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Reece Daniel

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By Reece Daniel
Thursday, November 07, 2002

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A short story by
Reece Daniel
Copyright 2002
All rights reserved
Disclaimer- for the easily offended or for the crowd who sees only one face of God, please donít get upset. Read the entire story and see if this is not the way it must ultimately end. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you like it and I hope it makes you think.
(First Draft)

The dark spirit shuddered and became fully awake. Suddenly, he knew. He knew immediately that the Creator was stirring and beginning the age-old battle once again. Joy sang through the dark being as he savored the feeling of coming alive once again to war with the Creator. This was what he existed for.
Light burst forth in an intensity that would shine through granite rocks, if there had been such things as rocks in existence. Starting from nothing but a pinpoint, the light swelled and filled the entire universe. The impossibility of the situation was not lost on The Creator. He watched the light expand. In less than a second the universe changed from a dark, lightless void into a brilliantly lit vastness. This was what He had waited for. He was almost surprised by what He had wrought, surprised but greatly pleased.
Millions and billions of light years away matter began to coalesce and swirl in a spiral the size of galaxy. Time was meaningless to the matter and to the light. They knew nothing but the laws of matter and light so they went about forming themselves into planets, stars, comets, and other elements of existence as we now know it. He was even more pleased as He watched his creation take shape.
He had drifted through the void since before time had begun. The mind of man could not comprehend him because He had no beginning and no end. He had simply always been and He would always be. As He drifted, He contemplated subjects so deep and so complicated that no human mind could ever grasp them. One day it had struck him that He had the power to create his universe in any way He could imagine. He could conjure any environment He wanted to experience. In doing so, He might finally defeat the Dark One. He continued to drift for several billion years doing nothing more than enjoying the constant changes taking place in his new creation. Watching the light reflect from the new worlds and galaxies amused him. He knew the dark spirit could not act until He started the actual creation of life. ďLet him wait,Ē The Creator mused. ďThe battle for supremacy will come soon enough.Ē Cosmic dust and comets streaked through the universe, expanding further and further away from the epicenter of the original explosion, mimicking bottle rockets and sparklers on an impossibly large scale.
Suddenly, his interest was captured by a light blue speck circling a bright star near the center of a new galaxy at the far edge of his new universe. Bright blue with white streaks running around the equator, the small planet intrigued him. Time and distance meant nothing to him so He was able to be on the planet by just thinking of being there. The essence of the Creator flew through the thick air above the surface of the blue planet taking in the greens, browns, and other hues of his latest creation. This might be the one, He thought. This time He would fool the evil one and present him with a new creation to contend with. This time He would arm his children with weapons He had never given them before. This time He would create them in his own image.
The Dark Prince, Lucifer, was puzzled. He knew, of course, the Creatorís plans. Why? He asked himself, why would He create them in his own image? Lucifer had once been the chosen one. He had been the favored of God. Then, he believed, God had become jealous of his talents, his courage, and his power. He had been cast down and dishonored. Since then he had followed the Creator as He made untold numbers of worlds and innumerable lives. Followed him and destroyed each one in turn by tempting the Creatorís children. They had been made in many shapes and forms, but all had fallen to his guile. The new creations would be no different. It might even be amusing to tempt creatures made in the very image of the Creator. This, he thought, might be the final battle.

The man awakened with no memory of a past. Though fully grown, he knew nothing of life. Sitting naked in the warm sun he gazed toward the Heavens and had the first glimmer of a thought. The beauty and peace of his surroundings were almost unbearable, but so was the loneliness that invaded his heart in the same moment he drew his first breath. The loneliness was the work of the Dark One. As soon as the Creator had called forth this being from the dust, the Dark One invaded his mind and planted the first seed of discontent. The game would now begin. Like chess players, the Creator and the Dark One knew the struggle would be long and hard.
The Creator called forth a woman to ease the loneliness. Check!
Amused, the Dark One whispered in the womanís ear. She and the man were blank slates. No knowledge of good or of evil. That would soon change as she helped to lead the man to the forbidden knowledge. The words spoken in her ear marred the clean slate bringing the first hint of disobedience into this pristine world. Checkmate! Deep in the bowels of the universe, swords clashed with gigantic sparks. Helmets deflected blows and entire galaxies disappeared under battle-axes larger than most solar systems. Chess game? Yes, but much more physical and catastrophic than an average game of chess.
The ages began to roll. Although the struggle between the Creator and the Dark One was not new, this was different; somehow more personal than the others had been. The Creator felt anguish as he watched his children succumb to the wiles and temptations of the Prince of Darkness time and time again. These children were created in his own image. What did that say about him? Can a Supreme Being doubt? He was capable of unlimited love and forgiveness, but also possessed a jealous and wrathful nature. Something must be done. A lesson must be given to His disobedient children. Despair gripped his very being. He must punish them in order to save them and like any parent, it troubled Him to see his children suffer.
Sins mounted as high as the tallest peak on the blue planet. Abominations abounded. The Dark One chortled with glee. Those made in the Creatorís image were weak and vain. Millions and millions were condemned to eternal damnation as they became proud and disobedient. The Dark One was sure the Creator had made a fatal mistake this time. These creations were too close to Him, too dear to Him. They possessed all the superior qualities given to them by the Creator, but readily sought and accepted the alternatives presented by the Dark One. This would be the final world. This is where his victory and his revenge would be complete. Then, maybe then, the Creator would embrace him again and allow him to come near the everlasting peace and love he had so sorely missed since being cast down. The Dark Prince swept an arm across the cosmic chess board sending not pawns and queens, but worlds and galaxies flying in all directions. In his mind, this game was over.
The Dark One then held his breath as he watched the Creator flood the blue planet. One small family floated upon the torrent in a makeshift boat filled with animals. What courage and love it took for the Creator to destroy all but a small part of his creation. For the first time, doubt crept into the Dark Oneís mind. If the Creator will go this far, where will He stop? Where will He draw the line to win this eternal battle?
Once again, the whispers were carried upon the wind. Lust, greed, pride, all began to permeate the new world and the few remaining survivors. The cycle had begun again and the Creator despaired. How many times must He save his children? What must He do to keep them safe from the Dark One and the loss of their eternal soul? Can love cripple a Supreme Being? What would He not sacrifice to save His children? Like a parent running back into a burning house to rescue a child knowing they will perish in the flames, He knew He would stop at nothing to bring salvation to His children. Unblemished, unqualified love knows no boundaries.
The next move stunned the Dark One. How had he not sensed this move? How had the Creator thought of it? It was impossible, yet it was happening. The Creator had opened his face to these creatures. He had sent a part of himself to the blue planet to redeem his children. All they need do is believe in Him and their sins were forgiven. He had become the impossible; parent, child and spirit. No human mind could grasp the combination. The Dark One could, and knew the danger it presented to his plans. When the time was right, Lucifer snatched the human incarnation of the Creator and took him to the highest mountain. In his ear, he whispered, ďthis can all be yours. Fame, power, adulation, all are yours for eternity. Just bend your knee to me.Ē All his power and wiles were directed at the human incarnation of God.
Shaking off the temptation as easily as one would shake raindrops from his hair, the Son went about his mission. Hope burst forth among the creations of God. Burdens were lifted from their souls and the true nature of God was revealed to them. Even so, there were those among them who refused to believe. They mocked the Savior and his followers. Miracles were denied. Human leaders and governments played strongly to the greed and lust of man. Their power rested in the hopelessness of the masses. Finally, one of his own disciples betrayed him for filthy lucre. He died a horrible death nailed to rough wood and displayed under a mocking sign. The pain was excruciating, as his soul left the earth and returned to heaven,the universe wept. The Creator knew this would happen. It was part of his plan.
The Dark One, for all his pride and arrogance did not know what was happening. He fancied himself the winner and watched as the souls of the damned poured in like grains of sand sliding down a tall sand dune. Eternal damnation swarmed around the lost souls in a dark cloud, much like a swarm of gnats. Constant torment was their reward. Remorse was the ultimate punishment when Satan revealed the truth to the damned and they realized what they had done, even worse, why. Any one of them would have welcomed the oblivion of madness. That was a kindness they would be allowed.
Once again, the titanic battle was joined. The bright spark of hope left by the Creator on the blue planet waned and flared over the centuries. At times, man would come closer to the Word and the cosmos would smile. Then, darkness would creep across the face of the earth and man would shrink away from Godís truth. Wars, famine, cruelty, pride, arrogance, ran rampant among the creatures that would be Godís children. The Dark One could taste victory as millions and millions of men, women and innocent children were gassed, burned and starved to death during one of manís constant wars. God wept and received the tender souls into His unconditional love.
One morning, the sun rose and burned away a thin layer of clouds above a city near the water. People went about their business. Children went to school while old men sat in the warming sun and enjoyed the relief it provided to their painful old bones. High above a small silver object streaked through the sky, plummeting earthward with a shrieking high-pitched wail. People looked up to see what was causing the deathly sound just about the time it exploded with the brilliance of a million suns. Hundreds of thousands were killed and wounded in that instant. The atomic age was born.
Once again, the Dark Prince laughed. His evil smirk was as wide as the known universe. His arrogance filled every nook and cranny of Creation and darkness began to snuff out the light of Godís love. Yes, he thought, this is the final battle. Man has turned his face from the Creator and soon I will control not only their souls, but also their planet. Now, He will have to acknowledge my strength, my power, my beauty, and my equality. Yes, even my equality.
The Creator smiled and felt the warmth of his love begin to expand. His plan was almost fulfilled. Like disobedient children, his creations had strayed time and time again. Each time like a loving parent, he had forgiven them and put them back on the path. Neither they, nor the Dark One could totally understand his plan. All they could do was accept what he said on faith alone. Given their weakness and fear, they had done well. He was proud of them, and rightly so. Unwittingly, they had played a feature role in his final plan. He had known the end of this struggle before the Dark One had come into creation. There had never been a doubt as to the final outcome. All he had needed to do was to allow his errant adversary to believe he had a chance of winning. In that way, there would be no half measures. Everything would be on the table.
The first day of the final beginning could not be described in mere mortal words. The sun didnít rise; it sat in the sky and pulsated with light. The light was strong enough to create an x-ray effect on people as they stood and stared in wonder. However, the light was not unpleasant to feel. It radiated gentle warmth that carried the undercurrent of something else. What was it? Basking in the light, people turned to one another and asked, ďCan you feel it? What is it?Ē None of them had ever been exposed to the physical nature of pure, unconditional love. They had no idea you could actually feel love as it was carried along the rays of the sun. Gently at first, then increasing in intensity, The Creator allowed His love to encompass the not only this planet, but all of Creation. Flowing like warm honey on a breezy summer day, His love seeped into every nook and cranny in Creation. Greed, hate, lust, anger, all of manís faults were pushed ahead of the flow and forced out of this soon to be perfect existence.
The pain flowing through the Dark One was beyond comprehension. He knew he had lost. And not just lost, he had been rejected. Never again would he feel the love that was slowly pushing him out of existence. He could feel the warmth as it pressed against him, slowly and inexorably forcing him to the fringes of Godís world. Bone chilling cold and utter loneliness waited for him just outside the reach of the warmth that pressed him onward. In the end, Godís mercy was extended even to him as he was winked into oblivion, not even a memory remained. For him, that was the ultimate Hell.
The light and the love of the Creator continued to fill the void. Brighter, more and more pure white by the second, He revealed the Truth to his children. In less time than it took to blink an eye, they understood eternity, understood the plan and were allowed, for the first time to look upon the face of God.
The change was dramatic, and yet subtle. Nowhere in the universe, nowhere in Creation could darkness be found. There was only light and in that light was the salvation of man. Godís pure love.

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Reviewed by James Filegar 11/8/2002
Bravo! A great piece. This work gives one a sense the begining of time, and the constant battle between good and evil. Very descript, and brings to the minds eye the very begining of time, and the continual rebirth.


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