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Recent Reviews for Jane M. Wallace

A Scottish Song (Poetry) - 5/31/2007 2:22:21 PM
You create effectively the atmosphere of your beloved land, Jane. Thank you for sharing this taste of Scotland. Love and peace, Regis

Looking For God (Poetry) - 5/20/2007 8:26:48 AM
Amen!.....A glorious tribute to God's grace and magnificence Jane! Peace, Bill

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 5/10/2007 8:59:21 AM
This is so beautiful Jane. Blessed gifts from God above, our children......... Peace, Bill :-)

The Storm (Poetry) - 4/30/2007 6:03:52 AM
Great images portrayed in this poem Jane. I can see what you wrote. The storms here are like that!.....Love ya,,,,,M

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 4/25/2007 9:13:45 AM
This is a beautiful gift for your grandchild, Jane. Thank you for sharing it. Love and peace, Regis

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 4/20/2007 8:27:18 PM
A beautiful piece of poetry with hope and promise for a new life..... Enjoyed. Be safe, Karen

They Dared (Poetry) - 4/20/2007 8:44:31 AM
Isn't this the poem you got the award for? Its a great moving tribute to those who helped to build our country. Well Done!!!!....M

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 4/20/2007 8:41:32 AM
You have written a beautiful poem for Hunter. The images are good and it flows well.. Brandy must be so proud of it! Keep writing Janie........M

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 4/20/2007 7:14:20 AM
So this is the conception of the idea of alien abuction is put in to a persons mind.. Naughty Proud grandma

A Child's Dream (Poetry) - 4/20/2007 7:02:49 AM
Jane, A beautiful poem to take your little grandbaby to dreamland. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

They Dared (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 10:36:23 AM
I am not an "American" but I can certainly appreciate where you are "coming from" with this, Jane. This is a fine tribute and reminder. Thank you for sharing it. Love and peace to you, Regis

They Dared (Poetry) - 4/16/2007 7:02:32 AM
Jane, A beautiful reminder of what our founding fathers believed in; what those in the military continual to battle for; our freedom. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Ancient Ones (Poetry) - 4/3/2007 1:04:59 AM
I love the mystical and magical flavor of this...the flow and rhythm is excellent.

The Ancient Ones (Poetry) - 4/2/2007 7:22:35 PM
listening to our past selves helps us to balance our present being ... finely penned ... enjoyed reading ...

A Scottish Song (Poetry) - 4/2/2007 10:41:39 AM
I love this poem. We all search for something . It sounds like you found a little piece of heaven.. Do you have a melody for it?....m

The Ancient Ones (Poetry) - 4/2/2007 10:38:42 AM
We can aquire knowledge if we will just listen.. Its so very true! Great poem Janie....M

A Scottish Song (Poetry) - 4/1/2007 8:16:30 PM
I love the pipes; I have always wanted to go to bonnie Scotland. You took me there in beautiful verse: thank you. Well done, Jane! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. Besides, I want to see a good old argle-bargle. :)

The Ancient Ones (Poetry) - 4/1/2007 8:15:57 PM
Jane, this is a good one. Acquiring the knowledge from the Ancient ones can only help those now and in the future to have a greater understanding. Be safe, Karen

The Ancient Ones (Poetry) - 4/1/2007 8:12:48 PM
Jane, An excellent write, very well rhymed, metered and presented; BRAVA! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Old Souls (Poetry) - 4/1/2007 10:15:17 AM
I too believe that the soul never "dies," Jane. Thank you for sharing your philosophy on this theme. Love and peace, Regis

A Scottish Song (Poetry) - 4/1/2007 9:42:29 AM
This is a country I do wish to visit, and many more. I love to travel when I can. The only country that continues to haunt me is one where I have no will be interesting to see what happens when I finally visit it.......the country being Australia. Scotland......I love the fables and the people :-)

The Storm (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 10:48:59 PM
Natures is beautiful in bright sunlight or darkened skies. Just the wonder of it all. Beautifully written. Be safe, Karen

The Storm (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 6:23:34 PM
Jane, Very visual and electric. I loved it. I felt like I could feel the storm! I love storms and sit on the porch and watch if its not too bad. Many blessings, ~Linda

The Storm (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 2:56:24 PM
Terrific visuals, Jane; very well done! Am saving this one; it's great! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

The Storm (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 2:13:10 PM
Jane, Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I love this one; you capture the storm in perfect imagery! My favorite lines: "The rain fell like glass, stinging the skin..." and "Electricity sizzled and cut the dense air..." YES! That's just how it was, last night. LOL We got seven inches of rain here. :) MY ultimate compliment: Wish I'd written this: a StormSpinner kind of write! Stay safe, the sun will be out...tomorrow :) (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Legend Of Hannah Duprey (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 9:17:23 AM
A captivating poetic tale, Jane. Once again, I appreciate the images and the attention to meter and rhyme pattern (abcb). Thank you. Love and peace, Regis

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 5:44:02 AM
Yes, Nessie is a magical part of Scotlands lure.. Good images in this poem.....M

Within The Abyss (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 5:39:11 AM
One can reaaly sink into the dark abyss when depression comes.. Look for the light ! I can relate to your poem! ....M

The Night (Poetry) - 3/31/2007 5:36:28 AM
Your poem describes a vampire so well.. Great write!....M

Free (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 6:31:30 PM
Ah angel, Jane! I do not know where I would be without them. Thank you for this. Love and peace to you, Regis

As Time Goes By (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 6:30:00 PM
Wise verses that are very well written, Jane. Thank you for sharing them. Love and peace, Regis

The Gift (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 12:25:44 PM
Thank you for sharing this gift, Jane. Love and peace, Regis

The Werewolf (Poetry) - 3/30/2007 12:24:27 PM
A chilling tale, Jane. I appreciate the structure (rhyme and rhythm) as well. Thank you for sharing. Love and peace to you, Regis

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/24/2007 9:53:12 AM
I love legends. You do right by "Nessie" here, Jane. Thank you. Love and peace, Regis

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/23/2007 8:12:48 PM
Jane, such a mystical and elusive creature it is! So well penned. Enjoyed this one! Be safe, Karen

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/23/2007 3:09:21 PM
A most enchanting poem, Jane! I enjoyed!

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/23/2007 7:24:17 AM
Nest poem about a popular monster. Thanks, s/henry

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/23/2007 5:17:26 AM
Jane, An excellent, excellent capture of Nessie's legend; well done! Is she real? Something's out there.......... (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Guardian (Poetry) - 3/23/2007 4:58:06 AM
Wonderful story poem, enjoyed

In My Garden (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 8:09:58 PM
Very beautiful write. I do get lost in my garden. Sit out back on my swing and watch my baby vegetables and fruit grow. Of course ummm, so do the neighborhood rabbits and birds. Rabbits like the canteloupe (musk mellons) best and the birds usually go after my tomatoes. Enjoyed this! Be safe, Karen

In My Garden (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 6:24:11 PM
This is one of my favorites. It takes the reader there. Your garden was enchanting !.......M

The Vampire's Call (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 6:16:17 PM
Great images and a wee bit of horror! A good one ...M

A Question Of Love (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 12:42:23 PM
I do like the way you expressed your thoughts about the concept of "love" via your verses here, Jane. Thank you. Love and peace, Regis

In My Garden (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 12:40:53 PM
"When life gets me down and I no longer have any zest, there is a place where I can dream and get a little rest." Thank you for sharing this wonderfully healing place, Jane. Welcome to AD. Love and peace to you, Regis

In My Garden (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 10:36:39 AM
Okay, umm... could you please send me MapQuest directions to your garden? Clearly, I'm in need of rest. -- Jeff

In My Garden (Poetry) - 3/22/2007 10:25:43 AM
Jane, I got lost in the beautiful garden of your words--thank you. Perfect meter and rhyme, only truly good poets can pull this off consistantly. (For me, thank God for rhyming dictionaries!! LOL) Free verse more my style, but I drive Karen nutz counting off meter LOL Still and all, an excellent write. :) Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Free (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 6:03:23 PM
THE pure of heart always win one way or another. The images are good , I can see whats happening !....M

The Gift (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 5:59:44 PM
A beautiful poem dedicated to our Lord and Savior. You are right, it was a night like No other !......M.

Mary's Poem (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 5:55:03 PM
Dear Janie, Thankyou for the beautiful poem you wrote for me . I miss you so much my dear friend. I miss our talks, our special lunches, and the poems you used to read to me. I even miss giving you report at work. There is a saying,,"Distance never seperates hearts that really care", and that says it all.. I wish we could turn back the hands of time and relive that gloriuos day by the lake. God Bless you my friend.........M

A Question Of Love (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 5:43:50 PM
Love can be risk, or for some it comes like a gentle breeze finding its way into ones heart forever more . It can transport two souls to a life of togetherness, sharing and communion of mind and spirit.......M

A Question Of Love (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 5:28:29 PM
You must first love God with all your heart, soul, mind. Than learn to love and forgive yourself of your shortcomings (life is hard but God is good-trust Him), seek to be kind to others as you'd want them to be to you. And remember, you're no better than anyone else. God made us all in His image! Peace&Grace, sharon

A Question Of Love (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 3:07:44 PM
Jane, Love is indeed a risk, but it's worth it if you find the right someone. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

A Question Of Love (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 10:21:18 AM
gr8 work i think this piece of poetry has quite realsitic approach towards love.

Mary's Poem (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 9:38:01 AM
wonderful tribute to an amazing friend from the sound of this poem

Mary's Poem (Poetry) - 3/21/2007 8:13:18 AM
Jane, Indeed. You are blessed to have a friend in Mary; excellent dedicatory poem for her! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Free (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 5:27:34 PM
Wow! Excellent, Jane, well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The End Of Day (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 5:26:40 PM
Jane, Incredible imagery, inpeccable rhyming: perfection. :) BRAVA! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Looking For God (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 5:25:51 PM
Jane, The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' All we have to do is look around us: His evidence is everywhere. BEAUTIFUL inspiring write today, you've blessed me with your verse! Thank you. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Call (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 2:54:33 PM
I love this poem ! It transports one back to the land of their ancestors and quells the rising tide........m

The End Of Day (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 2:51:34 PM
This is one of my favorite poems ! Its beautiful in its simplicity and is filled with moving images........M

Looking For God (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 2:49:23 PM
A great moving poem Janie.. Keep um coming .....Love ,,M

Looking For God (Poetry) - 3/20/2007 9:55:10 AM
What else can i say but that your writing is just fabulous as you spill out what you feel and want to say. It was a pleasure to read fine work as yours and thanks for sharing this with us all here on the den.

Tennessee (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:34:28 PM
An endearing tribute to the beautiful state of Tenn........M ( I hope to go there again soon)

Old Souls (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:29:26 PM
Excellent, Many believe in past lives, and perhaps a small part is carried on to the next life. ITS a possibility.......M

The Werewolf (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:25:21 PM
Your best write of this poem!....M

The Legend Of Hannah Duprey (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:23:50 PM
Great Job Jane.. I never did finish writing the music for this poem...........M

The Child Within (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:21:21 PM
Dear Jane ,, You have overcome so much in your life . Keep going forward , and never look back. This poem will touch many hearts....M

As Time Goes By (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 6:17:32 PM
Hi Janie,, I am so glad to see your work on A.D. Great poem . I miss you......M

As Time Goes By (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 5:08:04 PM
Jane, I concur: excellent! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

As Time Goes By (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 3:29:30 PM
A very good pen...nice work! Thanks Dan

The Legend Of Hannah Duprey (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 10:41:51 AM
WOW, Jane, this one is creeeeeeeeeeepy! Legends are made from tales such as this. Flows perfectly, would make a perfect ghost story 'round the ol' campfire. :) (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Werewolf (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 8:42:36 AM
A bit of tweaking and this should line up better (particularly the third and sixth stanza). Otherwise, this was a howler: chilling in its effectiveness, stalked by the loup garoux. Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Vampire's Call (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 8:40:40 AM
A dip into the horror genre, with a romantic slant: engaging poetry, Jane, well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Within The Abyss (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 8:39:46 AM
Depression can be a dark, deep pit with slippery sides: an excellent anology, Jane, and write. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Within The Abyss (Poetry) - 3/19/2007 8:27:05 AM
Rings a bell for me Jane......well written! Bill

Tennessee (Poetry) - 3/18/2007 5:13:27 PM
I have been to Tennessee, would love to go back. I just love her! :) Beautiful write! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D Have been to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Music Row, and to Loretta Lynn's Ranch and saw her house. :)

Tennessee (Poetry) - 3/18/2007 5:02:59 PM
Jane, Tennessee comes calling in musical verse; well done! Been there several times, and it is a beautiful place to visit and live. Wouldn't mind living there, myself. :) (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Tennessee (Poetry) - 3/18/2007 12:39:15 PM
Thank you for this poem Jane. It paints a lovely picture of Tennessee. It is my dream to one day make it to your country and maybe to your lovely Tennessee. Sue

Tennessee (Poetry) - 3/18/2007 11:18:52 AM
You are so right, Jane, Tennessee is a beautiful place and the people there are some of the nicest I have ever met. Have you ever heard the song "Tennessee" by Mindy Smith? If not, look her up on the net and take a listen. She moved to Tennessee after living most of her life in New York...she fell in love with the State and tells about it in her song...She does the State proud with her beautiful voice, and the mood of the song is as peaceful and sweet as Tennessee, herself. Take care, Sherry

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