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Recent Reviews for Duke LaRance

Funeral Home Diary - Part 2 (Short Story) - 8/10/2015 4:49:49 AM
Now I know why they call it the graveyard shift. What Eva doesn't seem to know is that most morticians and funeral directors are great actors, putting on a show of sympathy for the dead, while all they are interested in is figuring out ways to make more money and pay their employees less. While I drove a Pontiac station wagon of that era on a trip one time and found it very pleasant and powerful, I knew back then that Cadillac engines were almost indestructible, got good mileage, and were the most powerful out there. I read recently that hot rod builders prized Cadillac ambulance engines because they were the best there was at that time. My 35 Ford coupe hot rod had a 50 or 51 overhead valve Cadillac engine. It could've been from an ambulance. I happened to drop in on Sunset and Vine a couple of times back in those daze. Glad that I wasn't on the road when you guys were on a cemetery run. ;-) Around our small college town, a local mortuary had a Plymouth hearse that also served as an ambulance. It had a hemi and was really cool looking and very fast. My brother got a wild ride in it when he had cellulitis and had to be transported to Madison, 180 miles southeast on Interstate 94,… 90 miles an hour the whole way there. Ron

Funeral Home Diary - Part 2 (Short Story) - 8/9/2015 11:52:17 PM
Sorry, I don't find this amusing at all, but rather a mockery and a two-face front you probably put on for those who grieve inside your funeral parlor and at the gravesite.

Funeral Home Diary - Part 2 (Short Story) - 8/9/2015 10:03:31 AM
You, my fiend, are just as nuts in the story section as in the poetry section...but you do for sure keep me entertained...remind me not to get buried at one of the cemetaries that you service... <smile> -e-

Funeral Home Diary - Part 1 (Short Story) - 8/18/2013 12:01:49 PM
Very sad story. We don't always know what we are looking at.

Funeral Home Diary - Part 1 (Short Story) - 5/14/2009 3:27:12 PM

Independence Day Homily (Article) - 7/1/2011 5:57:30 AM
We have no more wood in Joisey...except in the Pine Barrens which is protected, so get your wood in Mon-tuna & quit yer bitchin' bout Joisey...;-)e

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Driving a Chrysler Product (Article) - 5/15/2011 9:15:09 PM
Since 1980 Frames Inverted Then Disappeared:Simply They All Cars Are $50,000 Beer Cans On Wheels-No Undercar Frames- Bumpers,Trunks, Fire Walls,No Brackets Nuts Safety Bolts Or Springs -Shot In Burning Foam Insulation-Water Base Paints- Exploding Gas Tanks And: Air Bags In Your Face..You Didn't Know That -Huh? GMC Start Remove Bumpers From Corvettes 1974... And US.Gov Calls Them **Cash $ For Clunkers... IDIOTS: **Trade 97 Corvettes 1953 to 1982 Destroyed In Lieu Of.. Worth Million$ In Classic (Well Made Expensive) Cars Down Toilets... TRASK...

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Driving a Chrysler Product (Article) - 5/15/2011 8:02:10 AM
Hey Dude, good to see you writing once in awhile...that is one experience I have never heard of before though I have heard of alot of crazy stuff with regards ALL cars...I think every so often the builders just have a lax day and these parts are just not put together too well...but they would likely blame the robotic machinery that puts our cars together...Hey, stop in every so often, you are missed otherwise...Ed

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Driving a Chrysler Product (Article) - 5/15/2011 7:14:21 AM
Wow, Duke, did you really send this to Click & Clack, if so what was their reply? Great article, even though I have to admit I have had more problems with GM'S and Ford's than I have with Chrysler products...good stuff. Cheers, Dan

Once a Murderer (Article) - 6/18/2010 6:07:36 AM
I think you should develop this into a full story, it has strong merit. Cheers, Dan

Once a Murderer (Article) - 6/17/2010 2:35:39 PM
All true, I saw the article about this guy on the internet & thought that the crime of murder had NO statute of limitations...glad to hear they put him where he belongs...hard to also believe that he got "away" with it for so long, just kind of falling through the cracks, I suppose...Ed

Don't Go Away Mad -- Just Go Away! (Article) - 5/4/2006 11:44:05 PM
Very well done God Bless Michelle!

Dear Editor.... (Article) - 5/4/2006 6:25:43 PM
Personally, I don't think we should USE Pennies. After all, I, for one, am in no cent. I would be more along the lines of "Shirley, Shirley, he hath Cheneyed a Dick!" (It's an old burning Bush song.)

Taps for Old Soldier (Article) - 12/4/2005 11:28:20 AM
Sorry for your loss...but you gained so much by knowing this man!! I have one of those .303's!! We here in South Africa must take a new bloody test for the renewal of our fire arm permit..not sur e i am still okay in firing my 12 bore semi automatic "Berretta"...but will have to give it my best!! Love Tinka

Porneau? -- No, No! (Article) - 8/27/2005 6:40:31 AM
Actually, the flaunting of that which is obscene is basically a rude "mooning" of one's enemy, brought on by the anger associated with unjust social oppression. It is intended to cause the mocker personal shame and feelings of inferiority in response to the initial affront that one female receives from an unfriendly other.

Porneau? -- No, No! (Article) - 8/26/2005 11:13:33 AM
Another fun article. I hope to see much more from you.

Greed Indeed (Article) - 8/26/2005 11:12:46 AM
You are a delight to read. It's like you've slipped the nasty pill in a spoon full of sugar and made the sad truth at least fun to read. We can always cry later, once we've absorbed the nastiness. The American Way gets a little uglier every day, huh? Great writing, great message. Thank you.

Greed Indeed (Article) - 8/18/2003 9:07:35 AM
Sadly, most companies show this same greed, while the stockholders are losing their homes and their jobs, their life-savings and their retirement cushions. All just another way to rape the taxpayer. Excellent artical, or was it a rant. Still good.

Dear Editor.... (Article) - 7/11/2003 5:46:55 PM
Just think-- with three cents, you could get a big glass of 'two cents, plain' and still have money left over! :) I sympathize... for years, I had a savings account showing ten cents-- and two years later, those bastards took my dime! Some guy is probably living high off the hog on our collective thirteen cents!

Thoroughly Dangerous Man (Poetry) - 8/28/2015 4:30:24 PM
Okay, you saved the day when you brought up that scrumptious treat, beef jerky. Ahhh . . . Yes indeed. Oh! Loved the rest of your wild poem, Duke, but beef jerky, come on heah! Heh.Heh

It's Shaike 'n Baike an' We Hailpuduh! (Poetry) - 8/7/2015 11:26:37 AM
Thanks for the laugh, sir, and seriously to make one laugh is the most difficult task.

It's Shaike 'n Baike an' We Hailpuduh! (Poetry) - 8/7/2015 10:30:13 AM
Yes sir, I gotz a giggle or three myself, like ole' Ron said below, though, I dint hit the floor but my chair done broked in pieces & thatz all I gotz to say 'bout dis...-e-

It's Shaike 'n Baike an' We Hailpuduh! (Poetry) - 8/7/2015 7:26:19 AM
I cain't get outta my wheelchair, but this one had me rolling on the floor in udder laughter! Ron

I Wish I Had Known You Better (Poetry) - 8/3/2015 7:46:16 AM
There is a certain mournful longing that matches the loneliness of the big sky country. Ron

I Wish I Had Known You Better (Poetry) - 8/2/2015 7:20:58 PM
Where one day you will as well reunite with them your family...Hey, you have been prolific of late, its good to see it...I always look forward to your writings showing up on my email notices...keep them coming..-e-

Charlie Bunny (Poetry) - 8/2/2015 5:18:19 AM
I really like the image you created here. I played a little pinochle in my time. And, in the old days, in smoky rooms. Seems like cardplaying brings out the insults in people's demeanor. You match a pickup truck very well. ;-) Ron

Charlie Bunny (Poetry) - 7/31/2015 7:20:25 PM
Unusual, but unusual is always you, my friend & the more unusual you get the more unusual get your writes...I find it to be pretty damn good, but unusual... <smile> -e-

Twinky Played the Guitar (Poetry) - 7/29/2015 6:41:31 AM
A dog in a child seat! Now I've seen everything! This goes down as a rock 'n roll classic poem. The language, the imagery, the rhyme scheme… Everything is spot on and sucks you into the final verdict. You are a genius poet, but probably don't know it. ;-) Ron

Twinky Played the Guitar (Poetry) - 7/28/2015 7:44:22 PM
Enjoyable and fun to read. Thanks Chris

Twinky Played the Guitar (Poetry) - 7/28/2015 5:21:16 PM
You've had, unless this is fiction, a very weird life, & if it isn't, I want a copy of that Little Red wing on the fiddle...I wanna see that other story you wrote & did send to me, I think everyone will get a "charge" out of it...LOL, -e-

Shorty (Poetry) - 7/25/2015 9:09:21 AM
LOL at what "old" Mr. Hull said...rather than going from dud to stud I would personally, mind you, just find me a doctor that could grow me some "bud"...and thank you for dedicating this to moi but don't you know when you dedicate something you are supposed to write about that person that you dedicated it too...? Lesson over, thanks for the giggles & we won't go further into who's got what where...not at the moment anyway... <smile> -e-

Shorty (Poetry) - 7/25/2015 7:15:34 AM
After I stopped laughing… I believe there are 10,000 doctors out there willing to turn a dud into a stud… For a price, that is… Just Google and grin it. Ron

Coyote Sunrise (Poetry) - 7/12/2015 9:15:55 AM
Your dream is a nightmare in daylight. At least your wide-awake at dawn to take such fabulous pictures as this one. Or was it sunset? Ron

Coyote Sunrise (Poetry) - 7/12/2015 6:30:02 AM
Next time have some tequila, then close your eyes, that is how we sleep, hope I helped you here... <smile> -e-

Cowboy Matins (Poetry) - 7/6/2015 5:50:49 PM
Short and to the point of, a prayer to He who leads us here & keeps us str8, at least so do I think...-e-

Cowboy Matins (Poetry) - 7/4/2015 1:28:53 PM
What a lovely setting. Western skies at sunset about as bucolic as it gets… Such peace and serenity. You should have all the readers that if they wanted to listen to the song that goes with the words of the poem, that they should click on "the link below." And you should have named the link "God Must Be a Cowboy by Dan Seals" or something other rather than my name which signifies nothing related to the song. While I have heard it, when I clicked on the link, my browser would not play it. Ron

Cowboy Matins (Poetry) - 7/3/2015 5:43:08 PM
I know, of course, who the "boss" is, and strangely enough that does not deter me from reading and committing on this fine piece of writing. I love the first stanza completely . . .

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 5/19/2015 4:16:56 PM
i'm definitely with Sage on this one, you're at your finest here. Bravo. Duke! john

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 5/19/2015 4:15:03 PM
i love the way you see…and feel Good to know you're hanging in there, Duke take the best care john

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 5/11/2015 4:38:17 PM
I appreciate your wit and humor expressed through your verses, Duke. Thank you for sharing. Love and peace, Regis

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 5/8/2015 2:09:45 PM
good meter and structure ...

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 5/3/2015 6:37:58 PM
Hell Taters, what a snack!

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 4/6/2015 3:17:39 PM
Again my friend, I like what you write, Its always, in my mind, something light, Even when what you write does, out of the reader, take a bite...-e-

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 4/5/2015 11:01:23 PM
hahahahaha! funny in a way.

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 4/4/2015 7:52:23 AM
Probably was Hades because it's much easier to keep those taters hot down there, fried even. But where in the hell did Rod Sterling come from? The Twilight Zone? Ron

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 4/3/2015 11:44:38 AM
Greasy fried taters from the pits of hell. Burnt to a crisp, and I've got ice water to sell. Michael D.

Shadows of the Shadows (Poetry) - 4/3/2015 8:33:19 AM
Hell . . . Hades . . . Who cares, all means the same. Them taters? I'm not selling'em, gonna eat them all by myself . . .

Let There Be Peace - Lenten Homily (Poetry) - 3/22/2015 4:22:16 AM
wonderful.. peace in our world indeed....

Let There Be Peace - Lenten Homily (Poetry) - 3/21/2015 8:30:31 PM
hey dude/duke, how the heck did I miss this one...? and PEACE or PIECE is the name of the game of life...-e-

Let There Be Peace - Lenten Homily (Poetry) - 3/10/2015 5:36:11 AM
I don't see any blasphemy in these wonderful words. And your voice is strong and melodious. You, John Lennon, and I are one with these thoughts. Ron

Let There Be Peace - Lenten Homily (Poetry) - 3/9/2015 11:28:58 AM
I'm 100% for peace in the world, peace between neighbors . . . Peace . . .

Bullwhip (Poetry) - 2/23/2015 3:30:37 PM
glad yur kiddinn, i mean imagine being degraded by a bull... ugh ...

Bullwhip (Poetry) - 2/22/2015 4:28:32 PM
well we must all stay out of Flips way! enjoyed the poem.

Bullwhip (Poetry) - 2/18/2015 6:49:20 AM
To mock Michael, "Whip it good!" And have you ever heard a whippoorwill upon the hill? I don't like getting a whippin', but that bird gave me a thrill… even though he was whippin' poor Will… poor fellow. Ron

Bullwhip (Poetry) - 2/17/2015 12:59:38 PM
Was he one of the guys from Devo? Whip it, whip it good.

Bullwhip (Poetry) - 2/17/2015 10:16:31 AM
Dude, as usual and again, u are too weird...but I always enjoy weird cause I can be that way too...-e-

Mirage in the Dark (Poetry) - 2/13/2015 4:35:48 PM
I enjoyed this view...mention spiral galaxies and I'm hooked! Diana....

Mirage in the Dark (Poetry) - 2/8/2015 12:01:27 PM
I love how you describe the Big Bang. And we are the regurgitated result! One hell of a beautiful fantail, that… Ron

Mirage in the Dark (Poetry) - 2/7/2015 9:46:34 AM
Survivalists of late all talk about the "shit hitting the fan" (SHTF) and spout what will happen to the world and try to sell all their wares for that momentous time, from food that lasts for years and years to weapons and ammo and all manner of other crazy survivalist junk...ya think they know something the rest of us don't...I guess it takes all kinds and your kind is just a little crazier with regards the past than they are about the future...hopefully this made sense as when I am high I tend to rant on & on & on & on, ad infinitum...-e-

Mirage in the Dark (Poetry) - 2/7/2015 9:26:38 AM
When the shit hit the fan I was staring at my rebirth in future generations.

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 2/1/2015 2:21:13 PM
You sir are a nut case...great write, especially of course that third paragraph...-e-

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 2/1/2015 5:26:34 AM
Home, home, home on deranged I can relate, been getting some of that Buffalo Hump myself lately.

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 1/31/2015 2:10:15 PM
I've been on the deranged, and saddle sore. Under an atomic sky, radioactive once more. Michael D.

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 1/31/2015 12:37:16 PM
What a crazy way of looking at your neighborhood. I hesitated to and then didn't use that word in my poem earlier, but it fits quite well here. Feel like Quasimodo with that burden on your back, huh? The way you rearrange the words I'd say that all the atomic testing you can take. A bit of Dr. Strangelove humor. Ron

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 1/31/2015 11:11:43 AM
Excellent poetry! You got it all in this mix, the wording and placement is the best I've ever seen from you, Duke! Take a bow and get that buffalo hump to jump start the key of GMC and truck on over to the icehouse where the kegs are cold, let the ice pack take care of it this weekend! Sage and Mickey's big mouth malt liquor

Buffalo Hump (Poetry) - 1/31/2015 10:49:13 AM
Quite playful wordsmithing. Ha: " glows atomic all day" - gotta love that.

We Will Saddle Up Again and Ride (Poetry) - 1/27/2015 4:57:32 AM
Have you got a spare horse for me, Cowboy? Love this...'madness' takes many forms and this is 'madness' well wrought and totally charming...and well delivered. Good to read you again.. Best always john

We Will Saddle Up Again and Ride (Poetry) - 1/18/2015 1:43:37 PM
U r nuts, dude/Duke...but I love reading your crazy writes & if you will send me ur address I will send u a caramel roll so you can saddle up and ride into the sunrise...-e-

We Will Saddle Up Again and Ride (Poetry) - 1/18/2015 11:16:51 AM
Conjures up a lot of vivid images of the parallel between boxing and life. Cool! Ron

Sideshow Freak (Poetry) - 1/10/2015 12:49:08 PM
That's sayin' it like it is… I think. I don't see enough freakiness for you to be in a freak show, but you can sure try, starting with this poem. Ron

Sideshow Freak (Poetry) - 1/9/2015 9:11:08 PM
Don't know about your internal looks, besides what you tell me, but as for your external looks, with that mug I can believe you are the STAR attraction in that side show...(is that an old Chevy ur standing next to...?) -e-

Preacher Joe and the Medicine Show (Poetry) - 1/5/2015 9:34:00 PM
Pabst Blue Ribbon can make a medicine show preach a snake-oil salesman bit by his own pitchfork tongue. Those kind of sermons bring out the confessions the biblical relations laid bare. I like your thoughts on this one. I know I'm late, but the PBR indulged me. Happy New Year, Duke! Sage

Preacher Joe and the Medicine Show (Poetry) - 1/3/2015 5:56:19 PM
I'll be lookin' forward to seeing Joe and his show come rolling into my town & hopefully you will be with him riding a jackass as fat as he is round...-e-

Mrs. Walleye/Herb's(Not So)Happy Show (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 11:56:23 AM
That's quite a story set to rhyme. I'm not sure how Mrs. Walleye entered into this. Were those expletives hers or Herb's? Funny, nonetheless. Back in doze daze. Me brother and me got on television when our scout troop competed with a Girl Scout troop in a local TV show called Quick on the Draw. Each member of each team had to draw one line (like hangman) on a flip chart to make a picture that was guessed by the team (Pictionary?). Anyway, I don't know who won or if we got famous for 15 minutes, but I sure enjoyed the fly tying kit I got as a prize for being on the show. Never caught any fish with those stupid flies I made, though. Expletive, deleted. Ron

Mrs. Walleye/Herb's(Not So)Happy Show (Poetry) - 12/20/2014 7:44:34 AM
Dude/duke, I really believe you are having drug induced flashbacks as this seems like a bad trip revisited & you'd regret those two channels, one of them fuzzy, for you like the rest of us are addicted to having hundreds of channels to drown our sorrows with...MERRY CHRISTMAS out there in the land of the big sky, find peace/piece my friend...-e-

Oh, What a Sleigh Ride! (Poetry) - 12/15/2014 9:47:21 PM
Great nostalgic write. The 50's and 60's. That's when cars were cars. Chrome is on a few pick-ups these days or is it metallic plastic? Who knows? Amen...

Oh, What a Sleigh Ride! (Poetry) - 12/14/2014 10:20:21 AM
I never had a sleigh ride, but I've had a few of what you write of. Like that 57 De Soto I picked up for 100 bucks with bald tires. An Easter Sunday snowstorm, headed back to school, the first big curve I hit, sleighed right into a deep ditch. Took a milk truck assisted by a wrecker to suck me out of the muck. Those old cars took us on some mighty adventures, that's for sure. Ron

Oh, What a Sleigh Ride! (Poetry) - 12/13/2014 12:06:20 PM
As long as your Chevy has a heater, It does not matter how it does slide, At least its better than walkin', Sounds to me like a great old ride...-e-

Rum Dumb Brown (Poetry) - 12/7/2014 7:48:41 PM
Visual! A 5 minute video of Rum Dumb Brown posted on Youtube tagged with #RodeoClown could get a million views your guitar backing it! Drinkin' rum from a brown paper bag, Sage

Rum Dumb Brown (Poetry) - 12/7/2014 11:18:38 AM
Was that "honest Injun," or just "ingunuity?" ;-) Either way, you done wrote a poem like I like them done wrote. Plain and simple and straightforward, with good monikers to boot. And that men's room scene was a hoot, to boot. A real pisser! Ron

Rum Dumb Brown (Poetry) - 12/7/2014 9:48:07 AM
Is this personal experience or maybe another AKA in your repertoire of monikers...enjoyed reading it either way...-e-

Thanksgiving Homily (Poetry) - 11/27/2014 10:13:24 AM
I love the sarcasm/satire in telling us all "to have a joyous Black Friday." We would all give thanks if all the pain went away. Ron

High Horse (Poetry) - 11/27/2014 12:52:11 AM
Speaking of Hank the first, there's a tear in my beer! As for Kaliga that poor ol' wooden Indian'l tell ya "don't take any wooden nickels," I hope you get your Cobell money, Duke so you'll have a buffalo dime, I do! Sage

Thanksgiving Homily (Poetry) - 11/27/2014 12:17:56 AM
I'm not havin' a Black Friday. I didn't burn the pumpkin pie and I will have written by then on the leftover ziplock freezer bags with red marker "Boycott Black Friday!" Hope your heart isn't really broken. Wine, Women, and Song. Happy Thanksgiving, Buffle Canard. Whipped Cream she's topping me pulling my wish bone, Sage

High Horse (Poetry) - 11/26/2014 1:48:05 PM
Crazy world, crazy poet writing here...Happy Turkey day, my friend...-e-

Shining Breastplate (Poetry) - 11/15/2014 9:16:19 AM
You were already a heretic or blasphemer because, by this poem you were declaring that you would not "be joyful and spread the gospel." By doing so, you weren't a "true" Christian, proselytizing everyone in sight of your wonderful good news. Ron

Shining Breastplate (Poetry) - 11/14/2014 5:56:58 PM
I wish I could express my love of God quite so well as you did, Duke...I do not believe in your claim to be a heretic or blasphemer, even if this was written a long time back...if nothing else God & you know where you stand...-e- (gettin' any cold and snow yet out there in the middle of nowhere...?)

Stub (Poetry) - 11/5/2014 9:26:47 AM
Hey Duke, love this one ... really cool. Cheers, Dan

Stub (Poetry) - 11/4/2014 8:33:40 AM
Still laughing at Ed's remark… So, you lost a digit. I would think that must've been painful in more ways than one. So glad you could write about it humorously. And I'm certainly glad you got "to know," in a biblical way, those ladies. Don't you ever pull that shit again. ;-) Ron

Stub (Poetry) - 11/3/2014 8:57:17 PM
This is not a western, its a humor write...thanks for the laugh & I have a question; when u push the saddle horn, does the horse beep like a car or just whinnie...? -e-

Bring On the Blistering Wind (Poetry) - 10/31/2014 8:21:44 AM
Blow wind blow. Michael D.

Bring On the Blistering Wind (Poetry) - 10/31/2014 7:06:54 AM
The words are stunning and the message is very clear. There's a lot there to contemplate about harlots, Archdukes and things. Makes me remember the story of why that guy opened the Little America stop in Wyoming. So many places with so few trees where the wind can come down with each front in fury. Caught a little bit of it a week or so ago driving I 40 west to Arizona and back. At least I was in a warm car with the climate control set at 75°. Ron

Punchy (Poetry) - 10/30/2014 7:15:00 PM
You're flying high here, Duke. Love it!

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/30/2014 7:13:58 PM
Great, just great!

Bring On the Blistering Wind (Poetry) - 10/30/2014 7:13:02 PM
Love that third line in the first stanza, love the whole work in fact. Sorry, Duke, i've been out of touch for so long but you are often in my thoughts. Always john

Bring On the Blistering Wind (Poetry) - 10/30/2014 2:34:20 PM
They, whoever the hell they are, say the same for NJ...they say last winter here was tough & this winter is about to be I can't confirm about last winter as I spent it in the hospital looking out the window occasionally to see the snow falling, so ya can't go by me...and you of all people to complain, living in the geograhical center of this great country with snow and crappy weather on a regular basis, you really should be used to it...get a grip, fill your oil tank, get several cords of wood, get a generator and brace for the inevitable...if you get really rough, I have a sofa bed and the damn heat is on high even now, I can't get it below the 80 some mark...thermostat does not work, so I just open the windows...-e-

Punchy (Poetry) - 10/21/2014 2:06:00 AM
I always knew there was a reason for that face of yours...:-) -e-

Punchy (Poetry) - 10/19/2014 3:27:36 PM
Bow-legged paragraph "punchy" that hard punch chugging out of a whiskey flask behind the chutes, shoot Duke, you might as well limp across the finish line eight seconds ago! Rumor has it Punchy is a movie character in second person, uh-oh you are in trouble! Kin, Sage

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/13/2014 6:19:51 AM
Well Duke, if someone didn't want to know you I think it would be their very sad loss. I so enjoy your poetry, you always make me smile or bring a tear.

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/13/2014 1:31:34 AM
A Great self reflective poem. We all make choices and what we are. I was a tough teen at one time but I didn't like that so I grew up and became a lot less mean. Amen

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/11/2014 10:42:35 PM
I think if you bathed once in awhile, specifically your feet, more people would like you, but who can get near to you with that god awful odor you put could be the super hero of crud & stink...STINK MAN, he quells his foes with the stink from his BIG feet...-e-

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/9/2014 4:25:47 AM
Maybe you should just go barefootin' Michael D.

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/8/2014 2:56:39 PM
I feel the same way, since i'll be 70 soon, very soon, I feel no one wants me anymore either, and find that to be so true. Oh well, the world doesn't give you a 3rd chance it seems to be that way.

Logger Romeos (Poetry) - 10/8/2014 9:43:10 AM
Hell yes I blame 'em! You're the man! These boots are made for walkin' Nancy Sinatra said Blue Eyes had the same prob custom made Logger Romeos are hard to find just ask Lou Ferrigno Hulk to lift you a pair out of a log Paul Bunyan and Buffle Canard wide awake! You know what they say about the size of a man's feet. David Letterman is said to have a big matching pair. Juliet with Lucy in the Sky with Diamond heels

Hoss (Poetry) - 9/27/2014 7:54:04 AM
A better parody of the Bonanza drama I have never seen! Very creative and entertaining. You sure got the cart before the horse when discussing the Cartwrights. Ron

Hoss (Poetry) - 9/26/2014 7:03:43 AM
I just discoverd that I really like cowboy rap. This is good stuff Duke.

Hoss (Poetry) - 9/21/2014 6:32:44 PM
You've been writin' alot of late, good to see, while yours truly has been sick in bed all of last week and am only now draggin' my fat ass out to the land of the living...boy do I need a shower, I certainly does stink...LOL...-e-

Hoss (Poetry) - 9/21/2014 9:59:34 AM
"In a hail of smoke and lead" for the turkey too! Love me some Bonanza! Love me some Duke! Both boys Wayne and LaRance! Hop Sing: You tell Mr. Hoss I cook turkey for supper. Ben Cartwright: Oh that's fine. What are the rest of us gonna eat? Hop Sing: Ha ha ha, that's a pretty funny joke, Mr. Cartwright. No, not so funny. Have to kill another turkey, pick another turkey, stuff another turkey, cook another turkey. Bad joke. Goodbye. Sage

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 6:05:38 AM
Absolutely love this amazing collab.

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/17/2014 3:58:57 AM
I joined up with a pack of Timber Wolves We sang and howled all night I've often done the same - great poem, great pic.

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/16/2014 9:59:25 AM
Great collaboration! Dancing a jig by the side of the road may not always be as it seems. Peace, Dayvid

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/16/2014 7:27:53 AM
Quite a romp through the red man world. Part history and part unfurled. I sense a bit of Sweetwater in the midst. The only thing I missed, was the casinos. Ron

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/16/2014 3:23:08 AM
Wonderful collaboration!! The two of you work well together! Sandie

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/15/2014 5:23:35 PM
It was an honor to do a timeless, professional collaboration with someone as spiritually sound as myself. Thank you, Duke. *She tips her hat*. All good things to you. Blessed Be. Spirit Kin, Sage

We Sang and Howled All Night (Poetry) - 9/15/2014 4:37:07 PM
i can see an emerging style in this poem ... nice collaboration drugstore cowboy ...

Walking Past the Graveyard (Poetry) - 9/13/2014 5:12:51 AM
enjoyed reading ...

Walking Past the Graveyard (Poetry) - 9/12/2014 5:12:05 PM
Walking Past the Graveyard has evolved into maturity. Reminds me of some of the same things I've gone through in my life. It lends a direction and says something about where we've been and where we're going. This piece I can hear Bob Dylan...there's a jew's harp in there somewhere. I hear Dylan poetry in this piece, a likeness to his style and rhythm. It reverberates the '60s to me in a strong light. Well-chosen words placed in the vast openness of a timeless backdrop with a personal meaning, Duke. Sage

Uncle Wheelhaard's Vicky (Poetry) - 9/10/2014 2:03:08 PM
Reminiscent words of wonder. Thank you for inviting me into your memories. In my case, it was an old Valiant sliding round and round in the quarry. Peace, Dayvid

Walking Past the Graveyard (Poetry) - 9/10/2014 1:52:50 PM
Such dark beauty! I think I'll head out to the graveyard tonight! Peace, Dayvid

Walking Past the Graveyard (Poetry) - 9/10/2014 9:08:00 AM
I was thinking this would make a good song, and then I read that kicker in the last stanza and realize where this poem is really headed… Cool I must say so, cool. Pretty darn cold down there when the fires go out, as well. Ron

Another Rain Song (Poetry) - 9/7/2014 3:40:23 AM
Been singin a Rain Song here myself - we had quite a deluge the other day.

Another Rain Song (Poetry) - 9/5/2014 9:20:19 PM
Well written.

Another Rain Song (Poetry) - 9/5/2014 9:13:13 AM
I was thinking of Elvis walking in the Georgia rain while reading your refrain. It's been that kind of summer and needs a tune to bring in the equinox. Let us hope that all this moisture doesn't turn into heavy snowfall again this winter. Hope you got somebody to help you to put a melody to it. Ron

Another Rain Song (Poetry) - 9/4/2014 8:42:54 PM
love the mixture of the formal and the casual and yes is there room for yet another rain song?…apparently there is and a damn good one at that! My best to you, Duke john

Another Rain Song (Poetry) - 9/4/2014 6:48:00 PM
Getting a "little" sprinkle out there, are ya...? I'd have thought you might have snow by now...I like the rain, it washes my car...-e-

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/19/2014 5:22:04 PM
the suggestion of wildness is palpable and akin to a certain form of 'madness' and i'm all for many forms of madness, it makes us interesting and ALIVE good one, Friend

Uncle Wheelhaard's Vicky (Poetry) - 8/19/2014 5:20:01 PM
Not into cars and am ignorant of them for the most part but i love the writing, Duke, love it, take the best care john

Uncle Wheelhaard's Vicky (Poetry) - 8/18/2014 8:08:41 AM
A great story poem… And memoir. Sure helped me get the picture! I still remember that day in the fall of 1950 when we drove to the local Ford dealer in my mother's home town. And then my dad surprised us with a brand, spanking new Ford Crown Victoria two-door hardtop. She was a beauty in that light green with a white top almost like convertible. My grandmother scoffed because she did on anything it was colored green. Ron

Uncle Wheelhaard's Vicky (Poetry) - 8/17/2014 11:43:10 AM
I remember the days of old cars and racing...we had a place near a cemetary figuring we would not have far to go if we wrecked & didnt get out...damn good days those were & you brought them back for me here...thanks, -e-

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/9/2014 9:35:17 AM

Brick Wall (Poetry) - 8/9/2014 9:31:24 AM

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/7/2014 10:00:05 AM
The quintessential cowboy, that's for sure. The movies have etched that image in my mind. It could all be a metaphor for the futility of living on the range where the struggle just to survive is endless until the day one dies. Ron

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/7/2014 9:59:20 AM
I can't imagine a better therapy for a bipolar cowboy than 'layin' down the reins' on a wild-eyed, barely broke horse and charging out in wild freedom across a barren landscape. I have fond memories of just that...leaving pain guilt and troubles in our dust. this was a 'coolwrite' had us readers chokin' in YOUR dust

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/7/2014 6:22:08 AM
I know I've read poetry when my mood and outlook have changed, yet I cannot point to any words that did it. Perhaps I am just a drugstore cowboy at heart. Love those clean nouns and verbs...

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/6/2014 1:55:01 PM
Powerful imagery! Sandie

Bipolar Cowboy (Poetry) - 8/6/2014 1:30:47 PM
Liked especially the lines about his rope and lariat...and in general I liked this poem, kinda reminds me of you so keep ridin' & keep writin'...e

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/31/2014 3:37:21 PM
lope on duke...take us with you, as you have in this fine write

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/29/2014 5:09:56 PM
Talk about a baring of the soul! As ever, wonderful fluency and expressive honesty. It's good to read you, Duke, it's been much much too long. john

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/26/2014 6:01:39 AM
I think Clint Eastwood had these same thoughts and made a fortune with them. Ride on!

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/25/2014 5:14:04 PM
You sure ur not dropping a little acid at the same time as this sounds to me of an acid trip gone awry...still enjoyed seeing you, hope you're back permanently...e

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/25/2014 9:28:06 AM
Reads like a fine description of purgatory, if there's a place like that in Native American folklore. Ron

Twisted Trail (Poetry) - 7/25/2014 5:05:17 AM
Loneliness and despair are well-expressed in this poem. Well-done! Sandie

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/27/2014 10:14:48 PM
I enjoyed his music and this great poem ...

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/27/2014 5:24:35 AM
you're at your wickedest when you do tongue in cheek fine one, Duke! john

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/26/2014 1:38:47 PM
Because I am so old, I totally thought of Tennessee Ernie Ford and Sixteen Tons. Of course, completely different music genre and time, but the message if very similar. Very nice ... I really like it. jeanne

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/26/2014 9:12:49 AM
Damn, I want to sing this like Blake Shelton! It's that good! Based on what I read, I think you know that Freddie Mercury was gay and that you don't love him in that way. On the other hand, my younger brothers in their late teens were huge Queen fans, but I don't think they realized that Freddie Mercury was no different than Boy George or Elton John--all very extremely talented folks. Ron

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/25/2014 8:06:15 PM
best voice in rock n' roll ...

I So Love Freddie Mercury (Poetry) - 2/25/2014 12:26:30 PM
We will, we will rock you. Michael D.

Pastels Light the Rocky Face (Poetry) - 2/23/2014 1:50:28 PM
Sometimes when the light's just right..A midwinters conjuration of the things below the surface. I'm reminded of the slight hallucinations that you imagine looking into the face of the sun and brightness. Sometimes it's nothing. I enjoyed the read Duke. Bob

Afoot or Horseback? (Poetry) - 2/22/2014 1:43:52 AM
Simply great, Duke! john

Pastels Light the Rocky Face (Poetry) - 2/22/2014 1:42:04 AM
Subtly structured, progressive and with the right amount of tension and drama - never over the top..and that Amen at the end that's something! Yes, Duke, yes! john

Pastels Light the Rocky Face (Poetry) - 2/14/2014 10:58:42 AM
It's mornings like this that gets your thoughts cranking out poetry like this… Pristine and clear in the cold morning air. Yes, indeed, it does seem like the sun has lost its power to overcome the chill and dark of deep winter. Ron

Pastels Light the Rocky Face (Poetry) - 2/13/2014 7:28:26 PM
Mirage in a deep thinker's vision void of obstacles...the quieted mind conjurs a bit of phantasmagoria like Buffle Canard chooses a nom de plume as mysterious as the timeless geography that shapes words as chiseled as the rocky face of eternity. Good capture, Duke. Eloquent syntax... Sage

Afoot or Horseback? (Poetry) - 2/10/2014 7:23:22 PM
This was a meaty good read. I like the voice; and the opening stanza was so great, the poem just had to be read! ~~ Diana

Afoot or Horseback? (Poetry) - 2/9/2014 11:05:33 AM
One thing about all those youthful bumps and bruises, they all add up to one serious concussion. That last line tells me so. A great romp through your lively history. Ron

Afoot or Horseback? (Poetry) - 2/9/2014 4:37:55 AM
It's really wonderful when we can say that we wouldn't change a damned thing.

Afoot or Horseback? (Poetry) - 2/8/2014 10:37:30 AM
Great rhyme and meter, Duke...this needs recited as cowboy poetry Waddie Mitchell style...pop open your sound recorder on your computer and give it a go with a shot of whiskey to loosen your cords...if it bucks you off pick your teeth with a hoof pick and scrape off your tongue. Sage

Man With No Name (Gentle on my Mind) (Poetry) - 2/2/2014 5:10:46 AM
such a distinct individual voice here and most definitely yours, Duke; singing the ocarina part? who, me? certainly not..ahem! love the work john

Man With No Name (Gentle on my Mind) (Poetry) - 1/30/2014 4:54:50 AM
I loved those old Spaghetti Westerns; still watch them whenever I get a chance. But I love all Westerns; even wrote a Western novel myself.

Man With No Name (Gentle on my Mind) (Poetry) - 1/29/2014 7:38:50 AM
I love it. Sure brings back the memories.

Man With No Name (Gentle on my Mind) (Poetry) - 1/28/2014 7:43:01 AM
Man, have you captured that Muzak well! That was the best part of this series when that wild screaming Muzak from Spain or Mexico or wherever that was supposed to be. Without that background Clint would've been a wimp like the Wichita lineman. Instead, when that whip cracked, those horses hooves began to trample, Clint winced against the sun's glare and bit down on that cheroot, you knew hell was going to pay. Ron

Man With No Name (Gentle on my Mind) (Poetry) - 1/27/2014 5:32:01 PM
And that there is why Duke LaRance's tagline is 'the drugstore cowboy poet'...great Dollar Trilogy rendition the good, bad, and the ugly of it...that poncho has been preserved with the strongest mothballs known to man... Sage

The Butcher Major Baker and the Good Indian Makers (Poetry) - 1/26/2014 6:58:34 PM
This is so true of our history's cover ups of treatments of the Native American.

The Butcher Major Baker and the Good Indian Makers (Poetry) - 1/26/2014 5:47:14 PM
my hat's off to you, Duke, for this fine expose..nothing beats the truth kudos! john

The Butcher Major Baker and the Good Indian Makers (Poetry) - 1/26/2014 8:17:25 AM
A sad tale indeed...nice writing Duke. Cheers, Dan

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 1/25/2014 7:06:51 PM
Dear Duke, thank you for your kind visit. I read your sacred poem. Who cares how you pray, what's holy is in your heart. I prefer your prayer than any prayer from a priest, a rabbi or any other religious human being. The best prayer is not only in your heart but in silence. Love my dear friend, keep going, you are on the right track. God bless you, Emile

The Butcher Major Baker and the Good Indian Makers (Poetry) - 1/25/2014 12:34:06 PM
Thanks for telling it like it was. The terrible history of how the West was won meets to continue to be revealed so that we won't make those mistakes again. Ron

Brick Wall (Poetry) - 1/23/2014 11:38:26 AM
I'm going to spend those days while I can. Ron

Seen Lew Bruin-Toe? (Poetry) - 1/17/2014 11:29:58 AM
Quite a character you have immortalized like Casey at the Bat. Makes me wonder if such a character actually existed, or is just a figment of your fertile imagination. From the sound of things, I wouldn't want to get downwind of him. However, being upwind and having him smell me out, might be worse! Ron

Seen Lew Bruin-Toe? (Poetry) - 1/17/2014 7:50:15 AM
a man for the ages, a question for the sages. Michael D.

Seen Lew Bruin-Toe? (Poetry) - 1/17/2014 6:18:41 AM
well here is a man for the rages budd

Wolf Moon (Poetry) - 12/21/2013 8:34:00 PM
The promises of dire predictions are in many cultures. When the wolf prowls the land wild and viscious and unafraid then winter has overwhelmed the world and all would truly be lost. A dramatic presentation here Duke. Bob

Wolf Moon (Poetry) - 12/20/2013 8:39:13 AM
The prophecy in a poem. Let us hope that the Wolf Moon prophecy doesn't come true. Ron

Wolf Moon (Poetry) - 12/20/2013 2:10:19 AM
Could Little Red Ridding Hood come to our rescue?

Alone in the Dark (Poetry) - 11/30/2013 8:04:39 AM
enjoyed reading ...

Alone in the Dark (Poetry) - 11/17/2013 11:04:00 PM
I like the part in the second verse:"I've danced on the ledge right up to the edge." and "...I stand out in the dark and study the sky Could it be that the sky studies me?" and "I spend most of my time alone in the dark Scheming on how I think things should be I don’t understand how Jesus, my Man Could let my conscience so torture me." ...those are my favorite parts.

Alone in the Dark (Poetry) - 11/14/2013 10:02:12 AM
You are not alone. There's a lot of people in the dark right alongside of you that you don't see, because you all are in the dark. Now that I have left that lark, I think I'll park and bark at the moon. Like a big baboon. Love the wordplay. My kind of rite. Ron

Alone in the Dark (Poetry) - 11/14/2013 7:18:32 AM
The true emotion is so well blended in this tale. You caught me up from the beginning. I've often said there can be no such thing as hell, since for most of us, hell is our adult lives, and sadly for some children too. Very touching poem.

Alone in the Dark (Poetry) - 11/13/2013 8:27:25 PM
Fun, funny, witty. The kind of liting I rike. :)

Insects Such As Me (Poetry) - 11/4/2013 4:34:19 AM
Duke i'm not here much anymore, hardly ever really, but today i visited and sought you out and am very glad i did; this is fine fine writing, a joy for this reader among the dross that dominates the another writer once said, 'why is there so much poetry and so few poets?' my best to you always john

Rantings from the Asylum (Poetry) - 11/1/2013 9:41:37 PM
Like it.

Rantings from the Asylum (Poetry) - 11/1/2013 8:02:37 AM
You are welcome. Ron

Insects Such As Me (Poetry) - 10/21/2013 12:02:29 AM
Awesome motley crew! 'Tis the season, I wanna know what the other Duke would have to say, not Wayne but the Bush's Baked Beans dog! Anybody that can write like this should check in more often in his lady bug boxers. Good to see you back, Duke... Sage

Insects Such As Me (Poetry) - 10/20/2013 1:43:47 PM
I didn't know that even bee's laid in wood & provisions for the winter and as for Pete Townsend, all he would do is light up a doobie and keep certain it is well lit for the whole of winter...;-) e (Glad to see you got your computer working...?)

Insects Such As Me (Poetry) - 10/20/2013 1:18:50 PM
What a collection of hoots! Don't worry, all those buggers will soon be gone like aphids in the wind of winter. Ron

Vision/Met (Poetry) - 10/9/2013 1:00:46 PM
A great story. The “true ones” are the best. I remember that my cousin got her front teeth flattened when she got too close to a fence with horses on the other side. Fortunately, they were baby teeth and she got them straightened with no bad effects on her permanent teeth. Barbed wire fences can be hell too. At six, after catching a slew of minnows in my uncle's creek, I ran up the pasture road at full tilt, showing off as we headed towards the farmhouse. I heard my uncle and others cheering me on so I ran faster… right into a barbed wire electric fence that was strung across the road to prevent cattle from straying. I was totally shocked by the pulses––several–––that hit me before I could back off that barbed wire that was cutting my neck all to hell as it bounced up and down from my hitting it at full speed. I have no scarring from a badly cut neck that not only had me weak from the shocks but scared my mother half to death. Ron

Vision/Met (Poetry) - 10/9/2013 8:39:05 AM
A horse is a horse yes and a boy will be a boy, what can you do but the mothers would have been sincere idiots and you're right suffered the rest of their lives but not too bad because they would have sued you for everything you own and lived high off the proverbial hog, even though it would have been their fault...(seems somebody got a new computer and I was most happy to see that you posted something...hope your "loss for the written word" has abated...) keep writing...Ed

He Often Died (Poetry) - 6/28/2013 8:25:16 AM
Amen... True

Don't Rock My Boat (Poetry) - 6/28/2013 8:19:13 AM
Love it !! Perfectly stated: "Oh, your society has made a prisoner out of me But oh, your society will never bring me to my knees I’d been villified – by those whom I had horrified To imprison me – they had tried and tried and tried..."

The Two Things I Really Hate About Dogs (Poetry) - 4/22/2013 4:55:27 PM
Anyone that loves dogs know that a day will come when an impossible choice must be made. Or, actually better than having to make "the choice", as sad as it may be, the dog will pass on on it's own. I recently had to put my dear Kody down and my wife and I cried for days. Then, through a twist of fate, Mushi came into my life and, though Kody and the fifty years between when all those beloved members of my family passed on will always be remembered, there is a new (seven year old) life that is now in my keep and the love of those that came before is now bestowed upon Mushi, and his love, I know, is bestowed upon me. So sorry for your double loss. My suggestion, though, do not wait! Bring another into your life and your life will go on. Mark

The Two Things I Really Hate About Dogs (Poetry) - 4/18/2013 4:31:33 PM
Duke, ( Tears )....Many condolences, Duke. I understand completely how you feel. They become more than pets, but a part of the family. God be with you. Many blessings, +Linda

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 4/3/2013 4:06:12 AM
fine delivery, Duke, fine indeed hope you're doing well john

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/31/2013 8:04:51 AM
We all find our path in our own way and you have expressed yours quite well. Cheers, Dan

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/30/2013 10:46:20 AM
Duke, Wow! I like this alot. Everyone has their own way to talk to God. This is a definite keeper. Many blessings, +Linda

Haiku Schmaiku (Poetry) - 3/30/2013 3:01:02 AM
Funny! It too me a while to write a Haiku but like Karaokie perhaps it's better for others to do. Amen, my cowboy friend, JMD

A Grave Not Forgotten (Poetry) - 3/30/2013 2:57:58 AM
Hey Duke, A great poetic tribute to "Baby Rudolph" and now folks around the world will read your kind words. God Bless, JMD

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/30/2013 2:54:10 AM
Hey Duke, Very good poetic expression... You are on your way. took me a long time to reach this point and I am still not quite there yet. May The Lord be with you on your journey, JMD

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/29/2013 11:08:59 AM
I don't even ride that horse. But you write it well. Ron

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/29/2013 9:12:27 AM
Damn, dude/Duke, you are less of a heathen than I am for sure, all I do is thank Him for every day I am not 6 feet under...or sprinkled over my girlfriends horses manure pile...;-) e

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/29/2013 8:50:18 AM
a different type of prayer but okay budd

A Heathen's Reflection on Holy Week (Poetry) - 3/29/2013 8:47:20 AM
This a very powerful poem conveying strength, honesty and purpose. It does not need my approval, but it's got it. Well done.

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/20/2013 8:03:10 PM
Duke, A wonderful poem and tribute to Old Basil LaRance, Sr. I enjoyed your writing style and rhyme. I also rhyme my poetry. Enjoyed! Blessings, Linda+

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/20/2013 9:26:40 AM
I absolutely love your poetry Duke. This is so emotive, earthy and real, and very old west authentic.

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/8/2013 8:30:49 AM
Old Basil is likely better off than the rest of us, at peace & resting comfortably...e

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/8/2013 7:44:30 AM
I love the Tetons, It is a magical place. My uncle Basil, who served in the 101st Airborne, is probably buried somewhere near Boise, where he died after leaving my aunt and five kids from two marriages to disappear in the West. He should be buried in Riverside Cemetery overlooking the Black River in Wisconsin. A more peaceful place is hard to find. Perhaps my ashes will be scattered there. Ron

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/8/2013 4:22:56 AM
palpable tenderness and a distinct sense of place and belonging - it may sound obvious, Duke, but you know who you are and where you are and so many today simply don't john

South Fork Teton Canyon Boneyard (Poetry) - 2/8/2013 1:40:09 AM
Nicely rhymed poetry on a memory never lost but waiting to be joined again.

He Often Died (Poetry) - 2/7/2013 6:15:05 AM
Amen! i say, Brother, and Amen again; yes, the history of colonialism east west and south is grim and shameful well expressed, Duke john

He Often Died (Poetry) - 2/6/2013 12:06:14 PM
Treaties were only written to be broken and the native to the land driven from their homes and into prisons called reservations if they were not killed. This country has a terrible legacy that it has not lived up to, both in regards to genocide of the native populations and slavery. Reparations are in order, but not forthcoming. I'm glad you let this burst of emotion out. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops, the tree tops, and the mountaintops, and heard all the way to the power in Washington. Ron

He Often Died (Poetry) - 2/6/2013 2:47:25 AM
Humanities inhumanity to humanity is a well documented statement of the white mans treating of those that lived on this land for thousands of years prior to their coming...e

Picking Up the Shards (Poetry) - 2/5/2013 5:11:01 PM
no fudging or polite society outpour here, this is right between the eyes and lower down, too, and it's great Kudos, Duke! john

Picking Up the Shards (Poetry) - 2/4/2013 9:17:51 AM
Brutally realistic and in-your-face. Would make a good song. I really like it. The tone. The tempo. And time running out. Ron

Picking Up the Shards (Poetry) - 2/4/2013 6:36:12 AM
This packs a punch for sure, but it also exudes a kind of confidence in 'choice of way of life,' and it gives me the sensation of a person watching the mad world on the TV screen, glad to not be in the thick of that chaos (I stare back from the glass at you). I like that you ended it with "Amen." ~~ Diana

Picking Up the Shards (Poetry) - 2/3/2013 8:22:50 PM
Gettin' confrontational herein...must be gettin' old and kind of crazy living out there in the boonies of Montana...;-) e

Picking Up the Shards (Poetry) - 2/3/2013 4:38:24 PM
This is what I call showdown poetry! Gunfight callout or waiting for the gallows...meeting up with an old foe like I have right here on the den. Day of Reckoning style, Duke...splinters of glass in their ass. I like the whole stink of this! The reference 'Cosmic Clock' makes this piece so timeless. History repeats itself. Badass Spiritual Kin, Sage

Blinded By the Blood Revisited (Poetry) - 2/3/2013 4:18:13 AM
yes, the ending, as Erin remarks, is striking and appropriate; quite an interesting view here, Duke, and when i think of it some of our finest literature can't be fully understood withour reference to the ancient texts that were once and in some parts still are taken as 'gospel' john

Blinded By the Blood Revisited (Poetry) - 1/31/2013 8:13:20 PM
Sweet! I had to smile at the ending, Duke. As a 6 yr. Holy Rosary Church elementary school survivor. Erin Elizabeth Kelly-Moen

Blinded By the Blood Revisited (Poetry) - 1/31/2013 10:18:46 AM
This is different for you, dude...but still a good read to re-read and think about...e

Blinded By the Blood Revisited (Poetry) - 1/31/2013 9:28:52 AM
Duke, first I'm a big Cohen fan and have thought about that same thing, Christian teaching to a worldly perspective, but his lyrics like your poem really work. Secondly, even though you wrote this in 1999, it has to be one of the best you have posted. Cheers, Dan

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