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Joshua Valdez

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Josh, Amy, John and the Executioner.
By Joshua Valdez
Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rated "R" by the Author.

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A story about a boy girl boy and executioner.

I lay between the two people I loved, she was on my right and he was on my left. The experience could only be described as comfy. Their warm bodies created a heat that not only embraced me but engulfed me the same. It was at this moment that I felt complete. I didn’t know that it was possible to love more then one person, but they had enlightened me. I had met Amy a few months earlier in film class, and I had met John while working nights. I thought about what we had done earlier that night. The heavy breathing and sweat a mere byproduct of passion came to mind. I craved a cigarette. A smoke would do me good right now. John turned cuddling into me , his face burrowing into my neck. He smelled of vanilla. A few moments later Amy did the same thing.
“Josh” ,whispered Amy , “you awake?”
“Uhh, huh” I grunted.
“I love you”, she said.
“I love you to” I said kissing her on her forehead.

I felt weak as if I was on a heavenly plane. The thought of tomorrow morning was plaguing me; if this moment could only last an eternity then I could possibly die happy.
After all, few people find love, and even fewer people fall in love with two people and have them love you back. I closed my eyes basking in their comfort. My mind floated in blackness to the sea of sleep. Dreams of lovemaking pursued. Amy was on top of me while John was behind. It was a frenzy of kissing, touching and ecstasy. A wet tongue slid down my neck to my navel; the feeling was so sensuous it caused me to wake. John toyed with my belly button while delicately running his fingers over my chest. Amy began to tongue my ear. I shivered with pleasure and let out a gasp. I slid my hands down her hips, which was my favorite part of her.

“I love you both” I said between deep rushes of breath.
A hand slid down my thigh softly and began to massage me. I found Amy’s warmth, it was ready for me. I turned over, covering her body with mine. We were the same height. John started playing with my back; I let him. I entered Amy, she felt like a warm fleshy mouth swallowing me, all of me.

The door burst open shattering splinters in the air. Confusion and panic broke out. As we rolled on our backs, hundreds of flashlights shown little spotlights over us making us look like spotted exotic animals.
“Put your hands up” yelled a harsh woman’s voice “nobody move or I’ll blow your fucking brains out.”

An Irish woman flicked the lights on to my room, we were all temporarily blinded. Everything came into focus. I recognize her immediately. She was the Enforcer. A overzealous gun toting Christian vigilante that was determined to rid the world of sin. She wore red short spiked hair and black leather. Her green eyes bled hatred into the room.
“Filth, whoremongers, sodomites, I’ll teach you to indulge in the pleasures of man. You woman, oh how you have been deceived and made a pact with he who must not be named” she yelled.
“Satan?”, said Amy.
“you dare call his name even now amidst the Almighty’s soldier” she fired the gun , Amy screamed and writhed in pain, she kicked frantically while grabbing her thigh that was already bleeding over my sheets.
“Jesus Christ”, yelled John.
“That’s right call on his name because that’s the only one who can save you now” she said.
Grinning an evil grin her left hand disappeared into her coat. When it came back to view it held a tazer. She aimed and shot. John writhed, stiffened, and yelled as the electric current rode his body. My eyes filled with tears of pain and anger as I saw the two people I loved hurt. I got out of the bed and rushed her. She was too swift for me. She jack slapped me with the butt of the gun. I fell to the floor with a bloody mouth, all of my teeth felt loose amidst the blood in my mouth. Blinding pain seared through my head. She kicked me with black combat boot in the groin then the face. Pain took over me. I was drawn into the dark realm of unconsciousness , the last thing I heard was the agony of the people I loved.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A loud moan woke me up.
“somebody help”, yelled Amy” somebody help us”
John moaned. I tried to open my eyes but they were swollen shut. I only succeeded in cracking them open. My head filled with pain. My brain began to throb in my bruised skull.
“It’s ok, its going to be ok. “ I called out to Amy. “ john are you alright”
“no” he moaned. I knew he wasn’t one to exaggerate, when he said he was hurt he was hurt.
“Amy how’s the leg” I said.

“I think it stopped bleeding” she said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.
If it wasn’t for the acoustics in the room then I wouldn’t have heard her. When my eyes adjusted to the dark I was able to see silhouettes of Amy and john. Amy lay on a wooden table. She was stretched in a shape of an x. Her legs were spread open and she was completely naked except for the dark rag that wrapped her leg. A mouse crawled to John’s foot. It epped , John kicked the mouse across the room into the darkness, the mouse yelped as John yelled in pain.
“AAHH, that mother fucker bit Me. “ he yelled
“Calm down yelled Amy” yelling is just going to make you lose your energy”
“Were are we “ I asked
“The executioners dungeon” said Amy.

I remembered seeing a videotape online about the executioners dungeon but I thought it was a hoax. But it turned out the executioner had recorded all of the executions she had committed in the name of God so that the world could see what happened to sinners. The government didn’t care because she was one of the forerunners who went over seas and hunted terrorist with better success then the governments combined. It funny how an Irish catholic woman made everyone carry themselves in fear. No other government let her roam as free as the United States. The president had given her a full pardon when she had executed his son. He said he saw Gods side of the matter and his sons lover peter drede should be executed also. He openly answered all questions about the event at the park with his son and peter. Peter went into hiding but was the first to be executed on video .After that all homosexual, transsexual, bisexual or anything that was against God’s nature was considered terrorist on the moral fiber of America and they were outlawed. Freedom of religion was slowly degrading and separation of church and state no longer existed now it seemed like the church was the state. What did we do we rebelled. The only city in America that allowed gays was San Francisco but that seemed like it would be changing soon. The world had changed and it had changed real fast, to fast if you ask me. Now I was in a dungeon because a crazed lunatic thought she was God’s warrior .I’m sure the Christ she believes would be executed. Someone once said not even jesus would be welcomed into the Vatican. And I believed it. The Jews in America fled to other countries. They were smart the few that remained practiced their religion in secret. If it weren’t for Amy then I wouldn’t have known what Hanukkah was. She showed me all about Judaism and other things that caused me to be in the dungeon.
The room to the dungeon opened. Blinding light filled the room.
“rise and shine sinners” said the silhouette of the executioner. “its time to be judged”
men in black came and started working at our chains, they wee the executioners secret service. My legs were to weak to carry me. The men carried all of us out of the dungeon. The ben carried us by our arms over their shoulders as we limped along. The men carried us though the dungeon into a bright white hall that seemd enless. The floor was slanted up and seemd to go on forever. Were the hell were we was a question that was running through my mind. John asked for me.
“were are you taking us” I said
“to be judged.” She said. “you will stand before his holiness and state your case, if you are found guilty then I will have the pleasure of killing you. I would have killed you myself but it seems your particular case has gotten the popes attention. Amy a senators daughter you and john a pauper. Were going to show the world what happens when the chosen mix with filth like you.
“Are we in Rome” I said,
“no in Washington.” She said. “you’ll be judged in the white house in front of the press. Millions will watch you die and your families will be investigated. Only frilth can have children who indulge in such unclean acts.
“how can you call love unclean” cried Amy
the executioner slapped he in the face. What you gave is not love, what you have is lust. You spread you legs for both these men and he spreads his legs for the other, you will die. And I’ll gut you from your sinful spot to you neck. When I finish with you , you’ll look like a jack the ripper victim. Another infamous executioner, just his identity was kept secret. He was a relative you know that, executioners is a family business.
“so your all assholes” said John.
She stoped walking , the men stoped dead in their tracks. She took her gun from her seath the men let john stand on his own. He stood looking to tired to give a damn. She slapped him with the but of her gun. He fell back withblood and spit staining the white hall.
He laughed, “I like pain bitch, it’s called bondage” he smiled with bloodied teeth and spat at her face, she slapped him in his face again. He fell to the ground and spat a half a tooth against the wall.
“Get these fuckers out of my face” she said.
“Isn’t cursing a sin” is said.
She jack slapped me in the face with the back of her hand. Anger began to rise in me.
“I know what sin is, I’m no sinner.”
“you kill people” said Amy.
I do the lords bidding” she said
“You do your own bidding” I said
“ I’m going to enjoy killing you” she said
“have you tried looking in the mirror” I said.
Amy moaned and flopped, her leg had begun bleeding again. A small trail of blood had raced down her leg onto the floor.
“are you going to let the world see how you’ve mistreated her.” I said “ Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.”
The executioner laughed a high pitched laugh that gave me Goosebumps. That’s a rule that was made to prolong the life of sinner, and remember I caught you in the act.
“and did you like what you saw” said Amy
The executioner raised her hand to her and punched her bleeding thigh. Amy screamed in pain and in agony her body convulsed she leaned over and fell. The men dropped her, he heaved vomit allover the floor. She began to choke.
“help her, “ I yelled. John stared in horror. Amy one of my lovers was going to die in front of me choking on her own vomit. Amy the angel , she wouldn’t even hurt a fly, she volunteered to teach the autistic kids on her free time at the orphanage.
“Goddamnit ,” I yelled “ help her” .
The executioner slapped me in the face.
“ Don’t use the lords name in vain.” She said.
“What would the world think if they found out you killed someone before they were judged. I don’t think the pope would like that. Anger flashed across her face she slapped me again, Amy choked, and John yelled. The executioner signaled to help red-faced Amy. They helped her up she coughed her last coughs heaving for breath she began to cry.
“Bitch I’ll see you die and if I don’t tell Satan I said hi” said Amy though angry tears. “ Murdering is a sin did you forget that, if you think that a priest could absolve you then Baby think again, he’s just a man. When did humans think they could be god and judge one another. your no better then me bitch. I’m sure you’ve tasted vagina before, anyone tell you ‘you look like a dike. The executioner remover her gun from its holster and held it at the center of Amy’s forehead.
“ kill me bitch, let the world know that you’re the judge and not god or the pope. How long do you think you’ll last when that gets out. Remember in the owlrds eyes your only second and your replacible see if the next executioner wont poke a hot coal up your ass you fucking cunt.”
The executioner fired, amy screamed, john yelled. I yelled. The men held us tight.
“ I could have killed you said the executioner” , “I spared your life because god wanted me to he wants me to forgive you”
“its not god talking to you honey” said Amy.
The executioner shouted orders for the guards to get us dressed. The guards led us into a room with cloths already picked out for us. I put on the jeans and john put on his bage slacks and Amy put on the clothes she was wearing when she arrived at my house a pink spaghetti strap top with blue jeans. No shirts were to be found for me and John. The guards stood watch outside the doors. It was just me Amy and john.
“We have to use our brains if we are to get out of this I told them as they got dressed. I gave Amy a hug as soon as the guards left and I surveyed her bruises and her gunshot. They had bandaged her leg badly. They had left dressing for her leg in the room on the wooden table that sat in the center of the dark blue room. I dressed her wound with utmost care. The wound was clotting up. When I removed the soiled bandage it began to a little.
“were going to die aren’t we” said john. Touching my shoulder.
“No were not going to die, were going to survive this , I said, I don’t know how but we are. “ I said
“ I love you guys” said Amy. She began to cry, if I have to die because of this love then it’s worth it. She squeezed my hand. I wiped her tear from her eye. I gave her a soft kiss on her hand. She returned a kiss on my mouth. Then gave john a kiss, and I did the same. I poured my heart and soul into the kiss it might be the last kiss I ever had. The door opened. The executioner rushed in.
“ Couldn’t keep you hands off each other” she said in her Irish bitch accent that seemed to be her normal tone of speaking.
She rushed to us and we separated. John swung a chair at her she ducked like an expert. She drew her gun and aimed. One shot was fired and that was all it took to make the room freeze. John fell back holding his chest.
“I wouldn’t want you guys to feel left out.” She said. She aimed at Amy and fire, Amy fell back grabbing her chest screaming. I stood my ground the executioner looked me in the eyes. My anger rose again. “your angry that’s interesting” she shot me. I fell to the ground. The chest pain was unbelievable. The men grabbed my arms and dragged us out of the room. The pain blinded me from all form of thought. I just yelled.
“Just a bean bag, try something again and I’ll kill you were you stand.” She said. The pain subsided and once again we were dragged into a hall way and came to a halt in front of a dark cherry wood door. She pushed it open. We were led into the judgment room.
The room was full of people. It was circular and every chair was full of people. The room looked like an indoors roman coliseum. The pope sat in the center of the room on a golden throne decorated with golden baby angels. With Vatican guards standing on each side of him. The secret service men were no were insight. Large columns held the dome roof that was painted with golden cherubs, This was defiantly a new building it didn’t have that old building smell. The press yelled all their questions at once. The crowed truly went wild. Flashes from cameras blinded us as we were escorted across the isled. I looked around all the major news net works were here, CNN, FOX even the BBC was here. The pope raised his hand. A white-clocked priest blew into a ram’s horn the sound vibrated across the room. The room fell silent. The executioner stopped at the steps to the platform that held the throne. She bowed her head. “ your servant she said” and she did one hail Mary. Seeing her do that made me want to shoot her. The pope stood up; as always the pope was one of the oldest people in the world. I think the churched liked it that way old popes a sign of wisdom and oncoming death that way they wouldn’t enjoy popedum to much. State your case said the pope to the executioner. She stood up and began her speech that would eventually condemn us to die.
“these sinners, have done acts that I have witnessed with my own eyes, if I wasn’t the lords servant then I would tear my eyes out for the sin that I had witnessed. They were indulging in unholy sexual practices when I found them. Him with her and him she pointed at john with him. A sexual triangle that only Satan could have manned. They deserve punishment for such wicked deeds. If they go unpunished then many people will indulge in these same acts.” She bowed again and stood aside.
The pope looked at us and said “ state your case.”
Amy and John looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders stepped forward and so did the guard. The pope raised his hand. “State your case”.
“ we have not sinned your holiness, we have done what religion teaches us to do, to love. I love these two people that you see before you. Yes I share them but I assure you it is love not lust.”
“sin is sin” said the executioner.
“ then I hope you’ll remember that when you kill another person” said Amy.
The executioner blushed red.
“ Your holiness we have done nothing wrong, if there is evidence of our sin let it be brought forth”
The pope rubbed his chin, the hall silent he questioned the room.” Is there evidence of their sinful act? “
“I’ve seen it with mine own eye” said the executioner. “ my men were with me and can attest to this”
“It wasn’t sin, How can love be a sin” said Amy
“It’s against nature” said the executioner.
“Nature my ass” said Amy, the room roared with talk.
The pope stood and hammered his saber on the platform. The crowd fell silent.
“The executioner is right what you have done is against nature. The holy roman catholic church does not condone same sex sexual practices.”
“You guys fuck boys said john.
I looked at him like he had lost his mind. The room roared.
The pope waved to the crowed but they would not listen.
He began to speak. But his first words were lost to the crowd.
“…. Catholic church, I hereby sentence Josh Andrews, Amy Stiller and John Caraway to death , a triumvite of sexual lust that will not be tolerated. It is against nature and against God. The room roared with flashes, as the pope bent and signed an large piece of parchment held by white cloaked priest. The executioner walked towards me and spoke in my ear.
“I’m going to kill your cunt first” she whispered” and I’m going to make is slow.
A camera man. Escaped the barricades and flashed blinding light in her eyes, she raised her hand to stop the light, I didn’t think, I grabbed her gun from her holster. And shot her point black in the chest. The room froze fell silent and roared with yelling and confusion. By the time she hit the guard the Vatican guard was already rushing into the room. I aimed at an oncoming guard and shot him. He fell to the ground. John felt over the executioner and grabbed her other gun from her holster, Amy grabbed the gun at her thigh holster I shot the executioner again. I had the beanbag gun. The executioner screamed for help. The pope was being rushed out the room. I took the executioners other gun and fired into the pope’s guards they fell were they stood. The gun clicked on empty. Amy had taken out the oncoming guards. John was aiming at the executioner.
“no, John don’t” I gave him my gun, and he fired three rounds into her stomach. She turned over and something hard clacked me. I felt her up and ground a shotgun holstered on her back. She was a walking arsenal. “ Lets go,” yelled Amy. I looked for the pope he was no were to be found. my head was starting to hurt. I knew we had to get out fast amongst the confusion. I shot the roof with the shotgun. Debris from the roof fell on the Vatican guards in clouds of smoke. I shot several more rounds and cocked the shotgun by that time dust and smoke filled the room. Amy had shot a fire extinguisher it had exploded. The room was in panic. I grabbed Amy’s arm. She grabbed john. And we began to run. The executioner grabbed my leg. She held a military knife in one hand and sliced at my foot. Amy caught her arm with a round. The executioners arm was torn in half by bullets, blood exploded everywhere. She yelled but wouldn’t let go. I looked at Amy and john and we all knew what was next. We each aimed. And fired. The executioner’s last words were “fuck”. Her back leather coat tore open. The shotgun had torn her insides allover the platform her death grip on my leg loosened. I kicked her off and shot into the roof. Her arm fell limp, and disappeared in the cloud of smoke. I punched through the crowed and grabbed Amy. We followed the trail of the pope when he left, I could smell incense in the hallway that led to a stairwell, which led to a door.
When I opened the door the night sky greeted us, we were on the roof of the capitol building. A military copter stood with blades spinning. I ran to the copter, aimed the gun at the pilot and in five minutes we were airborne. Mexico was our destination; the only country that did not follow the Catholic Church’s rules. The pilot told us to relax; it turned out his co pilot was his lover. He was on our side. John, Amy and I slept as he flew. It was a good feeling sleeping by the people I loved. And when we landed tomorrow it would be a new beautiful day, a journey into the unknown. I said a small prayer of thanks to God for letting us live and for blessing me with two beautiful people. Then I slept.

The end.

       Web Site: joshamyjohn

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