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Recent Reviews for Nickolaus A. Pacione

Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology (Book) - 3/22/2008 7:59:50 AM
Your article caught my eye on storms. Valuable helps. Angela Doreathy Glass Watkins

An Eye In Shadows (Book) - 10/20/2007 12:30:05 PM
More power to you, Nick. I read a large portion of this and its gripping stuff. Sometimes a little 'soul-flushing' is necessary in order to move on to bigger things. Good work. Terry

An Eye In Shadows (Book) - 10/16/2007 7:26:50 AM
HAY HAY HAY, I am so glad you have done it and I can't wait to get a copy for myself! I know if it is anything like your poetry and stories you have here it is going to be awesome! Truly congrats on the book and i wish you the best in all the great things that are sure to come, much love Nick Peace

The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five (Book) - 4/27/2007 11:38:24 AM
Nickolaus! Congrats on your new book; sure would love to read this! Well done, my friend! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D Loved the last volume of horror tales, the one where my twin sister was featured among the writers. I still enjoy it! :)

Reality Check (Short story: Bite of the Spider) (Book) - 4/22/2007 3:51:15 AM
IF you thought BITE OF THE SPIDER was sick -- get ready for its large scale younger brother!

Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology (Book) - 3/22/2006 3:04:24 PM
Way to go, are the modern day King of Independent Antho's. Being that I grew up and live in the South, I've been a little too up close and personal with a few funnel clouds and a hurricane EYE or two....I'm sure some of the enclosed tales will bring back some not-so-warm memories of such. As usual, you showed great resolve in getting this done...good luck with it. Terry

Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology (Book) - 3/21/2006 11:52:48 AM
Nickolaus! Wonderful news about what looks to be yet a great new work! Kudos on kicking yet another one out the door. Outstanding effort!

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 6/19/2005 5:00:40 AM
They say that you can't judge a book by its cover -but that just does not fit for this book. You get the entire feel and hint of what the stories are all about by this cover. Nickolaus did a superb job putting it all together. KUDOS bud. Very wicked collection. (And I just sent Nickolaus the Brutal Dreamer review of Tabloid Purposes) ~Brutal Dreamer

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 5/14/2005 7:43:21 PM
It will be quite interesting to read this. Sandie Angel a.k.a. Sandie May Angel :o)

Stories of the Apparitions (Book) - 3/21/2005 5:38:47 PM
hooked from the first time i read you.......he is awesome and will have chills running up and through you much luck and success great ideal to see you on the big screen wicked!!!!

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 3/21/2005 3:41:15 PM
Nick, Just finished 'Tabloid Purposes' and thanks again for the signed copy. I can state with no hestitation that this is a finely tuned anthology that sucessfully covers several genres; mystery, suspense, dark humor, and especially hardcore horror. As with all such collections, there are always a few select tales that stand out above the others, depending on the reader's specific taste. Some of my personal favorites are: 'Locker 13' - Sheldon Higdon 'Southern Exposure' - Robert Montesino 'Lake Fossil' - Nick Pacione 'The Final Run of Denny Aldermann' - Ronald Wright 'In the Event of An Actual Emergeny' - William Wright 'Leviathan's Ghost' - Nick Pacione 'The Blood Letter' - Derrick James 'The Well' - Mike Ault I proudly add this collection to my anthology shelf. Terry V.

Reality Check (Short story: Bite of the Spider) (Book) - 3/20/2005 10:49:36 AM
Wow Nickolaus as once agian come up with a great story. I love all his work. Sleeping after reading one of Nickolaus's stories is impossible. Creepy scarefest is what it's like to read his work at night. Good Luck Nick. JC Brinson-Untiet

Stories of the Apparitions (Book) - 3/20/2005 10:44:26 AM
As always Nickolus as done a fantastic job of scaring people. I look forward to the day his work is on the big screne. H.P.Lovecraft had better look out. Never stop Nick, a mind like yours has to keep writing. JC Brinson-Untiet

Halloween On Camera (Book) - 3/19/2005 4:25:03 PM
I am planning on getting this book in the near future. Pacione has a special writing style like that which one would expect to be found in the pages of some demon's diary.

Halloween On Camera (Book) - 3/10/2005 5:53:19 PM
Nick, This would have been a great addition to "Reality Check". As it is, it's a great stand-alone tale. Glad you saw fit to get it published in print. Terry

Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape (Book) - 3/2/2005 3:24:22 PM
I had the pleasure to read some but not all of the pieces in this collection. "House of Spiders" "Insect" & Lake Fossil in addition, the poems "Seasons of Black September" & Shadow of DYS, all demostrate Nick's versatility & incredible imagination. Nick's style of writing is uniquely his own. He is one of the most passionate controversial horror writers on the scene today ... and no one can take this away from him! Bottom line some people hate him & others love him, all for their own reasons & agendas. As for me Mr. Pacione has always been a gentleman & someone I've enjoyed reading and will continue to read! That's all that really matters! Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape is one Collection, I hope to add to my bookshelf soon! Robert Anthony Montesino Author of: MIND MONSTERS COLLECTION Editor: SPECULATIVE FICTION CENTRE

Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape (Book) - 2/3/2005 3:57:10 PM
Nick did me the distinct honor of sending me a personalized, signed copy of this fine collection of dark fiction. My personal favorites include INSECT, Library of BONES, The Seasons of Black September, and the haunting 'Darkness From The Skies'. Then of course, 'House of Spiders' is this author's signature tale. I sincerely hope Nickolaus sees fit to do a follow-up collection, as it will be high on my list of horror/suspense fiction 'must reads'. This is fiction to be read in the dark of night when the winds howl a foreboding concerto.. This is fiction to be read on nights when subsequent nightmares will later be welcomed with an open mind and arms to match... The contents will challenge and frighten...what more can a fan of mythos ask for? I'm proud to add it to my personal collection... Terry Vinson Author of: 'MR HATE' 'PASSPORT TO HELL' 'BLOODLINES' 'BONE CHILLS'

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 12/8/2004 1:08:57 PM
nickolaus, i, too, am honored to have been included in this anthology. thank you for having faith in my writing (although i don't normally "DO" horror). i look forward to receiving my copy and reading the rest of it (((HUGS))) and love, karla. congratulations!

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 11/20/2004 3:57:36 AM
I am damn proud of all the authors involved with the project, and hope to see them individually on another one or if they invite me to their antholgoy. This was one thing I was surprised with the anthology of how fast it came together, each writer brought their best and then some. Thank you Thomas for bringing my name into print and this becoming the spring board for this kind of project. Every writer gave this thing its nasty little personality when it comes to the arenas of horror and then in Science Fiction. I wanted to bridge the gap between the two genres because these days the Sci-Fi channel brings more horror on the airwaves so I thought, why not. This is an anthology I have a lot of fun reading even when it was all published, and in the compilation process it was taxing but well worth it. I put together this project for those who miss what traditional horror reads like as well as traditional Science Fiction. As much as some would complain about there is no place in the industry for an anthology like this, I didn't put this togehter for the ones who read erotica. I have to thank Macey Wuesthoff, Nicholas Mounts, and everyone who made this anthology what it is -- there is a real power with this anthology and The Well was my ace in the hole, there are many talented writers in this but hard to pinpoint the anthologies star. Every author involved has their individual accomplishments; and each one involved are getting onto bigger projects ahead.

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 10/3/2004 10:16:57 AM
I have just purchased my copy of this book, and its stories are as dark and creepy as hell--a definite, hardcore horror collection. The great thing is that there are so many stories in this work that, even if you don't like one, there are a lot of others you can choose from. That's the beauty of an anthology, particularly this one because there are so many stories in it. Congratulations, Nickolaus, for having the guts to put this together. I am very proud to have two stories in this work. Thank you for inviting me to contribute. Excellent work! Best wishes, Macey Baggett Wuesthoff

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 9/22/2004 5:26:31 PM
Congratulations Nick for making this dream become a reality, I know how hard you worked on this and the end result was worth the effort! As a contributor I honestly say I am proud to be a part of the lineup of writers here, I've had the opportunity to read many but not all of the authors but I'm looking forward to reading the rest, "Tabloid Purposes" is just the beggining of bigger things ahead for you! Great Job!

Tabloid Purposes (Book) - 9/22/2004 12:27:50 PM
YES! I have awaited this for quite sometime now. The people who were trying to bring this whole project down can choke on it! I knew it would come out great in the end, and I look forward to reading it. "A Perfect Shot" which is in there happens to be one of the best I have done in my opinion. The cover kicks ass, one of the best I have seen actually for a book like this. I love that Weekly World News vibe it has.

Reality Check (Short story: Bite of the Spider) (Book) - 9/1/2004 7:01:17 AM
Nickolaus, Congratulations on being a part of this exciting anthology. Sounds like this book is going to be quite a collection for those of us who enjoy horror/suspense stories! Personally I am very fond of short story collections. Reading time is often limited for me and I love being able to read a story through from beginning to end. With a collection of this sort, one can carry the book along and read a story when they have a little time for reading. Look forward to seeing more of your work in print! Sherry

Reality Check (Short story: Bite of the Spider) (Book) - 8/31/2004 1:44:11 PM
Nickolaus, Congtras on the Great Job of getting motivated and winning this great contest! ( Glad to see your name in the list shipmate. Kudos and... write on... write on!!!

Darkness From The Skies (Short Story) - 4/20/2015 8:21:36 AM
Another dreadful mess of a story that goes nowhere and makes no sense from the very first line: "In the gathering clay where one would see its tracks." Huh? How can clay "gather?" This is poor word choice. Clouds and gloom can gather metaphorically as these are amorphous things. Clay is either solid or semi-solid and part of the ground. So unless the clay in question has supernatural properties or is moved by supernatural agency (in this story it doesn't and isn't), it cannot "gather." And once again the author constantly uses "would" inappropriately, as in "where one would see its tracks" instead of simply "where one sees its tracks." In addition to the poor writing, the story is also boring, repetitive, and plagued by an abundance of grammatical errors that indicate the author is either too lazy or too incompetent to correct.

Leviathan's Ghost (Short Story) - 4/20/2015 7:59:41 AM
This ten thousand word dirge fest was awful beyond belief. The author is incapable of conveying character through action and instead exposits everything in agonizingly tedious detail. The story itself is a pathetic Jaws ripoff and the author doesn't even try to pretend otherwise, blatantly drawing attention to the fact in two lackluster scenes: "He noticed one of them had a copy of JAWS laying around. He pointed with his stump, “I see you are reading one of Benchley’s books. And in case that wasn't obvious enough, we get this a few paragraphs later. “Damn, seems like you were living out the first scene in JAWS when the arm of yours was bit off at the elbow,” the attendant nodded in agreement." The author not only capitalizes Jaws but underlines it, lest we somehow miss the reference. Though how the attendant is able to nod a verbal agreement is anyone's guess. Leviathan's Ghost is amateur writing at its worst, boring, unoriginal, full of superfluous adverbs, redundant speech tags, and god awful dialogue that exists only to explain what's happening to the reader, as the author is incapable of showing anything. Pacione needs to learn how to write a basic sentence before even attempting to write fiction, though his lack of imagination suggests he should not attempt it at all.

Insect (Short Story) - 4/20/2015 6:20:23 AM
Horror legend Brian Keene once rejected this story out of hand when the author submitted it to a publication where Keene was an editor. Once look at the first sentence and it's easy to see why Keene immediately rejected it, as any editor would. The story is almost incomprehensible, a confusing word salad of rambling incoherence and repetition written at a third grade level of English. If I didn't know better I'd think the author was from a non-English speaking background and still struggling to learn the language. There are so many things wrong with Insect that it's hard to know where to start. The only thing we are spared on this occasion is the author's utterly atrocious dialogue. Of particular concern however, is chronic overuse of the verb "would." The author uses "would" or the verb form "would be" in every other sentence, and often several times in the same sentence. The problem with this is not just the brain pummeling repetition but that for the most part "would" is a terrible verb choice. Fiction should always strive to be active and direct. "Would" is vague and indirect and smacks of passive voice, of what could occur in the story, not what is occurring or has occurred. Here's a typical example from the text: "The waking thoughts as they would be there are what caused me to awaken violently a few days ago – that it would be still in the waning darkness which it would be described. That it would become from the eyes as they wait for the medications to take effect. It would draw from the years that passed..." Apart from the fact that this is so badly written it makes my head hurt, five "woulds" in one small paragraph is far too many. Why the author cannot write a simple and direct sentence such as "It drew from the years that passed" is beyond me. Others have suggested that the author invest in a copy of Strunk and White's classic guide The Elements of Style, but I fear it "would be" wasted on Pacione, who has shown time and again that he is either unwilling to apply proper grammar and story structure or that such things are simply beyond his comprehension.

House of Spiders (Short Story) - 4/20/2015 5:25:17 AM
In the hands of a skilled writer this idea could have been turned into a compelling horror story. In the hands of one Nickolaus Albert Pacione however, it becomes a dreadful failure. The author has demonstrated time and again that he is utterly incapable of raising a story off the page, and House of Spiders is no exception. Pacione writes fiction with all the flare of an IKEA instruction booklet. He simply cannot use language in a way that generates imagery in the reader's mind. But of all his failings, none is so egregious as his dialogue. Good dialogue is one the hardest aspects of fiction to master, and one of the main things that separates the amateurs from the professionals. For Pacione, even basic verbal exchanges are far beyond his ability. In its place he jams whole blocks of tedious drivel into the mouths of his one dimensional characters with all the aplomb of a cook stuffing a turkey. His characters thus exist solely to explain the story to the reader in mind-numbingly tedious detail, as Pacione is all tell and no show.

Fandom Weirdness (Short Story) - 4/20/2015 5:23:29 AM
This is so irredeemably awful that one scarcely has the words to describe it. There is no plot, no characters, and no point, just a deluge of the most horrendous dialogue ever written. The whole sorry mess is just an overgrown adolescent revenge fantasy full of petulant whining about imaginary plagiarism and rivalries with other writers. Zero stars.

House of Spiders (Short Story) - 10/19/2011 4:57:05 AM
This is a brilliant idea. I like it! I could see it being a movie.

Spectral Exile (Short Story) - 1/23/2010 10:23:27 PM
Hey Persepiss In Pink -- SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHINY BITCH! You're ruining it for the people who actually enjoy the story you goddamnned CUNT! Die already.

Insect (Short Story) - 1/7/2010 12:20:21 AM
To P.I.P -- F**K OFF

Life Inheritance (Short Story) - 10/5/2007 3:17:32 PM
Nick, nice job my man. You definetly captured the darkness in sadness when someone dies and I hope this guys work finds a home. You did a good job telling the tale and I felt a little unnerved reading it good job. Charles D. O'Connor III

Halloween Girl (Short Story) - 9/17/2007 5:12:24 AM
i really liked reading this it was a little different from what i usualy read. um for this type of story id say you could easily become a published author if your not already. if not already published go to and send in a novel or just a book of short stories and you never know they might except it. keep the good/weird work up

Misguidance (Short Story) - 8/29/2007 3:59:23 AM
I really like the psychological perspective within this story, the psychological aspect of horror is something that I often find more chilling than mere physical violence or gore; as you've said -- horror is an imitation of life, and I agree with that in some ways. Everyone is a player on the stage of life, and we all interact with eachother in ways that are more important than we really think. Enjoyed this one. Have a good day.

Leviathan's Ghost (Short Story) - 7/26/2007 6:11:12 PM
I never liked the water anyway. Great read Nick!

Misguidance (Short Story) - 7/7/2007 4:35:10 AM

A Cemetery Dream (Short Story) - 5/22/2007 3:14:38 PM
Very Creative...I found it most entertaining... Good Read...

The Ichabod (Short Story) - 4/19/2007 10:14:12 AM
This has a poetic feeling to it, I can hear echoes of Poe and even Baudelarian's hellish symbolism. I enjoyed the imagery in this story, it is very good.

Spectral Exile (Short Story) - 4/16/2007 10:45:09 AM
WOW! YOur mind is EVERYWhere! Thanks for the invite to read your dark gems!- I wrote a few of my own - My oldie but goodies!Avail. here on AD./Poems/etc... All treasures should be savored! WArmly, WArrior PURPLE Lady Sheeeoox I read your Bio too! Congrat.s! I love spiders! and I saw HOSTEL, and Natural Born Killers! I was facinated by the candice of the mind! I will be BAccck... When in a darker frame of mind, being a writer you know what that means to the creativess within~ Can I ask you 1 favor, use a bigger font size please! This is tiny...Now to your websites... to take a peek! Again Congrat.s Dark Cemetaries/Castles are intriging!

The Ichabod (Short Story) - 4/14/2007 6:47:38 PM
Wow, this was an excellent story. Sorry I just got to it. I love how you brought me into your world. Good f*cking job!

Carnival of Carpathia (Short Story) - 4/3/2007 2:52:48 AM
Nick, this. is. SCARY! WOW! If I have nightmares tonight, I'm a blamin' YEW, my friend! Very well done; bravo! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :)

Halloween Girl (Short Story) - 3/31/2007 7:03:48 PM
I really enjoyed reading this; it's very well-written and descriptive. I know this might sound really sick to some people, but I have a certain fascination with Bathory, not the person really, because she certainly was a horrible person, but just the way she could push limits, go to a certain extreme. Very frightening.

Spectral Exile (Short Story) - 3/23/2007 5:05:29 PM
Nick, One of your best. Creepy vibes and a thick atmosphere of dread. I especially enjoyed the 'if they don't believe me, they can shoot my cremated ashes from a rusty cannon' line. Fine write.

The Ichabod (Short Story) - 11/20/2006 6:37:07 AM
Whoa....when i read you, you take my mind to places (dark) and it is so exciting!!! loved this here

The Ichabod (Short Story) - 9/21/2006 3:03:55 PM

Greetings From The Bible Belt (Short Story) - 8/13/2006 8:49:55 AM
Hey Nick, I connected while reading this from the perspective of a cold northern town in the high summer. Let me say, as write this in a library, that I laughed openly at your line, 'welcome to the bible belt motherfuckers.' Coming from a largely secular 50/50 Hindu/Muslim/Christian town, religion is supposedly not a common theme. However, I believe we live in a Christian society regardless of whether we accept it or not - as opposed to a pagan one. Why make that point? Because the tone you create here is oppressive, yet cosy and familiar. While not a piece of fiction persay, I feel that there is a fascinating tension between the comfort of the cult and religion, and the indepedent mind's revulsion from it. A line that struck me was, "I see the people involved with that sect being something of a victim begging to be victimized". What is horror but people, who are not easily scared, wanting to be scared? What is a sect-member, who seeks safety, but someone who wants to be victimised? Cheers Gregory

The Ichabod (Short Story) - 8/3/2006 8:00:01 PM
Good job Nick. Only just got time to read this. We can all get great fodder from the Universal Nightmare. Don't you wish we could all write like Poe? Nice work. Dora

The Hand Trembler (Short Story) - 8/1/2006 8:26:14 AM
Nick, you are the man. This story actually scared me. I love your twisted mind and provides for good "edge of your seat" stories that simply aren't found in the dull and same old conventional market. Thanks for always being that aid to me. You truly inspire me. Charles D. O'Connor III "In everything I am an outsider"-H.P. Lovecraft P.s. The story "The painter" is now complete".

OFFICIAL AUTHORSDEN ANTHOLOGY -- DYERS EVE (Article) - 4/22/2015 10:29:28 AM
Thankfully this book never eventuated.

Examining The Blogosphere (Article) - 4/20/2015 9:57:29 AM
I found one aspect of this badly written diatribe quite revealing, namely that your IQ is only 98, two points below average. It may interest you to learn that creative writers have IQs of 120+ and that you literally cannot be one if your IQ is only average, let alone a full twenty two points below 120. Quote: "below 120 you don't stand much of a chance of being brilliantly creative. As the average I.Q. is somewhere between 85 and 115, it would seem that most of us are indeed not capable of higher-level creative abstractions."

The Aftermath: 2 Days of Darkness (Article) - 11/22/2007 6:12:38 AM
You are right contacts are how it happens in any biz. Sounds like things are going well elliott

The Author Speaks (Article) - 11/21/2007 5:22:06 PM
interesting read

The Aftermath: 2 Days of Darkness (Article) - 11/21/2007 5:21:25 PM
thought provoking read

The Author Speaks (Article) - 3/26/2007 4:47:46 PM
This is an interesting article, especially what you wrote towards the end regarding "a writer in the vein of Lovecraft or an Edgar Allen Poe comes around once every fourty-five years." Now, I recently read a book called <u>Genius: A Mosaic of One Hundred Exemplary Creative Minds </u> by Harold Bloom. His opinion is, if there were a genius, or even an extraordinary writer living today, that person probably wouldn't be recognised by the general public in his own lifetime. I find that interesting, because Poe for example, certainly wasn't entirely "successful" (if you count money as an indicator of success, which I do not) as Stephen King or Anne Rice are today. I am sure you also know, as well as I do, that there are many famous "goth authors" who do incorporate a lot of sex, etc. into their works, combined with lackluster writing. Anyhow, I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make, but I do think it's very difficult to be a writer with principles nowadays.

Review: The Tooth Fairy (Article) - 11/8/2006 5:14:30 PM
Nick, I'll be headed into my Netflix account to put this on my wish list right away. Thing is, I know I'm growing older as I recall Cannell mainly as the creator of one of my favorite all-time TV shows, 'The Rockford Files' with James Garner. Thanks for the heads up. Love a good horror-show. Terry

Review: The Tooth Fairy (Article) - 8/27/2006 7:44:55 AM
Nikolaus: Thank you for the information. I never knew this film exists. Critics are people just like us. the only difference is that some of them get paid to do movie reviews; and sometimes opinions do differ from one person to another. Being critcs or not have no bearings on the opinions of how good or bad the mvoie is. I always go by my own interests and opinion. Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

review: The Garden (Article) - 7/30/2006 5:07:33 AM
Cannelli is probably more on track. One only has to read the religious comedy hour in the news. Everybody has the best version of God these days and are willing to kill for it. Thanks for the reveiw. I'll look for it. Elizabeth

Dark Wilderness (Article) - 7/17/2006 10:08:53 AM
Had us shivering, kind of like standing in ever deepening darkness while one reads. (that's good of course!!!) B&R

Hammerhead: SHARK FRENZY (Article) - 11/28/2005 2:07:07 PM
"Moral of the story, don't go laughing at a psycho who has a sick idea of making a new species and planning to breed them." Indeed.

Hammerhead: SHARK FRENZY (Article) - 7/7/2005 2:34:55 PM
I'll have to check this one out. Does sound a lot like 'Creature' in many ways. Jeffrey Combs is a very underrated character actor of such films as the 'Reanimator' series, 'The Frighteners' and 'From Beyond' who has certainly done his best work with Stuart Gordon or Brian Yunza. You're right about Sci-Fi channel produced flicks; they usually have horrible CGI effects and are obviously bottom basement budgets, but they will slip in a good one on occasion.

Writing The Fossil (Article) - 6/11/2005 8:29:44 PM
authors den is now censoring writers, gerald complained about authors den and then they did not like the writings of don iarussi who is suing authors den

Writing The Fossil (Article) - 1/24/2005 9:14:58 PM
That's Great that you met Gerald and had his expertise to guide you and you the courage to go for it. He's still guiding you. I'm truly sorry for your friend's tragic last day. But this does pay him Much Honor and Respect that he so deserved! I'm sorry I have no help for you right now. But your courage and determination will get ya there you won't need any help! Look where the Fossil got ya. : ) Take care and Stay warm safe and happy. Tracey

Writing The Fossil (Article) - 1/23/2005 8:28:57 AM
Okay Nic and I hope that it will be successful. Apparently Gerald had tremendous influence on your life. Some people say my stories have a lot of fatalities but terrorism and drug abuse does. Take care of yourself and your writing.

Digital Bleeding (Article) - 11/23/2004 10:58:22 PM
I like it! March 26 huh? The day before my birthday... I do like your writing style and I very much enjoy the way you describe things. I am able to get into your stories, your writing has a way of making one feel like they are actually there. People sometimes say I'm too "adjective" happy, what other way is there to write? (smiling) Kiria Gypsy

The Shunned House  (Article) - 10/7/2004 4:24:28 PM
I'll have to check it out. Thanks, Nickolaus. M.Rose

Dark Wilderness (Article) - 9/20/2004 1:53:34 PM
Tearing up an old stump, you have shown us the tangled roots of horror, bearing little white wiggily grumbs of thought for our examination. Well done.

Interview: Brigit Dawn Knox (Article) - 5/29/2004 10:47:04 AM
I saw Creature from the Black Lagoon several times. I rember a few horror hosts. I think Dr. Demento was one. And Elvira. And Rod Serling, of course. And lets not forget Alfred Hitchcck. Stephen King has always been my faorite horror author. I also Like Robert McCammon. I read all the King books. By McCammon, I've read "Boy's Life," "Mine," "Swan Song," "The Wolf's Hour," and the absolutely bes vampire story ever, "They Thirst." This was a great interview.

Dark Wilderness (Article) - 4/15/2004 2:56:30 PM
well done

Review: H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon (Article) - 4/14/2004 2:41:21 AM
interesting read

Review: H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon (Article) - 4/7/2004 5:54:55 PM
Nick, I too thought that 'Dagon' was the closest Hollywood has come to accurately showcasing Lovecraft's writings. Most attempts have failed miserably. Stuart "Reanimator"/"From Beyond" Gordon returns to form after recent misfires. There is gore, but like you said, it's held within the text of the plot and not just used for simple shock value. For anyone who likes a good suspense flick with a twist ending, you can't miss with this one. I rate it a 'THUMBS UP'...SEVERED of course..... Terry

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 12/9/2014 9:57:45 PM
Well crafted words and imagery. I am intrigued by these words, the day of eleven the month of nine Perhaps you could explain them?

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 9/19/2014 9:14:08 PM
I didn't have the chance to see this while in GB, but see photos of it, Amazing, but clearly mystical also.

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 5/14/2014 1:27:49 AM
Truly amazing to see the flow and the rhythm in your words, so fluent.

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 5/14/2014 1:23:59 AM
Interesting.. Although i just went on till reading the first one " No more one more" ... had a mournful rhythm to the poem.

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 12/15/2008 1:27:49 PM
My friend, your pen is truly haunted!

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/31/2008 8:02:22 AM
Hello Nick, WOW You haven't wtitten here for quite some time in the poetry area. You Are The Dark Goth Poet! Fabulous Poetic Write! Embrassé Vickie

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 3/9/2008 6:17:06 PM
Well my friend you have done this story justice. So good to 'see' you again. Take care. Janet xoxoxo

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 1/26/2008 3:13:42 PM
Awesome writing ~`*

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 11/8/2007 8:36:46 PM
Dark and epic poetry, I like the stories they tell. Thank you, DL Mullan

Birthed In Ashes.... (Poetry) - 9/17/2007 5:17:38 AM
Holy moly that was one heck of a good poem. iv never read one like it before. it was kinda dark in nature yes but still it was wow. i loved it

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 11/20/2006 6:27:33 AM
Da--!! pumping out gas for the flames are we been a while...can I borrow a glasso of water? enjoyed

untitled (Poetry) - 8/13/2006 9:07:26 AM
You write with a tight rhyme scheme, yet your rhythm and epic subject matter thrive. Here I feel as if I'm reading the work of a Victorian gentleman. Yet I connect with your use of language.There are many lines that struck me, but "destroyed from whispers told in an echo of fear" seems profound yet appropriately intimate - an apt tension.

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 6/23/2006 6:15:42 AM
A very unique type of writing. Enjoyed! Sandie May Angel a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 2/20/2006 7:48:35 PM
Excellent write! Birgit and Roger

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 2/14/2006 8:31:48 PM
A very compelling write! Birgit and Roger

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 1/15/2006 3:44:39 PM
Haunting write!

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 1/2/2006 7:20:47 AM
"Is horror all you write?" must be the most frequent question people ask you. If you keep this up you'll be a world-class grand master of the horrific,though I'm sure you'll resist entombment in that genre. This is so akin to S.King yet utterly distinctive. I'd say a special brand of driving prose, graphically rendered. Superb work..Bravo Nickolaus! Vesna

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 7/26/2005 1:56:10 PM
Chilling right through to my spine.This reminds of Apocalypse Now and they slowly make their way down the river. The poem is gothic and biblical which gives it a strange twist into the reality of mortality.Great write.anne pawlak.

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 6/20/2005 5:51:17 PM
WOW, very powerful poem, striking imagery. I guess the ferryman is keeping busy :) thanks for sharing this gem love and peace Huda

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 6/19/2005 7:59:17 AM
...wish I never felt like this. Well done!! Phyllis <3

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 5/31/2005 11:14:47 AM
brrrrr..still!! Exceptional write Nickolaus...hmmm Vesna*

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 5/18/2005 2:50:12 PM
Reality is as this well written piece! Rich

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/20/2005 11:02:30 AM
Nick, 'I watch the flesh melt away my bones..' classic, inspiraing stuff. Terry

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/20/2005 10:31:31 AM
I just love this poem..Great fantastic flow and such a vivid imagination..A mind full of strange wierd and creepy thoughts. I'm glad you put it all down on paper or you could be one really evil serial killer..LOL JC

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/19/2005 9:20:38 AM
A frightening "slap in the face" reality check. Thank you, Nickolaus. Love and peace to you. Regis

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/15/2005 7:27:53 PM
Nick, Very graphic but interesting write. Sherry

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/12/2005 7:22:49 AM
wow...very original and bold n luck...BHUWAN!!!!!

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/8/2005 9:34:53 AM
Nick!!! Good to read you here~~~~ this is a devastating display pain of fires and a stark reality awaits....haunting Outstanding done as you do!!!

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/8/2005 8:37:22 AM
The imagery as horrifying as it is sure brings one back to reality...quick, fast, and in a hurry! Excellent work, Nickolaus!

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 7:53:09 PM
Wow Nickolaus, This is an end to see, not seen. So powerful, horrifying, inspiring! Excellent frightening awakening. Thank You Tracey xo ps on the story of the haunted school, now a park, is the park not haunted, building gone spirits gone? You stick in my mind. Many things you stir.

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 4:32:55 PM
Horrifying imagery. M.Rose

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 3:43:29 PM
Yes he does create very graphic images in his posts. Nice to see you posting them again.

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 3:22:22 PM
What pictures you've drawn with your poet's pen! N.

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 2:51:05 PM
Sobering. R

Desolated Oblivian (Poetry) - 3/7/2005 2:12:12 PM
Nickolaus, Chilling in imagery and word usage, you've penned a winner! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :)

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 3/4/2005 8:39:02 PM
Excellent! Excellent! Bravo! Thank You! Thank You very much Nickolaus. Love Traceyxo

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 3/4/2005 6:26:48 AM
I hear ya..boy do I ever!!! ( ex mic here) Vesna:)

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 3/4/2005 6:25:23 AM have a grand it!! Saved! Vesna:)

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 3/3/2005 5:48:32 PM
Nickolaus. This is so intense and powerful so true and Awesome Thank You. I could on and on geeze just Wonderful! Love Tracey xo You are a Superb Author such Talent!

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 1/16/2005 8:05:00 PM
Nick, you speak of water and dust. Clay Paper mixed with tears soon turns to pulp. But they all symbolize earth and its sorrows. Funny that I should see this here after learning of G's (Gerald Grimmett's) departure from us. He would want you to put a best seller out there. Your "Collectives" must continue to expand. Writers are themselves a collective of a most misunderstood brood of seers; we write things out of the thin air of possibility when others can't see their own selfishness. I just wanted to encourage you too, that's all. blessin's cynth'ya lewis reed

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 1/15/2005 4:22:48 PM
Good write.

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 12/1/2004 7:14:07 PM
It is strange but I can definetly relate to this because I had so many dreams about 911 before it happened. The reality was worse than the dreams. I started tracking you now so I can review more of your work. I use to work near the house where Edgar Alan Poe lived at in Richmond, Virginia. I have had more dreams involving trains of late.

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 8:16:43 AM
In this I can see how mankind has failed God in many ways. Insiteful, honest and well written. We all harbour a personal view of mankinds undoing in our hearts, if we started a "blog of dissappointed poets" on the topic of present day events, I think that the AD would run out of storage space!! Good Read! Tyrone

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 10/25/2004 8:11:19 AM
Damn!! I found myself reading this on aloud!! It felt like a reading of Shakespeare retooled for the 21st century. I see a view of Revelations and the coming of the Apocalypse as I read this. There are many ways to interpret this piece and each one will be personal based on the readers experiences. EXCELLENT! Tyrone

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 9/10/2004 7:45:43 AM
Nickolaus, Had a great-great-great grandfather named 'Nicolas' - of Spanish descent. Your gothic imagery is superb - this is one outstanding write! Robert

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 9/6/2004 3:28:59 PM
Powerful imagery. Sandie May Angel

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 9/5/2004 7:00:36 AM
Ahh! The ferryman. I really enjoyed Dante, but I think you've cornered the market on imagery. Nicely done. M.Rose

Raped by Grace (Poetry) - 9/1/2004 4:19:58 AM
Rough and raw and right to the point. I will call this one a composition. You have stated in very easy to understand words the disgust and anger so many of us feel over the unthinkable things done to our children. Is it 'controversial'? To some no doubt it will be. I don't see it that way Nick. You feelings are justified, your anger is acceptable and your statements are right on. Someone needs to stand up and shout it out to the world. People who use Religion and God to cover up their crimes need to be exposed and tore down. Great write! If you get a chance, read my article "Religion versus Spirituality. Your "composition" is just one of the many reasons I steer clear of "religion" in our society. Sherry

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 8/26/2004 9:53:58 PM
closer to the path, souls they burn to hell they follow, too late they learn all that is holy they denied, walked away in their eyes and paths of destruction, a path of eternal demise waiting for them, closer to the lies they see before their eyes walking closer to the paths of hell, looking on into the eyes of Charon as waiting for them to open the gates, becoming from the eyes of the guity when they awaken to their waiting fate, Ahhh, I see what you mean, Nickolaus. The themes are indeed similar. Your writing conjures more visions of Dante though, I think. *smiles* But indeed, arrogance seems to be the root of cause of why these folks meet such unpleasant fates. What archetypes! Provocative stuff you've got here. I'm sure you've chilled your share of the masses. LOL

Raped by Grace (Poetry) - 8/23/2004 7:32:28 PM
I've mostly read your stories but this poem caught my eye & I just have to say it...wish I would have written this! Righteous anger directed toward depraved souls "Raped by Grace" rocks the mind & soul!Well done my poet friend...well done!

Raped by Grace (Poetry) - 8/12/2004 3:07:57 AM
To be taken advantage of by a trust of that magnitude is by far one of the greatest atrocities. I agree with your voice in this work. The anger is justified. M.Rose

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 8/6/2004 11:50:50 AM
This poem deserves more than a three or four word review Nickolaus. Your work is deep and dark and goes beyond the average imagination! You carry a person along in the despair and darkness of almost death. Excellent and I'm very glad I stop by to read some of your work. I've found some of the nicest people write the deepest, darkest horror! Sherry

Raped by Grace (Poetry) - 8/2/2004 6:18:56 PM
I applaud your choice of words, you said it exactly the way it needs to be said. Your anger is justifiable and there is absolutely no controversy here, you speak the truth, just as it should be said. Debbie

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 7/7/2004 6:49:06 PM
Great poem but I have to admit that I did giggle (maybe with delight) by the lake of piss. Good to read you again. Janet xoxoxo

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 6/14/2004 7:02:12 AM
A mysteriously dark write about life and how things slip away ... and that last stanza really gets me. Damn fine write. Lorrha

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 6/14/2004 6:47:55 AM
Enjoyed this darker look of Stonehenge Lorrha

Raped by Grace (Poetry) - 6/14/2004 6:37:59 AM
An in your face type write ... nice vent and something like this needed to be said. Enjoyed. Lorrha

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 6/7/2004 4:01:18 AM
Not a place I'd like to visit, but you wrote a very good poem. Carmen :-)

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 5/28/2004 11:25:53 AM
Your talent is superlative, and this piece in all it's poetic symbolism is a fine example of that.

untitled (Poetry) - 4/15/2004 3:01:37 PM

years of cold (Poetry) - 4/15/2004 3:00:35 PM
well done

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/15/2004 2:59:49 PM
thought provoking

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/15/2004 2:58:53 PM
powerful writing

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/4/2004 6:04:06 PM
Very veruy good. I'm an avid Greek/Roman Mythology fan. I think that you captured the essence of that world.

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/3/2004 4:49:40 PM
Wow!! Very vivid!...excellent!

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/3/2004 3:19:44 PM
Very few want to dwell into the pits of hell. Bill

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/3/2004 7:04:46 AM

Gates Of Charon (Poetry) - 4/1/2004 5:45:56 AM
great poem. love the last line.

the mortal (Poetry) - 3/28/2004 6:22:25 AM
A very interesting piece of the good and the evil. Nikolaus, you always write of the best. ~ Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu ~

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 3/27/2004 8:35:18 PM
Poetry of epic proportions. Thank you for sharing this offering, Nickolaus. Love and peace to you. Regis

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 3/25/2004 1:10:22 PM
Very powerful, dark, and intense; so much so it's almost painful to read - and I mean that in a very good sense. I'm in awe of your talent. Cannot wait to red more by you. Thanks for sharing. Christy

King of the World (Poetry) - 3/5/2004 9:05:02 PM
This, too, is too funny! I salute The King(s) with my left-hand-middle-finger between my nose and my upper lip. < I-Mage Glen D. >

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 7:27:27 PM
when we look at stonehedge now it can certainly have this appearance ... very well written ...

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 9:00:02 AM
An OUTSTANDING write, full of depth and drama and the despair of impending doom... nice dramaticization of a dire human tragedy.

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 8:57:29 AM
"...upon the wall with the ghosts within the place of a stone circle and the dead bury thier own..." Nickolaus, this is VERY well-written and very atmospheric! Awesome write!

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 4:36:38 AM
the ancient stones of britannia seen from a gothic perspective. Diana Gabaldon eat your heart out! well done! joe

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 2:44:23 AM
I have always been aware the Stonehenge has significant energies around it, but believe it or not I am one of the few that dones not know its story. Just have always felt a feeling of emptyness when I look at the photos of it. The poem is well written but sad.

Stonehenge (Poetry) - 2/26/2004 12:57:25 AM
Intense view of Stonehenge and a tortured soul.

The Shadow of Dys  (Poetry) - 2/24/2004 1:15:54 PM
Wow! Quite the epic poem, Nickolaus. Love and peace. Regis

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 2/18/2004 5:32:32 PM
(((nickolaus))) this is deep, dark, mysterious...and o, so damn good :) were i to sleep in the arms of morpheus...i don't sleep so good anymore :) (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/18/2004 5:30:41 PM
(((nicholas))) powerful, excellent write--i, too, agree with robert and mitzi and everyone here. :) *BRAVO!* thanks for your kind words on my horror story. :) you're an expert, i'm still tasting the waters of horror :) (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/18/2004 5:13:39 PM
man.....this is outstanding!!!! i agree with Robert for sure very well crafted!!!

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 11:41:27 PM
Excellent write!!!!

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 9:34:49 PM
expertly crafted ...

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 4:44:58 PM
Wonderful write and great choice of words! ~ Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu ~

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 4:18:11 PM
tragic and well written

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 3:29:23 PM
Excellent tribute!

Feburary Forlorn  (Poetry) - 2/17/2004 2:56:58 PM
BRILLIANT work, Nick! I am really impressed, especially when you said --> as in an hour become the endless storms of Hades, while they feel the cold, slender palms upon their souls, beneath a memory of years within the emotional scabs, tearing within a sign of unseen scars -- tearing away, hearing the deaf screams against the glass < < < < < One caveat: pls whittle it down..

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 1/30/2004 6:49:48 AM
wonderfully freaky

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 1/28/2004 6:53:18 AM
Dark and well written.

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 1/27/2004 9:51:52 PM
extrememly well written ... superb motif ...

A Morpheus Sleep (Poetry) - 1/27/2004 8:51:50 PM
You are a wonderful exponent of gothic poetry! This is a great poem!

untitled (Poetry) - 1/7/2004 9:54:51 AM
BRILLIANT work, gentleman..I am thoroughly impressed!

untitled (Poetry) - 12/23/2003 4:48:21 AM
Haunting beauty, glorious poetic expression!

untitled (Poetry) - 12/22/2003 8:09:46 AM
This seems such a desolate place to wander, yet oddly enough I find comfort in the words. Perhaps it has to do with the cycle of things in life spoken ... quite serene. Laura

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 12/19/2003 3:52:43 PM
Eternal hope that springs from despair - hello? Is anyone out there? Well done with just the right blend of 'creepy...' Mo

eternal judgement (Poetry) - 12/3/2003 11:08:07 AM
I feel that the end is what we make of it ... they preach and preach and scare us into thinking of fire and brimstone .... bah. The flow was nice here as I read the words and the end reminds me of falling and hitting one's head upon the rocky cliff while tumbling into the abyss. Laura

Birthed In Ashes.... (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 6:09:45 AM
It's a dark place where godless tribes reside... I applaud this indepth writing. Wonderful work Nick! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Birthed In Ashes.... (Poetry) - 11/25/2003 11:17:52 PM
Excellent NicK! "as becoming birth and life leaving from a godless belief where they have no memory of tomorrow which in dreams birth of the infinite sorrow" Lady peg

Birthed In Ashes.... (Poetry) - 11/25/2003 7:07:26 PM
really excellent ... flows well and ends in a very unique cascade of imagery ...

Chant of Dagon (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 10:35:45 AM
Every time I read this I see Dragon, not Dagon. I have no clue why, prolly cuz I'm dyslexic. An intriguing write nonetheless and have enjoyed reading it many times. Cheers Lorrha

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 11/12/2003 10:41:07 AM
Boy oh boy... Lot's of good writing here sir... congrats... Rodd

Passing Judgement (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 11:43:23 PM
icons can be deceiving... well done...

Passing Judgement (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 9:45:00 AM
excellent write, nickolaus; very well done! :( (((HUGS))) and much love, your texas friend, karen lynn.

In Memoriam... (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 11:50:16 AM
Sorry to hear about that reader, Nicholaus... you have created an intelligent and challenging elegy for this person, an artful last gift: "I -- the one who stares at the unknown the dreams that walk among the Nile, fallen before the hands of God, when they all realized, all in death that become nor I -- become among the place of dying that becomes the lie of fears which become the escape of the future that we refuse to say or speak, from memories, we cast to fall, cast down from prayers of silence from writings created upon the walls from an absentee God we continue to seek where He looks down and laughs observing like he doesn't care," Exceptional work!

In Memoriam... (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 9:02:39 AM
Excellent write, Nicholas! :D (((HUGS))) and love, your Texas friend, Karen Lynn.

In Memoriam... (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 8:42:01 AM
wow man you have so many great lines here it is hard to go and recount them, a wonderful tribute and it will last ....excellent write

In Memoriam... (Poetry) - 9/8/2003 3:49:49 AM
Nickolaus: What a write this is. So much imageries and messages are put together in this poem. Good write! Sandie Angel a.k.a. May Lu :o)

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 8/27/2003 7:28:09 PM
It is a true wonder the world has lasted as long as it has ... vivid write. cheers Laura

The Shadow of Dys  (Poetry) - 7/20/2003 4:55:10 PM
Nickolaus, this is an epic piece masterfully written! Bravo!

The Shadow of Dys  (Poetry) - 7/20/2003 3:00:20 PM
This is EPIC darkness, Cecil B. DeMille-size sophisticated intelligent horror, a macabre tale spun by an Ace of Shadows! Rock it, Nickolaus!

Burning Sodom (Poetry) - 7/20/2003 1:19:28 PM
Ahhhh, more Dante from you. Love it !!! This is brilliant.

Chant of Dagon (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 11:14:11 PM
excellently crafted and powerfully symbolic...

Chant of Dagon (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 8:19:04 PM
Excellent, my friend.. Horror is your calling.. ~~Linda~~

Chant of Dagon (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 3:51:11 PM
Yup...darn good work.

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 1:09:29 PM
A cvalcae of impressions and ideas, a rushing torrent of metaphors, while under and through it all, almost like a character from a Greek play, a Lovecraftian sense of cosmic malais...! This is really, really good work, Nickolaus!

Chant of Dagon (Poetry) - 7/17/2003 1:05:35 PM
Wonderful ode to Lovecraft and to the Cthulhu Mythos with nice poetic underpinnings and modern attitude! Very nice work!

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 7/14/2003 10:22:54 AM
yes!!!I agree with of my favorites coined by your pen

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/14/2003 10:20:27 AM
words that are born from the unborn??? you have a way of moving.....very well done!!!

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/8/2003 8:01:12 PM
Well crafted

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 7/4/2003 4:16:04 AM
your soul cries so.... Vesna

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/4/2003 4:13:56 AM
....wondrous in its dark luminescent beauty..where would the light be without the dark..the merging,blending,melding...hmmm...excellent write!! vesna

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 5:54:36 PM
Man, the Lovecraftian style you pen never ceases to amaze. Keep it up...

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/2/2003 10:36:35 AM
Nick, This was really good, and extremely deep! Just my type of poetry! Maria

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 7/1/2003 6:41:43 PM
I love horror writes but have a hard time writing them. This is chilling. i have a few on AD that I think is good. Read "Pocession" sometimes. I'll be reading more of you... ~~Linda~~

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 6/28/2003 6:31:54 PM
just excellent... like the Lovecraft reference...

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 6/28/2003 5:34:11 PM
Cut and rip, slash and burn, kick the windows out and dance barefoot on broken glass...! Hell, yeah! Excellent, Nickolaus, bleed 'em all dry! Terrific!

killing the rapture (Poetry) - 6/28/2003 5:31:56 PM
This is provocative and electric and very dark! There's some hot writing going on here! Good work!

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 6/28/2003 5:31:50 PM
{{{Nick}}} Hello Luv! Long time no see, you and your work! WOW, what a riveting and chilling write! Keep them coming! ((((Hugs)))) ~Nikki~

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 6/28/2003 5:30:37 PM
A heavy hint of Lovecraft and a little bit of Clark Ashton Smith here and there, but this is definitely your own voice, Nickolaus! This is eerie and unsettling work, well-executed!

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 6/27/2003 6:35:05 PM
Well done. [whisphers-whispers]

a prayer to nothing (Poetry) - 6/27/2003 4:51:09 PM
A chilling write! May Lu a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/26/2003 11:08:49 PM
that last line just cut my throat! :| Excellent deep powerful it....Ty, Dani

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/20/2003 10:03:50 PM
I agree this is powerful! Very amazing poems you have!

years of cold (Poetry) - 6/20/2003 9:54:31 PM
This is extremely dark and intense, love it!

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/15/2003 3:56:04 AM

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/14/2003 5:13:09 PM
Nick, This is one of your best. {smiles} "haunted by my consequences as the lies I was told to believe which follows in the darkness as brought on in a spoken silence haunted by the endless years brought by on by the time,,,, which brings in nightmares,,,, the sleep in time of silence in obscured sense of being,,, " peggy

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/14/2003 1:18:46 PM
(((nick))) outstanding, dark, creepy write *shivers* well done! (((HUGS))) and love, karla. :)

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/14/2003 11:42:10 AM
Great Write, Nick!! Your an excellent Gothic writer! tony

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/14/2003 10:02:42 AM
Wonderful work, Nickolaus.

Spoken Silence (Poetry) - 6/14/2003 9:55:48 AM
Nickolas, I think this is right up at the top of your best writings. Fantastic dark piece with glimmers of truth. ...Hope all is well with you;-)~Thanks for reading and encouraging my horror write"Labyrinth". Because of the encouragement on another site also, I wrote two more parts;-)

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 6/12/2003 12:10:11 AM
Deeply compelling poem you have here, great job!

years of cold (Poetry) - 5/31/2003 9:25:44 PM
Say that is better then excellent !

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 5/24/2003 11:40:08 AM
Intelligent and intriguing and, best of all, CHALLENGING! You took a risk confronting the hypocrisies and paradoxes of organized religion and you did it with class and distinction! Great job!

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 5/21/2003 8:03:22 PM
Wow... I love these peace. Its deeply moving. I feel your pain. Great stuff!

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 5/20/2003 11:35:46 AM
Great works!

Ending Near (Poetry) - 5/19/2003 9:20:11 PM
Well done !

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 5/13/2003 11:04:07 AM
damn Nick you put it out there as well like it be reading you soon smile

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 5/8/2003 10:19:39 PM
Powerful !

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 5/8/2003 10:16:14 PM
Awesome work Nickolaus !

killing the rapture (Poetry) - 4/28/2003 12:26:23 PM
Heya Nick...this is a awesomely provocative and profound write! ~Nikki~

killing the rapture (Poetry) - 4/28/2003 11:44:17 AM
Chilling... this is good writing :) --Karissa

killing the rapture (Poetry) - 4/28/2003 3:42:22 AM
Awesome write Nickolaus!!!!! Wow!!!!! Sandie Angel :o) a.k.a. May Lu $*_*$

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 4/28/2003 3:39:52 AM
I just love your writing!!!!! Well-done Nickolaus!!!!! Sandie Angel :o) a.k.a. May Lu $*_*$

killing the rapture (Poetry) - 4/27/2003 11:39:36 PM
Dark...but very good. Bravo

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 10:33:50 AM
Extremely powerful write. I have so much more I want to say but words just don't cut it at the moment. Great write.

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 8:11:42 AM
Nickolaus hypocrisy is everywheare. It is just much easier to spot in a pastor. So say what you want freely. One group of people are no different than an other with all their frailities and problems, unless you can find a group of saints. They are the front row bible thumpers in the front rows Sunday mornings. Bill

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 5:07:13 AM
"this happened because YOU stopped attending" god save me from {pastors, ministers, priests, etc.} who 1~give "answers", 2~give easy answers, and 3~blame the victim. actually god save them from me! a good powerful write john +

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 4:53:06 AM
I never saw the need to be born again in Christ, as I was born once into the world, with free will given to me by his father, and to be "Born Again" must mean I had died.

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/25/2003 3:36:02 AM
I've been in a similar boat before, with church leaders being hypocrits, but never to this degree. Your words are felt and appreciated. J.

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/24/2003 11:23:24 PM
Excellent write Nicholas...sadly many men who call themselves christians, are the worst offenders, but they ruin the real thing for others. God gets blamed by so many for the wrongs that men do in his name.

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/24/2003 9:15:42 PM
powerful write!

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/24/2003 9:11:42 PM
This is intense! Well done.

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/24/2003 8:50:09 PM
Powerful Nicolaus... Excellent Peggy

youth pastor's hypocrisy (Poetry) - 4/24/2003 8:01:15 PM
Brainwashing. Glad you escaped. Well done and thoughtful, especially with all the perverts in the news lately preying on children. Bravo. Fine work.

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 4/22/2003 7:51:09 AM
Well done, Nickolaus. I urge you to continue to write, as with each work you continue to improve!

reminders of forever (Poetry) - 4/18/2003 12:13:40 AM
Awesome write !

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 4/6/2003 7:42:43 PM
Dark Greetings, This poem has many facets or parts that have stark contrast and beauty. I'll look forward to your next poem...

reminders of forever (Poetry) - 3/26/2003 3:13:37 PM
What a great poem! I sure wish that I could write with such passion. Seriously great!!!!!

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/24/2003 3:54:27 AM
Fast, powerful, this is one of your best. Excellent one Nick

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/23/2003 1:19:48 PM
Yes Darkness Nicholaus. So much depth and meaning in this one. Peggy

The Seasons Of Black September (Poetry) - 3/23/2003 12:19:58 PM
An interesting style, a rhytmical verse, a music below, an agony and more...

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/23/2003 12:17:47 PM
To submerge our mind into your interior inferno is a pleasure for the soul.While returning outside, we are aware of our own tragedy of being alive, as you know first than us and foremost. Dante Alighieri would be delighted to read it.

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/16/2003 10:50:56 AM
Dang! My head is spinning around and round and round etching good write loved the chilling feeling

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/15/2003 8:36:18 AM
well described realm of darkness...

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/14/2003 5:48:30 PM
Fine poem. Peace, Cherokee

Pacione's Inferno (Poetry) - 3/14/2003 5:29:14 PM
It's been years since I've read Dante's Inferno, but I think you just put him to shame. Kudos. ~E

World of the Blackened (Poetry) - 3/2/2003 4:36:02 PM
Very creative great job !

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 2/26/2003 9:34:52 AM
Emotional..Powerful.. Your point is made.. Love the title.. Got to call it what it is..!

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 2/26/2003 8:58:44 AM
Very emotionally charged Nickolaus. I get that you are a little pissed.

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 2/26/2003 6:49:57 AM
great job

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 2/26/2003 3:40:01 AM
Wow this one is visual to the max. peg

Crown of Shit (Poetry) - 2/26/2003 3:18:04 AM
Nikolaus, This was a true write. Who doesn't feel this way now? Very good emotional display! Sandie Angel :o(

years of cold (Poetry) - 1/28/2003 6:03:08 PM
Ah, Nickolaus! Dark and lovely...

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 1/28/2003 5:57:26 PM

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 12/30/2002 8:52:54 AM
AWESOME AND SUPERB! I DEFINITELY like this piece! :O) Nikki

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 12/30/2002 3:40:02 AM
Very interesting indeed Nickolaus!!!!! You have a very unique way of writing that is so very intriguing!!!!! Happy New Year to you!!!!! Sandie Angel :o)

Congregational Plague (Poetry) - 12/29/2002 10:57:33 PM
all my comments of your work are always in the positive. thus you have no worries about this comment. lol. yet another item of you work i do admire.

years of cold (Poetry) - 12/28/2002 8:00:14 AM
If you keep on your death march, you will walk into the seam and many will wave goodbye, and a few strangers cry. Of course you know that don't you. Bill Murray

years of cold (Poetry) - 12/27/2002 8:11:07 PM
I have written a poem such as this before. But your poem is much better, I assure you this! This was wonderful. Though not as bright as the sun, it wasn't too dreadfully dark. It was truth, that's all. Warm Love, *-Brittany-*

years of cold (Poetry) - 12/27/2002 7:31:55 PM
Yep, it's dark alright, but then so am I. ;) Happy New Year, Janet xoxoxo

blacker aeons (Poetry) - 12/21/2002 6:42:20 PM
excellent write... remember: controlled fear is power...

blacker aeons (Poetry) - 12/21/2002 4:20:16 PM
Dark & Lovely! Just the way I like it. BTW, did you change your photo on your bio-page? I will trot over to read the diary as well. Happy Horrordays, I mean Holidays. ;) Janet xoxoxoxoxoxo

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/20/2002 12:26:12 AM
I'm never disappointed with your poetry or any of your works. This is another mind tripping poem. Thank you. Blessings, Janet xoxoxo

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/18/2002 12:06:55 AM
as it comes in the eleventh hour,,, as it all weathers down into dust the memories of all the raped trust,, as the solitice from autum becomes winter,,, eternity,,, eternity whithering eternity -- haunting--- one of your best writing here Nick... Very deep, ripe, darkly beautiful, Well done!!

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/14/2002 6:20:18 PM
A lot of very deep thoughts going on here and the haunting beauty flows smoothly from one stanza to the next.

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/13/2002 12:22:45 PM
thanks for stopping by...yes...this is really sweeping, powerful and haunting!

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/13/2002 5:51:06 AM
Excellent write Nikolaus! You are a very talented writer! Keep up the great work!!!!! Sandie Angel :o) / May Lu $*_*$

eternity whithers (Poetry) - 12/12/2002 10:39:30 PM
It does seem so doesn't it, for we have eons of becoming, and we tire of it...Excellent Nickolaus...

Decayed Control (Poetry) - 11/24/2002 6:48:06 PM
I'll bet half of the people that read this, don't get it. ;) Love, Janet xoxoxoxo

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