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Misty L Graves Thomason

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Hear of a Rebel Moon
By Misty L Graves Thomason
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rated "R" by the Author.

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When Trent Roman's wife is killed in a bank robbery. His friends come together to help him track down the killers. Each path they take brings them closer together and finding out who they really are inside.

    Sara Roman walked into the Bedford Bank. She wanted to get her husband Trent something special for their second anniversary.  In another week it would be two years since they had said I DO. She had met Trent through her uncle Hal Scoggings. He was the sheriff of Bedford and a second father to her.  Trent had been a "rookie" Texas Ranger and on assignment to help catch a group of swindlers. He had been assigned to help Hal find and arrest the swindlers before things became out of hand and their was a war on their hands.
When Sara had first met Trent he seemed like a giant to her five foot three figure. He was at least six foot two or three and had the bluest sky eyes she had ever seen. His hair had been black like the color of coal and it was long and tied in a ponytail with a leather strap.  She had thought he was part Indian by the looks of him. She had later learned his father had been Welch and his mother was a Comanche Princess.  At their first meeting Trent couldn't even look her in the eyes. He looked at the floor when he talked to her and all he would say was "yes ma'am" to her questions. She had walked in on him cleaning up for supper and had decided his chest looked like he had worked on  a farm most of his life. It was tan and his muscles were rippled into a hard surface. Over the next few months Sara had managed to get him to talk to her and they had gone on a couple of dances and picnics, at the bluffs where there were still buffalo on the range and Trent's best friend Riding Soul spent most of his days, unchaperoned even though she knew her uncle Hal wasn't too far away. Riding Soul was a Comanche Indian, like Trent's mother Janice Smooth Dove. Trent's dad had found Riding Soul wandering the range of the Roman's ranch as a small child. He couldn't have been more than four or five years old and when he was found Trent's dad Jack had found the body of Soul's mother not to far away.  Since Janice was a Comanche Princess and the daughter of Chief Bull Deer, Riding Soul was allowed to stay with the Roman's until he was old enough to return to his own people.  After his return to the Comanche, he had visited the Romans at least twice a month and thought of them as his own.   One day Trent had went to Hal's office and asked him for his permission to have Sara's hand in marriage.  Hal had liked Trent from the start and had given him permission right away.  Trent had gone from Hal's office to Sara's house and had spoken to her mother Samantha before asking Sara.  Sam being the sweet woman that she was agreed and Sara said yes.  It took three weeks to plan their small church wedding.  Even though the turnout was more than they had expected.   Sara was brought out of her thoughts of the past by a loud banging noise. She had been standing in line for what had seemed like an hour even though it was only a few minutes. As she was standing there she noticed two men walk into the bank. They wore dirty pants and their guns were low and looked ready to be drawn. She noticed that these men looked like they were going to rob the bank and prayed that she was wrong and imaging things.  Unfortunately, she was right.  As the men started to draw a couple of Henry Repeating Rifles from the back of their dusters, she noticed a child about four or five years old crouched under a desk. She had remebered earlier that the child had been throwing a tantrum and had hid under the desk when her mother was trying to soothe the baby in her arms.  Sara had whispered to the child to stay where she was and scrunch up into a ball and stay there.  Sara decided the child must have been smart because she obeyed as if she had understood what Sara had told her.  Sara had realized where she had seen these guys before. She remembered seeing these two on wanted posters in her uncle's office. The Dakota Gang were known over the territory as ruthless and cold hearted. They had been known to shoot an unarmed man for looking at them too long so Sara kept her eyes focused ahead of her. The men demanded everyone raise their hands and stay quiet. Sara watched as one man walked up to the teller and demand that he put all the money into a satchel that he had handed him.  After the teller had put all of the money into the sack and had handed it to the man, the man had turned around to his partner and said "It's time to get the job done." At that time another man entered the bank and the three of them turned to some of the customers and the teller and started firing their guns at them.  Sara watched as the three tellers in the bank, an older woman Sara had known as Mrs. Keller, the mother holding the baby, and a man around forty were shot down.  Sara had stood shocked. She heard the screams of the baby and heard the one man walk up to her and tell her "If you're nice to me and do as I say I will let you live." During the next ten minutes the man had raped her twice, then when one of the men said "Boyd you need to hurry, someone's coming. He pulled her up onto her feet, looked her in the eye and said "Say hi to God for me."  The last thing Sara felt was a stinging in her chest before her half naked body had hit the floor
    Trent Roman rode into Bedford Texas on a cold, wet rainy day.  He had decided to go to the bank to get some money out to buy his wife a new dress for their second anniversary. When he was riding into town he saw several men running towards the bank, including the sheriff. He had heard gunshots as he was riding towards town but had figured someone had went on a drunken spree and had shot a gun in the air as they were riding out.  As he got closer to the bank the sheriff walked hastily towards him and said “Trent, you can't go in there, there has been a robbery and a shooting.”  “Several customers were shot and killed while the bank was robbed and I don't want you to see this.” Trent responded. “Now Hal, I am a Texas Ranger you know and have seen dead bodies before.”  Hal being the fatherly figure he was walked over and put his hand on Trent's shoulder and told him Sara was one of the customers. It took a moment to register to Trent's mind when he shrugged and ran into the scene. Sara was laying on the floor her dress had been pulled up and her underwear had layed beside her but her purse she still had clutched in her hand. She had been shot once through the heart and had seemed to have died instantly.  Trent's one and only true love had been in that bank.  Sara Scoggins Roman was Trent's bride of almost two years. She had just presented him with the birth of their son Trent Roman Jr. or TJ. He was only a week old and Sara had decided to go to the bank to get some money to purchase a new dress for the spring dance that was happening in two weeks. She had wanted to surprise Trent with the dress and a new timepiece for him since it was going to be their second anniversary the same night as the dance. When Trent had walked into the bank, with the protest of the sheriff and seen his lovely Sara, he had went down on his knees and screamed a horrible and loathsome scream of despair. He couldn't believe that someone would do something so horrible to his beautiful wife. She had never hurt anybody and always went out of her way to help others.  After sitting by Sara's side for about ten minutes, Trent had walked over to Hal and had asked him about T.J.. He knew Sara wouldn't leave him for long and that she must have brought him with her.  Hal told Trent that their had been only two children found in the bank.  One was a five year old girl who they had found hiding under the desk, crying silently and in such shock she couldn't talk.  The other child that was found was a baby girl about a month old.  She had been found beside the mother's body screaming her lungs out.  Trent determined that T.J. must have been home with Sara's mom Sam.  Samantha  had been visiting since the week before T.J. birth and had been a godsend in the last two weeks for both Sara and Trent. Trent walked back into the bank and told Hal that he was taking Sara to Doc Johnson's.  He picked her up and carefully carried her to the Doctors office holding her close the whole way with tears pouring down his face.  Old Doc Johnson had delivered most of the people in Bedford and when he saw Sara he started crying as well.  He told little Jimmy, his son to go get the undertaker and some men to help.  As Jimmy ran to get the undertaker, Doc and Trent carefully cleaned Sara's body. They washed the blood off of her chest and the scratches on her arms.  Trent told Doc that he thought the men had raped Sara before killing her because of the way her body and clothes were found. Doc told Trent he should go home and be with his son and mother-in-law at a time like this.  Trent decided the doc was right and after sitting by Sara's side for an hour and giving her one last kiss goodbye, he went to the house.  Hal had beat him there and had already told Sam about Sara.  He was sitting in the rocking chair holding Sam when Trent walked in.  Sam jumped up and hugged Trent and said " no matter how long it takes, we will find out who done this and take care of them." "I am sending a telegram tomorrow to have some of my dad's friends come here."  Samantha Redding Scoggins had been what most people would have called a hellion in her younger days. She had been raised by a bunch of outlaws, one of which was her father.  Her mother had died giving birth to her and instead of putting her in an orphanage, her father and a bunch of his buddies, most of which were in the same battallion with him in the Civil War. Each of these men had been a part of a secret spy battallion. They would ride behind enemies lines and get information on the attack plans of the union army.  Her dad was a true southern gentleman.  He was from the backwoods of Georgia and was raised to treat a woman with respect.  Even though him and his boys were outlaws, they never once pointed a gun at a woman or hurt a child in any way.  They mostly robbed trains or stages that had a payroll for the army or large ranches.  Sam had learned at a young age to ride and shoot like a man. She learned to take care of herself and not depend on anyone to provide for her.  Nowadays she was a pilar of the community and had decided at forty-two she needed to move closer to her daughter and unborn grandchild.  So she had packed up her belongings and moved from Reno to Bedford.  She swore that she would hunt every single one of those men down and put them into an early grave.
Sara's body was laid to rest on a beautiful bright and shiny Saturday. Two years to the day that Trent and Sara had been married. The preacher had told the crowd how he remembered being at Sara's birth and how her mother had cussed like a sailor and her father Russell had passed out cold at the first glance he had gotten of Sara's birth.
Sheriff Halcourt Scoggins had watched his niece Sara grow up.  He had taken over the duty of raising her when her father, Russ, Hal's brother had been found with a broken neck after falling off his prized mustang Thunder.  Thunder had shown back up at the Circle RS one evening after Russ had taken him out for a run. Hal had stopped by to check on Sam and Russ because Sam had just had a baby boy Chris.  Sara had been two at the time and really didn't remember much of her father. But she had been so close to Hal.   Hal had found his brother laying next to a stream with his neck broken and had brought him home to his wife.  Hal had never married and had always wanted to be a lawman. Unlike his brother Russ who had always wanted to run a big ranch.  Hal had started out as a deputy helping the sheriff bring in a group of outlaws that had robbed the stage.  That was when he had met Samantha Redding. He had fallen in love with her onsight, but when he had taken her to town while her father had been put in jail, Samantha had gotten a glimpse of Russell Scoggins and that was the end of Hal's heart.  He had lost his heart to a woman who loved his brother and Hal had sworn never to allow his heart to become lost again.
Two days after Saras funeral, Trent gave his son a kiss on the head and a hug for Sam.  He begged Sam to allow him to bring these men in and to watch over his son with her life.  Sam told him no one would ever hurt that child as long as she lived. Trent went to find Riding Soul and start sending telegrams to some of his friends at the U.S. Marshall's Service.  Riding Sould told him he would meet him back there in Bedford the next day. He was going to the Comanche Nation to get some friends of his own.  Trent's first telegram was to his brother Brett. Brett had taken over the Empire Ranch when their parents were killed in a train wreck.  Janice and Jack Roman had went on a trip to Boston to visit one of Janice's sisters who had lived in Boston. Her sister Jane had been raised in the white world, educated at the best schools and had married man of many finances.  Janice's mother had come from Boston.  She had met Janices Father Wild Bull Horn while coming out to Texas to paint scenery for the Boston Art Museum.  This was at the time when the Indian wars were still going on and the Civil War was still going strong.  But Janice's mom Marie Comier was determined to do what she wanted and had snuck out on a train headed to St. Louis.  She had then took another train to Denver and then a stage to Bedford. Where Wild Bull had been walking outside of the town. Even though most Indians were not allowed in cities and most of them were feared. Wild Bull had been a Chief of the Comanche and had been at peace with the citizens of Bedford from the start. They had traded at the store and had been friends with the sheriff and most of the people of the town.  The Comanche protected the town and had sent out a warning to other tribes that Bedford was to be left alone.   Janice and Jack had stayed in Boston for two weeks and were headed home when a rail on the track had come loose and while the train came across that part of the track it had jumped off and overturned in a ravine full of water. Drowning most of the four hundred passengers aboard, only fifty passengers had survived. One of those was a twelve year old child named Tom McGhee.  He had told the deputies that he was coming back to the Roman ranch as a hand.  The Roman's had met him in Boston and had told him to come to the ranch with them and help take care of the horses.  He had become close to Janice especially over the two weeks that he had been acquainted with them. She had seen him on the street holding the hand of his younger brother Jim.  The Romans had taken both boys in and had decided they would come live with them.  Jim had also been a survivor on the train and Tom and him had been taken to the ranch where he met Brett and Trent.  Tom told them about his parents plans and their last moments. They had been happy and had wanted the boys to become a part of their family.  Brett was the first to accept them. Trent took about a week longer but had accepted both Tom and Jim over the years.  Tom was now a big part of the Empire Ranch.  Jim had went off to college and was now a lawyer in Austin, but was always back at the ranch twice a year for round-up time. He always looked forward to coming home.  Trent and Brett were like brothers to him and he couldn't wait to see them.  
Brett Roman stood on the porch of Empire Ranch.  He watched his men bring in some of the rounded up mustangs and put them in the corral. He started thinking about how lucky his brother was for having a beautiful wife and a healthy baby boy.  He was eager to get the round up over so he could go spoil that nephew of his.  He thought about how he wished he could find a girl that was like Sara.  She was beautiful, smart and sassy.  Being twenty-eight he had decided it was time for him to look for a bride but finding a suitable woman was impossible he thought.  Coming out of his thoughts he saw Tom ride up on Buck. Buck had been found as a tiny colt wandering in the woods and crying for his mother when Tom had saw him. Tom carefully walked over to the crying colt, offered him some grass and picked him up heading for home. Brett laughed because five years later they had been inseperable since that day. Since Tom's arrival at the ranch, Brett had been his best friend even though there was four years between them.  Brett had been sixteen when his parent's had died, Trent had been fifteen and the hands at the ranch had watched over both of them and the McGhees for ten years now.  Tom walked over to Brett with tears in his eyes and handed him the telegram that he received.  Brett stood in shock, he couldn't believe that Sara was gone. How could someone hurt that sweet girl? He stood in shock for several minutes, not really listening to what Tom was saying. Tom moved closer to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He was telling him to go get packed. "the boys and I will take care of the ranch." Tom said the stage would pick him up in the morning and take him to Bedford.  It would be a forty mile drive which would take most of the day to get there.
Trent stood at the stage depot waiting for his brother to arrive.  Tom had sent a telegram saying he was coming.  As the stage pulled to a stop, Brett stepped off and caught his brother in a big bear hug.  As they pulled apart, Brett said "So little brother, what's the plan?" Trent started in by saying "Momma Sam has telegraphed the old gang." " As far as I know, Ralph The Mouth Sampson, Michael Red Reddings, and Matthew Rebel Moon Yates are already on their way."  " Lord only know what those old men can do to help though."


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