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steve jolinski

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Corrupt Doctors in Kansas City Missouri
By steve jolinski
Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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A story about crooked doctors. Doctors covering up malicious behavior. Research Medical Center purposely injuring patients and doing illegal actions to protect themselves from liability.

 Crooked Doctors in Kansas City, Missouri

Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind  

Dr. Donald P. Ables 

This is a true story that I have submitted to a number of websites. It’s a true story about crooked doctors. It's a true story of what unfortunately happened to me in 2004. It's a true story about doctors covering up malicious behavior. It is a story about Research Medical Center purposely injuring patients and doing illegal actions to protect themselves from liability. It is a true story about Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables. The state of your health is in danger when seeing individuals such as these masquerading as doctors.

When a person takes an oath to become a doctor, it should be as a servant to help other people not as ways to a means to be self serving for monetary gain. It takes a person with character to really care about and for other people. I have met numbers of doctors that have very little admirable character. I speak from my experience personal experience both as a patient and consumer activist.

I believe there are a lot of doctors who become doctors because of the monetary aspect. I believe for most, that is the main driving force. Everyone needs money of course. But people do expect more of a doctor than they would from their mechanic or butcher just because of the intimate nature of the aspects of what a doctor does and is involved with. After all, doctors are human-beings that have close intimate interpersonal relationships with other human-beings. There should be certain standards for doctors that they should adhere to. When these doctors violate the basic of basics of what should be expected as a doctor, then they shouldn't be allowed to be doctors plain and simple.

As an American citizen, I still at present have the right to freedom of speech. I plan on exercising this right to expose the crooked doctors that I am writing about in this commentary. The Lord Jesus Christ gave me the skill to work with computers and I am going to use it to help other people. The history and background on doctors is very; most often I would say, difficult to come by to say the least. Most people I have come across and know personally would like to know if a doctor or other medical professional has a history of malpractice and/or criminal, negative derisive past.

For God's sake, Wal-Mart checks credit history for jobs that offer less than 40 hours a week and minimum wage pay. I do believe that doctors should be held to the same high standard. Traffic tickets from ten years ago or longer are held against people in the areas of employment. It doesn't make sense to me that doctors and other health care professionals aren't held to the same high standards as the kid who bags your groceries. Some of these health care professionals can make 7 figure incomes but aren't held to the same standards as the girl who makes your cheeseburgers at McDonald's. There is something wrong about this picture. Anybody with half a brain can see an inequity with the double standards.

People everywhere need to stand up against corruption especially in the health fields. These people that serve as dentists, emergency room doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc. have the public trust. These people should be held to a higher moral standard. These people hold high positions in any community. Any behavior that these medical professionals demonstrate that society as a whole deems negative and unacceptable should be carefully examined and not cover-up or swept under the rug because it is in their power to get away with it.

The motivation is to report on corrupt, crooked doctors that defraud patients and insurance companies; endanger patients and to shed a light on corrupt doctors. This whole situation with this corrupt Dr. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables has given me several different ideas for websites which should be very successful. Everybody needs and desires good medical treatment. We live in a society where medical care is extremely expensive. Medical treatment in the United States is the most expensive in the world as compared to the rest of the world.

Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables lied about their capacities as doctors to avoid proper and prudent medical treatment; defrauded my insurance company for care never rendered and visits I never attended; was complicit in concealing medical records of visits so as to protect Research Medical Center in Kansas City and themselves from civil liability; were complicit in involvement in the actions that resulted in me being severely injured at Research Medical Center in Kansas City on June 2004; aided Research Medical Center in concealing medical records of visits to help perpetrate malicious prosecution of myself in the court system. Furthermore, as retaliation for a 2004 complaint I filed against Dr. Rebecca Burfeind with the Missouri Board of the Healing Arts, my status as a legitimate patient was slandered with treating physicians in order to negatively affect my medical treatment. The agencies and entities that are responsible for overseeing behavior like this didn't work in my case but cover-up illegal, dangerous and unethical behaviors.

Health care professional profiteers in the United States routinely pad medical expense charges to insurance companies in order to make large profits. This is done at the expense of the American people, the government and insurance companies. Insurance premiums are high because of the greed of the American doctors. The current states of the Medicare and Medicaid system are in financial disarray due to the greed of doctors in America. I for one do not know why the government hasn't done anything up to this point. I believe the corruption encompasses individuals in the government that work hand and hand with these corrupt doctors to allow what we have today with the Medicare system. Another example, I had a doctor back in the early 1990s that wanted to perform some type of an expensive endoscope procedure on my upper G.I. tract for a minor flu that I had. I was told that it would be well over $6,000. I am 43 and sure have seen a very dramatic increase in corruption in the last 25-30 years involving health care professionals. If anyone reading this has similar experiences with a corrupt doctor please don't hesitate to contact me as I am planning on creating numbers of websites to expose individuals like this. America can get back on track by doing something against crooked doctors. It can be done!

My experience starts off in 2004 when I started treatment with a Dr. Rebecca Burfeind out in Kansas City, Missouri. I was directed towards the pain clinic at Research Medical Center in April or May 2004. I was diagnosed as having herniated and ruptured disks in my neck not by Dr. Rebecca Burfeind of course. But by a qualified doctor. It was suggested by my treating physician that I contact the pain clinic because of my painful condition.

I contacted Research Medical Centers Pain Clinic which resulted in me being seen three of four times by a woman named Dr. Rebecca Burfeind. This woman administered injections in my neck that supposedly would block the pain receptors. Looking back, I am not even sure what type if any medication was administered in the injections but they did not work. I wouldn't be surprised if a placebo was administered instead and the medications that should have been administered were taken by Dr. Burfeind for some ulterior purpose. I advised her that the injections were not working. I didn't have any response at all except soreness from the penetrations of the needles into my body. I am not sure if these injections were even suitable or reasonable at the time. Dr. Burfeind had access to numerous MRI reports and other diagnostic tests that showed ruptured and/or herniated disks in my neck. Dr. Burfeind purposely lied to me in 2004 about her capacity as a doctor. Dr. Burfeind led me to believe that she is not fully licensed in order to withhold proper medical treatment. Dr. Burfeind told me that she is not able to prescribe any pain medications. Rebecca Burfeind told me that there was nothing else that could be done which was completely untrue . My understanding of Dr. Rebecca Burfeind was that she was sort of like a chiropractor and a nurse practitioner but not in the same category as a doctor.

Dr. Rebecca Burfeind misdiagnosed my medical condition causing me much pain and distress. Dr. Burfeind down played my condition as insignificant and minor. My condition may have been minor to Dr. Rebecca Burfeind but certainly was not minor to me. I believe Dr. Burfeind did this because I was on disability and had Medicare and Medicaid at the time. I found out indirectly through her staff that the medical treatment that was provided to other patients with similar medical conditions as mine was drastically different with individuals that had insurance that paid higher percentages of her standard charges. Dr. Burfeind was purposely giving me bad medical recommendations based on the type of coverage I had. Someone from her staff told me that she is a fully licensed doctor and can prescribe various types of medical treatment including medications. That came as a surprise because I was led to believe an entirely different scenario. I had no idea of what a doctor in pain medicine could do prior to June 2004 as I have never been to one before this date.

The staff at Research Medical Center's Pain Clinic advised me to call them anytime if I had any problems. I did call the clinic a number of times as instructed because these injections were not working. The staff seemed annoyed to say the least when I called. I was treated like I was a nuisance. The clinic where I was being treated at the time dropped me as a patient because they were no longer accepting Medicaid. So, going back to that clinic was not an option. I was advised one night in a phone call to Research's pain clinic to go on into the emergency room per Dr. Burfeind's instructions. I did as they instructed me to do. I brought numbers of x-rays, cat scans, MRI s and other medical records with me.

I saw a Dr. Donald P. Ables at the emergency room of Research Medical Center. I explained my medical condition to him and the fact that Dr. Burfeind is unable to do anything to treat me because her hands are tied as to what she can do as a medical professional. This Dr. Donald P. Ables was extremely rude and arrogant as I remember. In a matter of fact and cold monotone demeanor, Dr. Ables told me straight up that there was nothing wrong with me physically. I knew this was a mistake because I had seen numbers of doctors since June 2002 when I was rear ended at a traffic light. I explained this to Dr. Ables and held up several inches of x-rays, MRI s, cat scans that I was told to bring in with me. Dr. Ables got very offended at me questioning his ability as a doctor. Dr. Ables called security and had me forced to leave the hospital. Dr. Ables told these security people very negative things because they were extremely belligerent towards me. The security guards prevented me from leaving the emergency room for 20 minutes or so. At one point I was spit on and my MRI s were trampled on by these security people. At one point, a story was hatched by the security people and Dr. Donald P. Ables that I had a gun and that I stole drugs from the hospital. But before they showed up, I was choked out while I was wearing a neck brace. I was physically dragged out of the hospital thrown to the ground and beaten. I shattered my right elbow which required surgery a year later to remove bone chips that affected mobility, strength and caused severe pain. I believe that my neck was further injured also. Remember, I was diagnosed as having ruptured and herniated disks in my neck causing pinched and impinged nerves.

These security people went straight for my neck which was in a brace. I was choked out and beaten in the face and body. I had cuts deep dark purple bruises on a good part of my body. At one point after the beating, I was held against my will and basically kidnapped when I was thrown into a Ford Taurus and driven around the hospital where an individual who identified himself as an off duty Kansas City Police officer threatened my life. The incident of the beating was caught on several video cameras. The CEO of Research Medical Center, Ron Levine I think his name was, confiscated the tapes and put them into his personal safe. Levine advised me over the phone of this and was apologetic about what had happened to me.

I was inspired to put this story on the internet because as an ordinary tax paying individual and military veteran, I was unable to have anyone address serious legitimate concerns about Dr. Rebecca Burfeind, Dr. Donald Ables and Research Medical Center. I feel posting on the internet is the only avenue for me as the agencies that look into things like this have turned a blind eye. I am just an everyday person and I feel like the internet is the only voice I have. I don't come from wealth or privilege. Most often people that do not come from wealth or privilege do not have a voice when it comes to things such as I have experienced. What happened to me is akin to the hospital patient dumping in various large metrolpolitan areas of America of uninsured individuals in red light districts and alley ways. Hospital in major cities have dumped patients off in drug infested areas with the hopes that these people will disappear and be devoured by the streets.

I filed a complaint with the Board of Healing Arts in Missouri back in 2004 for the severe beating incident at Research Medical Center and the inept negligent misdiagnoses and medical treatment at Research Medical Center by Dr. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables. If these individuals do not want to want to render adequate and prudent medical treatment they should not be in the medical field period. How can a doctor render varying degrees of medical treatment to patients with the same conditions?

Based on Dr. Rebecca Burfeind's negligent behavior and mistakes in diagnosis in June 2004 at Research Medical Center and recommendations that I go to the emergency room instead for medical treatment is directly connected to me being beaten and injured in June 2004 at Research Medical Center. I would have never been at the emergency room otherwise if this woman rendered the same medical treatment that she does to other patients. Burfeind treated me three times before this June 2004 incident. I was an established patient. Dr. Burfeind advised me to go to the hospital that day. Dr. Burfeind lied to me about her capacity as a doctor because she didn't want to provide adequate treatment. Dr Burfeind advised me to go into the emergency room because my condition was outside her area of purview. These were all lies. Research Medical Center participates in the Medicare and Medicaid program and they are sanctioned by law to treat any individual that comes into the emergency room.

As I said earlier, the CEO of Research Medical Center apologized to me over the phone. As I mentioned, the whole beating incident was caught on two to three video cameras. The CEO confiscated the video tapes and they very well may be destroyed by now. An ambulance was called and I was taken with injuries to another hospital 20 miles away. This was after I was cited for trespassing on hospital grounds. I had numerous lacerations and deep purple bruising on various parts of my body and a shattered elbow from the beating. In July 2005, I required surgery to remove bone chips from my right elbow. The pain from the bone chips kept me from having full strength and mobility in that arm. I still have problems with that arm. I was advised by numerous lawyers that tort reform was a high priority in 2004 and that they are unable to help me.

Unfortunately, I was unable to prosecute the guards and police officers for the vicious assault due to cover up and conspiracy to protect the doctors, hospital and police department from liability. I physically went into three different precincts to file assault charges and was told that if I pursue this that I would be arrested and held in jail. This was at the 63rd street Kansas Police location in Kansas City. The police officer told me to get the fuck out of the building and not ever come back. The police department deprived me of my right to due process. Internal affairs wouldn't call me back.  

The police department was complicit in conspiracy to cover the whole incident up because some of their own were involved. Research Medical Center maliciously prosecuted me to try to hamper any liability claim.

To my astonishment, I couldn't find a lawyer to help me with a suit on contingency. It was surprising because the whole incident was caught on video. I had injuries; it was clearcut. The malicious prosecution was clearcut as well. I really did feel that I was entitled to compensation for the injuries and blatant violations of my rights under federal, state law and medical ethics. The legal maneuvers to have me prosecuted for trespassing was also very apparent. I was barred from filing a suit in the county I lived in. The county told me that I cannot file suit because I am not a lawyer. Under federal law, a person is allowed to represent myself prose. How can one represent himself/herself if they are prohibited by the police and the courts?

The Board for Healing Arts never provided to me any reports about their findings in any investigation. I don't even believe the Board for Healing Arts looked into any of this. As of July 2009, the Missouri Board for Healing Arts has not responded to recent letters, phone calls or emails. I believe the Board for Healing Arts coddles corrupt doctors in my opinion. After all, it is made up of doctors. The doctors have their own code like police's "blue line" which you are not suppose to cross.

Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables are very dangerous people. If they make a mistake in your medical treatment, don't think that they will not do whatever they have to do to cover their tracks, including making medical records disappear or falsifying them. As a U.S. citizen I still have the freedom of speech. I am using this avenue to make my voice known. I feel it would be a disservice to not say anything about individuals like this who have the public trust. Your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, son or daughter can very well be victims of such people as I was.

In addition in 2009, I was abruptly dropped from medical caret by my treating doctor when Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind advised this doctor I was a drug addict and that their was nothing wrong with my health.  

It is standard procedure to get medical records from past physicians. I surmise that Burfeind did this because she was angry over a 2004 complaint I filed against her, Dr. Donald P. Ables and Research Medical Center.

Also, In May 2009, I was referred to a pain clinic at North Kansas City Hospital. Unknown to me was the fact that Dr. Burfeind was on staff there. I had an appointment scheduled and was 15 minutes early. A female nurse came out to me in the waiting area and advised me that I missed my appointment. I knew that this wasn't right because it was still 10 minutes before the time of the scheduled appointment. I thought it was some type of mix up or something. I advised the nurse that I was early and she got surprisingly rude. The nurse said I would have to go elsewhere. I said;” what do you mean. go elsewhere?" The rude behavior and scenario of being turned away didn't make sense to me at the time. I have never been to this clinic before and have never encountered this nurse in my entire life. The nurse wouldn't give me any reason as to why. My treating doctor set up the referral. The doctor who received the negative information from Dr. Burfeind was the one who referred me to this pain clinic.

Some time later, I ascertained that through North Kansas City Hospital that Burfeind was on staff there at the clinic. Dr. Burfeind was the one who directed the nurse to act in the belligerent way towards me. The memories of being beaten and badly injured at Research Medical Center, Dr. Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables started flooding back to me. I remembered the 2004 incident and the complaints I filed. I used reverse psychology in a telephone conversation to get a nurse to reveal that Dr. Burfeind was behind the denial of treatment at North Kansas City Hospital. I called the hospital some time back in May or June 2009 and my phone calls were never returned. There were other doctors there at the North Kansas City Pain Clinic that could have treated me but Dr. Rebecca Burfeind took it upon herself to discredit me as a patient there. It is clear discrimination by North Kansas City Hospital in the abrupt manner in which I was turned away for services. It now made complete sense to me why I wasn't seen. Dr. Rebecca Burfeind abused her position as a doctor to retaliate against me for a legitimate 2004 complaint.

I believe Dr. Burfeind and Dr. Donald Ables also lied in medical records about true nature of my neck and back. Portions of my medical records from Research Medical Center were withheld from me in January 2009. I needed these records in order to defend myself from the malicious prosecution for trespassing by Research Medical Center. The withholding of the medical records from me was to thwart the justice system and to sway jurist prudence to the advantage of Research Medical Center, Dr. Rebecca C. Burfeind, M.D. and Dr. Donald P. Ables,M.D. to protect them from liability. Lawyer advised me that such strategies are standard procedure in cases such as mine. What Research Medical Center was doing is standard hard ball to avoid any liability. The hospital would claim I was trespassing that day to justify the beating, kidnapping, illegal detainment, slander and malicious prosecution of myself.

In January 2009, the trespassing case was dismissed as no witnesses from the hospital appeared in court. I was hoping that Research Medical Center would appear because I wanted everything that happened to come out in open court. Theses evil, lying despicable Dr. Burfeind and Dr.Ables have affected my medical treatment and actively hampered me from obtaining adequate medical treatment around the Kansas City Metro Area due to the fraudulent medical records. I believe Dr. Rebecca Burfeind's behavior in 2009 was retaliation for the 2004 legitimate medical complaint I filed against her including Research Medical Center and Dr. Donald P. Ables.

I believe Dr. Burfeind's behavior affected treatment that I received after knee surgery in June 2009 at North Kansas City Hospital. My orthopedic doctor was reluctant in prescribing pain medication even though Burfeind also affected medical treatment I was receiving in 2009 for trigger point injections in my back for ruptured disks. Dr. Burfeind relayed false information to my treating doctors.

Patients beware of this woman masquerading as a doctor. She is a snake and has no business being a doctor. I think a requirement to be a doctor is that you should have integrity and compassion towards people. I solely believe that Burfeind's motivation to be a doctor is monetary and that she cares little to none for the patients in her charge. I believe this is clearly shown by the pattern of Dr. Burfeind's actions towards. What kind of doctors would act in irrational ways as Dr. Rebecca Burfeind and Dr. Donald P. Ables?

Furthermore in May 2009, when I was turned away from a medical appointment at North Kansas City Hospital Pain Clinic; Burfeind defrauded my insurance by billing it hundreds of dollars for treatment that was never rendered to me that day. I called Medicare and they seemed disinterested that this doctor and others received compensation that they were not entitled to. Dr. Burfeind and Research Medical Center also billed for services not rendered as well in 2004. The insurance paid for time I was never at the hospital. I am doing this as a service for other people. People should be made aware of individuals like these masquerading as doctors. Just because somebody is licensed to be a doctor doesn't mean they should be.  

 I thank AUTHORSDEN.COM for given an everyday person such as myself a voice in the corrupted world which we all live. I thank AUTHORSDEN.COM for giving me access to a great forum such as this!






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