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Recent Reviews for Lorri Proctor

Middle Watch (Book) - 4/23/2012 4:53:27 AM
A wonderful look into the lives of complex people In Loretta Proctor’s Middle Watch you will truly be drawn into the life of young Bridie O’Neil. From her early childhood, where she’s routinely mistreated by a brutal stepmother, to her self-searching teen years, to her role as new wife and mother, Bridie’s inner courage and character never falter. Her personality dominates this story of beautifully drawn and very real, complex people. Ms. Proctor gives us vibrant descriptions of the Cornish coast and towns throughout the book as well as a look into the little known culture and lifestyles of lighthouse keepers. And her descriptions of London in the late 1950s seem to actually put you there. Especially in the London chapters, the tension and sense of impending disaster are unrelenting. But you can’t stop rooting for this fascinating young woman. I won’t give away details of the story’s ending but I can guarantee that you’ll be thinking about it for days.

Greece and Britain since 1945 (Book) - 7/15/2010 4:14:34 AM
This is great, Lorri. I'm well into The Long Shadow right now and loving it.

The Crimson Bed (Book) - 4/26/2010 9:46:42 AM
As she is sitting for a portrait, beautiful Eleanor Farnham meets young Frederic Thorpe. Fred overcomes his shyness in order to court and marry her. And on the surface, their marriage is a happy one. But disturbing events in both of their personal histories gradually come back to haunt them. This complex plot evolves into a stunning climax which I won’t give away but that you won’t want to miss. The Crimson Bed can be described as a family saga that involves several generations between the years 1839 to 1913. At the same time, it is a very intimate story where Ellie, Fred, Henry and the others come alive and make the reader care about them. Ms. Proctor uses her knowledge of settings and language to make the story both authentic and entertaining. There are wonderful descriptions of life in the Victorian world. The society’s language, mores and attitudes are realistically depicted. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys good, historical fiction and a timeless love story as well.

The Crimson Bed (Book) - 3/6/2010 12:08:17 PM
Set against the backdrop of the revolution in art that was started by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in the 1850s, 'The Crimson Bed' is a tale of secrets and jealousies, omissions and lies. At her father's request, young Eleanor Farnham sits for a minor pre-Raphaelite artist and, via this sitting, finds herself drawn into the world of art and of artistic romance.Eventually finding what she hopes in true love with struggling artist Frederick Ashton Thorpe, Eleanor is nevertheless still in love with her childhood sweetheart who, she believes, has abandoned her. Of course in books, as in life, nothing is as simple as it seems and both Eleanor and Frederick are at the mercy of the many secrets that exist in their families. Lies have been told to them and they in turn have told lies. But then for every rule breaking, free living Millais or Rosetti there were thousand upon thousands of tortured Victorians trying, and mostly failing, to live within the strict moral dictates of the day. People like Eleanor and Frederick. It is their individual struggles to untangle their pasts, to discover their own personal truths and to find a way to live together in peace that constitutes the main thrust of this story. As an exploration of the often hypocritical mores of the time, it is fascinating. Illicit sex was everywhere in Victorian England and yet to be caught actually indulging in it was tantamount to social suicide. Loretta Proctor tackles this very well and one can really feel the torment her characters experience as they fall,sometimes again and again, from what is considered a state of monogamous grace. Details do not always contain the devil for me and some of Loretta's details are divine. One can really see and smell the naughty old London pleasure gardens where young men of quality and young ladies on the make were wont to roam. I also like the way that the actual Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood are kept at the periphery of the novel, not influencing but affecting the main characters lives. But it is the Crimson Bed itself that really benefits from the author's eye for detail. A metaphor for a womb if ever I saw one - sorry, psychology graduate speaking here - it is a lovely and yet at the same time, forbidding thing and men and woman have very different opinions of it. I enjoyed The Crimson Bed enormously both as a novel and as an account of the secretive, if not secret, world of the Victorians. Barbara Nadel (author of the Inspector Ikmen and the Francis Hancock series) Hope you're well. Good luck for your launch and I do hope that you enjoy 'Death by Design'. Lots of love -- Barbara

The Colour Crimson (Article) - 11/20/2010 9:58:50 PM
I really enjoyed your analogies between colors and love. Wonderful!

The Colour Crimson (Article) - 9/11/2010 12:48:42 PM
Extremely well thought out and researched article, Lorri. You’ve also found the perfect pictures to illustrate your points. (And I do remember that discussion of color in The Crimson Bed.) I think too often people underestimate the everyday power and significance of color in our lives. This definitely brings that power back into focus. Larry

Phoenix Love Affair (Poetry) - 2/4/2014 2:26:16 PM
It ended eventually, but you're right, the love is still there forever on both sides :-)

Phoenix Love Affair (Poetry) - 2/4/2014 2:08:21 PM
such a phoenix it truly is budd

Phoenix Love Affair (Poetry) - 2/4/2014 10:07:41 AM
There must be something that rekindles that spark into fire again. Perhaps, a deep enduring love that cannot be extinguished. Ron

Vampire Love (Poetry) - 7/14/2013 3:43:36 AM
a beautiful write peace be with you William

Solar Eclipse (Poetry) - 7/9/2013 9:12:30 PM
A powerful personal message. I hope you have found your comfort. M.True

Winter Rain (Poetry) - 7/9/2013 9:09:33 PM
Nice visual!

Matthew Green (Poetry) - 7/9/2013 9:03:50 PM
Wonderful snap shot! Suggestion: use the line,'My name is Matthew Green,' he said (and disappeared), as the last line. Hold the suspense, all the tension of the meeting, til the very end.

Vampire Love (Poetry) - 7/9/2013 8:45:06 PM
Great poem. A hunger like no other, this lust,this love! M.True

Vampire Love (Poetry) - 7/4/2013 12:17:40 AM
VERY Good poetic write Lorri! Peace, God's agape love, abundant blessings, John Michael

Vampire Love (Poetry) - 7/2/2013 8:52:57 AM
Nothing has ever quite pushed it aside. Thanks for your comment, Ronald!

Vampire Love (Poetry) - 7/2/2013 6:18:43 AM
That last line says it all. There is a love-hate relationship still going on it can't be denied, and probably won't be denied until another love comes along and pushes aside those dark thoughts that linger. Ron

What is Life, Is it just a Dream? (Poetry) - 1/4/2013 9:00:15 AM
Unpardon me but I relent it boldly; For it is far ahead, if I can be sure of it, And far it is, that my hallucination be valid, And hallucination it is, as it should be, And however, unlike itself, mysterious, unknown, and untested, So it be foreseen in my tireless search.

Matthew Green (Poetry) - 8/12/2012 6:31:59 PM
I loved this, Lorri! You captured the scene and both of the characters perfectly. They say that a poem is a story minus the excess words – I think that’s what you’ve done here.

Sweet Sorrow (Poetry) - 7/17/2012 9:28:23 AM
The deep and aching mystery of really incomprehensible... Very emotion poem. Thanks for sharing. Mamta Sharma

Sweet Sorrow (Poetry) - 7/16/2012 4:06:55 PM
Lorri very intriguing very well done budd

Sweet Sorrow (Poetry) - 7/16/2012 3:56:46 PM
I loved the strength of emotion, Lorri. It’s hard to capture deep feelings in just a few words, but you’ve certainly done it here. Larry

Sweet Sorrow (Poetry) - 7/16/2012 9:18:45 AM
This makes me believe that it is autobiographical. If not, it is a testament to your skill as a writer to make me believe that it is actually happening–that someone you love is leaving after a brief tryst during summer. Ron

Winter Rain (Poetry) - 7/13/2010 4:41:48 PM
Sad, harsh, but very real; a moving and meaningful account well-shared, Lorri. Thank you. Love and best wishes, Regis

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 5/25/2010 5:24:10 PM
It does seem tranquil to listen to the beauty of nature in your own backyard. All the senses come alive here. Fabulous poem!

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 5/24/2010 4:21:41 AM
Very nicely written, Lorri

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/13/2007 9:16:02 AM
I am glad I found my way to your back yard. I was inspired by the beauty and your words. Rose

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/12/2007 3:16:36 PM
Thanks for inviting me into your backyard, well done. God Bless You and Your Loved Ones

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/5/2007 5:00:30 AM
Loretta, Your imagery is impeccable.

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/2/2007 2:51:05 PM
Loretta, I come to your poetry expecting something wonderful and I am never disappointed. This is such a pretty, tranquil write. One day I will venture to the UK and we will sit in your garden in the evening and share a coffee and a chat! Lovely!

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 7:45:23 PM
Peaceful and relaxing to read. Thanks for sharing.

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 7:16:15 PM
Awwwww! Such a loving write, full of passion from your backyard delights....... Be safe, Karen

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 7:09:36 PM
My back yard is my favorite place to write...Nature has that effect! Enjoyed this pen...Have a Happy Fourth of July! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 4:36:47 PM
Indeed, looking out to ones garden from the window, it should look like a living picture, as indeed this does...

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 3:57:15 PM
You know I love this sort of poem Lorri, and what a beautiful picture to go with it. You can almost hear those birds singing somewhere in the bushes, just out of sight. Very calming and peaceful. Love, "Louisa"

My Back Yard (Poetry) - 7/1/2007 2:41:34 PM
Tranquil. Ron

I Had a Dream (Poetry) - 6/17/2007 1:29:01 PM
Brilliant work.. blessings.. Vesna:)

I Had a Dream (Poetry) - 6/14/2007 12:15:47 PM
Loretta, A world which is a garden, and all peace to enjoy it. My kind of place. Wonderful poem.

I Had a Dream (Poetry) - 6/13/2007 7:58:25 AM
Loretta, yes, I too dream of a land where there will be no differences and where love abounds. This is a great inspirational writing. I truly enjoyed it!

I Had a Dream (Poetry) - 6/12/2007 3:28:01 PM
Blimey on Itunes podcasts I down loaded MLK speach... Peace will come when man learns to leave his ego, men refuse to fight, and women rule the world....But they need a few days of a month...

The Skier (Poetry) - 6/6/2007 9:00:06 PM
Skiing is a fun activity, but those mountains do dwarf all around them..... Be safe, Karen

The Skier (Poetry) - 6/6/2007 8:37:12 AM
Loretta, I used to ski, and you capture the majesty of the mountains in beautiful lines! There is a certain lure to try to conquor the peaks, and we fail, miserably. LOL But we keep going back! LOL Well done, saving this to favorites. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Skier (Poetry) - 6/6/2007 3:40:02 AM
Loretta, When you look back and see the majesty of the mountain you realize just how small your efforts actually are.

The Skier (Poetry) - 6/5/2007 3:05:17 PM
Excellent poem, Loretta. You certainly captured the beauty and majesty of a snow-capped mountain on a sunny day. Skiing -- Never tried it. Never will. But this poem almost makes me want to. xo jean

Oh, to be Free! (Poetry) - 4/18/2007 7:22:23 PM
Beautiful and uplifting write, enjoyed this much...glad I stopped by! Blessings, Joyce Bowling

Oh, to be Free! (Poetry) - 4/17/2007 10:06:27 PM
uplifting sensitivity ... wonderfully penned ...

Oh, to be Free! (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 5:16:53 PM
What a wonderful poem! I felt lighter just reading it!

Oh, to be Free! (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 4:36:59 PM
Wonderful poem, Loretta; very well done! BRAVA! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Oh, to be Free! (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 1:18:49 PM
Loretta, this is a beautiful poem, such images and the voice is tender and alluring to the finish. Thanks for sharing.

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/15/2007 12:56:40 PM
Perhaps if my mom had met a "stranger in the dark" she would not have gone the way your poem "speaks" of. As well, if angels had not looked after me throughout my life thus far, I do not know where I would be now. Powerful poem, Loretta. Thank you for sharing it. Love and peace to you, Regis

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/10/2007 6:24:26 PM
Neat rendition of those mysterious strangers who come when we need them most and then disappear without notice. Nicely penned. thanks, ~D.

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/7/2007 7:20:14 PM
Interesting write! Perhaps and angel as you say was sent to guide you back to the living. Wonderfully written, thank you. Be safe, Karen

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/7/2007 2:00:44 PM
What an outstanding write dear friend...enjoyed this touching offering indeed! Happy Easter! Blessings, Joyce Bowling

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/7/2007 11:34:50 AM
He was right, we can't turn the clock back but we can rewind it... Loving is so short, forgetting is so long..P.N

Guardian Angel (Poetry) - 4/7/2007 9:41:50 AM
Oh, Loretta! This one gives me chills! Simply beautiful. I think you should expand this poem into a short story. Jean

On Gullets Quarry in a Rainstorm (Poetry) - 4/6/2007 8:00:43 PM
This is outstanding poetry loved the tone and feel,it flows beautifully

On Gullets Quarry in a Rainstorm (Poetry) - 4/5/2007 5:29:07 AM
Good poem, Loretta; very well done! :)

On Gullets Quarry in a Rainstorm (Poetry) - 4/5/2007 4:39:46 AM
Loretta, This brings back memories of my younger days. We swam in a quarry such as this and like you say many lives were lost there. Fortunately none of my friends. The water was so cool and refreshing but no one living, I believe, ever touched the bottom.

On Gullets Quarry in a Rainstorm (Poetry) - 4/4/2007 11:02:51 PM
Beautiful, breathtaking photo! Such an intricately woven story of such a majestic site. Be safe, Karen

On Gullets Quarry in a Rainstorm (Poetry) - 4/4/2007 5:26:57 PM
Loretta, The poem is as stunningly beautiful as the photo! Your work is always a pleasure to read. One of these days I just might find my way to Malvern to see all of this beauty first-hand! XO Jean

The Real Me, where's She? (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 2:14:50 PM
So true, I'm laughing cos of the things my son thought i did not notice, like landing on a ladder when really it should have been a snake, much truth here...

The Real Me, where's She? (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 12:40:42 PM
So very true, wise words. Best just to be who you really are, easier to remember that way. Enjoyed. Be safe, Karen

Old Books upon my Bookshelf (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 2:07:10 AM
I have quite a few of those myself...when I see these beautiful old books at antique stores, second hand stores, or yard sales...I can't turn away, it's as if they call my name. I love them, the way they look, feel, smell, and the stories between the covers well...I can't say enough...great write my friend, enjoyed this very much. Enjoyed! Glad I stopped by this early morning! Blessings, Joyce Bowling

Old Books upon my Bookshelf (Poetry) - 3/29/2007 10:00:17 AM
Wonderful poem, my friend, and absolutely right! I have several of these "old friends" myself, and wouldn't part with them for the world! Jean

Old Books upon my Bookshelf (Poetry) - 3/29/2007 9:36:19 AM
they’re old friends upon my shelf I wouldn’t be without. A wonderful ode to them, Loretta; I've got some old friends just like them that I could never part with.

The City Streets at Night (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 2:14:27 PM
Absolutely lovely!

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 3:54:25 PM
Your beautiful imagery takes me to another place, another time. Blessings, Sharon

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 10:26:53 AM
What a marvelous trip of imagery and suspense...loved it!

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 10:22:12 AM
Absolutely gorgeous writing, Loretta, as always. Jean

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 9:13:29 AM
wonderful imagery you have painted, loretta; very nice! Brava! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in tx., karen lynn. :D

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 9:02:05 AM
A very lovely nostalgic poem and a gorgeous picture, Loretta. I stil love those very early spring and summer mornings.

Early Morning (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 8:56:44 AM
These are beautiful memories, Loretta, and you've described them well. Love, CJ

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 3/5/2007 5:08:16 PM
good question and description...I wonder where his soul goes when he isn't there

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 1/30/2007 10:17:29 AM
The photo helps bring out the beauty of your wonderful poem. I can just imagine flowing, flowing, and then landing in a cozy, tranquil position at the bottom to just listen as the water flows around me.

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/28/2006 4:32:22 AM
like you, I love flowing water...this is a lovely piece of work and it meshes well with that delightful waterfall picture. Well done!

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/22/2006 11:41:55 AM
This is a nice poem and you expressed it well, viewing it from the flow of the water...nice... Art Sun...

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/20/2006 10:53:18 AM
flows beautifully ... wonderful ambiance ...

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/18/2006 5:20:00 PM
Touching picture, can almost feel the gentleness of the light drops pour into my soul, touching, refreshing, anointing...beautiful. I truly enjoyed. Peace&Grace, Sharon

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/18/2006 2:06:31 PM
What a beautiful description of water! I can almost feel its forceful and gentle flow through. I truly enjoyed reading this!

Flowing Water (Poetry) - 12/18/2006 11:33:24 AM
Blimey, I'll never look at a river the same way, being a bloke who lurves curves....

What is Life, Is it just a Dream? (Poetry) - 11/30/2006 7:04:21 AM
So true are your words-a good one for me to start my day

What is Life, Is it just a Dream? (Poetry) - 11/15/2006 6:14:54 PM
yes, living free is living in the Now ... living in the past only hinders our spiritual freedom ... a wise, philosophical poem Loretta ...

What is Life, Is it just a Dream? (Poetry) - 11/12/2006 3:10:21 PM
Indeed, one must get past the past and live their dream...

What is Life, Is it just a Dream? (Poetry) - 11/12/2006 1:34:06 PM
Loretta, This was a rare treat. It captivates and your message is strong. Excellent. I'm glad I stopped by. Cynthia

Circular Feelings (Poetry) - 11/6/2006 6:31:38 PM
sometimes love is a reductio ad absurdum going round and round ...

First Time (Poetry) - 11/5/2006 5:23:58 PM
Beautiful Passaga. Remarkably written. I am blown away by the authors use of language. I am inclined to purchase this book. Please keep writing.

Circular Feelings (Poetry) - 11/2/2006 5:02:36 PM
Unrequited love, it's a tough one. I think of a Midsummer Night's Dream and see all the lovers chasing the wrong person. Ill met by moonlight. In a perfect world, we would be taught love lessons in a community circle, but, as you know, we have to hunt on our own. Best wishes. kenny

Circular Feelings (Poetry) - 11/2/2006 9:11:50 AM
Pretty write, Loretta; very well done! BRAVA! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

Circular Feelings (Poetry) - 11/2/2006 6:58:09 AM
What a nicely written and telling prose. If this is true, then I hope someday that you find and stay with the one true love in your life. Love is really all about freedom. It's been said "women are from Venus and men from Mars," and why is it that we sometimes want someone we cannot have? Thanks for sharing. My best, Gloria

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 10/24/2006 7:01:37 AM
With british rail. Just be glad a train came...

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 10/23/2006 7:10:40 PM
Wonderful metaphors make this poem spring to life. We are walking along the station with that man, boarding, rushing...well done.

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 10/23/2006 5:05:07 PM
What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare? W.H. Davies got it right, Loretta. You've taken the time to slow down and watch the wheels turning. Aye, the thrushes and sparrows and their liquid song, taking life a whole lot easier than most of us. Best wishes. kenny

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 10/23/2006 3:56:41 PM
Great imagery

Waiting for the Train (Poetry) - 10/23/2006 1:13:56 PM
So sad that people tend to take life for granted. "Waiting for the Train" is a very delightful and inspiring prose that reminds us all to enjoy every minute. Thanks for sharing. My best, Gloria

First Time (Poetry) - 8/2/2006 4:17:03 PM
Beautiful write from a beautiful thinking heart. Good one. fee

You came to me and took me to you (Poetry) - 6/12/2006 4:57:20 PM
This is love, total beautfiul sentiments straight from a shared heart pax A

You came to me and took me to you (Poetry) - 6/12/2006 10:00:25 AM
Great family in two people. What is there to miss? Susan

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