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Recent Reviews for Mileah K Shore

Roses For Maria (Book) - 1/6/2009 2:31:09 PM
I haven't read the book yet, but the excerpt was wonderful. We share something in common. I wrote about this topic in Waterlilies Over My Grave, which just came out at the end of October. In this case, her husband (ex when story starts) tries to kill her when she's eight months pregnant. The heroine leaves NYC to a remote resort town in upper Wisconsin. Her ex follows her. As he falls further into his own insanity he cliches "You can run, but you can't hide." It was frightening writing this. I think my focus is something different, because I write romantic suspense. I'd love to read yours.

Roses For Maria (Book) - 7/27/2008 3:08:14 PM
I have done prison ministry for years. This story sounds like what many prisoners experience in real life. Nice work!

Stressed Out Teens (Article) - 12/16/2009 10:57:54 PM
So true.

Divorce and Anger (Article) - 8/11/2009 3:41:21 PM
Mileah, now that's a nice name. Sorry about the divorce. I think that this is a topic that much could be written about. You did a good job with this write.

National Age for Sexual Consent (Article) - 1/26/2009 5:50:28 PM
REALLY: Like Any Age Kid Is Going To Heed Pay Attention To It! TRASK...

National Age for Sexual Consent (Article) - 1/23/2009 3:27:00 PM
I disagree. If the Government was involved, it would be much worse. Show me one, just one program, the govt has been able to run efficiently. examples of some they haven't are Amtrak, Medicare, Social Security, IRS, VA, and the list goes on. Marion

Benefits of 100% Natural French Green Clay (Article) - 1/14/2009 8:30:52 PM
enjoyed the read

How Tipping Works (Article) - 1/14/2009 9:23:07 AM
Very useful article. Something many of us should print out and carry with us. Point--I did NOT know you tipped waitresses 20%. I'd always thought it was 15%. When did that change? Or is it different for different parts of the country?

De-stressing - The Easy Way (Article) - 1/14/2009 5:46:38 AM

Walking Away (Article) - 11/5/2008 11:16:55 AM
I like the line where you say when we dir or the Lord comes back we will have all of these ansers and more. I am patiently waiting for them and think like this too. It really haunts me to no end at time, but I say The Lord will take care of it at the end of my life.. God is Love and we know this and we can move on as he wishes us too and follow his leading. I try to do that each day but loneliness creeps in but don't want another love cause my 2nd was the best of all and I miss him so much still after a year and going on two. But time heals slowly and things work out for the good in the end. I still question why he had to leave me here, but know God wiill give me the answer sometime in his own days and ways. You are a terrific counselor and are smart and what you say is truth and you are seeking answers too. A friend I could be to you as you think so much like I do. I just found you on the den today and glad I did. I have tears in my eyes from reading your precious and informative writes. Take care and follow your dreams as much as you can.

He Used To Be My Guy (Article) - 11/5/2008 11:12:39 AM
I know after a divorce, I've been through one and through the loss of second hubby by death. Both were stressful, heartbreaking times, but I am a survivor, still in grief, but reading things written like this by others comforts me and lets me know I am not alone in going through what I went through. Nicely written thing you did here. I enjoyed reading it.

De-stressing - The Easy Way (Article) - 11/5/2008 11:10:23 AM
Knowing how to handle stress and stressful counts very much and how you handle it leads to much happiness later. I find stress relivers in doing to others around me, maybe a card, a little gift, a phone call, or just talking to someone who needs a friend. others handle it differently too, but it can be avoided with thinking it out and planning and taking time to smell the roses.

Midlife Crisis Time (Article) - 11/5/2008 11:07:25 AM
I got throught the mid life crises, am now into older age crises you could call it. Am 64 and not looking forward to 80 if I even make it to there. Aches and pains and arthritis gets to me but then I pray to God to help me through those bad days and give me strength to live in this world and try to be a better person without too many complaints.

Roses For Maria (Article) - 11/2/2008 7:12:39 PM
well done

Being Single - Again (Article) - 8/14/2008 11:47:08 PM
Oh Mileah! You really write so well on these topics! All of these are true, but also, being single again makes you breathe with a lot more "relief" and freedom makes it enjoyable too. Work is a good partner, brings a lot of cash home, and diverts your focus to what you can be besides being "single". This is good for those in the "transition" period - really helpful. Great write!!! Cynthia

Walking Away (Article) - 8/14/2008 11:41:49 PM
Hi Mileah, This is a very honest and truthful piece. We all get a chance to find true love, and some lose it some keep theirs. But true love comes a second time (I don't know about several times) and it is more beautiful than the first in that we have learned enough lessons from the past that we can make the second one more meaningful and resolve to make it last. I did. Cynthia

Midlife Crisis Time (Article) - 8/3/2008 6:14:08 AM
This is a good article and I do believe you still have it.

Being Single - Again (Article) - 8/3/2008 6:10:32 AM
You are so right. I think you have summed it up pretty well.

Today's American High School Challenges (Article) - 7/26/2008 10:51:34 AM
It would be nice to see our schools get back to a more peaceful, harmonious place with less stress and social agendas built in. I taught for thirty years--most of it in a high school. I'm writing a memoir called "Word Dancer" about one of those high school years 94-95. That years I kept a day to day journal and as I translate that year into Word Dancer, I post it on my AuthorsDen Website. You may be interested in a free trip down the halls of a barrio high school where drive by shootings were witnessed from classroom doorways and yet there were always kids that worked hard to learn.

Today's American High School Challenges (Article) - 7/26/2008 7:42:56 AM
Altho my own children have grown, I have grandchildren who are struggling in the high school system due to having so much to handle at once. My two stepchildren also are stretched to the max with their highschool schedules. Altho none of my g-children and stepkids have jobs yet, they do remain on the Deans list, and play sports well, take piano, dancing, basketball, and soccer. They do their homework as required and thankfully, they seem to be able to manage better than I could,under the same circumstances. Each child is different, and some I realize do not have it under control as well as these kids in my situation have it; and certainly my own kids struggled far more than these do, but I just figured that it was not the school necessarily, but the natural ability that each child either has or has not! I never pushed for A's... I pushed for "the best" YOU can do...and if that meant a C or even a D in some situations, then so be it.. We all (for the most part) survive these hard times, and altho I don't agree that teachers should stack up the homework...I think that should almost be a violation (honest)...I do believe that DURING SCHOOL there should be max effort in every class! My dad would not allow me or my siblings to do homework at home...period! Meant we did it at school or on the bus before we got home! If I wanted to study at home...I had to wait til all were asleep and hide with a flashlite under the covers to do so...(that was an exception) but I think daddy had it right... "School is for learning....home is for living and being with family".... There is far too much stress in our lives, and our youth is learning way too early that life is "HURRY HURRY HURRY AND WORRY WORRY WORRY".... then we wonder why they snap! good article Mileah... lindalaw

De-stressing - The Easy Way (Article) - 7/24/2008 1:34:06 PM
Great tips Mileah... I use some of them already, however, it's always nice to get fresher tips... I enjoy your articles very much. lindalaw

Divorce and Anger (Article) - 7/2/2008 4:17:58 AM
I believe it is better to have an ending to any relationship that is unhealthy no matter if one feels there is nothing wrong, because for the other perosn there apparently is something wrong or unfufilling(the one who wishes to leave/infidelity whatever) It take 2 people to make a relationship work & only one person to end it. The grief & pain of loss is a nessesary step in renewals recovery to start anew. Your article is informative, and anger truely is very dangerous & self destructive as well. I was mis prescribed a medication and I encounter rage for months I was a cannon & finally I had gone to another doctor to complain about that whom told me I was seriously mis medicated since I in norm do not react like that. Anger/Rage can cause strokes in a person if left to master the emotions. I enjoyed your article Embraced ~ Embrassť Vickie

Divorce and Anger (Article) - 7/1/2008 8:42:31 AM
Again, I enjoy your writing. Divorce is difficult even in the "best" situations. My personal feeling is that to spend so much time and anger and negative on the situation that cannot be changed is a waste, and also gives POWER to the one that has hurt YOU! Move forward, even if you have to fool yourself for the time being...Do not speak negatively about him/her, or any of it...just smile and that speaks VOLUMES... I remain "friends" with ex's..all of them! don't laugh.. divorce doesn't have to be just "husbands/wives"...divorce can often be friendships, relationships, jobs, etc.. Stress breeds contempt...and vice versa.. You are right on in this article. Lindalaw

How To Start A Housekeeping Business (Article) - 7/1/2008 8:38:27 AM
Very well written. I printed out for a friend of mine who is struggling with the "how to's" and I think this article will help her alot! Thanks, lindalaw

Revised: Sarah Jessica Parker - Clothing Line Review (Article) - 7/1/2008 8:30:24 AM
This was interesting to me because I am often around women who want to be fashionable, and cannot afford to be! Never heard of this store, hwr, did hear of "Bitten" and wondered "where to buy these clothes?" Good job reporting. lindalaw

How To Start A Housekeeping Business (Article) - 6/25/2008 7:05:16 AM

How To Start A Housekeeping Business (Article) - 6/1/2008 7:29:45 PM
Mileah, Excellent write, I am surprised I read through it so quickly. My wife used to be self-employed providing Daycare and I realize there seem to be many similarities. I always told her that knowing when to say No, makes the day much easier. I hope your continuing writing. Best of luck.

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