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Recent Reviews for Tarek Ali Hassan

A new dark age of dogma as a reaction to the challenges of the new science (Article) - 8/11/2008 6:42:33 PM
Incredibly poignant, Tarek, as always. So true that the 'new science' provides such an unprecedented era in mankind's history - to the point that it can be considered a collective epiphany - but also true that misuse of such an openly interpretive scientific revolution can be so easily perpetrated on the untrained, uneducated and unsuspecting 'sheep.' Well-wrought, dear friend. -- Jeff

On the betrayal of man as the greatest biological miracle (Article) - 7/12/2007 5:22:33 AM
Excellent article! I have been meaning to try to put this concept into words for a while, and you have done it very well. Thank you - Doug

On the betrayal of man as the greatest biological miracle (Article) - 7/10/2007 12:45:53 PM
Quite intensely profound ruminations. I have missed your depth and breadth of thought. -- Jeff

On the betrayal of man as the greatest biological miracle (Article) - 7/9/2007 7:52:58 PM
Very good article - well stated and argued. Godness is within us and is a function of the total universe - not a person in a specific place. It is time mankind outgrew its childish notions of deities. These outmoded ideas threaten civilization as we know it and secular humanists must begin to speak up for a secular, and humanistic view of the world.

Dear lovely friends from the USA and and all over the world, (Article) - 5/25/2007 1:04:39 AM

An Historic ethical failure (Article) - 8/27/2006 12:31:19 AM
Dear Jeff, As usual you are quick with a preofound and perceptive review. I have reposted a corrected version as the first post had many typing errors. I shall keep rminating your valuable comments. I also meant automated/computerised mass impersonal killing where you never see your adversaries. May there be more enlightened people like you.Thank you

An Historic ethical failure (Article) - 8/26/2006 8:20:43 PM
Tarek, how very timely and pertinent. It is so true that the "mechanized impersonal killing" gets past most moral and ethical boundaries. I think it was Anthony Quinn in either "Guns of Navarone" or "Force Ten from Navarone" who was the "knife killer," and he basically said words to the effect of: "Any man can kill with a gun; it's less personal; it's like the 'bullet' killed the person; I like killing with a knife, because it's much more personal." So... those words always rang true to me - and they still do, especially in light of more and more "impersonal mechanized killing." If each and every arms bearer realizes that "when I pull the trigger, "[*I*] [[AM]] the gunpowder and the bullet that penetrates that human target at which I am aiming; "[*I*] [[AM]] the one who just took this person away from his wife and children - and "[*I*] [[AM]] the one who inexorably changed the course of the lives of an entire family...;" then, and only then, will conscience and morality begin to have the sobering effect that it should have. Another viewpoint is from a rather cheesy movie with some decent moral lessions: "With great power comes great responsibility." If we fail to take responsibility for our actions, we cease to retain the core of our humanity. -- Jeff

ruminations over the failures of peace (Article) - 8/2/2006 9:32:03 PM
Thank you for sharing your profound, informative, and insightful "ruminations" on the persistence of war in the worldwide human community. More than a few countries have taken wrong turns on the roads of history and mis-guided our global family until we ended up in this hell against which we are all now struggling. Every day, those of us who remain--as opposed to those whose lives are lost to the flames of ignorant violence--awake to choices and possibilities that do not have to include sanctioned murder. Options are yet a part of the world's reality. The challenge seems to be allowing ourselves to trust those other possibilities and dare to prepare as readily and eagerly for peace as we do for war. Aberjhani

ruminations over the failures of peace (Article) - 8/1/2006 11:12:42 AM
I am pleased to know that more concerned human beings are standing to reveal the reality of the criminal cartels – under the skirt of the United Nations Organization, which has proved to be an AMORAL GODMOTHER – of “Benighted Nations,” and concubine of THE FIVE MANUFACTURERS OF WAR TOOLS... Yes, they are the FIVE PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL. The Masters of the industrilized TERRORISM. This article, "ruminations over the failures of peace" is a lighted torch to warn and alert on the wrongdoing of those STATE organized criminals. Ah! Almost forgot to mention NATO, where the servants of INDUSTRIAL WARRIORS, read the book of allied DEFENSE: “There must be a mistake in the DEFENSE regulation. It seems that its WORDING reads – WARFARE for World Welfare. Germ's War, Carnage and STARVATION for Health and Peace, And human HALLUCINATION – for reason and HUMANITY!” From “WAKE UP CENTURY” strophe XCIV – How about the INTERNATIONAL COURT ON CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. That is another playball of the FIVE PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL, for only they can file suit against leaders of Nations that they call “Benighted”, when they say no to them. PEACE: ”That was many scores of years ago, before Men were made Kings, Before the creation of Peace Organizations, Human Rights, Children rights, Freedom of Speech, animal rights and forums; Forums of Nations, United for globalization of war; Foster societies for degradation, slavery and starvation… And the fierce Union of the Predatory Head of States, Incorporated as the United Nations’ Security Council!” FROM “THE KNIGHT-ERRANT OF BIG APPLE” – XIV As long as those members of Nations known as “BENIGHTED” – any nation that is not one of the holders of the permanent seats of The United Nations Security Council – allow the FIVE LORDS MANUFACTURERS OF WEAPONS AND ENGINEERS OF INDUSTRILIZED WAR to play PING-PONG WAR-PEACE, there shall be no JUSTICE on Earth. IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE NOW, and stop allowing this AMORALITY, –SAYING “no” to ERIS, and “no” to ARES – before it is too late TO BUILD A SHIP TO RESCUE OUR CHILDREN FROM A DELUGE OF BLOOD. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

ruminations over the failures of peace (Article) - 7/31/2006 8:30:15 PM
And we are so blind that we refuse to see that WE are the very power(s) who arm our very adversaries... or... do we do that intentionally? Tarek, you ALWAYS make insighful and thoughtful commentary, both poetically and politically. We may not agree on everything, but I believe that most of us agree that violence and hatred and bloodshed are traits of LOWER civilizations; and that to evolve to any TRUE higher state of being, we must become more like Jesus Christ and Mahatma Ghandi - that is to say that we should LOVE peace and we should BELIEVE IN peace. -- Jeff

ruminations over the failures of peace (Article) - 7/31/2006 10:57:07 AM
This is great food for thought. I might say that it will not be the Goddess Nemesis who prounces a curse upon us. We pronounce that upon ourself. I agree with you and I agree with Richard,"Until our leaders learn how to communicate with interactive dialogue, until they learn how to interface for the common good and not to appease their bloated egos and their bellies, there will never be peace." I go one step further. We cannot promote peace in the world as a selective situation or country. We would have other countries lay down their arms. Are we willing to do this? Bringing it home our constitution reads for the people, by the people of the people (I may not have that in the right order) These days it seems that is for the few by the few and of the few who have power. Someone once said democricy can only survive until somebody figures how to use it for his own selfish reasons. Are we headed for a horrible fate. The same fate that many other nations have gone? We need to take a closer look at our leaders but first we need to take a closer look at ourselves. God Bless, Lew

ruminations over the failures of peace (Article) - 7/31/2006 8:15:40 AM
Good review. People who see the world in black and white rarely seem to take in information that could undermine their positions. People routinely discount information that threatens their preexisting beliefs, even when you show them overwhelming evidence of hypocrisy and inconsistencies. The illusion and delusion is the word and concept of PEACE. As long as man inhabits the planet, there will NEVER be peace. Elizabeth

Imhotep's last pilgrimage along the river Nile IV (Article) - 5/31/2006 11:07:40 AM
Beatifully musical and magical, as always, dear friend. I always look forward to reading your hypnotically entrancing works. -- Jeff

Imhotep's last pilgrimage along the river Nile IV (Article) - 5/29/2006 8:06:28 PM
An outstanding hierological historical work. This article took me on a trip through my psychobiological memory. A fine literary composition indeed. Respectfully and gratefully. Leonard Thomas Goslee, M.S., M.D.

Imhotep's last pilgrimage along the river Nile IV (Article) - 5/29/2006 7:55:26 PM
SALUTATIONS AND BENISONS TO Author-Poet Tarek Ali Hassan . Many comparative references to the colonization of the Earth, the lost Commanders and the cloned Man. I will return for general comments on this masterpiece, "Imhotep's last pilgrimage along the river Nile IV". Long Healthy Life Fellow of Asclepius. In gratitude, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Imhotep's pilgrimage along the Nile III (Article) - 5/23/2006 6:23:35 AM
You tell some of the most beautiful stories. I hope you are doing well my friend. I wish you were on-line and posting more often - you have so much to give to the world. I, personally, have been quite enriched by coming to know you - even at a distance. That speaks volumes of the impact of your words and your thougths. Please keep enriching the world with your presence and your wisdom. -- Jeff

Osiris utters a warning to Imhotep in his dream (Article) - 3/1/2006 3:33:03 PM
The genetic experiments of times long before officially approved history have paved the way for the slow poisoning of matter and mind. Chemicals, circumstance and conditioning drive the slave race into each direction desired at each time planned before time. There is one little flaw in the design though, that allow the exact opposites to enter through the very same portals. It is the difference in achievement between realms of limit and paradox and those who know none of these. RAge

from the forbidden passion drama of Osiris part II (Article) - 11/3/2005 9:34:14 PM
Absolutely splendid, as always my friend! Be well and PLEASE never stop writing. -- Jeff

Imhotep's last pilgrimage along the Nile valley part I (Article) - 10/9/2005 6:09:45 PM
interesting read

Dear lovely friends from the USA and and all over the world, (Article) - 6/29/2005 8:56:22 PM
prayers for your health

Dear lovely friends from the USA and and all over the world, (Article) - 8/29/2004 8:05:19 AM
Take care of your health Tarek...My prayers are with you...another wonderful write from you my dear n saving this....BHUWAN!!!!

Dear lovely friends from the USA and and all over the world, (Article) - 8/27/2004 1:34:17 PM
so sorry you have been ill, tarek. my prayers are most certainly with you; god be with you! thanks for the update; have wondered where y'all we know, and for that we are eternally grateful. thank you for writing! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in america, karen lynn in texas. :(

Politically induced delusional systems (Article) - 4/25/2004 8:34:25 PM
Greetings in Peace, As an AWAC veteran and former assistant squadron historian, I am familiar with the military terms "information warfare". IW is something our military and CIA do to us Americans 24/7. There are thousands of text books used in colleges and universities that are either CIA written or funded. How else can Amerika behave like Nazis whilst carrying out British Empire, and still believe they're free? Information warfare is a deliberate strategy employed by our government against its own citizens, as well as foreign enemies. As Patrick Henry was said - "War is the gambling table of governments, citizens the dupes of the game". I suggest typing "information warfare" and "IW" into your search engine, especially google and metacrawler. Also visit and see what else us veterans can tell you about the rhetoric versus the reality. Uncle Sam is providing the brawn to British Empire, installing dictators in third world countries and maintaining them. Peace in our time, Robert

Is the concept of cold war an expression of self-damaging Euro-American egocentrism? (Article) - 12/1/2003 11:28:04 PM
This article illuminates the pains, suffering, confusions, and questions of the victims of global state terrorism. Reading it has left me with a great sense of sadness. As an AWAC veteran, I've had Uncle Sam's number for over two decades and the tragedies he causes weigh heavily on my conscience. When I review the written histories on the Soviet Union and its relationship to the rest of Europe prior to and after the Second World War, I do so with George Orwells' 1984 in mind in which the wars between states are manufactured to further control of individuals. In this regard, some interesting things come to light. For example, Lenin was put into Russia by her European neighbors. And later Hitler produced posters illustrating his belief that Russia and America were in cooperation against Germany. Stalin killed millions and millions of his own people. After WWII, the Soviet Union was blown all out of proportion to its actual capabilities by American military and media in order to justify the expansion of government and corporate welfare. Today, American corporations have partnered with Russia and even Communist China for slave labor and an eye on Russia's oil reserves. Commie slave labor produces the WalMart made-in-China goods that undersell everybody. That should be illegal. Corporations should not be allowed to partner with Commies, Kings, and other dictatorships to exploit workers. If people want to buy Chinese, then buy from Free China (Taiwan) where people can say to their boss "take this job and shove it" without being imprisoned or killed. I look forward to the day when I don't have to read how my government is rampaging around the world in defense of Kings, Commie governments, and other dictators.

Osiris utters a warning to Imhotep in his dream (Article) - 10/31/2003 11:50:00 PM
wow tarek....clap clap clap...thank u so much....BHUWAN

Oddities (Poetry) - 8/7/2010 10:21:26 AM
I appreciate the philosophical perspective that you have shared within your verses here, Tarek. It is an odd life/world most of the time and when we think we've figured it out, we soon find out that we were wrong. Love and peace to you, Regis

she never had a faithful knight (Poetry) - 7/12/2010 4:38:43 PM
Such strength and depth in these lines, Tarek, and the use of 'forty' perfect in the context, an icon of time and passage. This is fine work. John

she never had a faithful knight (Poetry) - 7/10/2010 2:19:56 PM
Sadly chilling and powerful in meaning and emotions expressed. Thank you, Tarek. Love and peace to you, Regis

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 7/30/2009 11:01:46 AM

Condemned (Poetry) - 7/25/2009 9:28:31 AM
You provide much substance for reflection with your words, Tarek. Thank you. Love and peace to you, Regis

Condemned (Poetry) - 7/2/2009 4:01:08 PM

Oddities (Poetry) - 6/8/2009 9:45:46 AM
Tarek...Its so good to read your poem again...its an honour to read your poem and learn from you as usual...Please write more poems....Profound as ever my friend....I adore this brilliant write of yours....written with much depth and n luck...BHUWAN!!

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/11/2008 3:46:33 AM
The story of the people long gone forgotten ..I salute you inspirational writing

Oddities (Poetry) - 7/18/2008 9:38:56 PM
Tarek, it has been a long time since you have shared a poem here! It's a pleasure to read you again, though this poem exposes the foolish nature of humanity that rejects wisdom. It is a fact that too many fear what they cannot understand,so they remain ignorant. Keep writing,maybe some will learn;-)!....Eileen

Oddities (Poetry) - 7/18/2008 6:26:39 PM
Wise expressions in "Oddities" take one to identify what MARGINALIZED really means: WHENEVER ONE EXCEEDS THE AVERAGE BEST LEARNED MIND, THERE IS TIME TO MOVE TO ANOTHER ATMOSPHERE. I have enjoyed the reading of "Oddities". I salute You, Poet Son of Apollo, and brother of ASCLEPIUS. In respect and admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 7/11/2008 8:17:56 AM
Dear Tarek....Welcome Back my Friend...Welcome back...Am so happy to have to back with us here....what a write...gem of a write my and your unique writes will again shower the AD with knowledge and insight....welcome back yet n luck....BHUWAN!!

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 5/28/2008 11:28:18 AM
a unique poem by a unique poet and a very very unique doctor. u r irreplaceable. till this moment i know of no doctor to follow up with other than u.

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 2/5/2008 8:50:38 AM
Opposites attract ... there is ALWAYS HOPE! Never give up ... if not each other you both will find another to love. It is better to have loved and LOST than never to have loved :)! My dear friend, Hope is our friend, Sandy

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 9/15/2007 9:39:44 PM
Cycle of unfulfilled love. well written. Ramadan Kareem. Abdullahi

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 7/5/2007 6:03:11 AM
Dear Tarek; The more times one reads this, the better it becomes. Very nice. Doc

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 6/3/2007 12:22:29 PM
brilliant usual..I always leave your den feeling wiser.. Vesna

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 4/26/2007 8:19:08 PM
ASYNCHRONICITY IN THE JOURNEY OF LIFE takes the reader inside that strange paradox of how we sometimes try so hard to connect with each other's humanity but at the same time manage to sabotage those same connections. Within this slender poem is enough wisdom to fill a library. Thank you for writing and sharing it. Aberjhani

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 3/2/2007 7:38:15 PM
how profoundly true - I always have been "out of synch" or too late in all things time-critical in my life. it is so annoying. sometimes, my friend, we must MAKE our own synchronicity. -- Jeff

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 12/27/2006 11:31:48 AM
A very powerful write my friend, for naked we came into this world and sin free by grace of our father, but it is the choices that one makes along this life that creates the monsters within, the opinionated and often sinful and cruel people that is the result. Your write is very thought provoking and allows almost forces the reader to take a long look at their own life as well as life around them to evaluate their level of human kindness and love for our fellowman. Great write my friend I enjoyed this much, so glad that I stopped by. Blessings, Joyce Bowling

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 12/4/2006 9:54:33 AM
Profound offering!! Love Tinka

Asynchronicity in the journey of life (Poetry) - 12/3/2006 5:21:52 PM
This composition is a deep dive into the see of mankind to bring to reason the Octopus of indifference. "Asynchronicity in the journey of life" has paid its poetic dues to enrich the history of Poetry. I salute You, Poet. In gratitude and admiration, Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 10/1/2006 3:15:46 AM
stunned..truth at last! vesna:)

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/9/2006 9:57:46 PM
Tarak you have given us much to ponder.Your poem shouts injustice, while pointing to what could be if we ever truly become civilized. It's been too long since you were here, your voice of wisdom has been missed! Eileen

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/8/2006 10:21:00 PM
MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL aptly reflects how far humanity has wandered away from the initial divine purpose of human existence into the barbed maze of ignorance, fear, and violence. The light of who we truly are and what we truly should be to each other shines with loving brilliance through every line. Thank you for writing them. Aberjhani

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/8/2006 2:42:17 PM
I would imagine that one of the banes of a pluralistic melting pot like the United States, that attracts cultures from all over the planet, is that we are more a nation divided now than a nation united. This is not because of multi-culturalism, or its colorful characters, it is because of greed and what the drug cartels are pumping into the veins of this great country! Sadly most of society has accepted the mental programming from the political masks and we have lost our sense of unity as one Nation indivisible! Instead of helping one another, we compete against one another in an effort to be better than one another and lord it over one another. We have embraced every evil bird in the universe in the pursuit of mammon and have done it gratuitously. I am afraid that all of us have developed feet of clay! Richard Lloyd Cederberg

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/8/2006 11:43:28 AM
Three cheers! Stirring words toward having us reach the truth: the 'self-realization' - the owning up to the numbness to which we succumb when we simply become mindless, soul-less, conscience-free drones who let the "powers-that-be" do our thinking for us. There is tolerance; there is acceptance; and... there is stupidity; they are NOT equal; and we should NOT fall into the trap of treating them as synonymous. We tolerate the government and the corporate elite; we accept the majority of their decisions; BUT, we should not do it blindly; without forethought; and without the right of dissent. It's time we ALL looked in the mirror - no, not Americans; but humanity as a whole. Truth-be-told, we are less than one-half a breath from obliteration. -- Jeff

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/8/2006 7:22:40 AM
Very powerful........ interesting......the abusive of mankind, society.......we are all connected.....and should care...... amazing offering Tarek........pax A

mirror mirror on the wall (Poetry) - 8/8/2006 4:53:39 AM
As long as governments and religious leaders function in accordance with the daily prescribed rules of ERIS and ARES, PLUTO will be working full time, enjoy the smell of the holocaust of children. Thank You for posting "mirror mirror on the wall". In gratitude and reverent admiration. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 7/28/2006 12:21:30 AM
als..the truth..just as it is! Vesna:)

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 11/10/2005 12:05:05 PM
Excellent!! I felt much the same way in Rome. Marble was beautiful, but I saw blood. Thousands dying for statues and 'paintings' actually made from bits of tile had to be placed individually. Most of the statues seemed to me to be of the Mine's-bigger-than-yours variety. As for the Colosseum, brrrrrr. Thank you for the reminder that millions are still enslaved. 'Pea' <3

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 10/7/2005 7:48:49 PM
A telling and chilling parable of the too-often blind impulse to obey custom and ritual with too little consideration for the consequences. Your words speak to the core of fatal human failings while wisely indicating the possibility to avoid the same. CRUSHING PYRAMIDS is intensely brilliant and courageously profound.

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 10/1/2005 12:38:02 AM
yes ...slavery to custom precludes the creative expression of the free spirit ... outstanding poem ... your imagery is steadfast and enlightened ...

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/29/2005 9:27:43 AM
Tarek...My dear friend...welcome back...welcome back...Its great to have you here yet again after a long hiatus...Now AD is full beacause of you...."The crushing pyramids" is a great poetic offering my friend....I salute this write of usual it goes into my library....Love n luck....BHUWAN!!!!!

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/10/2005 9:43:26 AM
This is awe-inspiring, Tarek. Thank you for sharing this poetic offering. Love and peace to you. Regis

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/10/2005 8:40:37 AM
Well penned Sir!! Love Tinka

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/9/2005 4:29:42 PM
Very poignant write The weight of the "pyramids" is still crushing the life of the egyptians until they find a way out How can we glorify a symbol of salavery and death? It's the egyptian spirit that is still alive is the glorified one Bless you, poet

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/9/2005 11:49:56 AM
If we don't take the sword of Justice to cut the tongues of indifference, more flesh will be ground in the "crushing pyramids". The echoes of the call of Justice are multiplying in through the "crushing pyramids". I salute You Poet! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/9/2005 11:40:59 AM
Very good to see you posting. It has been way too long my friend. I hope you are well. Very poignant commentary and beautiful artwork. -- Jeff

crushing pyramids (Poetry) - 9/9/2005 10:55:21 AM
This is very interesting and thought provoking. Makes me think about all the slaves building those pyramids for the rich. Great poem.

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/18/2005 5:54:18 PM

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 4/9/2005 3:28:56 PM
Tarek, this impressive critique, which Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU shared with me, makes perfect sense to a god-thinker who's looked for the truth behind the 'apple's truth' her whole life. You've created, brilliantly and with a fundamental flare of mental light which ignites the solar plexus, a modern day cautionary tale of world-wide magnitude. I was born in the form of an apple eater, but I eat no more 'apples of truth'. It's time to shake the 'tree' of its deadweight, journey into self to find the soul's core, and complete the mission of life. I thank you, Tarek Ali Hassan, for the clarity and clarion call of your words in this numbing jungled orchard of perverted Eden. Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 4/4/2005 6:12:56 PM
Tarek, A mesmerizing perennial drama that encapsulates great thought and wisdom by holding the reader, who in turn is enraptured by the poem's silk woven imagery ... an incredible write of the highest magnitude!! Best regards, Robert

In the lap of progress, for Samuel Beckett and his waiting for Godot (Poetry) - 4/2/2005 8:32:28 AM
And wouldn't Beckett love this tremendously:-) As would would Kafka, Camus, Sartre, and quite a few others with whom you apparently share a gift for illustrating the frustrating and too often dangerous absurdities of human endeavors.

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 4/2/2005 8:25:22 AM
AND WAS BORN AN EATER OF THE FORBIBBEN FRUIT is that rarest dazzling literary fusion of poetry, philosophy, history, religion, and drama all rolled into a single superb aesthetic creation. These lines carry the reader into an intellectually and spiritually charged visualization of the history of humanity's ever expanding and contracting soul. In this, you have given us something more than glittering diamonds or tempting gold. You have given us a true glimpse into the living heart of what it means to be who and what we are. Thank You. Aberjhani

Argument with a tormenting other-self (Poetry) - 2/13/2005 10:33:16 PM
During Galileo's time, a spherical earth was a Muslim concept. Galileo's claim was blasphemous because it denied the Catholic concept of a flat earth and supported the Muslim concept of a round one. It was at Qurtabah (Cordoba) that Columbus learned that the earth was round and hatched his plans to sail west to reach India and steal their gold. The tragedy is that Galileo was just one of many people made to deny their minds to appease those yielding the power to initiate force. And though today people in most countries are not killed for their ideas, even Mr Lear who designed the Lear jet could not initially convince people of lesser intellect that his design would sell.

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 1/5/2005 6:37:22 AM
August 23, 2003. 17:51 E.S.T. by Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ... And despite all warnings, I let myself be induced by the Reptile "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit"... Could it identify the Sado- Masochist nature of my social body? (Mankind) You, inspired One, You revealed the whereabouts of my generations, from the “Tale Of The Eden” to the birth of the press, and showed me all my foolishness and advancement up to the twenty-first century, but I am still a slave of the Reptile, "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit" again through the psychobiology of my existence as mankind. I can see traces indicating a referral that we could be the Fly-Commanders, Titans, later known as deities (Descendents of the Commanders, Titans.) that forgot how to get back to our base, and then, without direction, – or flying charter to return to the base, – we decided to create a home on Earth; and because we could not tell our subordinates what was going on, we started the colonization of this planet telling them lies? Instead of telling them that we were lost, we invented the Reptile and the Apple…? Could You be trying to tell me that “What starts with lies, in lies shall live”– like in the Murphy’s Law? I should be talking on the poetical and dramatics of "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit". This work has an excellent flowing. The form keeps its pace and the composition, as a whole is an outstanding one in Free Verse form. This style of Yours does keep one into the reading. I am very impressed with Your artistic capabilities, and can affirm to You that I will read anything written by Author Poet, Musician, Dramatist and Physician, Tarek Ali Hassan It was a privilege to read Your "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit". I thank You. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Truth (Poetry) - 11/22/2004 4:33:18 PM
Oh the words you make in silence, in the emptiness between few well chosen ones! So well put, how we can never be satisifed when we believe consumption is the key to happiness. Fools, all of us. Thanks for sharing, Tarek. Monette

and then you knew too much! (Poetry) - 10/3/2004 4:10:04 AM
Does any one know what "your transfiguration at Colonas shall forever be the most sublime" means? Thanks.MJ

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 9/26/2004 9:42:42 AM
Splendid, breathtaking poetry at its best! Tarek, I've missed you. This was well worth sharing. -- Jeff

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/26/2004 9:38:49 AM
Tarek - I'm not sure why I did not get notified when you posted a poem. I am tracking you, so I don't know why that part of AD is apparently not always working. At any rate, there are few who I would call "great poets;" you, my friend, are a great poet! The yellow of the submarine symbolizes the cowardice that we portray, by failing to see that we can all live together in love and harmony, if only we bother to have the courage and the insight to come outside the submarine (think outside the box), and you also so eloquently allude to the fact that, although there is "water water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink" (i.e., "dying of thirst in the fountain") - here we are in this yellow submarine, pretentiously believing we are protecting liberty and hope, with solutions all around us, yet we continue to ignore amenable solutions, in the name of 'progress' and 'liberty' and 'democracy.' Incredibly well-done as always Tarek. Wonderful to see a post from you. I will send you an e-mail later. Be blessed, my friend. -- Jeff

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 9/25/2004 7:14:56 AM
silent sheep oblivious of all drama or fear munched their grass and slept awake ..indeed...sigh Vesna:)

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/25/2004 7:12:44 AM
and i die of thirst... ..alas..the truth! Brilliant! Thankyou! Vesna :)

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/17/2004 3:41:18 PM
I SEND GREETINGS TO ALL THAT THESE LETTERS MAY READ. I hear the "secret lamentations of modern man", and I see the scornful smiles of the Indifferent Leaders of DISGRACE and DEALERS OF DEATH. Mammon entered in association with Ares. Their possessions spread, and "deeper, faster, higher" nine times said, (27=9) and nine times nine, (81=9) and nine are the Benighted Members that vote for them. If they refused to, the FIVE MAMMON/ARES Lords VETO! The time is now, if the people want to follow the natural course of Justice, and instead of cry "secret lamentations of modern man", stand up, and say "No" to "MAMMON/ARES ASSOCIATED" also known as United Nations Security Council, NATO, VATICAN, and all their affiliated Shepherds and Soldiers of Shame. This deliverance/presentation of "secret lamentations of modern man" came on the right time. I must congratulate the Author of this magnificent poetic-dramatic grandiose. Healthy be the eyes of those that can read the "secret lamentations of modern man". Justice and Courage. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/17/2004 6:58:31 AM
Dear Tarek....This is a masterpiece my dear friend....This is really a class act...I think you should publish this poem....PROFOUND....this is the best write of forever amaze me with your talent....this goes into my library....This poem is a real poem and you are a true poet my n luck...BHUWAn from Nepal.

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 7:01:39 PM
A powerful lament exuding truth, Tarek. Love and peace to you. Regis

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 1:38:21 PM
Thought provoking! The dajjal came to mind, then I began to think of Bush, Sharon, Rumsfeld, and the powers that be, and how they turned our world upside down, and are still acting innocent with their so called "war on terror" while they themselves are the fuel that keeps Terror well and alive. These are trying times, thank you so much for this great offering! Safi

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 1:14:05 PM
You have crafted a masterpiece here. Nothing more be said. . .saving this one in my library. blessin's, cynth'ya lewis reed

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 11:52:24 AM
Tarek! Bravo! I'm printing this out as one of the best examples of how humanity has let the"Manufacture of consent" you spoke about bring us to the brink of disaster! I have been convinced for sometime that the freedom of the press in America would bring us down, and the world with us! Of course it has to do with greed, not with news. It is the greed of corporations that own networks that own the news sources that vie for ratings that keep what has become the horrendous "need to know" lie, they perpetrate on an unsuspecting public who are too ignorant and complacent to know the truth!The truth being that the fourth estate power no longer reports the news, they make it! They manipulate it any way they want in order to keep an audience, and in many cases to further their own agenda and political views. I'm sorry for ranting, I couldn't help myself!;-) Your work is so fantastic Tarek, it evokes truth to speak out!

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 9:01:09 AM
I have to agree with Ace below, that is one hell of a treatise into your subconcious mind, Tarek...all I can say is wow, and that I do agree with most of it, although I have to read it again and again to really absorb the full meaning...quite a great piece of work...Find Peace, Ed & rufuz

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 8:38:53 AM
an powerful sojourn into the depths of your conscious and subsconscious thoughts ... i like the metaphor of living in a submarine, yellow at that, until we have the fortitude and resolve to raise periscope and emerge from the sea of the human condition ... a good poem to be read outloud ....

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 7:38:20 AM
Creative content. Enjoyed.

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 6:55:27 AM
Excellent and powerful, deeply thoughtful, Loved this, Reindeer

secret lamentations of modern man (Poetry) - 9/14/2004 5:40:42 AM
Very interesting format in which to frame this piercing lament, Tarek. Our collective human condition does indeed slowly die from a great thirst rooted in our alienation of self, neighbor and planet. A powerfully engaging metaphysical offering; Bravo!

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 8/30/2004 9:58:02 PM
universal emtoions when we wept kissed and stretched out our hands wailing our separation when we wanted and did not want so beautifully expressed........ each generations suffers the same trials depending on circumstance.......... loves a bitch, huh? pax A

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 8/28/2004 5:53:11 AM
Tarek....welcome back....welcome dont know how happy I am to read you again....I missed you very much....And you are back with a bang....genuine write yet again from the master whom I adore a lot....your poems are really a treasure and I always learn from them a lot.... I am delighted to read this wonderful old poem of, Tarek was a very romantic soul in his youth days...I know you will be forever romantic....I am saving this straight...This is something which I will read again and again...My best verse is....let me kiss that innocence again do you remember one summer when nature smiled?....clap clap clap.....welcome back mentor...Hoping to read more of yours in future and learn from n luck....BHUWAN

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 8/27/2004 5:57:25 PM
"when we embraced the world but would not learn" this line sums up the essence of this spectacular poem ...

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 8/27/2004 5:53:56 PM
Tarek this is a glorious declaration of love, bittersweet remembrances so sweet and lovely! A pleasure to read you again, You are missed!

To Cecilia (Poetry) - 8/27/2004 2:21:26 PM
It is always a learning blissful moment to visit Your Den, Sublime Poet! On this century of Poetic Revelation, when all past will mingle with now to be poemized in one single Voice of the VERB, it is glorious to know that the earthily son of Apollo, using the tools and technique of Asclepius, dedicated pupil of Hippocrates and Mozart, Tarek Ali Hassan, is another pen to write on the scrolls of life the emotions of eternity to comply with the poetic mission. “To Cecilia” is an enjoyable romance grand. May You enjoy a long healthy life. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

to a Mahatma (Poetry) - 5/22/2004 4:51:12 PM
This is very astute. You see with clear eyes.

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 3/5/2004 9:39:47 AM
loved that ending, especially...well-crafted, thoughful presentation....thanks for posting it.

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 1/9/2004 12:31:04 PM
A masterpiece that left me in awe. It left me recalling my days in Catholic school when we would go to mass and sing all the Glorias and Kyrie Eleison . and yet it was so much more than that. Like a great painting. A masterpiece in a gallery in France. Lovely work. clap clap clap...floria

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 1/4/2004 3:43:04 PM
Tarek..this is magnificent!!!...Glorious! Wondrous! YOU..a Master Poet at work..what a blessing to have you here ..ty!! vesna :)

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 1/3/2004 9:27:50 PM
profound ponderings, to be sure. you hit us in the gut and keep us awake; eyes open; so that we shan't sleep through the "why's". the "who's" are not as important as the "why's"; for the "why's" shall disclose the "who's." -- Jeff

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 1/3/2004 9:18:44 PM
Incredibly and indescribably beautiful and moving! Poetry itself longs to BE what you have written. For it is written, "The breath of God shall fall upon a poet; and that poet's words shall shake the very foundations of the Earth." That poet is named Tarek Ali Hassan.

Tea and crumpets (Poetry) - 12/26/2003 10:43:24 PM
This strikes me as otherwordly and mildly sarcastic. Of course most of the world population lives in abject poverty, and many of them die every day. The problem is that we can only do so much to alleviate those things. I write about them all the time, but few read my writing (go look at my poem, The Inexorability of Malthusian Geometry and you'll see that very few bothered to read it.)

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 12/26/2003 1:51:54 AM
excellant write Tarek.This screams " prove it"..the only proof I need is how I feel,too much emphasis on logic reason in this world..prehaps that is why we have lost so much..if we can 'prove 'somethng then we feel in control,of higher value..but if it's just a feeling,we discount it as worthless!Well not for me reason and logic,the greatest thing on earth is love and how does one prove that..feeling.Long LIve Spontaneity!Long Live Faith,Long live Feeling.Prehaps the next 'age' will be of the soul,of the unproven,unlogical. You are indeed a great writer,making the reader think,ponder,feel..thankyou

Truth (Poetry) - 12/24/2003 10:16:12 PM
I don't agree with Erin. I think deceit and lies are what start wars. I can't agree that truth has anything to do with it. You have made a good point.

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/22/2003 2:21:27 PM
to you "all the lovely people", words fail me as I do not know how to respond to your wonderful reviews all of them poetry in their own right. I feel surrounded with your love and warmth. Getting into the festive season I want to transmit to you dear dear friends all the best wishes for health happiness and creativity and eagerly wait to follow, enjoy and learn from the creative richness you produce. With all my love, Tarek Ali Hassan

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/22/2003 7:11:35 AM
So powerful and inspiring, thank you for sharing this.

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/21/2003 7:02:29 PM
Deeply powerful and soul-strirring. Thank you for this offering. Love and peace, Regis.

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/21/2003 8:06:42 AM
a powerful masterpiece ... extremely well written ... thought-provoking motif ...

Truth (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 1:36:11 PM
the passion in this is immense.Bravo..I like your voice

to a Mahatma (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 1:34:17 PM
Superb !!"where betrayal is progress and power is the bigger gun... you stand and sing the dream " so many this is for,so many who have come and sung through all adversity.You are a fine writer of the soul my friend

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 12/20/2003 1:29:20 PM
so many unanswered questions,so much pain..very insightful and compassionate write Tarek..I will venture to read more of you

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/19/2003 11:48:08 PM
Bravo! Tarak, I'm astonished and can hardly comment! This outstanding work of art arouses every emotion stirs the imagination and excites all the senses. Thank you for sharing it with us!I'm saving it to read again slowly, so I can savor each word!

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/19/2003 6:47:57 PM
Tarek....this is a masterpiece my friend....your wisdom and compassion is as infinite as the God my dear friend....this goes into my library now....thanks for sharing this gem of a write with all of us n luck.....BHUWAN

A mass for our times (Poetry) - 12/19/2003 8:24:03 AM
"A mass for our times", - a dramatic poem written in a form from fifty-five centuries before Gaius Julius Caesar, analyzing the anxiety of today’s society of slavery and mercenary warriors. This work reflects most of today's claims for peace and salvation, which can’t be accomplished because of the theocratic states under the pay-off of the engineers of slavery and war that dominate sixty-five percent of the world population directly, and the remaining thirty-five percent is controlled by them through their associates, named as “benighted nations” by the Five Lords Manufacturers of Weapons of mass destruction. “A mass for our times” brings nourishment for the inner soul and feeds the mind of those seeking Justice, for it arrows the way to the gates of reality. Although this ancient-modern style has a soft voice that penetrates the senses like the scent of sandalwood, one will require at least two readings of it in order to enable the conscious mind to conclude or develop thoughts on the subjects dealt throughout the entire lines of this masterpiece. I have enjoyed this reading of “A mass for our times”, and thank You for sharing this magnificent piece of poetical work. Note: Please, allow me to explain that my referring to “A mass for our times” as “ANCIENT-MODERN” meant to say that we call this modern poetry, but it has been this way for over seventy-eight centuries. Thank You, honorable Poet, Musician and Physician Tarek Ali Hassan. Healthy Creative and Productive Life. May You enjoy a Memorable Season. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU, Apprentice-poet by the Grace of The Great Poet.

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 12/12/2003 11:00:30 AM
My heart received a stab I remember that day..I was in highschool..the whole of Australia cried.. Wonderful write Tarek..ty! Vesna :)

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 12/4/2003 11:10:54 PM
Who killed JFK how and why? Who killed RK how and why? Who killed MLK how and why? Who is killing the known and unknown lads and lasses so full of hope? how and why? Who lurks in the wings to pounce ruthlessly on any bud growing to answer the pain of our infinite longing? Dear Tarek....profound write yet again from you my very talented dear have raised some global questions.....insightful n luck....BHUWAN

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 12/2/2003 7:52:39 AM
How interesting and well composed are your questions ... to which no one knows the answers. Investigations seem a waste of talent, time and money as they 'unmask' nothing new. Thoughtful probe :)! In Jeff's poem, no mirror, you wandered what bothered me--my beloved and closest sibling, my sister, Helen, passed away Oct. 1st. Though I was supposed to be executor of her estate (she didn't give me a notorized document--just her word), my four other (all younger) siblings claimed it and divided everything she had between themselves. Then my daughter lost another baby (her 9th pregnancy) via miscarriage in mid-October, followed by the passing of another uncle Nov. 3rd (we lost one in May too). Doogie, 9, who was born with cerebral palsy, had a second retina detachment (right eye this time in March) and, despite all our efforts, multiple surgeries, was pronounced totally blind on August 27th--he can only see light if it's shone directly into his right eye; the left doesn't even see light. It's been a rough year! :)Sandy

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/29/2003 2:13:08 AM
Greetings in Peace, I read your poem after having read your article elsewhere on Eurocentrism, which already had left me with a lump in my throat. So I was predisposed to feeling the pain in your writing. So much pain, so much tragedy, so much sadness. The irony is that our own Amish and Old Order Mennonites here in the States share many practices with third world populations for which they're well respected rather than disdained. And on top of that, they smile all the way to the bank because they profit around $130 from an acre of land by their traditional farming methods, whereas the corporate farms are lucky to make $10 an acre. I guess what I'm trying to say is hold your head high the same as Amish and Mennonite and don't succumb to cultural programming, which is financed in Egypt by the United States. Besides Israel, Egypt recieves the most foreign aid from the U.S., which pays for loading your MATRIX. But as the Amish and Mennonite have demonstrated, one can still find freedom in an unfree world without having to do like Absaal and Hayy Ibn Yaqzaan and hideout on an uninhabited Indian island. Peace in our time.

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 11/28/2003 9:42:28 AM
Tarek, I cry silent tears for many years over our countries inability to unmask the truth of these assassinations. Many have their theories, the fact remains most of us do not know what the truth is. "There is something terribly wrong with the state of Denmark? or perhaps with us?" The correct answer to this question, I believe is,there may be something rotten in Denmark, but it is something rotten in the whole world. Humanity suffers from a very evil illness, called complacency.The poor are too week to fight it, the middle class have just enough not to want to be bothered and the rich have enough money to provide pleasures that sate any appetite...When something is wrong in society, the masses wait for their leaders to solve it,if the leaders don't do so,the people fall back on their comfort zones and opt out of the situation.I fear the days of revolt for societal change are over, because of the complacency level, not many people are hungry enough to go after change.Thank you for your excellent thought provoking write Tarek!Also, for your wonderful support of my work!;-)

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 11/28/2003 12:56:37 AM
Excellent piece... God Bless ~Michelle~

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 11/27/2003 5:22:53 AM
Thank you.

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 7:59:53 PM
Excellent work.

A wound that refuses to heal (Poetry) - 11/26/2003 3:27:08 PM
(((Tarek))) Powerful write, Tarek; and I shall never forget Kennedy's assination either. I was but just a little girl of four years old, and I still can remember mommy, daddy, and grandma crying as they were watching the news, and I was asking: "Why?" I will never forget that as long as I live! (God, can it be true; where did those 40 years go by so fast??) And, of course, I will never forget September 11, 200l: it still makes me cry whenever I think of the hatred that was behind the attacks and still wonder why so many people hate us. What did we do to them; why do they hate America or Americans so much?? I guess it's a question (or questions) that only God knows the answer to. Thanks for sharing this harrowing write; God bless you, my friend! (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in America, Karen Lynn in Texas. :( >tears, tears, tears <

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/14/2003 8:39:11 PM
johnny mnemonic would be proud. this is "out there." and, as we all know, 'the matrix cannot be unloaded,' if so, we would all cease to exist.

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 8:42:24 PM
i realy like your style and the motif of this poem... can the matrix be unloaded once it is activated?

to a Mahatma (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 1:41:23 PM
...the more I read you the more am I aware of the profoundness of a kindred connection..Ty for your soul,mind and heart... Shimmering light write... Vesna

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 12:21:57 PM
Astonishing write Tarak! You teach us to delve and ponder the truths which are so often obfuscated by lies!I love your work ! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 10:47:06 AM
...Tarek..the essence of you thrills me..this is going into my many of your other writes have...ty ..for I always leave your Den blessed with thoughts that nibble at my mind.. Vesna :)

Death of spontaneity (Poetry) - 11/13/2003 5:46:49 AM
"one plus one equals two one plus two equals three three plus three equals seven one minus one equals nothing nothing nothing nothing equals infinity" Tarek....My dear friend....This is very profound write my friend....You always decorate AD with your deep and powerful writes...and this is yet another of your classic write....I adore your writes a lot....and this goes straight into my n luck....BHUWAN

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/27/2003 12:46:48 AM
well done!

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/26/2003 7:29:54 PM
Points to ponder indeed! Thank you.

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/25/2003 12:32:26 PM
forgive them for they feel not what they do and they feel not what they would not do alas..that is the plight of the human condition.. Excellent for thought! Vesna

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 10/21/2003 4:00:33 PM

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/20/2003 6:34:07 PM
Beautiful words... Thanks...

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/20/2003 10:20:34 AM
Eloquent indeed.

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/11/2003 11:55:41 AM
This is magical..Bang on target ((grin)) Justin

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/11/2003 10:10:00 AM
Really an awesome poem.

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/11/2003 8:48:28 AM
My comprehension is too low for this one. I keep raading it, but the anchor is cast to deep for me to fathom. Almost like a reflection of a poem or song that casts a long shadow in the mind but circles itself like a dog after its own tail. Not able to make a realistic comment. Just an observation from afar.

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/11/2003 7:13:05 AM
Orpheus was rent apart by the Maenads, at least symbolically & I suppose all gnosis maintains the relationship with the Beloved is indidual & individuated, good reading.

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/11/2003 2:00:45 AM
oh love that consumes the loving man oh love that makes vulnerable to the cheating hand oh love answered with inexorable hate oh love told and untold oh thick warmth oh father oh floating fungus in the bubbling stream forgive them they dare not see forgive them for they feel not what they do and they feel not what they would not do Dear friend Tarek, You have penned here a gem of write.....Thanks for sharing this with all us of here....This write of yours is filled with deep and profound wisdom....I loved each and every line of this majestic write.....I would say that this is very very insightful read and a must read for n luck.....BHUWAN

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/10/2003 10:43:08 PM
I love the last two lines best. Excellent!

when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes (Poetry) - 10/10/2003 10:17:05 PM
Thanks for arousing the senses with this Tarak! Brings to mind how little we really know.Most of us live our lives totally unaware of how to live.;-) Yet, we do some wonderful things along the way, imagine if we knew what we were doing;-)!

Argument with a tormenting other-self (Poetry) - 10/2/2003 2:35:47 AM
This one is excellent my n luck....I love your poems....keep on writing forever my friend....BHUWAN

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/29/2003 1:40:16 PM

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/28/2003 5:48:53 AM
loved this style

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/27/2003 9:07:33 AM
simple, but yet so profound~ excellent write, tarek! :D (((HUGS))) and love, your friend in america, karen lynn.

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/27/2003 12:12:59 AM
Dear Friend Tarek, You have painted a picture with your words my dear friend....Again you have showed us all your poetic perfection....wonderful work...a true delight to n luck....BHUWAN

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 9:02:00 PM
You painted quite a picture, a true Dali;-)Enjoyed this satire, Tarek

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 7:21:29 PM
:) Wonderfully droll, Tarek. Quantifies our Now.

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 6:26:45 PM
cute and black comedy that last stanza i could've done without but nonetheless a fun interpretation of life's rythmn thanks, d.

recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy (Poetry) - 9/26/2003 4:07:46 PM
"black comedy" Well, you sure tickled my funny bone!

Truth (Poetry) - 9/21/2003 7:50:38 AM
..the only truth we can expect is the one within us..THAT truth is THE one..however much needs to be digested before it can reign... Excellent write..TY Vesna

Truth (Poetry) - 9/17/2003 12:03:42 PM
September 17, 2003. 15:02. EST “TRUTH” questions, the victims’ number increases; money dictates the rules and buys prominent minds to serve the interests of the PLUTOCRATS that enjoy privileged information, and the Press will write history to fit the notebook of the FIVE MAIN TERRORISTS of the Planet Earth, – the Manufactures of Weapons – that control the FIVE PERMANENT SEATS OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL, while the real facts of Reality are considered circumstantial, and The United Nations Organization became a cartel to control the “Benighted Nations”, as the “Five Bosses” of U.N., scornfully call all other members that “Nay” for their criminal organization. The truth is: “That man has invented saints in his name Was proved in many ways, and he proceeds, But won’t stand for truth, never stops his game, For his game doesn’t fit, but war and greed!” 4th Stanza of “The Divinity Of Man” – By Bendavi ben-YEHU >>>>>>>>>>> >> What makes a great Poet is not the number of pages she/he writes, but the number of people she/he can inspire. < < Author Poet Tarek Ali Hassan, Your Poem, “Truth” has inspired me deeply. Thank You for walking “On a Journey to Justice for Justice everywhere”. Never rest Your pen; don’t let Your quills dry. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Truth (Poetry) - 9/16/2003 4:26:21 AM
Tarek...deep and powerful write....excellent....BHUWAN

Truth (Poetry) - 9/15/2003 9:28:36 PM
In a sense, Tarik, truth is what starts all wars. Truth covered up continues them. Global or personal. Probing write, it fed my thoughts to that exquisite epiphany, thank you. :) I feel a poem coming on with that thought...

Truth (Poetry) - 9/15/2003 9:38:28 AM
Good write, Tarek! (((HUGS))) and love, your friend in America, Karen Lynn. :D

Dialogue with a fish being grilled (Poetry) - 9/12/2003 5:10:52 PM
A remarkable poem…very unique indeed. I’ll be reading more from you..and thank you for your most kind words…My best, Dani

Dialogue with a fish being grilled (Poetry) - 9/11/2003 3:32:18 AM
Tarek....excellent write my friend....very very thought provoking as usual from you!!!

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/4/2003 6:29:06 PM
Oustanding work Tarek that leaves much open for discussion and debate! KUDOS My Friend! ~Nikki~

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/3/2003 7:43:11 AM
"The Sun is lured into orbit round the moon". This poem is a thought's developer piece. A very impressive composition that instructs and strikes the mind. I would like to be allowed to suggest a revision for the last two lines of the penultimate Stanza. I thank You. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/3/2003 6:26:14 AM
Damn, I had it all wrong! I know what you are saying, regardless of my being a smart ass about it. You know I do like your work.

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/3/2003 3:59:55 AM
Majestic write from you yet again...congratulations.....BHUWAN

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/3/2003 1:29:18 AM

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/2/2003 10:57:57 PM
Your poems are always awesome Tarak!

The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon (Poetry) - 9/2/2003 10:41:32 PM
This poem as a literary piece deserves a debate. May I suggest you post it for us at Eratosphere? Eratosphere is the most professional forum for poets on-line. It is run by the Able Muse magazine, the review of metrical verse. Best, Nevine Al Seidi

Tiresias the blind seer (Poetry) - 9/1/2003 3:48:23 PM
Wow, this is some bold, powerful and deep work Tarek! Excellant piece! ~Nikki~

Tiresias the blind seer (Poetry) - 9/1/2003 11:00:08 AM
Brilliant write Tarak! In scripture it says that worldly knowledge without wisdom is wasted.

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 7:11:06 AM
"Prayer and reality sandwich"... The reality meets fatality! Only Hope can show the Liberty's Gate. I thank You for allowing us to share this profound WRITING. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Tiresias the blind seer (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 6:55:35 AM
I Salute the Author of "Tiresias the blind seer". I read this poem from which I have learned important matters of existing, while living. It is a thought's developer WRITING. Happy Healthy Day! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Tiresias the blind seer (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 4:24:52 AM

Tiresias the blind seer (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 4:05:39 AM
This is bold! Are you saying that knowledge is the source of blindness - ignorance? In Greek mythology, Tiresias is a blind prophet. His myth as follows: The most famous account of the origin of his blindness and his prophetic talent is as follows. When Tiresias was walking in the woods one day, he came upon two great serpents copulating; he struck them with his staff, and was thereupon transformed into a woman. Seven years later, she/he passed by the same place and came upon the same two serpents copulating; she/he struck them again with the staff and was turned back into a man. Some time later, Zeus and Hera were arguing over who had more pleasure in sex, the man or the woman: Zeus said it was the woman, while Hera claimed men got more pleasure from the act. To settle the argument, they consulted Tiresias, since he had experienced life as both sexes, and Tiresias sided with Zeus. In her anger, Hera struck Tiresias blind. Since Zeus could not undo the act of another deity, he gave Tiresias the gift of prophecy in compensation. "what is vision's weight what awful price?" "Vision" in the first line is a pun; it is 'sight' as well as 'prophecy'. One of the examples where two lines make a great poem; study them carefully! A terrifying and trying piece for me! Nevine Al Seidi

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/31/2003 3:29:56 AM
The composition of the poem and the 'tit-for-tat' poetic justice are very straight forward. The title of the poem reflects the poet's disappointment; yet, the resolution of the poem, as evident in the last two lines, is indicative of human revenge. The voice in the poem is one oscillating between hope and resentment. The confusion is typically human ; and the tone is gentle like the tone in all Dr. Tarek Ali Hassan's works. The theatricality of the closed door, along with the sign: "CLOSED" ushers to the drama and the suffering left out of the verse yet hinted at in the repetition of "gentle" against "hardened", "hurt", "treachery","betrayal", "fear",and "violence". Studying the diction, we see four "gentle", against seven indications and explanations of the closed door. The conclusion, then, must be that the poet is too 'weak' to really try and open the door, and finds it easier, to slam his eternally. Unaware, the poet pays the price of his own 'vulnerability'by giving up on his 'gentleness'. The poem, short as it is, abounds with the dilema of love and deprivation,and hope and despair. The 'simple' door in the poem unearthes the complex feelings of loneliness and need of man trying to make sense of life through connecting with another soul, that presumably has the same 'simple' need. The music is ultra soft; and the crescendo of the resolution against the dimenuendo of the opening lines ends the poem on a tragic note.The pathos in the poem is given dignity by employing this 'gentle' music, though the ubruptness of the finale reflects an anger that was kept subdued. Enjoyable in a VERY painful way. Show me that door, and I wisll smash it into pieces for you, Doctor! Nevine Al Seidi

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 5:14:18 PM
Tarak, So much wisdom in this poem. lady peg

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 2:50:12 PM
Tarak, I see a request an invitation and a warning! A beautifully layered sandwich filled with wisdom!Thank you;-)

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 2:35:10 PM
Hmmm, interesting Tarek, the first verse is prayer, the second reality...and the last two lines as an extra precaution to go with the gentleness of compassion. I like it! :)

Prayer and reality sandwich  (Poetry) - 8/30/2003 2:31:15 PM
good and thought provoking write; thanks for sharing, tarek! :D (((HUGS))) and love, your friend in america, karen lynn.

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 3:43:49 PM
Again? Forever an apple-eater? It is very scary!A very broad subject and a very valid argument.. Your 'head' is my muse, Doctor Tarek. I hope I have enough energy to learn it all from you. This poem is too rich for me to comment on in a few lines. I think I should answer your tacit question ( How to become a no-apple-eater when I was born and re-born an apple-eater?)in a poem.. You write: "I am guiltless, you are all guiltless absolved! Find the miraculous center, the resolution of all contradictions the balance point to harmonious justice this is the real struggle demanding heroes great " How I aspire to do that! But who invented the myth of "The Apple" in the first place? The myth of the "devil" and the "Serpent"? Was it not man? Just to absolve himself of greed and justify his decadence. If there were ever an apple that was on a forbidden tree, Adam had enough apples on all allowed trees to savour. It was his avarice that got him curious about 'delving into the forbidden'. As Salman Rushdie says: "there is a limit to everything we know, except the perversion of man". This dramatic poem discusses the classic theme of the fall of man, from a modern point of view, the view of the industrial man , the cyber man and the cloned one. Is there any hope that man can become a deity, a king of the universe? No,The poet affirms: "but was born again an apple-eater"; this was the resolution to the thematic question. In circles, the confused man's mind goes and never reaches but where he was born: the disgrace of the apple-eater. The language of the poem simulates the workings of the mind of the apple-eater with the repurcussion of the title as refrain achieving perfection in composition. Thank you for insiring the first generation of poets of the 21st century! Nevine Al Seidi

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 1:32:48 PM
There will always be an apple eater--someone to delve into forbidden areas. Great thoughts.

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 7:22:08 AM
WOW, Tarek I am humbled and impressed beyond impressed if that is even at all possible. This is such a supreme writing of free flowing thoughts, so uplifting and inspiring! Thank You for sharing this one Tarek! ~Nikki~

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 5:44:26 AM
You get me started thinking too early in the morning, but I enjoy the challenge.

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 2:41:44 AM
Gem of a saving this in my file....clap clap.....BHUWAN

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/23/2003 1:16:23 AM
marvelous mesh of thoughts and images...

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/22/2003 9:17:50 PM
Excellent free-form poetry aping a computer program -- highly reflective with wonderful point/counterpoints and small sharp insights! A smart synergy of intellectual discourse and stream-of-consciousness art! Well-crafted and wonderfully executed!

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/22/2003 6:57:18 PM
Magnificent Tarak! I will read this many times, and hopefully understand it more each time. "All who have ears to hear and eyes to see, but they knew not, and he allowed them to remain dumb and blind for he knew their hearts"....

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/22/2003 5:57:05 PM
this is one to be read a little at a time, and given over to reflection... digested and then one should move on...I for one will have to copy and read it slowly... I love a great mystery... seems you have written one in this... I can't wait to read the end <smiling>... very good write

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/22/2003 5:02:17 PM
I was reading… "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit" it is a dawn of the new thinking under the light of Consciousness. I am on an emergency, but will return to re-read "and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit" at the earliest possible. It is an impressive work. I Salute You, inspired One! Happy Healthy Friday’s Night and an accomplishing and relaxing Saturday. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

and was born an eater of the forbidden fruit (Poetry) - 8/22/2003 4:40:53 PM
magnificent write..Floreann *****

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/21/2003 2:52:50 AM
Profound write and a true joy to feel and read.....touched my soul straight.....BHUWAN

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 11:06:38 PM
The beat for one with your acumen and faith is eternal;-)

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 7:22:29 PM

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 7:09:10 PM
Oh my dear Dr. & Poet Tarek no heartbeats have been missed here in this beautiful noble get out there and live! :O) ~Nikki~

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 5:43:37 PM
Dr. Tarek, I will look at your "Palpitations" positively! From what I read, I can not see any missed "beat". A Maestro just does not miss one like a Physician does not get sick! I know better! You are feeling great; right? LOL! Feel free to twist my neck!LOL Yes, we love you! Nevine Al Seidi

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 5:08:44 PM
The Spring of the End is not ready to start Your cycle... Egypt needs You... The world needs You... Oh, "palpitations" must be moved with ichor...! Let these "palpitations" take the course of morrow... Let Your heart pump inchor today... We love You! The poem "palpitations" strikes imagination and move thoughts... all directions! Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 4:37:22 PM
I love the last line... know this feeling.... thank you for sharing... In Spirit, Bear

palpitations (Poetry) - 8/19/2003 3:00:47 PM
Eeriely soothing, Tarek. Sad, yet unafraid, I like it! :)

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/18/2003 5:19:36 AM
I am a first time reader of yours, and this will not be my last time. I think this pece was excellent! Kudos! tony

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 9:14:45 PM

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 5:15:41 PM
"Intimation at dawn" pictures the mysteries revealed to the passenger that heedfully observed the mental environment... He, the One willing to know the word of Eos heard the message and understood its meaning through the smell felt by the nose of imagination. "Intimation at dawn" is food for the mind... It is a striking and inspiring poem on the social, spiritual and humanistic fields. I Salute the Author of "Intimation at dawn". Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 4:32:25 PM
Oh, the pathos here can not be measured in pounds, probably in miles encircling the globe. Are you sure this was how dawn was like in Paris, itself? I am scared! Nevine Al Seidi

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 2:52:04 PM
Tarek, everything running in a circle and nothing will ever change. Same timea and place day after day and nothing will change. Forget that. Bill Murray

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 2:47:39 PM
I get the sense of never ending ride that is repeated over and over again....excellent write

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 1:35:25 PM
Great imagery! May Lu a.k.a. Sandie Angel :o)

Intimation at dawn (Poetry) - 8/17/2003 11:19:37 AM
a wonderful write..Floreann

and then you knew too much! (Poetry) - 8/6/2003 9:41:52 PM
Superb write...yeah....sometimes knowing too much is very painful....great write....BHUWAN

Casualties of materialitis fever and IT (Poetry) - 8/5/2003 5:25:26 PM
I loved this!!!

A SEASON IN POST-INDUSTRIAL HEAVEN (Poetry) - 8/5/2003 5:22:02 PM
Wonderful expressions!!!

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 8/5/2003 5:07:25 PM
Wow! I really got caught up in this one. ~Jackie~

to a Mahatma (Poetry) - 8/4/2003 5:07:07 AM
Profound as ever.....BHUWAN

for Allen Ginsberg (Poetry) - 8/4/2003 5:05:24 AM
What a write...BHUWAN

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 8/4/2003 5:03:08 AM
Dear Sir.....This is deep. powerful and profound write...I am inspired by your writes...thank u.....BHUWAN

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 8/1/2003 11:20:24 PM
Pofound write....This is excellent write....BHUWAN

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 8/1/2003 4:17:45 PM
Tarak, I have never read a more beautifully expressed allegorical poem! I must say I'm in awe of your talent, which is surely a gift.I'm honored that you would read my humble offerings!Thank You!

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 7/24/2003 11:33:14 PM
Isis, in Egyptian mythology, is the Goddess of Life. Before creation, there was Nin, or the primordial ocean of chaos. Then, came a fire in heaven, known as Ra. This incident gave birth to Shu,or air and Tefnut, the moisture – together they created the earth, or Geb the God of earth and Nut, the Goddess of Sky. Geb and Nut shared a passion for each other that Ra , the cosmos, was jealous of their union and its potenial. Ra sent Shu to separate them, after them having a brief and passionate affair that gave birth to four children: Osiris and Seth ( males) and Isis and Nephthys (females). Of the four children, Isis became the Goddess of life.Isis is the Mistress of the four elements: earth, water, wind and fire , the symbols to the powers of yin and yan as per Poet Tarek Hassan. Isis is referred to as the Mother Goddess whose blood nourishes the four corners of the world, hence: the Matriarch. From a union between Isis and Osiris, came Horus, The Living God and the Supreme God of the cosmos. “The Tragic Demise of the Matriarch” is a poem delivered on the tongue of Horus. Isis was skilled in the use of words that she could bring her dead husband Osiris back to life.Now, we can imagine how ‘tragic’ the demise of Isis is if she is the source of life itself and the source power that combats death! Isis is also the Mistress of Magic and medicine. She is also the patron of women and children.In “The Tragic Demise of the Matriarch", Dr. Tarek Hassan sees the source of life, Isis, as dead and aloof, since she is not capable of living herself. Horus, the living God is actually living and more connected with life than his mother. The Goddess of Life is so divorced of living and her door is thus shut in the face of loving. In all her might and majesty, she is pictured as lying on a bed of worms and roses! The Poem is an allegory. By humanizing Isis, Dr. Hassan succeeds in proving the loneliness of the Great. They, are so vulnerable when they are most powerful and there seems to be no way for us to connect with them, help them in their pain of loneliness because they will NOT be vulnerable. “the door” will remain shut in our faces when we try to reach out to love them. Furthermore, we are not allowed to love her, since we are not her equals. She must suffer the lack of love that dwindles her into her own death. She is in a weak position because she is rejecting the weakness of living things by standing above them as the Goddess! She, even in her hour of deepest need laid the trap consciously or unconsciously that shut her away from life and living, from loving and being loved. The poet even bewails: "vulnerability is strength vulnerability is the highest form of strength vulnerability is the highest form of love." But what Goddess can be vulnerable enough to empathize with this voice of Maat, the Goddess of Truth? The greatness of this allegorical piece needs no further comment. Thank you for sharing a masterpiece with us at the Den! Nevine Al Seidi

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 7/24/2003 10:16:26 PM
I enjoyed very much the vulnerability of the "Tragic Demise of the Matriarch". Just as you were writing About the 'Demise', I wrote: "At Yaru's Gate" - strange co-incidence, eh? I will review your poem again; for now, let me dedicate At Yaru's Gate to you, on my demise! They call me dead, though a gait I tread Dozed and determined to Yaru’s gate My heart is clear; what will I fear Even if I came alone and late I Did my share with the utmost care My zeal never waned, my mind alert Proudly I fought and justice sought Now to the Hall of God, mitigate? short time the Hall; shortly the Goal Long time the earth, longer the wait Now, I count fingers as soul lingers About My own Rising Estate Proud my sin, thus He would begin To read my scroll of earthly fate Oh, I loved too much and still as such Indulged in disdain or hate His eyes now fell on a word I tell Light on my tongue and heavy the weight Daily I said I was that God I know and worship and dictate I must confess I still know this Is as true, as I would narrate. And if there’s another Osiris He must, then, be my godly state! The Tragic Demise of the Matriarch tells me the physician has recovered ; this made my day!

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 7/24/2003 9:19:23 PM
This is as Andre has said one of a kind.

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 7/24/2003 3:13:21 PM
Asclepius could have healed Isis, and prevent her transfiguration… – but then if he did, I wouldn't be privileged to read the "Tragic demise of the Matriarch"; Erato wouldn’t be smiling as Thalia tells her that Poet Tarek Ali Hassan keeps up with his creativity, and Phoebus wouldn’t be so proud of his protégé, Physician and Poet. It is a masterpiece; the "Tragic demise of the Matriarch" shall be on the pages of the best of the twenty-first century’s Poetry. Thank You for posting and sharing the "Tragic demise of the Matriarch". Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

Tragic demise of the Matriarch (Poetry) - 7/24/2003 3:06:07 PM
Wow Tarek now that was some in depth thought provoking very good reading! ~Nikki~

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/23/2003 2:13:31 AM
deep thought provoking profound write!!

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/22/2003 10:54:11 AM
the Real Man is invisible and undaunted...

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/21/2003 10:58:38 PM
Another excellent piece of writing...

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/21/2003 2:47:06 PM
Wow Tarek this is some definite deep thought provoking profound writing, and excellantly done! Gods and Goddesses Bless ~Nikki~

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/21/2003 10:48:49 AM
"If globalisation does not work for all In the end it will work for no one" Powerfully profound...a great start to a collection... In Spirit, Bear

Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems (Poetry) - 6/21/2003 10:35:01 AM
thought provoking write, tarek; well done, my friend! (((HUGS))) and love from america, your friend, karen lynn. :)

Argument with a tormenting other-self (Poetry) - 6/19/2003 9:41:43 AM
That is some dialog. Well done. I enjoyed reading your work.

Argument with a tormenting other-self (Poetry) - 6/18/2003 10:03:36 PM
This is an epic masterpiece!Bravo!!!

Dance Macabre! (Poetry) - 6/16/2003 5:57:01 PM
well done existentialist flare...

Dance Macabre! (Poetry) - 6/13/2003 12:00:23 PM
The way between the end and the beginning is the same distance between the edge of life and eternity. “Dance Macabre!” is the movement within art and knowledge and the expression of a mature soul in the Ball Dance of living while creating to meet eternity now in the everlasting psychobiology of existing forming and transcending form painting the mysteries while searching to unveil the wonders of the fading light. I learned, and I have enjoyed reading a masterpiece. “Dance Macabre!” is jewel for the poetry collection of the twenty-first century. Long Healthy Life may enjoy the inspired Author of “Dance Macabre!”. Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

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