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Recent Reviews for Jay Dubya

Snake Eyes and Boxcars (Book) - 6/1/2011 2:17:44 AM
Just a great title!

Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized (Book) - 4/3/2010 11:32:52 AM
Always enjoy reading about Mark Twain. It takes you back to adventure of his era when things were so different with such unique challenges. And this book certainly reminds us of how Twain suffered through so much yet went on to become so great.

Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized (Book) - 3/7/2010 3:55:41 AM
Description Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized is a unique collection of eighteen classic Edgar Allan Poe short stories that have been creatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language, and the work is author Jay Dubya’s thirty-fifth book. When Jay Dubya (John Wiessner) was a New Jersey public school English teacher, during his thirty-four year classroom career he often enjoyed teaching and reading E.A. Poe’s “influential literature” to his sometimes-enlightened middle and high school students. Even though Poe (1809-1849) had died at a very young age, he still managed to remarkably write and publish over nine hundred pages of imaginative short stories and awe-inspiring poems. In addition to being a superb writer, Poe was also an excellent editor and literary critic and is widely regarded as one of the most important authors in American literature. The now-esteemed writer is often referred to as “the father of the American short story” and as “the inventor of the detective story.” Edgar married his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm and made a very modest living as a writer and as a newspaper journalist. Poe had a nasty temper, took drugs as painkillers and because of his mercurial disposition, couldn’t keep a job for any length of time. In 1847 Virginia died of tuberculosis and Poe, underfed, pale and gaunt-looking, passed away two years later. Poe’s detective stories “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Purloined Letter” made him famous in addition to his classic horror tales “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Masque of the Red Death,” “The Cask of Amontillado” and the popular-but-eerie epic “The Tell Tale Heart.” Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized has three companion books that satirize the works of O. Henry, Mark Twain and Jack London. 1) O. Henry: Obscenely and Outrageously Obliterated (220 pages) 2) Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized (212 pages) 3) London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted (216 pages)

Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II (Book) - 8/19/2009 11:24:32 AM
Product Description Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II: The rolls of dice in any Atlantic City or Las Vegas casino meaning the numbers two and twelve. In this unique collection of fourteen short story/novellas, the first tale "Like Clockwork"and the last one "A Second Chance" are written in the first person where the narrator describes the action using the pronouns I, me, my, and mine, which is in stark contrast to the other twelve sci-fi/paranormal tales sandwiched in between, the dozen other stories being written in the more common third person expository style of literary presentation. Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II is author Jay Dubya's twelfth sci-fi/paranormal story collection and his thirteenth story collection overall. Other works by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV. Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV are written in the "Pieces of Eight" spirit along with recent works One Baker's Dozen and Two Baker's Dozen. RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of 38 mostly non-fiction writings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II (Book) - 5/24/2009 9:24:53 AM
I think you picked the wrong guy to slam Mr. Dudya.

Snake Eyes and Boxcars (Book) - 2/7/2009 2:31:26 AM
Snake Eyes and Boxcars Snake Eyes and Boxcars: The rolls of dice in any Atlantic City or Las Vegas casino meaning the numbers two and twelve. In this unique collection of fourteen short story/novellas, the first tale “The Second Civil War” and the last one “The Music Portal” are written in the first person where the narrator describes the action using the pronouns I, me, my, and mine, which is in stark contrast to the other twelve sci-fi/paranormal tales sandwiched in between, the dozen other stories being written in the more common third person expository style of literary presentation. Snake Eyes and Boxcars is author Jay Dubya’s eleventh sci-fi/paranormal story collection and his twelfth story collection overall. Other works by this prolific author are Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV. Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV are written in the “Pieces of Eight” spirit along with recent works One Baker’s Dozen and Two Baker’s Dozen. RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of 38 mostly non-fiction writings. Jay Dubya is John Wiessner’s pen name and also his initials (J.W.). John is the author of 33 books, is married to wife Joanne and the couple has three grown sons. John Wiessner is a retired New Jersey public school English teacher of 34 years and he and Joanne live in Hammonton, NJ USA.

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts (Book) - 10/25/2008 5:58:24 AM
Description Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of thirty-eight writings and essays that reflect author Jay Dubya’s personality and philosophy. Articles range from biographical sketches to the author’s humorous adventures, and the manuscript section is dedicated to the writer’s observations about matters that run the modern-day social spectrum from the Iraq War to inherent problems associated with American society. Some of the articles in this work originally appeared in the Hammonton (New Jersey) Gazette and in the Hammonton News. In the “Articles” section of the book, accounts recalling the writer’s personal memories of certain people are represented in the stories “A Young James Bertino,” “Mr. Charles B. Sipley” and “Little League Baseball.” Humorous experiences are recounted in “A Tale of Two Counties,” “Misadventures in Furnitureland” and “Catty Cat Catching.” The author’s youth is recollected in the renditions “Growing-up in Hammonton” and “Dogwood Hollow: 1954-‘55.” And incidents from Jay Dubya’s thirty-four-year teaching career are described in “School Assemblies,” “Williamsburg School Trips” and “The High School Faculty.” In the “Manuscripts” section, such essay subjects as “Rap Music Is Not Music,” “Why Jimmy Brown Doesn’t Write” and “Multicultural Education” are skillfully presented. Other thoughtful essays are also included with “Freedom Isn’t Free,” “American Education Is Wasteful” and “The Trouble with American Democracy.” The creative work “Gerunds, Verbals and Participial Adjectives” is a zany effort that pokes fun at the complexity and diversity of the English language and its complicated grammar usage.

One Baker's Dozen (Book) - 3/9/2008 12:06:12 AM
One Baker's Dozen is a collection of short stories by Jay Dubya. He has written other adult fiction besides One Baker's Dozen and its sister book Two Baker’s Dozen. Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel and its sequel The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960 Novel along with Frat' Brats, A '60s Novel are adult-oriented literary works constituting a trilogy. Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV are' short story/novella collections featuring science fiction and paranormal plots and themes. Nine New Novellas is the companion book to Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV. All ten of Jay Dubya's sci-fi/paranormal book collections are written in a spirit that emphasizes suspense and surprise endings, literary techniques that the author enjoys implementing. One Baker’s Dozen 1) “Luck and Love” 2) “Galaxy Gambol” 3) “The Indestructible Teacup” 4) Foreshadowing and Flashback” 5) An Erroneous Coincidence” 6) Figurines” 7) Butterton Woods” 8) “That’ll Be the Day” 9) Government Problem Solving” 10 “Global Warning Thwarted” 11 “Twelve Modern Labors” 12 “Parallel Developments” 13 “The Christian Republican Left”

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II (Book) - 7/22/2007 3:06:38 PM
Book Description Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is adult literature featuring adult language and content. Jay Dubya converts ten of William Shakespeare's most famous plays into crazy risqué and bawdy satire/parodies. "Much Ado about Nothing" and "The Merry Wives of Windsor" are creatively assaulted along with "Henry IV, Part I" and "Henry IV, Part II." "Twelfth Night" and "The Taming of the Shrew" are also degenerated and pulverized. Jay Dubya also humorously broadsides "Julius Caesar" and "Romeo and Juliet." Finally the serious tragic plays "Macbeth" and "Hamlet" are hilariously clobbered and thoroughly corrupted. Shakespeare: S, S, S and S, Part II represents William Shakespeare as you've never before read the bard's historic work. Each play has been imaginatively rewritten and converted from dialogue into adult-oriented narrative/dialogue form. Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is the companion book to Shakespeare: S, S, S and S.

The Wholly Book of Genesis (Book) - 4/14/2007 5:59:03 AM
Brilliant idea! Looking forward to this.

Nine New Novellas, Part IV (Book) - 3/31/2007 1:44:47 AM
Nine New Novellas, Part IV is author Jay Dubya’s ninth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Two Baker’s Dozen, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II and Nine New Novellas, Part III bringing the writer’s novella total up to sixty-eight. “The Bounty Hunter” is a unique tale that mixes suspense with a well conceived revenge plot, “Batsto Village” is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a clever surprise ending and “Dreamland” describes dramatic conflict in the life of a man whose dreams suddenly become reality. “Colliding Galaxies” is a science fiction offering that provides a rational explanation for man’s petty place in the Universe, “Greek Statutory Law” describes how an American immigrant becomes wealthy and then is affected by the power of mythology, and “Specters” depicts a man who develops the remarkable ability to have the ghosts of famous people become his modern-day servants. Finally, “A Small World” is a chilling story that shows how a computer genius uses miniaturization to get even with past enemies, “The Music Disk” tells how two friends have a lyrical misadventure that ends in disaster, and “The Amazon Sorority” is an imaginative tale about two astronauts discovering a civilization dominated by ancient-type women warriors in the Constellation Virgo.

Two Baker's Dozen (Book) - 3/17/2007 12:54:38 PM
Two Baker’s Dozen is a collection of twenty-six short stories and is author Jay Dubya’s ninth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV. Two Baker’s Dozen contains original works of science fiction, paranormal and mystery tales. Many of the stories feature suspense and surprise-endings, writing techniques that the author enjoys utilizing. Contents “Story Behind the Headlines” 1 “Irrigation Irritation” 9 “Illumination” 19 “Double Play” 27 “Calendar Man” 37 “New Jersey Transit” 47 “The FITS Project” 55 “Life on the Blueberry Farm” 67 “The Stealth Auto’ Device” 87 “Mariner X” 97 “The Disfavored Son” 109 “Double Trouble” 121 “The Bed” 129 “The Alien Minority” 137 “City Councilmen” 145 “Fixtures” 155 “The Jewelry Box” 163 “The Victim” 173 “Justification” 181 “Cemetery Walk” 189 “The Fountain of Youth” 199 “Modern Mythology” 207 “Higher Stakes” 217 “The Traffic Ticket War” 231 “Family Resentment” 239 “The Pondarosa” 249

Pieces of Eight, Part IV (Book) - 3/7/2007 7:59:54 AM
Description Pieces of Eight, Part IV is a collection of eight short stories/novellas that complement the eight appearing in Pieces of Eight, the eight in Pieces of Eight, Part II and the eight novellas represented in Pieces of Eight, Part III. “Freeze Frames” and “The Rings of Saturn” are paranormal tales; whereas, “Expedition Earth” and “Stairway to Heaven” lean more toward the science fiction side of popular literature. “The Seven Statues” and “Salientia” mix elements of science fiction and paranormal experience. “The Price of Bigotry” is a surprise ending hate-crime murder story, and “The Love Tree” incorporates science fiction, romantic and paranormal elements in its presentation.

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part IV (Book) - 2/17/2007 9:53:04 AM
Book Description Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part IV is adult literature featuring adult content and language. The work satirizes and spoofs thirteen classic stories from U.S., British, French, Russian, Arabian literature and from Greek mythology. Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling and sideswiping tales from American literature. Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," O. Henry's "A Retrieved Reformation," Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death," Jack London's "Love of Life," and Mark Twain's "Tom and Huck's Gang" are thoroughly degenerated. British Literature is also corrupted with imaginative adult renditions of Rudyard Kipling's "The Elephant's Child," Wilkie Collins's "Blow Up With the Brig," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" and Charles Dickens's "Ebenezer Scrooge." Finally, Greek mythology is assaulted with a hilarious retelling of "Oedipus." French literature is not ignored with a crazy version of Victor Hugo's "The Bishop's Candlesticks." Russian lit' is broadsided with an imaginative retelling of Anton Chekov's "The Bet." And last but not least, Arabian literature is not spared from being clobbering with a new version of "The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad."

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part III (Book) - 8/6/2006 3:41:40 AM
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part 3 is a zany collection of famous short fiction stories given new adult spins. Author Jay Dubya gives entirely new interpretations of American literature works “The Cop and the Anthem” by O. Henry, James Thurber’s “The Dog That Bit People,” Mark Twain’s “Lost in a Snowstorm,” Stephen Vincent Benet’s “The Devil and Daniel Webster” and Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat.” British literature is not spared bombardment with scathing satires of Saki’s “The Interlopers,” H.G. Well’s “The Time Machine,” W.W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” and Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Pardoner’s Tale.” Norse mythology is thoroughly broadsided with a new adult rendition of “Beowulf” and Greek mythology is also attacked with a new humorous version of “Theseus and the Minotaur.” The French short story is not spared as Jay Dubya presents a new witty corruption of Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace,” and Spanish literature is also blasted with a funny spin put on Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote Fights the Windmill.”

Nine New Novellas, Part III (Book) - 6/7/2006 7:51:50 AM
Nine New Novellas, Part III is author Jay Dubya’s seventh story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, and Nine New Novellas, Part II bringing the writer’s novella total up to fifty-nine. “The Zodiac Wheel” is a unique tale that mixes suspense with a well conceived revenge plot, “The Curator” is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a clever surprise ending and “Music Psyche” describes dramatic conflict in a death-sentenced prisoner’s subconscious mind’s musical preferences surfacing from his distant past. “76 Years” is a science fiction offering that provides a rational explanation for man’s petty place in the galaxy, “Palm Sunday” describes how two business partners’ fortunes told by a palm reader come true, and “Gratefulness” depicts and explains how a WW II veteran generously returns a favor fifty years later. Finally, “The Department of Water” is a chilling futuristic view of what remains of the United States of America in 2105 AD, “The Oracle” tells how a man neutralizes and lifts a terrible five-generation curse on his family, and “Everything’s Relative” is an imaginative tale about two astronauts discovering three strange new world’s in the Constellation Orion.

Pieces of Eight, Part III (Book) - 5/29/2006 6:07:02 AM
Pieces of Eight, Part III is a collection of eight unique short stories/novellas that complement the eight appearing in Pieces of Eight and the eight novellas represented in Pieces of Eight, Part II and Pieces of Eight, Part IV. “An Attic Television” and “The Timeless Sports Car” are paranormal tales having ‘50s themes; whereas, “Time Vigilantes” and “Youth Revisited” lean more toward the science fiction side of popular literature. “A Literary Dispute” and “The Better of Two Lives” mix elements of science fiction and paranormal experience. “The Hotel Delaware” and “The Rip Van Winkle Club” are essentially fantasy stories that incorporate science fiction and paranormal elements in their presentations. Pieces of Eight, Part III is available in hardcover, paperback and Adobe Reader, Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket ebook downloading formats.

Nine New Novellas, Part II (Book) - 5/15/2006 3:41:33 PM
Nine New Novellas, Part II is author Jay Dubya’s sixth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV and Nine New Novellas, bringing the writer’s novella total up to fifty. “The Yard Sale Mirror” is a unique tale that mixes suspense with an unusual revenge plot, “Immoral Immortality” is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a creative surprise ending and “Here and There” describes contemporary dramatic conflict between Israeli and Palestinian factions. “The Vassal Vessel” tale is an imaginative science fiction thriller that provides a rational explanation of earth’s miniscule place in the universe, “Insane Karma” shows a special relationship between ESP and communication with “other dimension entities” and the story “The Sole Collector” depicts and explains the outcome of a greedy man’s diabolical pact with the Devil. Finally, “The Heroic Belt” has an interesting Greek mythology theme, “Spectrum Man” is a thrilling breakthrough story that involves an ordinary man’s accidental acquisition of supernatural powers, and “Excavations” presents the dangers and adventures experienced by a world-famous anthropologist/archeologist. Nine New Novellas, Part II is Jay Dubya's twentieth book. The author's books are in five genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi/Paranormal, Children's Books, Adult Satire, Non-Fiction.

Nine New Novellas (Book) - 4/26/2006 11:58:18 AM
Nine New Novellas is author Jay Dubya's fifth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV, bringing the writer's novella total to forty-one. "Friendship" is a unique tale that mixes suspense with a revenge plot, "The Unique Juke Box" is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a surprise ending and "Rock, Paper, Scissors" describes dramatic conflict between groups of doctors, lawyers and Mafia members that dine at a popular New Jersey restaurant. "The UFO Magnet" is a science fiction thriller that provides a rational explanation for space aliens abducting innocent humans, "Signals" shows a relationship between ESP and communication with other dimension' spirits and "Drama and Trauma" depicts a hospital patient's strange utterances before the specter of death envelops him. Finally, "Red, White and Blue America" is a chilling futuristic view of the United States of America in 2070 AD, "The Power of Suggestion" has a fascinating hypnosis and reincarnation theme and "June 30, 1956 is an imaginative tale about a man who develops extraordinary psychic powers and then attempts to prevent a great catastrophe from occurring. Nine New Novellas is Jay Dubya's nineteenth book. The author writes in five genres: Sci-Fi/Paranormal, Adult Action/Adventure, Adult Satire, Children's and Non-Fiction Books.

Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces (Book) - 4/26/2006 11:46:31 AM
Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces is adult literature that satirizes classic children’s folk tales, fables and fairy tales into more mature presentations featuring adult language, content and humor. Author Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling Aesop’s Fables into “A Sap’s Fables.” Adult renditions of “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Wind and the Sun,” “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “The Crow and the Pitcher,” and “The Rabbit and the Turtle” are all cleverly portrayed. Other famous fables rewritten into adult accounts are “The Fox and the Crow,” “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg,” “The Grasshopper and the Ants,” “The Lark and Its Offspring,” “The Miller, His Son and the Jackass,” “Belling the Cat” and finally “The Dog, the Fox and the Stream.” Folk and Fairy Tales from England, France, Germany and Russia are also imaginatively assaulted and converted into adult-oriented stories. Jay Dubya thoroughly corrupts “The Three Little Piglet Brothers,” “The Flashing Elves,” “The Golden Goose’s Goosing Curse,” “The Notorious Sleeping Beauty” and “Petite Red Riding Hood.” Other classic stories that are not saved from degeneration are “Jack’s Magnificent Beanstalk,” “Hansel and Gretel Dumkoff,” “Little Ebony Sambo,” “Rapunzel’s Draping Hair” and “Tom Thumb’s History.” Finally, the author completely corrupts into adult parody rewrites “Peter W. and the Wolf,” “The Rumpelstiltskin No-Spin Zone,” “Beauty and the Beastly Beast,” “Cinderella’s Fella’” and the classic folktale “Flaky Snow White and the Seven Midgdwarfs.” Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces is Jay Dubya’s twenty-first e-book. This book is definitely not written for or to be read by children.

Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables & Fairy Farces, Part II (Book) - 4/26/2006 11:29:12 AM
Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II is adult literature satirizing classic children's stories and the work is written in the spirit of its predecessor Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces. The new work FFFF&FF Part II features adult language, adult content and adult satirical humor. Author Jay Dubya goes right to work corrupting familiar children's stories The Three Scruffy Gruffy Billy Goats, The Gay Tailor Who Became King, Petey Rabbit, Thumbilisa Thumbilina, The Emperor's Invisible Clothes and Goldie Lox and the Three Ursas. Several British legends are re-invented with hilarious adult renditions of St. George Slays the Dragon and Arthur Becomes King of England. Greek myths are imaginatively sabotaged with comical presentations of Daphne's Daft Daffiness, Bellerophon's Marathon Adventure, Baucis and Philemon, Psyche and Stupid Cupid and Atalanta's Last Race. Other popular children's stories that are put into adult parodies are Pinocchio's Personality Problem, The Wolf and the Seven Lame Lambs, The Sorcerer's Un-resourceful Apprentice and Peter Pansy Does Kensington Gardens. Finally Author Jay Dubya presents very amusing renditions of the classic tales Alice Visits Wonderland and Aladdin's Little Lamp. Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II is definitely not written for or to be read by children.

Space Bugs, Earth Invasion (Book) - 5/23/2003 11:05:25 AM
On May 17, 2003 Space Bugs, Earth Invasion climbed to a Sales Ranking of #82 at in Adobe Reader.

So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher (Book) - 5/19/2003 1:42:39 PM

So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher (Book) - 3/15/2003 4:23:09 AM
So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher! is now available in Adobe Reader and Microsoft Reader at and in Microsoft Reader at It will be at and Barnes and by April. and presently have So Ya' Wanna' Be A Teacher in Adobe Reader.

The Wholly Book of Exodus (Book) - 2/24/2003 1:05:59 PM
The Wholly Book of Exodus soared to an Sales Ranking of #3,042 IN Microsoft Reader on January 28, 2003. (the author)

Kandu's Great Discovery (Short Story) - 1/31/2015 10:42:23 AM
A fine story with great lessons about cooperation and friendship, as well as a little understanding of life in those times. Since it's for children, you didn't mention the brutality that often occurred, as evidenced in the archaeological record. I also noticed that the animal pit had meat in it to to lure carnivores like the lion that was captured. I assume that the herbivores that you mention would accidentally fall into the pit by following a normal animal trail to water or foraging. And, as far as I know, you can't make fire by rubbing flint against a stick. Flint makes sparks when struck against other stones, and the friction between two pieces of wood can create an ember that can be used to ignite tinder. Ron

It's in the Cards (Short Story) - 1/9/2015 10:43:54 AM
An amusing semi-biographical, wishful story. Especially the one about your coming death. Although with Sicilian connections, that might be highly likely. ;-) I have a couple of wealthy deceased and still alive uncles and great uncles and aunts. Hopefully I will get a mysterious message on the printer next to me telling me that, if I solve a number puzzle, and write it down, I'll learn about a long-lost inheritance… And my coming death. I'm waiting… Ron

Doing Bristol (Short Story) - 12/14/2014 8:26:53 AM
An interesting tale and trip down memory lane. Thanks to WLS Chicago we got the latest out of the East Coast at that time, dancing all the dances and eagerly waiting for Dick Clark's American Bandstand on TV. Levittown was the template for the bungalow we moved into in 1956. That neighborhood has not deteriorated, but becoming preferred part of town with a huge mall at the end of the street. I had a similar experience recently while taking a whirlwind 3000 mile journey from Houston to Lake Havasu City and back. It was like, "What hotel am I in today?" Ron

Growing Young (Short Story) - 12/9/2014 9:59:35 AM
A clever idea turned into a rather preposterous story resulting in collusion between federal officials and medical doctors. As usual, I found an abundance of little-known facts sprinkled about the story. And, your use of over-the-top adverbs and adjectives remains a bit disarming. I want to change every one into something more reasonable, without making the story "boring." Ron

The Tadpole and the Caterpillar (Short Story) - 11/10/2014 6:58:54 AM
A great little parable. I seem to recall that frogs like all manner of flying insects, including moths. Ron

The Music Portal (Short Story) - 11/4/2014 7:07:49 AM
A very creative piece of work. Once again, I find your style of writing wordy and full of unnecessary information (comic book style). If I were an editor, I would remove much of the extraneous, but factual, information to make the story run smoother. I also found the ten confrontations where your life was in danger, to be generally all the same type. I much expected other kinds of threats that you didn't consider, but since your threats all involved distasteful people, five confrontations would have been enough to get the point across. The last two, and especially the last one, did not put your life in danger, so I don't see you making your point by banishing a pimp for simply doing his job. In fact, most muggings and robbery are only looking for money and no one is threatened with death or serious harm in the process. The idea of finding a higher level of existence by discipline makes a lot of sense. Also, experiencing other, entirely different venues. During my lifetime, I was forced, first by my paralysis, and later by job changes, to experience entirely different places and cultures. The result has enlightened me immensely. Ron

Lost Identity (Short Story) - 9/13/2014 5:41:23 PM
interesting read

Lost Identity (Short Story) - 8/23/2014 9:16:07 AM
In your usual, "over the top," style. I recall reading about the chapel in the salt mine in Poland in the National Geographic. Also, how Hitler had destroyed all the bridges except one as the Allies approached the motherland in World War II on the History Channel. There were a few minor typos that you might look for, like too [far] to Kraków. And, I think you had a Freudian slip with your reference to, "Nurse Piece." Either that or you were channeling female names used in James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. ;-) Ron

Rich Man, Poor Soul (Short Story) - 8/10/2014 10:41:38 AM
interesting read!

Rich Man, Poor Soul (Short Story) - 8/9/2014 10:28:10 AM
Gave me a great insight into your history and a laugh at the end. Very creative and enlightening when it comes to making blunders with decisions. My life has been full of them. In my doctoral program at West Virginia University we had three or four master's and doctoral students from Glassboro State. Since you and I are the same age, I believe they were all younger and all of them were in industrial education. I was not. When I was 18, I often drove my dad's 57 Ford Fairlane 500 V8 to the limit of my driving ability. One day while talking to someone else, about the car, my dad casually asked me, "Ron, how fast does the car go?" Shocked at the question, I replied, "I don't know, 120?" I got away with that one. Ron

Coarse Code Communication (Short Story) - 7/24/2014 4:27:37 PM
interesting read

FBI Interstate Interdiction (Short Story) - 7/12/2014 9:43:39 AM
Egads! Another villainous plot foiled by the remarkable inspector! I'm beginning to get the drift of your campy, over-the-top character and his superiority complex that has no bounds when given a wordy puzzle to solve. If it was a TV show, I would soon get tired of "the boss" and his uncanny ability to understand everything and then rub it into the numb skulls of his underlings. Ron

The Perplexing Pie Picture Puzzle (Short Story) - 7/1/2014 12:39:12 PM
enjoyed reading your interesting narrative

The Perplexing Pie Picture Puzzle (Short Story) - 7/1/2014 5:13:56 AM
First, let me commend you on your prolific 49 books. This may have been the first that I have read of you, but a brief scan of your titles indicates that you write on a broad range of subjects. You also seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of places, food, jokes, and other trivia to give your characters a quirky sense of superiority. This particular "over-the-top" comic book style, story reminds me of Batman and Sherlock Holmes combined. The lifestyle of the agents and the apparent superiority of the "boss" suggests that the life of a FBI agent is more leisurely fun than tedious research or surveillance work. The story also has strong overtones of a naïve ideology where the government hating capitalists employ government employees to solve serious crimes perpetrated by intelligentsia misfits. The satire is quite good. However, I don't believe the general reading public will get it. Maybe I got tired of reading all the trivia, but I failed to see the connection between the discussion of the pie chart taunts by the perpetrator and the solution and apprehension of the culprit(s). Ron

Multiple Choice (Short Story) - 11/13/2013 3:39:30 AM
a fine write, i enjoyed it budd

Multiple Choice (Short Story) - 11/10/2013 8:06:16 AM
While I know there are people that enjoy reading mystery stories, I'm not one. Sorry. I would prefer something much more realistic in terms of the way the FBI actually works on real cases rather than the comic book variety or endless spinoffs from Sherlock Holmes. As a former student and professor, I found that multiple-choice tests were lazy tests by lazy professors and high school teachers. All these tests do is test memorized facts and comprehension, the two lowest levels of learning. That's why I only gave my students problems to solve, debate, essays, or papers to write. You are right, essays are difficult to grade, but one of the few ways to find out a student's understanding of the subject matter. Ron

Four Tickets to Paradise (Short Story) - 5/24/2013 2:08:41 AM
very well done story budd

My Ubiquitous Acquaintance (Short Story) - 3/20/2013 9:47:20 AM
Thanks for the humorous and entertaining journey down Memory Lane. Your ability of recall and talent to write are precious gifts. Keep on scrolling.

My Ubiquitous Acquaintance (Short Story) - 1/12/2013 7:07:31 AM
Thank you for taking us along for the ride.I can verify that on the night of the spicy shrimp dinner,up in apt # 10 ,the thriving business was indeed in good hands,bumping to the tunes of the Doobies.

My Ubiquitous Acquaintance (Short Story) - 1/6/2013 5:08:06 AM
a very likable story, thank you for the allowing us to read budd

Winter Solstice, 2012 (Short Story) - 12/26/2012 3:48:55 PM
this is a piecewell written with a theme for this date for sure budd

The Table Drawer (Short Story) - 10/26/2012 7:14:15 PM
Hi Jay... interesting. Sci-Fi... not so much. It read more like a diary or day journal for me. Again it was interesting but I keep waiting for something more than a wallet to reappear.

Catty Cat Catching (Short Story) - 3/27/2010 11:05:53 PM
holds reader interest

Williamsburg Field Trips (Short Story) - 3/15/2005 5:05:25 AM
enjoyed the read

Always Use English Grammar and Spelling Skills To Detect E-mail Scams (Short Story) - 8/8/2004 6:49:58 AM
Well, I have to tell you, I'm miffed, because I got the same letter from Tanko saying I was the only one he could trust! (Laughing...) An as obvious as it is, the damn shame is that some elderly person will fall for this scam.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 4/1/2015 11:36:36 AM
I completely agree. I'm not saying rap is the cause for violence, but it sure doesn't help the fact that it touches on lyrics like 'shooting up in the club'. It can't really be classified as music, and I cringe everytime someone defends it as 'poetry'. But it has a big influence on society, and is most arguably the most overrated form of music. I agree completely with this article. Sure, some say I listen to too much underated genres like Alternative, but at least I understand what music truly is supposed to be. In terms, I agree, and I will defend this opinion.

Wall Street Protesters Don't Value American Capitalism (Article) - 6/17/2014 10:49:01 AM
The Top 1% in America pays 12 percent of the total federal income taxes. The Top 10% pays 45%, while the Bottom 50% pays 2.37% of total income tax revenue (Source: Center for Federal Tax Policy). The basic problem is not a tax one but rather a spending one; the IRS takes in 1 and a half trillion dollars, but the federal government spends 3 and a half trillion annually. And the present 17.5 trillion dollar federal debt means that the average U.S. family of five is currently in debt around 300,000 dollars. The USA will only get out of this mammoth debt hole if everyone miraculously pulls their own weight. Jay Dubya (article author)

Why Mitt Romney Pays Only 13% and Not 35% Income Taxes (Article) - 1/9/2014 1:35:52 PM
Venture capitalists such as Bain Capital do two things: They give advice on how to decimate a company and make it suitable for bankruptcy for a big fee; and they provide capital (from others not usually their own) for a voice in managing the company and for equity ownership. Their income is not taxed twice, rather once at the capital gains rate by virtue of their structure. Most capital gains are not the result of taking risks nor do create jobs, rather by inheriting capital from others. The Walton family, for example, inherited about $100 billion from Sam Walton, and they pay little or no tax at all on their inheritances by way of a host of trusts and loopholes too numerous to mention and too complicated to sort out. The typical American cannot participate in any of this because they don't have any money left after paying their bills. The bottom 69 million tax filers had an average income of $15,292 before taxes according to the Tax Foundation, a very conservative organization. More than 90 percent of all jobs are the direct result of consumer and government spending. Ed Phillips, Ph.D retired economist

Why Mitt Romney Pays Only 13% and Not 35% Income Taxes (Article) - 8/16/2012 6:53:55 PM
Good for you, Jay! I love this article that says it as it truly is. Too bad those on the left, or with left leanings will not read it and if they do will think, So what! Mark

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 11/30/2011 9:18:56 AM
I'd have to agree with everything he has said about rap because they don't blend their music together right all it is is poetry.

Wall Street Protesters Don't Value American Capitalism (Article) - 11/1/2011 12:16:46 PM
The point you are missing is that the 'contract' (big Biz gets bailed out by the taxed and in turn, jobs will be created by the massive influx of greenbacks. That has not happened. Instead, cash hording seems to be the business du jour)Instead, it has been broken by corruption and greedof the 1% and those that represent their interests. The re-distribution of wealth WILL occur or this nation (and much 0f Europe) will explode. Here in our beloved US of A, every other household is armed. Comprende? Armed, I say, and heavily so. And when the rich get dragged out of their palatial domiciles, the shock on there fleshy faces will be quite amusing.

Wall Street Protesters Don't Value American Capitalism (Article) - 10/30/2011 6:53:09 AM
I dropped out of college because I was being taught to become a well rounded "useful idiot", like so many of the bongo playing wall street occupiers. I knew better because of my up bringing in a business oriented family. I was, and still am surrounded by family and friends who worked hard to get where they are today. No hand-outs or free-bees were expected or desired. I was taught by my family that you start at the bottom and work your way to the top. The harder you work, the luckier you become is what my grandfather always said. In this country that saying is true because we are free to choose what we want to become. Unfortunately, schools, unions, and parents today teach the children to become leeches on society instead of instilling individual responsibility. We need to help those who can't help themselves, reward hard work and success, and punish the leeches that expect everything for nothing.

Wall Street Protesters Don't Value American Capitalism (Article) - 10/29/2011 6:22:28 AM
I could not agree more. Mark

Wall Street Protesters Don't Value American Capitalism (Article) - 10/29/2011 1:57:04 AM
Well Said.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 1/23/2011 11:13:04 PM
Music is music. Rap is also a kind of music. we should not fear of it, because it is our soft creation.

Environmental Greenies Are Very Dangerous People (Article) - 12/1/2010 2:04:16 PM
Brilliant article, sir! You NAILED it.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 11/4/2010 7:49:05 AM
We are all certainly entitled to our opinion. While your opinion is wholely one-sided, it is your opinion. No matter how anyone wants to sugar coat the subject, Rap is Art. And Art.... ALL Art is subjective. One person might see or hear a masterpiece. Another person might see or hear the same thing and think it's think it is pile of crap. But... it is still ART. Synonyms of SUBJECTIVE are Individualized, Particular, Personal, Singular, Distinctive, Identifying, & Belonging To A Single Person. You pointed out great artists like Michelangelo, Di Vinci and the like. Most of the artists you pointed out were naturalist artists. Their art was true-to-life work. Leo drew a face, it looked like a face, in great detail. I have a question for you. Is that all you see as Art? Everything must be real? What about Georgia O'Keefe, who painted some of the most amazing abstract paintings in the world? There's a lot of truth to the saying that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The elements of art are a commonly used group of aspects of a work of Art. Texture, Color, Line, Value, Shape & Form can be seen as well as felt & heard in any artform. All five of our senses can experience Art. What about world renowned chefs who create culinary works of Art? You cannot deny that music is an artform. You can hear textures in music. You can feel and hear the shape, and color and form of the music. These elements are not just confined to visual media. When you combine those elements with the Principles of Art, then you have the constructs of music.... whether you believe it's music or not. Movement, Unity, Harmony, Variety, Balance, Contrast, Proportion, & Pattern/Rhythm, all come together to create a composition. Whether that composition is pleasing to the eye or ear is one person's opinion. Like I said, ART IS SUBJECTIVE. That's the one and only constant. Social issues aside, Rap is, as one person pointed out, the music of today's generation. You can argue over whether it is music if you like. But that's not going to change the mind of today's generation's on their musical preference. Myself, I grew up in the 80's. My parents complained non-stop about my musical preferences. (80's Hair Bands & Heavy Metal)(My sisters were into New Wave) Mom always claimed that our music lacked heart and soul. Sometimes, I find myself saying the same thing about today's music. But, being an artist myself, I know that Rap is Art. I know that ANY form of music is Art. I may not like it. To me, it sounds like running your fingernails down a chalkboard... and the subject matter is not what I agree with either... and that's my personal opinion. BUT... I respect it. Because I respect Art. I'm all for anyone listening to whatever inspires them. My Art professor in college used to make us listen to the music of his generation... all the Head music from the 60's. I grew to love that music. He said that his music has a heart and soul. I feel the same about the music of my generation. And I'm sure that today's generation would say the same about Rap or Hip-Hop. I guess my point is this... Listen to what makes you happy. Listen to what moves your heart, body and soul. Listen to what makes your heart sing and your soul fly. But, please be respectful of other people's musical preferences. Whether Rap or Hip-Hop are music or not, will be a debate that will span generations. Heck, one could debate whether Heavy Metal is music or not. But all music is ART. and ART IS SUBJECTIVE.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 8/24/2010 8:42:18 PM
You really need to consider something before writing something like this. Your missing so much in between the lines. Your developing yourself a world where you believe in ultimatum statements like declaring that something as complicated as rap could be worthless. All I can tell you is that I could never simplify something so dense and diverse as rap by trying to establish an idea that you believe its nothing more that gorillas beating their chests in the ghetto but I think you must be really missing something to be able to say that. LIsten to Illmatic and tell me that rap is not the essence of grandiose poetry. If you listen to rap the way your meant to, you can hear the beats and words sliding together so perfectly that it starts to take you somewhere very different than rock music has access to. I think the part of the picture that your missing is that rap music is the dionysian cry of a generation, filled with truths, failures, dreams and successes a like. There is no possible way of trying to clarify something so fully of passion like rap. I've listened to ridiculous amounts of music for as long as I've been alive and I honestly have to say that rap is by far one of the most remarkable if ever crossed. LIsten to Biggie, Nas, , MF Doom, Big L, Tupac and even Jay Z on volume 2. I mean, have you ever heard what it sounds like to hear the talking heads sampled? Anyway, regardless you need to take the time to understand the genre your disgracing with your pre-constructed ideals.

The Participial Adjective Part of English (Article) - 3/7/2010 9:16:05 PM
That is a joke only a English teacher could love. I got the point in the first paragraph after that it was laboring to be funny.

Multicultural Education Means Mediocre Education (Article) - 3/7/2010 9:10:34 PM
"one black and one Hispanic. Those students realized that my classroom standards were just as tough on them as they were on the majority Caucasian students" That is such a racist statement. I had tough teachers, Mr. Pinson was, I am sure every bit as tough as you, I enjoyed the 6th grade twice thanks to me. I have never been big on doing homework. Good students recongnize a good teacher, simple as that. Point out divisive social characteristics does not promote you or make them special. Because I know from another article of you wrote your approximate age you were in the school system before it turned to total crap. I have four generations of children about ten years apart and the school system has degenerated before my eyes. The major crippling change was the move away from the rigor of rote learning in subjects like math where it was needed. The writing skills of all of my children is crap. The forgot to clone your attitiude toward learning. None of my children have any appreciation for process, and structure. My neighborhoods in Chicago had a Southern attitude and when you hit your neighborhood everyone knew you and your parents and would correct you. Corporal punishment was a real threat and the threat kept you in line. Kids are little barbarians you can not talk to them, reason with them or give them ridiculous choices, just draw the line and urge them to walk it. I never got diagraming sentences, because it was poorly explained. Some teachers had one way and that is bad. The so called classic are valueable but cultural diversity is good, all of did not come out of Europe. All of the authors names representing the world have works just as valuable as the earlier mentioned writers. You just have a white bias. Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Paul Yee, Wm. Saroyan. come on, they may not fit your taste but their writing is recognized and awarded. Europe is not the world wake up. " Teachers are now “teaching down” to the students’ level of achievement instead of challenging the kids seated in the desks to raise their level of performance up to the plateau of superior subject matter content being read and studied in the works of Poe, Twain and Orwell. " It is not the writers that are used it is the lack of skills of the teachers. Niether Poe, Twain, or Orwell were all that challenging but then I have always scored years ahead on reading and comprehension test. If the word or idea is not there then the teacher can still introduce it as an alternative to what is presented, that is the skill of a teacher. I do agree on one issue and it has nothing to do with people who ain't white, the level of teachers is dummied down and they are not equal to the ones I had in two different states IL and OK in the 50's and early 60's. Consider one frighting statistic, over 60% of L.A. school students are Hispanic. Brought here by parents who speak no English, can't read in either culture and think making babies is more important than college. This is a Southwest phenomena mostly, but it drops the skill level all over. It is not multicultural but multilingual that is the problem. Over 102 languages in the L.A. school system, that is a problem. If taught correctly multicultural curricula is the best for subject like writing, history, all behavioral sciences. There is no multicultural science. I am totally biased to English only in all schools but not a Euro-centric curricula.

Kids Baseball, A Great American Tradition (Article) - 3/7/2010 8:33:07 PM
While baseball is a great sport like so much in America is was stratified by racial difference. I am six years younger but little league was not promoted in the areas I was in Chicago. Baseball and teams did exist. There were many parks in the areas I lived in on the Westside an only slow pitch softball not hardball (as we termed it) was promoted to any degree. At least we had Scouting.

The Terrorists' Evil End Game (Article) - 3/7/2010 8:26:30 PM
Solders are sacrificed to the idiot plans of civilians interfering with the military. Solders are sacrificed when they take the oath, they at that point promise to die for flag and country, I know I took it then place my shebs on the line in Viet Nam, I came home, pieces of my cousin did. If you knew anything about what God asks for sacrifice it is not giving up candy. Isa. 58:5-8. "if President Bush knew the names of those soldiers that had been killed, I’m certain he would have ordered those individuals to stay on U.S. military bases and not engage in combat in Iraq. " Your whacked, even given that GW might have done as you say Cheney would not. "when you mathematically analyze “sacrifice” Dude, I want some of what you been smoking! What kind of............. can't analyze the deaths of people. Dead is dead. All stupid ideals aside, dead is dead and worse is being wounded, losing limbs, the only analysis of that is the pain of the suffering. I don't know if you were on any battlefield and were shot at, had very large explosives go off around you or any thing like that. War is hell for both sides. Everyone one on either side is the "good guy" and the other is the enemy and they both die. That is the purpose of people with guns and bombs to kill the other guy and not die themselves, simple. It does not require any big headed deep analysis. It is all about snoop and poop and killing. People fight each other because there is too much "them" "us" and no "we". So many people are afraid of a world government, why, because the little piece of dirt they are on will not belong to them any more. People are not different, ask any preditor, we all taste the same. The slowest, the plumpest might get et' first but eventually all will be served. Bush 2 was an idiot and the Big Dick ran things with his hand up Bushes shebs wiggling his mouth.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 3/7/2010 8:07:10 PM
Rap is poetry, the telling of a story, in rhyme, with "beats"--it sometimes has music and sometimes is on its own (as in "free-styling"). ghetto : I assume you believe any one of non european caucasoid background is restricted to a ghetto and therefore fits all the other stereotypes you hold? Do you make any distinction between rap, hip-hop or house? This is one of the trickier questions we’ve tried to answer. It seems every time we’re about to arrive at an easy explanation someone throws in a different opinion. Some maintain that rap is a kind of music, whereas hip-hop is a lifestyle — one that includes rap, break dancing, DJing, and graffiti art. Rap pioneer and sage KRS-One says simply, “Rap is something you do, but hip-hop is something you live.” Others, however, insist that hip-hop is a musical style distinct from rap, for very specific reasons: mainly hip-hop has a particular beat and uses scratching and “breaks” (samples). They claim rapping over a soul or heavy metal track could never be hip-hop. In other words, these folks say all hip-hop is rap, but not all rap is hip-hop. While there is a lot of lyrics that are profane, misogynistic, and hateful it is also real. NWA's Straight Out of Compton hit the world in it's face about conditions in this L.A. suburb. People such as yourself have a hard time looking beyond your stoogy made up minds to see the truth in the statements made. Worse the idea that you would try to change the conditions that created them........well. " This expansion of the “easy-money anti-establishment ghetto mentality” is fueling resentment and hostility among “disenfranchised” inner city youth as well as contaminating the gullible and vulnerable minds of suburban teens. But the entire reprehensible in-progress-brainwashing technique that “Rap Music” demonstrably utilizes is both a sham and a canard that is trafficking affected teens down a treacherous One-Way-Street that leads only to a permanent lackluster socio-economic cul-de-sac. What a pathetic and ignoble social disaster! " There is truth in here, some where? The issue is now once said what will be done? Answer-- nothing! I do remember telling a kid in 1977 that hip-hop was a fad, rap had not evolved yet. Not only is it here it is world wide. wORLD WIDE! Culture that have no relation to American cities have taken the heart of Rap to heart. Rap is in every major language and in the church. Rap has dance beats, if you could feel it you'd know that. "the quality music of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino. Early black music was a unifying force in America. True, Little Richard’s music was a tad rebellious but it was not downright dirty, immoral or degrading like modern rap is. " Little do you know, I will not name examples but many popular songs and the genre Rock and Roll itself was a sexual reference and well know except to L7's like you. "“Rap Music” is both uninspiring and generally counterproductive to the “good of the order.” That is very white statement with the buzz words of the Gestapo language of "good of the order", very NIMBY of you about "those people". "Vanilla Ice" was a white money making creation that flopped. Eminem is the real deal but you never listen not do you hear what is said. M.C. Hammer was trying to out dance Michael J., he was and is not a rapper he is hip-hop. "The scurrilous pox lionizes a mediocre ghetto existence as the epitome of human pursuit." I don't think so, take the cotton out your ears and really hear the words as banal as they are. Rap is not about singing it is about rapping, talking with def rhyhms and a sick beat. " And the egocentric rappers’ amoral anthems are designed to corrupt American society and tear it down to the dangerous and literal “dog-eat-dog” human condition that realistically exists and flourishes in American slums." American society read as White and not all of them. "Rap tunes usually are nothing more than one monotonous beat accompanied by certain anti-social mantras repeated over and over again. Real Music usually has singing associated with it but Rap only pretends to be music with relentless “in your face” threatening lyrics and assorted menacing hand and face gestures. Real Music has a variety of instruments while Rap is ordinarily arranged with only a hypnotic drumbeat and perhaps a guitar accompanied by some hyperactive dolt wildly scratching a record surface. " Virtually all music of the popular variety in the Black world of America is based on the ability to dance, something you probably cannot do. It is not harmonic it is rhythmic it is for dancing to not humming. That beat you call monotonous is that dance beat. Remember Bandstand, they separated the music from the lyrics, the words can be crap but it can have a jamming beat. Rap is not meant to be big band, jazz or R&B, it is rap get with the program. Black leaders AKA targets have mostly learned to keep their heads down and mouths shut that way they are not killed. And you are late, there are obviously black targets, er, leaders you've not heard of so you can't list them and most do decry the impoverished lyrics that detract and add nothing to society. I would love to see you construct rap lyrics on any subject you please, most rap does not use rhyming by alliteration of sounds, you should listen carefully. Rewrite: The “White controlled Rap Music Industry” is no different than the rest of capitalistic America is in terms of its low percentage of preformer success stories. Again what are you listening to?? "If human life could be expressed as a mathematical division problem, then according to the rappers’ persistent messages, the lowest common denominators of all human relationships are sex, drugs, anger, contempt and rebellion." Oh and what about Christian Rap? You missed that.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 12/7/2009 11:03:28 AM
Jay Dubya, you sound very jealous of people having fun dancing in night clubs. Listen to James Brown and get to know what it's like to get down with yo bad self.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 11/21/2009 3:36:38 AM
wow.. MUSIC IS ART.. POETRY IS ART.. MUSIC AND POETRY together IS RAP.. RAP IS ART.. dont go on and start giving wrong views on rap.. what you dont listen/hear are those rappers who really do have a message and a number of them are found "underground".. want me to name a hundred songs for you? ill gladly will!! a true mc/rapper speaks whats within, it means that those are real emotions.. and im not talkin bout those raps thats bout partyin, arguin and stuff.. cmon! i dare you! i can give you a list of tracks that would condtradict your judgement! you think hip hop people just listen to rap music? open your eyes and ears!!.. dont be too narrow minded.. i would i agree with you if you said "SOME RAP MUSIC IS NOT MUSIC".. but you are generalizing it.. its so easy to rap, that those with bad intentions can easily do it.. and another thing, rap music is also reality around you, reality surrounding the rapper.. open up your eyes.. you want to see whats REALLY HAPPENING in REALITY, listen to rap music, but im not saying rap music is only the music where one speaks about reality.. you cant blame them if thats what they see in reality.. why am i getting so emotional on this?? because REAL rappers shaped the way i think.. and for crying out loud! i joined this site just to post a comment on this article!! I Love HipHop.. but sadly the majority of those rappers that are heard, are talking crap.. now i dont know if im getting repetitive here, sorry, my mind is overwhelming!.. you want to help improve the corporate media? dont go blaming rap.. coz the more you hate and blame it, the more people will get aggressive.. you should know how to communicate with them/us..

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 9/21/2009 4:34:25 PM
i think rap music need to clean up what they rap about. "i'm qo own that pussy ... " ? what is the true meaninq behind it? sex? you tell people wait to have sex, but yet ... you rap about it. or you say violence is not thee answer .. but yet you talk about "shootinq that nigga in that face" and then you downgrade woman. your perfect woman is thick &nd red bone.? i'm assuminq. as lonq as she looks qood ... she's for you. that's your ms. perfect. what about her personaility? what if she disrespects your mom? or constantly call you out yo name? is she your ms. perfect now? ladies ... stop makinq these man think they can do anythinq to us. if that man call you a bitch or say i'm qo beat yo ass or hit on you ... do you really want him? i just think rap music needs to clean up what they rap about and really rap about something like Grand Master Flash "Jungle". Songs like that ... talk about somethinq.

Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters (Article) - 9/8/2009 1:30:45 PM
An interesting and thought-provoking article! I began working for wages when I was 7 years old by picking strawberries in the fields of Oregon. When I finally retired in 1991, it was after a lifetime of paying taxes. I'm registered with and have no allegiance with any political party. What bothers me about our recent health "Town Hall" meetings is mainly one item: The protesters do not act as if they came to learn about the various aspects of the central health reform plans being proposed. They attend and immediately act out vigorously to do nothing but obstruct the meetings with the patent intent to interfere with and prevent any open discourse and discussion with their shouting and disruptive antics. So for me, I'm opposed to most public demonstrations by "Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters," not for their beliefs and motivations but for their predetermined "kill everything" attitude. Frankly, if I were in charge of any meeting where this happened, I'd have such disrupters arrested for disturbing the peace. To refer to their actions as simply passionate and boisterous is preposterous. All in all, I'm reminded of the argument that if we had just "killed" the idea of horseless carriages over a century ago, we wouldn't have to suffer all the automobile carnage on our present-day highways. Thanks for sharing your views. It's nice to note that "Anti-Sharing Authorsden members and readers" aren't passionately and boisterously interfering with your right to present your views and ideas. If they were, you might have a different description for their actions. Richard

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 9/3/2009 12:54:05 PM
Thomas Babiarz, your grammar sucks so bad that you must be a rapper.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 9/3/2009 9:44:28 AM
Wow Thomas, try looking up some real rap not the top 20's on the radio you generalize as RAP.

Rap Music Is Not Music (Article) - 7/14/2009 6:21:58 AM
Rap-is-CRAP! In the "NORMAL" sense of music... rap is NOT music. It's just fast talk and usualy about "nig" this & "pop a cap in-yah" that. NOT TO MENTION all the disgusting foul-mouthed vulgarities spewn on almost every other word... and I'm not religious. The use of use constant said vulgarities only shows the low mental attitude of said rap'r. Am I against rap? You bet, I could only WISH it was totaly outlawed! As far as I'm concerned, you want your rap-crap, find another planet to blub-y'r-lips on. I used to say, God missed 2 people at Sodom & Gomorrah. Now I stand corrected, he missed 3.

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