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Gerard J. Haughey

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Journey Of Consciousness
By Gerard J. Haughey
Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Sleep is for the body. While the body rests the conscious spirit will often time embark on a travel through mysterious worm-holes. George Hagre had a dream of a place, the place was his own home-planet Earth- Only there is more, in the dream-world, that meets the eye than the world we all share while awake. Think of our conscious-mind existing under the control of a higher-power. In this case our memories are controlled, our experiences are wiped from memory when warranted. George believes he has had the very troubling experience of awakening with all his memories fully intact. Wait til you hear what he recalls.

George called me and he said he wanted to meet for coffee. I figured what the heck, sure it's always nice to see an old friend. There was something about him, though, on this particular day he seemed so preoccupied sitting on the edge of his seat he always appeared as though he were going to say something but then talked himself out of it.

Finally, I asked "George what is it"? 

Emily, I think I had a very weird dream and I'm not sure if it was a dream? I mean I was drugged in the dream and at one point I felt that I was regaining my sober state. I told this strange girl that I was with that I was sobering up and then just then I woke up? I immediately felt that I was forced back to this waking world because I was beginning to lose my drugged state of consciousness.

George, do you remember anything before you got zapped back here after sobering up? Well, yeah I do.  Okay, so tell me about it George what did you dream about?

I don't know Emily, I don't think this was a dream for reason but okay I'll tell you about it. I was with Monica on Union Avenue very close to our old apartment, you know where the senior living center is? Yeah, okay I know where that is. Okay, so for some reason me and Monica were in a van of some kind and I woke up in the van Monica's back was to me and well I was very randy and began to show my affections to Monica. It was right at this point that she got out of the van she said something like "I'll be right back"? I got out of the van yelling her name out "MONICA"? I did this as I staggered about down Union Avenue the street was unlike itself as though it were so much more alive as though Union Avenue was attached to satans tail and well we just never knew it. Anyway, through my drugged state of vision I could just about make out that down at the end of the street there was something going on. I couldn't see exactly what was happening there but it felt very evil, there was fire and there were some large animals around what I thought was a big hole in a fence at the end of the street. I was so drunk or drugged up I remember struggling to not fall over. I was walking towards the corner to see what was going on when all of a sudden several men and women began to run up the street screaming "run" and at this I could see Bulls running up the street towards us and everyone was running away from the Bulls and as fast as they could they were going inside their cars and locking their doors.  At this point my van was so far away I would have never had made it. So, I saw a girl she was about my age and she was alone. I asked if I could go with her inside her car for refuge? She said "sure" and I got in.

She was driving a pickup truck and I immediately began to wonder where I was and what was going on? I could feel my senses getting clearer and clearer and I was about to tell her but I held off a bit and continued on in the truck. After spending some time driving around I asked her to go back to where my van was and she did.  With this request we drove back and I believe this is where the dream went wrong. I saw things that were very surreal but very real at the same time.

On our way back up the street this time we drove towards the area where the hole in the fences was. From this position I could see clearly what was going on there.  The fence hole wasn't actually a hole in a fence, but more a worm-hole or portal in front of the fence, perhaps it went through the fence.  I asked this strange woman "what is going on there" and here is when I became petrified with fear in the dream and later on outside of the dream. 

She said to me this; "Do you see anyone there"  I said "yes, I see men killing eachother"? I could see a battle where it appeared that one man was stabbing another man in his neck. She said "wow, okay you can see that huh"?  So, I asked her "who are they" and she said that they are descendants of God and of Satan and they are engaged in a Battle where Saints battle Demons to the death.  I thought to myself, 'wow'? But I needed to know more so I asked "what are they Battle over" and she looked at me and said 'Life'.  I was confused so I asked "what life" and then she hit me with the most unbelievable news.  The fight is for life, not far from here is a hospital and not far from every hospital is a portal- When an infant is born it is not yet fully alive until a conscious spirit reaches that infant and attaches itself to the infant.  There is a portal in every major city in the world and there are battles every day, all day long and all night long and you just got to see it. What do you think? I asked her who was fighting?

To be continued......

George, that's just pure creepy! I know, Emily, it's a very odd dream but somehow it wasn't a dream I'm telling you dreams don't make you feel like this. Uh uh, no way. Well, anyway, Em, thanks for coming out and meeting with me for coffee I hope I didn't ruin your coffee break, haha. Nah, you definitely did give me something to think about, though, for the rest of the day and who knows maybe I'll never forget this story?  Oh, hey, have you ever had dreams like this before or after this one, George?


Oh boy, I was hoping you wouldn't ask me that.  Sheesh, I don't know what to say next. Well, I did however have second and third dreams and I have to tell you they were just as scary. Why, Emily, why me?
 Save that for tomorrow's coffee break, deal?  Sure, Emily, same time tomorrow?  Same time, bat channel yada yada yada, hehe.
Next day:
I'll have a decaf with one equal and my friend here will have.. Emily what are you having, dear?  I'll have a decaf as well, no sugar and a canoli.
So, George I'm dying to hear about your second and third dreams.
Hey, by the way, George, have you ever had any near death experiences? What, why, what does that have to do with any of this? George maybe, say if you had a head injury or something or a near death experience maybe something happened to you and you're tuning into a third dimension that isn't of this earth? That's all I'm saying because your dream really is creepy?
If you had an NDE maybe something happened to your brain and now it's like a reciever of weird things or something? By the way, what did your other dreams reveal. Emily, you really shouldn't talk with your mouth full- and you have powder all over your lips (chuckles).
Well, okay it's not really 2 or 3 more dreams it's a little more than that. If these dreams or experiences I've been having while asleep actually do have some meaning to them well, It's not just hospitals, Emily, and it's not just birth's.. The battles of Life also include 'Death'- apparently an evil force, or Satan, tries to steal Souls coming into and going out of this planet. What do you mean, George? I don't know it's like when the Soul is either going into or leaving a human body there are evil forces at work to disrupt the plan of that Soul going to rest.  In essence the devil, if you will, is trying to steal Souls which if you think about it wouldn't surprise me.  I mean I'm sure the devil doesn't play fair if you know what I mean. Oh but God's Army- If you could only see them. They're illuminated, a white glow and swords, sheilds and armor- It's all true . The movies got that pretty much right on- I guess others have had visions also.
Earth to George, you're drifting off.  So portals, like the one you saw, are not just by hospitals? No they're not just by hospitals. And do you know where else they are? Well they're also very near by to nursing homes, senior citizen buildings, war zones, and as we know hospitals. Any other places? I suppose so but I haven't personally seen them if that's what you mean. I only know of the one's I just mentioned, Emily.
Emily, this isn't cool man, I mean I hope you know that this isn't a joke. George, I didn't say anything about this being a joke, cut it out and I know you're being sincere here but what do you think can be done about this beside you just dreaming? Well, we could go to where the portal site is and look around? That's a pretty good idea, maybe we can get hold of one of those gadgets that pick up radiation and electrical feilds?-
Oh Emily? Yeah? Just one other thing. Okay, what is it?   You know when I told you about the portal and me being able to see it? Yeah? Well I wanted to tell you something else I saw. Okaaay, go ahead. Okay, so I'm sure you can imagine that if a portal is truly an interdimensional gateway there has to be some energy with it, right?  Yeah, I suppose so I mean I did mention the radiation gadget thingy, I'm not a total dork? Alright so you're with me then,  I'm not sure if it's radiation but when the portal was open there were these two really tall black men, about 20 feet tall, at least, they were very thin and muscular and they were holding what looked like black led blankets and one on each side of the circular opening and they were either protecting something or preventing something from being seen or escaping- or from harming something- I don't know.. I mean I'm not sure but from the truck's point of view, in the dream, when I looked at the portal, I could see about six more of these tall black giant men stacking these "led blankets" up on what looked like shelves on the sides of the inside of the portal- these things looked very heavy and were thick- and these giants were lifting them upon shelves and they were completely undisturbed by anything going on inside or outside the portal. Anyway, they were draping these blankets around and over the portal which by the way was giving off a very bright white electric-like glow? Like lightning in a circle around the hole.
to be continued.....

 That's all I'm going to tell you for now. Let's meet again soon and I'll let you know about something else.  What else? Just, something else okay- bye! Hey, wait...


in a dream


Where am I? You are in a church. A church? But it looks like a nursing home or something? Well it it's a retirement home, but it was a church a long time ago, (laughing)- {this is an old lady, she is lying on a chaise lounge it is green velvety type of sofa- She's wearing a green dress, though a different shade of green from the sofa- She has medium length pure white hair and her teeth are perfectly white and straigh. She is portly but very young looking for her age which I would estimate to be in her 60's- She is telling me a story about her experience- "my children didn't love me", She said but she said it without any apparent sorrow but somehow I felt her pain, nonetheless?

I looked around the room, it had the look of place of the 50's- The old style of furniture and the feel of low-tech world. As I looked up over this lady there was this very large, overly exaggerated window- A large Square window almost the size of the entire wall. It was beautiful, though and I got up from the sofa and walked to the window where I stood quietly looking out of of the window. I saw a train station and people were dressed for work, carrying brief cases and heading to the train. There, I also noticed on the sidewalk many people were selling items on tables that lined the sidewalk. "I have to go" I told the woman, and a nude girl approached me and walked me out? I did not make eye contact with her at all, I avoided looking at her altogether but I was able to see that she was nude? I left this green room, and in exiting I passed through a gentleman's room which was adorned scantily of few items such as a comb, small table with a mirror and small bed. As I entered the room the man was exiting the room through a door on the other side. He had a brief case in his hand and I thought to myself 'he must be heading to the train'?


I am beginning to realize that my dreams are piecing together something, Emily. I mean I am having these other worldly dreams and there are people in them, I mean these are 'people' they talk and they are  dressed a certain way- They are expressing their feelings? Something is going on and if I were to take a stab at it, Em, I think it has to do with the next place I am going to when I die here? Does it seem like heaven or hell, George? I would say more like heaven than hell, but I can't really say it feels euphoric or anything like that. But the people in my dreams are always very nice, very quiet  and often times are minding their business and either working or calmly speaking to me.

Okay so you told me about the dream with the old lady with the white hair and very nice teeth, George? But, what could that dream possible mean? I can't draw anything much from it at all to be honest. Can you, George?

No, not really but it seems as though while I cannot identify anything in particular in my mind, there seems to be another part of me that is instinctually aware that the places I am dreaming of- are actually people seeing me. In other words I am not there to see them, they are there to see me?

For what?


George, why are you crying? I don't know Emily, I'm not sure. But..

I think I was Saved......


-to be continued


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