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stacie williams

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collection of short stories
By stacie williams
Saturday, June 18, 2011

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a collection of hort storeis about my dreams.




The Dream Movie

We were passing by someone strange looking people and they were gawking at us. So

we decide to go and see what their problem with us. Well little did we know they

were making a movie.

So I tried out for it and got a role, at first I wasn't the lead but I wound up the

lead star and a few corrections.

The movie was about flying vampires and the honest people they were protecting from

the demons. These demons were hideous looking. I mean they had big sharp, white

horns on top of their ugly brown heads. Their eyes were blood red and their breath

smelled rank. The vampires in the movie were not like typical vampires, they were

handsome and beautiful with this weird sort of glow to them that you couldn't take

your eyes off of them. The humans were just normal humans, scared and lively too.

The movie was fine, I just loved it. I was one of the lead vampires and the main

was my brother Matthew. We were making the movie and everyone loved. I didn't make

it back for the second movie but I was asked back in for the third but I became a

bad guy this time. They were trying to find a good spot for me in at least one

sequel they just didn't believe it was still as a good guy and not in the second

one but the villain in the third. I wasn't the main character this time but it was

still awesome.

Here is the movie

It all started out just another normal day, there was this loud crash and everyone

started screaming and running. So Joann said to Don that we have to get the kids

and run. Don said no way we are staying and fighting with our brothers and sisters.

We are vampires and so are the kids. Joann said no the kids and I are leaving if

you care to join us we are leaving now. We love you but the kids and I are scared

and want to live normally as possible.

The demons were there before Joann and the kids gone so they have to stay and help

fight anyway. Well as we are fighting them one of our people gets attacked and

then we killed them all because we are crazy we grief and we are mad. They all pay

the price for one life and the movie stops there and then they start to make a


The sequel is about the other demons coming back for revenge for all the demons

they lost. Then the third is the final movie where we win and all the demons are

destroyed forever.

The Military Nightmare

The day started as all others do, I am walking around doing absolutely

nothing. When some friends of mine showed dressed in military clothing. They

stopped asked me why I am not ready or dressed for that matter. I looked at them

like they were crazy then I realized that I was late and in trouble if I didn't put

on my uniform. Well after about 10 minutes I was ready to go. The commander showed

up and said we are going to have a practice drill, and then lunch. So we are on our

drill when a alarm goes off and of course we know what it means. It means this is

no longer a drill but the real thing.

I am thinking oh my god I am not ready for this. When Jimmy shows up and leads us

over to where all the trouble is and we have to get everyone ready and move them to

safety but really bad things happened. As we are getting everyone to another place

for safety we run into another military officer Thomas he says that everything is

gone to hell in a basket and we have to move now.

So we move as fast as we can and take cover. All of a sudden one of our people we

were trying to get out of here runs into the road. He is in the open and one of us

has to go get him but before we do he is hit in the leg so I run out and grab him.

He is safe for the time being.

The Long Short Tale

There was this really awesome looking building we were so curious that we

went in. It was abandoned and smelt really awful like something dead. So instead of

being smart we decided to investigate. There were a bunch of rooms most had been

burnt and didn’t have a lot in there. We got scared because there was a loud

thunderous sound and we knew we were the only people in there. But we still weren’t

smart because we went looking to see what is was or who it was and why it happened.

When we found where it was we also found a green slimy substance and some

fresh blood. So it was clear that another human being was in there or had been in

there at least and a non human thing as well. In the next few seconds there was

another sound but it was in the same room. So as we turned towards the door there

was a ghostly creature and his pet dog who was a ghost too. So everyone decided it

was time to leave but it was too late.

After all that everything went blank and i felt a pain in my head and then

there was nothing. When i woke up i was all alone i was so scared and put that i

let out a very loud scream. That was the biggest mistake i ever made because the

ghost man and his ghostly companion came exactly to the spot i was and make a siren

like sound that hurt my ears. It hurt my ears so bad that blood was running down to

my toes. Then he was gone, not his dog he snarled at me and starting creeping

slowly towards me. When all of a sudden i heard him yap and take off, my friends

were there and they had found me. i was thankful and happy. We decided to find an

exit and leave. Once out we agreed to never step foot in there again or in any

abandoned places ever.

The Portal

There was this one room every time you go into you would go through and right into

a fence. Well we went to the room and crossed over the fence, where we found a tiny

little cottage. The man and woman that lived there came outside and asked us what

we were doing there. The man was tall and had holes all in his pants and shirt. His

hair wasn't brushed neither was his teeth. The woman was short and had long stringy

hair not brushed either but they seemed nice. The other person there was the

woman's brother he was cleaner looking then the other two were. He was tall with

short black hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. We told them were there by

accident and would be going now. They stopped us and said we could stay and have

lunch with them. So we stayed and we ate ham and cheese sandwiches with sweet tea

and soda our choice.

After lunch we stayed a little while longer. They told us a story about how they

came to live there and how come there is a portal like thing in their back yard.

The Little Red Head

One day the red headed girl name Susie decided she was going to jump

off the couch. Even though mommy said not too. In the middle of her getting on the

couch to jump here comes her brother the little engine who wouldn't be still.

His name was Tiny and he was the instigator always. Mommy was in the

next room and heard the tiny coming she yelled out you better slow down and behave

or I'm coming to get ya. The next thing I know Susie is screaming her head off.

I stop what I was doing and check her out she only has a bruise on her

knee. I told you so I said next time maybe you will listen. I am glad your okay.

Susie told mommy she was sorry she didn't listen and she would next time.

Zombie Like Dream

It all Started out with my husband and I doing some stuff we wont mention.

Then we were at a relatives birthday party with lots of relatives mostly from my

side and some from his side. His mother was mad at me for some reason I don't know

why. She didn't want to talk to me at all. The party favors were battery operated

cars girls had pink cars and the boys had dark blue cars. We mingled some and then

got ready to leave and took our two kids cars.

All of a sudden we were in a store with a bunch of normal people or so we thought

anyway. But in the back some of the staff of the store were being bitten by some

zombie like people. We knew nothing about it until they came out at us. I was the

only one who didn't get messed with. So when the others came around sniffing for

completely human beings my family decided to rub their blood on me so the others

would leave me alone. But eventually I decided to have someone turn me so we

wouldn't have to hide me anymore.

We decided to go get something to eat at a diner lash grocery store. Even though we

were zombie we still had part of our human side. We didn't have to eat humans or

their blood we could actually eat real food. I ordered a big juicy burger and fries

with all the Dr. Pepper refills I could dream of.

Next thing I know we were being bothered by some annoying people who thought they

were bullies, we showed them a thing or two and they left.

Later on I left to go do something and came back to see everyone missing so I went

searching for them. When I found them they were in the process of becoming human,

completely. So I decided to do the tests to I wanted to be with my family and not

the outsider. So the first test was defending my self against a really big, mean

and scary dog. I passed more than once. The next test was to unclog the sink and

toilet next to a dead smelling hungry thing. I passed it too. The third test was

climbing the houses to get to the other side because that was the only way you

could get over. That probably was the hardest test. The final test was to jump onto

a mat without getting snapped by a trap, and land on the target. I did the first

time but it awns;t the way they wanted it, so I tried one more time and didn't even

make it onto the mat. So instead of trying again I hide and someone helped me get

away and I found myself in a trap.

The Carnival

There was a carnival called the silly game place. I did a jump and won because I

got the highest jump it went from 1 to 6 and I got 6. Then there were people

playing with big beach balls and tiny little balls. Just throwing them up in the


Zombie Dream

We are at the morgue, there are two people doing really unspeakable things to dead

bodies yuck. They say they are practicing. Ew gross. So we walk away and pretend we

don't see them doing anything stupid or disgusted or wrong. I am thinking you nasty

witches but replaced the w with a b instead. Funny huh. Next thing we know we see a

bunch of dead people, I am not sure how or why they come back from only 2 people

doing it to only two dead bodies. It is so strange and unbelievable but it

happened. I was so scared and I made my friends run and get into a car as fast as

we could. So we think everything is alright, well it is not. One of my friends Tom,

he is tall and dark blond hair 5'8 and dorky looking. Well he decided to check the

trunk for some reason and well it was he last bad decision or last decision ever.

Because he got attacked by one of the faster zombies funny thing was it was his ex

girlfriend Tiffany. Once that happened we took off in the car and left the trunk

wide open big mistake that was. After about a hour we thought we were safe, I still

couldn't sit back and be comfortable even though we had out ran the zombies. With

good reason because the zombie and our now zombie friend were hanging onto the back

of the trunk and we had no clue. One of my remaining friends didn't know they were

there so Shelia decided to roll her window down for fresh air worst mistake ever,

because the zombie bit her and pulled her out the window. For a while there were no

zombies because when they pulled her out they I mean all three of them were gone.

Little did I know my friend Denise and Rob were infected. They somehow had got

blood on them and one was bitten without knowing. So when they turned I took off

running. I went home by hitchhiking and got my family ran. That was the last time

we saw a single zombie again what a relief.

My School Dream

We are at school my old high school Forbush. Everything is fine and we decided to

part ways and go home. But my friend Sabrina stayed at school and found herself

targeted by some strange guy at school. He had her by the arm and she couldn't do

anything. But little did she know she was about to be beaten up by two more strange

body building guys and left there for some other teenager to find and call 911. We

heard about the the next day and saw her before she was released from the hospital.

The next day we decided to celebrate her being alive and doing much better. Even a

little bruised but better. As we are at the restaurant and all of a sudden my left

side started to swell up like a big balloon. SO we decided to postpone our

celebration and take me to the doctor. As I am in the room and getting checked out

by the nurse, I notice other patience's being injected and falling dead where they

stood. So once I noticed the nurse with a needle coming at me, my friends and I run

as fast as we can. We get away and hide in a room, when we think its ok to come

out, a patience coming at me and he actually sticks me with a needle. My buddy Pat

comes to my rescue and winds up getting stuck with a needle and since we know

people are dying from needles we remove them as fast as we can. Well we found out

the doctors were psychos going around killing people and call the police.

My Kidnapped Dream

Man, a crazy man kidnaps me takes me back to his office where he was passed over

for a promotion and then fired. There were people still there, so he told them to

stay where they were and shot the gun so people would know he meant what he said.

Other stuff takes place and it keeps going back and forth between the kidnapping

and all the other stuff going on.

He locks 4 to 6 people in one room and others stay out in the open room. He tries

to keep everyone quiet and scared.

There is a doctor's office and hospital next door in the same big building. Weird

that they are all together.

A nurse brings in a infant baby girl to see her mother and the mad man sends her

back. He tells me to go check on the baby and have them bring her back for a few

minutes and that's all.

So I go and check on the baby and try to tell the lady at the front desk to call

the police. While I was talking my baby girl appeared out of nowhere and so did

part of a grocery store of course the soda and candy part. She opens 3 pieces of

candy but doesn't finish any of them, and I pick up a few drinks of course.

Then all of a sudden I am in the woods. I am with 2 other people another girl and a

boy. We come across about 3 other people they are jumping into river but trying to

miss the water altogether.

I flash back to the office and everyone has made a model car, so I have to. I start

making it but never finish it's like I am in school again.

Back to the woods again, the other two starts fires to some of the cars and we have

to take off. When we get some are outside by a bonfire and the mad man is out there

too. I think he likes me because I am able to do more and go more places than the

others. Of course the only thing I can't do is leave.....

The girl sat at her office desk at home completing whether to d o any work or

just play games online. When a little voice said write a novel, it startled her. So


decided to give it a try.

Here was the beginning of it OH my god the man said when he saw a dead body

in his living room after returning home from his jog. He called the police and they

got the body asked him a few questions.

She wrote more but got stuck so she decided to ask a professional writer their

opinion and help. Everyone she contacted told her they couldn't help because they

don't read other peoples stories. She thanked them and decided to ask family

members instead.

Here is what they said to research writing and take a few courses. Tina that was

her name for her writing. No one seem to understand that there aren't many free

courses and I cant afford courses online or offline.

So of course she went online searching for free courses, there was one course

that was perfect. The course went straight to your email and they mail you stuff

to your home. So she did it and went to her blog to recommend it to everyone.

After a week of doing the course she didn't have writers block so there was more

to write of the story.

Here is some more of her writing

After the police left the man went to stay with his family for awhile because no


wants to stay in there house after someone was just killed there. The police of

course came back to talk to him until the case was solved or so they thought it

was anyway.

The girls real name was Shelly Winters but she rather use Tina with her writing.

She looked for another author to look over her work, eventually she found a man

who love to read peoples work and critique them.

His name was John Jameson he was the popular author of the stonehouse series,

that was on the best sellers list everywhere.

He told her that she needed to keep writing some more until she thinks it is

finished and then send it to him and he will help her edited and get it out to a

publisher. The man thought she had a good short story that could become a


So she did what he said and finished here short story and sent it to him. IN a week

she received a bunch of emails and mail from publishers wanting her work. They

saw what he saw a mini series and want to sign a 5 book deal with her. Well she

carefully read over every mail and email. Finally she decided on The paper Hill

Publishers right here in Montana. SO the contract was signed and she got a

100,000 advance upfront for her 5 book deal. She got started on her next book in

the series, called The serial murders and then in a few months she had wrote the

last 3 books. They became best sellers instantly and she was so excited that she

took the advice.

The next few years were nothing but book signings and readings. Also blogs and

virtual book tours online. She never had to work again except for writing.

Monkey Dream

We were helping my dad and uncle with something in the back of the truck in the

backyard. The yard was full if weeds and grass. So you could not see what was

hiding and waiting.

My uncle just got done telling everyone to watch out for the monkeys. He didn't

tell us they were monkey people however. I had my back turned not paying any

attention to the grass.

Out popped a boy and girl monkey people. They scared the holy shit out of me. At

first they didn't come at me right away, so i let my guard down. And turned around,

went back to what i was previously doing. The next thing i feel a horrible pain on

my shoulder, saw blood run down my arm. In a split second i was one of them.

Some other humans came started spitting on us. I'm in shock because im a monkey

person and getting spit on.

One man told us why He said "Only a immune persons spit can change you back. Then

he went on to tell us what he meant by immune person. Immune person is someone who

was turned into a monkey person and turned back to human. Only their spit can

change you back."

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