19 AM
Tyler, I like your resolutions they are very selfless. Including the welfare of others is a resolution which is always worthwhile. Happy New Year!!

For Some Forsaken (Poetry) - 12/27/2003 9:38:23 PM
Tyler, this is sacred writing, beautiful and true! There is such realism beyond mere physical sensation and common knowledge in the phrasing of your verses...! An outstanding write!

For Some Forsaken (Poetry) - 12/27/2003 3:54:25 PM
Tyler this is really wonderful in both feel and writing! I do enjoy your pieces so much when I have a chance to read them! ~Nikki~

Apocalypso Now! (Poetry) - 12/24/2003 10:04:31 PM
Yes, the title is the bomb. Intriguing write. You certainly do have a unique way of looking at things. It should make you a natural for Writer's Digest top 100, if you ever enter anything, of course.

For Some Forsaken (Poetry) - 12/24/2003 10:45:24 AM
enjoyed the imagery and feel to this poem ... well done!

For Some Forsaken (Poetry) - 12/23/2003 11:49:26 PM
Sometimess when I read your wonderful poems, I think that you must drive cross-country.

Afterthought (Poetry) - 12/23/2003 8:03:09 AM
a well crafted poem. very well done.

Afterthought (Poetry) - 12/21/2003 2:44:50 AM
well done!

Because of Casey (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 9:58:21 PM
I guess Casey struck out, but maybe it wasn't such a good time in Mudville anyway. Addictions are the pits and consequences are sometimes cherry pickers. I've known lots of victims who could have saved themselves, but they never do.

Afterthought (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 9:52:33 PM
Perhaps all relationships wax and wane, even the ones we have with ourselves.

Afterthought (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 4:19:19 PM
A lot of great pieces here, poor Hercules for a time, yup God say's I am, great bits cleverly mastered..

Afterthought (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 1:07:49 PM
Thought provoking write!

Because of Casey (Poetry) - 12/19/2003 11:20:26 PM
Very well done, Tyler...~Z~

Sonnet on Loss and Loathing (Poetry) - 12/18/2003 9:33:58 PM
I enjoyed the flow and cadence, there is a pleasing continuity of matched soundings with a prevalence of l's and interior rhymes and same letter companion words that accent important meanings. Also, the message is clear, exiled, by kind and/or inner yearnings. I like it. :)

Because of Casey (Poetry) - 12/18/2003 9:23:59 PM
These would be great lyrics, Tyler! Great progression and flow.

Because of Casey (Poetry) - 12/18/2003 7:50:33 PM
Fantastic write!

Because of Casey (Poetry) - 12/18/2003 7:54:56 AM
Because you raped yourself with steel, ---what a great line. the whole poem is so well done. great job

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/17/2003 3:28:13 AM
Was his capture really worth the death and destruction inflicted? And all under the guise of humanity. This exceptional writing raises many questions. Outstanding piece! Peace

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/16/2003 4:29:46 PM
i think sunset over lake erie is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. probably because it is a marriage between god's greatest glory (sun and great body of water) and man's humble ugliness (factories, rundown buildings, trash, concrete everything) though your poem is from another view, it is all still there. wonderfully done.

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 12:53:06 PM
(((tyler))) another fellow buckeye here, now living in texas siggghhhhhhh this brings back many pleasant memories of my youth in ohio--thanks for the memory jog well done--beautiful write (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 12:37:59 PM
the important thing is, we got saddam; and his evil has met its end! :D

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 12:33:20 PM
"Saddam Captured!?!" is a poem that many millions may read and conclude their own feelings on what the magic words of honor can strike. This poem, "Saddam Captured!?!" delivers a message that could save the world of a possible blood's deluge, if the - THE FIVE MAIN TERRORISTS OF THE PLANET EARTH - housed at The United Nations as "The Five Permanent Members of U.N. Security Council", read, - YES, if they read this "Saddam Captured!?!" - and think on what they are doing... ah, I am sorry! I was supposed to talk on the poem. I did enjoy the contents, the message into the socio-philosophical and poetical deliverance and Voice. Thank You for preparing the ground for the soldiers of Justice. May You, Poet Tyler Joseph Wiseman, enjoy a Memorable Season. My gratitude, respect and admiration. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU For an Empire under the Sword of Justice.

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 8:47:00 AM
No matter what, an evil man has fallen.

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 5:40:23 AM
Good points, great write!

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 4:27:19 AM
Your words are felt deep in my heart and soul...painfully so...beautifully so. Job well done!! Blessings, Libby

Saddam Captured!?! (Poetry) - 12/14/2003 4:11:36 AM
the first "saddam captured" poem ... nice!

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 3:00:21 PM
Ohio is a beautiful state and I have watched many sunsets and sunrises there. Great write.

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 11:56:38 AM
Hi Tyler: I like this!... Well-done indeed! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 8:59:07 AM
i am from ohio, too (born in mansfield, but raised in ontario; now live in tx); had to check this poem out when i saw the title! and i am glad i did; this is wonderful stuff! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in tx. (but originally from ohio!), karen lynn. :D

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 7:31:34 AM I enjoyed reading this with my coffee this morning...and ahhh...yes I adore Poe....wonderful writing...have a great holiday friend...floria

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 7:26:24 AM
This poem brought chills to my spine, Tyler. I am originally from Ohio and have many relatives buried there. This is a brilliant work! Thanks. Jill

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 7:01:08 AM
Tyler: I love the thought, the mood, the setting in this piece. It all works together. Put myself into it.

Ohio Sunset (Poetry) - 12/13/2003 4:25:05 AM
I have many dead relatives buried in Ohio. We went back there two years ago to visit them. Enjoyed your poem.

Why the Rose Blushes (Poetry) - 12/12/2003 8:06:12 AM
You are certainly unique among modern poets, Tyler. I thoroughly enjoy the "mind baths" of refreshment I get from reading your verse.

Night Falls, and Continues to Fall (Poetry) - 12/5/2003 3:28:46 PM
Wonderfully playful and complex wordsmithing, Tyler, and a nice metaphor for each reader to interpret as they will...

Reawakened (Poetry) - 12/5/2003 8:33:15 AM
What a lonesome, cold feeling, this evokes--a traveler weary of the road but ever drawn to the farther horizon. At least that's what I feel from it. Some may see a different picture, but therein lies the merrit of the poem. Well done, Tyler, thank you for the picture. One question about this line: which was to tear my away, terrified ... was the 'my' meant to be 'me'? (I read it as me. A typo perhaps? It does not detract from the impact of the poem.)

Reawakened (Poetry) - 12/3/2003 4:44:13 AM
Soul-stirring longing and revelations, Tyler. You might have meant "me" instead of "my" in the 12th sentence? Lovely poem!

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/30/2003 8:23:06 PM
What fantastic word weaving Tyler - thank you :0)

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/28/2003 1:16:43 PM
Wow. This one touches to the core. Powerful, Tyler.

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/28/2003 7:38:56 AM
You have so much pours on the paper...Tyler this is intense....and sometimes we aren't really alone at all....we have ourselves.....I love alone time....sometimes my mind needs it....superb writing....floria

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 7:41:13 PM
"Reawakened" with a body filled with blood pumped by a heart that knows the roads of life. This poem has body and soul entwined to express the voice of the wise, ... "in the exquisite cacophony of heavens gust A chill wind shall blow, until the hearth warms again hope and hearts eternal, blissfully reawakened" Happy Healthy Thanksgiving. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 7:17:57 PM
Love this indeed! Very inspiring write, Tyler! May Lu a.k.a. Sandie Ange :o)

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 6:22:01 PM
Wonderful ending of hope!

Reawakened (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 5:48:08 PM
...hopeless wanderlust ...which tears the heavens asunder until all the whimsy and bluster busts in the exquisite cacophony of heavens gust Reawakened, yes it would seem that way! Stirs me! Well done!

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 2:50:12 PM
This "Desire from the dysfunction" is a very desirable piece of literature. "Desire from the dysfunction" is one Your best poems. I feel the message, the poetics and the music. Healthy Thanksgiving. Andre Emmanuel bendavi ben-YEHU

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/25/2003 10:08:08 PM
Hmmm, that last verse, I crave a family that is free Reminds me so much of what Jesus Christ once said, something to the effect that his mother and brother etc. were not his family, but that everyone in the world was his family, all his brothers and sisters. How I wish people would just GET THIS! Hah! Another gripping poem! Cheers, Richard Vallance

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/25/2003 7:27:42 AM
I feel the same way Tyler....some normalcy in my life would be so welcome...LOL...this is such a good powerful write...deep....have to read it over a few times....floria

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/24/2003 6:01:42 PM
Ahh, yes, Tyler. We all yearn, at one time or another, to "find something of integrity." More often than not, I find it in the works of genius poets like yourself.

Desire from the dysfunction (Poetry) - 11/24/2003 1:13:23 PM
This touches deeply. Great write.

Grey Matters (Poetry) - 11/24/2003 7:37:23 AM
..but hope there is! Brilliant always..:) Vesna

Grey Matters (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 11:33:31 AM
in all grey matters it is inconceivable there should be hope, since these forces are the meanies anyway, but fighting them can be burdonsome, i agree

Grey Matters (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 6:57:43 AM
"It's burdensome to carry these mountainous skies, threaded by the sinews of humidity, and though, like Atlas shrugging, I too may cry clarion oaths it is inconceivable that there should be any hope " Tyler, This is intense work..with fantastic imagery...wonderful verbiage.. floria

Grey Matters (Poetry) - 11/22/2003 5:00:00 AM
Wow, you painted a beautiful picture here. I loved it. Thanks.

Apocalypso Now! (Poetry) - 11/20/2003 1:23:58 PM
Hi Tykler...gosh everyone passed up the title...what a creative title that is...the poem is much here to think on...great write...floria

Apocalypso Now! (Poetry) - 11/19/2003 9:41:33 AM
...others are'nt...

Apocalypso Now! (Poetry) - 11/19/2003 4:05:20 AM
I especially like this: "As the world turns, we are whimsy to wobble on" Good write, Tyler.

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/14/2003 8:42:10 PM
...and an unused condom. Oops! I'm not starting any more challenges!! seriously... unusual, visual, enjoyable.

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/14/2003 12:05:25 AM
Humanity's new woes, formed and compacted by man, we've about saturated the originals with every nuance presently known to mankind... Sad piece, Tyler. Cuisine has another i in it, btw. :) And I'm not sure you need the squirming maggot passage, maggots are natural, the rest, man-made. Unless you are symbolizing man or loss, still, it clashes a bit.

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 8:27:19 PM
nice categorization of images...

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 6:04:44 PM
i thought it might get ginsburg & then blake but no just the fabled pandora, still readable

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 5:49:50 PM
Tyler this is a very "real" it....complex simplicity...floria

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 12:52:15 PM
Very interesting write. I agree with Brittany, 'personal, simple, complex...' thanks for sharing. Blessings, Libby

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 12:12:15 PM
Personal, simple, complex... so many things stored but each of them reminds me of the individuality we all share in life, yet we all have one thing in common always. It just depends on which perspective you look. Nice unique quality! Blessings, Brittany

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 7:15:31 AM
Interesting list.

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 6:49:33 AM
GREAT rendition of thoughts!

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 5:19:06 AM
Great write!

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 4:59:43 AM
I love this gem, Tyler - simply superb!

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 4:07:30 AM
...brilliant Tyler...just wonderful...just one nit though..shouldn't it be Italian CUISINE? Well done... Vesna :)

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 3:45:06 AM
"Pandora's Box" is unique and striking. A very creative and intriguing composition. I read this "Pandora's Box" twice. I had a feeling of traveling, and I did take a trip within the realms of my memories. I Salute You, Poet Tyler Joseph Wiseman. Thank You for posting "Pandora's Box". Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Pandora's Box (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 3:34:40 AM
I'd hope i didn't get pricked by the needle and dream the rat wasn't there:)))

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/11/2003 11:00:12 AM
Top drawer, old boy!

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/10/2003 8:06:54 PM
Woah, this is wild, Tyler! You certainly don't mince words! Whew, you knocked the breath quite clear of me (and that takes some doing, eh?) Riccardo

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/10/2003 3:48:00 PM
Ok Tyler...this was mouth was watering after the first line and now i am heading to the kitchen...LOL....great

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 6:45:59 PM
Thanks eveyone... Jeremy, not quite sure what the typo you are talking about. It's all properly spelled...

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 6:43:20 PM
so expert, i would dine it some time but i´ve given up wine

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 12:00:27 PM
This is a great human face on a savage human filth. Great, in that it is understated and saddly innocent. (I think there's a typo here unless I'm reading it wrong: "to hold onto to slow sicknesses")

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 11:55:10 AM
Great. Now I'm starving. Thanks. Actually--and I don't know if this was your intention, but either way it's there--the vivid imagery of just one meal seems like an ode to gluttony, except it really is just one meal.

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 8:10:05 AM
YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!! Aaaaaaaaaaagh, where's the FRIGOT? Riccardo

Predestination's betrayal (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 7:33:33 AM
a lot of very well expressed frustration & torment at the dark forces of repression that possess our age

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 5:03:10 AM
Tyler, I can see it, smell it, almost taste it! Geesh, last night I was contemplating a cleansing fast. Now, you've gone and ruined everything. (laughing, laughing, I am...) So well done. Tami ("I anticipate that [it's] flavor". [its])

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 4:30:11 AM
Great descriptions! Made me thirsty and hungry at the same time.

Victuals for the mind (Poetry) - 11/9/2003 4:16:15 AM
...hmmm...Yummy? Vesna

An ode to love (Poetry) - 11/8/2003 10:39:43 AM
I loved how you wrote from your soul. It was sweet and intoxicating .Great Job-

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/8/2003 8:33:17 AM
Just one of many painful truths in this sometimes cruel world! Well penned, Tyler...~Z~

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/8/2003 7:15:06 AM
Hah,hah, Tyler, you naughty lil' elf! I fully capsico! Great little jibe! Bye for now, Riccardo

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/8/2003 1:00:46 AM
A shock of reality for some. Great write!

Mule (Mature Content) (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 10:39:29 PM
Very deep; profound! Our demons often remain with us for a lifetime.

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 10:34:33 PM
Quite impressive. Good job.

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 5:50:39 AM
Very well done, Tyler!

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 5:00:48 AM
Interesting take. ~Applause ;) Teresa Emilie

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 4:10:15 AM
The nowhere and everywhere when existence and nonexistence merge... and the darkness with the flame. Masterful. ~Alexandra~

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 2:35:48 AM
Yeah Tyler...excellent!!!!

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 2:26:51 AM
EXCELLENT work, Tyler!

On the Outside Looking In (Poetry) - 11/7/2003 2:20:23 AM
I commend you Tyler..brilliant work.. You are a Master Poet ..indeed... Vesna

Obscure relationship dialogue (Poetry) - 11/6/2003 11:47:17 AM
This kind of thing works both ways, and sometimes can be said by both partners in any relationship. And, you've put it very well. I particularly like "I will be the insubstantial everything you crave It must be said, however, that I will not weep for every little death you subject yourself to" This is the rarest look inside the mind of the artist, and it works well. -C.S.

Don't Read This (Poetry) - 11/6/2003 11:28:48 AM
I can never resist someone telling me not to do something! Put it this way; curiousity killed the cat? I say "Fuckin' Meow, I meant to do that!" Hmmm.... The images this brings to mind... Flashes of Oompa Loompa and black and white, with a whimple thrown in for good measure? And what she could do with that ruler as well makes the mind reel! You, my friend, are TWIS-TED!!!!!!!! I like that in a man. You need to meet Howard Muse! Some day I'll have to unbind him for you! OY, Richard, take a chill-pill wouldja? Something tells me this isn't as dark as you go, either. Which intrigues me. Keep it up! -C.S.

Villainized (Poetry) - 11/6/2003 11:03:15 AM
Richard steered me your way. I really need to do more reading in here! I like this. Well written. But, I think the idea of long hair on men as a protest has been played out way past the point of irrelevance. I think both sides (left and right) do their fair share of villianization of each other. Polarization. I think it's to keep us from the real answers, which I suspect lie somewhere in the middle. -C.S.

Villainized (Poetry) - 11/6/2003 6:02:43 AM
We have been taught what freedom is. In truth what is it? Great write!

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