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Ward C Tipton

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The Phallacine Fallacy
By Ward C Tipton
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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If the law can be used to convict someone, can that same law be used to grant them something ... even if it was something that they never expected?

 The Phallacine Fallacy

From The Traveler's Bar

By: Ward C. Tipton


            This story comes to us from Relius. He is one of the founding members of The Traveler's Bar and originally from the outer reaches of the Centurion Galaxy. He is well known for his never-ending quest for knowledge and wisdom. Even among others of his kind, he is considered almost fanatical in his pursuit of both. Throughout the course of his physical existence, he has been an enforcer, a pilot (of quite some skill) a sociologist, a philosopher and always a keen and eager student of life.


            “I came to you this evening by way of a most interesting adventure that I would like to share.  As many of you know, there are those among us that travel as much for the science and the studies as we do for the adventure or the treasures to be had.” Thus his tale began. At this point, Marcus, being an old friend, had to chime in. “I hope you saved up enough of your treasure to buy the Travelers a round.” There was a reason for his outburst though.


            The travelers, when telling their stories, must tell the truth. If they are caught in a lie they must buy a drink for any other travelers that may be present. It was well known that Relius was the one who had been caught in so many tall tales that he had by far bought the most drinks. Relius was also well known for what Marcus had dubbed his “Intellectual Sadism”.


            Relius would often spin finely woven tales painting glorious pictures with his words. Like in a finely spun spider's web, the patrons would be trapped by those words. They would almost certainly stay long enough to hear the end only to have Relius bring them rudely back to the present reality by ending many of his stories with a very bad pun or a joke; leaving more than one patron with an anticlimactic feeling of having been used. However, even Marcus had to admit that he could hold a crowd and since he usually bought a round for the entire house, most of the patrons really did not mind so much either. His riches made the cost of the drinks inconsequential to him and they were frequently enough of a consolation to justify most people having stayed.


            Even as Marcus finished his comment he was already trying to avoid the blow he knew that he would be getting from his Sweet Rosie. As he ducked he was summarily smacked in the backside by a bar towel she had rolled up and used much like a whip. While his initial comment had gotten a few laughs from those that knew the travelers, his interaction with Rosie got just about everyone laughing. As he got smacked he jumped and since he was already ducking, this actually caused him to lose some of the beer from the pitcher he used for a glass. Rosie wasted no time in handing him the mop to clean it up.


            Relius continued his story un-phased by the interruption. “I was recently occupied with some rather specialized studies for the Sociological Society … of which I have long been a member in good standing. I was conducting further studies among the Phallacine people. The Phallacine people, while primitive, are ideal for many true social studies. Their lack of a formal society offers many unique advantages. They are a nomadic people and frequently travel alone or in groups. Strangers come and go from their midst on a regular basis so it is easy to blend in without drawing any undue attention to oneself. Their planet is also very unique. They have formed a true symbiotic relationship with both the planet and the other life forms there.


            The planet is ideally located and is tropical by nature. Fruits and vegetables grow freely in an abundance not found anywhere else. All of the local life forms subsist mainly on a diet of fruits and vegetables which can be found year round. The lack of any real predation among the life-forms there precludes any need for gathering together socially for protection. The readily available food supplies effectively negate the need to gather together for farming or provisions. Their society has evolved only as far as it must in order to live harmoniously with the surrounding environment. There is no god simply because there is no need for one. Their language, their loosely-knit social gatherings and even their tools exist only to facilitate a mutually beneficial symbiotic lifestyle.


            I was studying in a particularly beautiful spot along the coast, actually within the confines of a small bay. The sun had long since set and the stars reflected beautifully along the still, sweet waters of the bay. The scents of the local fauna and the sweet water combined subtly. Like fine brandy or wine, each scent was unique and pleasing in its own right but together they formed an intoxicating odor which was very pleasant to the senses. I was enjoying the scents and gazing at the stars as they reflected off the still, dark waters of the inlet. I was thinking about many of the planets I already knew from my travels and also thinking about some of the others which I still wish to visit some day. I was quite relaxed and looking forward to getting some rest when my thoughts were quite rudely interrupted.


            I turned to face the heretofore disembodied voice that had so abruptly, if unwittingly interrupted my concentration when I found myself face to face with a very beautiful Phallacine woman. While it is true that the Phallacine people are known for their beauty, even among others of her kind I could see that this woman was exceptionally beautiful.” Marcus thought to interject again when a knowing glance from Rosie quickly silenced him before he could even open his mouth. “As I reviewed the incident in my head, I realized that it had been the salutation rather than the interruption which had disturbed me.


            The young woman greeted me in an exceedingly formal manner. Strangers are normally greeted as informally as lifelong friends.  Due to the lack of any formal society, the children are mostly raised by their mothers. The most formal greetings are reserved for an individual’s mother. There is only one exception to this rule. When a woman comes of age and desires to produce offspring, she will find a male that appeals to her and greet him more formally. This allows the male to know that she is interested in coupling and decide whether or not the relationship will take place. On extremely rare occasions, a female or a male will decide to form a lasting relationship with someone. Only with such intent in mind would a female greet a male with the formal introduction that this woman had used. As I turned to face her, I was further troubled by her stunning beauty.”


            Relius paused to swirl the snifter of brandy he held in his hands. He closed his eyes as he brought the glass up to his nose to savor the odor of the amber liquid swirling about inside the glass. His eyes remained closed as he brought the glass to his mouth and seemed to swallow the entire contents without even tasting it. He held up the empty glass in one hand and two fingers on the other. Had he opened his eyes, he would have seen Marcus grinning. He would also have noted that Marcus poured from the reserve cabinet. Leaning back in the chair, his eyes still closed, Relius continued his tale.


            “I am a Scientist! I am unaccustomed to and unencumbered by the burdens of senseless emotions!” The emphasis as he spoke seemed to directly contradict the very words he said. “Never before, have I experienced such an unwanted and unwelcome rush of emotions and never do I wish to repeat such an unpleasant experience. As the thoughts formed in my head they somehow became trapped. Every thought seemed to bounce around inside my head like so many rubber balls bouncing around a sealed room. I say sealed because none of them could escape. I tried to express my thoughts but I could not. I attempted speech but even that seemed to be impossible at the moment.”


            “Now there’s a blessing for that Gal. We should be so lucky!” Marcus spoke before he ever thought about his own gal standing so close beside him. The open hand caught him in the back of the head as he turned to see what she was going to hit him with. Relius opened his eyes as the crowd erupted in laughter at the events going on behind the bar. Seeing the odd couple in action, he reflected inwardly that he never would truly be able to fully comprehend the emotional trappings of love. Marcus and Rosie could not have seemed any more different if they had tried, yet they not only got along very well but were exceedingly happy in each other’s company. As the waitress brought the fresh snifter and took away the empty he also noticed that he had gotten “the good stuff.” He closed his eyes again as he leaned back in the chair once again to enjoy a drink before he continued his story.


            “I was unable to speak. Thinking seemed to create more situations than it corrected so I did the only thing that I could think of to do at the moment. I sat down. The young lady, seeing that as an invitation, sat down in front of me.” Relius smiled as he said that and Marcus knew there was going to be a pun behind this story. Nobody who knew Relius would ever even consider him being distracted by a beautiful woman. A new invention or some sort of new technology perhaps, but never by a mere female, no matter how beautiful she was. Marcus decided it was time for him to leave. The last time he had bit his tongue this hard trying to refrain from comment, it had culminated with him hitting his head on the bar. Unfortunately for Marcus, the bar was not as hard as his head. It took his Sweet Rosie a full three days to forgive him even after he repaired all of the damage. He was not yet ready to repeat that performance.


He explained to Rosie that he was going to go back to the kitchen and start getting everything ready for their customary dinner with Relius and made his way through the back door. He knew that there was going to be a punch-line behind this story. While he had no desire to ruin it for his friend, he knew he would not be able to keep his mouth shut and Rosie seemed a bit more interested than usual in his tale. She even seemed to be a bit more defensive for some reason. Marcus did not know what it was but he knew that he would certainly pay the price if he upset her when she was in one of those moods. Thinking of his own well-being as much as anything, he made his way to the kitchen.


“When she sat down, she repeated the greeting. Finally regaining a bit of my composure, I returned her salutation in the more common and informal manner. I thought to get up and make my leave. I wished to review what had happened so that I could avoid such unpleasant feelings in the future. As I tried to get up she asked me a question. It was not the question that caught me by surprise this time but the emotion that was contained within the query. She seemed as if she was caught somewhere on the same emotional roller coaster that I was. It seemed as if she wished to laugh and cry all at the same time. I was so moved by her question and the emotion behind it that I felt compelled to answer. She asked me why I looked to the stars when everything that was life was right there on Phallacine.


I knew that I had to be very careful. There was no real way for me to explain it to her properly. Everything they knew about everything was right there on the planet surface. There was no way to tell what the implications would be if I tried to explain that there are other worlds and other planets and other forms of life. Still, there was a need to know in her voice. We Centurions are well known for our desire for knowledge and wisdom. Whether a quest is to gain knowledge or to impart it, we are always eager. I explained to her about some of the many wonders I had seen on Phallacine, mostly in order to reinforce my role as a nomad there. I explained to her also that, seeing so many wondrous things on one planet, looking up and seeing so many more, it made one to wonder whether there may be other worlds as well.


Quite accidentally I opened the door for a conversation. She was eager to learn everything that she could about her own planet. I never thought about what meaning that held until a much later time. She was as eager to get knowledge as I was to impart it. Resuming my role as a teacher of sorts, I also began to calm down, for a while at least. It was not long before the first moon began to rise over the bay behind me. I knew how beautiful it was, I watched it come up every night for almost a week before that particular evening came to pass. As it rose, I could see it fully reflected in her gorgeous green eyes. So dark was her hair that it seemed to actually refract the moonlight. Minute beams of blue and red seemed to dance out from her hair as she spoke. I saw also how incredibly inadequate my first observation had been. She was much more than just beautiful.


It was not until the second moon was waning that I realized how much time I had spent talking to the girl I discovered was known as Tachy. We both needed to get some rest but I finally realized what was wrong with the whole scenario. I asked her how it was that she knew so little about her own planet. Even if she had not traveled much of it, which was unlikely, there were certainly people coming and going all the time and they would always have stories to tell about things that they had seen or done. There was no way that she could have been so unfamiliar with her planet. Or so I thought at the time at least. As she ran off into the night she paused long enough to explain that she had never left this inlet. When I asked her to explain more fully, she only laughed and told me to meet her at the base of the cliffs on the far side of the bay before the sun set. ‘Maybe when you see it, you will never leave here too!’ she exclaimed as she turned to run away and fade swiftly into the shadows. I heard her cry out ‘Just like me!’ as she disappeared completely.


I seriously contemplated going straight back to my ship and just leaving. I quickly discounted that as an option for three reasons. All of them professional in nature lest anyone here have any doubts. My research was not yet complete, so I really had no choice but to stay. However, here was a girl who was from a nomadic people who lived a very free and open lifestyle. Yet she had never traveled far from this one bay. I was anxious to find out exactly why that was the case. The next evening, this very same person who so seemingly defied all of the accepted beliefs about her people was going to show me firsthand why she was the way she was. I had no choice but to stay to gain the knowledge I sought. The fact that it was with someone who was as anxious to learn as to I was to teach was only a benefit. I would just have to get used to the fact that she was also so much more than beautiful and so much more than pleasant to be with.


I made my way back to my shelter and tried to get some rest. Eventually I was able to sleep, albeit not very well. I woke early thinking only about what may be waiting for me that evening. None of it made any sense. I had a wonderful breakfast of a great variety of fruits that are only available there. I buried them in holes only deep enough to cover the seeds, the peels and have a little room for dirt at the top. I spent the rest of the morning trying to work on my research although ultimately that was a complete and total waste of time. As the morning slowly gave way to afternoon I made my way over to the bay and started walking around it to get to the cliffs on the far side. The first thing to catch my attention was the sunlight playing in her hair as she jumped up and down and seemed to be clapping.”


Relius looked towards the bar and raised his glass up towards Marcus as he came back as much in a welcome as in thanks for finding the bottle he poured from. Marcus, seeing his Rosie leaning on the bar with her head resting on her hands and a smile lighting up her face, knew better than to speak. He knew Relius was spinning a good yarn and knew he would be enjoying a glass of good bourbon tonight at his friend’s expense. Rosie, seeing the interaction, turned and smiled at Marcus as Relius continued. Marcus, thinking only about the bourbon, smiled back and poured himself another glass of beer.


“As I got close enough to hear what she was saying, I heard her exclaiming how she had known I would come and that now I would see that I was just like her. I had no idea what she meant but I was anxious to learn. I quickened my pace to get to where she was waiting for me only to have her turn and set out at a run as I drew close. Now I keep myself in fairly good shape but there was no way I could have kept up with her. She never even slowed down as she reached the cliffs. She had obviously done this many times before and seemed to know where she was going without even looking.


I on the other hand, had to search to find footholds, hand holds and make my way past ever-deepening crevices that seemed to become more and more common the farther up in the cliffs that I got. By the time I caught up to her she was sitting waiting for me at the mouth of what appeared to be a very small cave. I noticed with chagrin that she was not even the slightest bit winded as she scrambled on all fours into the small entrance and told me that we had to follow the sun. I was not sure whether she meant that we had to follow the sun’s trajectory or the direction that the sun was facing now so I opted for a different approach. I followed her into the tunnel.


Tunnel seemed to be a more accurate description at first anyhow, for that was what the entrance was. The tunnel led shortly to a small cavern just large enough to stand up in. Light seemed to come into it from the many large and small paths that extended out from it. As I entered I asked her if it was her shelter. While a simple ‘no’ would have sufficed, the tone of her voice in addition to her comments was enough to let me know in no uncertain terms that she deemed the question to be silly. She scrambled up into what was by far the brightest hole and began making her way further into the cliffs. Jumping up to follow her I was temporarily blinded by what could have only been sunlight.


As we made our way through what ultimately was more of a labyrinth than a simple tunnel, I noticed that the walls and ceiling were completely covered with quartz, crystals and even diamonds. They were common enough so that in itself was no surprise. What led me to wonder was the fact that the floor of the tunnels we followed were all noticeably void of any such obstacles. The floors were smooth and well worn and actually seemed to be maintained. I was not so taken aback by this that it caused me to wonder too greatly but it did force me to pause long enough to lose sight of  Tachy. Still, there was enough light being reflected in and the floors gave no doubt as to which way I needed to head. I was however very curious to learn what happened to all of the stones from the floor.


When at last I caught up to her I quit wondering what had happened and stared in amazement and wondered how it had happened. Tachy stood in a room filled with multi-colored sunlight that reflected brilliantly off of an array of crystals, quartz and diamonds that was more than just impressive. Standing in the middle of the room with her arms spread out, Tachy seemed to be asking my opinion and showing off all at the same time without saying a word. As I jumped down into the room, the crystal dust only seemed to thicken the light and make it even more dazzling in appearance. I walked around the room and began to see just how amazing this girl actually was.


Crystals and quartz were carved into figurines of all shapes and sizes. Local plants, scenes and even people were carved with an intricacy and detail that has to be seen to be believed.” Marcus started to say something but Rosie raised her hand to silence him before he could even open his mouth. He hated when she did that but knew it would mean trouble if he said anything. Marcus quit thinking about the glass of bourbon and started contemplating a small pitcher of the stuff. Relius’ tall tale was so full of holes that he knew he would have more than enough credit on the man’s tab to afford it. The crystal in that area was well known for its high tensile strength. There was no way to cut the quartz or the crystal without diamonds and the only way to cut any of those diamonds with any kind of accuracy was with lasers.


Relius swirled the brandy in the snifter again but did not take a drink. Instead he held the glass up to the light and just stared into it while he laughed. Marcus, knowing this was leading up to a joke, joined him in his laughter. He wondered as Rosie turned to him and smiled, even giving him a wink. “In all of the languages I have studied, there could not be found any words to describe the scene in that small room. If I personify science and learning, she was the personification of art and everything that is beautiful in all of the known worlds. There was a clear progression and it was easy to discern the early works from those she had done later and I asked her if she ever shared them with other Phallacines.


Her answer surprised me. She had tried on many occasions to share the art with others. The people who had been there long enough to actually see the carvings she had made of them had all been frightened both of the carving and soon enough of her. ‘I tried to share them’ Tachy explained to me ‘but they are not life.’ She concluded. When I tried to explain to her that they were indeed a very wonderful thing, I realized just how desperately inadequate their language really is. Their language, like the rest of their society, only progressed as far as they needed it to. While the carvings may not have been anything that would contribute to making life, art always seemed to capture the true essence of a society and its people. ‘I make them only to wait for the sun to leave.’ Once again I was left to wonder what she meant as I continued through the room.


One of the most amazing features there was a selection of crystals and quartz that had been carefully cut, crafted and shaped to form a stained glass window. A crude mortar held the window itself in place but the individual pieces were so finely cut as to fit together without the need for any adhesive. As the sun grew lower in the sky, she began to get very excited. Jumping up and down and giggling in a way that caused me to feel much more uncomfortable than I had thought possible, she led me to her bed.” A collective gasp filled the bar. Even Rosie visibly shrank back on the bar and Marcus was too shocked even to speak. He knew his friend well and he knew what he just said. He also knew that it was not only impossible, it was illegal. “We used the bed to climb up to a small ledge over the top of it. It was difficult for us both to fit but eventually we were able to fit side by side though it was a tight squeeze. Once again, I experienced a rush of new emotions. As the sun set however, I was so entranced by what she accomplished that I quickly forgot my discomfort.


A series of small pieces of quartz had been very finely crafted, cut and polished to form what was actually a small, albeit not very powerful but fully functional telescope. I jumped, hitting my head hard enough to draw blood when she screamed. Holding me with one hand, pointing at her telescope with the other, Tachy screamed only one word. ‘LIFE!’ and began to giggle and laugh in a manner that I found to be so enjoyable that I could not help but to join in.” Relius winked at Marcus as he said this. He too, knew his friend very well. He knew that when he was behind the bar, Marcus was the proverbial frontier barkeep but when he was involved in a debate, Marcus was quite adept as an intellectual as well. He knew that at this point in time, Marcus would be counting the drinks he would be getting and fighting to hold his tongue while he waited for the punch line. Relius drained the glass and ordered one more. He noted with a bit of amusement that while Marcus still poured the good brandy, he wrote this one down on the tab to be billed.


“I spent a full week in Tachy’s shelter. We talked about a great many things while I was there. She told me of how her mother had died when she was a very small girl. She did not know how many seasons she had passed, but she had been so small that it had taken her almost a full week to return her mother to the planet for life. She tried unsuccessfully to find a new mother. Not finding anyone available or willing, she had come to the cliffs to be sad alone and discovered the rocks and they made her happy. She discovered that some were harder than others and how she used those to carve the other rocks. She showed me her first “special rock” which had ‘tried to cook’ her leg as she sat looking out over the water. She discovered how to put the special rocks together and create a primitive laser to heat up the carved rocks so that they would break where she scratched them. She even built a small adjustable transit that held a series of prisms and magnifying glasses and could be adjusted to follow the sun over the course of the year. She showed me a primitive mono scope that she had been using when she first noticed me staring at the stars. 


She showed me where she fished at the base of the cliffs and where she had actually built a small stationary farm so that she did not have to leave her shelter so often. She showed me how she copied small things and made them bigger and how her discoveries had progressed. As a scientist and a sociologist I was absolutely fascinated. As a male, I was experiencing a whole new world. Indeed, we talked about many things in that week … and we made love.” Relius closed his eyes knowing that Marcus would be losing any semblance of control at that statement. The rant was not long in coming either.


“You’ll be giving me your bleedin’ ship to pay this tab Relius. At least if you do not get arrested trying to escape in it!” Even Rosie did not say anything as Marcus turned a very interesting shade of red and actually started vibrating. “That may go over well in a smuggler’s bar but not here Relius! You of all people know better than that!” Marcus stormed off back to the kitchen leaving a stunned crowd sitting in silence. Nobody even thought about leaving right now, especially not anyone who knew Relius.


It was not that interbreeding was impossible. The problem was that it often resulted in an effective coupling resulting in offspring. It was illegal only among “primitive” races but for a good reason. The result was actually a new species. Sometimes the combined genes had unforeseen results. These were not usually anything grandiose enough to create any super race or raging mutants but it was always a possibility that the Federation was concerned about. There were laws in place for a reason and those laws were not made to be bent, much less to be broken.


“I know the law but if the law could convict me, the law could vindicate me. I just had to figure out how. Of all individuals, I especially was fully aware of both the implications and the penalties for my actions. When I left, I returned directly to my ship. There would be a virtual mountain of paperwork to complete and I wanted to get started as soon as I could. Settling in with a good cup of earth coffee, I began to do what I knew I had to do. I knew the law and I knew it was there for a reason. I knew that I had violated the law … many times.” Anyone close enough to the stage who was paying attention would have seen something that had never been thought about before, much less ever seen. They would have seen Relius blushing.


“I may have left out some of the more sordid details of our physical coupling but my reports were still complete in every sense of the word. When the sociological society, of which I have long been a member in good standing, saw those reports; as I suspected, they were quite capable of reading between the lines. When they saw the hidden meaning detailed in those reports, they demanded that a head be made to roll. They demanded that the person guilty of committing such atrocities against a primitive people and endangering their society be brought before the council to face justice. I was actually very subdued as I made my way back to Tachy’s shelter.


I parked my ship above the cliffs so as to make my exit much simpler. It was easy enough to conceal and there were not many people that went up there anyhow. There was actually no trace of anyone actually having ever been there as far as I could discover anyhow. My spirits lifted as soon as I entered Tachy’s shelter and saw her there working. The flashlight amazed and delighted her. When I showed her the laser and how to use it, she was absolutely ecstatic. She immediately went to work creating things with the hard rocks that she had never been able to cut very well before. She was so happy with the real laser that it would have been impossible not to share in her enthusiasm. The camera really did not seem to interest her that much.


At the end of the third local day I returned to my ship just as the society had demanded. If the things I had shown her so far excited her, the ship absolutely confused her. Finally, as she completed her pass around it and I led her inside, she asked simply ‘Your shelter?’ Seeing no real way to explain it to her, I figured that was as good of an explanation as any. When I turned on the exterior monitors she was delighted yet again. She began pointing out many of the landmarks she was familiar with. When I brought up a picture of the stars, she screamed, laughed and pointed ‘Life!” She struggled briefly as I strapped her into the co-pilot’s seat but when I kissed her she allowed me to proceed.” Marcus returned to the bar as Relius said this and started immediately to say something. A quick glance from Rosie shut him up. Thinking about the good bourbon he would soon be sharing, he smiled back. He meant to talk to Relius about his tales though, even among travelers, speaking about willfully breaking the law is not advisable.


“The launch was a bit difficult for her as it is for about anyone their first time. I quickly made my way around behind the largest moon in order to block out the sun. As the view on the monitors caught her attention she struggled, not being at all familiar with the straps. When I let her up, the zero-g environment confused and then excited her as well. I could not help but notice the change in tense as she finally spoke again. ‘ALIVE!’ she screamed as she stared out at a view of the heavens unlike anything that she had ever seen before. As I held her close, I agreed with her that this was indeed alive. She had no idea what I meant when I told her that she was under arrest for violating the laws of the sociological society, the federation and endangering the native environments of a primitive people. She just held me, cried, laughed and kissed me as she pointed out what few stars and constellations she was familiar with.


I did indeed include every detail in my reports. As I suspected, the society had been able to read between the lines. When they found out that I discovered a life form harvesting the local quartz, crystals and diamonds, using laser technology, building a telescopic platform and even worse perhaps, building a stationary plot to be cultivated for farming and using other technological means far advanced from those among the native population they were infuriated. When they found out that I had established a relationship with this individual, they were actually relieved. They gave me three days to document the evidence and actually gave me full power as an enforcer in order to arrest that person and bring them before the council.


When at last we arrived, the council was less than pleased. There were many cries of foul and even some demands for my resignation. I had foreseen all of that as well. The society could never admit openly that it had been used. Tachy, being a Phallacine herself, had committed no violation of any law. How can I be held accountable if an entire council of intellectuals misreads the facts that are clearly and openly stated in a report while they are busy reading between the lines? My reports, my facts and all of my documentation were examined with an intense scrutiny never seen before. I knew they would be but there was an absolute accounting in my reports and all of it was backed up by physical evidence and there was no way that any of it could successfully be contested. They had no choice but to admit that I had done my job and no other option besides letting Tachy leave as a free and independent individual with her rights fully in place.”


Relius picked up the new snifter for the first time as he rose from the chair on the stage. Twirling it yet again, he held it up high in his right hand and watched as the light danced inside the glass. He raised it in Marcus’ general direction just as Marcus finished refilling his glass in preparation for dinner. A strange smile came over Relius’ face as he looked at Marcus. He knew he was ready to unleash a string of challenges to his story. Marcus attempt at a comment was met by a hard slap from his sweet Rosie. As Relius spoke, his left hand rose slowly towards the back of the bar. At the gesture, a slim figure in a gray cloak began to rise; the case that was beside her opened as if by magic as she waved a hand over it. The glass, chrome and crystal figures all reflected the light brilliantly.


What caught everyone’s attention however was the figure that was revealed as the gray cloak fell away. “Ladies, gentlemen … Marcus, please give a warm greeting to my wife Tachy.” The Phallacine woman that was revealed from under the heavy garment was stunning. She was clothed more in crystals than in clothes. Even in the limited light of the bar the diamond dust in her hair threw off shimmering and piercing beams of light that searched out every corner of the room. The silence was shattered as Marcus’ beer glass hit the ground. Rosie nearly threw the mop at him as she literally ran out from behind the bar to hug the girl who appeared. Marcus could not think of anything to say. Without a word he reached up and gave the bell a single ring. It looked like he would be the one buying tonight.



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