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Home > Roger C Simmons

Recent Reviews for Roger C Simmons

ReUnion (Book) - 9/25/2012 8:01:09 AM
I do recall riding in a train in the wintertime, looking out the grubby window. It gives you time to think. Good luck with this novel. Ron

A Short Story and Collection of Poetry (Book) - 6/29/2007 12:03:20 PM
Good stuff you write. Been married a while, haven't you? My wife's priorities are: 1.Her cat. 2.Our 4 kids 3.Food/preparation and the consumption thereof 4.How clean the house is or isn't. 4.New furniture, anyone? 5.The current interest bearing rate on her mutual funds. 5.What I think about anything.

ReUnion (Book) - 10/10/2005 1:36:14 PM
i will be reading this for sureeeeeeeee- GREAT idea- I must say Roger- So sad but True - alot of this! Sounds like ALOT of Research-ThOught and Experience went into this 1- Excellent job- I will be reading- I bought 4 books and started reading, from the den- love this corner of the globe- Love&Light,Sheee God Bless and Strength be yours along, with GREAT Health-

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 12/4/2007 4:09:24 PM
This is a painful reminder of the evening I took my own father off to a nursing home. I have often wondered why it fell to me to have to do such a thing, but it had to be. The doctor said if I didn't, he was going to hurt my mother. Did he know inside that I was the one? If so, did he forgive me? Will I ever find the needed answers to such questions? You have actually set me to thinking about what was on my father's mind that evening in September of '97, if anything at all. At the time, I was certain he didn't know. How could he? After all, on the way there, he looked over at me and said, "Who are you, anyway?" "David," I said, "I'm your son." "Well, I'll swear...I didn't know that," was his reply. Those words will ring in my ears until the day I'm laid to rest.

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 10/2/2007 9:53:36 AM
Mr. Simmons, you've written a sharp, sympathetic story about a vital issue we're facing today. My late grandmother struggled with Alzheimer's Disease for years before passing. You've handled the topic well.

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 8/10/2007 8:20:15 PM
I see one of your characters gave you a review. Interesting twist. It would make you wonder who is nuts. The story was well-done both from the perspectives of the elderly victem and his family. You shared good understanding with informative and entertaining story telling.

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 4/11/2007 10:41:26 AM
Hahahahahahaha. I spent half of my English class reading this fucking terrible story. You don't capture Alzheimers at all. All that comes across is your love of mama's food, who you then fucked Freud style

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 3/16/2003 1:36:05 PM
so sad this one; alzheimer's disease is a cruel affliction, and you caught what the person with alzheimer's goes through. outstanding write! (((HUGS))) and love, a new friend in texas, karen lynn. :)

Going Fishing (Short Story) - 3/16/2003 9:40:40 AM
This is wonderful! You really tell a good story. A fine example for me, having only just begun.

Requiem for the Masses (Poetry) - 10/4/2012 7:14:31 AM
So sad and much too often true. A powerful pen.

Requiem for the Masses (Poetry) - 9/30/2012 7:56:56 AM
some people are born standing on their own two feet ... good synopsis ..

Requiem for the Masses (Poetry) - 9/25/2012 7:55:02 AM
Reads like a novel… Left me hanging, wanting to know more. Ron

Bridge (Poetry) - 12/29/2008 8:44:59 PM
Roger, Such a real moment between two people. Feels very serious, as if they're about to break things off. Great sounds and tone to this write. Hugs~ Sheila

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 12/29/2008 8:38:54 PM
Roger, A vivid picture from these lines. The last line is powerful; you capture the passion we have when we first conceive a dream. Hugs:) Sheila

I Melted (Poetry) - 12/29/2008 8:32:47 PM
Great write. I love the way that you weaved the ordinary pieces of life and love into this poem.

Bridge (Poetry) - 7/26/2008 1:11:07 PM
Relieving my tension today with this piece abou the ocean, the flounder, a favorite fish of mine to tastefullly eat, The ocean, the wind, the waves do take me away all the time.

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 7/19/2008 12:01:44 AM
Thank you for sharing, Roger. This gave me the goose bump. Very moving tribute to a deserving grandfather. Well done. Denise

I Will (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 1:18:03 PM
Insecure when she is with you and you have noticed all those things. This is an absolutely beautiful description of your residence and wind chime porpoises are so tingling. Your observation of these things is brought to us in poetry and very well appreciated.

Bridge (Poetry) - 6/3/2008 11:27:00 AM
A very powerful poem!....M

Another Christmas (Poetry) - 6/3/2008 11:25:30 AM
Christmas is a wonderful time of year , but the prices keep going up and up.. Its hard to buy a lot if one has a big family....m

Cliche (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 11:43:31 PM
Grandeur at its best. Good write, short but delightful.

TooOld (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 11:42:26 PM
Not too old if you want a new love. Nursing home patients have found love too and marriage goes on there too. My Love Tom died but I do not wish to find new love. Was very happy with him and had it all.

Being Angry (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 11:40:22 PM
Hope she took her anger out on the chair and not you when she got it home. Anger can hurt too. Hope it is better days now for you.

Cliche (Poetry) - 4/4/2008 3:57:05 PM
Your poems are a pleasure to read. Leann

I Will (Poetry) - 4/4/2008 3:55:49 PM
I love your gift of vulnerability when you write. Thank you for sharing this, Roger. Leann

Bridge (Poetry) - 4/4/2008 3:50:06 PM
I absolutely love this--you have written truths from your soul, Roger. Thank you for sharing this. Leann

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 4/4/2008 3:47:32 PM
Roger, I have read that a miner's life was very hard and unimaginable to those of us who pass our days in the light. This was very powerful and really, not only a tribute to your grandfather, but to those who shared his dangerous work. Thank you for sharing this. Leann

Zygote (Poetry) - 1/24/2008 6:35:49 PM
Wow! I couldn't take my eyes off of this poem. Great read! -

I Will (Poetry) - 1/10/2008 4:54:54 AM
You're capacity for intimacy is remarkable. Good job. Kathy

The Primal Need (Poetry) - 1/10/2008 4:49:21 AM
I am new to this site, but I must say, I am glad I joined. Your imagery and phrases "love sick Lazarus" very gripping. Took me somewhere else for the length of the poem. Thank you. Kathy

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 8/4/2007 9:29:35 AM
Your work is powerful and interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Bridge (Poetry) - 8/4/2007 9:27:16 AM
Cut bait? Very "visual" poem. It was a pleasure for the senses but painful for the heart. Nicely done.

Perhaps if . . . (Poetry) - 5/17/2007 3:09:28 PM
recent fan...found you by accident or fate?...hard to live thinking life is random and has no reason...are you sure you don't know me, you write as if you are an amazing inspriation...glad to meet you Roger Simmons...wanted to thank you for things you just don't even know...looking forward

Dripping Deceit (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 9:26:26 AM
are all the people who have authors web on tons of prescription medication? WONDERFUL!

I Will (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 9:24:23 AM
in response to mari's reflection, the only thing we're promised in life is death. there is no new beginning for every ending. just because life and death are cyclical in society doesnt mean there will always be new life to counter death

Cliche (Poetry) - 4/11/2007 10:40:16 AM
pretty dam witty! NOT! just quit while youre ahead man. and by the way you should be a registered sex offender for that profile pic

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 4/11/2007 10:37:29 AM
I really don't care about your grandfather and your poetry is so god awful that Walt Whitman's ghost should cockslap you

Zygote (Poetry) - 2/23/2007 1:26:37 PM
i like this poem as the honesty and realness of the raw emotions shine through--i have to say, as kindred to this write--i feel it is not so much about the child forgiving the parent as the parent taking the responsibility to make amends-good job and much peace to you

Eccentricities (Poetry) - 2/23/2007 1:23:01 PM
yes sir, i agree-well put together piece

Cliche (Poetry) - 2/23/2007 1:21:51 PM
pretty darn funny!!!

The Primal Need (Poetry) - 1/11/2007 7:02:35 PM
Love the specifics and the pictures and the rhythm and word choices and the... Good job, friend.

The Primal Need (Poetry) - 12/1/2006 1:04:38 AM
If it's "not me"... then why do you write of such melancholies...? Doc

TooOld (Poetry) - 12/1/2006 1:00:51 AM
Bullshit... You're never too old to find a true love... Doc

Perhaps if . . . (Poetry) - 11/21/2006 1:23:16 PM
another very real/human work

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 11/21/2006 1:21:35 PM
what a well done piece-

TooOld (Poetry) - 9/2/2006 1:40:13 PM
Too old to find true love I've blown all my chances. Although locked inside this aging facade my fantay still dances . . . THIS is uncanny..are you sure you didn't hear MY musings in the ethers? Lovet this! saved it! Vesna:)

I Will (Poetry) - 9/2/2006 1:34:39 PM
Alone once again, I listened to the music wondering if and when it all would end cursed insecurity I know how you feel.. superb on! vesna:)

Bridge (Poetry) - 9/2/2006 1:32:27 PM
but to? Vesna:)

The Primal Need (Poetry) - 8/4/2006 8:34:34 AM
Darn good poem. I like the style...see, you do have time to write.

Eccentricities (Poetry) - 7/6/2006 6:07:00 AM
DEEP AND INCITEFUL ! A thinking poem.........M

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 7/6/2006 6:02:57 AM
Great images ! A moving tribute to your grandpa....M

I Will (Poetry) - 7/2/2006 3:07:05 AM
Hoe lovely the words you use to describe such a poignant situation! It is a pleasure to read such as this! Sandi

I Will (Poetry) - 5/29/2006 6:04:07 AM
What a sad situation to be in, but many of us do get there. Deep thoughts and emotions. Thanks Roger. Denise

Zygote (Poetry) - 1/3/2006 2:36:53 PM
so, you have forgiven her/him?..really? good.. Vesna:)

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 11/6/2005 1:07:29 PM
..believe me Paris ain't that fab..been there done Good piece.. Vesna:)

Coquet (Poetry) - 9/11/2005 2:39:31 PM
REality speaks through Rog- Thank you 4 sharing your feelings here-WArmly,Sheee

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 9/11/2005 2:38:26 PM
Creativity is appreciated by so few people- Artist have to keep climbing Up! Good Poem- WArmly,Sheee

Zygote (Poetry) - 9/11/2005 2:36:03 PM
Wow- YOu got it all out ~! I hope your healing takes place now--- Your poem said so much Roger- Peace2U-Warmly,Sheee

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/20/2005 8:00:52 AM
Great! I enjoyed reading this one.

TooOld (Poetry) - 6/20/2005 7:57:50 AM
Maybe too old to find, but never too old to keep looking (smile). Nice piece.

Being Angry (Poetry) - 6/20/2005 7:56:23 AM
This was just too hilarious!

Zygote (Poetry) - 6/10/2005 10:16:24 AM
Pathetic rant, but you have every right to rant pathetic if you like,.

Coquet (Poetry) - 5/28/2005 4:43:25 PM
I can relate. Yep.

Coquet (Poetry) - 5/12/2005 8:51:46 PM
Fantastic...short but realistic....BHUWAN!!!!!

Cliche (Poetry) - 3/22/2005 8:07:00 PM
hahahaha i agree i like this!!!!

Cliche (Poetry) - 3/20/2005 7:54:33 AM
interesting perspective ...

Cliche (Poetry) - 3/19/2005 3:59:00 AM
Very interesting. M.Rose

Cliche (Poetry) - 3/18/2005 7:35:54 PM
i like this

I Will (Poetry) - 3/17/2005 8:14:18 PM
I understand what you mean... when life is going well, we are reminded that all things come to an end. I try to remind myself, that with all endings come new beginnings, all deaths herald new births and when one door closes another opens. We just have to take one day at a time so to squeeze the most from the moment. Mari

TooOld (Poetry) - 1/12/2005 4:18:52 PM
Ahah--but you are never too old. Nice little write here!

Being Angry (Poetry) - 1/8/2005 6:05:17 AM
LOL...this is great! :-)

TooOld (Poetry) - 1/8/2005 6:04:46 AM
Too old? No way.

TooOld (Poetry) - 1/8/2005 12:10:09 AM
Age is something perfected in wine With people it's spirit that's so devine.

TooOld (Poetry) - 1/7/2005 11:23:49 PM
you never too old to keep dancing ...

TooOld (Poetry) - 1/7/2005 9:31:43 PM
Well I don't believe that anyone is too old for love or to dream.

Eccentricities (Poetry) - 12/22/2004 7:09:21 PM
Much wisdom here...

Eccentricities (Poetry) - 12/22/2004 3:41:16 PM
Intriguing and insightful.

Another Christmas (Poetry) - 12/21/2004 1:57:56 PM
How true... but it is the season... merry christmas

Another Christmas (Poetry) - 12/21/2004 1:03:10 PM
i know how that is; i can relate to that one! merry christmas to you too, and happy new year! (i have to work ON Christmas; BAH THE HUMBUG! oh, well, at least i have a job; many people DON'T!) (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in tx., karen lynn. :D

The Primal Need (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 3:19:12 PM
The following stanza just erupts with visualization: I used to hunt, but now you gather me into your arms before dismissing me as if I were a mere cloud of smoke from a Camel you just exhaled from your lungs. Keep writing best selling power lines like this, they always come from deep down where no one else can go. Exhaustingly good poem Roger, blessin's cynth'ya lewis reed

I Melted (Poetry) - 9/19/2004 5:52:59 PM

Being Angry (Poetry) - 9/19/2004 3:15:42 PM
The most enjoyable funny, short short poem ever, but one of the best!

I Melted (Poetry) - 9/19/2004 3:14:43 PM

Dripping Deceit (Poetry) - 9/19/2004 3:13:49 PM
WONDERFUL! I just LOVE your style and you are so humorous, even about sad things! How about you popping into my site and seeing if you like my work? There are not many of us around and we should stick together! Donni x

Perhaps if . . . (Poetry) - 9/19/2004 3:08:14 PM
Very enjoyable Roger! I have just found your site and will come back to read some more. Why haven't we heard more about you? Most of the Authors on here are SO boring, but you personality comes over so well! Don't lose hope, you should try and find a publisher as you deserve to be with one of the best! Donni-Jay

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 4/2/2004 3:38:48 PM
Actually, it sounds wonderful. Being in Paris would be worth all the troubles. I am sure something would turn up to solve all the problems eventually, or at least one would hope so. :)

I Melted (Poetry) - 3/26/2004 2:00:14 PM
Great ending to this. Poignant and compelling.

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 2/23/2004 7:17:47 AM
yikes...sounds like a nightmare, too...funny how the things we spend our entire lives avoiding sometimes would be welcomed relief...thanks for this contribution.

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 10/29/2003 2:49:51 PM
Nice piece sir! Rodd

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 8/10/2003 5:05:59 PM
This is a excellantly painted piece of some splendid imagery and dreams! ~Nikki~

I Dreamed (Poetry) - 8/9/2003 7:38:17 PM
Ahhh, love the pictures this represents. Well done.

I Melted (Poetry) - 7/12/2003 9:00:22 PM
Bitterly drawn. Good work!! Candida

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 7/12/2003 8:56:33 PM
Roger this is very well done. Your grandfather earned this Candida

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 6/30/2003 1:58:29 PM
Wow this is some awesome descriptive work here <chills>feels like your grandfather is here!!!! ~Nikki~

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 6/30/2003 1:32:46 PM
To shine a headlamp on a life in so few words is awesome. You can be proud of him and this poem. Leland

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 6/29/2003 8:38:50 PM
Wow...powerful emotions and sentiments. Bravo. Enjoyed very much.

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 6/29/2003 7:46:57 PM
Awesome write Roger... I could feel every word you wrote. That shows you are a darn good writer! I'll be reading more of you... I also have a poem about my grandfather..The Man I Never Knew.. Check it out sometimes. Again...awesome write here. ~~Linda~~

My Grandfather's Ghost (Poetry) - 6/29/2003 7:39:18 PM
I can picture your grandfather in my mind. I almost feel like I know him now. Excellent write.

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/25/2003 4:53:27 PM
Profound write. :)Sandy

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/22/2003 10:27:36 AM
Hey,count yourself lucky!! You get a second chance at love & Life...K? Vesna

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/17/2003 6:35:17 AM
too sad....fanstasy isnt all its cracked up to be. perhaps she will be back for the rest of her sandwich....hope so.

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/16/2003 11:05:18 PM
enjoyed, expecting a change she acted strange.

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/16/2003 8:31:29 PM
sometimes it takes a trip to fantasy land to see things clearly... good write!

I Melted (Poetry) - 6/16/2003 7:55:48 PM
Awww. Although listen up...she couldn't cook. You are better off. Good work.

Being Angry (Poetry) - 5/12/2003 7:52:25 PM
LOL cute write.

Being Angry (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 8:02:30 PM
:) Thanks for the sad but funny smile :)

Being Angry (Poetry) - 4/19/2003 11:16:50 PM
Cute write : )

Being Angry (Poetry) - 4/8/2003 6:14:53 PM
OUCH! That hurt! Candy

Being Angry (Poetry) - 3/10/2003 4:08:17 PM
chuckle, more please

Being Angry (Poetry) - 2/21/2003 6:01:30 PM
This is very good. peg

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