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the king montana

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Paradise Montana
By the king montana
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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Brought together under the Big Sky of Montana by lust, wanderlust and suicide, after a first night out bar hopping DEBBIE tells MARK that she has came to Montana with her 12 year old daughter BRITNI to kill herself and her daughter on her 40th birthday. "Paradise Montana" is “memory play” akin to Tennessee William’s “Glass Menagerie,” and character and dialog of Elmore Leonard loosely described as “Lolita meets On the Road.” You will question whether MARK should be Knighted or jailed at the end of the film. “This film is going to make “Lolita” look like “Bambi!”


Paradise Montana
Mark Anthony Given
Copyright 2010 by Mark Anthony Given. All Rights Reserved
Mark Anthony Given
God’s Love Helena, Montana 59601
FINAL DRAFT                                    SPRING 2011
Montage of Montana's Yellowstone River and the River Road in Paradise Valley, Montana leading to an upscale exclusive Hot Springs resort interspersed with fine dining calm restaurant chatter, dishes tinkling we see chef MARK in the kitchen calling out orders over the stove, expediting dishes, mincing garlic.
We see MARK walking through the hotel hallways late at night after work, chef coat open carrying a plate of fruit with his mail under his arm making his way to his room. This long walk shows off the resort as he passes the lobby and back through the hotel to the pool/hot springs and bar to the employee housing.
MARK sitting at a writing table in his room overlooking the deserted pool with discarded dishes, crumpled pieces of paper on the floor radio playing low writing furiously long hand on yellow legal pads...
Highway traffic through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming into Montana we see older model white Chrysler LeBaron with Texas tags on the car DEBBIE and BRITNI making their way north to Montana we see them at campgrounds, rest area, trucks passing, BRITNI sleeping in the front seat. From the outside we see they are happy one minute and angry the next. Footage contains VHS images they themselves took at several camp grounds and historic sites, etc.
MARK carrying a tray like an expert waiter he once was burst through the kitchen double door's into the employee's entrance in the back halls of the hotel/restaurant. We see him making his way through the halls tray loaded with fruit, sandwiches, lemonade and Wall Street Journal, passing fellow employees who greet him then housekeeping carts and housekeeper's who all know him then guest and girls in their bikini's and finally out onto the kind of crowded pool and Hot Springs with upscale quest and their children. MARK heads along the distance of the pool expertly negotiating puddle's, kid's and looks like a waiter except the fashionably torn jeans, open chef coat without an under shirt, up onto the higher deck and places the tray down arranges the items and plop's down on the chaise lounge like he owns the place.
Live country music in the hotel bar packed with western wearing attires and a few real cowboys, pool tables and cigarette smoke.
MARK directly over the bandstand in his room with headphones on, joint in the ashtray, bottle of Barq's Root Beer, in his underwear writing away with a smile on his face.
Home video of BRITNI and DEBBIE breaking down a tent next to a river with DEB's voice heard behind the camera. Montana’s Yellowstone River and a 360 of Paradise Valley Montana (Park County). BRITNI posing for her mother as she crosses a small stream on stones.
Turn around BRIT.
BRITNI can be seen turning around sticking out her butt playfully.
DEBBIE walks to her car in a deserted hotel parking lot in a housekeeping uniform where we find BRITNI in the front seat doing her home school and reading the Bible. They are living in their car and sleeping in campgrounds.
MARK sitting at his desk there is a knock at the door.
Who is it?
                           GIRL NEXT DOOR
It's MICHELLE from next-door.
MARK arranges his things on the desk so no one can see what he's writing, looks around and opens the door to a young girl MICHELLE still in her house keeping uniform and lives next door.
Can I buy a bud from you? I got like seven                         dollars?
What? I'm not a fucking drug dealer! Why are                 you asking me?
Looking up and down the hall nervously.
              No, I know. I'm sorry
Who told you to ask me?
Tom in Room 12.
Come on in.
He closes the door as three young Russian girls in their negligee’s rushing for the phone ringing at the end of the hall at the top of the stairs run past oblivious to MARK as the band downstairs stops and announces a 10 minute break. MICHELLE sits in the chair with an easy manner and acts excited about getting high after work.
I am not selling you any pot; I’ll smoke some with you though. I don't even like drug dealer's, you'll get me kicked out of here.
I'll have some Friday. I have seen you in the    kitchen. You’re the top guy over there huh? 
I guess. How about you what's your story? How'd you find out about this place?
My friend in Maintenance knew about it. We're from Washington State, my boyfriend came with us but he went back. They work the hell out of you in housekeeping and you can get all the hours you want.
She hits the big glass bong and falls back into the chair totally relaxed and smiling.
DEBBIE and BRITNI in the old white car now completely dirty pulling into the State Employment and Welfare Office in Livingston, Montana, early morning.
We see into the car BRITNI eating powdered donuts and chocolate milk as DEBBIE get out of the car and walks into the office. They look like they just drove across country.
We turn up Main Street, downtown Livingston, Montana as if in a car at the end of the first block music is heard coming from The Whiskey Bar, past furniture stores, banks, antique stores, art galleries in the middle of the third block (all these locations exist) we turn into the Senior Center just as an old woman helps and old man out the door. After looking from side to side we continue past banquet tables, day old bread for free, we turn down the stair into a second-hand store where BRITNY and DEBBIE are shopping for household items cheerfully.
From a distance (the Interstate 100 yards away which is slightly elevated) a beautiful, peaceful Montana morning at the KOA at the edge of Livingston near the Interstate we focus on one tent and then hear a two car doors close, footsteps on gravel and then on to the grass.
We see the officials just as they step on to the grass and walk up to the tent.
Sheriff's Office!  Hello in there? Sheriff's Office. Can you come out and talk to us a minute?
We hear BRITNI and then low muffled voices and people stirring in the tent and the zipper opens and a disheveled and crazy smiling DEBBIE pop's just her head out.
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
Sheriff's Office, may we speak to you?
What did I do officer?
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
This lady here is with the Department of Public Health and Welfare and we want to make sure you're alright. 
Do you have a child with you?
Yeah, why?
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
Can you both get dressed and come out and talk to us? We will wait over here at the picnic table for     you.
INXS "Suicide Blond" creeping into the soundtrack
Again from a from a distance we see the entire campground, two official cars in the lot and DEBBIE crawling out of the tent and walks over to the table as BRITNI appears from the tent and stops long enough to arrange herself while DEBBIE talks with the officials.
     BRITNI walks up to the table just as DEBBIE turns to go back to the tent.
I got it in my purse.
                              SHERIFF'S OFFICER
What's your name?
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
How long have you been camping here?
She shrugs her shoulders.
A week, my mom works at Chico Hot Springs and we are moving into an apartment on Friday when my mom get's paid.
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
This TARA DAHL with the welfare office. We just wanted to make sure you're alright. To be honest, you have been here so long people have called in about you. 
DEBBIE walks up with wallet in hand and her ID extended to the OFFICER.
                                  TARA DAHL
Are you going to put BRITNI in school?
I think I am going to Home school her, I'm not sure yet.
                                  TARA DAHL
BRITNI say's you're moving to an apartment this           week?
Yes. I get my first check this week and pay the          deposit so we can move in.
                             SHERIFF'S OFFICER
Well, I guess we're done here.
Pushing all DEBBIE'S ID'S across the table to her where he has been writing her information into a small notebook.
MARK is seen at the head of a long stainless steel table full of tonight’s dishes for the wait staff to feast on while explaining to them what each dish is so they can relate to their customers/diners what the entree's are. In the background a line forms of hotel employees, most in housekeeping uniforms in the kitchen itself, where a line of food is set out for them (If you live and work there, or if you are working overtime, the hotel feeds the employees because the closest store is miles away.) At the end of the line we see DEBBIE ignoring the line and the entire kitchen and focused on MARK who is busy running a 75 seat Four-Star restaurant, 10-12 kitchen workers, wait-staff and a wine bar.
The radio playing soft rock we see DEBBIE and BRITNI in the old white car now clean passing through the four way stop on River Road and pulling into the resort's front gate, the car pulls up in the back at the Employee Office. We see other employees coming out the Office door with their checks in hand.
DEBBIE keeps glancing at her To-Do list and rattling on about what she is going to buy for the apartment and how she is going to have to haul mattresses and dresser's while BRITNY plays with the radio, eats candy and playing with her colored pens and drawing like she has lived in the car for a month.
We see MARK having gotten off work making his way through the back halls of the hotel to his room. With him are two waitress and a male waiter JEFF with a beer in his hand, heading for the bar trying to persuade him to come have a few drinks with them.
I fuck'n hate cigarette smoke and I don't drink. How many times do we have to go through this? Me and Jefro here are going to hit the Binger real quick, and he'll be down there in a minute.  Both my parents were drunks and I swore I wasn't going to live like that....and I don't. Tell'em to hold that damn music down, I'm trying to solve the world's crises situation up here..
Music can be heard from the bar as they turn the last corner and a small hallway where the girls open the door to cut across the pool to the bar. MARK and JEFF open the door at the end of the hallway and run up the one floor of stairs to the Employee Annex/housing, right over the bar and over-looking the pool/Hot Springs.
     The Employee Housing known as the “Annex” is directly over the bar and looks like an old boarding house with seven sleeping rooms on one side and six on the other. TV room at the end of the hall; washer and dryer and pay phone at the top of the stairs. MARK and JEFF are seen at the top of the stairs where three Russian girls in various states of dress are ganged up at the pay phone all trying to listen to the one phone at the same time. Walking past them he bumps into someone coming out of the shower, two people talking animatedly come out of a room further down the hall heading downstairs to the bar. They stop at Room 3, MARK unlocks the door and they go in.
The door swings open to MICHELLE lying in MARK'S bed watching TV but fell asleep. One room, dim lights, candles, Persian carpets, old school movie posters, hot plate, space heater, writing desk, bed, night stand with the TV on it. Huge speakers and nice sound system. Music from live music downstairs a little louder. MARK kicks the end of the bed gently to wake her up.
There's my little Tenderoni! 
She sits up on the bed; MARK sits next to her, JEFF sits in the only other chair. MARK grabs a bong called the "Binger" and fills it with the ice from the bucket he has been carrying from the kitchen. JEFF pulls out a small bag of pot. MARK fills the bowl, takes a nice long hit sit's back smiling handing the bong to the girl.
                        BAM! BAM! BAM!
Loud knock at the door.
What the fuck! Who is it?
It's me you motherfucker! Come out here I'm kicking you ass.
MARK gets up to unlock the door and the girl grabs his arm preventing him.
                        BAM! BAM! BAM!
Loud commotion out in the hallway of people trying to get TOM to stop and just go to bed. 
Alright Dude, hold the fuck up!
Don't go out there, he's nuts! 
No he's not he just drunk. 
No he's not, he's tweaking, 
She shakes her head affirmatively.
I got to get out of here.
I am not afraid of him. I'll knock him the fuck out.
Pauses looking around.
              I am not hiding from him or nobody else.
MARK opens the door and TOM is being held back by his friends.
Why are you banging on my door?
You know why motherfucker. I'm beating your ass!
Alright, listen man, Security is going to be up here in a minute you causing all this drama. 
Fuck that!
Listen man, I don't know what your problem is, but I am not afraid of you but I aint losing my job and going to jail for beating up some drunk dude, I don't even know what we are fighting about. That's stupid. So tell me why I should come out there beat you up or I'm going to have to put you on hold, pal. Pause  
              Just go to bed man before security get's up here.
It doesn’t matter why; just get your ass out here! I'm beating your ass!
              Is you're beater broke?
Is your beater broke?
TOM breaks away from his friends enraged to get to MARK.
I'm not losing my job for you asshole!
MARK slams the door in his face and it locks just as TOM gets to the door, sits down, grabs the bong and puts it back in the cabinet and try's to ignore the banging.
Security will be here in a minute. They are just down stairs and he's scared the hell-out of all these Russian girls by now. You better get out of here.
You hear his friends taking him down the hallway toward the stairs.
(TO JEFF)          You better get out of here. Security will be here in a minute.             
                   I'll see ‘ya tomorrow.
JEFF gets up and walks out.
He ain't banging on my door because of you is he?
I don't think so.
She looks up at MARK concerned like she really doesn’t know why.
Sighs shaking his head.
                   I got to get a place in town.

       Web Site: Paradise Montana

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