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Barbara Lynn Terry

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Home, Sweet Home - Part IV
By Barbara Lynn Terry
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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The trial has begun. What will the verdict be?

The trial has begun. What will the verdict be?
Home, Sweet Home 4
The Trial

The Trial - Part I
Barbara Lynn Terry

Before The Trial:

Well, the week went all too fast for us, and Friday was here. My mother came in to my room and told me it was time to get up and get ready because we had to see the judge at nine o�clock. I got up and went in to the bathroom to run my bath. As the tub was filling I put in my usual magnolia bath and shower foam and went out to put my clothes on my bed. With that done, I went back in the bathroom and turned off the water. Ohhhhh this heavenly scent. While I was in the bath tub, I looked at my legs and saw they should be void of any hair. So I took the razor and shaved them. I rinsed off with the shower head and patted myself down with a soft terry cloth towel. I then messaged in some magnolia lotion to make my entire body feel soft and smooth. Ohhhhh that feels sooooo good.

I then went in to my bedroom and put on my blue lace bra and panty set, with a powder blue full slip. I then sat at my vanity and put on my makeup. I did this slow because I wanted to make an impression on the judge. After that was done, I carefully stepped into my powder blue, chiffon lace, dress. It looked like a party dress, but was more for occasions like this one. I mussed with my hair a bit to give it a very feminine coiffure, and went down to breakfast.

Everyone was in dining room when I came in. Auntie Mandy and my mother saw me before my sister did, and let out a big gasp, covering their mouths as they did so. My sister looked up at me and she too did the same thing.

"Oh my god, Jamie!" My mother excalimed. "You looke absolutely beautiful! And, and, you did this all by yourself, too?"

"Jamie, if I didn't know you were a boy, I'd swear you were a real girl." My sister added. Then she got up from the table and gave me that sisterly hug all girls give each other when they are pleased to see them or agree with them.

"Jamie," mom started. "I want you to know that I talked with Corby and he said that you will have nothig to be afraid of by talking with the social worker. The judge just wants to be sure of a few technical details. But, he can't see us, unless your father and his attorney are in there too. Corby says he will be handcuffed, so he won't be able to do anything to you, except maybe bad mouth you some. But, don't you worry about that. Okay?"

"Yes, mom. I won't be afraid."

We all got up and got our coats and purses and left for the courthouse. Jeri parked the limo in front and got out to hold the curbside door for us. We all got out and Jeri gave me another wink. Geez, that girl sure winks a lot! We went into the courthouse, and went to the second floor. The courtroom and judge's chmabers were at the end of the hall. When we got to the courtroom door, Corby was there to greet us.

"Amanda!" Corby said, happy to see us. "I'm glad you could actually make this appointment. Jamie, I want you to come with me. The social worker wants to see you before you see the judge. All right?"

"Okay, Corby. I'm ready, I think."

He took me in to a room where there was a lady sitting at a table looking over some papers. She was about maybe thirties, bonde hair, nice oval face with blue eyes and full lips. I didn't see how tall she was because she was sitting. As we came in to the room, she looked up at us and smiled.

"You must be Jamie. I like your dress, it is very pretty on you. And, your makeup. Did someone help you with that, it looks very natural."

"Thank you, ma'am. And no, no one helped me with my makeup. I did this all on my own, but I did it slow to make sure I got the effect I wanted. With your compliment, it looks like I succeeded." I giggled when I said that and she smiled.

"My name is Gwen and I am a social worker for the county department of social services, childrens division. We have heard quite a lot about you from your father who claims you are being held by your aunt, against your will. Is this true , Jamie?"

"No ma'am. I was sort of being held against my will when I was with my parents because they wanted me to do everything in the house. Like cleaning, laundry, cooking, washing the dishes, shopping which included going to the stores and getting things for them, like clothes, makeup for my mother and sister shoveling snow in the winter and then in the summertime I would have to cut the grass and wash the car. Then on the night I finally had the courage to get out of there, they wanted to take me to a uniform store and buy me a French maid's uniform to wear when I did my chores. That was my father's idea and he even called me names like sissy and faggot and told me I should get a boyfriend. I was scared because my father is a very mean and selfish man. If it isn't what he wants, then forget it. I . . ."

"Okay Jamie, I see that you are becoming upset. We can stop for a bit, if you want to."

"No, that's okay. I can keep answering your questions."

"Good. Now, I see that you are dressed as a girl, but you are really a boy. Is that right?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"All right then, tell me how it is that you were frightened of your father when he suggested, or rather told you, that he was going to get you a French maid's uniform to wear while doing your chores, but you are now wearing these clothes here for this interview. Did your aunt force you to dress like this?"

"Well, the reason I was scared of my father is because he wanted to make me a servant in my own house, you know, like in Cinderalla. Well anyway, I wasn't going to be humiliated like that in my own home. When my parents and sister went out to get some dinner at a fast food place and bring it right back, I saw that as my way out. I took some clothes from my sister's room, put them in my backpack and left. When I woke up the next morning, my aunt, and I didn't know she was my aunt, until my mother and sister came to stay in my auntie's house. Well anyway, my auntie Mandy came and woke me up and said, 'it's time to get up, young lady.' I asked her why she called me that and she said that she had found me by the side of the road and thought that I was a young lady because I had been wearing one of my sister's skirts, blouse and underthings. When I woke up she said that as long I was wearing those clothes, I was a young lady and that is how she was going to treat me. Well, I didn't have any boy clothes with me, just a few sets of my sister's things, so, I figured, why not. Then my auntie asked me if I would like to stay and be her daughter. I told her I had to think about it for a while, and I did. After I had thought about it for a while, I went down in to the dining room and told her that I would accept her offer to be her daughter and we talked about the reasons why I had made that decision. I wanted to remain there so I would not have to face my father's anger."

"I see," Gwen started. "So, it isn't that your parents wanted to make you wear feminine clothing, but the fact that they wanted you to be the maid of the house. Is that correct?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now, Corby tells me that he has talked with your aunt, and has been reassured that you are not being abused, either sexually, mentally or physically. Is that correct, too?"

"Yes ma'am. My aunt Mandy said she would treat me with respect as a young lady, and that I would never have to do those awful things my father wanted me to do. Aunt Mandy even gave me my own horse to ride whenever I want, providing there is no school and I don't have any homework to do. But during the summer and on weekends and holidays I can ride her whenever I want. Her name is Brownie. So, when my mother and sister came to aunt Mandy's house, they told me that everything that was done, was because my father wanted it done, and forced them to go along with it. I'm glad my mother and sister are here now. We are a family again."

"Jamie, I must say. When I was preparing to see you, I had visions of a young, mixed up mind. But, you don't seem mixed up at all. You were abused though, in a mental sense, but only by your father. I will make my report to the judge after I have talked with your mother, sister and aunt. Now I want you to know right now, you yourself, have nothing to worry about and neither does anyone else in your family, except your father. Okay Jamie, you may wait outside. Tell your mother to come in next."

"Yes ma'am."

I went out in the hallway and told mother to go in. She went in and I sat next to my sister and aunt Mandy.

"Well Jamie, what did she say?" Aunt Mandy asked.

"Just that father is in a lot of trouble. She even complimented on how I looked in my dress and thought that someone had helped me with my makeup." We all giggled at that last part.

After my sister and aunt talked witht the social worker, we sat out the hallway some more just talking among ourselves. I don't know how long we waited, but then we were all told to come into the chambers. As we walked in, the judge was looking at me intently, and when I sat down after smoothing my dress underneath me, and folding my hands in my lap by keeping my knees together, he said.

"The reports from the sheriff and from the social worker seem to be in agreement. That agreement is, that the young person known as Jamie Anne MacCreeley, is a young woman in every regard. This court will not undo what has been done. Amanda MacCreeley. You have been one of the most prominent citizens in this county ever since I became a judge 20 years ago. We here, are in your debt for more than just one reason. Now, this is your niece, Mrs. MacCreeley?"

"Yes, your honor. She came to me in an emergency situation. My sister, his mother, called me and said he had run away. At that time he was my nephew, now she is my niece."

"Very well. Jamie? After all this is over with, would you consider going back to being a boy and boy ways?"

"No, your honor, I would not. Girls have so much fun and share so much with each other. Girls are free to just be themselves, without having to worry about whether they are a sissy or other degrading names. Girls can wear the prettiest colors and fabrics. We can hold hands, hug and dance with each other in public and no one says boo about it. But if a boy did those things he would be laughed at, called nasty names and even maybe beat up. No, your honor, I would not like to go back to boy ways."

"You understand, young lady, I had to ask that question. Your response was what I was hoping for. Well, on Monday, the trial for your father starts on this offense. It seems that he was picked out of a lineup by someone who was the victim of a sexual assualt. That trial will be much later. But, I can guarantee that he will be convicted."

My father, who was also sitting in the judge's chambers, with his attorney, just look like he wanted to kill everyone there. I knew he was looking at me like how dare you come in here.

"Now, Mr. MacNeeley? Do You have anything to say about these proceedings, in these chambers?" The judge said to my father.

"Yes, I do. You have no right to charge me with a crime. That woman was holding my son against his will, and I went there to save him from that."

"Young lady, were you being held against your will by your aunt?" The judge asked.

"No sir, I was not."

"Okay ladies. You're free to leave. The trial will start on Monday, and you will all have to come back and give testimony. Have a good weekend. Bailiff! You can take the defendant back, now."

We all left the courthouse and into the waiting limo. Jeri gave me another wink as I got in, and she drove us home. We didn't talk much on the ride home except that aunt Mandy pointed out certain points of interest as we drove past. We got home, which seemed quicker that the ride into town. We all decided to go into the parlor and talk about what had happened with the social worker. My mom, who was just a tad taller than me, with red hair and Irish green eyes and a very nice figure, spoke first.

"Well, all I can say is, that social worker said Jamie has been treated with the utmost respect while here at MacCreeley Manor. Then she asked me what I thought of Jamie being a maid in her own home, and I told the social worker that neither I nor Mary agreed to it, but told her that if we didn't, Jim would make sure we didn't object to anyting anymore. So, I told her, that we thought he meant he would harm us or even kill us, if we didn't go along with his insane plan. That night when we went to get the food, I called you Amanda to be on the lookout for Jamie, because I had a feeling she would take the off highways away from the turnpike. I am so relieved that you found her, Amanda."

"Oh it was nothing, Rita. I am just so glad that I could be of some help. The social worker had asked me if I was forcing Jamie to dress like a girl and I said no, but did put the idea into her head. I told her that I'd let her make up her mind. Then she asked me if Jamie didn't want to dress like a girl, would I have turned her out on the street. I told her, nephew or niece, she was welcome in my home, always."

"The social worker only asked me how I liked having a sister, instead of a brother, and I said it was wonderful having a sister, because we could do so much as sisters that we could never do as brother and sister. She also asked me if I had anything to say in how Jamie was treated at home, and I told her basically the same thing mom did. She was satisfied that with what Jamie told her and what we all told her, that Jamie was not being mistreated. She said also, she will have to give testimony on her report to the judge. I think that father, is in a whole lot of trouble. And, don't you worry none sis, all of us will look out for you. Besides, I need to show you something. I'll be right back."

She left us and went upstairs to her room. A little while later, she came back down with the loveliest maroon party dress I had ever seen. Mary came over and right away unzipped the dress I was wearing and had it off before anyone could say anything, and then helped me put on the new dress. It had a cowl neckline, and was covered in a thin layer of chiffon lace. The body and skirt of the dress was taffeta and had a sewn in underslip. I looked in the mirror that was in the parlor, and I was amazed to see a grown woman. It had to be the color, because I was only fourteen, but this dress made me look like I could buy alcohol without an I.D. I gave Susan a big hug and she informed everyone that this was her gift to me. Then I knew how she felt about having a sister, instead of a brother.

"I'm going to go hang this up in my room. Thanks sis, you're the greatest." I gave her a big hug and kiss and left the parlor. I took my other dress with me to change back into. When I got to my room, I looked at myself in the mirror again to make sure I wasn't seeing things downstairs. I wasn't. I was gorgeous. I unzipped the dress and carefully removed it, then I hung it up in my closet. I put my other dress back on, and went back downstairs, and found they were all in the dining room. I saw they were all ready for dinner, so I took my usual place, and mom said grace. After that we sat down and aunt Mandy rang the little bell telling Donna she could now serve the meal. Well, I guess, even in manor houses, simple meals are appreciated too. We were served tacos for this evening's meal and I had two, with a small lettuce salad and a glass of milk. After dinner we had all decided that this weekend was going to be for happy things, such as horse riding, maybe going shopping to get a few "unneeded" items of clothing, or just going out and enjoying the day. For tonight, we decided on television. While we watched we talked and really didn't care about what was on the screen. We talked about our weekend and what we were going to do.

"I'd like to go riding tomorrow. I think Brownie would like that too," I said.

"That's a great idea Jamie," my aunt said. "I think tomorrow we will all go riding in the country by horseback. See some of the countryside and just have fun. I'll tell Martha to pack us a lunch and we can have a picnic. How does that sound, Jamie?"

Oh, just heavenly, auntie." I gave her a hug a kiss.

"I haven't been horseback riding since I was, what Amanda, fourteen or fifteen?"

"Yes Rita, somewhere thereabouts."

"Well, I for one would just love to go horseback riding with my sister, mother and auntie. A family outing in the country, as they say." We all giggled.

It was was time to go to bed. Where had the time gone? We all hugged and said good night. I went in my room and took another shower before going to bed, remembering to put my shower cap on, so my hair didn't get wet. After my shower, I put on my lavender, three tiered, nightie that came about three inches above my knees. I then went over to Mary's room and knocked on her door.

"Come in, sis," she answered.

"Can I help you brush your hair, sis?" I asked.

"Well no, sis. I just finished. But yuo can come in and we can talk for a while."


"Now look, sis," she started. "We have to sriously get you in the knowledge about boys. I realize that you are still one, but it isn't the same. You are a girl now, and it is important you know exactly what to do incertain situations that will come up. I know that before you ran away, you always looked at the girls. Am I right, sis?"


"Was it because you wanted to go out with them, date them?"

"Actually no, sis. I watched them to see how they moved, the way their clothes moved with their bodies, and how they wore their clothes. I was kind of jealous because I couldn't wear clothes like that, or move like that, and I was kind of jealous at the attention the boys showed them. When I went to the mall, I watched them in the stores just having fun looking and talking about all the fashions and, well, just being girls. You see, Mary, for a long time, I wished I was a girl. That's why I didn't argue when aunt Mandy asked me to be her daughter. That's why when I ran away I took a few changes of your clothes, instead of mine. If only I could somehow tell mother and auntie that this is what I really want out of life. It is so much nicer being a girl, than it is a boy. When I first saw my horse Brownie, I was like a little girl with her first party dress. I was so happy and buoyant, that I was floating on cloud nine. I just wish that I could somehow tell mother that the 'son' she raised, really wants to be a girl."

"Oh sis. All you have to do is tell her. I think you'd be surprised at what mom and aunt Mandy will understand and accept. I mean, the whole staff here knows you as a girl. Everyone in town, including the judge and Corby and that social worker, know you as a girl. If they didn't understand or accept that fact, do you think they would let you dress like this?"

"No, I guess you're right. I should tell them. But, when is the right time?"

"How about tomorrow morning. While we are at breakfast. Did you also know the staff here also knows that you are physically male, but they keep treating you like a lady. Don't they?"

"Yes. I guess you're right again. Tomorrow morning at breakfast then. Yes, I think that would be the prefect time."

When we had finished talking, I went back to may room after giving her a hug and kiss and saying good night. I slept well that night. I didn't even dream about what my father wanted to do to me. I fell alseep, but it seemed that as soon as I closed my eyes, the sun was up. I woke up, stretched my arms out and yawned. I drew my bath, and put in some magnolia bath foam and just sat there. I thought about what Mary and I had talked about last night. Yes, today I would tell mother and auntie about my decision. I washed every part of my body as the water staretd getting cool, and pulled the plug. I got out of the tub abd patted myself down, and then wrapped the towel around me. I went out into the bedroom and got out a pair of white socks, a pair of my black pants that zipped in the back and my red, ruffled blouse. I put on simple white bra and panties and the the pants and blouse, finishing with my calf-high boots with the three inch heels. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw that I was ready to face my mother and aunt.

I walked in the dining room, and just looked at them sitting there. For the first time I saw a family, and if we were a family, they would accept me and understand me. Mary did, that's why she gave me that dress. Well, here goes nothing.

"Good morning," I said cheerfullyand with a smile on my face. I sat down at my usual place and then I started, saying.

"Mom, auntie, sis? I have something I would like to say, if it is all right?"

"Why yes, Jamie. Go right ahead." My mom said.

"Mom, auntie, sis. I don't want anyone to be angry at me for saying this. Okay?"

"All right, Jamie. We won't be angry at anything you say or do, as long as it isn't illegal." We all giggled. Then I got real serious.

"Mom, auntie, sis. Last night Mary and I had a talk in her room before we went to bed. Mary told me that it was about time I was educated about boys and how to handle myself in certain situations that should come up. She also said she noticed that I looked at the girls at school and wondered why. I told her then that I watched the girls at school to see how they moved, talked, wore their clothes, and was jealous that I couldn't wear clothes like that. Mom, auntie, Mary already knows, but I would be so much happier if I were a girl, instead of a boy. I mean, the whole thing. Hormones, operation procedures, and a change of sex on my birth certificate. I don't want you to be mad at me, but this is what I really want."

"Oh, dear Jamie," my mother said. "If you only knew how long I have waited to hear those words. I am not angry at you sweetheart, I never will be. And, it is going to be so much nicer having two daughters."

I got up and ran to her and just hugged her and began to cry. Auntie told Donna that Breakfast would be postponed for a bit, while they settled me down. We went into the parlor and my mother kept her arms around me all the while. We sat down on the settee, and my mother lifted my chin to look at her.

"My dearest daughter. I will never stop loving you. I knew for a long time, that maybe this is what you wanted. But, you had to ask or say it was your wish. I have nothing but love for you. I think it was Martina McBride who sang, 'love is the only house'. Well Jamie dear, my love is the only house with room enough for all of my friends, family, and even those I haven't met yet. You and Mary are my world now. And I love you equally. Now, that you have made your decision known to me and auntie, you won't have to live in torment, ever again. You will get your wish."

"Oh my god mom, thanks." But I couldn't stop crying. Auntie, Mary and my mother all held me in comfort. After about ten minutes of having a good cry, I settled down and we went back in to the dining room. breakfast was served. After Donna had served the meal, I saw the entire staff standing just inside the dining room door from the kitchen.

"Madam? May we address Miss Jamie, please?"

"Yes Donna, you may."

"Miss Jamie. I want you to know that your aunt told us everything the same night you came to us. We treated you like the young lady that you are, not because of what Madam told us when we first saw you and she explained your dire circumstances. I want you to know right now, that I overheard what you said, and we all talked about it, and the women of the staff, will teach you also about being a girl. Miss Jamie, welcome to womanhood."

Oh no, did God give my tear ducts Niagara Falls capacity? I started crying again. This time I was hugged by the entire staff.

"Th - thank - thank you, Donna. Th-thank you all. I am s-so happy. I thought everyone would be mad at me."

"Not on your life. You brought life back into this drab old house. Laughter that hadn't been heard for three years. You even told us that Simone and I were your sisters, that Martha was your aunt and that Charles and Doug were your uncles. How could we ever be mad at family? No Jamie, dear. No one here is mad at you. In fact, I like having a younger sister. Jamie, you are so full of life. You like pretty flowers and even Mister Max took to you immediately. No Jamie, you are a girl. Sometimes mother nature plays a cruel joke on us and gives us the wrong body and we spend years trying to find a way out. But you have just found that way. By saying it is your wish. So, once again Miss Jamie, welcome to womanhood."

I just stared at my breakfast and poked at it with the fork. All of a sudden I wasn't hungry, anymore. I looked up at everyone, and they were all smiling at me. Even in my happiest hour, and crying like a baby, they still smiled. Well, that did cheer me up. I stopped crying and then I asked if the staff could go along on our ride too, and I was informed that Charles and Doug would be going into town, as they usually do on a Saturday when they aren't needed for work. That left two horses for mom and sis. I told them I would be right back down, as I had to wash up. I went up to my room and washed my face, and saw I needed a new blouse as the red one I was wearing, was all tear stained. I got out my blue ruffled blouse and after putting it on and making sure nothing was out of place, went back downstairs.

We all had a wonderful time. The picnic lunch was good and my outing, with my entire family, was just soooooo great. We laughed, told jokes, and even sang songs in which auntie and I showed mom and Mary how we did the skipping and singing that first time, last weekend, when she showed me the stables and gave me Brownie. After we had settled down to catch our breath, Mary spoke.

"Well Jamie, Donna is right. You are sooooo full of life and laughter that you bring in rays of sunshine, even when there is no sun. Ohhhhhh sis, we are going to have such fun together." Everybody agreed to that and it was time to head back to the house.

When we got back to the house, I went up to my room telling everyone I needed to wash off the trail dust. I went up and ran my bath and put in some lilac bubble bath and crystals. I got into the tub and just lay there soaking up the lilac scent. I got out the shampoo and conditioner and washed my hair. I pulled the plug on the tub and rinsed off with the shower head. I went in my room and got out a white, knee length dress, with lace from the collar to he top of my breast forms. It also had lace around the cuff of the sleeves and the hem. I got out a white silk slip, and tan silk stockings. I put on the garter belt first and then the white silk panties, a white lace bra and then the slip. I sat down to do my makeup and when that was done, I unzipped the dress and stepped into it. I zipped it up and looked at myself in the mirror, turning this way and that to make sure everything was straight and even. I blow dried my hair and set it in a high pony tail and went downstairs. Mary was the first to see me.

As I came down the stairs, Mary whistled and everybody looked in my direction. The mouths just dropped open. Then everyone came over to me and hugged me telling me how pretty I looked.

"I thought," my mother started, "that you were just going to wash the trail dust off."

"Well mother," I said, "a girl has the right to change her mind, doesn't she." We all giggled and laughed and I got more hugs. Tomorrow was church, and we discussed what to do after. Donna came in and said it was time for dinner, but we had a big lunch and weren't very hungry. But we did eat something, as breakfast wasn't until morning.

"Mother? How does this outfit look for tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Oh my, Jamie. That is such an adorable outfit. I think I'm jealous." We giggled and laughed again. After we watched a little television and talked some more it was time to go to bed. I kissed and hugged everyone good night and went up to my room to change out of my outfit and hang it up for tomorrow.

Why is it when you just close your eyes, the sun comes up? If anyone has an answer or can figure it out, please let me know. I opened my eyes and stretched with my palms facing toward my toes, yawned and got out of bed to greet the day. I took the same bubble bath that I did last night, and lotioned and powdered myself down and went to get dressed. I took the stockings I wore the night before off of the towel rack in the bathroom and proceeded to get dressed. When church was over we went to the mall just to look around. Girls do that, just in case we want to buy something. Giggle. We didn't buy anything but we did have a small lunch and then we all agreed we would go back to the house and go riding. I was looking forward to it and so, I think, was Brownie. We went riding and had a wonderful time but as evening approached, we rode back to the house for dinner. At dinner we talked about what tomorrow would bring.

"Jamie," My aunt Mandy said. "I want you to understand that the courtroom is open between the audience, us, and the attorneys and your father. There is a depauty sheriff in the courtroom referred to as the bailiff. He is the one who provides security for the courtroom and plus there will be other deputies there as well. Corby will also be there even after he is finished testifying. You will be called to testify too. Now, I don't know exactly even if we'll get to testify, because the attorneys have to select the jury. They will question the juorors and based on their answers will pick certain ones and since there are twelve jurors, you fathers attorney gets to pick six and the district attorney gets to pick six. If we do not get to testify tomorrow, we will have to go back until we are finished with our testimony. Do you understand, Jamie?"

"Yes Auntie Mandy, I understand. I also know that my father will not be allowed to talk to me or even come near me."

"That is correct," my mother interjected. "Your father has to sit at the table on the other side of the barrier, with his attorney. The only time he will be allowed to leave that chair is when he takes the witness stand, if he does, and when they take him back to jail."

"I understand. And mom, aunt Mandy, Mary? I will not be afraid, even if he looks at me mean."

"Good girl, Jamie. I want you to know how proud of you we really are. Because of you, this whole mess will now be cleared up. As to the other charge they have your father in jail for. If he gets a fair trial, and his rights are protected according to the constitution of the United States and of this state, he will not win on an appeal, when he is convicted. When he is convicted on the second charge, he could be sentenced to a maximum of life in prison. Do you understand that, Jamie?"

"Yes, aunt Mandy. I understand all of this. I will say this. When father came to this house looking for me, I was afraid he would find me. But now, I know that I am protected not only by this family, but by the judge, Corby and the district attorney."

"Did I ever tell what a sweet, adorable child you are, Jamie?" Aunt Mandy asked.

"Uhm, gee aunt Mandy, I don't recall." We all giggled at that and we turned to more relaxing talk.

We watched television that evening and we saw reruns of the Ed Sullivan show. I laughed at the little puppet and heard an old rock and roll song called 'My Boyfriend's Back' by the Angels. It was a good show, I learned something new that night watching Ed Sullivan. I don't remember the full name Ed Sullivan used Gigio Tippio or something like that, but he was funny. After that it was time to get ready for bed and I just took out a simple cotton night gown, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I didn't dream anything that night, which was unusal, but maybe it was because my father couldn't hurt me now. But, as we all know, morning comes fast. I woke up with the sun shining in my window. I yawned, stretched and went to draw my bath. I put in some lilac bubble bath and crystals, got out the lilac shampoo and conditioner and proceeded with the bath. I lingered in the bath for a while just relaxing, and then I washed my hair and conditioned it. I actually washed my hair twice and conditioned it twice. I got out of the tub and took out my lavender sheath dress, a white ruffled blouse, lavender panty, bra and slip set and a pair of tan nylon stockings, plus two garters. I put on the bra, panty and slip and sat down to do my makeup, but before that I went and got my mother and asked her to help me with my hair. I went back to my room and applied my makeup and then my mother came in and did my hair. She brushed it and commented on how tangle free it was and proceed to put it up in a high pony tail. Once she had the scrunchie around the base of the pony tail, she spread it out so it looked fuller. When everyone was done, it was time to go to the courthouse. We walked out the front door and Jeri was waiting there with the limo.

"Miss Jamie, ma'am, you look absolutely stunning today. Got a hot date?" We all giggled and Jeri complimented each of the others on their great look also.

The ride to the courthouse was uneventful because we had talked about it the night before, so we just took in the sites as we were moving along the road. We got to the courthouse, and Corby and the district attorney were waiting for us outside the courtroom.

"Hi Amanda, Jamie. I am glad you could all come today, but I doubt we will get you in to testify before tomorrow. However, you never know." Then looking at my mother and sister he introduced himself as the assistant district attorney that will be trying the case. He was a tall man, maybe thirties, thick black hair and one eyebrow that went straight across. His name was Victor Manian and he wore the best suits his money could buy and judging from his suit he had money. He walked with a regal manner. Then we all went into the courtroom. My father was sitting there with another man, I presumed was his attorney. As we came in, my father looked back at us with an evil look on his face. His attorney said something to him and my father turned around a faced the front of the courtroom


Voire Dire (pronounced vwa deer)

"All rise, the circuit court for Plymouth county is now in session, the Honorable Winston McNeil, presiding. silence is commanded and gentlemen, please remove your hats." Said a deputy sheriff as the judge walked in to the courtroom from his chambers. The deputy was about five feet, ten inches tall. The judge then walked up some steps and sat at a high desk that made him look out over everybody. The judge sat down and the deupty said, "you may be seated."

"Bailiff, you may call the first case." The judge to the blonde haired deputy.

"The Commonwealth of Massachussetts versus James MacNeeley, case number F-99-373, defendant is present your Honor."

"Thank you Mark. I am addressing the people who have come here to be selected as jurors for this case. This is a felony case and is expected to last at least three days counting today. There are 24 of you in this panel. Only twelve will be selected with one alternate. You will be questioned by the attorneys and when they are finished with their questions they will begin their selection. Mr. Manian, you may begin."

It took three hours to question the jury and select twelve who would decide my father's fate. There was one other person selected as an alternate in case any juror couldn't finish his or her duty. since it was only two o'clock in the afternoon, we were told to go and get some lunch and be back by three thirty. We asked directions to the courthouse caferteria and found the food greasy, but good enough considering the circumstances. After we were finished eating and digesting by relaxing a bit, we returned to the courtroom. After we had sat down, they brought my father in from a different door than what the judge had come out of. On the door was a sign but I couldn't makeout what it said from where I was sitting. The deputy who brought my father out walked him over to the table where the same man from before was sitting. The deputy took off the handcuffs and waited until he had sat down, then this deputy sat in a chair behind my father.

"Mr. Manian, you may call your first witness." The judge said to the district attorney.

"Yes, thank you your Honor. My first witness is Jamie Anne MacCreeley. Your Honor, if the court please, I would at this time request that all non essential persons not having any business with this case, be removed from the courtroom during this tesitmony, as Miss MacCreeley is a minor, your Honor."

"Very well, Mr. Manian. The motion is granted without objection. Any person who is not connected with this case must leave the courtroom at this time until this young person is finished testifying. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated." Several people got up and left the courtroom. I was then directed toward the witness stand. A lady stood up with a Bible in her hand and told me to raise my right hand and place my left hand on the Bible.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole thruth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"

"I do," I answered.

"Please be seated and state your name," the lady continued.

"Good afternoon, Jamie," Mr. Manian said. "Now I am not going to ask you a whole lot of questions, but I want you to tell us in your own words, what you saw or heard, if anything, on Sunday, a week from yesterday."

"Yes sir," I started. "I was at my aunt's home and we spent the day out riding our horses and having a picnic. After we were finished eating, we rode a little more and looked at the animals on the property and went back to the house. My aunt and I were talking about different things and then the phone rang. My aunt went to answer it and I heard her say 'what!' in a loud voice and then something about 'when is he supposed to be here?' Then she said 'I see' and ordered me to go to my room and stay there until I was called. I didn't know what was going on, but I saw that aunt Mandy looked very serious and worried. Then, it must have been a couple of hours, we heard a very loud knock on the front door. Donna, the downstairs maid answered it and my father, James MacNeeley, asked Donna if the mistress of the house was at home and to get her pronto. When my aunt Mandy went to the door, she asked my father what he wanted and he said that he wanted his son and to bring him out right away if she knew what was good for her. I then heard another man's voice say 'why don't you tell me what is good for her. I thought that it was the voice of the deputy sheriff Corby and I was right. Corby then told my father to step away from the door and go stand by his cruiser. My father then yelled 'I want my son' and pushed my aunt Mandy to the floor and started to come in the house. The deputy sheriff Corby then tackled him like a football player and put handcuffs on him and took out to his car and put my father in the back seat. Then Corby came back in and talked to my aunt about what had just happened."

"Okay Jamie. That was good. Where were you that you saw and heard all of this?"

"I was at the top of the stairs, peeking around the corner from the landing."

"And is it your testimony today, that you were an actual eyewitness to this assault on your aunt?"

"Yes sir, it is."

Thank you, Jamie. I have no further questions your honor."

"Mr. Beale? Any questions?" Asked the judge of my father's attorney.

"No, your honor. Not for this witness."

"Very well," the judge stated. "Jamie, you may step down. Call your next witness, Mr. Manian."

"I call Corby Wilson to the stand."

Corby went to the witness stand and the same lady got up with the Bible and asked the same thing she asked me. Corby said I do and was told to be seated. After he sat down Mr. Manian started his questions.

"Would you please tell us your full name sir?"

"Corby Adam Wilson."

"Where are you employed, sir?"

"Plymouth County Sheriff's department as a Deputy sheriff."

"Were you on duty on Sunday, a week from yesterday, sir?"

"Yes, I was."

"While you were on duty, did you receive any duty calls and if so, was one of those calls related to this case?

"Objection, your honor. Leading." Said my father's attorney.

"Over ruled," said the judge. "You may answer the question."

"I was dispatched to a manor house on the outskirts of the city."

"When you arrived at this manor house, what if anything, did you see or do?"

"I saw a man talking with the owner of the manor house. he said something about he wanted his son and she better hand him over if she knew what was good for her."

"What happened then?"

"I then spoke at the man and told him why doesn't he tell me what is good for her."

"And then what happened, if anything?"

"The man then yelled 'I want my son", and proceeded to push the woman to the floor and entered the house."

"Go on, What happened next, if anything?"

"I ran in after him and tackled him to the floor immediately placing him under arrest."

"Do you see that man in court here today?"

"Yes, I do."

"Would you please point him out and tell us where he is sitting, and what he is wearing."

" He is seated at the table directly behind you, close to the jurybox, and wearing county issued coveralls."

"Let the record show that the witness has identified the defendant."

"So ordered," said the judge.

"I have no further questions."

"Mr. Beale? any questions of this witness?"

"Yes, Your honor. Thank you. Mr. Wilson, you say you saw and heard all this excahnge between my client and the owner of the house?"

"Yes, I did."

"How is that if you had just driven up to the house?"

"I was already there sir. I was waiting for a man to appear because our office got a call that a man was coming and that there was going to be trouble. I parked my cruiser by the side of the house where it couldn't be seen from the entry gate at the beginning of the property and out of sight and waited for the man to make his appearance. When I saw the car pull in, I walked along the house until I got to the front door. That is when I heard the excahnge between the victim and the defendant."

"I see. Thak you, sir. No further questions, your honor."

"Any re-direct, Mr. Manian?" The judge asked.

"No, your honor."

"Very well. You may step down, sir. Call your next witness."

"I call Donna Ann Mailing."

Donna was sworn in just like the rest of us and was told to be seated.

"Good afternoon, Donna. Where are you employed?"

"I am a domestic at MacCreeley Manor by Amanda MacCreeley."

"Is MacCreeley Manor located within this county and state?

"Yes sir, it is."

"Were you working on Sunday, a week from yesterday?"

"Yes, I was."

"Did anything unusual happen that day?"


"Would you be so kind as to state in your own words, what unusually happened that day?"

"Yes. It was in the evening hours, and everybody was doing just nothing really, except talking about things. Mrs. MacCreeley was talking to Jamie about contacting her parents and letting them know she was alright, when Mrs. MacCreeley received a phone call. It was about maybe, just about two hours or maybe a little more, that we heard a very loud knock on the front door. I answered the door and there was a man standing there. I said 'yes sir, may I help you' and he had told me to get the mistress of the house out to the door, pronto. I did. Then I went to get Mrs. MacCreeley, and I was told to stay were I could see and hear everything."

"What, if anything, did you see and hear?"

"I heard the exchange between the man and Mrs. MacCreeley that she had better bring his son out immdeiately if she knew what was good for her. Then I heard another voice say to tell him what was good for her. the first man then said he wanted his son, and then the second man, a deputy sheriff requested that the first man go stand by his patrol car. The first man shouted real loud that he wanted his son and entered the house violently pushing Mrs. MacCreeley to the floor. The deputy sheriff then tackled the first man and put handcuffs on him and took him out of the house."

"Did you see where the deputy took the man?"

"No, I was in the house a ways and couldn't see out the door very far."

Okay, Donna. Thank you. No further questions your honor."

"Mr. Beale? any questions?"

"No your honor."

"You may step down, ma'am. Do you have another witness, Mr. Manian?"

"Yes, your honor. I reserve the right to call my other witness, if there is any rebuttal."

"Mr. Beale? any objections."

"No your honor."

"Very well. Mr. Manian should there be cause for rebuttal, you will able to call your witness then."

"Then, your honor, the state rests."

"Mr. Beale? Are you ready to proceed, at this point."

"No, your honor. I would request a recess until tomorrow morning."

"A very good idea, Mr. Beale. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Your are commanded to return here tomorrow morning and you are also admonished from speaking about this case to anyone including yourselves, until this trial is concluded. Thank you, everyone, court is adjourned."

Tuesday Morning

We arrived at the courthouse on Tuesday morning because we might be needed to testify some more. I was dressed in just a plain blue blouse and a little lighter blue jumper, with black Classic pumps with two inch heels. We went in the courtroom and sat down, then Corby came in and sat with us. This was going to be interesting because Corby said my father's attorney was going to call him to the stand and ask him questions about me when I was at home. Corby said that my father will testify the way his attoney coached him, so we shouldn't be surprised if he blamed everything on everyone else. Yes ma'am, that's my father, you know the one over there who can't take responsibility for his own mistakes. Yes, I could just see it. That would be him all right.

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