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Recent Reviews for Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations

Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras 2008 (Book) - 6/5/2008 7:01:36 AM
A unique and intriguing perspective on the basic elements of memetic language and thought itself. It is also intriguing that the Oliviera name is so well represented in the credits and comments on this work. Love and {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}, Leland

Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras (Book) - 5/24/2007 11:12:44 PM
Best wishes for your beautiful writing.

Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras (Book) - 5/24/2007 4:12:53 AM
Congratulations and best wishes on the release of your new book Alexandra...I know it will be a great success. Hugs Fee

Universes Beyond the Visible Elements of Dream (Book) - 4/25/2006 9:38:12 AM
A brilliant volume of poetry in photography, photography in poetry. Will soon add a more thorough review on this collection. D

Universes Beyond the Visible Elements of Dream (Book) - 2/7/2006 5:38:34 AM
From This Book: "Life is a river that flows through us and we discover joy and peace when we immerse ourselves in it." And this is a book of wondrous photographs and verse that gently flows through the reader, and one truly does discover joy and peace when immersing themselves in it. Well Done, Alexandra & Joseph - truly enjoyed!

Universes Beyond the Visible Elements of Dream (Book) - 2/6/2006 12:51:53 PM
An Awesome book this is for sure.....thank you Alexandra & Joseph for the wonderful gift,,,I received it today...and was in awe with the beauty of it!! Thank you!! Warmest love Tinka

Universes Beyond the Visible Elements of Dream (Book) - 1/7/2006 10:16:15 AM
Alexandra: This is an exquisitely beautiful book, highly professionally done. I will post a longer review soon. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Love to you and Joseph, Leland

DOG SOUL - Stories from the Park, with Love (LORD) (Short Story) - 8/27/2012 6:15:25 AM
Delightful story of a POV we seldom have the privilege of experiencing. Your ability to capture the intimate phrasing so natural to humans sharing life's story was remarkable, given we're dealing with a dog... with those legs of royalty you so aptly portrayed.

DOG SOUL - Stories from the Park, with Love (LORD) (Short Story) - 8/19/2010 3:12:57 AM
As he gently tended to my wounded chin, the tall fellow whispered “how can human beings do these cruel things?” How, indeed. Yet they continue to occur, all around the world. Thank God for sanctuaries like your P.T.N., Alexandra, and for human beings who still revere the sanctity of all life. If only this sad old world of ours had many more of both. And both Lord and Becas are gorgeous.

A wild tale of wild asses (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS III) (Short Story) - 2/9/2009 4:44:04 AM
A good story, you tell it very well.

Love-prickled to the core – (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS - VI) (Short Story) - 8/18/2008 6:20:18 PM
Love is the best care there is, and this most loving story is the best I have read in a long time, thanks for guiding me to it, you and your sister are very special, I am so glad to know you! Hugs and Blessings! Jasmin Horst

Love-prickled to the core – (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS - VI) (Short Story) - 8/18/2008 11:59:43 AM
Gotta love it, when wild life and mankind combine to do something special how can anyone do anything but smile. hugss Fee

Love-prickled to the core – (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS - VI) (Short Story) - 8/18/2008 8:13:33 AM
Great story, Alexandra. It reminds me of my own Bluebird Farm 1 posted on AD. Of course, squirrels aren't so exotic as hedgehogs, which we don't even have here in my part of the U.S. I once petted (very carefully) a young porcupine I found eating grass in an old silted in pond in Colorado. Good luck with Pico-pico and love and non-prickly {{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VII – To whose image did you say? (Short Story) - 6/3/2008 8:22:06 AM
Otsana, one of the sons of Erato has the poetry power to convince mighty Zeus to decide Apollo's destiny, but...the poet needs an incentive... Georg

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 10/28/2007 10:55:43 AM
C'est un merveilleux message. Merci, Alexandra. Amour et paix, Régis

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/25/2007 7:44:44 AM
Dear Xuxa, This concept is absolutely brilliant! Just because we don't think of something does not mean that it doesn't exist. And there are so many things we don't like to think of because to acknowledge them might make us feel responsible to do something about it. Oh, how human beings seem to hate responsibility. "The global, universal, immeasurable relevance of everything in the apparent nothing, and of the indiscernible nothing in everything." ~I think volumes of books could be written just on this one thought. If people would begin to embrace this concept, there would be a paradigm shift that would bring about a positive change for all Creation. In deep admiration, Joseph

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/24/2007 6:32:49 AM
I think you posted this while I was off observing insects in a forest. I thank you sincerely for the mention, and I think it was Einstein who said that we must look very closely at the smallest details of nature to finally find ourselves, and you are truly one who does that. I only wish far more human beings today could, then this beleagured and under attack natural world of ours today might still have a fighting chance. And I think The Sea Slug just might have picked you, Alexandra! Well Done, and Bravo!

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/16/2007 1:54:40 AM
And all comes down to "...immeasurable relevance of everything in the apparent nothingness..." to summarize the cause of a few because... A subtle message inside the subtle message. Georg

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/15/2007 6:45:55 AM
Excellent story with a powerful message; well done, Alexandra! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in America, Karen Lynn in Texas. :D

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/15/2007 5:46:14 AM
Oh Alexandra! I could see this as a lecture with you at the podium! This is powerful, amusing, informative, and so thought provoking........An ocean of wisdom here, and a tribute to a good fella! My ogie friend Ed:)

ODE TO THE SEA-SLUGS (Short Story) - 9/15/2007 4:12:38 AM
VEry well presented with a strong and intelligent message that captures the "if just one person tried..." attitude that we all need to accept if there is going to be a planet for others in the future. hugs Fee

DRAMATIS PERSONAE (Scripts & Staging of to be & not to be) (Short Story) - 8/15/2007 12:14:35 PM
Impressive Alexandra.

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VI - Of bread, silence and perceptions (Short Story) - 8/8/2007 8:59:02 AM
Someone said once that "you will bake bread with the sweat of your forehead", one not only kneads the doug but also the hunger of the soul that hears the thoughs and can speak back. Sublime as usual. Georg

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VI - Of bread, silence and perceptions (Short Story) - 8/7/2007 10:25:17 AM
Beautiful--and deep. Just as your character Otsana is. A great bit here. One can garner the sweet smell of yeast rising. And BTW, could I get your recipe for tomato pie, Please? Love and [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]], Leland

When a turkey barks (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS – V) (Short Story) - 8/7/2007 10:23:18 AM
Dear Xandinha, Your storytelling ability is truly amazing! I am one of those readers who easily gets bored but never with your stories. You truly make the reader feel as if they were right there and that's an exceptional talent. Your writing really celebrates the human experience of the fullness of Life that surrounds us. Amo te muito, Joseph

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VI - Of bread, silence and perceptions (Short Story) - 8/7/2007 10:13:55 AM
Xuxa, meu Amor ... The title alone has my mind spinning. Bread, it seems, has always been one of Life's staples. It provides sustenance, security, energy and, thus, Life. It has been said that "Silence is golden" yet I'm not sure if we really appreciate it as much as we should when it falls upon us. And perception is one of the keys to understanding. May it be that we constantly perceive our lives from as many varied angles as we can find so that we continue to grow and evolve. This Otsana piece gives me a "peaceful, easy feeling", like that song by the Eagles. From many perceptions of Love, Teu Joseph

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VI - Of bread, silence and perceptions (Short Story) - 8/7/2007 9:59:42 AM
Great character. I suppose bread making is one of the noblst art, existing since the begining of time. Enjoyed. Victor

Acute & Chronic(les) by Otsana VI - Of bread, silence and perceptions (Short Story) - 8/7/2007 8:45:04 AM
The comfort of letting the being BE, with the nobleness and the humility of a task that is indispensable We could all learn much from Otsana.

When a turkey barks (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS – V) (Short Story) - 7/27/2007 6:48:36 AM
I love it. I don't eat chickens anymore. And your aviary friends were just that friends. We raised a calf my parents had butchered, my sister and I didn't eat any of it because it was our pet. I love it! Wonderful write. Ann

When a turkey barks (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS – V) (Short Story) - 7/26/2007 4:47:55 PM
You have a brilliant writing style. I was laughing like mad. I envy your aviary. I can't keep fowl. I'm afraid the raccoons would too easily dismantle any aviary quite easily with their crafty little people-hands to get to the juicy treats within. ::sigh:: Someday, I'll have my pheasants, Indian Runners and peacocks as I've always wished. A hearty 'Gloo-gloo-gloo' to the lovely Genoveva.

When a turkey barks (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS – V) (Short Story) - 7/26/2007 7:17:24 AM
I enjoyed your story immensely, Alexandra, and the picture. Animals truly are wondrous beings, and I doubt we will ever understand all their capabilities, and all their complexities. And I, too, have a fond turkey story you might enjoy - The Old Cabin Down By the River.

When a turkey barks (INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTIONS – V) (Short Story) - 7/26/2007 2:19:11 AM
You were both gobsmacked by the barking turkey, just wait and see your faces when you hear a dog's gobble-gobble-gobble!!!!!! A very informative and light hearted story. Georg

Joseph* OneLight*® receives International Photography Awards (Article) - 9/4/2008 4:18:12 AM
Needless to say..I am proud of both of you..YAY!! Vesna :)

Animistic Anthropomorphisms – or how life is going on… and so am I (Article) - 3/23/2008 8:27:11 AM I learned from an Aboriginal ringer (cowboy), you can face the bull, slap him in the face with your hat, and then toss the hat to one side. The bull, fooled into thinking that the hat is now the adversary, goes after the hat, and the man grabs the bull by the tail. The surprised bull aggressively hooks at the man on his tail, and the man, as in judo, uses the bull's own commitment of weight and pulls as hard as possible directly toward the stilleto sharp horns. The bull is then overcommitted, and he topples. The man then dominates the beast. Make whatever parallels you will out of this.

Animistic Anthropomorphisms – or how life is going on… and so am I (Article) - 2/25/2008 4:49:26 AM
Alexandra, one can go out of the tunnel by own volition or by been chased by a raging bull, but the most important is that one are out from the darkness and constricting walls. The parallel with the camel sounds like bein one of those desert ships going on an sand ocean of suddenly emotional solitude...but what they say in America about walking a mile for a Camel? tou see, even when we don't believe it, always will be somewhere someone willing to go that extra mile for us. Blows are expected but one can be as gracious as a Banderillero to foul that sinisters horns. Georg

The ultimate love controversy (Article) - 11/10/2007 6:31:01 AM
Alexandra, I completely feel the same. I do, however, love myself like I would another. Acceptance, patience, and diligence. Thank you for suggesting this article of yours..I found it very enlightening.. "I love you, I love me, I love all human beings" Much peace, love, and Light, Amber "V" PS Here is a quote I wrote a while ago: "To live is to love, but to love yourself is living"(c)AVM

Crime in the name of… Art! (PLEASE READ) (Article) - 10/27/2007 3:56:26 AM
You have got my signature, maybe Sehor Vargas have never heard of Buchenwald's experiments of how long a creature can survive if treated with hunger and thirst in the name of Science. Disgusting!!! utterly a disgusting act from a grotesque "artist?" Georg Edvard Mateos 10-27-2007 Sweden

Crime in the name of… Art! (PLEASE READ) (Article) - 10/26/2007 1:00:29 PM
Heartbreaking!! I am on my way to sign right now!

Crime in the name of… Art! (PLEASE READ) (Article) - 10/26/2007 12:43:06 PM
Read agreed think this is attrocious and signed the petition...thanks for bringting this to our attention. Fee

The ultimate love controversy (Article) - 10/24/2007 8:22:31 AM
Wow. Substance for thought for sure. Alexandra. I don't know what to say. It should be easy to love yourself. I guess I'm at a loss for words. Love you lots, Regis (Reg)

The ultimate love controversy (Article) - 10/24/2007 5:33:24 AM
If nobody teachs you how to love yourself...the question will remain there forever, unanswered. An article to have a self retrospection of what went wrong back there, if we took the wrong turn at any of the crossroads. Yes, we love people, and perhaps they love us, how can one be certain when one isn't certain of loving oneself? Your words throws a hat in a controversy circle. Thoughtful, yet full of humanity. Georg

Self-Awareness & Beyond the Herd Insights (reflections of Sha’Tara) (Article) - 8/14/2007 3:32:04 AM
"...self-unaware humans..." yes we are it by choice, and convert ourselves into a billions souls herd that left all the power in the hands and mouth of the wolves. We laugh and despise the black-sheep that is getting richer, distracting us from the task of defending our grassy land for survival. A great piece to call upon awareness, somewhere out there are someone that's not yet deaf? Georg

A NOTE ON LIFE – WITH NOTES OF DREAM (Article) - 6/22/2007 6:57:15 AM I inhale and exhale through your part of the world, I can honestly say, I know what exactly you mean! But...Your making good use of your time and are managing quite well with that "most wonderful partner anyone could possibly dream of...," man of yours! Congratulations on all these past endeavors, and Good luck with everything ahead... You have a wonderful summer too! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

A NOTE ON LIFE – WITH NOTES OF DREAM (Article) - 6/22/2007 4:55:53 AM
Thank you for the wonderful update on your life and the story reads like a fairy tale life Princesses life. My day to day hum drum life seems so bland compared to the excitment of yours but the passion we share for writing bonds us together as friends. Good to hear from you Alexandra. Fee

A NOTE ON LIFE – WITH NOTES OF DREAM (Article) - 6/21/2007 1:32:01 PM
Alexandra, thank you for sharing these moments with us and know that we love you! Susan

Tops (Article) - 4/10/2007 4:10:56 AM
Bad luck – in a soccer stadium, with 120.000 fans, 22 players, 10 reserves, 1 referee, 2 line judges and a bunch of policemen, the pigeon had to poop on YOUR head. Happens to me all the time - but I always thought it was Good Luck!

Tops (Article) - 4/9/2007 9:02:59 AM
Too funny, I did indeed pass them on. LOL Fee

Tops (Article) - 4/9/2007 5:43:20 AM
LOL, Alexandra, glad I stopped by and read this little numbers. Some are thought provoking, while others hit ya right between the eyes: well done. (((HUGS))) and lov, Karla.

Book of the Year (Article) - 12/28/2006 6:59:38 AM
Thanks Alexandra. All the best to you in o7' Malcolm (:

Joy at a Gallop (Article) - 12/12/2006 7:09:50 AM
It is such a pleasure to read and feel your excitement on this very well deserving accomplishment...I congratulate you on not only the experience of this event but also on both of your efforts together to see your dreams come true...a most deserving award of life for two to feela nd enjoy together....Congrats again for this most enjoyable display of your and peace, Art Sun Hernandez...

Joy at a Gallop (Article) - 12/11/2006 4:04:57 PM
Congratulations to all of you, as I feel all your hearts combined, with the love and dedication from each of the parts...coming together to beat as one were the reasons behind this fantastic feat! What an awesome story and you all deserve another round...APPLAUSE!!!! Isn't it amazing how sometimes these instances just happen~ Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Joy at a Gallop (Article) - 12/11/2006 11:33:53 AM
What an electric feeling we shared!!! Muito Obrigado, meu Sonho, Joseph*

Joy at a Gallop (Article) - 12/11/2006 10:16:14 AM
Well done and as I mentioned in Joseph's review, you both as well as horse and rider have every reason to be proud and excited at the excellant showing of your horse. Good luck in future events. Felix

Joy at a Gallop (Article) - 12/11/2006 8:33:46 AM
Kudos to Ileana Verte and Jose Carlos and congratulations to you and Joseph on this most thrilling placing in this spectacular sport. So will you ride the great Ileana over the high bars yourself? It looks like such fun!!! LOL Much love and {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} from a thrilled bystander across the pond. Leland

Joseph* OneLight*® receives International Photography Awards (Article) - 11/19/2006 5:04:54 AM
This is truly amazing Joseph, Thank you for sharing a BiG part of your Heart and Soul with us! Thank you for bringing this Award and more to our attention Alexandra~ Awesome Achievements! WArmest Blesssings! WArm HuGs,Sheee

Joseph* OneLight*® receives International Photography Awards (Article) - 10/9/2006 5:57:05 PM
Congratulations! Your entry was very impressive :-) Blessings of light, Tricia

Joseph* OneLight*® receives International Photography Awards (Article) - 9/14/2006 9:34:59 AM
Muito Obrigado, Amor da minha Vida, for pouring your heart & soul into this article regarding my recent photography awards. The photos, thus the awards, would not exist if it were not for your unconditional love, constant encouragement & unwavering support. These things are worth more to me than any award I could ever receive. Adoro te, Xoxo

Bird and the moment (Poetry) - 1/12/2015 5:12:06 AM
I miss you Alexandra and your beautiful work. Oh to leave the ashes far below! Wonderful work as always. Belle

a poem, like anything... (Poetry) - 6/8/2013 6:51:28 PM
A poem can do anything. Very deep love poem! peace and light. FAKHRE

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 8/27/2012 6:19:28 AM
An eloquent consideration of the transparency of being, when fully understood as the ONE you ask us address. If only more would use the reflection of their counterparts in the universe and accept. What harmony might ensue.

Transcendence (Poetry) - 8/27/2012 6:07:38 AM
A subtle and poignant portrait of love without object: the essence being protected by a fortress of word defenses. Beautifully said.

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 8/27/2012 6:04:59 AM
The ever present principal of of the circle, the yin and yang, the adventure of breath's in and out sustainment of life, so too did your words continue that reality for a dreamer such as I. As your other work confirms, your have a luxuriant palette of emotional colors.

Bird and the moment (Poetry) - 8/27/2012 6:00:09 AM
For me, like a feather caressing the shards of life's broken glass, knowing that to embrace the journey, no matter how tenuous at times, no matter how elusive its seeming endless task of becoming appeared, there was trust that all would settle and a finality would but give a pause before the next gust of wind would lift it skyward and the virtue of love and hope would continue. Of course, as all effective poetry does for me, your piece was a lucid means of transportation into a world that might seem like an alternative universe to your words here, but it was most rewarding to find this pathway. Thank you.

Alexandrism (Beyond the species) (Poetry) - 4/4/2011 6:33:12 AM
Very compassionate! You have a Beautiful Spirit! Thank You Steph

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 4/4/2011 6:25:20 AM
BEAUTIFUL! Nice & Powerful.

Bird and the moment (Poetry) - 3/30/2011 4:42:25 PM
My dearest Alexandra: Only you could paint a word picture of such flowing depth on --fledging. A moment indeed, when one leaves the nest and ventures into mid-air with only DNA faith that flight can be acheived. And I loved the human aspect of the same programming. Flights of fantasy and fantasy of flights with many intrepid{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}, Leland

Bird and the moment (Poetry) - 3/29/2011 4:54:08 PM
Alexandra this is superb, lovely rendering of a most beautiful lady. Peace, love and light,' Amber

Bird and the moment (Poetry) - 3/29/2011 9:32:05 AM
Such fine poetic prose; a word painting that leaves the reader breathless; and the graphic image very effectively complements the whole offering. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Alexandra. Love, peace, and best wishes, Regis

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 3/14/2011 5:03:02 PM
I have to confess that animals have always fascinated me. I wish I had a pet right now. Problem is what to do with her/him when we travel somewhere? At my age, I'd rather have a pet than travel but my wife likes traveling. rege

Alexandrism (Beyond the species) (Poetry) - 3/1/2011 3:55:26 PM
we are the stewards of this earth and all her creations. thank you, dawn

Alexandrism (Beyond the species) (Poetry) - 2/27/2011 8:38:42 AM
You are right and this is very beautiful

Alexandrism (Beyond the species) (Poetry) - 2/22/2011 3:31:02 AM
the essence of the Living Being Powerfully good, and I wish many more could feel it.

Alexandrism (Beyond the species) (Poetry) - 2/21/2011 11:05:10 AM
Your empathy and compassion shine, Alexandra. Thank you for sharing it. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 2/8/2011 1:55:20 PM
The eyes are windows... and astonishing! Soul {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}, Leland

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 2/5/2011 11:30:51 AM
I find this particularly meaningful, Alexandra; and it reminds me of a poem that I have posted here at AD entitled, "Yearnings." Thank you for sharing your thought-inciting words. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 2/5/2011 7:57:30 AM
Intensely arousing and written beautifully. I believe that we all have an animal spirit within our being, it's primal and instinctive. I can totally relate to this poem.. Much peace, love and light, Amber

Encounter with a wolf (or Looking into the eyes of ONE) (Poetry) - 2/5/2011 7:07:52 AM
I've always loved wolves. "The Voice of One Crying in The Wilderness" was one of my very first poems. I can relate to this well. A web site yesterday shared that wolves can hear for 6 miles in the forest- 10 miles on a plain. We are not as alone as we imagine. A haunting write- thanks for sharing. John

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/30/2011 8:09:17 AM
Dearest Alexandra: As the recipient of this most gracious artistic blending of word and graphics I commend you. Your artistic talent in both areas is awesome and humbling. My mother would be proud to know that such beauty is lavished on her memory and my own appreciation of your powers is enhanced by the loveliness of the salving balm of this exquisite Alexandrism. Many tender loving {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}, Leland

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/22/2011 9:35:34 AM
Very nicely done, Alexandra

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 1/22/2011 8:49:55 AM
Excellent work.

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/21/2011 6:43:56 PM
Alexandra, I just love everything about this Alexandrism..The photo the words the flow and the tribute is divine. Much peace, love and light, Amber

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/21/2011 12:16:02 PM
Sweet prayer or wish to someone deserving no doubt. fee

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/21/2011 11:55:30 AM
Truly beautiful and meaningful; a lovely sharing of your "self," Alexandra. Thank you for this gift. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

One more Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/21/2011 5:21:37 AM
And may you plant a smile now, and kindness next, and then a smile again. You are a marvelous planter of words.

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/20/2011 11:23:24 AM
Words to live by!!! And to live well. Love and {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}, Leland

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/8/2011 12:20:08 PM
A truly marvelous philosophy to harness our energies into a breathe of energy to reach into the morrow of our lifes. fee

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/8/2011 11:17:39 AM
Superbly meditative and enchanting; thank for sharing this gift of serenity, Alexandra. Love, peace, and best wishes, Regis

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/8/2011 7:08:16 AM
Such serenity and calmness in your words of inspiration. I found myself floating and feeling happy. So good to see you here again, my dear spirit sister. Happy New Year to you and Joseph and your beautiful family. Peace, love and light, Amber

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/8/2011 7:01:45 AM
Such serene and wise thoughts. Happy New Year Sweet Friend.

Alexandrism (Poetry) - 1/8/2011 6:39:47 AM
Marvelous poetic thoughts, Alexandra, and so nice to see you posting.

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 12/2/2009 5:16:05 PM
Your soaring words surpass all superlatives and I have no doubt that their object deserves each and every one. The love between you is a beautiful and endearing reality. May it continue unimpeded forever. Love and many superlative {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} for both of you, Leland

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 11/26/2009 5:02:18 AM
This. Is. GORGEOUS! What a gift you present him with, Alexandra - your love, your words - beautiful. Happy Birthday, Joseph! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 11/26/2009 2:51:35 AM
On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for the gift of sharing my life with a truly remarkable woman! Thank You, minha Paixão, for this beautiful poem from your heart to mine. Cornucopia of Love, Teu Joseph

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 11/26/2009 1:03:01 AM
Pure word flow from the heart in a superlative Thanksgiving Day write. Happy Birthday to Joseph and with a poem like this in his honor he will know he is blessed. fee

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 11/26/2009 12:06:46 AM
Alexandra, how delightful hearing from you again! Joseph birthday will be celebrated in the heart of all his friends and colleagues as he is lauded by your words above. May God always hold a blessing hand over you two. Georg PS: Ação de graças feliz celebrando também aniversário de Joseph!

REMINDER OF ALL THAT (HE) IS (Poetry) - 11/25/2009 8:20:50 PM
WHAT memories!...what a man! What a beautiful poem, Alexandra~ I love how you brought forth each stanz to the next. . . incorporating the meanings even moreso... Happy Holidays! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 11/14/2009 9:02:22 PM
Yours 'isms' are an excellent reminder for each of us "to be" God bless you. Kathy

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 11/14/2009 9:00:46 PM
A belated happy anniversary. Your "Wordless [5-7-5]" speaks as if it were a sonnet. God bless you. Kathy

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 10/28/2009 3:54:06 PM
deep and intelligent thoughts..........soul mate creedo :)

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 10/28/2009 3:52:55 PM
very inspiring............and brave! pax A

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 10/28/2009 6:23:34 AM
Stunning! Much Love, Vesna :)

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/30/2009 5:13:40 AM
Xuxa, Your words fall soft upon the spirit. Yes, let us always go forward with a "fearlessness of paintbrushes (or steps)". Teu Joseph

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/28/2009 6:29:55 PM
inspired isms are like prisms ...

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/28/2009 2:08:28 AM
This is beautiful.I love your isms.Its good to read your works again,take care EDWIN

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/27/2009 3:44:03 AM
Long time no see, don't getting notice of postings from Portugal, cyberspace against us again? Creating pictures with words on empty canvas. Georg

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/26/2009 7:29:37 PM
And again, the eyes have it! So exquisite! Love and wonderful {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} Leland BTW, check out the country/western song I posted today.

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/26/2009 7:02:44 PM
Alexandra your posts here on the Den are a rarity these days but when your name comes up I know it will always be something special and this one fits that bill perfectly...perfect write perfect pic... hugs fee

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/26/2009 9:01:44 AM
So truism! And tropism - natural or inherent tendency of a living thing to move or turn in response to an external stimulus, hence a natural inclination toward a definite well Alexandra... Love, Sage

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/26/2009 8:03:00 AM
Beautiful, ethereal - gorgeous, Alexandra! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Alexandrisms (Poetry) - 9/26/2009 7:38:14 AM
Alexandra, Your isms are awesome. I love the lightness of this. Nice to see you here again..please don't stay away so long next time. Hope all is well in your Universe! Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

a sense of prayer (Poetry) - 9/17/2009 11:09:52 AM

Yes, here…  (Poetry) - 8/5/2009 3:30:41 AM
Magnificent written piece,take care EDWIN

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 7/24/2009 8:37:41 AM
Very beautiful write...romantic and overflowing with love. Congrats! Anna

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/5/2009 7:39:50 AM
no doubt, the unity of two souls is worth endeavoring ,,,

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/2/2009 1:18:03 PM
Beautiful pen, great verse!

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/2/2009 9:19:33 AM

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 7:53:16 PM
Alexandra, You know that this poem just makes me love you two even more. You both are such beautiful people, and this poem surely cements that love that you share..I loved Joseph's comments to the poem, My heart if full with happiness to hear such love from you to your man. Much peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 8:43:50 AM
Happy Anniversary! Wordless harmony. This ku is a beauty, Alexandra... Lin

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 8:41:33 AM
"...With a sob as if we were birthed by a climax of the moon." Beautiful... Lin

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 6:46:13 AM
My Dearest Xuxa, Thank You for all the gifts of these last five years. Your loving words are planted as seeds in my heart. Tu es Amor da minha vida, Joseph

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 6:41:10 AM
This is my fortune ... to be blessed by a love so deep "as if we were birthed by a climax of the moon." Grateful for this verse inspired by Beethoven. Amo te muito, Joseph

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 6:03:59 AM
Very nicely served up on a bed of wonderful. Fee

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 6:03:56 AM
Alexandra my beautiful friend, this is just both are very lucky to have each other..Blessings, love and much light to you both, Amber "V"

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 5:27:38 AM
I want to wish you a Happy 5th anniversary.This is sweet.He's a very lucky man,take care EDWIN

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 5:26:27 AM
Nice poem,take care EDWIN

And so we ensue (Poetry) - 7/1/2009 4:53:39 AM
May you both continue to ensue.

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 7:41:41 PM
So very well written. Your closeness to each other is wonderful. Love and {{{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 2:03:48 PM
GORGEOUS, Alexandra, congratulations to you and your love! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 11:53:22 AM

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 11:46:31 AM

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 10:16:33 AM
Very precious tribute to the love of your life and a very happy anniversary to you both... fee

Wordless (5-7-5) (Poetry) - 6/30/2009 9:47:37 AM
A beautiful and meaningful gift well-shared, Alexandra. The intended recipient is fortunate. Love and best wishes, Regis

Stuffed Toy (a pet's plea to a kid's parent) (Poetry) - 5/7/2009 2:20:22 AM
A well written poem that expresses true feelings of being loved and appreciated of a furry friend.take care Edwin

A space (Poetry) - 5/6/2009 4:16:14 PM
I've just read a couple of your poems (with the TV commercials blaring in the background...I know...Terrible!). I had no idea what to expect and read this poem. It took me by surprise, the subject, observations and feelings. I must say you have a unique way of looking at things . I liked being transported to your point of view and also like nature. Even with the interruptions: Very nice. Thank you for sharing! Next time: A silent room and a glass of wine

Stuffed Toy (a pet's plea to a kid's parent) (Poetry) - 5/6/2009 2:00:03 AM
Like him… I need your attention, your patience, your tolerance, your compassion, and your love… How so very true, and I hope many heed your words, Alexandra.

Stuffed Toy (a pet's plea to a kid's parent) (Poetry) - 5/5/2009 8:51:30 AM
Perfect; every parent needs reminded that our furry friends are sentient, loving creatures requiring our care and compassion. Indeed, for many of us, our furry companions are an integral part of the family unit. Thank you for being the clear, strong voice for those who often go unheard.

Stuffed Toy (a pet's plea to a kid's parent) (Poetry) - 5/5/2009 8:32:33 AM
Thank you for these timely and wise words, yes they are babies too.

Five instants of unapparent wholeness (Poetry) - 4/20/2009 6:49:45 AM
Deeply profound expression Alexandra! Much I pondered on soulfully! Thank YOU! Hope you are well and happy! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings of Love, Light, PEACE and Inspirations, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExoo Pss... I love the nuance in the picture!!!!Shades, colors, depth and shadows, lines, etc..

Five instants of unapparent wholeness (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 9:25:15 AM
Elegance of emergence transpiring. Your words bloom an incandescent halo over processes endemic to spring. A lovely write, dear one. Love and warmth of the season to you. Many {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}, Leland

Five instants of unapparent wholeness (Poetry) - 4/19/2009 5:40:24 AM
Inspiring words to say the least. Gives thoughts to me this day.

Five instants of unapparent wholeness (Poetry) - 4/18/2009 12:27:37 PM
Speaks to my soul, Alexandra, and the times when words are "still in the shade" and awaiting the sun. I too have hidden my core in that "secret glade". Very fine work!

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/24/2009 9:46:17 PM
Very well-written, i especially liked the form.

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/24/2009 3:11:37 AM
A well written and excellent poem.I enjoy reading it,take care.Fantastic work all around :-) Edwin

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/23/2009 8:28:14 PM
A vacuum, no doubt. Exquisite expression of a sadness, it seems. As always, beautifully penned. Love and many, many warm {{{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/22/2009 6:03:44 AM
I don't know if this makes sense, I get the feeling of darkness here, yet of anticipation, like a clearing out to accept something new, a good way in my opinion to deal with important loss, like that expression...when one door closes, another opens???? Maybe I am off here, I have no idea.....:)....Oh i went to your you are a human of MANY talents.......but some of it was not in English so I was a bit now, poetry, wine, and horses......i am in awe.....bravo chica! pax Anita

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/21/2009 5:19:46 PM
Masterfully crafted poem Alexandra. Bravo! Marcia Miller-Twiford

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/21/2009 1:23:13 PM
Strong voice speaking out and silencing the dark recesses of our minds. Fee

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/21/2009 12:38:14 PM
In terms of form, this reader got to enjoy in SPACE(MENTS) 12 lines that take us inside a series of intense moments. In terms of these lines' essence, the reader undertook a journey through innerspace that stretched lightyears to reach the most significant point of all: here and now. Masterful artistry truly enjoyed. Aberjhani

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/21/2009 9:54:29 AM
This one is powerfully penned sadness: hopefully, not indicative of your life at present. Well done, Alexandra. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Space(ments) (Poetry) - 2/21/2009 9:18:57 AM
Alexandra, Such a deeply dark poem you have penned. I get many feelings from your writing. This poem puts me in a darkened abyss awaiting a rescue of some sort. So good to read you again. Missed you much. Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Creed (Poetry) - 2/10/2009 5:47:09 PM
Life and its cradle, but penned ever so much more exquisitely. Love and many, many {{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Creed (Poetry) - 2/9/2009 12:10:08 PM
"I believe in the essence, a single one, of leaf and wing, of wind and mouth, rain and flame, skin and stone." A beautiful summation, Alexandra. I have missed your matchless spiritual expression and spine-tingling articulation. xx

Creed (Poetry) - 2/9/2009 7:22:42 AM
Alexandra, Much thought in these lines - well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Transcendence (Poetry) - 1/2/2009 9:43:05 AM
One can hardly help falling in love with words like these. May you and Joseph ever sustain the beauty. And BTW, Happy New Year! Love and many warm {{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Transcendence (Poetry) - 1/2/2009 9:42:43 AM
Excelling or surpassing beyond the usual limits. A write that exposes the heart of a poetess for the man she adores and respects. A most blessed New Year to you!

Transcendence (Poetry) - 1/2/2009 5:08:32 AM
Exquisite, Alexandra - now hush and let the words fall. :) Beautifully penned! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Happy Renewal (Poetry) - 12/25/2008 5:27:36 AM
Alexandra, Let us celebrate the joy of the love we all feel for one another. The den is my second family, and that makes you my spirit sister. I embrace your beautiful words this morning, thank you for your lovely poem about what Christmas time really is. Much peace, love, light and Holiday blessings to you and Joseph and your family, Amber "V" Moonstone

Happy Renewal (Poetry) - 12/23/2008 2:45:11 PM
Happy Renewal, Merry Christmas, Happy all comes down to loving each other. Well done Alexandra. hugs fee

Happy Renewal (Poetry) - 12/23/2008 5:43:21 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Alexandra and Joseph! Love the photo and lines of hope for peace. May it be so, Amen and Amen. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Tides (Poetry) - 12/23/2008 5:39:37 AM
A deeply meaningful poem. The tides of the ocean keep coming in and going out just as our life is an in and out thing. Up one time, down the next butalways becoming renewed again in spirit if we want to find that spirit though out God.

THE DOORWAY (Poetry) - 12/23/2008 5:36:13 AM
Life goes on eternal and this expresses that thought very well.

Happy Renewal (Poetry) - 12/23/2008 5:33:23 AM
Peace, light and renewal to you. Have a Merry Christmas and this write is very good.

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/18/2008 2:26:49 AM
a wonderful, beautiful write

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/12/2008 2:09:25 AM
A beautiful poem.take care :-) Edwin

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/12/2008 2:07:46 AM
This is beautifully written,I enjoy it and welcome back home :-),take care Edwin

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/11/2008 7:17:30 PM
Alexandra: Tonight I was fortunate enough to view the National Geographic spectacular artistic display of a journey through the Universe back to the beginning of time (Big Bang), then a return to the present. It put into perspective the whole idea of distance, time, and space. What an incredible show! It was melded together from Hubble's historic photographic history. Gives new meaning to the term "light." If you get a chance to see this, by all means, do so. So now I read your wonderful expression of light and it makes my evening complete. Love and many warm {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}, Leland

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/10/2008 4:11:17 AM
Beautifully expressed in any language and I know your heart fell into the depths of each line. Thank you for sharing such a perfect start to my day. hugs fee

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/9/2008 2:06:33 PM
oh lovely feeling the light as of late myself, enjoyed this piece, adore the innocense of simplicity

And yet, one day we’ll know (Poetry) - 12/9/2008 9:06:07 AM
All is contained in the seed; germination the appropriation of energy metabolising potential. Anything and everything is possible in the here-and-now though one day we shall have eyes to penetrate the as-yet unseen mirroring the actual. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Lush, sensuous writing which, as ever, stimulates the inner vision, probes the depths of mind and stirs the soul and spirit. Welcome home, Alexandra! :)) xx

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 3:21:12 PM
So very beautiful. I'm sure I speak for all when I say welcome back, you've been very much missed.

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 10:18:57 AM
And such a lovely whisper of poetic expression this is, Alexandra. It is very nice to read you again. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 8:50:42 AM
beautiful.........and so very much your signature style........:) pax A

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 7:48:48 AM
Nice poem Alexandra...your thoughts show that deep emotion attained within the essence of each combined expression...the simpleness of each thought defines the depth of your work... an enjoyable return...

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 7:48:27 AM
smooth and sensual ... los saludos… pueden subsistencia de la vida usted activo y bien ...

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 6:50:03 AM
Alexandra, This is so softly romantic and loving. You are an extraordinary person. Welcome back, surely have missed you. Much peace, love,and light, Amber "V"

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 5:17:04 AM
Good to see you back Alexandra and with such a stunningly soft sensual write that heats up the night... fee

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 4:48:38 AM
Beautiful, Alexandra*; it almost feels like a companion piece to my "There." I particularly love "through that gap that occurs just before our hands touch." This line captures the anticipation of "becoming." To be aware of this "gap" is to be fully in the present moment in a very conscious way - savoring each step and not rushing toward an end. It is, in its relative way, the "journey."

Yes, a whisper (Poetry) - 12/7/2008 4:16:53 AM
(((Alexandra!))) Oh, how I've missed you: I love the imagery in this, particularly in the second stanza: gorgeous!! Welcome back. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 10/20/2008 6:02:56 PM
"...of that grass of the meadows where the gallop lies down with the sun;" I love these lines. Etheric energy meets manifestation in the physical. "Prana" comes to mind. This feels, to me, more like a description of the mystical than the "romantic." It feels like a Sufi Mystic might have been describing Union. No matter the origin, the effect is to be enjoyed sensually and when read aloud the beauty of your words soars.

Movements II (sentient gradations of these colours, unreadable) (Poetry) - 9/29/2008 7:42:49 AM
Oh my, I could see the colors!!

Movements II (sentient gradations of these colours, unreadable) (Poetry) - 9/29/2008 2:21:39 AM
I think I am with Jerry below here Alexandra. This is a masterclass of a sentient and sensuous write that tickles and delights the empirical and cellerbrum senses. Love and Peace Peter

Movements II (sentient gradations of these colours, unreadable) (Poetry) - 9/25/2008 8:33:23 AM
But sentient, yes, if you take my fingers to your lips and lustfully, leisurely, suck them, the gradations, one by one… ( aaaaaaah the scorpio in you ..) sigh..what can one say?..Perfection! Blessings, vesna

Movements II (sentient gradations of these colours, unreadable) (Poetry) - 9/24/2008 7:02:11 AM
I suppose I could say without contradiction that this is one of the finest, most poetic and lustful poem of lust turning to love I have ever read . . . This is MY take on it, whether you meant it that way or not . . . It is so earthy I can almost smell the moist, freshly plowed ground, used as a metaphor, as I read this superb piece, Alexandria (One of my all-time favorite pieces of literature is "The Alexandria Quartet"). You give the reader a way to lose himself in the words . . . Taste the sourness and savor the sweetness of all he senses as he fantasizes while the words keep him captivated . . .

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/23/2008 11:42:36 AM
such a very dynamic poem - i feel the ebb and flow, i, too, love the way you have with 'weaving.' well done. -- Jeff

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/22/2008 2:01:59 PM
It is rare to get a criticism that actually improves us. I respect that. the beauty of your poetic (poetic/prose) tapestries, dear Alexandra, is not (to me) necessarily always the finished product, but the way that you deftly, and passionately, and skillfully, weave the threads that make it a finished product. certainly in this process is a gift and a mystery you possess that few exhibit. This is difficult, and subjective, (bear with me) - but what you do is not always necessarily read and intellectualized by me, but rather it is read and broods in the aether of my sensory modality like a painting, or something that is tasted or smelled or felt. In other words, your work always lingers as the inhalation of fresh flowers and ocean breezes in this reader. I pray that all is well ... richard

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/22/2008 12:43:09 PM
This is so burgeoning, Alexandra; so ripe and fit to burst! Just right for the mood of the seasons now... just pregnant with love and fulness. I like the form you choose - both distinctive between phases and yet with an ongoing lilt and shift. Some oozing lines that melt me, especially: but I wander, with hips already at a gallop and lips in bloom for honey yet to be made – buzz, buzz... this will certainly rekindle the birds and the bees! :)) xx

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/21/2008 9:32:35 AM
Alexandra: This was beautifully-written and well-presented!!! Great job indeed!!! Sandie Angel :o)

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/21/2008 6:22:40 AM
Stretching parameters; requiring readers' full attention intellectually and spiritually. There is always intrigue and a sense of transcension in your work. I love these lines: "but on the moon; the moon – Transitive, like a verb making itself meekly impersonal when it falls like the night upon her;" There is always an element of "sensing" rather than simply "reading" your work. I love that about your writing.

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/21/2008 5:52:21 AM
Except for the word "perchance," which I felt did not belong in this poem, because of its history of olde English, as opposed to the very, very newest and delicious prose of this one, the poem was meat for the readers table . . . I loved your way with phrases, Alexandria, such as . . . "but I wander, with hips already at a gallop / and lips in bloom for honey yet to be made –" and "of that grass of the meadows where / the gallop lies down with the sun;" . . . You are so far above me and countless others in your presentation, and yes, your brilliance, I hate to criticize, but to be honest with myself I have to . . . "perchance?" . . . It fits not . . .

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/21/2008 5:17:56 AM
Well, Alexandra, you kept me captivated with your words. Nicely done, my dear friend, yes very well written. Peace, love, and light, Amber "V"

Movements (not for static visions) (Poetry) - 9/21/2008 4:29:48 AM
Another imaginative and well presented write from the mistress of prose. Enjoyed. hugs Fee

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/19/2008 1:37:52 PM
Wonderfully penned Alexandra, I love your poetry. Your descriptions are never common, always enlightening.

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 4:13:25 PM
I am enjoying these literatural writings that bring language and poetry onto a path that highlights your skills as a writer. Well done. Fee

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 2:13:43 PM
Quite a bit of grammatical voodoo Alexandria . . . Exceptional . . . Really . . .

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 10:40:08 AM
Exceptional Alexandra, and, well, perhaps a tad seditious to what is doled out daily as literary pabulum in this world! I was expecting the dangling participles, though, to reintegrate adjectivally to form compound tenses. Goodness! (-: In the spirit of lightness ... Richard

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 10:20:25 AM
Parts of speech juxtaposed to visible body parts -- quite a concept. Beautifully done. Love and many semantic {{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 5:30:30 AM
A woman's body is like a beautiful painting. Your words describes the painting very well. Great job!!! Sandie Angel :o)

Of the body, grammatically (in)correct (Poetry) - 9/18/2008 5:27:15 AM
I love the way you write, Alexandra; this, no exception. WOW. A powerhouse! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

A space (Poetry) - 9/16/2008 7:22:02 PM
Truly nice work...thoughts expelled to consume and thoughts consumed to expel those ever moving emotions of life... very nice work... Art sun...

A space (Poetry) - 9/16/2008 4:37:39 PM
wow I like this .........we are on the same thought pattern, I just posted a poem on this subject......... it gets ya huh :) take care, pax A

A space (Poetry) - 9/16/2008 6:47:31 AM
Love the way you capture all the ingrediants that a poet and writer must have and turn them into a recipe for success. Very nice Alexandra hugs Fee

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 8:05:31 PM
This is excellent, some of the best I have read on here recently.

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 1:05:30 PM
Similar to finding the masterpiece in a block of granite eh? The visions that pass before our eyes on the computer screen, as we write, are as multifarious as grains of sand and snowflakes. Your little oblong space is always a treasure. Beautiful thoughts dear heart! Blessings and love ... Richard

Vernissage (with moths) (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 9:57:23 AM
You make some very good points in your verses here Alexandra. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 9:54:07 AM
Stunning poetry, Alexandra. This gift is worthy of much more than a single reading. Merci! Love and best wishes to you, Regis

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 9:12:18 AM
Excellent and a wonderful piece... "this fever, untold, consuming me, today..." What a great line!

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 9:10:10 AM
What a write this is! Alexandra, this was EXCELLENT!!! We never knew a tiny little space would occupy so many things that are invisible to the human eyes, but yet they are there for us to enjoy. You have done wonders with this write!!! Sandie Angel :o)

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 7:50:52 AM
Personal space is, in fact, our world -- what we sense about us. Beautiful expression of the bubble we live in. Love and many unspacious {{{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 4:56:46 AM
The space for this poem was well used, indeed. And thanks very much for your comments about our hideous horse slaughter, Alexandra; I know you would call if you could.

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 4:45:35 AM
Alexandra, Your work astonishes and pleases: this is beautiful. May your space always be filled with love and poetry. Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

A space (Poetry) - 9/15/2008 1:52:01 AM
This is a beautiful and very good poem,I enjoy reading it,take care Edwin

Vernissage (with moths) (Poetry) - 9/14/2008 12:53:14 PM
Yes, Alexandra, I think you capture this most delicately and beautifully. It is with regret that I deem this to be nearly always true. I find myself that I quickly get to saturation point with art exhibitions and am unable to do each exhibit justice. If possible, it is so much better just to take one artist's work at a time, or one room. All too often, I feel that I have come away with the dust of beautiful moths on my fingertips and with their fluttering of wings in my mind. I long to set them free... It is "getting the point" of each piece that perhaps liberates them - yet we scarcely give them a moment's true notice to breathe. Love the soul in this write. Were we all "flies on the wall", we might serve the gift of artists better. Love, Kate xx

Vernissage (with moths) (Poetry) - 9/13/2008 6:08:43 AM
A well expressed piece. Sandie May :o)

Vernissage (with moths) (Poetry) - 9/13/2008 5:55:21 AM
Alexandra, Breathtakingly beautiful ... don't worry, you wrote it, they will come. =] Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

A trilogy of seasons and a love in so many words (Poetry) - 9/11/2008 1:27:03 PM
you have a great style. the first part reminds me alot of Neruda. i also like how you built on the tension and weaved in the seasons.

A trilogy of seasons and a love in so many words (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 2:13:30 PM
Lovely indeed as only such a lovely lady as yourself with the heart of a poetess and the mind of a queen could compose...very nicely done. hugs Fee

A trilogy of seasons and a love in so many words (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 9:11:55 AM
Undone by the force, the beauty of these lines - exquisite, Alexandra. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

As if I were breathing (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 4:57:27 AM
texture and imagery work together just marvelously in this poem, Alexandria ...

Moments like this (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 4:54:57 AM
luv the creative analogy of romantic longing and poetic endeavor ...

Moments like this (Poetry) - 9/4/2008 4:16:34 AM
Perfection always! I'm saving this one.. Thank you Alexandra.. Much love to you and Joseph..I hope you are well and thriving..expanding the Love of Flames. Blessings, Vesna :)

Moments like this (Poetry) - 9/3/2008 10:12:29 AM
Dear Alexandra ... I am so glad that I did not miss this exceptional piece of poetic-prose. This is so moving and beautiful, like the sound of streams and the embrace of cooling breezes; I love the sensual threads. And I agree with the reviewer below that you do operate on the cutting edge of extraordinary insight and ability. I pray that all is well with you and Joseph. A big {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} back atcha. Richard

Moments like this (Poetry) - 9/2/2008 6:12:24 AM
Deep breathes here as I also digest the utter beauty and passion of this sensual dietary sexual delight. Pass me the menu please for I want to order. hugs Fee

Moments like this (Poetry) - 9/2/2008 5:24:30 AM
Oh, Alexandra, this is beautiful. Breathtaking. BRILLIANT. My new favorite of yours...well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

As if I were breathing (Poetry) - 9/1/2008 9:59:03 AM
So serene and softly flowing like oils on a fine art piece. Gorgeous as always Alexandra.

As if I were breathing (Poetry) - 8/30/2008 6:26:52 PM
Beautifully talented, loved if, makes the reader yearn for more, take care Valerie

As if I were breathing (Poetry) - 8/30/2008 1:22:54 PM
As always Alexandra your work is a pleasure to read and savour the thoughts you offer us. hugs Fee

ABC of the Cataloging Maniac (Poetry) - 8/29/2008 11:41:58 AM
i like those stereotype words and the way you put them together to make up this poetry is supberbly exciting and readable. I loved it and stuck with it til the end. Easy going on the mind, could follow you all the way. It's a great repost and super from you.

ABC of the Cataloging Maniac (Poetry) - 8/24/2008 10:17:34 AM
I like it and I agree. Nice one! Eileen

ABC of the Cataloging Maniac (Poetry) - 8/24/2008 6:08:11 AM
How much fun was this? WOW! And so superbly conceived too. I know exactly what you mean about reposting ... It was good to hear from you again dear Alexandra. I pray that you and Joeseph are well. And I like your new bio-page and photo. I, too, hope that life and circumstance is the honey on the muffins for you, and not the burnt edges. With love and warm regards ... Richard

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/23/2008 8:30:29 PM
change rejuvenates and atones ... uniquely rendered, Alexandria ...

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/22/2008 8:17:26 PM
"born-again pages". brilliant. cheers

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/22/2008 8:19:52 AM
Spirit does live on forever, and am I glad of that. Such comfort to know that and find it is so true each day as I pray to God.

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/21/2008 6:19:22 AM
Alexandra, WOW - undone by the power of your pen - rebirth, through words - stunning! My new favorite of yours. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/21/2008 4:14:42 AM
This was really good. Alexandra, you are a BRILLIANT writer! This is well expressed!!! Sandie Angel :o)

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/21/2008 4:05:55 AM
Pretty intense thoughts you express so well with a lot of emotion in them I think. Well done. hugs Fee

Blank and believable (Poetry) - 8/21/2008 3:51:35 AM
Alexandra only those who have been there will understand this poem of rebirth from ashes. An incredible write with some powerful and unusual lines.

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/18/2008 6:31:47 AM
Such wonderful images, just beautiful writing as always Alexandra.

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/18/2008 6:13:06 AM
Exquisite, Alexandra, exquisite! What more can I say? Perfection! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 12:01:46 PM
Alexandra.. A pleasure to read you once again Rodney

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 9:20:00 AM
Love, buttermilk on hot summer day, love the Haiku, love figs in winter time, enjoy them so, pears I do not do too well, Don't like them but like the teenage pears Haiku here. Tells what is the truth. Thanks for them. Welcome back from the vacation. Glad you came and wrote some more wonderful words of wisdom.

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 6:51:14 AM
Nice summery fare here, and scrumptious. Delightful imagery. Love and {{{{{{hugs}}}}}, Leland

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 6:39:45 AM
Very creative ... and deliciously delightful! I love 'em!

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 4:55:59 AM
Fruity lines...just as I like them in summer. Georg

III Tastes of Haiku (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 4:41:00 AM
Delicious very,

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 3:25:05 PM
There is much to pause and ponder about within your poem, Alexandra. Thank you for sharing this gift. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 10:05:52 AM
This is such a beautiful poem :-).I enjoy reading it,take care Edwin

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 9:24:10 AM
Liberating hues of a tangle of discreet influence and a combination of the nostalgic, the ironic, and the opportunist. Earnestly sensible is what gives this piece not only its ethos, but its resilience, Alexandra...I send love to you and Joseph...all good things to *Onelight. Love, Sage

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 7:17:58 AM
Freedom in these beautifully imaged lines - well done, Alexandra! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 5:50:12 AM
Colorful, quiet, an exquisite rainbow of colors and explodes in motion, a butterfly showing what freedom is all about! Georg

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 5:43:26 AM
"the implausible quietude of a soul adrift" Such a pregnant phrase! And you brought its promise to bountiful fruition with the elegant exposition that follows. A joy to read, absorb and hold close. Love and warmest of {{{{hugs}}}}, Leland

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 5:37:04 AM
Beautiful thought that may run free through the soul. Wonderful Mary

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 4:58:28 AM
You touch the essence of life and the need for a soul to wander without restraints in this poem of such wonderful vision. Loved it Alexandra. hugs Fee

Incredible freedom (Poetry) - 7/30/2008 4:54:41 AM
"In a body; like newborn, spring leaves, holding the secret of unpainted autumnal hues" - beautiful thoughts emanating from one who hasn't completely forgotten her Origin, who can still feel the Magic and Mystery stir from within. Lovely!

A story of time (Poetry) - 7/28/2008 4:35:49 PM
What a wonderful concept, Alexandra. I love the way you expressed it. Thank you for sharing. Love and best wishes to you, Regis

A story of time (Poetry) - 7/22/2008 7:05:37 AM
Alexandra, A stunning composition - prose, poetry, doesn't matter: darn fine reading! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

A story of time (Poetry) - 7/22/2008 6:52:18 AM
Such a lovely story and well penned as always Alexandra.

A story of time (Poetry) - 7/22/2008 6:24:44 AM
I like the way how you blend this story into an intro of a great poem of life to be continued. Very nicely done Alexandra and I love the picure...seems to compliment this one so well. hugs Fee

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