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Recent Reviews for Maryanne Raphael

Dorothy Day, A Passion for peace (Book) - 10/2/2013 8:35:18 PM
I pray for your success in spreading the Word of God through the life of Dorothy Day. Amen

Dancing On Water (Book) - 8/3/2013 7:24:46 PM
Death is a reality. It is not to be feared Jesus died on the cross for sinner and we must believe in His Mercy.

The Man Who Loved Funerals (Book) - 10/25/2011 6:33:19 AM
I didn't read the book but I think I would like to. I have seen you on TV many times in regards to your visits with Mother Teresa. I have this book given to me from a friend. Keep on Keeping on. 'lil flower

Mother Teresa, Called to Love (Book) - 3/1/2010 1:03:26 PM
am always in love with mother teresa because of her passions for the world, and i like this book thanks for sharing

Saints of Molokai (Book) - 10/27/2009 12:49:02 PM
The Saints of Molokai is a straightforward compilation of the devastation, isolation and profound courage leprosy brought to its victims and those “Saints” who volunteered and gave their lives to help them. On the beautiful island of Molokai, a paradox was being played out. Like soldiers in a war, the heroism and palpable suffering of all mentioned in this true story is a touching and heartfelt read. Father Damien and the countless others who gave their lives willingly can only give pause to the true meaning of life. After I read the last page I was left with inspiration and a tear. Marilyn Blum

What Mother Teresa Taught Me (Book) - 7/29/2008 12:31:25 PM
Wow! I just got to get this book! Praise GOD! John Michael

The Key to Success Your Psychic Powers (Book) - 11/22/2007 7:39:20 AM

Mother Teresa, Called to Love (Book) - 11/22/2007 7:33:44 AM

Garden of Hope; Autobiography of a Marriage (Book) - 1/22/2007 12:57:46 PM
Great peace. Conratulations!

The Key to Success Your Psychic Powers (Book) - 4/25/2004 11:23:44 AM
I hope this book can help people feel better about themselves. I'd like it to help people appreciate their family and friends and be grateful for all the beauties of nature and the gifts of the Universe. Writing it has helped me to be a happier person

Mother Teresa, Called to Love (Book) - 10/10/2003 9:57:01 PM
You certainly do get around.

Runaways, America's Lost Youth By Maryanne Raphael & Jenifer Wolf (Book) - 10/10/2003 9:55:47 PM
C'est dommage. It's a tragedy, certainly, and you've done well to spotlight it.

Anais Nin, The Voyage Within Edited by Dr. Eve Jones with a Preface by Dr. Rochelle Lynn Holt (Book) - 6/4/2003 2:21:13 PM
Maryanne Raphael's Anais Nin, The Voyage Within is the story of a woman writer who was in love with all of creation. Maryanne Raphael, who was a friend of the author's says Anais Nin enriched both her writing and her life. When I read the book I could feel the passion of both women. It kept me turning pages.

Anais Nin, The Voyage Within Edited by Dr. Eve Jones with a Preface by Dr. Rochelle Lynn Holt (Book) - 6/2/2003 9:53:22 PM
For readers unfamiliar with her subject, Maryanne Raphael's biography, Anais Nin, The Voyage Within, is a sensitive, uncomplicated introduction to the life and work of one of the 20th century's most quintessentially feminine artists. For Nin devotees, the biography is a refresher course taking us back through the vast material of the Diaries and novels that enchanted and inspired our love. Raphael dons the shoes of her must to walk readers through the labrynth of Nin's controversial journey in search of true liberation and artistic fulfillment. She accepts Nin entirely on her own terms, balancing the prosaic with the mythic. Thanks to a warm personal relationship with Rupert Pole, Nin's surviving husband and executor o fher estate, Raphael opens up some of the mystery that has hitherto surrounded Nin's relationship to her husbands--an aspect of Nin's life that was never explicitly described in the original Diaries. The result is a multi-dimensional portrait in which Nin's two selves, artist and woman, are fully integrated; Nin the woman who consciously chooses to realize female desire, give form to female imagination is entirely at home with pioneering male artists of her day with whom she stands side by side, never apologizing, never competing, always learning, nurturing, loving as she remains completely focused on birthing a new unabashedly feminine literature. Thank you, Maryanne!

Mother Teresa, Called to Love (Book) - 5/17/2003 10:07:17 PM
Mother Teresa, Called to Love Ms. Raphael worked with Mother Teresa so actually had a personal experience with her. She shares her memories in an easy to read style & relates the whole story of Mother Teresa's life. It tells how Mother began her missionary work. The life Mother chose is truly inspirational & Ms. Raphael shares Mother's teachings with the reader. The book is presented in a conversational style instead of just a factual biography making it very interesting. One really gets to know Mother Teresa after reading this book as it presents the deep love & affection the writer felt for her. She shares some of her personal photos of Mother. We begin to get a deeper understanding of why Mother chose to give up all worldly possessions & devote her life to caring for the poorest of the poor. We truly see why she is becoming the saint of our time. By Kathy Hamilton

Runaways, America's Lost Youth By Maryanne Raphael & Jenifer Wolf (Book) - 3/11/2003 2:53:11 PM
Runways is a realistic book describing what is happening to teenagers in this world today. Even though it was written sometime ago the stark reality it describes is even more real today. It is a textbook for children and their parents who don't realize the dangers that face a child who runs away. The more teenagers who read this book, the less who are tempted to runaway. I would advise anyone who feels a child they know might be thinking of leaving home on their own give them this book. You might save a life.

Alexandria, award-winning romance novel (Book) - 3/11/2003 2:46:49 PM
Alexandria is a fun to read romance novel that holds your interest and offers little surprises on every page. It is fast moving and high spirited. The scenes in the world trade center remind us of all the wonderful life experiences that Americans shared there before September 11, 2003. That gave the book an extra meaning for me.

Alexandria, award-winning romance novel (Book) - 3/11/2003 2:41:34 PM

The Man Who Loved Funerals (Book) - 3/11/2003 2:38:27 PM
The Man Who loved Funerals is a different kind of love story. The main characters are unique and yet believable. Their brief time together is the highlight of each of their lives. I couldn't put the book down. It kept me turning pages,eager to see what fix Charlie would find himself in and whether he would get back to his beloved Lisa. I laughed and I cried. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a story to remember.

The Man Who Loved Funerals (Book) - 9/9/2001 12:14:46 AM
Charlie, the man who loved funerals is quite a character. He's both comic and pathetic or vulnerable, a nice mix. The author has a solid sense of what's relevent. Charlie's relationship with Lisa is touching. The events come at a brisk pace with plot turns that are both surprising and within the story's context, believable, the best kind of plot turn. Any reader will know he's in the hands of an intelligent, witty author early within this novel and she's added to that confidence builder with fine insights, humor and romance. THE MAN WHO LOVED FUNERALS is something I'll never forget. It has that indefinable something that will stay embedded in my mind forever or until I have no mind as I now know it.

County Fair  (Short Story) - 10/21/2008 7:37:00 PM
Well Hello, Look who I found! I love this story Maryanne. I can still remember our little county fair and baking for 4-H also. Brings back a lot of memories for me. Have a great day! Cynara

Who is Anais Nin (Short Story) - 3/14/2008 4:33:11 AM
Anais sounds like a wonderful woman. What a pleasure you had in knowing her. Thanks so much for sharing this. Malcolm Watts

County Fair  (Short Story) - 6/27/2007 5:19:49 PM
County Fair brought back memories for me. I was twelve in 1954 and grew up in Pennsylvania. So, I guess, we share some similar memories. Thanks for sharing some of yours. Ned

County Fair  (Short Story) - 10/2/2005 11:44:26 PM
Loved it! She paints such a vivid picture. I really enjoyed reading this.

County Fair  (Short Story) - 9/11/2004 9:35:40 AM
Delightful story, Maryanne! Well done! (((HUGS))) and love, your Tx. friend, Karen Lynn. :)

Self Promotion for Authors (Article) - 5/22/2009 10:59:22 PM
GREAT! Thanks for the info!

Self Promotion for Authors (Article) - 3/16/2008 3:09:31 PM

Self Promotion for Authors (Article) - 3/14/2008 4:34:37 AM
Hey Maryanne. There is nothing here except the title. Malcolm Watts

Anais Nin Remembered (Article) - 12/31/2006 7:07:14 PM
OMG. YOu are so so lucky to meet Anai' - I have the perfume named after her, her book and I love her movie, Henry and June! It's my total favorite, my heart melts for her! She is Love in every speakable word! Her passion is as deep as the Passion I have for Life! Thank you for all your Wonderful Tributes to a Giving, Courageous *( She made me who I am in in love, freindships and reality) WArm, Kind and CAring and Most Passionate Creative Women~ In her day~ WArmly, Sheee HAPPY! Most Joyous New Year to you and Anais'- Please give her a HuG for me, and Tell her- Thank YOU for sharing so much of her HEART to so many! Her history will be forever known and felt deeply! PLEASE tell her for me. Today is 12-31-06 End of the Year! A NEw and Passionate and Vibrant New Year is about to begin in less than 1hr. I hope Anais is well and you also Maryanne! WArm HuGs, Sheee

Anais Nin Remembered (Article) - 8/27/2005 9:46:14 PM
Thank you, Maryanne, for sharing the memories of your freindship with Anais. Some souls shine as brilliant as stars...

Book Review of MIRAGE (Article) - 9/15/2004 10:13:22 PM
enjoyed the read

Lee Silber on Promotion (Article) - 6/5/2004 11:11:02 AM

Mother Teresa, Called to Love (Article) - 8/29/2003 1:18:02 PM
It seems you have already lived a fascinating life, filled with many adventures and diverse experiences. I wish you the best in all your pursuits.

Step-Wives,  (Article) - 7/1/2003 1:42:48 PM
This book sounds like a winner! How wonderful when exes and "why?'s" can get along and share parenting duties, putting aside their negative feelings for the sake of the kids. Well done, ladies! I wish you all the best! Julie Donner Andersen author of "PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense! Insights From One WOman's Journey As The Wife of a Widower"

More Writers World Book Reviews (Article) - 6/15/2003 12:07:49 PM
reviewing is always rewarding interesting article

The American Armada (Poetry) - 1/21/2012 11:13:14 PM
Very interesting with unique wording. Tom

America (Poetry) - 7/7/2011 4:38:28 AM
Famtastic write! I served in the USAF for 24 years. It was good to do so but now we have lost our way. Hope we fine the Godly to do things gain someday.

Home (Poetry) - 7/21/2009 6:19:19 AM
Wow! You nailed so many aspects of life in these words. Thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Anna

The Tourist (Poetry) - 7/21/2009 6:04:48 AM
I loved it!!! Lots of food for thought here. Thanks Maryanne. Anna

The American Armada (Poetry) - 10/18/2008 3:42:01 PM
Hmm. This is controversial. I have to say that your words hold some truth. I like it.

Year Out Year In (Poetry) - 9/30/2008 4:24:30 AM
An excellent thought provoking poem. The truth is this "Only GOD knows." Blessings, Giovanni

Home (Poetry) - 8/26/2008 9:14:49 AM
Such a deep and well written poem!!! I felt so sad as I thought about the widow driving by her house and parked at the cemetary. I can envision a sad, lonely widow driving her car.

The Tourist (Poetry) - 8/26/2008 9:12:53 AM
This is a well written poem, with much honesty and beauty. Please feel free to visit my den and let me know what you think of my work.

America (Poetry) - 8/26/2008 9:11:42 AM
You express yourself beautifully in this poem, however, I still beleive that America is still one of the best places to live. Of course, America is not a "utopia", by any means. I was a bit saddened by the poem as well.

The American Armada (Poetry) - 8/15/2008 7:34:12 PM
Splendid. Well done.

The Tourist (Poetry) - 7/20/2008 12:03:16 PM
Country, cities, reading a book, outdoor nature all draw us into ourselves to cheris time well spent. Learning new things by traveling as a tourist is exciting and this poem is exciting too.

America (Poetry) - 7/17/2008 9:00:10 AM
Hi Maryanne, I read your poem,"America". Thought it was well written; though the ending seemed to me, a bit bleak and pessimistic. America was and still is a great nation. It has led by example. As great a country as Canada is we too have learned a lot from the U.S.A. I believe, that after a little "cleaning up" of certain messes, The real America we all knew and loved will return. God Bless. Please feel free to visit my site here in the "Den"

Year Out Year In (Poetry) - 5/28/2008 8:07:12 PM
Don't know sometimes. Who is going to be Pres? Such a long drawn out thing with them all traveling and pushing themselves asking for our votes. It has been too long of a drawn out thing. Glad when it is all over with.

Home (Poetry) - 5/28/2008 8:06:03 PM
Cemetaries are peaceful to me and I go there often since my hubby Tom died in Aug 17 07. Miss him but know he is up there at a better place and in no pain. Thanks for this write, it is sad but puts closure to her too.

How To Survive The End of The World (Poetry) - 5/28/2008 8:04:22 PM
They tell me we have not even seen the bad things that are going to happen at the end of the world. We think it is bad not, but when we all have to have 666 put on our foreheads, that is going to be controlling and not fun. Believe on the Lord God and thou shalt be saved. I hope things do get straightened out in the end and we all get to heaven.

The American Armada (Poetry) - 5/8/2008 12:57:24 PM
Our nation is still standing strong and many people coming into it from other countries find that out. We shall always stand and fight for our rights and God has great hope for America. God Bless You All and Peace come too.

Home (Poetry) - 8/30/2007 3:45:52 PM
Very depth filled and in in such a short piece... Wonderful but sad write Sincerely, Chase

The American Armada (Poetry) - 5/21/2006 3:52:07 AM
hmmm..interesting... Vesna

America (Poetry) - 1/8/2006 7:44:33 AM
Nice poetic conviction, downtrodden upliftment, upkeeping humanity, recognizing the lower to the grade of human for it does speak clearly the ironies that a tower is not recognized in desert or a nation is not developed if the tribal communities are left to die in inhumane state. It does have excellent imageries and visual to support and clarify the poetic fancy with such a huge significance to the cause of humanity and civilization in symbols and allegorical order where the surface and prime meanings make a flow of deep sentiment and superficial feeling for poetic expressiveness.

The American Armada (Poetry) - 5/11/2005 7:18:10 AM
You really love America, huh?

The American Armada (Poetry) - 11/14/2004 2:52:56 AM
A nation’s honesty to its own self, liberty for free speech, ability to listen to the other point of view, end ‘we know what is best for you’ mentality, these are a few of the qualities that makes a grand nation great. A few thoughts for any nation, including my own.

The American Armada (Poetry) - 11/14/2004 12:38:35 AM
Have you no shame?

The American Armada (Poetry) - 11/13/2004 5:47:25 PM
Propaganda is the previous reviewer, if you or he don't like the country for what it is or isnt, LEAVE...Ed

America (Poetry) - 8/14/2004 2:41:54 AM
Excellent, all to true, though we cannot blame countries, but maybe we can blame the people of all countries, where thought for others is slipping away. Reg.

How To Survive The End of The World (Poetry) - 3/3/2004 12:28:24 PM
may need that heart indeed...good poem...i liked how it read..thanks for posting it.

America (Poetry) - 1/17/2004 4:26:18 PM
Sort of like the lesson of the movie "Terminator III". We create things to destroy our enemies and end up destroying ourselves because of greed. Nice treatise Maryanne. cynth'ya lewis reed

America (Poetry) - 1/8/2004 8:43:40 PM
Way to go, Maryanne. Excellent summary of Camelot, the second beast that rose up to support the first beast. ~~Bonnie Q

How To Survive The End of The World (Poetry) - 11/16/2003 11:25:28 PM
Very interesting concept of the end: and, you are right, it all depends upon our heart. Well written, Maryanne. Visit me sometime. Love in Christ~~ Bonnie Q

How To Survive The End of The World (Poetry) - 10/29/2003 8:30:46 AM
"How To Survive The End of The World" An interesting and colorful depiction of the last days and time. Additionally, I would like to commend you on your book "Mother Teresa Called to Love" what a saint! Continued success, and inspirations Maryanne!

Merry-go-round (Poetry) - 10/10/2003 1:36:46 PM
I love the wind with its hands full of tomorrow. Great job.

Home (Poetry) - 10/10/2003 1:36:02 PM
I like it.

America (Poetry) - 9/14/2003 1:55:23 PM
Excellent write, Maryanne; thanks for sharing! :) (((HUGS))) and much love, your Texas friend, Karen Lynn.

America (Poetry) - 9/14/2003 4:33:43 AM
I am with Peggy here...BHUWAN

The Tourist (Poetry) - 9/9/2003 6:09:12 PM
a nice poem. great write

Home (Poetry) - 8/21/2003 8:24:05 PM
Very nice and beautiful poem.

The Tourist (Poetry) - 8/13/2003 4:05:20 AM
Lovely write!!!

The Tourist (Poetry) - 8/12/2003 9:16:10 PM
This is a soft, sweet lovely piece! ~Nikki~

Merry-go-round (Poetry) - 7/29/2003 12:02:37 PM
Wow what a powerful POWERFUL PIECE, excellantly penned!!!! ~Nikki~

Merry-go-round (Poetry) - 7/28/2003 11:05:38 PM
Wow, this is just GREAT! Maryanne, am I EVER glad to discover at least one other multilingual poet on AUTHORSDEN! I just happened to notice the title of this poem in the new poems section, and it was funny, you know, because I once wrote one along the same lines (though it's not posted here!) As I've said, this is very fine poetry... the rhythm is excellent, the alliteration (even between languages) is very effective, and the ending, well, what a wonderful surprise! Love it! :) :) :) Richard Vallance, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA Merci, mon amie!

The Voyager (Poetry) - 6/8/2003 12:53:13 AM
excellent write...

The Voyager (Poetry) - 6/7/2003 12:36:08 AM
I love this write of urs...BHUWAN

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