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Recent Reviews for Michael Charles Messineo

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 1/5/2012 12:49:01 PM
Your book sounds interesting. I can't wait to read it. Happy writing, my friend~ Victoria Taylor Murray

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 8/27/2010 7:37:08 AM
Rigby’s Roads is about a man that turns his life around and builds an empire of Harley Davidson’s motorcycles. Also he has to deal with an unscrupulous friend who got himself killed and almost ended his life. The man that saved his life was of course the main character in Rigby’s Roads, Jack Rigby. The other fascinating character is Yogi. Yogi turned Jack Rigby’s life around by teaching him to enjoy life and to list 50 things that he would like to do before he died. This story turns into the most intense and dangerous adventure reading that kept you on your toes. Yogi with his intellectual and psychological mind took Jack Rigby through an experience that he would never forget. The more confident Jack Rigby became the more he was able to face his fears at Sturgis Motorcycle Fair when they all had to face Yogi’s kidnappers, and the FBI. This fascinating and suspenseful book will hold your attention from start to finish totally gripping and downright impossible to put down. It will give you, the reader, something to think about your own life style changes that you would like to make for yourself. I recommend this book to everyone!!

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 8/27/2010 7:36:11 AM
Maddy’s Secret “The Search For Einstein’s Last work” is also an incredible, fascinating and suspenseful book. It deals with our government, FBI, CIA, Russian Mafia, kidnapping and torturing. Cynthia Dallier and her two siblings were left the farm, that their mother took them when they were children, in their uncle’s will unbeknown to Cynthia and her siblings. The excitement starts when they are being followed, kidnapped, homes broken into and tortured. The only one that knew about the secret was their mother, Maddy, who was in a nursing home. They all move to the farm and start to realize that the secret is right there at the farm with everyone wanting to know the secret. As the secret starts to untangle the mayhem starts with the murder and the unveiling of the mole in the group. Yogi was also involved in this story with fascinating adventures that he was able to untangle. Yogi is such a character and that is a good thing… I believe the way this story ended will not be the end of Yogi. Looking forward to the next book if one is in the horizon. Maddy’s Secret was also suspenseful, intriguing and intellectually. I recommend this excellent story to everyone. Michael Charles Messineo is a fascinating and brilliant writer who researches in depth all his material to hold your attention and to develop feelings for his characters.

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 12/28/2008 3:45:29 PM
Wow. I am hooked just by the title and the story description. I am the kind of person who thinks about this sort of thing happening to me at some point in my life, as I have met with the darker side of science and technology before. Or should I say they met with me. For example, seems they knew specific scientific things ...very to the point things things about what I thought, that I thought about on my theories, that I had never told anyone about before. Big Brother is real. Some of us like me, are in his of interest file/ to keep track of file/ to keep an eye on file. Rockie probably should keep my mouth shut...file, huh?Please read my bio and see why that might be. I am the real thing. I will put this one in my AD to purchase when I can. A definite read for me. Rockie Coppolella

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 3/24/2007 1:55:13 PM
This truly sounds like a book I would LOVE to read!! Thanks for sharing this "glimps" that tells alot of what to expect!! Love Tinka

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 3/5/2006 10:50:24 AM
Found the book to be very easy to read, fast paced, and an excellent storyline. There is a little "Jack" in all of us! JS

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 3/5/2006 10:42:54 AM
Found the book to be very interesting. The characters were easy to visualize and colorful. The story progressed at a rate that made me want read "one more chapter", before putting it down. Very well written and thought out. Looking forward to the third one. JS

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 12/22/2005 8:51:06 AM
So sorry for the delay, but you know that I wish you EVERY success with this great book! Your gift of writing is truly amazing and that you choose to share it with all of us is an even greater gift! Peace, ~Rose~

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 12/17/2005 8:01:00 AM
This book sounds good. I might pick it up in the next few months. I'm always looking for new authors to read

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 12/10/2005 6:16:58 AM
Sounds like a very good book to me...not everyones choice but certainly would keep the reader on the tip of his/her chair!! Well done...thanks for sharing!! Love Tinka

Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work (Book) - 12/9/2005 12:33:37 PM
Good luck Maddys and certainly reads promising wishes for a second -printing from me to you. Felix

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 9/8/2004 7:48:09 AM
Hello: You dropped by my site & read my story on Lou Christie. Thought I'd pop on over to your neighborhood in return. I'm impressed w/your book's premise & this sample of your writing is very good. Sounds like a story well worth reading! Blessings -- Linda Alexander New Book!

Rigby's Roads (Book) - 2/17/2004 1:31:22 PM
Sounds good Michael. That last part, "lessons in life," is fantastic, I couldn't have wrote it better myself. I love that type philosophy, it's me to the bone, taking charge. good luck. GEMorrison

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 9/6/2013 9:37:41 PM
Wow! What a concept!

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 1/22/2012 5:20:24 PM
what a wonderful trip thru the lost memorys in my mapped a tremendous trip and i truely enjoyed it, i must go more often- thanks!

My Dyslexia (Short Story) - 7/10/2011 6:24:07 AM
Really interesting and touching. I didn't know all those famous people were dyslexic - they have all overcome their problems brilliantly.

Murder Mystery - A writer's high (Short Story) - 5/19/2011 5:21:27 AM
You've perfectly described what must have been a delightful evening! I would love to take Catherine to one of those. We both love mysteries. Very well done, Michael. Bob

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 12/3/2009 5:00:54 PM
Neat idea for a promo! I hope you sold your million.

Finding a reviewer (Short Story) - 12/3/2009 4:59:12 PM
I like it! Keep going! We write for others nearly as much as we write for ourselves.

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 8/2/2009 8:41:09 AM
I absolutely love this poem. I reread it several times, and I am going to put it in my journal. Read several of your poems and articles and I think you are a great motivator!

My List of 50 Things (Short Story) - 4/10/2009 4:53:40 AM
The "Bucket List" with those #2 Silly Characters, sounds like your book! and ideas! And Tony Robbins, AWESOME! Such a Motivator! His Excitement becomes Our Excitement, the doers... I wish was more me, but... My List needs to be added too,f o r sure! Got me thinking! Thank YOU Michael for sharing this List, your excitement and more! I did "become a good role-model for my girls, and I did get my C.D.L. Licence (not to drive Big Rigs though, need Air Brakes too) and a few others I accomplished, but so much more should be DONE in this lifetime! This is a KEEPER for your folder to read over... WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings and Peace, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 4/10/2009 4:37:18 AM
Didn't you mention "Middle Life Crisis Twice here" lol Taht alone and the H.D. Culture and a few others, would be our reason - You make presentations at work. How about the BEST o f all, "YOU LOVE THE SUN IN YOUR FACE" or YOU LOVE TO DRIVE WITHOUT WINDOWS, let the air blow your hair! These #2 are GREAT too, You are curious how a person with dyslexia can write a book. You want to read a book that will change your life. YOU'RE an AMAZING INDIV. Michael! STay SAFE riding and I'm getting your book! Let me read the LIFE you lived SO FAR, my sweetie, cut his LONG (down to the middle of his back and in a ponytail most of the time) Working around P.C.s all day.. and looking down... and building Tube Amps/for Guitars.. is the reason, I miss pulling IT! at certain times... lol Smiling! Your idea of the "plug" for your book and THIS style is a Charm! Did you get to your 1,578,731 or COME CLOSE 2nd... ???? I hope so, you posted this in 2004 and updated 2007, you sound interesting in your efforts and style! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings and Peace, I love what Carol S. said, so True) lol

Finding a reviewer (Short Story) - 11/19/2008 12:37:21 PM
Hahaha, we are on the same boat. And just like you, I do not play with the standard rules. Let us still keep going and enjoy life to its fullest! Thanks for sharing, Joey

Seizing An Opportunity (Short Story) - 2/11/2008 2:31:43 AM
While you're waiting, I have a friend who does internet podcasting radio and would absolutely adore having you on her show. You have a beautiful left/right brain combination Michael. Enthralling thoughts come from that mix. blessin's, let me know about the show--if interested. cynth'ya

My List of 50 Things (Short Story) - 12/27/2007 5:33:25 AM
What a great list, Michael! And I absolutely love the idea of changing it as you find more things you would like to do. I think the movie "The Bucket List" borrowed considerably from you!

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 11/30/2007 9:34:55 PM
Wow...speaking as someone born in the Nifty 50's, I can relate to the great memories here! :) Awesome write, Michael! And just what WAS that coyote doing with an anvil in the desert, hmm? lol Julie

My Dyslexia (Short Story) - 8/4/2007 6:32:14 AM
This is a wonderful article. I can relate because my oldest son had the same problems in school, even though they knew he had a high IQ and diagnosed the problem...even telling the teachers how to deal with it. They sent me a letter when he was in Jr. High telling me he'd never learn to read, so I taught him myself with comic books and the Bible. He now reads very well, although is a slower reader than some. Thank you for sharing this important information.

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 3/24/2007 1:41:10 PM reason not to read this book...only one problem ship any book to this side of the world....makes it so expensive that by the time it gets here...being in deep trouble already the might just lead to!! But hey I would still love to read it anyways...just waiting to win the lottery!! Big smiles okay!! Love Tinka

My Dyslexia (Short Story) - 1/25/2007 6:13:51 PM
Very interesting write my friend, I as a teacher found the article informative and useful, I am anxious to check out the sites that you've listed. I have dealt with a several children whom were dyslexic and found it a challenge but one I enjoyed. Again, great write. Blessings, Joyce Bowling

My List of 50 Things (Short Story) - 11/14/2006 4:45:53 AM
Hi Mike, Retired military here with lots of medals and memories. Mine was a Porsche I drove in Germany for four years on open autobahns and mountains of Switzerland. Your list is similar to mine (minus the biking) that I did while traveling and living all over the world. Winning the bowling tournament (ABC Masters) was more exciting then most would believe. With your type and active imagination, your mind can accomplish as much if not more then your eyes. Harold

My Dyslexia (Short Story) - 5/3/2006 4:12:11 AM
My brother is dyslexia, and he has done the same as you,,actually I felt I myself related to these words, that I sent it to my brother, he having to walk the path same as you and many others. I did not know he was for a long time, his wife told me years later, she is the one who encourage him to "over come somewhat," he today is not the most succusful, but we are proud of him, enough to call him brother, (lol)he's grown up now, and runs his own computer shop from home. In school he and I struggeld to make that C, I even thought once, well since I am a little smarter, I'll try college, well I guess it's not meant for me to have a degree on my wall,,instead I have two granddaughters in my lap! There are many of those who have pitied theirselves because of a disability, it is great to see someone that has made it an worthwhile effort in not letting it lead into a path of living on the streets, A pat on the back and a salute to you,,keep the ink flowing,,clea

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 3/6/2006 9:05:20 PM
OMG~! I remember most all of these! *LOL**** I ADORED Pepe Le Pu~~!!!!!!!!!! My grandpa had a Studebakers, and my uncle had an Edsel...REAL winners huh? I have a photo of me by that old studerbaker, but I'm like 2..... I didn't see a View Master. I have the original one along with Mr. Potato Head-*LOL* Thanks for a trip down memory lane....with poodle skirts and ducktail hairdos! Mary Lynn~

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 3/6/2006 8:50:38 PM
You call it shamful reasons...and I call it marketing...*grin*-----Hey, we all have to push our books in the ways we know how....This is most original~! You want to sell 1.5 million books....I'll settle for ONE million-*lol*---- Thanks for sharing. Mary Lynn~

Seizing An Opportunity (Short Story) - 1/23/2006 8:03:26 PM
more short stories please

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 1/23/2006 8:02:58 PM
good list,

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 1/18/2006 6:48:54 PM

Stop and Remember Your Past (Short Story) - 12/31/2005 10:38:13 PM
Thanks for the walk down memory lane. You're right - people are stories waiting to be discovered.

35 shameless reasons  (Short Story) - 12/23/2005 12:15:17 PM
Nice list, shameless indeed. Happy trails.

Anatomy Of A Poem (Article) - 7/5/2013 8:53:30 AM
Very interesting! Thank you! I think here are more feelings than thoughts... :)

Anatomy Of A Poem (Article) - 2/17/2013 6:23:53 AM
Interesting that you analyze your own poem :) A true person interested in psychoanalyzing himself and give a view to others... Impressed My major is psychology so naturally I was drawn here... Love and Light Lily Apparently others aren't as interested but the human mind does interest me :)

Hot Sauce - Gag Gift? (Article) - 9/25/2012 7:46:54 PM
I really enjoyed this! I love hot sauce! Love ya! Jane

Flu Shot Rant!!! (Article) - 6/22/2012 5:08:10 PM
Here we are again! Politicians slashing and bashing each other again! They're all liars in my book! Love ya! Jane

Hot Sauce – The Misunderstood Flavor Enhancer (Article) - 1/22/2011 4:54:01 PM
Interesting read Mike, is very entertaining also. Good luck Hot Sauce Mike..

Hot Sauce – The Misunderstood Flavor Enhancer (Article) - 1/22/2011 3:51:30 PM
Theres a show on TV, possiby the food channel that has a kind of cook-off every so often to decide who makes the best/hottest or whatever, hot sauce...I have to wonder how anyone can eat those that are chosen the hottest...even before they took out my gall bladder I couldn't even inhale it or I would die of heart burn...keep writin' em' & I'll keep readin' em'...Ed

Nikola Tesla Timeline - Legend, magician, sorcerer (Article) - 12/28/2008 4:14:13 PM
Please read my bio and several of my articles. The Philadelphia Experiment article that I wrote has some things you might be interested in reading. My whole life resonates around this subject. You must get back with me about this. Word is, that Tesla quit the project leading to the Philadelphia Experiment before it got off of the ground and they hired Von Neumann, because Tesla foresaw the lack of protection for the men on the ship as being very hazardous to them, but his warnings were ignored, and then wanted no more part of it. After the FBI FOI docs were posted (have you seen them!.) they were removed again, all over the net, including from the Franklin Institute site, were he received a medal and gave a speech there early in the 1890's. Good stuff still there, on Franklin site about him if you so a search, including photos of original documents about him, and from him and about his new AC work at the time. Interesting to see there at the Franklin, which I have been to and seen a handwritten lab notebook of Tesla's in the 1970's, his math there was all correct too) the point of view of those scientists reviewing his work then, and what they used as criteria to its importance. Rockie Coppolella

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common. (Article) - 12/13/2008 3:21:07 PM
I heard and read about those people who had bipolar put them as having dyslexia...what is the truth?dislexya is part of bipolar disorders or...what do you think?

Self Promotion (Article) - 2/3/2007 3:44:39 PM
Brilliant idea.......well done!

Las Vegas Mystery (Article) - 1/21/2007 11:22:27 PM
I think you are onto a a great premise for your novel. It's my kind of story. Not for writing, but reading. Vegas history, celebrities, gambling, arson, Einstein, and government secrets. Concentrate on it and it will be better than "Da Vinci Code."

Las Vegas Mystery (Article) - 3/5/2006 4:01:26 AM
Thanks for sharing mate....yip you right about thar power cuts inspires ALOT!! Nothing else to doooo!! :) Love Tinka

Nikola Tesla Timeline - Legend, magician, sorcerer (Article) - 2/15/2006 3:01:00 AM
enjoyed the read

Einstein and Tesla (Article) - 12/28/2005 4:19:13 PM
Okay, you've got my attention. When I'm done with Cynthia Borris' book and Mark Rockeymoore, then I'll catch up to yours. :-) About the Net, have you seen Robin Sloan's EPIC? It's pretty intriguing as speculation goes. ~~Nordette

Einstein and Tesla (Article) - 12/28/2005 8:34:35 AM
sounds great Michael, congrads

Einstein and Tesla (Article) - 12/27/2005 9:24:36 AM
Congratz on your book....sounds like a winner to me!! Best Wishes for the 'Holiday" season!! Love Tinka

Self Promotion (Article) - 12/17/2005 8:03:56 AM
Very neat idea. Have any suggestions for my book?*L*

Book Marketing Ideas (Article) - 12/17/2005 8:02:03 AM
Thanx for telling us about this. I've just recently published my first novel and need all the marketing help I can get*L*

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common. (Article) - 12/2/2005 2:07:42 PM
Excellent story Bro. Michael. Something like this, the ignorance of conditions that challenge our ability to read, reflect and grow in knowledge, is to me like knowing about HIV and doing nothing to share how to prevent it. Applause Applause! blessin's cynth'ya lewis reed

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common. (Article) - 11/6/2005 10:47:30 AM
Michael, Thank you so much for highlighting an issue so often overlooked in society. I can only imagine if Einstein, Churchill, Agathie, or Edison had given in to the labels thrust upon them by people who didn't understand. Your article is informative, helpful and thought provoking and I hope everyone stops by to give it a read! Take care! ROse

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common. (Article) - 11/5/2005 9:37:50 AM
Most informative read...thanks for telling me...grrrr....and I thought I was just plain!! Love Tinka

Da Vinci, John Lennon, Einstein have something in common. (Article) - 11/5/2005 7:24:04 AM
Interesting and informative article, well written and researched. Felix

Self Promotion (Article) - 10/23/2005 6:38:26 AM
Self-promotion is key to the marketing of an author's literary wares. This is an EXCELLENT article on keeping an author close by and always within reach of the wallet, you see, pulling out that business card that yet serves a dual purpose and pulling out those dollars that are stored right near that business card. Michael, this is an ingenious marketing gig! I also pull out all the stops of self-promotion, Authors Den here to be the big one! It is key to sell a personality. I am targeting companies who are after the pink dollars, the lesbian and gay community. I am offering my name for endorsements. As you know, I also have a Harley-Davidson project and I am marketing it to the straight community as well as the gay community. It all speaks the same language, the unmistakable sound of the lendendary Milwauke wheel, the Harley-Davidson ... potato ... potato ... potato...KICKSTART self-promotion in gear! Thanks for the inciteful article Michael. I wish you many sales! Sage

Self Promotion (Article) - 8/25/2005 6:04:34 AM
Well it's a year later from the other comments. But your article is still great! What a creative idea. I can't wait to see how I may implement it in my non-fiction genre. Best wishes. Hope you have sold tons of books.

Book Marketing Ideas (Article) - 6/5/2005 11:01:48 AM
Seems a good idea to at least check out, but I find I will never market a book as I just enjoy to write and make folks laugh...hey, hope you are well, have not heard from you of late...Peace, Ed & Rufuz

Book Marketing Ideas (Article) - 6/5/2005 7:39:06 AM
Defentely worth checking out.

A Woman's Smile (Poetry) - 4/11/2014 5:15:42 PM
The edges of my mouth turn upward as I read the first the fifth a broad smile appeared, you gotta love the men that strive to make a woman smile! Well written and well read, thank you, Michael, for sharing this delightful ditty. Love and Dreams, Karen

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 4/10/2014 10:09:17 AM
Beautiful! Love and Dreams, Karen

A Woman's Smile (Poetry) - 4/10/2014 3:08:36 AM
A smile is what i have as i read your lovely poem. Simply wonderful.Mary

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 3/28/2014 8:28:02 AM
Last lines are sobering.

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 12/5/2013 6:31:24 PM
Heard someone once say that wisdom really comes from experiences in life, along with understanding. Even though my father was an atheist he agreed with the Bible's 10 commandments and of course the golden rule. He stated that if your going to follow anything, the bible would be the best book to follow.

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 10/5/2013 10:00:00 PM
The Bible is called: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Now that's wisdom, man is but a fool. Amen Peace, Love and Christ Blessings, John Michael

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 10/5/2013 10:31:23 AM
Wisdom is all around us, but we are fools. Ron

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 10/5/2013 1:25:32 AM
Very good, Michael. I can feel it's very personal. Has some, resentment in it, therefore a point of view.

Pearls Of Wisdom (Poetry) - 10/4/2013 11:08:27 AM
I had a wise old teacher in high school who would say quite often, "Experience is a hard school but fools will learn in no other." That may be applied I believe in this case to whomever is hearing but not listening. Love ya! Jane

Dreams of Intentions (Poetry) - 10/1/2013 11:52:02 AM
This came out just as intended. Ron

Dreams of Intentions (Poetry) - 10/1/2013 9:10:57 AM
this poem so rythmically written speaks to all and as i was reading i caught myself relating then smiling. nice!

Dreams of Intentions (Poetry) - 10/1/2013 6:05:19 AM
Ah! Those intentions we set for ourselves are all well meant and are "never seeing the end." true. Very good! Love ya! Jane

Dreams of Intentions (Poetry) - 10/1/2013 5:21:19 AM
well penned budd

Whispers In Your Mind (Poetry) - 9/27/2013 2:04:39 PM
Very beautiful and visual!! Loved the words "whispers in your mind" Lalita

Whispers In Your Mind (Poetry) - 9/27/2013 10:28:26 AM
If a man shouts his thoughts to an empty forest, is he heard? I think expression is very important to clear the mind of all the clutter that builds up over time when were not communicating with others. That's why the Internet, the global village, allows us to “shout our minds” to the masses. Once in a while, we'll get an answer. Ron

Whispers In Your Mind (Poetry) - 9/27/2013 7:01:49 AM
I enjoyed this Michael. Reminded me kind of like some Marty Ballin lyrics. I see someone else said 'put it to music'. Nicely done.

Whispers In Your Mind (Poetry) - 9/27/2013 5:54:28 AM
I believe I've been doing this all my life. Some people don't like what the whispers in my mind are when they are proclaimed, what! Love ya! Jane

Whispers In Your Mind (Poetry) - 9/27/2013 5:54:24 AM
There must be a composer to turn this lyric into a top pop hit. You perhaps? Nice job.

The Liar (Poetry) - 9/6/2013 9:29:24 PM
Thank You

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 9/6/2013 9:27:53 PM
You can't miss Mike

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 9/6/2013 9:25:15 PM

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 9/6/2013 9:23:57 PM
Great, I could or should have written that for my Ex-husband! Thanks again Mike.

Blast from the Past (Poetry) - 9/6/2013 9:19:47 PM
This is so fun! I just love the way that it is written. I am just starting to do a family history since my Daddy died and was searching for poems or stories from the 40 thru 60's. I think that I was led to your page my divine intervention. Thank you Mike for all your work. I have been on here reading forever. Everything that I have read is great. Keep it up. Lisa Bullock Mings

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/20/2013 5:09:08 PM
WOW!!!!! This is awesome. You have obviously been around shallow liars. I don't think there is any other poem about Liars that could come close to this. PERFECTION. Thank you.

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/28/2013 3:05:25 AM
liked it..dreams are really a commentary of our subconscious past....future!

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/28/2013 3:01:44 AM
..very well written..loved the last two lines which sum up the poem ,I think!!

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/7/2013 10:33:14 PM
A poetic political statement LIES deep within The Liar! Well done! Peace, love and blessings to you, John Michael Domino

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 2/17/2013 6:21:46 AM
A challenge, one bridge you have not crossed... A goal you already have in mind and wish to achieve :) For my thought a process here to secure a final happiness with the lovely wife in your life who has stood beside you all the way... Right or wrong :) Love and Light Lily

The Liar (Poetry) - 12/17/2012 7:20:22 AM
I loved this :) beautifully written Neerja

The Liar (Poetry) - 12/14/2012 4:49:26 AM
Love the perspective of Liar, this poem has a sharp poetic point that needs to penetrate those that lie to us in positions of authority.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 12/11/2012 3:37:04 PM
Such a truthful poem and one that is done so well. I agree:Life's too short to make yourself miserable. Continued success- Barbara J Henry

The Liar (Poetry) - 11/10/2012 1:47:58 PM
Oh, how I completly agree with you! The liars are in office again. Are people blind to the lies and promises? We should be scared of this liar and all the people who have fallen for his svengali lies. I expressed my feelings when I wrote a poem called "The Black Wreath" after the election votes were in. A very sad day for America! Joy L. Hale Joy L. Hale

The Liar (Poetry) - 10/25/2012 5:27:05 PM
Sounds as if you are speaking directly to a politician to me. Who can we trust with their lies? Is nothing sacred anymore? Are morals down the drain of politics? Seems to be everywhere and no one seems to care either. Excellent poetry here.

The Liar (Poetry) - 9/18/2012 4:57:39 PM
Very nice simplistic short poem.

I Discovered Magic (Poetry) - 9/12/2012 9:29:35 PM
Magic has always intrigued me. I like this! Love ya! Jane

The Liar (Poetry) - 9/8/2012 4:24:29 PM
I like this poem, great job.

The Liar (Poetry) - 8/26/2012 5:09:36 PM
Oh yes, but I'm no longer sure who outnumbers who.

The Liar (Poetry) - 7/14/2012 4:15:33 PM
Michael, This is someone we have all encountered and basically left behind... Deborah

Stay In Focus (Poetry) - 7/3/2012 7:20:54 PM
Mmm!!! Well not a lot in Life Impress'zzz Me BUT I must say I'ma IMPRESS'd My SOUL Brotha Rite Fuck'n ON Aye!!! Totally Irony Or Catalist??? baha! Either ither Xxxtremely apt 4 diza Gypsy Chick... Many Thank'z 'n' SENA btw if'n Your Gawjuz Self iz unaware of tha meaning of My Salutation Of SENA??? 'Sena' In Sanskrit Mean'z "My Heart Thank'z Your Heart" Take Care & Stay Safe Loce Light 'n' Peace

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/30/2012 9:03:17 PM
Hey Michael...I like your poem, Dude, and I really like the pic! Very nice! The main reason I wanted to read your poem is because I have written a poem called "The Liar" also. Poems about liars are always short, because exposing them only takes a few words of truth. Also, the poet most likely wrote it because "The Liar" had touched the author's life.

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 6/17/2012 2:38:39 PM
I have found this to be the case in marriage. It seems we get so busy with the house, bills, house and yard work.........We lose the playful spirit we had before we were married and our existence together is just that - existence! Thank you for your mind opening poem. Jane Noponen Perinacci

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/12/2012 5:05:29 PM
Love this poem it rings so true and I know a couple of people that do just that Lie.

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 6/7/2012 3:25:10 AM
I like the way this chimes with Frost's 'less traveled' road.

My Dreams (Poetry) - 6/2/2012 8:08:00 PM
Ah! Those fascinating fleeting visions! Sometimes haunting. Jane Noponen Perinacci

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/1/2012 8:56:18 AM
Very good, loved it.

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 6/1/2012 8:32:04 AM
Oh, yes! If we could only see what lies behind each door before we choose! 'Looks like you chose the right one! Jane Noponen Perinacci

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/31/2012 11:46:11 PM
I was married to him at one time! Love ya! Jane

I Miss You (Poetry) - 5/27/2012 12:08:40 PM
Masterfully written...i feel your pain.

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/24/2012 4:19:58 PM
thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/22/2012 10:00:40 AM
The picture totally him,portrayed well! I am afraid he is here to stay for awhile. For you:Michael Your Liar’s, Liar There is truth in what you write, The liar is a parasite. I ask the question is it me? Or just self, being set free. Narcissistic is your Liar, Shame on him, his tongue of fire! Psychopaths created play, In this world they will stay. Liar charmed through a sociopath, They lack remorse, on their victim’s backs. Liar, Liar, no pants on fire, Today his play involves desire. © By Teresa Bellamy Walker

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/15/2012 4:19:58 PM
Perhaps 'Liar' reflects the societies we live amongst now. We were brought up always to be truthful...Our political leaders (I am from the UK) say one thing and then do the other...Not very good role models for our youngsters... Diana...

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/28/2012 12:27:16 AM
I like this - it speaks to modern politics and those politicians who dwell in the sewers (amongst others). it's the sort of material we should present to children constantly to show them that there is another way and that the corruption we see all around us is to be rejected not embraced. For we really do have to fight to build a new culture of honesty from the ruins created by the liars. Well done mate.

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/24/2012 10:37:07 AM
This is of universal appeal. It's limited to no one perspective. Great write. -Charles A. Green

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/22/2012 5:39:32 PM
Sickening, isn't it? Thanks for speaking out!! Write ON!! xOx Phyllis xOx

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/6/2012 10:14:54 AM
Love this poem!

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 11/8/2011 6:50:14 AM
Simple words, thought provking meanings, liked it very much. Lalita

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 11/7/2011 6:34:53 AM
Life certainly is like opening doors and finding surprises behind them...but if we don't open the doors, we'll always wonder what might have's called living....Nicely done, Michael! Anna

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 11/6/2011 11:09:17 AM
Michael, A thought provoking poem, it made me think if I'm opening the right doors in my life. Very cleverly writtten, Michael. Many blessings, + Linda

The Door I Want To Enter (Poetry) - 11/6/2011 9:59:17 AM
This is very good, Michael. I particularly are impressed with the simplistic approach to a more then likely a convoluted trial and error we all must go through in the opening of our own special doors.

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 8/26/2011 9:53:57 PM
Wonderful post. thank you for sharing

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 8/9/2011 6:52:57 AM
I see you have not lost your gift. Tender words spoken from your heart's pen. Well done my friend. Hope life is treating you and your family well. Please keep in touch!

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 7/6/2011 2:58:33 AM
Awesome! I really believe our dreams are sometimes messages and deep in our subconscious there is something we need to adhere to or some sort of preparation ahead. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/6/2011 2:37:51 AM
This is very nice poem and so true! I really enjoyed it and thank you for sharing! :)

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/25/2011 4:59:14 AM

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 6/6/2011 8:16:55 AM
Very emotional! Liked it, especially the combination of sorrow and hope woven well together. Lalita

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 5/31/2011 9:30:31 AM

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 5/31/2011 6:42:58 AM
Yes I feel like that at times... I love the name of this sweet man...WHY CAN'T I FIND YOU....sighhh.....well done indeed....stay safe and well..Hugss,much love to you....

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 5/30/2011 8:28:50 PM
The yearning and sense of loss, lonliness rings out clearly in this piece that is shedding light on hope, joy, and renewal.. Be always safe, Karen

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 5/30/2011 1:56:42 PM
Very clearly expressed yearning to return to the way things may have been... fee

Why Can't I Find You (Poetry) - 5/30/2011 11:30:15 AM
well written and filled with the desire to set things right

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/21/2011 7:18:01 PM
YES!!!! I just wrote a poem about the same thing - media - the tyrants of the ages. The liars, stalkers and deceivers. Their reign is soon over. Loved this, loved this LOVED T H I S!!!! Kim L.O.V.E. (V)

Life's too short (Poetry) - 5/19/2011 9:27:50 AM
Sound advice well versed. Richard

Life's too short (Poetry) - 5/17/2011 9:24:13 AM
Very nice work, Michael. Your meanings are clear and the writing is good. Nice to meet you. Bob

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/17/2011 7:18:38 AM
Interesting poem -- my sentiments, too. The picture is amazing. Nice to meet you Jerry, I'm new here. Bob

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/20/2011 1:46:09 PM
They show up in all forms and and they reside in most unsuspecting places...even where truth abides....LIAR'S Awesome work!!!

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/28/2011 4:32:44 PM
Great work!

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/18/2011 4:41:23 PM
My sentiments exactly. Great job of exposing THE LIAR!

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/13/2011 2:32:08 PM
Excellent poem about a subject which makes most people run from those who holds such a talent... A really good liar will not even tell themselves the truth... this way they don't have to 'feel the pain' of their own handy work. Besides, most liars fall into the category of Narcissism. Honesty hugs~ Mindy May

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/12/2011 8:12:11 AM
This is awesome! It is a sad truth... The hardest part about loving a liar? By the time you find out they didn't care and felt no pain, your heart has been crushed. I recently went through this and felt every minute of it... but she didn't. Big hugs~

I Miss You (Poetry) - 3/10/2011 1:43:18 PM
Execellent,..people go through this type of feeling and emotion all the time. Very well written.

The Liar (Poetry) - 3/9/2011 1:59:44 PM
Excellent!!! enjoyed very much

Life's too short (Poetry) - 2/21/2011 10:14:14 PM
You've said it so very well. Life is too short. You're absolutely right.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 2/9/2011 4:40:45 AM
I like your style and attitude Michael.

The Liar (Poetry) - 2/7/2011 6:32:47 PM
Nicely written! I've met so many people who would qualify as LIARs. My only hope is that I am not one. rege

Life's too short (Poetry) - 2/7/2011 6:31:17 PM
Life's too short to dwell on things that pull and tear on your heart strings. You are not kiddin,' is it worth getting down about everything, anything, or nothing? Life is much too short and you have said it only too well. rege

I Miss You (Poetry) - 2/5/2011 11:50:53 AM
It's beautiful.

The Liar (Poetry) - 1/22/2011 3:47:21 PM
One lie begets another... Well said.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 1/18/2011 3:59:43 PM
Wonderful writing sweet man..enjoyed..stay safe and well..Hugss

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 1/7/2011 8:13:14 AM
Yes! Yes! Yes! And I am a dreamer....well done, Michael! Anna

Life's too short (Poetry) - 1/7/2011 8:12:26 AM
I agree with your wisdom is too short to spend it throwing negativity out into the only comes back to you...took me a lot of years to learn this invaluable life lesson! Anna

The Liar (Poetry) - 1/7/2011 8:10:45 AM
Very clear message, Michael.....why do people lie? Anna

The Liar (Poetry) - 12/7/2010 8:02:43 PM
Well written and cleverly conveyed. I love the way the poem pours forth, honestly and freely. The best line in my view is the last. Excellent question. -=ra=-

The Liar (Poetry) - 11/8/2010 6:10:42 PM
from the tongue of a liar, captures no truth....great capture write...

Life's too short (Poetry) - 10/21/2010 12:02:59 PM
A good philosophy to live by Always, Deborah

Life's too short (Poetry) - 10/7/2010 4:45:24 PM
Love life and all it has to give us. This poem reminds us that life is short. We must make the best out of life and the challenges of life. Anthony

Life's too short (Poetry) - 9/27/2010 6:32:09 AM
this is really a beautiful poem, The beautful lines are heart touching & motivational,which opens all the door of thinking of ones..its really gr8.

The Liar (Poetry) - 8/21/2010 9:42:12 PM
God, this is so true. How can anyone stand there, look you dead straight in the eyes and lie to someone, especially if it's to someone they claim they love. My dad always told me though, don't lie, for one, you have to come up with another lie to cover that one, and so on, then you forget, what you told, and more important who you told them to. Tell the truth and and you have nothing to worry about. Lies, what most people do not realize, even though they think they're good for the moment, do come back and bite you in the ass, and then you have lost face, unless of course, your circle are liars, and that's just they way they think they should live life. Liars are the worst, and even when they are caught, why does it seem they have to come up with another lie for the reason they lied in the first place. Too bad it's not a crime when you catch and can prove someone lied, but I guess it does work out in the end when they are caught, for now they no longer have the trust they thought they had, not amongest the liars they hang around with. What's the old sayind, honor among thieves, but when it comes down to the truth,,,,great posts, and all liars do have a special place as well as lost a good many friends because of their lies.

Sweet 16 Birthday Words of Wisdom (Poetry) - 7/20/2010 1:27:42 AM
A very fine poem.

The Liar (Poetry) - 7/19/2010 4:55:17 AM
You've described the liar well, and there are many of them out there in this world. When I was growing up my daddy always told me that my word was my honor. If I told someone I would do something I'd do it at all costs just so I could keep my word. Wish people felt that way in this day and time.

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/18/2010 8:06:03 AM
interesting and well expresseed

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/18/2010 6:07:07 AM
Great writing sweet man..stay safe and well..Hugss

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/17/2010 5:52:44 PM
Nice one Mike! No one likes to be interrogated, especially when the interrogator gets too personal. You have captured the feeling well! Vasu.

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/17/2010 5:14:49 PM
Great poem ~ And it can apply to all sorts of relationships and situations Blessings, Christine

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/17/2010 5:57:56 AM
Dear Michael, very well written poem. Sounds like a child telling a parent! - Lalita

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/17/2010 4:23:03 AM
When our significant other is asking questions, it is a signal that something is wrong with them. They are either really insecure, or they are the one doing what the questions are all about...If they are doing whatever it is then they think the other person is too...simple... You are right to walk out, the questions will never end otherwise. Much peace, love and light, Amber

Stop Asking Questions (Poetry) - 7/17/2010 4:08:19 AM
This poem really has a strong message - and I bet my son would like to repeat the context of your poem to me. I have a tendency to "want to know" too, where he is concerned and I really have to monitor what I say to him because he gets defensive and tells me I don't have to know EVERYTHING. He's right, of course. This is a good write.

A Broken Promise (Poetry) - 7/7/2010 3:12:04 AM
Your poem touches on a hurtful topic when a person we have given our trust to fails to keep his/her word to us. My father always said, "A man's word is his honor, and if we say we'll do something, we should do it at all cost." A fine piece of writing with a worthy message, Jeanette

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/7/2010 3:07:15 AM
I love your article and your positive approach to life. Many years ago I discovered Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's writings and have promoted my own positive thinking ever since then. I've come to believe that life, first, is one's state of mind, and we can choose to live in the confusion of negativism or we can choose the more peaceful and positive condition to live by. Stay positive, Jeanette

A Broken Promise (Poetry) - 7/5/2010 5:34:27 PM
Iv'e recently experienced a broken promise.My heart is broken,my world is blue.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 6/29/2010 1:31:55 AM
Great piece of poetry with a clear message. I enjoyed every bit of it and it got me thinking. God bless!

Cherish The Forgotten Memory (Poetry) - 6/2/2010 6:22:20 PM
Wonderful, so interesting your way of putting it, "to slow down the race to patience"... Blessings, Christine

Cherish The Forgotten Memory (Poetry) - 6/1/2010 11:11:50 AM
Michael, Very nicely stated, I enjoyed this poem..Dreams are amazing! They certainly have a way of reminding us of those cherished forgotten memories... Lovely poetry! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Struck By Lightning (Poetry) - 5/27/2010 12:20:52 AM
Excellent poem, Michael

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/21/2010 12:24:56 PM
This gave me tingles! You have hit on a very powerful subject and written of it very well.

The Liar (Poetry) - 5/17/2010 3:57:26 PM
I don’t need to tilt my head to read the writing on the wall.

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/29/2010 4:33:18 PM
Reading "The Liar" brings to mind my many years of courtroom background where we learn what is taught in law school: "Eyewitness testimony is the least reliable evidence of all," where the only difference between a mistake and a lie is intent. And as we've all learned years ago, "The road to hell is paved with good intent." If I had more amibition, I'd commit this poem to memory. I won't. But I will put it in my Memory File. Final word: No man hates a liar as much as a lied-to woman! Richard

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/29/2010 4:24:50 PM
Fascinating commentary on what most all of us experience either nightly or frequently. I'm not altogether sure about your introductory statement "...for your nightly viewing pleasure," even while your last line is "I wake up in cold sweat to dream another time." You know, Michael, years ago I used to wake up laughing in the middle of the night over some dream situation which didn't sound at all funny when I related it to my wife. I guess I've mostly outgrown the funny dreams since I'm more concerned with Heaven's Door nowadays than Disneyland. (Sign of my aging times.) Others that find dreams fascinating are clinical psychiatrists, who also want to know when in our sleep we dreamed a certain dream. In return, I've always wanted to ask them the same questions. One of these days! Well done, Michael. I enjoyed this. Richard

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/19/2010 8:21:14 PM
Just lovely this poem is thank God I stumbled upon it this evening. Very nice indeed. God Bless You Magics

Face The Doom (Poetry) - 4/17/2010 10:22:57 AM
In many respects, Life is somewhat akin to a dental cavity: It can be painful and rarely, if ever, gets better on its own. So, when our back's finally to the wall, many of us break down and make an appointment with our dentist. And we're happy when the pain and the prospect of more pain has been faced and conquered. "Face the Doom" is sage advice from one of wide and varied experiences, who also tells us, "There are always alternatives." I agree, with the observation that oftentimes the alternatives don't come into view until we "Face the Doom." Insightful and inspirational. Great write! Richard

Life's too short (Poetry) - 4/7/2010 7:22:39 AM
Life is too short to focus on the negative!!! Park those thoughts that make you worry and create new goals to which you'll hurry. Excellent write! We have to face our demons to move on and try new things that might scare us. That is how we grow into something more. We can't be afraid to stand tall and explore it all. ~Chessly

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 4/4/2010 6:36:10 AM
Very powerful! With a few words you have said a lot. The use of a single word at the begining is too good. - Lalita

The Dreams Within (Poetry) - 4/2/2010 6:15:02 AM
good stuff!

Because I Do Know (Poetry) - 3/31/2010 9:54:56 PM
Powerful and very sincere... Be always safe, Karen

Because I Do Know (Poetry) - 3/31/2010 9:21:18 PM
When you know, you know! Powerful poem! awesome Michael!

Because I Do Know (Poetry) - 3/31/2010 5:41:45 PM
interesting, strong and powerful!

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 11:32:43 PM
I absolutely love it and you have well captured the subject. Best -- THP

I Miss You (Poetry) - 3/9/2010 7:39:15 AM
Very well written, Michael

Life's too short (Poetry) - 3/7/2010 2:03:15 AM
Just fantastic. Great wisdom expressed in simple words. Thanks.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 2/26/2010 8:54:10 AM
Hi... I loved your poem "Life's too short". So I posted it on my blog. Keep up the good work..... - Anik (Maverick)

The Liar (Poetry) - 2/2/2010 6:32:53 PM
I like the way this flows. Can one lie to one's self? Lying can be a vice or a vise, depending on one's level of expertise.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 1/28/2010 7:31:06 AM
loved reading your words that lifted my spirts, and gave new insight to learning to live...thanks

I Miss You (Poetry) - 1/19/2010 6:36:25 AM
I can relate to this, and I do re-read the last texts...Wonderful poem.

I Miss You (Poetry) - 1/18/2010 7:41:35 AM
A beautiful peom straight from the heart. The last verse is the best. Just wonderful ! Lalita

I Miss You (Poetry) - 1/17/2010 9:00:08 PM always! Keep writing!! Vasu

I Miss You (Poetry) - 1/17/2010 6:34:43 PM
beautiful yearnings-and sad

I Miss You (Poetry) - 1/17/2010 3:08:35 PM
Incredible, yearning write, Michael. Oh if wishes were horses. Saved...Lin

Life's too short (Poetry) - 1/14/2010 9:15:36 PM
I have been wanting to write about this very same topic for a few days now and finally this morning the words came to me. Good piece. Thanks for inspiring me. <3

The Liar (Poetry) - 1/13/2010 2:33:41 PM
I love your passion for the written word, I can commiserate with your frustration! Best wishes always, Ava

Life's too short (Poetry) - 1/7/2010 5:38:21 AM
keep telling yourself that.... !

The Liar (Poetry) - 12/14/2009 5:53:58 PM
This is excellent! You are so right! Liar's never feel the pain, because they don't care if they hurt another. Take care,~ Chessly

The Liar (Poetry) - 12/9/2009 4:33:27 AM
I am a liar. .

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 12/3/2009 2:05:11 PM

The Liar (Poetry) - 10/30/2009 8:09:34 PM
You bend the facts for your own gain. How is it you feel no pain/ There's so much truth in this statement that is so about our society today. What could we do to change it? Living the truth ourselves as Jesus did. It can hurt to be a truthful person but for the long haul it will pay off. Honesty is still the best policy. lil flower

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 10/12/2009 5:08:41 AM
What a wonderful pilgrimage, sublime and humbling

The Liar (Poetry) - 10/3/2009 12:09:47 PM
Nero is fiddlin' . . .

Life's too short (Poetry) - 9/29/2009 12:53:10 PM

I Tried To Write A Poem (Poetry) - 8/12/2009 7:10:25 AM

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 8/11/2009 1:44:06 PM
ah, that eternal art of regeneration... dust off those dreams and water those ambitions; it ain't over, 'til it's over! great write, michael. be well, cg

Yes or No (Poetry) - 8/5/2009 3:22:52 AM
Great poem,I enjoy reading it,take care EDWIN

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/29/2009 10:16:50 AM
" Life's too short " is bare truth revealed which brings hope and healing words of wisdom and God's grace to accept its cutting edge truth. Blessings Michael!!

Sweet 16 Birthday Words of Wisdom (Poetry) - 7/16/2009 10:04:05 PM
Poetic wisdom.

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/14/2009 3:34:43 AM
This is a very good poem.Very inspirational.Keep writing. Milton michael Handfield

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/10/2009 2:48:06 PM

My Dreams (Poetry) - 7/3/2009 10:42:04 PM
You hit it on the nose about the dreams, some are really nightmares. good poem I enjoyed it. thank you

The Liar (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 8:46:26 PM
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. But with "the few" on the rise And "the many" in decline Your timely liar warning Comes just in time. Love the poem. Patrick

Life's too short (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 3:22:00 AM
Good work !

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 7:56:07 PM
An awesome piece very creative Peace be with you William

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 5:01:24 PM
Nicely done!

The Liar (Poetry) - 6/19/2009 12:40:31 PM
Powerful and well written!

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/12/2009 6:45:21 AM
Michael, you are right on here. It looks like a formula to follow. I enjoyed this write more than a few times. Thank you for sharing. -Michael

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/8/2009 5:13:55 AM
Hi Michael, refreshing dry ambitions... if you were dry before, it does not show... this is like an affirmation... i'll have to read it every morning... i like this... thank you for sharing... In Spirit, Bear

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/7/2009 12:29:40 PM
Sounds like you've embarked on a very big adventure. It isn't easy turning one's life on its ear and being open to what might happen if we just altered one thing in our lives... if not many. ~ Sara

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/7/2009 10:39:35 AM
Bending the impossible is something I've done all my life. And y'know, it's not so impossible. I appreciate what you;re saying here. Bennett Kremen

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/6/2009 6:55:15 PM
rebuilding foundations is an exercise in possibility ...

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/6/2009 6:35:03 PM
Excellent poem,nicely done,take care EDWIN

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/6/2009 6:36:22 AM
Noble sentiments expressed with passion and conviction. s

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/6/2009 6:33:46 AM
Sounds like you have done some deep soul searching. This poem will be a revelation for all who read it. Nicely done! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Bending The Impossible (Poetry) - 6/5/2009 9:28:03 PM
love this--i am a fan of wisdom learned by living a life-not always played by the rules

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 5/11/2009 8:34:11 PM
So true. Writing bridges the gaps between yesterday and today without forgetting about tomorrow. Thx, dl

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 5/7/2009 11:57:13 AM
What a unique it! I'm saving this one.. just gained a fan! YAY!! blessings, vesna

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 5/1/2009 5:20:32 PM
I am not really a huge poetry fan , but this one really got me. Nice job Mike.. Di

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 5/1/2009 4:36:45 AM
Sometimes the past triggers the future. IF we learn from our mistakes the past serves as a spring board toward new awakenings. I liked this poem. I have lived my life with the school of not living in the past or the rear view mirror..I have now readjusted that thought, and say, The past is my learning curve, I shall improve upon my mistakes and take it as a learning lesson toward renewal and realization that you do get another chance to make it right. Much peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 5:40:01 PM
Michael, This poem is quite true,and more often than not,a lie about a particular matter is heard many times before the truth of the matter comes out. Much success Barbara Henry

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 4:04:54 PM
I like the longing feeling in this poem very much. I like the way you repeat "I'm writing through you" in each stanza as it unifies the poem. ~ Sara

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 3:41:59 PM
An opportunity to begin again, how wonderful.... Be always safe, Karen

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 3:20:25 PM
This is a great write!! Zahra V

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 4:31:23 AM
Ditto....go for it sweet man..keep smiling OK...Hugsss

I'm Writing Through You (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 3:34:40 AM
nice creative poem-who wouldn't take you up on this invitation for a fresh start!

Life's too short (Poetry) - 4/20/2009 12:24:31 AM
I like the enthusiasm

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 5:39:16 PM
how to decipher the source and intent of a dream solely depends on the individual psyche ...

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 12:28:16 PM
Dreams are the reality of the subconscios and sometimes they can leak over into reality... Fee

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 5:59:11 AM
i enjoyed this-i don't seem to dream much or don't remember much--sounds like yours are great!

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 5:32:36 AM
I like the tightly constructed stanzas and the steady rhythm of this poem when read aloud. Dream exploration has always intrigued me. Sleep can be a vehicle to a broader, more open side of one's self.

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 4:41:16 AM
Very interesting indeed sweet man..dreams can feel so real at times...enjoy your day Hugss

My Dreams (Poetry) - 4/18/2009 10:32:38 PM
Wow, reading this poem was like watching a live video. Too good Mike ! - Lalita

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/18/2009 10:56:38 AM
How sad when it all began with such promise.... Be always safe, Karen

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/17/2009 4:28:49 AM
Hi Michael, You write this song and it happens to so many... I would love to hear the music that goes with it.... great expressions here... In Spirit, Bear

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/17/2009 2:49:23 AM
Oh my,I certainly can feel the pain within these lines dear man..stay safe and well...Hugss

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/16/2009 7:29:30 PM
These relationships either give us a will or teach us compromise. A will to the one who yields and a lesson to the one who demands control. Honest, pure pain in this write, Michael...

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/16/2009 6:36:35 PM
sad write-well expressed with great feeling

Driving Me Away (Poetry) - 4/16/2009 6:17:44 PM
Heartfelt, beautiful and yet sad. "Driving Me Away" pulls at the heartstrings and yet it is an experience that at times we all may have experienced. A wonderful write, Gwendolyn

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/15/2009 10:19:09 PM
Mike, You are the master wordsmith! Good one!! Vasu

Goodness, Passion, Darkness (Poetry) - 4/15/2009 7:11:38 AM
Mike, You made our day with your carefully selected words, and the depth of meaning you brought in such a short poem. Excellent! Lalita and Vasu

The Liar (Poetry) - 4/13/2009 1:35:12 PM
Fanbulous! I would have not picked out the word "LIAR" If you had not pointed out how to see it!

Life's too short (Poetry) - 4/13/2009 7:03:22 AM
This is quite a coincidence. I just wrote and posted a poem with the same name and the same theme. Great write here. God Bless, Lew

Goodness, Passion, Darkness (Poetry) - 4/12/2009 9:50:12 AM
You summed it up nicely Michael, in rich deliverance of meaningful words> Bless You! Jasmin Horst

Goodness, Passion, Darkness (Poetry) - 4/12/2009 5:54:14 AM
i like this and love the inspiratipn-peace to you!

Goodness, Passion, Darkness (Poetry) - 4/12/2009 4:12:14 AM
YOUR BLESSINGS were MANY Michael! YOUR OPPORTUNITIES we get to live through your eyes and heart! Thank YOU! Such an endearing appreciative and grateful Poem! You have written and shared! Sunrise! Sunset so much here to BLESS! Wonderful Tribute to new friends you have shared with us! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings, Love and Peace, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo Thank you for your sweet message and on EASTER Day, made it even more Special! EnJOY! Your Easter after India and feelings such indepth Culture! My new writing friend! Love your HEART and SPIRIT!

Tomorrow’s One More Day (Poetry) - 4/10/2009 4:06:14 AM
LOVE this poem and the PICTURE! Love old clocks and I see 69 UP there in the corner right side! peeking out... If it was your Birthday then, the day or close to when you wrote this - HAPPY-Y-Y! BIRTHDAY! I always feel like Frosty the Snowman, when I say it that way.. Smiling! Wisdom like WINE, is sweeter with Time! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings of Peace, Love and Inspiration, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo Another! for my Michael M, folder! Birthdays' are WELCOMED RISKS to be taken however lightly or strongly you feel that day! Ahhh... NOw, picture that...

Not Really Sure When Soon Is (Poetry) - 4/10/2009 4:01:35 AM
I LOve this poem Michael! Another in your folder, for me to read over 'soon'... This fits our hearts, with all the writing we do and trying to fit so much in IN A DAY! or a WEEK! Such words written with discreet. Love your heart! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings and Peace, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExoo If you have time, (don't say soon lol) come to my corner and see if my words will soon take form in your heart and spirit to inspire!

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