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Gene Conner

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Member Since: Apr, 2006

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The motorcycle gang freebirds
By Gene Conner
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not rated by the Author.

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it was story i started on but i decide not to finish

The motorcycle gang freebirds
One cold night a guy is shot and the shot is heard. Well 3 years later on 666 Red Dr. a guy raise from his grave. His life was giving back to him for one thing to get the guy who killed him. Kill him or I will take your soul! The guy name is Chris. He use to part of motorcycle gang. The other guy name is Greg is going killed him and we got to stop him. Chris says he will do it. It is to get him so take his weapon. It is pay back time. Then Chris and his gang are coming back to earth to raise some hell. 666 show up on the ground. It was rebel from hell (RFH) motorcycle gang. The color of the motorcycles is bright red and orange. “FREEBIRD RIDES AGAIN” one of them yells. They ride on to find him. The motorcycles roaring as they go down the road. “Here we go” as Chris steps off the bike. He has a bat and his gang has various weapons. Greg looks at Chris and then attack him. With that Greg gets his head bat in but Chris is on rampage. Freebird tries to stop him but they cannot. He tells his gang to go after Greg’s family. They go and find them. They killed Greg’s family. Freebird strike again. Just then of the moment Chris decides to stop because there is a voice tell him to. He all of suddenly realize what he did wrong ask god forgiveness. The voice says I forgive you son. The gang then realizes they asked forgiveness. God say the same thing. The gang turns to the light and chance their ways. They became the heaven bikes. The gang went to church and tries to say of out of trouble. The gang appoints Chris the leader of them again. The gang keeps the Freebird until one day one of the gang members get killed in a wreck. They attend his funeral and put a bird on his grave. They got new member and continues on and then one day the sky turns gray. It starts raining and the new member loses control of his motorcycle and just like that his bike goes down. The guy is killed. The new member is….. his brother of Chris, David. Chris hates to see his own brother get killed. His bike is put in a garage he owned he use to work at before he got shot. Two months later he opens the garage back up. The shop is motorcycle mechanic shop. He put David’s bike in the back and tells no one can touch it. Sometimes he rides it but that is only on the day David died every year.
6 years later. On that very day he is riding David’s bike when the bike almost slid off the road so he get on his own bike and rides back. He gets his truck and put his bike in the back. He drives to the spot where he left the bike. Then he sees a ghost of David on the bike. Thinking he is dreaming he looks again. For sure David is standing their next to his bike. So Chris pulls the truck off to the side of the road and rolls his bike off the truck. Chris locks up the truck. Then he gets on his bike and rides. David was right behind him so he pulls off the side and watch. When all of suddenly David lost control of his bike. David falls off the side and rolls down a hill. Right there is when Chris finds out what happen. So he takes both of the bikes back and puts them in the back of his trucks. It started raining harder. On the way back his truck loses control and he pulls off to the side. he looks up to see a guy walked on behind him .He starts getting scare due to the fact he can only can see when it lightings. The next time the guy is at his window. He is shaking and then realizes it is just a cop. Chris rolls down the window slowly. “Yes officers how can I help” says Chris the officer tells he got a flat tire. Chris gets out and sees then turns around. The guy just disappears. He start wondering was that sign from god. He fixes his tire and get back on the road. He makes back to his garage starts working on the two bikes. The next day he rides his bike to get a part that he needs. He sees one of the members. Chris walks up to him. The guy turns around and notices Chris. Then the member says to him. “I heard that you saw your brother last night” Chris says “why yes I did” and then goes on to tell him what happen then. The guy says really how bad the truck. Chris says I need to come by the shop to look at it. The guy says ok. That afternoon the member comes by and fixes his truck. The member is mike. Mike drives his motorcycle to get something but he never came back. That evening the cops and tell Chris that mike was killed earlier. A truck hit on when he was turning into the parts store. they leave and Chris sits down and say” that 2 of 6 are dead is something going on” Ten o’clock Thursday Feb. 23, 2004 Chris and his remain member goes for a ride when one of the members speeds up. Chris looks back and sees that move out of place. He slows down and asks the guy why u speed up. Right then the rest of the gang catches up. The guy says” I was just thinking why not do missing man formation. Chris thinks about and say “yea good idea” So they do and then Chris takes the lead again. Two days later another member is kick into the gang. So that makes another new member but the member is not working in the shop. He is the brother of mike. Mike’s brother has joined to take the place of him. Chris tell mike’s brother try to get killed. Then the gang ride to church and prays. The freebirds talks to the new member when another motorcycle gang rides up. They said “who is your leader?” Chris steps forward and say “I am why”
“I am the leader of this gang” said the other gang member. “What is name of your gang” Chris said. “Peace gang”” other gang member said. “Well peace gang what do you need?” – Chris said. “We want to know if you help us” said the leader of peace. “Maybe” said Chris thinking. Then ask him “what is your name” “my name is brocker” peace gang leader said. then went to add” Chris look at this way together we could get peace around here at least” “HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME???” Chris asking shocked. I know your gang and what happened to them” he said. Chris thinks about while he talks to his gang about it. Chris yells for brocker to come here. Brocker walks over there to see what Chris wants. Chris looks at him and the gang breaks apart. There sits a new motorcycle. Chris asks “do you want to join Freebird?” Broker said quietly “only if the rest of them can too.” Chris says “how many are their” Broker counts and says “about 10 people and 12 bikes” Chris says “yea but we get a bigger garage then” So peace breaks up and join the Freebird gang. All 18 member roar up the road. Chris asked brocker “why is their 10 members but 12 bikes” brocker tells him “because two of the bikes did belong to member that got killed in wreck or drug deals.” Chris and brocker looks behind them and is glad we they meet because of all the members turns they knew each other. They knew each other due to the fact that mike and original Freebird use to be rival gangs. They use to fight each other and now they are friends. It is bike time. They ride together as they heading toward to the garage. Brocker and Chris with the gang ride behind them. Brocker goes for the turn for the gas station and hit the curve. Chris and the rest of them turn into it. The garage is behind it. Brocker and Chris open the garage and let the others turn. Chris looks at brocker and starts laughing. Well three hours brocker starts out toward the hardware and part store. Chris went to the motorcycle dealership. Brocker and Chris come back to the garage and then all of suddenly the garage lights go out. Chris says to brocker” go check the fuse box and see what happen” brocker screams as he get electrocute because lighting strikes the garage. Chris drives him to hospital in his truck and they put in the hospital. So they started praying that he is ok. The freebirds go visited him in the hospital and three days later he ….. get release by the hospital. Chris lets him drive his bike and Chris drove his truck. One of the member name Sam says that Brocker is coming back but he is going to stay in the garage all day. So they make a place for him to rest. Chris and brocker went to the back. He tells brocker “stay there and donot move please” Chris walks toward his bike and puts it in the back. Then he starts working on Sam’s bike and that take most of the day to do. Brocker meanwhile just sits there and sometimes he would go to sleep. Sam takes his bike for a test run. Chris goes and talks to brocker. Chris looks at him and decides to fix his bike. So the next day Chris starts working on broker’s bike. That afternoon brocker is feeling better so he take his bike to test it out. Chris goes with him to be on the safe side. Chris and brocker goes back to the garage and tell the gang to come with them. They said “okay but why” They starts wondering what is going on why they look happy but at same time sad. The Freebird found out why that was as pulled into the parking lot. It was old garage “looks like a part store” one of them said Chris then says real loud” this is going to be our new garage” they said “really but how” brocker went on to tell them we are going to fix it up. We will start tomorrow morning so be ready to work.” the freebirds was so happy. They all go up ready to go work on their future garage. The work on all day. Sam and the rest of the gang did a lot of work due to Chris and brocker had to get the stuff. Brocker went back to the old garage and got the stuff they use to work on their bike with the help of Chris. They are to the new garage when Chris looks up and says” let take lunch to them while we are out.” Brocker says “ok” so they go and buy them lunch and take to the freebirds. Chris walks through the door and say” lunch is here we got to go do something”. Chris then loads his bike and Brocker’s bike up and heads to the old shop. They are going to test a runner and do one more time of speed in the parking lot. By the time they got back the garage was starting to look like the old one. The freebirds looks up and says “looks Chris” Chris turns around and find a picture of him and his bike on the wall. “Where did you get that picture?” Chris said. “We found in the file cabinet in the old garage and got it blow up” they said sweetly. “Chris does that motorcycle look familiar?” they added. Chris looks up and realizes it is his first motorcycle then he remembers he was only 18 when he got it. Then Chris looks up and says “that picture was taken two months before I wreck it. The motorcycle was crush by a big rig. I almost quit riding motorcycle but I decide to try again. I brought the truck so I can carried it if I need to.” then he got quiet. Brocker went and drove his truck around, meanwhile the Freebird told he close his eyes. Chris went ok and he did. Brocker drove around to the front of it. Chris wonders why they want him to. Brocker says” now u can open them” he does and finds a new shirt and a new 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle. The shirt and motorcycle has the confederate flag symbol. The whole gang says” that for being a great leader” then he says “I have made a final decision who is going to take my place. Brocker will take my place. Then he wrote a contract down so it will be official. He wrote if something happens that I cannot ride a motorcycle and/or something happens to me. I appoint brocker the new leader. Then the freebirds had to sign it to say that agree.
Freebirds motorcycle gang was riding on the highway. The motorcycle gang new symbol is American flag and confederate flag. They turn the corner to their garage when mike look behind him and saw another gang. The other gang is from Chris past ant they have reunited. They coming back to finished what they started. They name themselves Blackbird Freebirds and Blackbird were rivalry gangs. The leader of the Blackbirds calls out Chris and Chris walks out with a baseball bat in his hands. The leader of Blackbirds throws the dagger at Chris. It missed and lands into the garage. Adam comes out with the dagger that leader of Blackbird threw. He throws it at the guy motorcycle and flatted his tire. The leader name is Ric runs toward Adam but Adam moves out of the way. Ric land on the floor in the oil. Chris starts think*thought* if I light the oil it will burned *end of thought* then he decide not to. The rest of the Blackbirds and Freebirds start to fight. Chris hits Ric into a wall but instead of killing him. Ric push off and Chris hits the floor. Chris gets up and the Blackbirds rode off. Chris starts laughing due they left ric’s bike. They filled up his bike. Chris rides it and has his truck follow him. Brocker then takes his bike with him. Chris parks the bike in front of ric’s garage. Then lights it. Brocker meanwhile heads back to the garage. He drives off as the bike explodes into pieces. Ric yells “I am going to get Chris and you will pay for it.” Chris turns the ranger around then he get out with his bat and he pushes the button*remember this part* then Chris walks to Ric. 20 mins later Ric heard a roar like 17 motorcycle heading his way. Ric look over and see the 17 motorcycles heading his way. The whole Freebird gang is there, He says to Chris “u want to play that way.” he goes for the button but the button was disconnected. He remember thinking he will never need it disconnected it. The blackbird shows up due the said “something does not feel right.” they fighting when blackbird leader get shot by Adam. Turns out blackbirds back when they fought freebirds they killed his brother. They also responsible for the death of David. They put wet things on the road so David would hit it. When Ric confess this to Chris Chris turned around beat him up and left him to bleed to death. Ric’s bike was taken with them. The blackbird lie their one bleeding or beat up really bad. The Freebird left a message saying they donot like to mess with. Two weeks later Ric goes to the shop and attempt to kill Adam but Adam shots him. Ric ends up dying on the way to hospital. Adam does not get in trouble because it was self-defense. Blackbirds come to get the freebirds when the garage is on fire. The blackbird bikes were in there. The freebirds is going to end this for good. The freebirds ride back to their own garage. Two months later brocker is hit and is found dead before the cops get there. The Freebird lose their co-leader. This make them worried is Chris going to be next or will he make them stop in time. Adam stays back and watches Chris. Two weeks later Adam and Sam are out when they get a page from the garage to come back. Chris is there working on his bike and hears them drive up. They both said “what up leader” Chris tells them the remaining blackbird is heading this way. We need to round up all the member” they started getting everyone heading back to the garage. They all get there when the remain blackbirds get there. They looked at Chris but they go after Adam for killing their leader. Adam kicks and punches them. Chris calls the cops and the police show up the blackbirds are arrested. Then Adam has heart attack and hit the floor. The police call for an ambulance. It was too late by the time they got there. Adam already died. They lose another member. Chris then tells the remaining 15 members that need to do something before everyone died. Chris and the rest of the gang are out for a ride when Chris hit something in the road. He throws from the bike and lands on his back. They do not move but call for help. The doctor tells them he is lucky to be alive but the bad news is he has broken his back. He is going to be in wheelchair the rest of his life. This time it was gang-related. Chris makes Sam and Adam the leader due to the recent thing. Chris can only drive his truck now. Chris hates it so much. Well he gets a phone call three months later. It was Adam “Chris this is Adam” Chris says “oh hey Adam” Adam “remember u made us the leader of Freebird well there is no more freebirds. The garage on TV was ours. The rest of the gang died in that fire.” Chris starts to cry due that and he loses the picture they made. Three years later Chris died in car wreck so to think about they was reunited in heaven. Chris was only 26 years. He loves to ride motorcycle. The gang was his family and friends.
The clouds cover the sun. The sky is getting darker as more clouds cover the sky. The evil has rise from the ashes that it was burn from. The hell is coming back to earth as we will rise from the grave that we was buried in. The dark side of the sun has now be shown will be there until someone can stop us again. The freebirds once again will ride into the darkness that they came from. The freebirds has not been seen since they were all killed two year ago. The motorcycle group wants to be peace but they was turn evil when everyone turn their on them. The motorcycles roar once again for freedom and peace. But will they be turn into evil or will they not let it take over this time.

The Freebirds once again had to stop what they had cause due they was evil at one time. Now We got to do what right and maybe people will respects us again. But what they did not notice that Mike is not with them. They started to ride off and then other gang show up. The gang was not mean looking they actually smell sweet. That was because this biker was not guys But Girls. Mike show up about that time and the gang did not even notice. Mike said” we can beat up on you because you are girls and we donot hit ladies” The leader of the girls gangs said “good because we hate to kick your butt just to show you that we are better then any guys bike gang.”
At that moment She felt a something pulling her back and she look it was one of the ladies. She said “oh crap that is mike one of my ex-boyfriend I thought he was died”
Mike said “I am died we have rise to show that we live in peace but still got unfinished business up here”

The Freebirds are going to do good this time because they donot want to go to hell again. Mike wants to go to heaven instead that way he is always happy. The freebirds will do good not evil.

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