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Recent Reviews for Lavendar Jazz

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/11/2011 5:34:32 AM
Such tragedy well captured in your poem.

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/9/2011 12:42:52 PM
Succinctly and beautifully written. Peace, Dayvid

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/9/2011 10:30:28 AM
You just drew us a great picture of strength that can't be stopped. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/8/2011 5:41:57 PM
The tide... Comes in. We can't stop reality..It comes in...Wreaking things...but we, know things

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/8/2011 6:56:18 AM
Excellent writing indeed...and so very powerful as well...stay safe and well..Hugsss

Tsunami (Poetry) - 4/8/2011 4:58:56 AM
Terse and very powerful words. Blessings, Christine

Winter (Poetry) - 3/31/2011 8:55:40 PM
Okay, winter is over...did ya hear me, God, winter IS over...if it has to rain or snow couldn't it do it in warmer weather...;-)e

Diabetic Dream... (Poetry) - 3/31/2011 8:52:47 PM
In the grand scheme, I am just a baby regards being a diabetic, since July of 2009 when my sugar went so high I was found lying on the ground outside my camper, naked, in a high sugar induced coma...That aside, finally, I have been keeping an eye on my sugar level, but damned if I can figure out why it bounces from like 150 up to over 200 over night, I DO eat the wrong things, but only in moderation as I have been told by other diabetics I know...I too am awaiting with bated sugar breath for a cure...I enjoyed this write, Jazz...Ed

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/16/2011 10:08:22 AM
I can indentify but howling only seems to make me more depressed so I resist the urge. Let it all out Debby said, but that is easier said than done for some of us. I loved the simplicity and the message. thank you for sharing. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth, & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFUL SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), your little sister, Barbie

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/16/2011 6:42:41 AM
I enjoyed the simplicity.

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/12/2011 4:28:22 PM
awe...why resist?...let it out, you know you want too! LOL very good.

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/12/2011 4:05:20 PM
Good one, Lavendar! John

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/12/2011 8:24:54 AM
Love the moon as well great writing ...Hugsss

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/11/2011 7:55:07 PM
Poised and primal! Blessings, Christine

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/11/2011 6:27:00 PM
I always liked your words...Keep writing and I'll keep howling at that moon.

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/11/2011 12:44:38 PM
I like this, Lavendar, and with your permission, I'll howl for you. -gene.

Full Moon (Poetry) - 2/11/2011 10:53:12 AM
I love it!... Hugs, Diana...

Country Living (Poetry) - 2/6/2011 10:22:53 AM
You've got my vote. The country's for me. Ron

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 12:39:47 PM
And happy birthday from me to you, young Ms. Lavendar. I've stopped counting mine. -gene.

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 12:24:23 PM
Well since you have already wished yourself a Happy Birthday, you probably don't need to hear it again...sooooooooooooooo...e

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 11:43:48 AM
Well-expressed, LJ. Happy birthday to you! I hope it's a great one. Love and peace to you, Regis

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 11:16:47 AM
Happy Birthday Wishes To You....wishing you the belief, that every stage of life is just as amazing as another!

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 9:23:10 AM
i think you'll find it only gets ways you'd never expect...i wish you a 'buttercups for breakfast and sunshine upon your face' kinda day

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 7:21:08 AM
After mid life, latter days are better. Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 7:04:31 AM
"Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth..." from the book of Colossians. God is able to give you victory over any crisis, so don't despair, but call on Him. I hope not to sound preachy, just sharing an amazing remedy! More Hugs, Connie

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 6:31:36 AM
Happy birthday Janice...they do come silently.

Country Living (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 6:15:21 AM
Happiness is...all the above! Your words gave me such a feeling of sweet contentment, and now I can't wait for the Spring...Beuatiful and uplifting words on a dreary Winter's day here in UK... Hugs, Diana...

Happy Birthday To Me (Poetry) - 1/29/2011 6:11:41 AM
Only if you wish to have one!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Age really is all in the mind..I have a big one coming up this year... Hugs, Diana..

Country Living (Poetry) - 1/28/2011 1:54:37 AM
And I was country when country wasn't cool, too. Feeding the chickens, milking the cows at 5 am, cleaning out the chicken coop ... ewwwwwwwwwww ... helping with all the meal preps, and making sure the men were comfy. Then after all of that if there was time, we sat and relaxed a little. but on Sunday nights, we watched Ed Sullivan, tired or not. Grandpa told funny jokes, uncle Johnny worked at the air force base as a reservist, aunt Caroline worked at the drug store, and grandma Dolly cooked, cleaned, and cooked some more. I would trade all that I have now for those days back again, because country living is the life for me. This was all before the dark days came. Thank you for sharing. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth, & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFUL SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), your little sister, Barbie

Poetry (Poetry) - 1/27/2011 11:02:21 AM
Poetry is the song of the soul, the music of feelings and thoughts, the rainbow of sunshine after the rain. Poetry is written from the soul to tell our readers of our feelings, aches and pains. Poetry is the whimsy of the imagination, or the dark, stark reality of life. Can we say in verse what we have experienced in a lifetime? Maybe, and some of us even try. Thank you for sharing this very thoughtful and in depth piece that makes the reader think. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth, & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFUL SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), your little sister, Barbie

That Distant Voice... (Poetry) - 1/27/2011 9:13:50 AM
Well done !

Poetry (Poetry) - 1/26/2011 6:51:51 PM
how wonderful!

Poetry (Poetry) - 1/26/2011 12:27:30 PM
Great poem Janice, it beats with life.

Poetry (Poetry) - 1/26/2011 10:20:19 AM
Yes, Janice, you are poetry. -gene.

That Distant Voice... (Poetry) - 1/26/2011 9:16:21 AM
beautiful ride in the music janice....from the lilting music of movement through the crashing rapids and finally floating back on the soft sounds of calm flowing water. i loved this...pmedlin

Poetry (Poetry) - 1/25/2011 7:46:26 PM
Wonderful insights! To trust in the experience... Be well, Christine

Korea (Poetry) - 1/25/2011 11:50:48 AM
So sad - these heartless wars!

Korea (Poetry) - 1/25/2011 9:34:54 AM
Great writing indeed...stay safe and well..Hugsss

Korea (Poetry) - 1/25/2011 4:03:20 AM
I hope all goes well for the South. I enjoyed those people for 26 months.

Korea (Poetry) - 1/24/2011 2:40:34 PM
Wonderfully eloquent and terse. Yes, this is of great concern. One of my babies, now 9 years old, is from the border. Best Wishes, Christine

A Friend indeed... (Poetry) - 1/23/2011 5:02:46 PM
It's like something to fall back on. If all else fails, call... Interesting thought. Ron

Sweet Chocolate (Poetry) - 1/23/2011 6:43:58 AM
There is just something so simple, but sensuous regarding that dark sweet pleasure ...nice write tj

A Friend indeed... (Poetry) - 1/21/2011 6:39:53 AM
Sometimes it takes tough times to bring us to back God. Better then than never.

A Friend indeed... (Poetry) - 1/20/2011 9:01:45 PM
Interesting observation,but he is always with us... Be always safe, Karen

A Friend indeed... (Poetry) - 1/20/2011 12:44:29 PM
Ask and you shall guilt!

A Friend indeed... (Poetry) - 1/20/2011 6:16:08 AM
This is your time. Call on Him any time. He is always waiting for your call. Your prayer has been answered. Let go and let God. This is beautiful.

She was... (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 6:41:07 PM
WOW! Very impactfull.

Winter (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 3:07:31 PM
A most apt and timely offering, Janice. Thank you for sharing it. Love and best wishes, Regis

Hope (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 9:27:57 AM
What's more beautiful then to be held in love while the hurt sooths away. Great write Janice. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Me (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 9:21:53 AM
Janice your words written here makes us love you just the way you are. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Winter (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 9:16:32 AM
Beautiful, sounds as though you are talking about our weather here in Nova Scotia. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Bastard Freak (Poetry) - 1/19/2011 9:14:55 AM
You have the right name to this one Janice, sorry I've missed your site before. Great expression within your words. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Trapped (Poetry) - 1/18/2011 8:32:33 AM
Glad those tears are leaving you trapped no more. Very nice poem about healing.

Winter (Poetry) - 1/16/2011 8:29:06 AM
Lovely writing sweet lady...stay safe and well..Hugsss

Winter (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 3:05:28 PM
Senses be stilled in the winter. Short and seasoned, Janice. Sage

Winter (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 12:37:58 PM
Well said for an unusually harsh winter... Be always safe, Karen

Misery (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 6:20:22 AM
Oh so true. Alcohol and drugs do not heal the pain and just make things worse. Yes. Some problems are bigger than us and we need help to get through them. Sometimes its hard to reach out for that help. Sometimes our hands remain remain painfully empty when we do. Sometimes help needs to come from beyond humanity. May Light shine into the person this was written about.

Me (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 6:17:01 AM
AMEN! You are beautiful just the way you are and I love the feeling in your poems. They are wonderfully real an from the heart.

Hope (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 6:15:24 AM
OH....This is beautiful! I hope you are wrapped and soothed and consoled.

Winter (Poetry) - 1/15/2011 4:43:04 AM
this poem is lovely Janice Quietude's Embrace Vickie

Winter (Poetry) - 1/14/2011 6:15:41 PM
Love the silence

Me (Poetry) - 11/10/2009 5:19:14 PM
Lavendar Jazz... Much LOVE and RESPECT. I have lived and preached "Me". Why must people be so critical to judge?

Me (Poetry) - 3/15/2009 5:18:30 AM
OH this is soooooooooooooo true. We can only be wh we are and nobody can be us, and we cannot be them. A powerful write of intensity of the soul. I rate this a 10 out of 10, and thank you so much for saying what I have been saying for decades. Thank you. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love and who love you, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFUL SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), your little sister, Barbie

Diabetic Dream... (Poetry) - 8/20/2008 8:49:49 AM
Nice poem, there are many people out there in this condition, it the society common problem, but my advise is that you are not alone, always draw your strength from God.

Brush of Love (Poetry) - 8/20/2008 8:42:52 AM
Thanks for sharing, nice poem, soul searching. i like the flow and its codination it makes the work more interesting to read.

Trapped (Poetry) - 7/18/2008 8:00:57 AM
Great one! Wonderfully written!

A Man's Eyes (Poetry) - 7/18/2008 7:59:58 AM
How very true! And you have included the full gamut of what you might see! Enjoyed this! Thank you!

Me (Poetry) - 7/1/2008 3:50:02 AM
Well said,filled with profound wisdom......M

Sweet Chocolate (Poetry) - 7/1/2008 3:48:23 AM
A sensuous romantic poem .. there is nothing like chocolate to enhance the taste buds!......M

She was... (Poetry) - 6/17/2008 5:32:54 PM
Shockingly powerful and amazingly sad. Excellent. Until...

Me (Poetry) - 6/17/2008 4:43:31 PM
We learn as we walk in life to change what we can but for the most part people have to accept us for who we are.

Me (Poetry) - 6/16/2008 10:10:52 PM
Straight from the heart, and straight to the point. I love it. Harold M. Nash

Me (Poetry) - 6/12/2008 4:41:55 PM
The fabrics that He creates and the colors that He blends together are nothing short of perfection... "I thank Him for helping me to see myself as He sees me." Blessings, Janice

Me (Poetry) - 6/11/2008 5:10:56 PM
We are each of us in the scheme of living, unique. Could it possibly be better? Me thinks not. God bless. JMW

Me (Poetry) - 6/11/2008 4:30:44 PM
Who would want to rearrange your uniqueness. That person doesn't deserve you. Ha. You be what you are and I'll keep reading what you have to say. Great write. Liz

Me (Poetry) - 6/11/2008 1:51:54 PM
I am who I am and that's all that I am. Accept it or leave it. Poetically sound. Love it!!! Until...

Hope (Poetry) - 6/11/2008 6:25:14 AM
Jazz,I can relate to this poem, took me 2 years for that hope to finally be put out. This Is A Beautiful Little iece of Your Heart Yiu Have Shared With Us! Embraced ~ Embrassé Vickie

Me (Poetry) - 6/11/2008 6:22:49 AM
Good Morning Jazz, Perfect Fit!! Embraced ~ Embrassé Vickie

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 11:58:18 PM
Ah! I wrote something along the same lines some months seems so many try to change who we are, rather than to accept us for who we are. Excellent writing, Lavendar!

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 6:56:07 PM
The age old problem many people have, to change, try to conform, rather than to accept, well said..... Be always safe, Karen

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 5:13:49 PM
Well said! John

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 10:27:42 AM
So much said with such few words...we are what we are and we must accept it and live life to the is short! An excellent write.

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 8:27:10 AM
Wonderful writing ..have a wonderful and safe day...hugs

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:35:24 AM
Well said, well written!!! I accept!:-)

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:28:45 AM
Very goooooood!!!!

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:13:02 AM
Well done, Lavendar. In the main, we are the best we we can be. Love the poem and the talent that wrote it. - Gene.

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:11:42 AM
Wonderful words Jazz

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:04:58 AM
Well said, Lavendar. All we want is to be accepted as we are. :) (((HUGS))) and love, karla.

Me (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 7:02:24 AM
VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Hatred (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 4:25:51 AM
I can feel your pain! Love and hate are close yet apart...Look toward the light>>>>>>M

Freedom (Poetry) - 6/10/2008 4:22:54 AM
Much pain is emitted in this powerful poem. Time has a way of helping one to overcome things. Don't give up. Keep writing and sharing...M

Wildflower (Poetry) - 6/5/2008 11:14:19 PM
Beautiful writing...especially the last stanza.

My Mother, Myself (Poetry) - 6/4/2008 1:01:49 AM
Lavendar, this is powerful, sweet, touching on so many levels. Beautifully done.

Caged Life (Poetry) - 6/2/2008 11:27:50 PM
Very expressive and beautiful poem. Yes! Freedom is only found through Jesus Christ. Amen! God Bless You! John Michael

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 5/26/2008 10:56:14 PM
I love how you start this off...your short description..."Brief poem about a man I almost met."...and the poem itself...leaves me to wonder so much more. Excellent writing!

Hope (Poetry) - 5/26/2008 4:28:50 AM
Succinct, and heartfelt. Your emotion shared quite well. JMW

Hope (Poetry) - 5/25/2008 7:41:51 PM
Yes, a good one. Clear and precise.

Hope (Poetry) - 5/24/2008 6:04:49 AM
Great longing well expressed in this one. Lovely write!!! Sandie May Angel :o)

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 10:31:43 PM
Beautifully said...albeit sad.

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 6:35:22 PM
Oh my,very beautiful indeed..take care sweet lady...Hugsss

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 6:29:14 PM
Wishes, hopes and dreams many of us hold deep within our hearts, very soothing.... Be always safe, Karen

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 3:41:12 PM
I have been saying these words for 4˝ decades. No one seems to be listening. I have very good friends online, but not in my immediate circle. I wanted the love I should have had, but my mother didn't listen either. This is a very heartfelt and emotional poem written from the soul. May the Lord Jesus bless you, and those whom you love, and be with you always, and at your side constantly. With much love in my heart, joy to the world, peace on earth, & ((((((((((MANY WONDERFULS SISTERLY HUGGGGSSSS)))))))))), sister Barbie

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 11:51:40 AM
Heartfelt and beautifully expressed... blessings, Janice

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 9:59:25 AM
Very expressive! Harold M. Nash

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 8:15:32 AM
This is my prayer....

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 7:49:43 AM
Beautifully penned - well done - (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 7:31:15 AM
You sure are a master of the "short poetic observation" That's what a writer does best and it gives a real sense of reality and authority to your writing... Personally, I'm a bit of a "weed by the wall" myself. Keep up this style!

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 7:28:43 AM
Yea! Some ARE forgetting their mouthpiece these days...Good Advice for a musician like me I guess: before you Toot you should check how you Hoot...! Very clever

Hope (Poetry) - 5/23/2008 7:25:56 AM
Speaking of Hope, there's a lot of it for wonderful titles. Half of the poetry is in getting the title right! I HOPE your days are filled with it... PS:love your Bio pic in the N.C. Mountains (right?) It really is lovely there, HOPE to visit, michael guy

The Mask (Poetry) - 5/21/2008 8:06:29 AM
Beautiful work. Exquisitely painful expression of how many people exist.

She was... (Poetry) - 5/21/2008 8:01:19 AM
Simply perfect poetic commentary on a dangerous assumption. Short and to the point. Great job.

Bastard Freak (Poetry) - 5/21/2008 7:56:16 AM
Great work. I feel you.

A Man's Eyes (Poetry) - 5/21/2008 7:53:51 AM
Excellent work. Powerful, yet sensitive and touching. I enjoyed it VERY much.

Caged Life (Poetry) - 5/21/2008 2:00:23 AM
Good use of the metaphor (cage, bars, locks) until the end. Simple and touching. Axilea

A Man's Eyes (Poetry) - 5/19/2008 3:20:54 PM
This a well written poem, it reveals the reality about every day reality of life, the lies, the love, and the world where humans live!

She was... (Poetry) - 5/18/2008 8:36:44 PM
WOW-this is good.

She was... (Poetry) - 5/17/2008 1:14:16 PM
wow-a power punch of a poem that should make us think twice! ET

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 5/17/2008 6:30:35 AM
Some red flowers are a trick of the devil

She was... (Poetry) - 5/17/2008 6:28:14 AM
Vivid Imagination...real life

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/17/2008 6:24:05 AM
This is so cool!!!

She was... (Poetry) - 5/16/2008 9:16:31 AM
Inside lines, you threw us a curve with this one, Lavendar. Shapely truth of reality. Powerful in its message. Be well always Lavendar. Warmly, Sage

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 10:48:17 PM
Lavendar, this is so very powerfully written in so few words. Excellent writing.

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 6:05:23 PM
Underneath these lines is a life of pain - and a reminder to not judge a book by its cover. Well said, Lavendar. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :(

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 6:01:25 PM
the cover can be so disappointing. Liz

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 10:01:11 AM
Exposing the veil of ignorance with such insight and dignity. What is it they say? Don't judge a book by its cover.... Be always safe, Karen

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 5:03:39 AM
"A crow among cows". What an interesting analogy. HIV! A plague to mankind. JMW

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 3:06:06 AM
Thank you Lavendar maybe your words will make them realize looks aren't everything and doesn't give uch information,. Thank you for sharing. Newfie Hugs, Rose

She was... (Poetry) - 5/15/2008 1:22:15 AM
Wow Jazz!! This Gave Me Goos Bumps!! It's so true HIV doesn't always look like we think it does on the outside!! Rmbraced~Embrassé Vickie

She was... (Poetry) - 5/14/2008 8:14:24 PM
Beautifully crafted, Lavendar.

She was... (Poetry) - 5/14/2008 6:32:21 PM
" She was " is a truth that is becoming more and more common in our world today. Harold M. Nash

Misery (Poetry) - 5/12/2008 7:57:31 AM
Perfectly expressed and all too relevant for all too many Americans these days. T h a n k . y o u !! 'Pea' <3

Misery (Poetry) - 5/9/2008 4:18:46 PM
So true!!! Liquor and drugs can only numb the pain for a while, but they won't go away. A very realistic write!!! Sandie Angel :(

Misery (Poetry) - 5/9/2008 3:50:50 PM
Short and to the point...I like the honesty here. Gina

Misery (Poetry) - 5/9/2008 6:45:00 AM
Excellent writing sweet lady...have a great and safe day...Hugss

Misery (Poetry) - 5/8/2008 1:37:02 PM
The answer is not inside the bottom of the bottle I been there & done that...This is a very truthful & emotive write Jazz, Many emotions are there too. Embraced ~ Embrassé Vickie

Misery (Poetry) - 5/8/2008 8:35:25 AM
realistic and fabulous. I like your style; very well written. thank you for sharing.

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 10:10:21 PM
So much power in so few lines! Excellent!

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 3:51:29 PM
Very true, some choose to run away from pain by adding more pain. they refuse to face the (Wo)Man in the mirror! Very wise words here Jazz...

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 1:51:18 PM
Great write Jazz. You hit the nail on the head "problems bigger than us" sometimes can't be solved by us alone. Luckily we live in a part of the world that does offer help.

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 1:38:46 PM
The way some choose to deal with the problems at hand, very sad, yet sometimes true.... Be always safe, Karen

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 1:20:53 PM
This sounds familiar to a lot of people but I know that Liquor can not kill or wash away misery, if anything it makes matters worst. What kills misery is having a friend who is willing to listen and help you dump the added baggage making you realize, right next door to misery lives happiness and most of us are blind to it. Thank you for sharing your words Lavendar. Newfie Hugs, Rose

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 12:00:30 PM
This is an example of life a life that is so ongoing on planet earth ... and very well expressed. Harold M. Nash

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 11:06:56 AM
most do do this but i quit drinking 20 years back. i take life on the chin, but I always tell my wife if I was a drinking man, i'd be drunk as all outdoors, great down to earth verse

Trapped (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 11:04:59 AM
And it is time that heals all wounds--or so they tell me. Nice write.

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 10:50:24 AM
Boy did you get this problem right. Short and sweet and straight to the point. Misery loves company and likes to be accompanied by any numbing agent around. I've worked through some of my misery so I feel better but still this is sometimes a problem. I'd rather take a pill than feel the pain. When the pain in almost constant what is one to do? Excellent write. Liz

Misery (Poetry) - 5/7/2008 10:44:51 AM
This sounds like a personal experience. Simple,yet so powerful. Mary, the desertrat

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 5/5/2008 12:19:45 PM
Some stand out more than others .. Well said....M

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 9:10:04 AM
Bulls eye!Love it!;-) ...ET

Caged Life (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 6:52:35 AM
You know, Lavendar, there have been times when I have felt the exact same way. You, miss, are one heck of a poet!

Working on a pipe dream... (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 6:50:20 AM
Excellent write, Lavender!

Country Living (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 6:48:35 AM
Wish I was sitting right there beside you!

I am who I say I am... (Poetry) - 5/4/2008 6:47:27 AM
Perfectly said!

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/3/2008 3:11:41 PM
:) Very original, loved it.

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/3/2008 3:47:16 AM
Great humor with a message. Jon Michael Willley

The Mask (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 6:06:18 AM
I think that we all wear that same mask from time to time...I know that I do. Beautifully written sadness.

Bastard Freak (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 6:04:25 AM
Powerful, gripping. Outstanding write, Lavender.

Trapped (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 6:03:20 AM
Excellent message...profoundly so few lines.

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 6:01:35 AM
This is wonderful! I love the message!

Lonely Bird (Poetry) - 5/2/2008 6:00:41 AM
This is beautiful, for in its sadness, there is hope!

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 7:39:38 PM
Ha! Thanks for the laugh. It's good. Cheers

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 6:24:30 AM
Wonderful just wonderful sweet lady...take care OK...HUgsss

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 4:57:06 AM
pfft!! lol.....oppsie :) as I must clean coffee off my screen ;) Embraced ~ Embrassé Vickie

Tend to Your Garden... (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 4:29:42 AM
A timeless message. I like the usage of plants incorporated into the poem.........M

Trapped (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 4:27:12 AM
Lost love can break ones heart.. Somehow we have to pick up the pieces and travel on......M

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 4:21:47 AM
Refreshing,, I like the message......M

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 5/1/2008 2:46:31 AM
Quite Good!

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 2:44:31 PM
lol. Already to blow up and no mouthpiece to get it done. Love it. Liz

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 1:53:26 PM
This is wonderful!!!!! You are awesome, kep 'em coming!!!!

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 1:49:18 PM
Cute and brings along smiles and wisdom... Be always safe, Karen

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 12:15:22 PM
Chuckles, delightful! Selene

The Trumpeter (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 11:50:35 AM
HOHO, this is great! Love it - spot on excellence, Lavendar! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 7:29:51 AM
yes time will do it if we let it, great verse to ponder my fall, if at all

Tend to Your Garden... (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 7:25:08 AM
This is really beautiful! A worthy message for all of us to heed. Lots of symbolism here in this excellent write.

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 7:24:48 AM
You have hit it on the preverbable head. Even after being hurt - time can heal some wounds. Sanja xo

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 7:22:42 AM
Some men just seem to have the presence that make them stand out in a crowd. You've captured that thought in a few well-written words.

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/30/2008 5:05:15 AM
You're right on point about tears and time. Tears cleanse the soul and time heals the wounds. Nice

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 6:21:30 PM
Lexicons will never best love from the heart. Jon Michael Willey

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 4:50:29 PM
I love this new writing style of yours...Great read Gerard

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 12:31:05 PM
Thank the Lord when the time is right and those walls they do come down, blessings Holly

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 11:03:50 AM
This is great work. Harold M. Nash

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 6:56:52 AM
Profound n luck...BHUWAN!!!

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 4:55:49 AM
"Walls come tumbling down" a state of mind signifying wonderful freedom. Interesting write.

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/29/2008 4:41:03 AM
Wonderful writing sweet lady,have a wonderful and safe day...Hugsss

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 8:47:42 PM
The message is very clear and this piece is creative and very well done.... Be always safe, Karen

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:59:34 PM
Very powerful poetry; meaningful and precise. Axilea

The Mask (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:54:42 PM
Don't all of us wear a mask like this? I know I do... Sometimes I feel it is the only thing that protects me. Cryssa

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:51:42 PM
Fabulous write! Cryssa

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:44:04 PM
Ahhhh. Opportunities lost. Jon Michael Willey

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 4:34:59 PM
This is wonderful, you are getting better and better everyday. Love this!

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 3:19:10 PM
Wise wonderful... "Trapped" strikes the learning mind and imagination. In admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Trapped (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 2:55:55 PM
Time to bust through the walls of negativity that have held you - powerfully penned, Lavendar, well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 1:58:54 PM
a man I almost me... this alone was intriguing to me

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 7:31:33 AM
Lovely, I like your new take on poems now, they are short and poignant!

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 6:49:31 AM
Something draws us to another , it is great and thank you for sharing Lavendar. Newfie hugs, Rose

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:49:35 AM
Quite a captivating little poem.

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 5:46:01 AM
So much said in so few words - excellent, Lavendar. (((HUGS))) and love, Karla.

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 4:36:55 AM
There's a lot more to this small poem than meets the eye...Great Read

Tend to Your Garden... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 4:25:35 AM
Wonderful poetic composition delivering a wise message. In admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Red Bone... (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 4:17:43 AM
why oh why am I thinking about that big red dog? I Need Coffee!..... I Love Your Short Poem Jazz :) Embraced ~ Embrassé Vickie

Autism and David (Poetry) - 4/28/2008 4:15:23 AM
A beautiful success story told through the lines of an accomplished poetic task. In admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

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