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Recent Reviews for Spirit Warrior

Grandmothers Funeral services (Book) - 7/19/2007 5:46:35 PM
COME LORD JESUS, EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY! A beautiful service which you gave to your Grandmother, Jesse. And you are right - it won't be long until He gathers us up to Himself! Mamy blessings to you, Brother ~ Rhonda

Grandmothers Funeral services (Book) - 6/13/2007 11:37:28 PM
I lost my Father February 21,2007.I begged God for one more day...Yes, I realize both my selfishness,and the futility of such a prayer...(Thanks Jesus For mercy and grace...)My Father never had time for God,nor did he know what to say...I missed a golden opportunity...To serve God's purpose for me...I dare not speculate... On the whereabout's of my father...Instead,I keep my eyes, on my Father, That which art in Heaven. God Bless the son,Spirit Warrior,Let Your Spirit of Peace,Be with him,Your Spirit of Strength Stay always in him,Thank you Father,For loving me through him,today,Forgive me when I turn away,Thank you for your great and unconditional love,And the sacrifice I am so sorry you had to make,(Thank You Jesus)...Thank you Mister,For sharing with me today.I wish you well. Missy

Red And White? (Book) - 6/11/2007 8:33:52 PM
This is a powerful message. You are such a bold warrior for the Lord. I was cornered by two atheist on a poetry site today who were blaming God for all the evil in the land. They need to read this. Thanks for sharing and keep writing for His kingdom.

Grandmothers Funeral services (Book) - 6/10/2007 5:42:00 PM
I enjoyed reading all of this. Your poems were absolutely beautiful. Thanks also for the reminder of Christ return. This world is not our home and soon He will return to take us home. Stay bold, stay strong and keep writing for His kingdom. PB

Red And White? (Book) - 6/1/2007 6:13:59 PM
A powerful write indeed! As my Mamaw always said, "The truth will stand when this old world in on fire!" God's word is true, and I am afraid that many will be running and crying for the rocks to hide them on that great judgement day. But, it will be too late then, I also think that many people's lives will flash before them on this day and the sins that they knew was wrong and refused to give will flash before their eyes as a reminder that this is what they gave up a an eternal home in Heaven for! Your write is powerful and wise words that many refuse to hear! Enjoyed! Blessings, Joyce B.

Red And White? (Book) - 5/30/2007 5:16:35 AM
This is powerful. The truth is that what we live through today is all a part of prophecy. He did not make it that way. Christ simply knew us and he knew we were heading down that slippery sloop. Sad.... Many are made blind by their own choice. Keep you eyes upward and keep search. He is coming. God Bless, Lew

Dark Angel! (Short Story) - 12/20/2007 1:31:13 PM
Very touching. Very powerful writing. II just read two of your news articles: "Ode" to His FinalPath" and "Can I touch Somebody today?" They were both very inspiring. Very good write on all three.

Calling All Spiritual Warriors (Short Story) - 12/1/2007 10:03:45 PM
A great poem. We do need prayers in our daily life. And the word of God Is truly our sword.

Righteous Indignation! (Short Story) - 12/1/2007 9:54:39 PM
This is so powerful and true. I really mean it when I say thanks for sharing.

Righteous Indignation! (Short Story) - 6/17/2007 5:06:46 PM
Thank you Dear God and Thank you spirit Warrior...For your good works. I hope you are well....(Missy) Jen

Dark Angel! (Short Story) - 6/16/2007 10:46:59 AM
Write on my friend, you've expressed it well...touching, very moving and written from the heart! Prayers with you...hang in there dear friend... Blessings, Joyce B.

Dark Angel! (Short Story) - 6/15/2007 8:13:56 AM
Keep writing, my friend; you speak the truth! Please know you are in my prayers! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :(

Dark Angel! (Short Story) - 6/15/2007 6:58:36 AM
Good. Glad you can express yourself. Hang in there.

Dark Angel! (Short Story) - 6/15/2007 5:51:02 AM
I'm sure your work could help lots of people in trouble. Keep writing, dear friend.

Calling All Spiritual Warriors (Short Story) - 5/19/2007 8:34:40 PM
YOU Got it Spirit Warrior! My sword is sharpened and out to spread the word of our Holy father! and his faithful words/etc. I and my following, heart graced in the lords words will be there,as we are EVERYDAY! This poem is magnificently written and felt! Keep your light shining bright! STay Positive! God Bless! Write ON! etc.... Warmly, WArrior Spirit Lady PURPLE SheeeOOX

Calling All Spiritual Warriors (Short Story) - 5/17/2007 1:16:40 PM
This is not only a wonderful poem but a beautifully map... drawn with words of the scripture. Keep writing. God Bless, Lew

Calling All Spiritual Warriors (Short Story) - 5/17/2007 1:15:38 PM
AbsoLUTELY. Very well done, Spirit Warrior; we must do all we can to defeat Satan. He doesn't know he is ALREADY defeated; he will find out one day; then it will be too late for him. Excellent warning here; very well done! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :)

Calling All Spiritual Warriors (Short Story) - 5/17/2007 1:08:18 PM
Absolutely, Spirit Warrior, we must DEFEAT the devil and his minyons. I join you on my knees; thank you for inspiring me today! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 12/1/2007 9:49:34 PM
Yes, we must be patient and keep the faith.

The Honor Song! (Article) - 12/1/2007 9:45:21 PM
Beautiful, inspiring, up-lifting and so true. Very well penned.

The Honor Song! (Article) - 5/29/2007 2:26:15 PM
Put that to music. It has to be a spiritual anthem. God Bless, Lew

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/22/2007 9:29:41 PM
How long must we wait? We won't know the answer just yet, but when Jesus DOES come back to take His Children Home with Him to be in Glory, the Answer WILL be revealed. It is hard, but we must learn to lean on Him during times of trial or trouble. You are in my prayers, hope God provides you with the job of which you are seeking. Don't give up hope; just learn to trust in Him and BELIEVE. I have had to learn how to do this myself and so has Karla. You are a dear; thanks for thinking of us in such a special, unique way! (((HUGS))) and much love (and many prayers), as always, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/22/2007 9:11:01 PM
Spirit Warrior, How long will we wait? Until He is ready to answer. And He will answer: He, I've found out, Karen and I have found out, is an ON TIME GOD! :) Moses had to wait, what, 40 years? Elijah was on the verge of sacrificing his son (in obedience to the Lord) when God provided the Lamb. Job...boy, can Karen and I identify with HIM. We may have not lost EVERYTHING, but it's a near spite of it all, we will continue to praise the Lord (even though we whine a lot LOL). Keep the faith, and thank you for this beautiful, heartfelt poem. Well done! (((HUGS))), love and prayer, Karla.

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/21/2007 8:02:53 PM
I really felt this one. It has often been my plea. I have learned that God will hide but when He shows up, He shows out. He did it for Moses, Elijah, Job...etc. When God showed up He did exceedingly and more abundantly then they ever could imagine. May God bless and keep you man of God. May he bless you to do more for Him than you ever could imagine. May He set you in a large place and may His glory shine upon your face.

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/21/2007 7:32:09 PM
Excellent, compelling write, Spirit - simply a gorgeous write which so eloquently depicts the soul of the poet... Blessings to you, always, my friend

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/18/2007 5:44:08 PM

How Long Oh Lord? (Article) - 5/18/2007 1:42:07 PM
Very well put. Our faith comes from the ability to be honest with outselves. Unless we do we cannot look upon the Lord. God Bless, Lew

Set Free! (Poetry) - 8/17/2012 4:27:51 AM
This is beautifully written and heartfelt. I too, Love the Lord! I do have my issues with getting close to him but that is me and not him. I know he knows this but it doesn't make me feel any better about it. Still, we are all just works in progress. I fear that I can be a bit lazy when it comes to reading my bible these days but again...I believe the Lord understands and waits patiently. Great words of comfort and love!

Watering the seed of…“Free Will choice.” (Poetry) - 2/7/2011 1:22:53 PM
Greetings, Spirit Warrior! I see you've stopped writing. I was away from the Den for a few years, but now I have returned. Here's my question, will you write and post your works again? You have a special way of stirring one's conscience! God in His wisdom gave us Free Will, otherwise we would be robots, manipulated by Him. He didn't want that. End result...many make poor choices! Great write! Come on back! :) Lena

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 12/1/2009 6:30:58 PM
Oh, Spirit Warrior, when will you return to continue the work you have been given? I pray you have not been defeated by a root of bitterness. If so, Father God is waiting for you to seek His will in forgiving and letting go. He is able. He has the power and the love, enough to proceed and find victory. Prayerfully, Your sister Connie

Watering the seed of…“Free Will choice.” (Poetry) - 12/1/2009 6:22:32 PM
Every dead-end is an opportunity to turn and go the right way. Our free will is a gift from God, but oddly, is only a fruitful gift when we go His way. I hope you are well, Warrior. It seems you are indeed a spirit, but since I determined to visit each of my trackers' dens, here I am, reading your work and wondering when you will return. You are missed! Connie

Watering the seed of…“Free Will choice.” (Poetry) - 11/20/2008 5:54:31 PM
Love this!

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 11/20/2008 5:53:17 PM
Here, add my voice! Amen, CarolHawks

Set Free! (Poetry) - 11/20/2008 5:50:52 PM
Such beauty in your words, and power and love...and the LORD! CarolHawks

Set Free! (Poetry) - 9/6/2008 3:53:14 PM
And the Lord has great power, your soul shines, Blessings Valerie

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 9/5/2008 5:36:00 AM
AWESOME!! May the SPIRIT of THE LORD be with you ALWAYS! John Michael

Set Free! (Poetry) - 9/5/2008 5:33:22 AM
You GOT it! WhatmorecanIsay! In Christ I pray. John Michael

Set Free! (Poetry) - 7/2/2008 4:17:04 PM
Spirit Warrior - Hi again, I miss your expressive heart! The intensity in this heartfelt feelings are felt LOUD and CLEAR! May we all try and make a difference in this wild world we are a part of it, in 1 way or another. I will never give up and keep that positive flowing to all the hearts and spirits I can touch! While I am able through him I can! Stay POsitive!May his Holy Spirit lift you high my friend! Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Passion Gypsy Lady Sheexoooo

Set Free! (Poetry) - 12/28/2007 10:37:01 PM
EXCELENTTTTT! this is great ! I have not been here in while, but i am Glad to have read this ! Outstandingggg!!!!!!

Set Free! (Poetry) - 12/9/2007 7:54:59 AM
Spirit Warrior, I just stumbled upon your page. You are quite a remarkable writer. I can feel your intensity and convictions dripping from your words in this poem. I only want to see this world surrounded with Light, Love, and peace. That is my mission statement and I shall not stop until I have no more breaths to take. Peace, Love, and Light to you dear Spirit Warrior, Amber "V" Moonstone

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 12/1/2007 9:37:38 PM
BRAVO!!!!!! A powerful write! Very inspiring.

Set Free! (Poetry) - 10/19/2007 3:22:51 PM
This is terrific, Warrior; it's so good to gain understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit, and to proclaim it. Our enemy never gives up, but our God is ever greater! Connie

Set Free! (Poetry) - 9/11/2007 7:05:53 AM
Powerful, heartfelt, and oh so true. Spirit I simply loved this and also the verses afterwards too! Thank you for sharing, continued blessings to you, From the Heart...

Watering the seed of…“Free Will choice.” (Poetry) - 9/10/2007 9:34:30 AM
A very inspiring and powerful write. Enjoyed the read.

Set Free! (Poetry) - 9/10/2007 9:30:50 AM
A very inspiring and beautiful write. Great write.

Set Free! (Poetry) - 8/28/2007 6:54:55 PM
Wow with Him we can conquer any demons The most powerful word I know is the love of Jesus! Excellent spiritual sentiments! Beautiful spiritual reflections and a Stunning ode!! Love Peace and hugssss to you....Morning Star

Set Free! (Poetry) - 8/27/2007 8:20:47 AM
Amen! God Bless, Lew

Watering the seed of…“Free Will choice.” (Poetry) - 8/27/2007 8:15:36 AM
This was a wonderful inspiration. I had a conversation with my sister the other night when this subject came up. I agree with P Miles we are of this world until we use our free will. Unfortunately many are of this world because the choose the wrong path and serve the wrong Master. That is free will, too! I sent your link to my Sister. I hope she finds it a blessing. God Bless, Lew

Set Free! (Poetry) - 8/27/2007 2:53:17 AM
With Him all things are possible, and at the mention of His name those demons have to flee, for they cannot cross the blood of Jesus! Proclaim it, believe it, stand on it and be not moved! Be steadfast my friend...this too shall pass! A wonderful inspiring write and testimony...enjoyed! Blessings, Joyce B.

Set Free! (Poetry) - 8/26/2007 3:56:09 PM
Simplicity is one of the most ellusive of things...even as simple as a thought one word is the most powerfull of all... it is....LOVE.... so many know it, feel it, and partake of it, and yet it is so ellusive that the world is lost and cannot find it... nice work my friend... Art Sun...

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 7/24/2007 3:53:26 PM
Well Amen! you have certainly enter His Court With this outstanding prophesy Heavenly Father has chosen you and given you The name of the Spirit Warrior And many powerful words to deliver His message throughout your poetic words This is without a doubt the most complete Inspirational tribute I have read!! Hugsssss Love Peace and Joy to you always...Morning Star

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 7/24/2007 3:45:21 PM
Spirit, Let those that have eyes to see, see; ears to hear, hear; hearts to understand, pray for our Nation. We are rapidly descending into hell, and there is not much time left. I join you, as well, in your quest to inform and educate, and ultimately, inspire. Well done. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 7/23/2007 11:53:32 PM
A voice crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord. Amen

The Dieing Flower! (Poetry) - 7/23/2007 5:55:00 PM
Here I am Spirit Warrior, another to join with you and our Father is in our midst. Recently baptised, I join with you in prayer and in communion with our Lord Jesus Christ. A great prophesy, Spirit Warrior.

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