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Recent Reviews for Gil Saenz

The Other Side of Darkness (Book) - 9/15/2008 5:10:22 PM
Would love to read this. JC

Poems of Life/Poemas de la vida (Book) - 8/25/2008 3:47:46 AM
Vast and in depth as far as the sea will reach... Your heart is true, I feel this in your lines! Congratulation Gil, and I LOVE THE COVER of this poetry book! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL as the sea is! WRITE-ON! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion Soulful SHEExooo STay Positive!

Moments In Time (Book) - 8/25/2008 3:45:36 AM
It sounds interesting, hope it touches many lives! Congratulation! on all your blessed acheivements Gil! WRITE-ON! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion Soulful SHEExooo STay Positive!

Dreaming of Love (Book) - 8/25/2008 3:43:25 AM
Well said and felt! Love comes in all depths... WRITE-ON! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion SOULFUL SHEExooo STay Positive!

Colorful Impressions (Book) - 8/25/2008 3:41:26 AM
Powerful set of words in this amazing verses! How are you? WRITE-ON! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion Soulful SHEExooo STay Positive!

Spaces In Between - 2nd Edition (Book) - 7/26/2007 6:32:02 AM
I can so relate! HOpe you sell many! WE need to hear others voices! calling out from our muse!etc... Warm Light, Love, Happiness and Peace! Warrior PURPLE Lady Sheeeoox STay Positive! STay SAFE! Namaste!

Spaces in Between (Book) - 2/18/2007 8:44:33 AM
I Agree! I have #8 books/Poetry too, I write it and I'm here in the den, My little corner of it~ I would find myself drawn to your style easily! I like your heart, that I have read! CONGRaTuLaTions! How about another, writing is Fun! Keep a writing, on and on... WArmly,Warrior Sheeeoox

Moments In Time (Book) - 10/19/2004 8:50:16 PM
This would be an enjoyable poetry book for all those who appreciate artistic illustrations that are intermittently placed side by side with half of the poems included in this collection. George Perraza and I worked on this part and I believe it turned out rather well. kl

The Other Side of Darkness (Book) - 10/16/2004 12:12:02 PM

Dreaming of Love (Book) - 7/26/2004 9:15:03 PM
Many of these poems are "direct experiences" with love of one kind or another. Others just deal with subject or are "about love."

Spaces in Between (Book) - 7/3/2004 11:09:30 PM
The title "Spaces In Between" refers to all those idle moments in our lives when we are thinking or (dreaming) about something. We may learn to become aware of this and to control this ability and willingly think about things that are good (positive) for us. Then, we will be much better off.

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 10/8/2010 6:22:48 AM
Very pretty... I too see lilac in the sky and it signals to me that dreams are not forgotten. Cryssa

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 7/8/2010 5:31:54 AM
You've described the early morning Sunrise beautifully. "Mist and lilac and puffy white clouds" sets a nice image.

Rainbows (Poetry) - 3/24/2010 4:57:18 AM
interesting read

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 4/20/2009 3:47:13 PM
Beautiful and serene poem. Joy

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 4/11/2009 4:35:04 AM
LOVE the way Misty dawn, Lilac Sky is repeated in Unison and more imagery follows along Gil! Great flow of a grateful "DAY and View" Poem! Blessed Indeed! and us too, for this Blessed Poem we get to read! WRITE ON! Warmest Blessings, Love and Peace, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo

Meditation (Poetry) - 3/22/2009 4:59:54 AM
sensing your foreverness, i like being there, this is a great moment.

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 2/4/2009 5:00:40 PM
Nice Gil, Praise the LORD! He paints the sky!! Amen

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 11/11/2008 6:38:31 AM
Whew I could feel this and it was almost as if I was in the movie City of Angels when they went to the beach just to see the sunrise and her the songs of its warmth. Very Magnificent!

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 6:24:56 AM

Love Remembered (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 6:24:12 AM
Love remembered is a tender writing. Hopefully each of us in life will have such a memory...and If we are lucky, it will be there forever. CarolHawks

A Star (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 6:22:39 AM
Description of life's journeys. Excellent! CarolHawks

Dream Journey (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 6:21:37 AM
I hope to have a journey as beautiful as you have written. CarolHawks

Rainbows (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 6:20:25 AM
I love rainbows and you have captured one with your writing. BEAUTIFUL and colorful. CarolHawks

Rainbows (Poetry) - 11/10/2008 12:09:19 AM
Lovely work...

Rainbows (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 11:40:55 PM
A wonder that when it repeats itself, leaves us in awe, great writing... Be always safe, Karen

A Star (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 7:50:38 PM
A great poem you have written.take care Edwin

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 7:49:24 PM
A beautiful poem you have written Edwin

Meditation (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 7:48:03 PM
Meditation can clear the soul and refresh the spirit,heart and mind.Its vital in our everyday lives.I enjoy this poem,take care Edwin

Words of Love (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 7:45:35 PM
Words of love are precious and it can have an amazing effect on a person's life.Words of love are stronger than any storm or anything else in this world.An amazing feeling to have,take care Edwin

Rainbows (Poetry) - 11/9/2008 7:43:38 PM
Hey Gil,very wonderful poem you have written,I enjoy reading it,take care Edwin

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 8/25/2008 3:50:17 AM
As the beauty in your imageries live on... displyed in utter beauty as the sparkles of the river lead me/us... WRITE-ON! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion Soulful SHEExooo Stay Positive!

Meditation (Poetry) - 7/26/2008 7:02:01 PM
Meditation is necessary for our lives to be in balance. A little aloneness and quietness in pray never hurts us. It restores us to a balance again in our lives. We must look into ourselves at times and come to our senses and ask Am I serving God as I should be. Going to Church tomorrow after absence of 3 weeks, feel I need to get back with God and his love and truth and hear his words.

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 7/12/2008 1:43:06 PM
Like the colorful variegated lavendar and purple lilac bushes blooming in the spring. Smell so good and just have to have a bouquet on my table. You said it right with this colorful lavendar write.

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 6/14/2008 3:58:07 AM
Vivid images in this lovely poem....M

Meditation (Poetry) - 5/30/2008 9:57:53 AM
Soft flowing words give essence to this lovely poem!....M

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 5/30/2008 9:56:10 AM
Beautiful, your words have painted a picture of dawn in all its majesty......M

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 1/26/2008 3:28:35 PM
A very innocent poem. I like it.

Words of Love (Poetry) - 8/1/2007 11:23:41 AM
Very true. I have found it too.

Meditation (Poetry) - 7/26/2007 6:56:26 AM
OHM....... I feel your energy! as your healings begin... Breatheeeeeeeeeeee! and don't forget to breathe out! YOU emit a wonderful energy in your words Gil~! Love this A treasure I will again savor! Warm Light, Love, Happiness and Peace! STay Positive! STay SAFE! Namaste!

Lavender (Poetry) - 7/26/2007 6:44:33 AM
Colors of the sky, I love this So enchanting, I call them the quilt of Heaven! Warm Light, Love, Happiness and Peace! I love your style/muse! Warrior PURPLE Lady Sheeeoox STay Positive! STay SAFE!

Meditation (Poetry) - 7/12/2007 9:14:20 AM
I agree with you here....soothing n luck....BHUWAN!!!!

Meditation (Poetry) - 7/10/2007 7:26:23 PM
Gil, We could all use more meditation. Excellent write! Blessings, ~Linda

Meditation (Poetry) - 7/10/2007 8:15:38 AM
What a beautiful feeling meditation brings thanks for this reminder. Angela

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 6/19/2007 11:51:22 PM
I see we are getting mad! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 5/9/2007 9:13:16 PM
You have penned a very picturesque scene, enjoyed! Be safe, Karen

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 5/9/2007 6:01:31 AM
Very beautiful...Hugsssssss

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 5/8/2007 9:38:50 PM
Charming and uplifting; a quick taste of the sea. I loved your wonderful poem.

Beckoning Moonbeams (Poetry) - 5/8/2007 9:26:39 PM
You relly created waves of past images. beautiful

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 2/22/2007 6:11:50 AM
Beautifully descriptive.

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 2/21/2007 3:18:00 PM
my favorite color purple a harder verison but you did it justice

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 2/18/2007 7:04:22 PM
Beautiful made me homesick for spring with all the cold we have had ........Wonderful poem.

Lilac Magic (Poetry) - 2/18/2007 6:30:44 PM

A Star (Poetry) - 2/18/2007 8:47:22 AM
Great Write! and simply said, with wonderful imagery! WArmly, WArrior Sheeeoox

A Star (Poetry) - 1/29/2007 3:55:26 PM
Well done

A Star (Poetry) - 1/28/2007 10:04:38 PM
a wise comparison employed intelligently, ty

A Star (Poetry) - 1/28/2007 9:27:15 PM
this is fantastic! I love the thoughts within this poem. Susan

A Star (Poetry) - 1/28/2007 8:46:08 PM
I like how this gave the feeling of small and large, far yet close, nice.

A Star (Poetry) - 1/28/2007 8:32:42 PM
That was a nice description of our life. Hope I can tumble through space for an eternity!

Lavender (Poetry) - 12/8/2006 11:36:11 AM
I was rambling about in here and ran across this gem...its theme is one I have used on several occasions. You have captured that ever delightful, ever changing beauty of the sky throughout the day. Excellent work.

Dream Journey (Poetry) - 9/10/2006 2:50:28 PM
oh what a great poem. i can tell it was written from the heart. beautiful write.

Flight Of Fancy (Poetry) - 7/30/2006 1:08:28 PM
Sounds like the beginning of a story. Ron

Dream Journey (Poetry) - 6/14/2006 9:32:00 AM

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 3/19/2006 2:01:01 PM
Loved all lines such as ~ Misty dawn, lilac sky, Puffy white clouds float on by. Across the heavens eagles soar, While far below the oceans roar. love joanne

Beyond Thought  (Poetry) - 12/17/2005 7:48:56 AM
I loved this line, "Where there is a stillness of a thousand forests," I need to work on finding that stillness. It's seems like I always have to be doing something. Can't just sit back and relax

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 12/17/2005 7:48:01 AM
Beautifully expressed.

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 10/8/2005 11:10:57 AM
LOVED this, felt like I was there.

Visions of Sunrise (Poetry) - 9/30/2005 3:36:32 PM
OOOO, same wavelength. Masterful poetry...

Poems of Life  (Poetry) - 10/16/2004 6:38:01 PM
this poem is full of life and perspective ...

For Heaven (Poetry) - 7/25/2004 5:44:34 PM
Nice write, Gilbert! Sandie May Angel

Poem of Beauty (Poetry) - 7/25/2004 12:25:37 AM
This is...a poem of beauty. Excellent!

Two Hearts (Poetry) - 7/19/2004 4:44:10 AM
What a wonderful write this is! good job. Sandie May Angel

Two Hearts (Poetry) - 7/18/2004 6:18:33 PM
A short, but very true, little ditty.

Contact (Poetry) - 7/18/2004 3:17:00 AM
they did ... well done!

Spaces In Between (Poetry) - 7/16/2004 5:32:22 AM
Thought provoking and well penned. Enjoyed.

A Poem A Day (Poetry) - 7/5/2004 5:22:57 AM
Beautiful poem today!

Rainbow Paradise  (Poetry) - 7/4/2004 6:09:44 AM
I love the colors in the imagery of this poem... Lady Peg

Rainbow Paradise  (Poetry) - 7/4/2004 12:05:47 AM
This has a nice melodic tone, Gilbert. Welcome to AuthorsDen. Tami

Summer NIght Reflections (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 10:22:41 PM
Very nice poem....

Summer NIght Reflections (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 12:22:38 PM
nice write! well done! :) (((HUGS))) and love, your Tx. friend, Karen Lynn.

Summer NIght Reflections (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 12:17:01 PM
It's great to remember, reflect and evaluate during quiet times. Nice poem, well done!

Summer NIght Reflections (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 11:38:21 AM
That wonderful moment before bedtime, when everything is still and memories are sharp!

Autumn (Poetry) - 7/3/2004 10:58:15 AM
Welconme to A>D> this is beautiful poetry....

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