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Lonnie Hicks

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Books by Lonnie Hicks
The Seduction of The Vampire: Chapters Two, Three and Four
By Lonnie Hicks
Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Last edited: Sunday, October 07, 2012
This short story is rated "G" by the Author.
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Vampires and Humans

The Seduction of the Vampire” Chapter Two

He sat for a moment more, his yellow-purple eyes boring into her; fixing her on the bed.

His hand reached toward an inside pocket as she lay frozen, almost hypnotized, watching him.

It was the looking at him alone that made her feel weak, looking at him made her entire body tingle, made it want to move toward him, to be absorbed by him.

She watched as he took from his inside pocket a small vial of a clear fluid which glimmered and shown brightly, having inside it movement which she did not understand.

The contents of the vial seem to swirl around as if its contents inside were alive.

He took the vial, uncorked it, moving it slowly up to his mouth, his eyes never leaving hers.

Dipping the vial to his right fang, Molly could see the liquid being drawn up by the fang, a fang which she realized could suck.

Of course, she chastised herself; fangs could, and would, obviously need to suck.

But this was the first time she had seen it actually happen.


Meantime, time Saron’s eyes rolled gently up as he took the vial and dipped his left fang into the vial draining it, too, of its remaining contents and then, reaching for her slowly, took her hand into his two hands and raising them to his mouth.

“You” he said in his deep soft voice, “are precious to me and we have for hundreds of years loved each other and now you inhabit this body and I want inhabit this body with you this night because I am unable to resist you, unable to resist loving you. But I cannot fully, because,” he hesitated, “I cannot because to do so would threaten your continued existence and mine as well.

"All that is possible now is a merging of a different kind."

"But first I must give you the blood-barrier fluid to protect us."

"If I do not we both risk extinction…"he said his voice lowering quietly.
”Tonight” he said pausing “we undertake again our honeymoon post-poned these 300 years. This fluid will protect us but, only for an hour, and even so we must be careful not to become carried away by passion because to do so might be harmful. 
She still did not understand what he was referring to, only that she wanted him, desired him.

It didn’t matter to her. It didn’t matter because her body was not as it should be and she knew that. The doctors had told her she only had weeks if not days to live in any event.

He held her hand, as his mouth closed upon her uplifted hand; his mouth felt at once cold but also had the warm tingling sensation things very cold can often have.

He bent closer now his mouth seeking her mouth, his hands sought her body, underneath her clothing gliding over it but not touching her skin; his hands moved along side her breasts generating electricity, static electricity which created sparks which made her shudder gently.

She arched her body up longing for his touch but each time his hand moved away just out of reach. Her need, her desire for his touch grew stronger and stronger and she could feel her body begin to convulse gently, as her mouth sought his mouth. He floated above her magically, floating above her close, very close but not touching.

She felt naked in her undergarments, feeling the electricity of the closeness of this encounter of his body so close to her body.

She felt him start to shake as well, the energy between them, their close but not touching love-making creating sparks; jumping the gap between them moving, doing so, into her very soul through her skin.


She sighed and let loose a gentle tremble. 

The disease gave her the tremblings and he seemed to sense it. If he could make her immortal she would let him do that. She didn't want to die.

He took her raised hand while stilling floating above her prone body and made a gentle prick in her wrist with first one and then the other fang, each time injecting what she knew must have been the liquid from the vial.

It flowed into her veins with a cold flooding sensation which coursed through her blood stream making her dizzier and dizzier and more and more aroused.

She felt him kiss her lightly on her neck floating centimeters above her, coming down upon her gently, drawing his cloak around the two of them, each breathing heavily. She trembled under this cloak of darkness feeling him move inside her soul feeling his and her gathering lust at last plunging his mouth on her mouth, murmuring lustily.

”This is our consummation” he said “  I claim you in the sign of the clan  reviving all that we have had been to one another, you inside this human body I now come to you in our honey-moon night, mixing our ancient spirits, surrendering you to I and I to you.” His voice, his breath, shook her.

“You’ll not remember. You’ll not remember,” he was saying whispering to her at the climactic moment as she moaned in his ear while feeling her body convulse again and again under him as electric charge after charge made her entire body shudder again and again under which, he too, shook.

He heard him sigh jerking into his own release, the electric intensity seeming to shock both of them, forcing them into mutual upwardly spiraling release, even though not touching.

Suddenly, she felt the full weight upon her prone contour, making her gasp because at that moment they were touching, he laying upon her, exhausted in his consummation yet still continuing to convulsed gently matching her similar gentle tremblings. She lay feeling herself filled up with him.

You’ll not remember” she heard him say, and saw in his eyes, both love and sadness.

She awoke the next morning shaking, her body still remembering even if her mind could not for the moment.

Her body was still reacting but she could not understand why or what it was reacting to at the moment.

She reached for her medicine to try to stop the body reactions, vaguely now remembering that she had dreamt in the night, trying to remember the details of the dream knowing she and Sargon had touch less sex. and wondering too if that meant he was not really interested in her. t

She took her medicine and lay back trying to re-capture the previous night’s dream, looking forward to encountering her vampire this day-somehow knowing he was a different kind of vampire one who loved the sunlight as well as the night.

Her body gave a last shudder before she rose to bathe before her breakfast and descend to greet her guests.

End of Chapter Two
To be Continued.

"The Seduction of the Vampire" Chapter Three

 She came down to breakfast descending the stair case to see a small group below all filing in for breakfast as well. She could see Sargon's eyes rise up to take in her form she could feel her body react, perhaps to the drugs. She was actually disappointed to note that he did not seem to acknowledge the night before, her forwardness and she resolved to give up on him, since he displayed little interest in her, after she had literally thrown herself at him on the last evening.

He sought her eyes and she looked away tilting her head just enough to show both disinterest and disdain yet still wondering and perhaps even hoping that he might be an answer for her, be an alternative for her to simply dying.

He showed surprise at her demeanor, a small smile leaving his face. Even so, as she stood at the foot of the staircase, he offered his arm which she pretended not to notice, moving instead to accept a similar offer from Mr. Gaston, both turning to enter the breakfast room.

"Morning, to you," Mr. Gaston said cheerful allowing his hand to land lightly upon hers as he offered his arm.

Together he led the way into the breakfast chamber.

Mother was directing the guests each to his or her seating busily chirping away in her sing-song voice.

Mother, Molly thought, loved entertaining, loved the spectacle of it, the socialness of it.

She had what the French thought of as a salon personality, a truly social creature.

And she was, which likely accounted for, Molly thought, her own shyness.  Her mother took up all of the social space in a room leaving little for others, and guests usually out of politeness gave her the attention she so obviously craved.

And she absorbed that attention as a humming bird craves nectar.

Sargon looked at Molly, his gaze reading into her that, indeed, she had no memory of the previous night had no recollection what so ever, of what had transpired between them, and that both pleased him and chagrined him, because he did want Layla to know he was there, had found her.

But in blocking Molly's memory he had also blocked Layla's memory as well.

Inhabitations were very difficult, he thought to himself, that is why they were fairly rare and dangerous as well in other ways for all concerned.

A bad habitation could kill both the host and the vampire easily, too easily, which is why the council had banned them largely.

Still, they did occur, and, he full well knew why Layla had undertaken this particular habitation of Molly and had done it so skillfully that it had taken him centuries to find her.

And having found her he would not let her go.

"Mr. Sargon," Molly's mother was saying at the onset of breakfast, "I understand you'll speak to us today on Vampire Immortality and its habitations. I am so looking forward to it, mighten you give us a small preview here at breakfast?"

Two dozen eyes turned toward Sargon and with a small movement of his white cloth napkin he indicated his surrender to her request, placing the napkin origami-style up-right beside his plate.

"Well I mean to offer what ever knowledge I have, of course, and my intention today is to reveal what I see as the grave situation we face on this planet."

"A grave situation which may mean war or peace between the clans, between the clans and humans, a war which will have grave consequences for all concerned if it is allowed to happen."

"Peace, in my view," Sargon continued "is the only option."

Mr. Gaston spoke up suddenly startling Molly in doing so, saying, "Don't you think sirs," he said, "that sometimes war is the only option and if so the object is to win the war at all costs and quickly, once it has started."

Sargon looked at the younger man, and decided to ignore the comment proceeding with his presentation, glancing briefly at Molly who stared full up at him, open-eyed and inquiring.

"I," Sargon continued "believe that the Vampire clans can survive without human blood and the chemists have given us some promising plasmas to work with, some we believe will work, thereby offering survival for both humans and the clans.

"But many hot-heads, on both sides, clamor for war, considering it inevitable, wrongly I think, and today I mean to lay out a plan as to how that can be avoided."

"But how sir, can you be specific?" Gaston interrupted again.

"The specifics sir," Sargon said "shall be within the presentation this afternoon. I trust your patience will cooperate with me in this."

Gaston turned red and went silent.

"But I have this to share at this point," Sargon continued,
"I have in my travels have been working with an experimental plant protein which has the capacity, I believe, to serve as food for the vampire, food other than human blood and,, as well, I believe to reverse vampirism in humans already infected."

There were small gasps in the room of the 24 breakfasters because while many had heard of Sargon's work but to hear it spoken of directly was new to most of them.

It was not new however to one who sat quietly vowing that Sargon, as the council had guessed was a traitor, and was willing to turn the formula over to humans. And for that he must die.
"Die at my hand if necessary." Regarn thought.

The Seduction of the Vampire: Chapter Four

They all rose after breakfast to view Molly's Mother's paintings. She enjoyed showing off her paintings and each visitor dutifully clucked over each piece. It was not that Molly's mother was without talent. She had talent. Rather, it was that she seemed to need to be constantly told of that talent to the point of boredom.

Molly stood just outside the "gallery room" suddenly feeling someone at her side.

It was Sargon. He stood silently not speaking and she resolved to simply ignore him.

"Your mother has real talent," he said to her profile. She did not answer and looked straight ahead continuing to ignore him.

"Look," he said "I sense that you are peeved with me and I can understand. But try to understand..."

"Understand what sir," Molly said testily.

"I throw myself at you and, in the end, I have a feeling that you have, in fact, spurned me... and I have the strangest feeling that you see me as someone I am not and memory coming back to me you seemed to be making love to someone else not me," she said in whispering tones.

Sargon realized that his memory block was fading said "Precisely, Mrs Vanderbilt you see, I mean do you know much about habitations?"

"Habitations yes a little..,"Molly's voice trailed off.

"Are you telling me that I, that I am inhabited?"

"Yes," Sargon said "yes, this is true and it is immensely complicated because these last fews days as I have gotten to know you, I find you to be..."

But Molly was not listening, she was shocked, truly shocked by his statement that she was inhabited.

Mr. Gaston appeared offering his arm to Molly saying "There you are, Molly, your mother has been asking for you."

"Excuse us" he said to Sargon coldly spiriting Molly away, leaving Sargon to peer at their retreating forms.

"This," Sargon was saying to himself is becoming immensely involved. Untangling the habitation could kill both Layla and Molly, and he suspected that depending upon how long the two had been joined, it may be impossible to disentangle them at this point.

The blood-barrier fluid may protect both of them or neither one and both could expire.

He, too, could expire since Molly's disease was a blood disease one that could kill a vampire if he drank her blood. She did not know this but he did. His only hope was to continue to test the protein on her and see what happened.
In any event he vowed to tell her everything and no longer contrinue the subterfuge. But that would be after the presentation.

To be continued.


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Reviewed by Janna Hill
Blood barrier... plant proteins. Layla resides in Molly...unknowingly?
I like it.
:) Janna

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