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Recent Reviews for Hiren Surendra Shah

Talent Management (Article) - 1/23/2011 11:54:59 PM
Family background also helps to adopt a path of success but required education and skills can make a person shining example.

Functional Leadership (Article) - 5/5/2007 10:46:56 PM
a thought provoking article.

Limitations of the Education system in India (Article) - 2/1/2007 10:44:21 PM
I have some ideas on the relevance of English studies in India. "The old order changeth, yielding place to new". The aforesaid expression of Tennyson is highly relevant to English academic circles of the country, because a debate is going on for the future of English Studies in India. The various English Departments of Indian Universities are agog with this issue. One of the major issues discussed is that in the interpretation of English literary texts, we should come out of colonial mindset. In the dissection of the text readers, teachers, students and researchers should not employ Western critical tools like catharsis, fancy, imagination, Impressionism, Expressionism, new criticism, formalism, structuralism, neo-historicism, post-structuralism, deconstruction and reader response theory etc. Rather Indian critical theories like Rasa, Alamkara, Dhwani and Vakrokti should be employed for the close analysis of the English texts. The propagators of this logic base their arguments on Post-Colonial thought of Edward said, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Gauri Vishwanathan.The supporters of Indian response to English Literature, in the manner of Edward Said, emphasize that there is a political subtext of the main stream western writing. Moreover, Foucoult's theory of power game shows that power strategies lie at the base of every text. Similarly Gramsci has also talked about western hegemony vis-ŕ-vis literary texts. Prof MKNaik in his essay 'Searching For the Crow's Teeth: A critique of Nativism' has summarized Gramsci's concept of hegemony and thinks that it is "inducing the conquered to accept the ways of thought, beliefs, culture and the system of values of the conqueror". The concepts of Gramsci and Foucoult may be seen in the colonization of Indian mind. This colonization of the Indian mind began with Macaulay's celebrated Minute which declared that it was necessary and possible "to make natives of this country good English scholars and that to this end our efforts ought to be directed". In the same vein Lord Bentick resolved that "the great object of the British Government ought to be the promotion of European literature and science among the natives of India and all funds appropriated for the purpose of education would be best employed on English education alone". So, it is obvious that European literary ideals were thrust on us and the need of the hour is to decolonise our English Studies by judging English literary texts not by European critical tools, but by Indian critical theories. Moreover, every western critical practise has its better parallel in Indian poetics. Another major task of post-colonialists in India is to remove certain colonial English texts from the syllabi of Indian Universities, because these texts were used by the colonizer to subvert us, alter our thought-process and induce us into believing 'their' superiority and 'our' inferiority. Some literary texts are completely irrelevant to India. Take for example the licentious Restoration comedies of manners, obscene and vulgar novels of sex-maniac DH Lawrence and the fleshly poetry of the Pre-Raphaelites. These authors do hurt pious sensibility, still they are taught to the impressionable minds of Post-Graduate students of English Literature. The alien authors have no appeal for us; they do not affect our society. It shows that the colonial hangover is still not out. Then, certain texts do talk about English society of various ages. Why should we study about the legal system of England during the early twentieth century in the parochial works of Galsworhy? In place of these colonial texts, literature of the colonies should be promoted. Even regional Indian writers in English translation may be prescribed. Third world authors should be dissected. It will be the true unfurling of the tricolour, otherwise we will still be slaves after so many years of Independence. In fact, in place of English Literature (Literature of England), we should have Literature in English (Language). There is another aspect of the colonized Indian mind. Works of original research are being produced by Indian scholars on English authors. But, the teachers, students and researchers are shy of quoting from them because of this subjugated mindset. For them AC Bradley's word on Shakespearean tragedy is final. What is it? Sheer colonization of the mind. So, Indian literary psyche needs to be decolonized. But, there is another side of the coin too. Excessive emphasis on Indian or Eastern response to English literature should not make us less eclectic and more obscurantist. The world has become a global village, where all the cultures and nationalities do intermingle. In this age of globalization, this stress on ethnocentric or jingoistic national approach may create havoc for us, as new ideas from the west may not find a place in our hearts. We may become iron curtain civilization. Moreover, Indian response to English Literature should not become just Hindu response. India is a cauldron of various cultures. 'Melting pot' or 'salad bowl' are the appropriate phrases for hybrid Indian diversity. So, this Indian response should include Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Dalit responses too. GN Devy in his Sahitya Akademi Award Winning Book After Amnesia: Tradition and Change in Literary Criticism (Orient Longman, 1992) has focused the importance of critical tools of regional Indian languages. In this book, which may be called "the Bible of Nativism", GN Devy stresses on the significance of regional languages. So, Indian response to English Literature should be very broad and all inclusive. In the end , we may say that for the proper enjoyment of literature, we should get rid of both Eastern and Western critical prejudices. A true devotee of literature should try to control his personal prejudices and cranks and endeavour for objective dissection of the "words on the page". Besides, while the orientalists may stand against Literature of England,they can never do so against English language, because it is a world language. Without its study, we can not progress in the fields of science, psychology, engineering and economics etc., as the medium of all great research is English language . Shirin Kudchedkar in 'Introduction' to her book Readings in English Language Teaching in India (Orient Longman,2002) has outlined the importance of English Language teaching in these words: ...English plays a very important role in education, business and administration. It is the medium of instruction for higher education-both academic and technological. Those who seek jobs in private companies or professions must be proficient in English. It is recognized as an official language for purposes of administration at the national level. It would follow that it should be considered as a second language rather than a foreign language. So, my final submission is that in Indian Universities, English should be taught without any western or eastern prejudices. Secondly, in place of Literature of England, the study of English Language should be promoted. For that purpose, language laboratories should be established in the colleges an Universities. These labs will teach the students the minutest intricacies of the language.

Is meditation really required? (Article) - 10/21/2006 1:09:42 AM
Thank you for this I like your views. We do have a choice we choose to be happy or not. It is how we react to the situations that were in that makes us happy or not. Thanks Angela

Mindfullness meditation (Article) - 7/4/2006 5:19:38 AM
Thanks for your reference to Krishnamurthy. I use to have a large collection of his books, which were all stolen. As I read your article, "Mindfullness meditation," I couldn't help asking, "But what's in all this for you, personally, by the way?"

Yoga and Cabaret (Article) - 10/30/2005 5:24:38 AM
Very interesting, Hiren! I should try that too. My brother has bought a book of yoga, and he lent it to me sometime ago, but I have not really read it yet. Perhaps it's time for me to pick up the book, read it, and do some yoga exercises. Thank you for an informative piece! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Don't settle for less than a calling-Life purpose (Article) - 10/11/2005 10:53:07 PM
Dear Hiren, this is a powerful article reminding us, and informing of, the importance of being in touch with our inner selves ... in particular, the importance of the influential persons in our youth that can hold the key to help us find our inherent calling! In the Vedic times the original Hindu caste system (life work) was intended to be fitted to individual personalities, and character preferences etc … but over the thousands of years was corrupted by power, greed etc, and backfired in its purity… The need for such a way life was clear then … please correct me if I’m wrong Hiren? 'Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."' ... Yes, yes.. We forget the importance of imagination … and pursue the acquisition of knowledge, at the dreadful expense of dulling our minds and dimming our lives! ‘A person must be first respected for what he is if he has to be encouraged to reach his full potential….’ - Is so right Hiren … thank you for stating! And thank you for including Jiddu Krishnamurti into this work – ‘if you respect him (a child) for what he is and help him find his right vocation, you are his friend." There are so many pearls of wisdom throughout this article … I’ll take up too much space delighting! Thank you again Dear Hiren! Love Suzie :-)

Don't settle for less than a calling-Life purpose (Article) - 10/10/2005 1:25:44 AM
Very Well writen my friend and so much of it hits home. I really liked what Edison said about all he had done in his life as being fun. That is such a blessing to love what you do and be good at doing it! This is so very true too;"The world is full of educated derelicts." How many I know that have years of education and even others that make getting an education a life long event. I would so much rather just be happy. I've always asked the Lord to give me just enough, I didn't want riches galore. Less I forget what my life is for and where I came from and where I am going! Well done indeed Hiren! Hugs Tina

Should one try to be an optimist? (Article) - 10/4/2005 3:09:05 PM
The relationship between optimism and success is muddy even though research has some pretty substantial data for a very strong correlation. The muddiness comes from the unclear definitions of optimism and success. The king of the optimism research, Martin Seligman, at the U of P, defines "success" operationally as the way a person explains positive and negative events which hepapen to him or her--whether they deserve the good ones that happen and think they will keep getting them or whether bad things are the norm and are likely to last forever. In this sense they expect certain outcomes from their present experiences and those expectations work to influence future events. I define "success" as the times I sense I have left a person or situation in just a little better shape than when I first came upon the person or situation. A wider definition of success for me is to enable others to identify, develop and use their God-given talents to be successful, happy and content, however they define it...but in the end, the only thing that really gives us these things is when we help another person overcome bad feelings or real obstacles, like honelessness, marriage failure, financial loss, loss of a loved one, physical or mental illness, ignorance and even perceived demonic possession.

Should one try to be an optimist? (Article) - 9/29/2005 2:12:27 AM
We should all heed Rudyard Kipling's simple motto and "Be Prepared" just like the Boy Scouts.

Should one try to be an optimist? (Article) - 9/26/2005 10:54:35 AM
Thank you for reviewing my legacy article. You've made some good points about being an optimist, but I find all too often that there is an internal censor (and external censor)always ready to step in to sabotage sincere effort. I proved it to myself when I studied for the stock broker exam. I was under tremendous pressure to pass it. I kept repeating to myself "Failure is not an option" up until the minute I began the exam. I passed. But, you are right. Clearly, goals have to be realistic to begin with. Will I ever become an astronaut? I think not. Will everything I attempt succeed? I think not. Several times, I attempted to form my own business without success. I just didn't (or don't)have the "entreprenurial spirit". How we deal with realism should be dealt with optimistically. Whatever the failure, let there be a will to continue. Thanks, again.

Should one try to be an optimist? (Article) - 9/25/2005 6:16:37 AM
"Never give up", "Try and try and you will succeed." - I'm glad you've got out of potties and diapers. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Posthumously famous Poets/ Writers (Article) - 9/24/2005 12:58:11 PM
I relate to the setiments you've expressed here maybe more than I care to admit, Hiren. I've been enduring the "spiritual suicide" for about sixteen years...and counting. I want to refer this essay to a few people who I've had a hard time explaining this struggle to, because you've captured it succinctly.

Shaping your child's future-Do you want to be a potter or a Gardner? (Article) - 8/29/2005 6:41:12 PM
It could be said that some parents and educators (especially in the US public education system) are too lazy to garden. Gardening is more work. To them, being a potter is easier because the child is contained and controlled and doesn't require much fertilizer or weeding. Some potted plants only require water once a week and nothing more. A garden on the other hand, needs a little more encouragement and attention. A wonderful article. Well said!

Preventing a suicide (Article) - 3/2/2005 5:58:36 PM
An Extremely Very good article and I must Thank You so very much for your time and your heart that you brought here today. I'm in total agreement with you on the masks worn there and many other topics you brought here. Especially the 'remedies' for this depression. I've always told people that poets are basically depressed people. They thought I was crazy, but they don't stop and think and take time to listen as one of the reasons here for this article. I've been in this dark hole I know the strength it takes to get out but seems like there's always that slippery spot I catch now and again leading to that hole. I cannot thank you enough for this article and I've got endless chills that says YOU HAVE JUST SAVED LIVES! put this on gooogle news there and as many places as you can and repost this article every now and again, as life gets busy and we get sidetracked to remind us to slow down and watch for all these signs and how to help. It's the saddest tragedy of life along w/ war that can ever happen. A Hug a day, A Listening Ear, a Watchful Eye, Patience and A Smile. Thank You Very Very Much Again. love Tracey xo

Is applied spirituality for real ? (Article) - 7/31/2003 5:19:29 PM
This is very interesting. You bring up a lot of good points. Being free of all beliefs to meet each moment anew is something I haven't heard before, but will definitely kick around. The possibilities if that were to happen are endless. Thanks.

Is meditation really required? (Article) - 7/31/2003 5:06:40 PM
I really like this. I've never been much for meditating and have considered writing my meditation. Thanks for sharing this. It is a great reminder of what the focus should be.

Is applied spirituality for real ? (Article) - 7/30/2003 8:42:15 AM
Well said and sadly so true. Humankind has not advance other than technologically and now we see how that technology, applied so a few may profit, threatens to destroy our natural world. There is no difference between Islamic fundamentalist, Hindu fundamentalist, Christian fundamentalist or a Communist fundamentalist. They all threaten the freedom of the individual and the curtailment of thought. Religion is a great excuse to oppress and force others to do the unthinkable. Well written.

A husband to his wife on her birthday (Poetry) - 7/8/2008 7:20:07 AM
A "glamorous" piece of writing ! but if i may brazenly say so, its Dia Mirza and not Divya Mirza...

Appeal to the Indian cricket team for world cup'2007 (Poetry) - 3/13/2007 12:39:57 PM
We have it in the bag, sorry bout that...

Write-up and Poem on Bill Gates (Poetry) - 3/5/2007 10:14:04 AM
it must be nice~~~~~~~~~~

Husband to wife on Vanlentine day (Poetry) - 2/17/2007 11:12:33 AM
Nice play on words. Enjoyed your poem.

Soft Power and the Iraq war (Poetry) - 2/2/2007 12:46:14 AM
Oil, oil and oil, which is power!!! Nothing personal, they just want the power, and the glory.... Beastly!!! Cherry

Soft Power and the Iraq war (Poetry) - 2/1/2007 7:23:30 PM
So powerful this one is. thank you for sharing the thoughts...... Light & peace, Joselyn

Soft Power and the Iraq war (Poetry) - 2/1/2007 8:55:28 AM
A great poem exposes double standards to the core

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/23/2007 3:08:40 AM
everything that Aberjhani has said that is it!!! glad you put it out there

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/21/2007 10:26:31 AM
A lot of public incidents lately with abusive language. The sooner we all learn to recognize nd respect each other's humanity, the sooner we learn to honor it and avoid the insults of ignorance that only lead , ultimately, to further divisions and violence. Great poem. Aberjhani

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/20/2007 1:17:36 PM
Beautiful actress indeed!!!!! I feel sad that she was insulted. No one has to take any racial insults, either on or off TV. The fact is these things are happening everywhere, even in our workplace there are something like this going on. Just this last week someone told me I still have strong Chinese accent. I said I wanted to keep my accent to remind me of who I am. Then there is a woman who greets me with babyish voice every time she sees me. There are certainly a lot of strange people around who aren't too happy about themselves so they try to bring people down to their levels. A well-told poem, and thought-provoking!!! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/20/2007 1:01:53 PM
wise words that all of the world needs to hear. Susan

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/20/2007 9:29:00 AM
Jade Goody should be banned to appear in any TV show for sometime, this would be a lesson for anybody found guilty of racial insults. The entire episode is an eyeopener, and gives a fresh look at the plight of Indians, asians in general, residing in UK. Though British media may have tried to downplay the matter, mounting claims and counterclaims about Shilpa's reaction (mostly baseless), but even through their defense (if that is the word!) one can sense the hypocrisy underneath. But fact is that not everybody should be forced to speak Queen's English, and that English has transmuted to be a common lingua franca (not a British property anymore!).

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/20/2007 9:27:34 AM
This is a beautiful actress I am ashamed she was put through this thank you for posting this here.

Poetic response to actor shilpa Shetty being insulted on Television (Poetry) - 1/20/2007 8:10:14 AM
Your thoughts within this response are commendable for one must strive to view past the cultures of society and become more of the thoughts nice work.....Art sun...

Poem on Technical Analysis (Poetry) - 7/18/2006 8:19:29 PM

A husband to his wife on her birthday (Poetry) - 7/18/2006 8:10:54 PM
How romantic and charming to give one's wife a poem on her birthday! A tribute to idyllic love.

Poem on Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. (Poetry) - 7/18/2006 7:59:18 PM
"Even though from meomry's charm I should strive to be free I sure appreciate your recollection of Krishnanurti's message, all for me." (This has provided me with a little meditation material for this evening and many to come.)

Poem on Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. (Poetry) - 7/16/2006 12:29:32 AM
Well said Hiren ... ! Thank you for sharing Jiddu's teachings! I'm in awe of both the Krishnamurtis' ~ "U.G" as well. Powerful minds! ~~ "He spoke eloquently on the significance of consciousness in Time The Eternal is in the present is something” that needs to be stressed both in prose and rhyme ~~~ A great message for writers. Thank you again for all the sharing... Simply love such wise contemplations! Love, Suzie :-D (Saving to library!)

A husband to his wife on her birthday (Poetry) - 7/15/2006 10:07:06 AM
Love this tribute!

Poem on Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. (Poetry) - 7/15/2006 10:04:16 AM
A wonderful tribute to Jiddu Krishnamurti, and very informative!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Poem on Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. (Poetry) - 7/15/2006 10:03:52 AM
I agree with jiddu Krishnamurti that one must drop memory in order to proceed. All present upsets in the world are based on past events! Thank you for this sharing of thought and info.

The Return of Saurav Ganguly (Poetry) - 12/25/2005 2:18:08 PM
I am not a baseball or football fan, except to play. How one's world can be wrapped up in a game like cricket, is beyond me, except as a metaphor for life. Maybe that's it--the games people play. Ron

The Return of Saurav Ganguly (Poetry) - 12/25/2005 1:16:11 PM
well expressed, though as a Scots person, cricket is not my cup of tea )more football) but I can appreciate sporting skill in most fields, and great sportsmanship is to be applauded.

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 10/30/2005 12:54:35 AM
laughed as i read this one.:-) shoma

The malaise of corruption (Poetry) - 10/8/2005 6:06:29 PM
Corruption is absolutely correct. For no external threat can match the Anarchy caused by Corruption This is so true the whole poem is this line really suck out. Beautiful Inspiring and I so hope your words will ring louder in ears and minds than that corruption. I truly hope third world countries will be "allowed" to join and be a part of the modern convenience world without the corruption and greed. You are a very wise one who can do this world so much good You are a natural born leader and I truly hope all will follow your leading wise mind and eyes.

Gardening v/s Potting in Education (Poetry) - 10/8/2005 5:59:40 PM
Excellent Excellent! This is such a unique way in telling the truth of life and the dreams and endlessness to it. I love this and I truly hope that all read this poem,, There is so many that do just that potting ~ the media all elected officials, one individual needing atention aka trouble makers, aclu to name one, gang leaders, even parents and teachers, friends, etc. This is Wonderful. I Love it. Thank you so much for your wise and inspiring mind! It is a very welcomed and needed gift to this potted world. Excellent!! Bravo!! I give you a standing ovation! Tracey O.

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 10/7/2005 1:12:53 PM
Hiren, what truth. Nothing centers me, restores my balance and perspective, as a walk in the woods, or even just a long gaze upward at the sky...

Gardening v/s Potting in Education (Poetry) - 9/27/2005 4:06:02 PM
I enjoyed this and will remember pass it on to others, as well. I am a gardener. Also, thank you for your response on my site; however, it was mistakenly placed in the wrong genre. Embracing with love and peace....

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 9/25/2005 5:38:38 AM
Glad you said it wasn't serious. A good pseudo poem. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Gardening v/s Potting in Education (Poetry) - 9/25/2005 5:34:30 AM
Well...I must say, "Ya gotta have green thumbs to be a gardener, otherwise you're only a pseudo gardener; and ya gotta have creativity for being a potter, otherwise you're just a lousy creator." I don't think you can mix the art of pottery with gardening. In my GENUINE HUMBLE opinion, they're two different things, they both possess their own merits in the art field. Parents should NEVER mold a child, they should let the child develop his/her own talents and choose their own careers. This is my GENUINE HUMBLE opinion, it is not pseudo. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

The malaise of corruption (Poetry) - 9/23/2005 4:30:55 PM
Dearest Hiren..... this work is Outstanding! It's great to see the things that Need to be written about, written about! Thank you for reviewing my work... much of the wisdom and knowledge I have gained has come from the Magnificent Fatherland of India, and deep life experiences! Shine on Hiren! Love & Shanti Suzie :-)

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 9/13/2005 11:44:47 PM
Excellent and true !

The stock market is like a lady (Poetry) - 3/26/2005 9:33:40 AM
wow....very interesting-ly done enjoyed this here

My dear Chidambaram(Budget poem) (Poetry) - 3/5/2005 4:01:28 AM
very enjoyable, maybe he can offer up some advice in Detroit thanks for the share wish you all the best there............

Stop the Iraq war (Poetry) - 1/18/2005 1:44:13 AM
a flip-flop it is, and, sadly, most voters went for it! Peace, Carolyn

Appeal to the president against the Iraq war (Poetry) - 1/18/2005 1:41:35 AM
Wow, this about covers it, Hiren. Too bad Bush is still not listening. Peace to you and yours, Carolyn

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 2:37:04 PM
hi, very creative. well written..

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 12/17/2003 7:46:29 AM
A nice poem. Greetings.

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 9/22/2003 6:51:17 AM
This is very creative and fun to read

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 8/5/2003 5:13:55 PM
Yes...this made me think too....nice write....BHUWAN

When your husband goes abroad (Poetry) - 8/5/2003 4:49:31 PM
Oh...this did give me a giggle. ~Jackie~

FOR A DATE WITH YOU (Poetry) - 7/27/2003 9:01:48 PM
Hiren...this is love a wonderful song my friend....very beautiful write stright from your n luck....BHUWAN

FOR A DATE WITH YOU (Poetry) - 7/27/2003 10:34:43 AM
To have love like this.... sigh.... Thank you for sharing... In Spirit, Bear

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 7/26/2003 1:06:07 PM
This was excellent and with absolute truth! Nature is God's gift a natural stress buster.

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 7/26/2003 11:54:39 AM
EXcellent write my friend....BHUWAN

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 7/26/2003 6:19:16 AM
When all is wrong with my life..I can always look to nature and know all is right in Gods world. This was excellent!

Nature removes stress (Poetry) - 7/26/2003 6:12:29 AM
Hiren, An excellent poem... I love nature how it effects us in our lives the calming of its beauty. PJ

A husband to his wife on her birthday (Poetry) - 7/25/2003 8:27:30 PM
Excellent Tribute....lovely!!!

A husband to his wife on her birthday (Poetry) - 7/21/2003 8:01:17 AM
A tribute she's bound to be thrilled with.

The Wrong Career (Poetry) - 7/20/2003 3:38:10 AM
wow....excellent write!!!!

The malaise of corruption (Poetry) - 7/19/2003 6:09:14 PM
I really enjoyed this one also. And the last line was perfection to this one. PJ

My friends wives (Poetry) - 6/9/2003 4:35:45 AM
This is impressive write...I loved this write of n luck...BHUWAN

My friends wives (Poetry) - 6/8/2003 5:08:55 PM
What a dilema! Caught between two languages, two cultures, two continents,... so many women!

My friends wives (Poetry) - 6/8/2003 1:41:27 PM
(((hiren))) i love this, combining two languages to give us a unique, well written poem! well done! (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

My friends wives (Poetry) - 6/8/2003 11:21:43 AM
Hiren I am deeply impressed...what a excellant creative write you have produced! ~Nikki~

My girlfriend and her boyfriend (Poetry) - 6/8/2003 9:45:03 AM
Oh my what a slap to my recollections of the past...yep been there Hiren! Yes, the humor side comes when we look back at it! WELL DONE Hiren! ~Nikki~

Placating a wife (Poetry) - 6/6/2003 8:28:23 PM
You do it so well too. Placating a wife is a hit.

Women and Flattery (Poetry) - 6/1/2003 1:30:29 PM
Hahaha...cute one...but as you said, "Not true for everyone!" ;O)

Women and Flattery (Poetry) - 6/1/2003 7:12:48 AM
Oh, boy! Are you ever cut off! Just joking. Good write. Leland

Women and Flattery (Poetry) - 6/1/2003 2:28:18 AM are a sweet brave man. Love it.

The Legacy of Setptember 11 (Poetry) - 5/31/2003 7:47:50 PM
Never will happen, but a lovely thought. Religion is bulldogs arguing for thier position, assuming to speak for God. God is having a heartattack as we speak. Even Plato lamented the corruption of the world. [smiles] Fine work. It was a pleasure to read.

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