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Recent Reviews for Ian R Thorpe

A Stroke of Luck (Book) - 5/16/2004 12:58:26 PM
Nice excerpt. Enjoyed your choice of words.

A Stroke of Luck (Book) - 1/29/2002 6:42:27 AM
You need to have someone in the next room as you read this, because you have to share it - if you can speak while you're rolling on the floor.

A Stroke of Luck (Book) - 10/29/2001 4:45:28 PM
Very Nicely Written By This Very Talented Writer... Victoria Taylor Murray 'Thief Of Hearts' 'Forbidden'

Sawney Bean (humour) (Short Story) - 5/28/2011 1:35:01 PM
Whooeee, what a tale, Ian! Excellent write ... I'm gonna have nightmares, for sure! Hugs to you, CJ

Timewarp Prom - Part 1 (written with Janet Caldwell) (Short Story) - 6/7/2008 5:32:51 PM
I forgot how funny this is. ahahahahahaha!!! Love From Your Frumpy Ole Date, Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 19 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 4:39:14 PM
You have totally inspired me. Thanks again. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 18 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 4:26:45 PM
The last few lines, you are all of the above. ;)~ Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 17 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 4:20:51 PM
From the last chapter, I forgot to add that yes, I had great insurance coverage here and even the ones on State Aid got the same care but it is not so in a regular MD's office such as yearly check-ups etc. Yes, that is wrong (referring to earlier email). Also, I had no idea that it wasn't PC to call you British or Brits, I do it all the time. I don't get that. One more thing that isn't urgent but every time I read a bit of a line from a song, I sing it in my head for a few seconds before pressing on to read further. This has been good therapy for me. I have paid literally thousands over the yrs and gained more insight, courage, and strength in these hrs spent with you today than I did all of those yrs. Thank you again! Janet xoxoxo PS. I haven't seen the shrink in about a year, lol

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 16 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 4:10:25 PM
Wow, there is a lot here. I love your sense of humor in the difficult times as in "I skip my bimbo years and come straight in as a bad-tempered old crone." The more that I read the more that I realize that my transplant process before and after was really very good. The DR's occasionally (no they really annoyed me a lot) annoyed me but they are the best in the business. Now, the shrink was another story. I do respect him in a lot of ways but he was another pill pusher in my mind. You are right to keep in touch with those who helped you, I have and it's benefited me as well as them. On to the next chapter, I will finish this. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 15 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:56:20 PM
I am still here, still reading/eating every word like a starving refugee. It is inspiring Ian. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 14 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:49:12 PM
On the last chapter I forgot to add how much I agree with this statement. "(Some people think professionalism means following rules. WRONG." I am so glad that you had a bit of fun, oh it would be hell if we couldn't laugh. Good for you & Kathy. Janet xoxoxo PS. do you realize that I have read your work for hrs today?

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 13 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:36:37 PM
I read with great interest about the reasons for your high salt levels and low potassium. I too experienced that for different reasons and was placed on Spironolactone and another drug that was orange syrup, BLECH! I took Spironolactone for quite awhile after my surgery but got to give up the orange drudge quickly. I bloated like I was 9 mos. pregnant while the rest of me looked very slim. I am so grateful for the transplant. Finally my girlish figure is back! Still cheering for you. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 12 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:23:28 PM
The section on muscle-memory was quite enlightening. Also, I might add that you my Dear are a huge flirt and if people weren't wondering or talking, I would be really worried. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 11 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:12:52 PM
Though I am aware of your progress to date, I find myself cheering you on saying "You can do it, you can do it". Good stuff Ian, I am so proud. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 10 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 3:08:07 PM
I am sure it WAS Elvis, he visited me as well and told me all about you long before we met. BTW, I get more excited as I read. Well, you know what I mean, don't you? Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 9 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 2:59:38 PM
I have really enjoyed every chapter. Thank you my friend. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 8 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 2:40:01 PM
"The most important aspect of recovery though is mental. The carers and doctors can give you little help there, they have seen many cases but have never been there." Isn't that the truth. I agree with your view on 'belief in oneself' (shocking) and the poem spoke volumes to me, Thanks, I'll have to look it up and read more. You know we Americans have completely aborted the English language, it annoys me. Just a bit of FYI. Janet xoxoxo PS. I found ch 8, lol

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 7 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 2:23:05 PM
I love Kathy! Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 6 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 2:05:52 PM
Well, the plot thickens. The thing that I hated the most about being 'sick' was to have DR's/Nurses/Care Takers etc. dictate to me how my life would be, right down to proper activities, counseling, eating, drinking (I mean water) and meds. It is very difficult to hand your life over. I have kicked and screamed for years. There is so much more that I could say on this chapter, but ya know, I just spill it and think later. :) Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 5 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 1:37:38 PM
"Nobody must ever be down and if you are not constantly grinning inanely the prescription pad comes out" LMAO on this line and loved this too "To me, being positive is a much more complex thing, a quiet acceptance of the reality of oneís situation, deciding on a course of action and seeing it through. That is much more difficult to achieve than just presenting a happy face to the world. Bad days are a fact of life, we have to face up to them. As human beings we have a range of emotions and should not be afraid of any." This has been a good mental health day for me Ian, Thanks! Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 4 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 1:33:28 PM
I thank God for Teri, love your humour and got a tattoo on my lower back for the very same reasons. It is the 'Eye of Horus', yeppers! ;)~ Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 3 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 1:22:17 PM
Well, among all the trials you still had me laughing. BTW, so far, I know all of the songs. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 2 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 1:08:41 PM
Though my nerve damage was nothing at all like what you've experienced, I do relate and it does suck when you first realize that you can't do something that you once had done before effortlessly. However, Like you, I am a fighter and hate it when people say "You can't or You won't", I have almost full recovery of my arm since I wrote about being able to put my hair in a pony-tail. You're a good man Ian Thorpe and I respect your will. Janet xoxoxo

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 1 (Short Story) - 5/12/2008 12:52:32 PM
I have never commented on this and wanted to agree with Sandra, as you wrote this, your sense of humour is in tact. I don't know why I never commented. Brilliant though. Janet xoxoxo

Garry Trotter and the Portal of Pleasure #3 (Adult Humour) (Short Story) - 4/21/2008 7:20:05 AM
Ian, why do you only have parts 3 and 7 online? Come on, give us more Harry, I mean Garry Trotter! Ros

A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 1 (Short Story) - 7/23/2006 8:50:50 PM
As painfully told as it is, you still have your smile and humour when narrating it, Ian. I wouldnt say you are a rebel, I'd say you are cery strong willed, you are. Inspiring write! God bless, Sandie.

The King of the Ribble Delta Blues Singers (humour) (Short Story) - 7/23/2006 8:43:37 PM
Quite educational and funny, Ian. God bless, Sandie.

Garry Trotter and the Portal of Pleasure #7 (Short Story) - 8/17/2005 7:24:15 AM
Ian, I missed the previous postings of this spoof, but I really like this! Very well done!

Merry Atheistmas (Article) - 12/21/2013 8:49:57 AM
Really cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. You nailed every one of our foibles to the wall. Ron

Never Let Me Go - A Dystopian Prophecy (Article) - 10/6/2012 7:00:48 AM
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing Ian! Debbie

Never Let Me Go - A Dystopian Prophecy (Article) - 8/18/2011 9:17:37 AM
Thnx for sharing...xo

The Seven Profitable Habits of Self Help Gurus (Article) - 12/9/2010 11:50:33 PM
Awesome! I loved the Self-Help Guru habits I'm going to add a link in my blog and become a Self-Help Guru myself! I think that as an utter failure and sarcastic smart ass I fit the self-help profile perfect! Here is my blog: in which I'm (blaming) you for my success as a self-help guru! Great article and keep up the wonderful work!

Shocking Revelation: michael Jackson and barack Obama The Same Person (Article) - 4/15/2010 1:21:58 PM
Bravo!!!! (thanks for the linking) xxx

The Seven Profitable Habits of Self Help Gurus (Article) - 9/27/2009 4:57:12 AM
Jama, Self help books are pure psychobabble written with the sole aim of separating gullible people from their hard earned cash. If people need a self help book to tell them how to be happy they are total failures because the people who write self help books are charlatans and con artists. You want the recipe for happiness in one sentence and for free. Learn to like who you are and value what you have. Sorted.

The Seven Profitable Habits of Self Help Gurus (Article) - 9/26/2009 5:24:07 PM
self help is not about being selfish, it's about to growth yourself and become a better person so you change your life and life's of people around you. it's NOT about money it's about making the world a better place starting from your own place and life. lifestyle is not someting dosen't exist, it's your daily thinking, feeling and activities and if any of those things go wrong your life go wrong so self help make you " lifestyle " better.Finaly if you can make money from making people's life easier by selling cars, computers, phones ext..why not make money from making people's life happier !!

Shocking Revelation: michael Jackson and barack Obama The Same Person (Article) - 7/8/2009 3:38:17 PM
Being brain dead is what really gave it away. No two people could be that messed up.

Shocking Revelation: michael Jackson and barack Obama The Same Person (Article) - 7/8/2009 12:33:58 PM
He Was Warped Sick Pervert F--king Child Molester,i.e. I Know His Evil White Faced Blacked Out Ass Is Burning In Satan's Holy Hell... Credit Illuminating Write... TRASK

A Career In Substance Abuse? Sounds Just The Job For Me. (Article) - 6/25/2009 12:24:26 PM
these are truly hilarious!-sure makes one wonder!

Stone Throwing Chimp Shocks Scientists (Article) - 3/11/2009 4:00:15 PM
The chimps... or should I say baboons, have already taken over. Just take a look at congress and the presidency and the people who elected them.

V2G: Technology You Can't Believe In. (Article) - 2/12/2009 3:12:07 PM
The Good news is..Obama is leading us out the recession. The bad news is...He is leading us right into a depression. The really bad news is... That seems to be the plan.

Exploding Cheeses Of Terror (Article) - 1/16/2009 1:52:14 PM
This is all simply shocking to hear, of course! However clever these fiends are, though, I seriously doubt if they could ever convert Venezuelan Beaver Cheese into an explosive substance (Monte Python must have researched this possibility in their 'Cheese Shop' skit and ruled it out long ago...). This does not address the lethal possibilities of a homemade terrorist 'Edam Bomb', nor does it alleviate our fears about a terrorist suicide marathon runner near the border with Finland stumbling and being barely able to Limburger the Finnish line with his exploding vest. As for the arcane theory about possible use of Swiss cheese to concoct gelatinous terrorist bombs, it's absolutely full of holes! (Just the thought of that sinister idea makes me Cheddar with horror!). Gasp! :)

The Method, The Madge and The Myth Of Eternal Life. (Article) - 1/12/2009 6:50:10 AM
Thunderbirds are Go! Anything can happen in the next half hour! Launch Stingray! Calling International Rescue! Heh Heh!!! Muffins indeed!!!

Exploding Cheeses Of Terror (Article) - 1/7/2009 12:55:17 PM
Thanks for sharing Ian. That explains why there's a crator in my basement floor where I put the mouse trap.

UK Prime Minister Is Made A Caganer (Article) - 11/21/2008 3:39:23 AM
interesting read

How Iceland went bankrupt - A Boggart Blog explainer (Article) - 10/18/2008 4:49:25 PM
interesting read--i had no idea

Itís Not The End Of The World (or is it?) (Article) - 9/9/2008 2:29:33 AM
thought provoking

Itís Not The End Of The World (or is it?) (Article) - 9/8/2008 3:53:05 PM
Do you recall the Super Collider from the 80s? They were building it in Waxahachie, Texas - where I happen to live. They were building the tunnel roughly under, well, maybe not EXACTLY my house, but figuratively. Then they lost the funding and all the scientists left town with their fancy science. However, property values remained UP. And we got all kinds of infrastructure funding. It was good news and good news. It was interesting, being Ground Zero for a short time. I'd rather be Ground Zero than somewhere on the periphery where you survive and wish you hadn't. I'd actually like to book a flight to Switzerland right now, if airlines still served food on the flight over without charging you for that and your damn pillow... That way I could go up in fireworks, instead of turning into Zombie Woman because of the fallout, and spend the last of my misbegotten days eating flesh and flexing my fingers at everyone's throat. But I have to work.

Palin Pick Shows McCain Is Not A Dead Parrot (Article) - 9/1/2008 8:39:45 PM
Delightful wit! Love it. Good write.

Liberals Complain McCains Jokes Are Not Funny But... (Article) - 7/20/2008 10:46:50 PM
Love the humor, Ian. I also can't stand the PC bull**it that's so prevalent in our sad world. I love Obama though, and I'm pretty sure that once he's got a little more confidence, his sens of humor will come to the surface - I hope so anyway. Cool article my good sir.

Sexuality and the Asymmetric brain (Article) - 6/18/2008 10:22:05 AM
Well said - with great wit and humour - Love the 'eminently shaggable lipstick lezzas''!!!

Big New Idea From America That Will Not Save The Planet (Article) - 6/2/2008 1:04:38 PM
YOU SAID IT RIGHT ON.....GULLIBLE AMERICANS vs GLOBAL SQUIRMING,i.e. More Millions USA Children Die From Being Raped Maimed,Choke With Rope Round Their Necks,Sodomized To Death By 1,000's Pervert Child Molesters... So Called Scientists Politicians like AL (WHORE) GORE Paid BIG $$$ To Bullshit You Gullible People Into Believing Anything,i.e. How F--ked (Over) You Really Are... TRASK

What Happened Before Big Bang (part 2) (Article) - 5/25/2008 11:38:03 AM
I like your mind and your changing theories. For me, I can't wrap my mind (I know) around something so infinite. Who really knows??? Will we ever know? I think that we will. In fact, I'll say that if after this life there is nothing at all, then what was the point? I am not interested in 'just' making a better planet, leaving a legacy only etc. It seems pointless to me. If I had really believed that after this life there was nothing, I'd have off'd myself by the age of 2. LOL . me, I have strayed from the point of this article. Well, you know how I am. Interesting read my Dear. Love, Janet xoxoxo

Satan in the Spreadsheets (Article) - 5/25/2008 11:27:33 AM
Oh my Dear Ian, that program and camp is an abomination. I saw it and it is a cult. (this version of the word: a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.) Not my cup-o-tea at all. I'd also like to add that "The Sin Of Onan" has more than one argument, all of them silly in my view but such is life. Thanks for the informative article and your views. Enjoyed the read. :) Love, Janet xoxoxo

Songs of Glory (anti - war) (Poetry) - 4/23/2015 11:27:14 AM
You verses "speak" of a universal and timeless theme of this life/world. Sadly, as can easily be witnessed, nothing has changed. There are just many more means of waging war. Earthians appear intent on their eventual removal from this planet. Love and peace, Regis

Slaney O' Toole (sheer nonsense) (Poetry) - 7/4/2014 5:00:13 AM
enjoyed reading your informative narrative I look forward to reading more of your work. m

The Hands Of Old People (Poetry) - 3/22/2014 11:27:03 AM
So true, Ian. Thank you for sharing this meaningful reminder through your verses. Love and peace to you, Regis

The Goddess - Anima Mundi (Poetry) - 1/26/2013 1:41:48 PM
Your verses have a timeless nature and a cyclical pattern that mirrors the ebb and flow of the seasons and your ďloverĒ is the beauty of nature itself. Ron

The Goddess - Anima Mundi (Poetry) - 1/26/2013 8:15:21 AM
The unchanging beauty of a muse captured so perfectly in your poem.

African Ambition (Poetry) - 12/29/2012 9:30:13 PM
TRUE!!!! xo

Terra Incognita (Poetry) - 12/29/2012 9:29:34 PM
Love it, Sweets! xo

Armageddon (Poetry) - 11/10/2012 9:28:53 AM
Substance to think about and quite in keeping with the comments I just left on your latest poem. Love and peace, Regis

Spider (Poetry) - 11/10/2012 9:27:30 AM
I think I understand the meaning of your metaphor, Ian. It is not unlike watching a peregrine falcon end the life of green winged teal in an instant... ...and yet life goes on. However, I still believe that humans are anathema to this lovely planet. Clearly, as one looks at the world situation, man has learned nothing. With the escalation of technology, man's impact on the natural world is multiplied with disastrous results. Well, as you can tell, you got me thinking. Love and peace, Regis

My Mark (Poetry) - 10/20/2012 2:38:35 PM
And it is the finest and most "honourable" mark, Ian. Thank you. Love and peace, Regis

Different Clothes (Poetry) - 10/20/2012 2:36:21 PM
I think this is splendid poetry, replete with meaning that awakens senses and emotions. Perhaps it is because I can relate to what you have expressed. Thank you, Ian. Love and peace to you, Regis

The Sacred Feminine (Poetry) - 9/22/2012 3:35:50 PM
Shadows of natures womb - beautiful.

The Sacred Feminine (Poetry) - 9/22/2012 9:51:17 AM
Thank you for sharing this ode to "The Goddess," Ian. Love and peace to you, Regis

Lizzie Blackburn (Poetry) - 9/18/2012 7:06:42 AM
and, to me, Lizzie's life Was extraordinary in its living-a beautifully written tribute to the not so common man/woman

Ancient Rites, Guilty Feelings (forbidden love) (Poetry) - 8/30/2012 9:56:56 AM
for if we never tell our story we will [n]ever inflict pain. The key. Beautifully done.

Chasing Bubbles (Poetry) - 8/25/2012 7:19:37 AM
Trying to link to politicaal comment piece but the update page is not working. <a href=" <a>

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 8/17/2012 12:44:41 PM
Like clever poems. Nice job with difficult subject.

Hearts And Minds (Poetry) - 7/9/2012 6:35:40 AM
you make a really good point here!

Attack of the KILLER Trousers... (Poetry) - 6/4/2012 5:46:46 AM
For some reason AD will not let me update my posts and I want to add a link to a related piece. Let's try here: <a href="">Just When You Thought It Was Safe To get Back In Your Deck Chain </a>

The Abyss (Poetry) - 5/17/2012 7:19:01 AM
An abyss is usually referred to as a "BLACK HOLE" green eyes would not apply too much to "darkness" However, it is all in the imagination.

Living Ocean (Poetry) - 8/9/2011 11:41:50 AM
i like this--well thought out and well written!

Father's Day (Poetry) - 7/29/2011 5:22:46 AM
Indeed this is good, Ian. "The love, the friendship and laughter...." Those things make Fathers Day a day to remember.

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 7/28/2011 6:47:00 AM
Don't curse them Ian, but if you're a praying person pray for them. The trouble is this: they think that they can work miracles so they will make promises about what they are going to do; only to find out after they got in that there is no money to do what was promised.

Father's Day (Poetry) - 7/2/2011 3:06:47 AM
I just love you, ole softy and full of wisdom. :-) All the best to you and the family. xo PS. When you are at FB, share your links on my pg, more people will read and I pay more attention there. You know how my mind works. Hahahahaha. ;-)

Atomic Verse (Poetry) - 7/2/2011 3:02:16 AM
You may be shocked to know that I have been having these very discussions for the last month with some friends. lol Interesting indeed. HUGS, Janet xo

Atomic Verse (Poetry) - 6/27/2011 8:27:32 AM
i like this, like the possibilities, ideas, thoughts provoked

Father's Day (Poetry) - 6/23/2011 10:48:48 AM
so beautifully put! thank you for these words of truth and wisdom!

The Aspirational (Poetry) - 2/16/2011 11:39:17 AM
Very profound and makes the reader think of our own climb up the ladder of life. If we are measured by our possessions, then I guess I am on the bottom of the list because I only have mt computer and all in one. Nothing earth shaking about that. Thank you for sharing. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth, & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFUL SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), your little sister, Barbie

The Aspirational (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 7:47:47 AM
this is such a profound and thoughtprovoking write-well done!

The Aspirational (Poetry) - 1/14/2011 9:35:26 AM
I understand, appreciate, and agree with the philosophy that you have shared through your verses here, Ian. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Statistics, Graphs and Hockey Sticks (Poetry) - 12/20/2010 12:49:50 PM
This poem holds much truth. I agree with the politics.

Still Life With Pills (for Pauline) (Poetry) - 12/18/2010 12:20:37 PM
Truly a soul-stirring account well-shared, Ian. Deeply sad and yet so universally human. Thank you. Love and peace, Regis

Statistics, Graphs and Hockey Sticks (Poetry) - 12/18/2010 12:17:53 PM
Such an apt and timely write, Ian. I completely concur with your point of view. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Maid of Paradise (erotic fantasy) (Poetry) - 5/19/2010 6:28:39 AM
very beautiful painting in words

Boys Games (Poetry) - 5/13/2010 3:29:23 AM
honesty is sorely lacking here--and the girl, sadly pathetic-well expressed

Fires of Love (Beltane) (Poetry) - 4/30/2010 6:28:20 AM
I threw the cloak on the floor! x

Favourite Boy (Poetry) - 4/16/2010 8:23:20 PM

Armageddon (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 7:17:12 PM
well said!

Armageddon (Poetry) - 3/14/2010 11:15:02 AM
Most of this has already happened. lol Good poem Ian. x

For An American Girl (Poetry) - 2/26/2010 8:55:48 PM
i love the humanness and honesty of this-beautiful remembering

Ten 4 Ten (Poetry) - 1/3/2010 8:12:34 PM
This is intense stuff, well written and appropriately thought provoking...and truthfully scary

Ten 4 Ten (Poetry) - 1/2/2010 8:58:17 AM
Amazing work that can solely germinate many a poem...Inspiring to say the least, Ian...Excellent work!!!...and right up my ally! Happy New Year! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Haoppy New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2009 2:42:06 PM
My Glass Raised My Volume up! Salute! Thank You Ian! Happy New year Arriving!! Vickie

Haoppy New Year (Poetry) - 12/31/2009 12:14:21 PM
Happy new year! *Hic*

Jack (a horrible Halloween poem) (Poetry) - 12/1/2009 12:12:43 PM
Absolutely brilliant, fantastic construction, lovely detail. Will come back to this one.

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 12/1/2009 12:06:45 PM
Brilliant - could be longer though - plenty more to say !

Doctor, Doctor (Poetry) - 11/13/2009 8:20:16 PM
i enjoyed the sarcasm-there is certainly a pill for everything these days

Doctor, Doctor (Poetry) - 11/13/2009 12:50:40 PM
I appreciate your satirical (and meaningful) sense of humour, Ian. Love and peace to you, Regis

Tribute To A Prodigious Liver (Keith Floyd) (Poetry) - 9/16/2009 7:36:40 PM
what a tragic story-well written poem though

Kiss and Sell (Poetry) - 8/31/2009 4:43:10 AM
LOL nice work. Quirky and fun. Helps us relax after a long day at work.

Kiss and Sell (Poetry) - 8/30/2009 8:53:19 PM
sadly, you reflect well a huge piece of life for some

Kiss and Sell (Poetry) - 8/30/2009 9:39:23 AM

Chasing Bubbles (Poetry) - 8/20/2009 4:17:57 AM
Call me Bubbles Darling, everybody does!!! lol

Where Did All The Money Go (Poetry) - 6/20/2009 11:51:44 AM
ah, illusions... Well, what really ruled was a mind-boggling still does, no doubt. Here's to prosperity to you, Ian, and to me...who knows what will happen or develop in the end. At least we have a wealth of thought to draw on. hugs Gina

Where Did All The Money Go (Poetry) - 6/7/2009 7:14:25 AM
i think that it has been horded away by those who abused their power!

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/30/2009 4:35:20 PM
I hate politicians too, but they don't just steal from the poor. They steal from everybody to pay their friends. Not everyone who is rich gets favorable treatment from a politician. Just the one's who paid them off. ~ Sara

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/29/2009 12:19:32 PM
Art of politics, to speak with forked tongue, nicely said... Be always safe, Karen

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/28/2009 6:09:12 PM
i'd say, you did real well!

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/28/2009 10:18:20 AM
Ian, This is intense,and I bet therapeutic too. Did Shakespeare know that many lawyers were also polticians? Continued success Barbara Henry

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/28/2009 9:09:28 AM
And once we've stopped laughing, we'll hang the B'stards! Nice one Ian.

Ode to Politicians (Poetry) - 4/28/2009 6:59:32 AM
The ending sounded a bit Monty Python, with all the flatulence and stuff. Really funny, though.

Chasing Bubbles (Poetry) - 4/17/2009 11:41:49 AM
No, my poem "Ghost Among The Evergreens" was about this subject, though I guess I should have categorized it as such or I was too vague, or both. Would like your opinion, Ian. Dynamite write! I like the analogy you used here, "...I was hooked by a whore in a velvet beret". The whores are those selling us a promise based, as you have illustrated, on illusion. All for gain. Glad I stumbled onto your den. Regards...Lin

The New Poet Laureate (Poetry) - 3/29/2009 5:55:16 PM
oh man! priceless...priceless! Ian, you've got my vote, too. Gina

The New Poet Laureate (Poetry) - 3/29/2009 11:58:40 AM
e's got my vote!!

Danny Boyle: A Song For Oscar (Poetry) - 2/23/2009 8:46:08 PM
very nice!!

Graduation Blues (Poetry) - 2/20/2009 10:29:08 AM
you make an essential point-there must be value put back on other--all types of work--THAT would help this economy!

Beloved Succubus (audio version of Gothic horror poem) (Poetry) - 1/28/2009 10:05:45 AM
Wow friend this is outstanding~`*

A Finance Broker (Poetry) - 11/28/2008 3:54:42 PM
Helloooo, Ian, LOL. lovely. I luv it. I'm linking you. Luv, Helga

Chasing Bubbles (Poetry) - 10/11/2008 3:34:14 PM
the first i have seen--and so well done

So Many (poem for equinox) (Poetry) - 9/23/2008 10:26:18 PM
What a beautiful and resonant echo of emptiness. Very smooth flow; a lament for the spring. Really excellent. Keith

Schismism (Poetry) - 9/11/2008 1:45:37 PM
very interesting-aint religion fascinating!!!

Schismism (Poetry) - 9/7/2008 11:41:31 AM
interesting write thanks for sharing

Schismism (Poetry) - 7/29/2008 3:15:21 PM
Glad im Buddist you take care ok

Schismism (Poetry) - 7/29/2008 7:41:48 AM
Learned a lot from this write. Thanks for informing us of the happenings in the church and this preent day Schismism.

Apprentices (Poetry) - 6/15/2008 3:57:53 AM
Ian, As you know, my book contains numerous references to rape. You may NOT know that I was actually envisioning corporate politics when I wrote those passages, and that all rape references symbolize the way people interact with each other in a Fortune 100 company. You also might not know that I had a specific, toxic company in mind (which shall remain nameless), or that one of my former co-workers at that company was on The Apprentice during its second season. I'm not much of a fan of that show. I lived it for 14 years, and left. So, yeah. Great poem! (Except that you left out the rape part.)

Apprentices (Poetry) - 6/12/2008 7:24:35 AM
That basically sums it up!

You Just Can't Be Too Paranoid (Poetry) - 6/4/2008 8:34:04 AM
Good write and oh so true of life and being watched. Camera's hidden everywhere, and the most unusual places too. We are never free from the world's eyes.

Holy City. (Poetry) - 6/4/2008 8:31:57 AM
Me shop, not often, just go get whatever I need at that time and leave the store and other things behind. Got to the point I can do with less and be happy. I make my own happiness and not depend on things to make me happy.

Answers (Poetry) - 6/4/2008 8:30:02 AM
Yes, they are inside us and we can find them if we meditate on them.

One Way Conversation (Poetry) - 6/4/2008 8:29:19 AM
Entertaining and you told him like it is. even to know your forgave him is nice, but you are too trusting of him and need not even acknowledge him after how he treated you. you are so forgiving, which is nice of you though.

One Way Conversation (Poetry) - 5/13/2008 8:13:01 PM
Funny, grisly, and while entertaining, it also carries a warning to flighty females and to possessive lovers... Not bad for a bit of 'fooling.' love, Gina

One Way Conversation (Poetry) - 4/12/2008 4:50:50 PM
I thought this was hysterical. I am LMAO, as you well know there are many sides to me. Janet xoxoxo

One Way Conversation (Poetry) - 4/2/2008 10:48:56 AM

One Way Conversation (Poetry) - 4/2/2008 6:31:26 AM
That is a twisted piece of work, Ian! I like it!

Valentine's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 3/16/2008 3:46:36 PM
This made me laugh. Love, Joy & Peace to you my sweet. Janet xoxoxo

St. Paddy's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 3/16/2008 3:45:06 PM
Loving your limericks. My poem Bedazzled reminded me of a leprechaun, though certainly not a limerick. Too, too cute sweetie. Janet xoxoxo

St. Paddy's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 3/15/2008 4:52:40 PM
very clever limericks!

The Hermit (after Phillip Larkin) (Poetry) - 3/15/2008 4:43:04 PM
i enjoyed the poem--and the observations

St. Paddy's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 3/15/2008 9:05:50 AM
Good old Poteen!

The Hermit (after Phillip Larkin) (Poetry) - 3/14/2008 4:00:05 PM
Hmmmm...I recall you chiding me on a social networking site for not posting a blog on said social networking site. I have since posted blogs (at your prompting) on that social networking site revealing things of a somewhat personal nature, to which you often post comments. But stepping outside of all that, the poem is lovely. And you are a lovely little shunner of mankind. Stop by and read my most recent blogs! There's the one where I reveal all my political leanings (while ducking eggs), and the other where I realize in the course of writing my latest book that my best friend, when I was 20, was a lesbian with a crush on me. Love, Nell

The Hermit (after Phillip Larkin) (Poetry) - 3/14/2008 8:07:03 AM
You give one substance for reflection, Ian. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Praying Mantis (Poetry) - 3/11/2008 4:24:19 PM
I for one loved it, the hairs are my arm were starting to raise. Love, Janet xoxoxo

Valentine's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 3/7/2008 5:56:19 PM
Very good, all! And I DO love limericks... You need to be writing some for St. Paddy's Day, methinks. Micke Jinks

Valentine's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 2/24/2008 4:54:29 PM
:)))) thanks, Ian Gina

Valentine's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 2/15/2008 11:50:07 PM
bloody fantastic..LOL LOL LOL !!!!! Enjoyed this so much the chuckle..Thanks! Vesna :)

Progress (Poetry) - 2/14/2008 10:57:56 AM
You have captured the notion of 'progress' in all its oxymoron-ness. God bless you. Kathy

Valentine's Day Limericks (Poetry) - 2/14/2008 10:55:19 AM
Thank you for the chuckles. I've always loved limericks, but could never do them justice. You do them superbly! Happpy Valentine's Day! Kathy

Who Stole The Stars (Poetry) - 2/9/2008 5:45:32 PM
I had not realized the stars are fading from in the Mid-West, I can still connect with them and admire them on a clear night. The thought of losing sight of them is absolutely awful...your poem hits home, Ian. We've lost so much to greed already. Gina

Progress (Poetry) - 2/9/2008 5:42:39 PM
Sharp and true, of course. I like the terse way in which you summarized the sorry state of affairs in our reality, Ian. love to you, Gina

Progress (Poetry) - 2/4/2008 10:30:40 PM
well written and so timely--much to consider here as we march ever forward

Who Stole The Stars (Poetry) - 1/27/2008 10:15:03 PM
some very well put questions-enjoyed

Who Stole The Stars (Poetry) - 1/27/2008 4:26:05 PM
an interesting write and we all have a voice in this world that we must activate and use. Kimmmy said enlightened and that is a great word for this write. randy

Who Stole The Stars (Poetry) - 1/27/2008 2:44:58 PM
This poem will travel historical lines, and one day, many will look frantically in their books to find this, Donald Trump,guy... and they will look upon global hegemony as the reason they can no longer enjoy the atmospheres...(God, I hope not...!) Thanks for sharing, Ian, I always leave, SO enlightened! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Who Stole The Stars (Poetry) - 1/27/2008 1:36:06 PM
I very much enjoyed this poem. For me, it demonstrates how thought can "wing its way faster than lightning" (James Gates Percival). I imagine sitting out on a beautiful night admiring the sky, wondering, concluding - all in an instant. I also enjoyed your infusion of wry humor while making a very serious point.

Palm Power (Poetry) - 1/25/2008 12:59:38 PM
Just might be right!:) Why some religions grab people by the shorts and hang on-? Sex can be very liberating. Long as no one gets hurt, and unless you're into vacuumin' or chokin' yourself {by the neck, 'at is}, no foul! Be good to stay on the lookout for a partner so you can trade wanks, y'think? Admit it's not easy these days. Anywaaaay, thanks for the laff & the mental wank. 'Pea':)

Palm Power (Poetry) - 1/19/2008 6:40:29 PM
Thank you for sharing your satirical wit and humor, Ian. Love and peace to you, Regis

Palm Power (Poetry) - 1/17/2008 10:20:47 PM
hilarious! this has been deleted? i am liking it here less and less - feel a bit sad about that - nothing wrong with bashing your bishop, or humour, or the social point you are making...i'm just glad i have for now an internet connection working well enough to jump the wall and see what happens over here -enjoyed your poem, thanks for the read, Nicky xx

Palm Power (Poetry) - 1/17/2008 6:25:15 PM
this is truly quite funny!!some truth there too!

Solstice Fires (Yule / Christmas poem) (Poetry) - 12/31/2007 8:21:13 AM
I am someone who counts the days until the winter solstice is over and I can start counting daylight minutes again... But you almost make me fall in love with that delicate and beautiful poise and balance that belongs to the ice-fire of dark nights. A beautiful depth to this poem, Ian, and the imagery is sharp and telling. I wish you joy in your current celebrations as the December hunger is assuaged! All the best for the coming year, too. Kate xx

Let Us Seek New Journeys Together (Poetry) - 12/18/2007 8:22:49 PM
i enjoyed this very much-wonderful words of wanting to start love anew

Let Us Seek New Journeys Together (Poetry) - 12/18/2007 9:05:47 AM
Trying to offend the sensors, Ian? ;-)

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/15/2007 8:05:35 AM
Hello Ian, I hope you are well? About your poem: I am right now in London and I can tell you, this is a fabulous city, even with all the Churches. It is truly an international city and properly diversified; unlike New York, where various nationalities stick to their neighborhoods, (and maybe it's like that here too) but I see people of all races and nationalities mingling in the pubs and restaurants of which are plentiful. Now, as for the Churches burning...what the Churches are doing unlike Islam is maturing and evolving. There is a steep Christian history here in the U.K. as well as the pagan history. And to the best of my knowledge, you are free to practice whatever pleases you here in the U.K. As for us capitalists being consumed with chasing the dollar, I assume you mean the British Pound which is ridiculously high right now, I say good! Chasing after wealth increases the wealth of others. While there is a very large gap between the ultra-rich and the poorest of the poor, those poor are still better off than they would be in a third world country where everyone is at the same income level. With that level being totally impoverished! Okay, you be good. Don't worry, it could be worse, we could be living in Afghanistan and I could be wearing a burqa and be lashed for even typing this to a man I don't know lest he perceive me as the provocateur. ~ Sara

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/14/2007 7:45:56 AM
How sad. I've planted a temple in my backyard though. The ground was all tilled up, and I thought I'd put it to good use over the fall and winter months. I breathed hope into the little dimples, and watered it with fertile faith. In the distance, I see a new and beautiful temple standing on my neighbor's hill. It's white and gleaming, with a golden spire. And in my garden, I'm just beginning to see the baby spire peek out of the soil. In our hidden valleys, all over this land, there are tiny temples aspiring. Breathe hope. Teach love. And pray with a faith undaunting. --Charlie

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/13/2007 10:19:21 PM
after the week i have had and the week in the news, i must sadly share the same fear

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/13/2007 6:57:26 PM
Here we are again, the world is more than the alienation of the environment we have created, the world is the alienation of the self we have created, & phased in & out of it, like our poetry, we date, hoping to stand the test of time. Saludos now

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/13/2007 12:24:22 PM
To answer Richard's question, when we removed God from school, discipline from homes, no wonder we're raising a generation of apathetic, selfish souls. Sad. An excellent, heartbreaking reminder, Ian, very well penned. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Churches Are Burning (Poetry) - 12/13/2007 11:52:44 AM
Sobering insights that reflect the unraveling American Empire. What has become of this once great nation? At times I feel as if we are approaching a black hole. I fear that it will get worse. I pray that I am wrong! Stand strong! Richard Lloyd Cederberg

Afghan Woman (Poetry) - 12/10/2007 6:36:46 AM
That is shocking, Ian. It sounds similar to the witch trails in Britain and America. Not forgetting other medieval punishments.

Work of Art (Poetry) - 11/27/2007 10:46:52 AM
She painted her self portrait on the concrete ... Falling was a dream, her death song a silent scream. Ian, not a pretty picture, but well put. Makes me inarticulate, as does the helplessness, with

Beautiful Children (with no love in their eyes) (Poetry) - 11/26/2007 11:15:47 AM
Profound, concise - of its time. What the hell have we created, Ian? Keith

Idiot Savants (Poetry) - 11/26/2007 11:13:18 AM
I enjoy your mind. You are of that rare breed - original. And (I think, hopefully), couldn't give a ****. Also enjoying your blog re those who measure the bloody obvious but never actually DO anything! Keep well, Keith

Idiot Savants (Poetry) - 11/24/2007 1:08:43 PM
This is exceptional~`*

Idiot Savants (Poetry) - 11/19/2007 12:49:30 PM
From insanity to madness and back to badness... sounds like me....whew...well writ Ian!! Love Tinka

Pals (In Memoriam) (Poetry) - 11/10/2007 12:50:45 PM
Points well made. A worthy and timely tribute, Ian. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Days Upon The Year (a ghostly revenge) (Poetry) - 10/30/2007 5:41:34 PM
Awesome writing!

Holy City. (Poetry) - 10/28/2007 8:19:43 AM
Janny love, The Beatles? Now that would be a triumph! But you are going to get Brother Bastion singing it. I must send you a couple of the songs he has written from my lyrics.

Sceadugengan (shadow walker) Halloween Poem for 2007 (Poetry) - 10/27/2007 5:58:37 PM
Now this is a well done spooky piece, great contribution to Halloweeen, enjoyed... Be safe, Karen

Sceadugengan (shadow walker) Halloween Poem for 2007 (Poetry) - 10/26/2007 5:45:58 PM
Excellent Halloween poem! OOOOOoooh!!! is Right! Ya'all are getting me in the mood! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Sceadugengan (shadow walker) Halloween Poem for 2007 (Poetry) - 10/26/2007 11:39:59 AM
Ooooooo. Freaked out! I love your refrain -- had to read it with a Welsh accent, for effect (I'm such a ham), but my kids loved it. --Charlie

Chimera (Poetry) - 10/21/2007 5:11:31 PM
Ian, this is an outstanding and most touching expression of lasting and supporting love, as well as a show of deep understanding. JC is fortunate to have you. It also is a simply beautiful poem. All the best, Gina

Holy City. (Poetry) - 10/21/2007 10:35:25 AM
This makes me think the 'Beatles' should be singing it. The rhyming is great and the alliteration is perfect. You are a very gifted man Ian. Love, Janet xoxoxo

Chimera (Poetry) - 10/21/2007 10:31:27 AM
You are a master poet my sweet. Most excellent. Love, Janet xoxoxo

Chimera (Poetry) - 10/19/2007 12:17:13 PM
Wow What a vivid picture you create

Voodoo (nonsense poem) (Poetry) - 10/19/2007 9:08:05 AM
Love this!! How adorable. --Charlie

Chimera (Poetry) - 10/19/2007 9:04:34 AM
Vivid and beautiful. --Charlie

Beautiful Children (with no love in their eyes) (Poetry) - 10/16/2007 9:34:37 PM
How well you point out the material world has replaced the love in ones heart and soul for all the children who roam this earth today. They really do not have anything but "things" to comfort and console them... Be safe, Karen

Beautiful Children (with no love in their eyes) (Poetry) - 10/16/2007 6:45:50 PM
yes ,the passive age new age of total entertainment,I fear their entire thought process has been comprised by new age gizimios, stan

Beautiful Children (with no love in their eyes) (Poetry) - 10/16/2007 9:13:43 AM
You certainly transmit anguish in a gripping way. I hope you saw only the superficial and that beneath the facade, modern "with it" kids like to project, there is someone at home who cares.

Holy City. (Poetry) - 10/10/2007 9:53:27 AM
Well written Ian, but in my perspective you showed religion for the greedy creed it is, in many instances. so you belie the facts., by saying it isn't about religion. However, Creator takes no delight in humanity's religion! ET

Holy City. (Poetry) - 10/9/2007 9:27:32 AM
Sounds like a religious poem to me. The High Church of Mammon ... (A reading from the book of the blessed market: altruistic consumption at a $ down and a $ a week. -- Store up for yourself treasures on earth.. you cannot serve mammon and liberation) You've managed to maintain the tone and theme through out a relitively long poem -- no easy feat good write john+

Songs of Glory (anti - war) (Poetry) - 10/7/2007 5:30:16 AM
I hate the war, period. It's senseless, useless and until were all dead it wont stop. You've written a well meaning verse, I don't know what I'd do without you. Love, Janet xoxoxo

The Cave Buffalo (Poetry) - 9/16/2007 6:55:20 AM
oh I agree and let me say you wrote this so well........ I for one love the cave art, the simplicitiy and strength of those cave drawings are amazing good one Ian pax A

The Cave Buffalo (Poetry) - 8/30/2007 12:12:19 PM
Yip many of those around this side of the globe!! A treasure for sure!! Love Tinka

The Cave Buffalo (Poetry) - 8/28/2007 7:43:17 PM
I have seen the cae drawings via the various television programs and still I find them to be so amazing. Great write..... Be safe, Karen

The Cave Buffalo (Poetry) - 8/28/2007 4:25:33 PM
yes i ahve looked long and hard; those artists were inherently aware of something beyond, deeper, more stirring than themselves. . . the simple crags of the rocks they utilized to shape the very artwork as nature itself. . .puritanical geniuses. . . bravo work~ ness

The Cave Buffalo (Poetry) - 8/28/2007 12:40:13 PM
The artist painted with the hand and eye of one who knew the essence and the spirit, the qualities that are a buffalo And it all survives and "teaches" to this day, Ian. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Feel The Burn (Poetry) - 8/8/2007 11:55:23 AM
Excellent offering!! Love Tinka

Feel The Burn (Poetry) - 8/7/2007 3:08:43 PM
The earth ain't wounded, my man, but your thinking is . . . Jeez . . .

Feel The Burn (Poetry) - 8/7/2007 8:43:47 AM
All I have to do to feel the burn is step outside. It's HAWT out there! Still, an excellent write; a science fiction feel to this one, like other worlds coming alive. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

THEM (poem noir) (Poetry) - 8/2/2007 5:42:19 PM
They know all that, yet word is they STILL can't get electronic voting right in Florida.

THEM (poem noir) (Poetry) - 7/29/2007 9:23:04 AM
Scary to think about it huh...geeeee!! Love Tinka

THEM (poem noir) (Poetry) - 7/28/2007 10:31:44 PM
This is great! you are thee aware, and wise person. Most would think you are neuroctically suspicious. 'Hell' is here and that's the way of this freakin world!

THEM (poem noir) (Poetry) - 7/28/2007 2:35:00 PM
Too late for that, Elizabeth . . .

THEM (poem noir) (Poetry) - 7/28/2007 8:47:13 AM
So true. So how do we kill big brother? Elizabeth

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/21/2007 8:12:14 AM
Well Mark would have been refreshing in his honesty except he was not honest. Mark did not understand a single word of the poem and did not heed the warning above. Sure, you see those images in bikers' tatoos and on heavy metal album covers but forget the people who buy that stuff; the creators of the artwork understand the symbolism very well. Most Christian faiths keep their followers in ignorance of the origins of their faith. All these images are drawn from the original Greek texts on which the early Bibles were based

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/21/2007 7:59:06 AM
Being a Christian..this is mind boggling to me my freind!! Love Tinka

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/20/2007 7:04:46 PM
uh...yuk. nothing pulls me in. the imagery: corny archetypes you might see in a suburband teenager's tattoo. sorry. i don't hand out positive comments unless something is good. this isn't. it might be molded into decent notes for a mildly interesting essay on these topics of (*snore*) god/no god. but in "poetry" form: not good.

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/20/2007 6:38:35 PM
Hi Ian, I'm not Christian or Mason, but I understood the poem completely. It could be because I know many gnostics. ~ Sara

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/20/2007 1:39:52 PM
Ian, A rendering poem with a purpose hidden. I absolutely loved the last verse as the entire poem. I saved it to my library to treasure. Exceptional writing here.

Gnostic Glory (Poetry) - 7/20/2007 12:15:12 PM
I think if more paid attention to the old cathedrals and the symbolism found therein, and did their research, they would be very surprised at what their church folk have been up to. Organized religion is where you find the arse and head completely fused. Well done. Elizabeth

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 7/7/2007 5:54:55 PM
I'll be the Little off-comer soon. Your sweet. Jan xoxoxo

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 7/2/2007 5:48:53 AM
Evil is man made. I don't belive in satan or any of that. Thanks for this write. Angela

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 6/5/2007 6:29:13 AM
Very beautiful indeed,Hugssssssssss

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 6/4/2007 10:26:07 PM
So very sad for the innocent little birds, may they find their way home again....... Be safe, Karen

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 6/4/2007 3:04:40 PM
Lovely, gentle and caring poem.

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 6/4/2007 11:48:23 AM
Heartfelt offering Ian!! Thanks for sharing!! Love Tinka

The Offcomer (Poetry) - 6/4/2007 11:13:21 AM
Beautiful poetry with a sad and much deeper message Ian......Well done. Peace, Bill

Ancient Rites, Guilty Feelings (forbidden love) (Poetry) - 6/1/2007 9:58:35 AM
Great poem, exactly what is going on here with me

Six Squared (Poetry) - 5/28/2007 2:06:51 PM
Never was one for mathmatical equations but these kind of numbers I can do! :) "Six Squared" by Ian Thorpe I'm up for the challenge New mathmatical course! No fingers, no more toes Counting my syllables "Six Squared" poetry flows! !This is fun! Love and Peace~ Kimmy~

Six Squared (Poetry) - 5/28/2007 12:02:07 PM
Just to interact...on your pack Oh No lost it...hope you find your ten pack before I get my!! Love Tinka :

Six Squared (Poetry) - 5/28/2007 10:05:54 AM
The lollipop happiness of dime-store love gets in its lick..."just So that she may love me" annuls individual times, love has its vain moments...I like the concept in linear heart-line thinking of the mathematical principal Six Squared, well...Blessed Be. Sage

Songs of Glory (anti - war) (Poetry) - 5/23/2007 8:28:47 PM
oh so true ...

Answers (Poetry) - 4/18/2007 1:25:16 PM
I am sure they are!! Love Tinka

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 4/9/2007 11:04:37 AM
So true babe. Few words create an entire mind-set. Love, Janet xoxoxo

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/26/2007 1:43:30 AM
An excellent poem with a thought-provoking message -- we all know someone like that. I know I do. Thank you for voicing that, Ian. Love, CJ

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 2:54:58 PM
Right on the mark

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 2:34:42 PM
Demon possed people, I mean possessed..Cheap belgian beer for yer... Well not that cheap, in fact quite dear...

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 1:04:47 PM
So very true Ian!! Love Tinka

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 11:46:13 AM
True and potent lines.

Seeking Evil (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 9:00:19 AM
Say only a little but say it well. ~Celtic Proverb Elizabeth

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 9:59:25 AM
Good to see a familar bloke back.. Morrisey was the lead singer of the Smiths, saw him a few times, yet he can be depressing, rather like the cure...

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/9/2007 8:13:30 AM
I love this Ian. What bewilders me is how you can draw a comparison to Morrisey...? Lately he sings verse like a child swinging on a swing, singing to himself. It all sounds very stream of consciousness. And he's angry. Lalalala. This is why I don't like you. Lalalala. This is NOTHING like Morrisey. This is much nicer.

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/8/2007 12:41:36 PM
What is done can't be undone. A deep insight into a persons soul.

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/8/2007 12:41:14 PM
This amazing poem held me fast to the edge of my seat, Ian. Excellent writing, start to finish. Love, CJ

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/8/2007 10:22:00 AM
Very well written Ian!! Love Tinka

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/8/2007 10:11:25 AM
Poignant raw emotion Ian......Well done! Bill

A Pale Horse (Poetry) - 3/8/2007 9:58:02 AM
Ian, there is nothing worse than reflecting on old loves. I can't even remember mine, or why. Maybe that's why? Except it does give wonderful verse. Love this. Elizabeth

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/15/2007 12:12:23 PM
Actually I think it WAS the day John Lennon died. Specially since it was a born again Christian who hated "Imagine" who killed him. Thanks for making us think.

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/6/2007 4:23:36 PM
Boy does this give us food for thought, Ian! Excellent work! Love, CJ

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/5/2007 9:04:33 PM
Interesting write. As Ted commented 'Don't give up,' Best wishes...Joyce

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/5/2007 7:45:26 PM
If we weren't civilized our base instincts would take over.

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/5/2007 6:31:10 PM
Civilization? I thought that was in a state of decline before it even existed :) Edwin

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/5/2007 11:27:10 AM
Civilization what's that?? Thought provoking write Ian!! Love Tinka

Civilisation (Poetry) - 2/5/2007 9:29:56 AM
Not to give up, Ian. The world is moving on. Civilization is morphing into a new (maybe better) design where the patriarchs will strangle on their own greed and we-the-people will begin to matter more than you can imagine. The mess we are in is primarily because people like Margaret Thatcher (please include Bush-n-Blair) thought they were important. Governments become empty husks when they lose the respect/support of we. Empires die. Good poem, Ian. Ted

The Hounds of the Morrigan (Halloween poem) (Poetry) - 1/30/2007 8:21:33 AM
Good work, stiking imagery and great language. You mention Avalon. Do you think the Morrigan is related to Morgan Le Fay?

The Young River (Poetry) - 1/22/2007 8:23:02 PM
that's beautiful--"Far from our rushing, counting world where meaningless measures govern all..." excellent job. i remember your name from some years back.

Voodoo (nonsense poem) (Poetry) - 12/28/2006 5:40:36 AM
hows about a voodoo tattoo? adorable write!!!!!!!

Pear Shaped (Poetry) - 12/23/2006 5:46:57 AM
A delightful poem here, Ian. I agree, there are those times in life where it seems just when all is going SO well, almost too well, the old pear-shape comes about and WHAM ... You've captured it perfectly! Love, CJ

Pear Shaped (Poetry) - 12/22/2006 12:18:49 PM
I like it. Somebody has some little household spirits. Is it the Scandanavians? Elsa is the one who makes things work that whouldfn't. You have a carton of milk in the fridge for 2 weeks and it should be sour. Elsa has helped you. If you buy fresh milk and it's sour two minutes later, Tasso did it to you. Or if you and your spouse are discussing something that should be pefectly rational and all of a sudden you're fighting, that's Tasso's work. Or if you have to do something with each other that usually leads to trouble, but doesn't, Elsa has intervened. Which culture has them? Anyone remember?

Pear Shaped (Poetry) - 12/22/2006 11:38:55 AM
No wonder my life sucks...even my body is pear that is one very bad shape to be in I guess!! But thank goodness I am not a apple!! Love Tinka

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