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Recent Reviews for A. M. Baker-Engel

DNA Warriors: The Second Story of The Chosen (Book) - 7/15/2007 11:47:23 AM
Teaser Segment: “YOU be wanting no more killing! WHO BE YOU? Be you thinking YOU be a GOD?” The Commander had himself under control now, after all, it be but a lowly female. “How be you knowing we be here for slaves and what be you knowing about our Supreme?” Commander RrhaGa was shocked to feel a soft touch in his mind. ‘By the Great Supreme! She be touching my mind! My Mind!’ “I am The Chosen, some call me Goddess. Be sure, when I tell you, I can destroy your ship or all of your ships, at anytime! It is not my desire to kill, but if you leave me no recourse, I shall surely destroy you. You are given five hours to make your decision, obey me OR reap the consequences! During that time your Battleships will not move and, you will recall ALL of your Star Fighters.” Commander RrhaGa shook his huge head and stood erect and proud. “Be you thinking I be intimidated by a mindvoice, female?” 'How be a lowly female be daring to interrupt this battle? Unbelievable, these ugly humans be allowing a female be in a position of power!' Once again the caressing mindvoice reached the Dagaha Commander and all minds throughout both fleets. “Go to your viewer screen, watch the Earth’s leading Battle Spacestation.” “By the Great Dagaha! Be I not doing as a lowly female bids!” Confusion crept into the back of his mind. Intuition told him to listen, reconsider! Two rosy spots appeared on The Chosen’s cheeks. The audacity of the man! This was not a game! “Sir! Your audacity is only superseded by your self-imposed ignorance! Go to your viewer, I tell you! I will show you a small sample of the power you face.” Now was the time for a small show of power! RrhaGa’s inner voice was now stronger than ever, it whispered, ‘caution’! Frustrated at his own uncertainties, he swung around and screamed, “Be you tuning the viewer and be securing a close up of the enemies lead Battle Station.” With this, he threw himself into his command chair. “Be we just seeing how long we be waiting before we be attacking again and be whipping these ugly things to their knees.” The Chosen turned her face to the Earth fighting forces. She spoke on a closed mindlink, “Commander Hendrix. Please, don’t be alarmed, this is The Chosen speaking to your mind. Eject one of your commuter shuttles, without any personnel, and program it toward the Moon. Notify all crews not to be alarmed when I destroy the shuttle. I am going to give the GomorrhaDagaha an example of the powers they face, in hopes of ending this war.” CO Hendrix bowed his head, startled to hear The Chosen’s voice in his mind but, knowing the Yeskacatanese were mindpeaking people and The Chosen was his Commander, he did not hesitate. “It shall be as you say, Chosen!” The word was given throughout Earth’s space fleet. All crew members that could lie, cheat, or squirm their way out of duty, went to the nearest monitor or port to see what The Chosen would do. There were many an officer in the crowds at the space viewer ports. Thousands of pairs of eyes watched as a loader shuttle slowly drifted into view. Watched as thrusters pushed the loader shuttle toward the Moon. Watched as a green beam of light zipped from the Moon’s surface. Watched in awe and trepidation as the green beam met the loader and the loader imploded and then evaporated in the cold vacuum of space! Intense, total, silence followed. Many hearts did double beats and nerves made muscles jump. CO Hendrix knew now was not the time to be slack, he hit a red button on his console. Clearing his voice, he spoke into the all-ship’s Com, “The battle ready chimes rang, to battle readiness and I mean NOW!”

Unique Phenomenon: The First Story of The Chosen (Book) - 7/15/2007 11:45:47 AM
Teaser Segment: Stealthily they moved through the rich smelling undergrowth, the heat of anticipation causing new rivulets of sweat on their already soaked bodies. Jesus held a bush aside and Agyen stepped to the edge of a small muddy stream. Yeska, a secure handhold on Agyen’s backpack, was stuffing a rich green leaf into his greedy little mouth. Agyen reached back and gave him another fresh green leaf in hopes it would keep him quiet. The leaf was taken from her hand as she heard a swishing sound coming from behind her. Yeska gave the backpack strap a hard jerk and gave out a high-pitched screech of pain! The little monkey grabbed for his back, leaped high in the air, tumbled over her shoulder and splashed into the stream in front of her. Quickly she bent and reached for the monkey; her arm was wrenched back by Jesus! “NO, Lady! See the water? It’s too late, he’s already dead!” He hissed at her, fervently glancing behind. The stream was churning as if it were a boiling pot of water. The churning water was turning red with the little monkey’s blood. Piranha!! The damn stream was full of piranha and they were doing their work on the body of poor Yeska. Jesus screamed, pushing her backpack. “MOVE, Lady! MOVE quickly, jump the stream! Our only chance of safety is to hide in the thicker jungle! QUICK Lady, quick! There is something moving fast behind us and coming our way!” There was no time left to grieve for the loss of the sweet little monkey. Knowing danger was not close but, imminent, she leaped across the piranha-infested stream. In mid-leap a stinging sensation slapped her left arm. She heard the brushes behind her being broken as if a fright train had found its way into the jungle! Reaching the opposite side of the small stream, she looked down at her throbbing arm to see a dart sticking out of her already inflamed flesh. Seeing the dart she knew what had caused Yeska to leap to his death and, fearing for Jesus, Agyenyeska lost her temper! She was furious to have seen her monkey killed, to be shot with a dart herself and to have Jesus’ life put in danger. Rage engulfed her and she turned to meet the attackers, her fists slammed on her hips, legs spread wide apart, emerald eyes glaring. She focused all her attention on the small group of natives breaking through the thick jungle undergrowth toward them. Jesus, having crossed the stream right behind her, was crouched at her spread legs. He pulled on her shorts, trying to get her to move deeper into the thick jungle undergrowth or at least to get down behind the bushes. An infuriated Agyenyeska pushed his hands away and snarled, “TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME!” His fear doubled with the first harsh words directed at him from his Lady of Light. He dropped his hands and somehow became smaller, than he had been, at her feet. Fear was vibrating every muscle in his body, fear of the natives chasing them and a fearful terror of the rage that towered above him. Pulling the dart from her arm she flung the deadly thing to the ground. The Chosen One concentrated all her power on the natives breaking through the undergrowth with raised blowguns. Their sinewy brown bodies glistened with sweat; their brown foreheads were covered with a wide band of cloth and narrow flaps of cloth fluttered over their loins from a waist thong. All of this she took in at a glance.

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