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Blue Sleighty

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Books by Blue Sleighty
The Retreat (#3)
By Blue Sleighty
Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Last edited: Tuesday, August 07, 2007
This short story was "not rated" by the Author.
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Recent stories by Blue Sleighty
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· An excerpt from, Running Through The Hills
· An excerpt from, The Disappearance (#5)
· An excerpt from, The Dull Surprise
· An excerpt from, My Liza
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This is story #3 in a series. I recommend reading these stories in order. (They are listed here on A.D.) A lesbian erotica story with a PLOT!

#3 The Retreat (Adult story, lesbian theme)

by Blue Sleighty



Seagulls were calling from above us towards the shoreline, outside our open patio door. Beyond gently rippling curtains, and past white sand and palm trees, against the cerulean skyline, above the azure sea, their shrill caw added punctuation to an orchestra of sounds, whose melody was the sea. Even with eyes closed tight, the sounds conjured up images. Crashing waves, and the soft rush of the constant seabreeze. A feast for the senses. And, with eyes open, there was beauty in every direction. I could see some clouds starting to gather, as I strained to see from my position in the big king sized bed where Bette and I were currently reposed, after another kind of feast. Two lovers feasting on pleasure. It rained every day in the Caribbean. Just for a little while, usually. Our suite was seaside. We had two more nights to enjoy. We were late getting up. We had not arrived until 3:00 A.M., and we had made love until the sun rose, so we had slept in a bit. I estimated the rain would start around 2:00 P.M. It was about noon, the clock radio's numbers said. It would rain for a couple of hours, and stop. I poured us each a little more champagne from the bottle on my bedside table. No point rushing into anything like jumping out of bed. The temperature in Cozumel stays pretty constant. In the 80's during the daytime , all year round, and dropping to the 60's, at night. It was always pleasant. I loved Cozumel. I vacationed in the Yucatan as often as possible. It was a beautiful and fascinating place. It was very laid back and relaxed. I wanted to make sure that Bette got to enjoy the island in a special and intimate way. I knew Cozumel, and the "Mexican Riviera" area very well, and I knew Bette had never visited before. It was the stories I told her of my travels here, that had sparked Bette's interest in making this trip. The day after I graduated from high school, several years before this trip with Bette, I had scraped together every cent that I owned, including every dollar that my relatives had given me for graduation, and bought myself a one way ticket, to Cozumel. I had read about the little island in Cosmopolitan Magazine, where I had gotten inspiration to do many adventurous things. The first time I heard the term "lipstick lesbian", was in an article about lesbians in Cosmopolitan. I had identified with their definition of that term. Cosmo had influenced my life, my attitude, my sex life, and definitely the way that I wore makeup (lol). And, I was eternally grateful that I had read that article about Cozumel. Although, the article was actually meant to be a rather negative review of the little island, everything that the critic complained about in the article sounded very appealing to me. It was reportedly primitive, secluded, and had very little commercial activity, and not much to do. Only 3% of the island is used for commercial purposes. And, that was a BAD thing? I couldn't wait to get there! I arrived in Cozumel for the first time at the age of 18, with a suitcase, and not much travel experience. I found a cheap, but very cool room in the "downtown" area of Cozumel called, Hotel Lopez . I fell in love with the island, and the attitude. I stayed until I could no longer get my visa renewed. I decided I needed a passport, because I intended to visit often from that point on. I tried to find a way to live in Cozumel, but I could never manage to find a job. The local people didn't like it when some American moved in and took a job away. The people of the island were very poor. After trying everything, and begging everyone, I was forced to reluctantly settle for being a frequent visitor. Bette had made the travel arrangements for this excursion. The trip was completely spontaneous, on my part, as Bette had rather come and swept me away by surprise. And, Bette had chosen a wonderful hotel. The Cozumel Caribe. It was on the north end of the island, and was the very northenmost hotel. It was secluded, and far away from the partyers, who tended to stay on the southern end, close to the restaurants and bars. Everything was very nice. Carved stone and marble, mosaic tile, and extraordinary masonry work was present in every inch of the hotel's construction. The imitation of modern American decor in the guest suites was very interesting. Retro. Everything was brand new and of fine quality, but it was about 20 years out of date. The view could not be beat. And, I certainly couldn't complain about the company. It was the most romantic thing I could imagine, being here with Bette. My heart was soaring. I felt decadent. Tempting as it was just to stay in bed and make love for the next two nights, I decided to do the right thing, and encourage a look around the island, and a trip to the ancient Mayan ruins at Chitzen Itza, and Tulum. It was too late in the day for an excursion on the ferry across the channel to the Yucatan Peninsula. That would have to wait until in the morning. I would make sure Bette got to see all of the best places in Cozumel, today. And, we would need to eat something. It was time for Pizza Rolandi, my favorite restaurant on the island. Also, the safest place to eat. I never got SICK when I ate there. That was the only drawback to Mexico. The unfamiliar bacteria could really do a number on the stomach, if you weren't careful about what you ate. And, with Pizza Rolandi, you could dine without fear. Oops. Suddenly, I remembered that I had nothing to wear. I had not had time to go home and pack before we left. Bette had shown up at the bar where I worked with two tickets to Cozumel, and a grin on her face, and I had happily accepted the invitation to accompany her on the trip. I reminded Bette about my lack of clothes. We decided that I would shower, while Bette went to the hotel boutique, and picked me up something to wear. Bette and I dragged out of our comfy bed, and made ourselves civilized. Bette found her travel bag, and got out a pair of shorts and Hawaiian print shirt, stepped into her huarachis, and kissed me on the cheek, before she set out to find some clothes for me. Now that we were up, we were getting excited about seeing some of the island. By the time she got back, I had showered, and was drying my hair with her blowdryer. She was smiling. I smiled back. Good, I thought, she's enjoying herself. I continued to dry my hair. I looked at Bette's reflection in the mirror, behind me. She was STILL smiling. Hmmm. That wasn't good. I wondered in what fashion I was about to be fucked with. Oh, God. You know it's the damned clothes. An hour later, Bette and I stood together in front of the big vanity mirror, laughing our asses off like two teenagers. I had parted my long blond hair on the side, and pinned it back with a great big yellow and green pineapple hair comb, that Bette had gotten for me. I was sporting dangling little parrots hanging from each pierced ear lobe, and, lucky ME, there was a matching necklace. Bette had bought for each of us, harem pants and a halter top. Different colors of the same fabric pattern, though, and the tops were each a slightly different style. My halter top tied in the back, while hers tied in the front. We looked very tropical. Actually, we looked like a great big tropical fruit salad. It was fun. Bette had chosen some cute little strappy sandals for me. Her huarachis worked great for her. I needed some sunshades a la Elton John. And, maybe a panama hat. "Why don't YOU have to wear a necklace like this?," I demanded, hands on my hips. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw! You don't like the necklace?" Bette feigned disappointment. "You know, Bette? Now we're going to have to shop for one of those spiky coral necklaces. I've always wanted an excuse to buy one of those. I think it is a 'must have' accessory, in this case. Hot pink toenails would be good, too." "You're so creative, Blue. Hot pink nail polish, I have in my bag, by the way," Bette offered. Bette rubbed Ban De Soleil on her calves. It smelled wonderful, I thought. "This would be a whole lot funnier on weed." I took the bottle of polish and did a hasty brush job on my toenails. "Let's have a beer." I opened the minibar, and grabbed a couple of Bohemias. That evening, we looked cute, as we wandered around the town square. Bette and I shopped for, and found our coral necklaces. She got a red one, and I got pink. I also bought some shorts, and a tee shirt, and a hot pink bikini. There were a million things that I wanted to buy at the market. I loved the black clay pottery, and the jewelry was tempting and affordable. And some NOT so affordable. But, I controlled myself. We went to Carlos and Charlies, after we ate at Gaido's Pizza Rolandi. After a few breakneck margaritas, we were feeling and acting too amorous to remain in public. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other, and we couln't behave. When we noticed how deeply we were looking into each other's eyes, we decided to take a cab back to our hotel. We wanted to get up early, anyway, for the trip to the mainland to see the ruins. Back at the hotel, we took a walk along the beach. The water was perfectly clear. Snorkeling was another thing we would have to fit into this trip, I reminded myself. The fish, and the coral were extroardinary. It was like going for a swim in a huge aquarium. Under the sea was a world so beautiful, and perfect, you wouId think it couldn't possibly just be that way, naturally. I couldn't wait for Bette to see all of the wonderful things about Cozumel! I remembered about the little fish. I took Bette by the hand, and led her to the water's edge. Where the water was about a foot deep, you could see a zillion little silver bodies, swimming along, nose to tail. It was a school of fish that was always there, swimming around the island. I wondered what the story was behind the little fishes. "I see why you love it here so much, Blue. Kind of explains a lot about you, too." Bette laughed. Her dark, thick hair blew in the breeze. "What's THAT supposed to mean?," I asked. "Everything is relative." We both laughed. That told me nothing. "It's beautiful, here." Bette looked at me very seriously. "I'm having such a good time, Blue. You're so easy to be with. So comfortable. Let's promise to come back." She looked at me, waiting. "I'm just supposed to hang out and wait for you to have time to spend with me?," I sputtered. "I'm just supposed to be happy with a long distance relationship? Just be happy to see you when I can?" I looked at her, one eye squinting, and top lip curled into a slight snarl. Bette looked at me and shrugged. She nodded. She frowned, and looked down at the sand. "OK." "OK, what, bitch?" " I promise. I love you. You know I promise." I smiled. I knew she wanted me to say that. So, I did. That made her smile. I thought about it. It sounded great, to me, really. I thought I would love to be in a relationship where we were always happy to see each other. I was in lust with Bette. And, I loved her. No doubt. But, I worried about her father. He was the reason that we were apart. The reason that Bette moved away from me, and Texas, back to St. Louis with her family. Her father held a high political office, and he didn't like his little girl having a lesbian relationship. It made him look bad. When he found out about ME, he got Bette a gig with a house band at a club that his friend owned, back home. It was an offer Bette couldn't refuse. Bette wanted to be a successful singer. And, she was very well received, at her new gig. She really was a great performer. Powerful people worried me. The desire to have power made some men insane. I liked my life. And, I was fond of my hide. I tried not to piss off the wrong people. I knew a whole lot of the wrong people, being in the club business. Bette's father had friends in the club business, and no telling where else, and I suspected he might be a "wrong people", himself. And, homosexuality was such a touchy subject. People killed over things like that. He cared enough to go through the trouble to separate us. I felt that I should take heed. "What about your father?" "I really don't know. I guess we'll see. Obviously I can't let him know that I see you. EVER. We'll see how often I can get away. Maybe I can go on tour. The band's been kicking that idea around." I did not yearn to settle down into a serious relationship with ANYONE. And, I really didn't feel like worrying about it, too much, right then. I was more concerned with enjoying our special time together. I didn't know what I wanted in the long run. But, I knew what I DIDN'T want. And, I didn't want to give up my life for anyone else's dreams. I wanted to live and explore and learn. I wanted to know EVERYTHING and go everywhere. And, I wanted to be in charge of my own life, my own money, and make my own decisions and be me. Bette and I strolled back to our room. We undressed, and slipped into bed under the covers. Bette and I lay together sipping cold white wine wine, and listening to the sounds of the surf. One candle burned on the vanity, reflecting in all of the mirrors. The earthy scent of patchouli floated on the air in a drift of smoke from the incense cone that smoldered on the dresser. There was no point in turning on the television. The reception was too poor. The radio aired a college radio program. Tonight we were enjoying seemingly random selections from all genres. Right now, Leonard Cohen sang "Suzanne", occasionally crackling, and cutting out. There were no distractions, and lots of time. And, Bette had my full attention. I had fought off the heat building in my cunt, all evening long. And, now, in bed together at last, that heat spread through me like that orange glow on a heating coil. Intense, and hotter than hell. Blood rushed to my clit, making it ache, and throb. My nipples were so erect, and so drawn that they hurt. Bette wanted me. Her kiss was eager, but slow. We kissed hungrily, but we were in no hurry. Our tongues enjoyed the taste and feel of each other as they twisted against each other in their erotic forbidden dance. Our bushes brushed by each other as we lay together side by side, tight against each other, knowing that many thought we shouldn't, but doing it, anyway. As we sought each other, our hands everywhere, our mouths locked in a kiss, I somehow lay on top of her. I moved my hips over, slightly to the side, grinding my cunt, my clit, against her hip bone, my legs slightly parted, my ass tightly clenched as I pump my hips forward, pleasure pulsing through me with each rhthymic thrust as I feel my wetness emerge from between my tight cunt lips. I knew what Bette liked. We had learned a lot about making love together. I started to tease her. As I lay slightly off to the side, but on top of her, I moved my hand down between Bette's legs. Her cunt was soaking wet. She caught her breath when my fingers found her hard clit with my slick cum soaked fingers. I stroked her clit up and down. I kissed Bette more, my tongue deep in her mouth as I slid my finger up and down her clit over and over, then down between the tight folds of her lips and into her tight hole. I thrust my fingers into her, and then withdrew them, and moved my attention back to her clit, rubbing, and sliding, around and around, and then, back down into her tight waiting hole, and in, hard. My thumb rubbed Bette's clit, as I pushed three fingers into her tight cunt. "MMmm, yea. Fuck me, Blue. Fuck, that's good." I moved down between her legs. Bette spread her thighs for me. I found her clit with my mouth. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and rubbed her clit with my tongue. I spread her cunt lips apart, left hand on her mons, thumb pointing downward against her left lip, and right hand against her inner thigh, pulling her right lip away from the left, exposing her clit, and further down the dark opening of her pussy. I licked her exposed clit up and down with my tongue. I slipped my assaulting tongue further down, eager to taste the honey that flowed from between her lips. I pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go. Bette moaned. I moved my attention back to Bette's excited clit, where my tongue was enjoying a constant flow of Bette's delicious love juices. As my tongue licked and teased Bette's clit, I moved my fingers down to her cunt hole, and pushed them in, three fingers fucking into her again and again. My tongue rubbed it's exquisite massage up and down Bette's hard clit. My fingers filled Bette's tight wanting cunt hole. Bette's breath came in high pitched gasps. I moved one finger down to Bette's ass, knowing she wanted it there. I paused against the tight opening. Bette's heart pounded wildly, and her breath came faster. I knew she loved the way it felt slipping into her tight asshole, with my fingers soaked and slick with dripping cum. Bette wanted my finger in there. She was ready. I slid right in. One finger, still inside her tight cunt, and one inside her ass. "Oh GOD, that's good." Bette pinched her own nipples hard and sighed. She moved her hips, pushing against me, driving my fingers faster and deeper into her cunt, and her ass. In and in and in. Her hips meeting my each inward stroke. My tongue licked her clit, curling and curling against the fleshy hood above the hot little bud with consistent pressure and motion. Bette began to cry out. "I'm coming Blue. Fuck that's good. Fuck me, Blue." She fucked my fingers fervidly, her hips writhing up and down faster and faster as she made my fingers piston in and out of her cunt in its clutching clasping orgasm. And, then, as the last of her climax ripped through her, Bette pulled my fingers away, and pulled me up to her. She kissed my mouth, enjoying the taste of herself on my face. I was hot, and I had not come yet, but I was close, and Bette knew it. Bette moved her hand down to my clit, and rubbed it up and down with her fingers. I was so wet it was embarrassing. My thighs were slick, and most of my bush was soaked. Bette caught her breath in surprise when she felt my wetness. "Just kiss me, baby. I'm right there," I whispered into her mouth. My orgasm started rippling through my belly, as the excitement of Bette's touch and kiss sent me over the edge. Our mouths locked together, and our bodies rocked against each other. My legs squeezed together while spasm after spasm of pleasure surged through me. We were still kissing when we dozed off to sleep. I couldn't get enough of her. I dreamed of sex with her while I lay sleeping in her arms. I was in paradise.   

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Web Site: My Secret Obsession Lesbian Erotic Stories  

Reader Reviews for "The Retreat (#3)"

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Reviewed by Brown Kapoor
Hey Blue, you are the best. The sensuality is Blowing. The best way to get an orgasm is making your partner cummm in a big way. makin her cum makes me cum alongwith. its so exciting to blow up slowly and sensuosly exploring her body all over starting with a very long wet kiss, playing with her tongue, letting the saliva flow into my mouth. smelling her allover from her armpits to the natures oils oozing between her lips down there. takin the vaginal lips in my mouth, spreading em suckin em and pulling the bud under her hood.omg blue you make me mad. thanks for all the sensuous erotism hun. do mail me
Reviewed by Sandra Meier (Reader)
As usual with Blue, one should expect only the best. I have been reading lesbian stories from a varaity of authors, Blue is by far the best of all.
Just keep the best work, I have all your books and always want more, thank you blue for being what you are!
Reviewed by J AG
like the opening of the day, gradual revelation of sunlight, warm at first then radiating at the height of the noon hour, pushing into an even hotter afternoon that slowly melts into a cool, intense evening where the stars and the moon watch over recovering dreamers, you've linguistically painted the perfect portrait of sensuality at its best. this work presents excellent images and arouses emotions in all ranges. you've done what writing is supposed to do - draw in the reader with all five senses, satisfying them only to the point where they hunger for more. thanks for the feast!
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater
I love how Blue Sleighty builds orgasm, spanning the events of the day with her exotic trip with Bette through geographical location and the description of Cozumel's architecture. Re-read this story and count the seductive elements that make lesbian lovemaking the sucking, wave-crashing sea of cunt that it is!


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