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Alice m Donatelli

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A Moment To Kill
By Alice m Donatelli
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not rated by the Author.

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A lovely wife and a cheating husband tries to cope with a new baby in the house but can not find a way to love it. what he does he should have never got away with it.



Norma was so happy. She had a wonderful husband.  And a beautiful house. She had been married ten years to the best husband in the world.  Norma wanted children to complete her wonderful marriage. But it just didn't happen.   So she went on with her life working in the bank

And taking care of her Charlie. Today was his birthday so Norma prepared his favorite supper topped off with a big ice cream cake.  Across town in a little diner sat Charlie with a beautiful woman.  They were having dinner and a few drinks.  They both looked so happy together. Charlie told her he had been divorced for three years.  Linda told Charlie she had been divorced also for a long while.  She had no children and Charlie told her the same.  He held her hand like it was a piece of gold.  Charlie loved Linda with all his heart.   He kissed her hand and told her it was time for him to take her home.  He told her he had a lot of work to catch up on. Being a insurance man meant

A great deal of work.  Considering he was a partner in the company.  After Charlie drove Linda home he drove himself home. Norma was waiting at the door to give her husband a big birthday kiss. When Charlie opened the door Norma grabbed him and gave him a big kiss. Charlie was wondering what this was all about. Charlie forgot it was his birthday.  Norma took him by the hand and brought him to the dining room. All his favorite foods were there.   Charlie took one look at the food and told Norma he wasn't hungry. He told her he had taken a client out for dinner to talk over some plans about the insurance business.  Norma was so disappointed. She waited all day for this night to come.  Charlie gave her a kiss and thanked her for remembering his birthday. Then off he went to bed.   The next morning Charlie had gone to work before Norma even got up.  She was feeling sick for a few weeks but she thought she might have had the flu.   Norma went into work.   Her friends saw the sad look on her face.    Norma told them about what had happened the night before.   They all hugged her and told her everything would be fine.  Later in the afternoon Norma felt sicker.  She decided to leave work and go see the doctor she had known for years.  The doctor took some blood test and checked her all over.  Then Norma went home and went to bed.  When she woke up Charlie still wasn't home.   So Norma decided to make a small lunch for herself and wait for Charlie.  Across town in the little diner were Charlie and Linda they were holding hands and kissing.  Charlie couldn't get enough of Linda. She was so beautiful to Charlie.  Linda had talked about marriage to Charlie but he always changed the subject. So Linda thought he just wasn't ready yet.  When Charlie got home it was about midnight. Norma was up waiting for him.   She asked him if he wanted anything to eat, but he said he had eaten earlier in the afternoon and was ready for bed.  Charlie told Norma he would be working late for awhile because he had so much work to do, and so many clients to see.  Norma started crying.  She was so lonely without Charlie.  Charlie hugged her and told her after he got caught up on his work he would be home in time for supper.  The next morning the phone rang.  It was doctor smith with Norma's results from her blood test.   Doctor smith told Norma she was eight weeks pregnant.  Norma couldn't believe her ears. She was so happy. She was going to have a baby boy for Charlie.   She just knew it had to be a boy.  As she thought back she remembered that night eight weeks ago. Charlie had come home drunk.   He wanted to fool around.  So they made love.   But they never did again. But Norma didn't care about making love now. She had a baby coming for her and Charlie.   Norma went to work and told all her friends about the baby.  Norma just had to go shopping after work for baby clothes.  She was so excited a little Charlie was coming.  She could hardly wait for Charlie to come home.  When Charlie got home a little teddy bear was sitting in the dining room. With a blue bow on it's head.  Charlie was wondering what a teddy bear was doing sitting at the dining room chair.

Norma hugged Charlie and told him the good news. Charlie lost all expression on his face.  He started backing away from Norma.   He felt dizzy and light headed. He had to sit down.  Norma walked over to him and sat on his lap. Charlie pushed her away.  With a mad look on his face he told her to get rid of it.  Norma couldn't believe what he was saying.  He told her it was going to be the baby or him. She had choice. But what a choice. Norma loved them both.  But she wasn't going to rid of her baby. So she told Charlie to leave.  It killed Norma to say that but no one was going to take her baby from her.   After Charlie left Norma cried all night.   She knew she had made the right choice.  But she still loved Charlie so much.  When Norma went to work she was still crying. After she told the girls the story they assured her she did the right thing.  A few weeks went by. Norma was cleaning the house.  A knock came on the door. Norma opened it up and there stood Charlie.   Norma wanted to know what he wanted.   He told her he was in shock that night, and after he thought about it he realized that he wanted the baby too. Norma was so happy. She hugged Charlie so hard.   She knew they were going to be a family after all.   Charlie told Norma that he had a few days coming to him. And he wanted to take Norma to her favorite place up in the mountains.  Norma was so excited.  He told her to pack some things and he would be waiting in the car.  As they were driving along Norma held on to Charlie all the way.  She loved him so much.  When they got to the mountains, Charlie got out of the car.   He started to look around at the beautiful scenery. He called for Norma to come take a look. 

Norma walked over and inhaled the clean air.  This was always her favorite place.  Norma saw an eagle flying around in the sky. It was a beautiful thing to see. 

Norma stood on a rock so she could see better.  Charlie stood next to her.   Charlie told Norma to turn around and kiss him.    She turned around to kiss him. It was then that he pushed her off the rock she was standing.

She lost her balance and down the mountain she went.

Banging her body on every rock all the way down.

When she hit the bottom of the mountain Charlie looked over and saw a speck of a person all twisted up.

Charlie jumped back into his car and sped off as fast as he could.   Norma's things were still in the car. Charlie had to hurry home and get rid of all Norma's things.

When he arrived home he went around gathering all of Norma's things and put them in a big lawn bag.  He set fire to the lawn bag.  A man next door asked Charlie if he was burning leaves.  Charlie nodded yes.  The girls at work never saw Charlie. They didn't even know what he looked like. He never came into the bank to see Norma.

After Charlie was done he took one last look around the house.   There were no signs of Norma's things anywhere.   Charlie was free at last.   Now he could prepare to marry Linda.  He told Linda he had a big house and he wanted her to live with him and share his home.  Linda was living in a small apartment so she was glad to move in with Charlie.   When Linda saw the house she wondered why a man all alone would live in such a big house.  Charlie told her he got the house cheap enough and that he liked a lot of space.  Charlie and Linda went to Vegas to get married and had their honeymoon there at the same time. Linda and Charlie loved each other very much.   When the honeymoon was over back to New Hampshire they went to make a wonderful life for themselves.  The girls at work were wondering where Norma was, but Charlie took care of that. He called the bank and told them she wouldn't be working there anymore, because the doctor told her she needed to rest until the baby was born. Now it was time for Charlie to start his new life with his new bride.  It was easy for Charlie now. Norma had no family. Her mother and father died in a car crash when Norma was a baby.

And she only had one aunt who never bothered with the family. Norma's grandmother took her and raised her until the day she died.   By then Norma was a full-grown woman.  A few months went by and Linda was making lunch for herself and watching TV at the same time.

She liked watching the news.  It seemed that a hunter was walking at the bottom of the mountain and found a dead woman all twisted up.    He called the police.  The body was decomposed badly.  The skull was crushed in.

She had many broken bones.  And the animals were having a field day with her body.   They brought the body to the morgue to see if they could find out who she was.

Linda thought how sad that was.  Linda thought she might of slipped off a cliff or something. When Charlie got home from work Linda told him about the body they had found.   His face was white as a sheet.  Linda wondered why he was acting so strange.  Charlie wanted to know where they found the body. Linda told him up in the mountains somewhere. Charlie was asking Linda so many questions.   Linda was wondering why.   Linda asked Charlie if he knew her or something.   Charlie assured her he didn't.  Charlie told Linda he had a bad headache. And he needed to lie down.  Charlie started thinking.   There was no way they could pin her murder on him.   Her body was too badly gone.  Charlie drifted off to sleep.   He was dreaming that Norma came to him all battered up. And told him she loved him.  She told Charlie to take her hand and together they would go away. She kept coming closer and closer to Charlie.  She turned around for a second and Charlie could see she had half a face.  He woke up screaming.  Linda rushed into the room.   Charlie told her he was all right he just had a bad dream that's all.  It was hard for the people in the morgue to determine whom this half eaten body belonged to.  They noticed half a baby in her stomach.  No one had come forward to claim the body. And no one ever called the police about a missing person.  So they decided to burn the body.  They couldn’t put a picture of half a face on TV.  After she was burned her ashes were put in an urn on a shelf at the morgue with many more people that no one claimed.   They put Jane Doe on the urn.   As years went by Linda and Charlie started fighting a lot.  He was coming home late. And Linda didn't like it one bit.   She told Charlie he had to come home at a decent hour or she was leaving him.  Charlie assured her he would start coming home early. Linda got a job in a bank down town.

She made herself busy. She was so lonely.  She made friends with all the girls at the bank.  They were telling her about Norma.   And what a wonderful person she was. And how much she loved her husband Charlie. 

Linda started laughing.   She told them her husband's name was Charlie also.   The girls made a joke about it.

They said that the name Charlie was getting to be a popular name.   Linda loved working at the bank, but Charlie didn't want her to work there.   He kept telling her to quite her job.   But she wouldn't.  One day Linda

Was felling sick.   So she went to the doctor.   The test told them that Linda was pregnant. Linda was so happy.

She rushed home to tell Charlie.   Charlie didn't like the idea of Linda being pregnant.  They fought about it all the time.  But Linda won out. She was going to have her baby.  After awhile Charlie calmed down and told her he would be happy if she had the baby.   as months went by Linda was getting bigger and bigger.  her friends at the bank had a baby shower for her.  finally one night in december Linda woke up with very bad pains every where. she woke Charlie up and told him it was time to have the baby.   Charlie rushed her to the hospital.

two hours later Linda gave birth to a six pound baby girl.

Linda was so happy.   but she really wanted a boy for Charlie.  maybe in two years they could try for a boy thought Linda.   Charlie only came to the hospital once to see the baby.   he never talked about the baby to anyone.   when Linda came home  she felt tired. so she

put the baby down in the crib and went to sleep.   when Charlie came home from work they both were still sleeping.   he yelled for Linda to get up and make supper.  Linda got up from bed and went into the dining room and told Charlie to stop yelling or he would wake the baby up.   Linda sat down beside Charlie and asked him what was wrong.   Charlie didn't say a word.   Linda tried to make Charlie feel better by telling him that she named the baby after him. Charline was the baby's name but Linda was going to call her Charlie for a nick name.

that still didn't make Charlie happy.  he just wanted his supper and go to bed.  a few months went by. Charline was getting bigger. she was a beautiful baby. she had Linda's blonde hair and blue eyes.   she had Charlie's

nose and chin.  but Charlie never held her. he didn't do anything for his daughter.  Linda was quite concerned

about that.  she wondered why Charlie was that way with his little girl.  as time went by Charline grew bigger and bigger. she was a healthy five year old. christmas was coming and soon it would be Charline's birthday. 

Linda was a good mom she loved her little girl with all her heart.    Charlie stayed away from home more and more.  somtimes he would stay out all night.  but Linda didn't care she had a wonderful five year old to take care of.  the day of Charline's birthday finnally came.

Charline was so excited she was turning six and going to school soon.   all her little friends came to the party.

they had a wonderful time.  as Charline was opening up her presents  the front door flew open.  it was her father.

and he was drunk.  he started yelling at everyone in the room telling them all to go home.  Linda  tried to stop him but he pushed her across the room.  Charlie took his daughter by the arm and threw her out of the house also with all the others.  then he took all Charlin's presents and threw them in the fireplace to burn.  Linda got up from the floor and went after Charlie with a vengence.

they both fist fought.  but Linda was getting in her licks because Charlie was drunk and falling down every time Linda hit him.  while he was down on the floor Linda kept on kicking him. she couldn't stop.  something in side of her told her to kill him.   but Charline ran into the house and stopped her.    for a few minutes Linda had lost it. she had blacked out and wanted to kill Charlie.  Charline started crying. she wanted her mother to stop kicking her daddy.   Charlie got up from the floor  and stagged

out of the house . promising Linda he would be back.

he had ruined his daughter's birthday party. and Linda was never going to let it happen again.   the day that

Charline started school was the most exciting day for her.  Linda had bought her so many pretty things to wear to school.   Linda took Charline to school and spoke with

her teacher.   Linda was going to go to all the meetings.    she was going to be an active member of

Charline's school.   for awhile Linda drove Charline back

and forth to school.    but one day Charline told her mother she was a big girl now. she wanted to walk to school by herself.   Linda laughed and said it would be

okey if Charline walked to school. but not by herself.

Charline would have to pick a friend to walk to school with her.   Peggy lived a block away so she said she would walk with Charline to school and back.   that

made Linda very happy.  that way Linda could go to work on time instead of being late all the time.

life was getting much better for Linda and Charline.

they haden't heard from Charlie in a long while.

Charlie had found a girlfriend that worked at the bar.

he liked her so much. Lisa was funny and witty.

he moved in with her. he told Lisa that he was divorced and had no children.  Lisa was much younger then Charlie.  but they never talked about

their ages being different.  he loved her blue eyes.

he often told her they looked as blue as the ocean.

Lisa had grown to love Charlie very much. she loved

older men.  and Charlie had lots of money to spend on

her.  one day Charlie droved to Charline's school.

he just sat outside and watched the children play. he saw Charline playing with her friends. he got out of the car and walked over to the fence. he called her name.

Charline came running to see her daddy.   she wanted to know why he never comes home anymore.  her father told her because her mother was crazy. and almost killed him that night of her party.  Charlie  was trying to poison Charline's mind about her mother.  but some how Charline knew her mother loved her very much.   

Charlie asked Charline if she wanted to go for a ride with him after school.   Charline didn't know if she should or not.   but after all  he was her daddy. so she said yes.

after school Charline got into the car with her daddy.

they drove around for hours.  Linda was going crazy wondering where Charline was.  she was just about to call the police when Charline came in the house.

Linda was shaking all over.   she shook Charline and started yelling at her.  Charline started crying.   she told her mother that daddy had come to the school and

picked her up.    Charline explained that they only went riding around. they had ice cream and they were talking.

Charline told her mother that her daddy only wanted to get to know her better.  Linda started to calm down.

she kissed Charline and told to go to bed.    the next

afternoon Linda  drove to the school. she sat and watched and waited for Charlie to come.   but Charlie never showed up.   months went by and everything was running smoothly again.   until one day  Charlie drove up to the school again.   he waited for Charline to get out of school.    when he saw her coming out of school he waved to her.   he told her he wanted to talk to her.

she walked over by the fence and told him she couldn't see him anymore.   Charlie explained to his daughter

that he was her father and that he loved her very much.

but they would have to sneak around to see each other.

Charlie told Charline not to tell her mother they were seeing each other. because she would not understand

that a father can see his child any time he wants to.

they would have to meet at a secert place.  Charlie told

Charline  they could meet  at the railroad crossing.

as first Charline  didn't want to meet secertly. because if her mother found out she would punish her for the rest of her life.  but Charline saw the sadness in her father's eyes also.   so she agreed to meet in their secert place after school the next day.   when Charline went home she asked her mother about her father. Linda felt hairs standing up on the back of her neck.  Linda told Charline he was a drunk and no good.  and that he didn't love anyone of us.  she told Charline she hated the way he

treated them both.  she told her daughter she never wanted to see him again.   Charline got washed up for supper thinking all the time that her mother really did hate her daddy.   maybe her daddy was right. maybe  her mother was ceazy.   Charline was so confussed.   it was hard for her to choice which parent  she loved the most.

she loved them both.   it's hard for a six year old to

understand why mother's and daddy's fight and hate each other so bad.   as her parents did.    the next afternoon Charline waited at the railroad crossing for her daddy to come.   she didn't tell anyone. it was their secret.    she could see her daddy coming from down the street.    she opened the door and  sat next to her daddy. she gave him a kiss on the cheek and away they went. 

but this time they didn't drive for a long time.   her told Charline  he had to stop in the woods to  take a leak.

he told Charline to get out of the car and walk around

to  stretch her legs. Charline got out of the car and walked around. she saw a beautiful butterfly. she tried to catch it. but it was faster then her.  when her father was all through he asked Charline if she wanted to take a walk in the woods and find that butterfly.  Charline was so excited. she held her daddy's hand as they went deeper and deeper in the woods.  Charlie sat Charline down on a rock and told her that he hated her from the day she was born. he told her he shouild have killed her then.   he said he never loved her. and that she looked to much like her whore mother.   Charline couldn't believe what she was hearing.   her daddy told her he loved her.

now he changed his mind.  Charline started crying. 

her father assured her she wouldn't be crying long.  

he picked up a stick and started hitting Charline with it.

Charline started to run but he was faster then her. 

she fell to the ground. her father picked up a rock and started to bash her head in again and again. until she was dead.   then he went to his car and got a shovel

and started digging at six foot hole for his daughter to

stay in it forever.   when he was finished he  drove farther down the road and throw the shovel in the woods.   then he took off his bloody shirt and  buried it

in the woods farther down the road.    he drove to a gas station to wash up the blood that was on his hands and chest.   then he got  a wet paper cloth and wiped the

steering wheel clean from Charline's blood.   he then took the cloth and flushed it down the toilet. and went

on his way.  he went right to his girlfriend's house.

he told her if anyone ask where he was today she would have to say he was with her the whole day. she asked him why would she have to lie.  that's when Charlie grabbed her by the  face.   he told her just to do what he told her to do.   or he would kill her.   Lisa was so scared. but she promised to do what Charlie asked of her .

because she really loved Charlie. and he bought her pretty things.  later that afternoon Linda waited  for

Charline to come home from school.  Charline was so late.   Linda looked out the window and saw Charline's friend playing in the yard.  Linda  ran over to the little girl

and asked her if she saw Charline.   the little girl said she had seen her in school.   but not after school.

now Linda was frantic.  she called the police right away.

the police came to Linda's house . Linda was crying so

hard it was  hard for her to answer any questions.   she

gave the police a picture of Charline.    the police told Linda that Charline would have to be missing for twenty

four hours befor they could start looking for her.  after the police left Linda called everyone that Charline knew.

but Charline wasn't any place to be found.  Linda got in her car and droved around for hours looking for her little girl.    she wished she knew where Charlie was so she could tell him that their little girl was missing.  she felt so alone. she was so confussed. Linda had a horrible feeling in her stomach that Charline was kidnapped or dead.   the next afternoon the police came back to Linda's house to see if Charline had come home.   now they were going to lookfor her.  Linda wanted to come too but the police told her they could handle it.  and for Linda to stay home near the phone.  in case someone

did kidnap her.  they would be calling Linda for money.

Linda told the police to find her husband if they could because he didn't know  what happened to Charline yet.

Linda waited by the phone all day.  but no one called.

she was so stressed out she needed to lay down on the couch and close her eyes for a few moments.  while she

had her eyes closed she heard Charline calling to her.

she kept calling for her mother to come get her.   Linda tried so hard to find her way to Charline's voice. but couldn't.   Linda kept running faster and faster  following the voice all the way.  Charline kept crying to her mother

to come and get her.     all of a sudden  Linda felt a hand on her shoulder. she woke up in a cold sweat. it was Charlie standing there before her.  she got up and hugged Charlie and told him everything that happened.

Linda felt so much better now because Charlie was there to comfort her.  Charlie started to cry when he heard the news.    Charlie told Linda that he loved that little girl.  even though he hardly ever showed it. 

Charlie promised Linda that if  the police found out who took Charline he would kill them.   weeks and months went by but no one could find Charline.   the police were working so hard on the case. but no leads came up. 

they questioned Charlie about his little girl.   but Charlie

was at home with his girlfriend all day he said. Lisa even agreed that he was with her all that day.  the police

questioned everyone they could. but came up empty

handed.   the police kept the case opened.   just in case

someone remembered something.   after a few more months went by Charlie called Linda to ask her if he could come home and be a family again.  at first Linda said no. but she was still feeling the blow from Charline's disapearence, so she allowed Charlie back into the home.  she needed someone to hold her and comfort her.   Charlie was very happy to be home again. Linda

and Charlie  grew closer together. Charlie even wanted to take Linda on a trip.  but Linda couldn't get  away because of her work.   one night Linda asked Charlie if they could try for another baby.   Charlie  didn't want to hear it.   he told Linda he didn't want anymore children.

not after what happened to Charline.  Linda started getting depressed. she thought a baby would make her feel less depressed.   but it wasn't going to happen.

one day Charlie got a call from Lisa. she told him she was preganet with his baby.   Charlie became violent.

he yelled at Lisa and told her to get rid of it.   or he would get rid of it for her.  Lisa hung up the phone and got her things together and went to live with her mother a hundred miles away.  Lisa gave birth to a baby boy. and called him  Charlie. he looked just like Charlie.  but she didn't want Charlie to know about the baby.  so she stayed at her mother's house in vermont to raise her little boy.

Linda was starting to feel better. she had all her friends at work to support her.  they even took her shopping  to

get her mind off of her troubles.  Charlie had changed also. he was a better husband to Linda.   things were starting  to get better at home.   a few years went by

and everything was starting to turn back to normal.

even though Linda never forgot about her beautiful

daughter.  Charlie wanted to take a vacation with Linda.

she needed to go somewhere nice to ease her pain she still had inside for her daughter.  Linda had never been to vermont. Charlie told her how beautiful vermont was.

so off they went to vermont.   they went looking at all the antiques in the shops.   they walked along the park holding hands.    Charlie wanted  some maple surup to

bring home. so they went into a little town store and looked around.   as they were looking around Charlie saw a girl  holding a little boy about three years old.

the girl looked like Lisa from the back end. Charlie had to get a better look.  he walked up to the girl and touched her on her shoulder.   she turned around to see who it was.   her face turned white as a sheet. it was Lisa.   Charlie looked at the little boy.  he knew it was his baby because it looked just like him.    Lisa started shaking.  she wanted to run away. but Charlie had her pinned up againest the counter.   his face showed so much anger. he knew she had kept the baby when he told her not to.   Lisa knew he wanted to kill her right where she was standing.   Linda saw Charlie talking to the girl and told him she was leaving the store.  

Charlie told Lisa he would be back.  then he left the store with Linda.   Lisa was so frightened. she ran all the way home to her mother's house.   Charlie now knew  why Lisa left town so fast.   she wanted to keep the baby.   Charlie was so angry he took it out on Linda.

he started yelling at her for no reason.  Linda was so confussed.   he had been so sweet to her. now he was changing again.  on the way back home Charlie never said a word.    Linda  tried to talk to him but he would not answer her.  when they got home Charlie went to lie down. he needed some time to think.   he told Lisa not to have the baby and she  didn't listen to her.   that made him so bitter and angry.   Charlie had to find out where Lisa lived.    something had to be done with her he thought.    the next day Charlie went to the bar where he met Lisa. he asked everyone there  where Lisa went.

he told everyone he missed her and had to see her again.    one girl spoke up and told Charlie  that Lisa had a mother living in vermont. but she didn't know the address.  Charlie just had to take a ride to vermont again.   maybe the man at the little town store knew her.

so the next day Charlie drove to vermont.  

Lisa was so afraid  that Charlie would find her and the baby.   but she had no where else to go.   she sat down with her mother and told her the whole story about Charlie.  her mother could see that Lisa was telling the truth about everything.   Lisa even told her mother that she thought that Charlie killed his daughter.  that's why he needed an alibi  as to where he was the day his daughter was missing.  Lisa starting crying. she had lied to the police to protect Charlie.  now Charlie was coming for her to kill her baby boy.  Lisa had her mother lock the doors and windows.  Lisa told her mother she would be back in awhile. and to watch little Charlie until she got back.   Lisa went to the vermont police station and told them everything she knew about Charlie. she told them he was crazy.  and that he would kill her baby if he knew where she lived.   she told the police she thought he might of even killed his daughter.    the police took down her statement and said they would contact the new hampshire police department.   they told her to go back to her mother's house until she heard from them. 

on the way back home Lisa got a sick feeling in her stomach.   what if Charlie did find her. she knew he would kill her.   but she had to go home and wait for the phone call.   Charlie had reached vermont by the afternoon.  he went to the little country store and asked the man if he knew who that girl was  that was in therewith a little boy.   the man asked if she had long blonde hair. Charlie told him yes.    the man told Charlie

she was the daughter  of a very famous father. but he died a long time ago.   the man gave Charlie the mother's address and directions on how to get there.   Charlie

drove as he followed the directions the man gave him.

the mother lived in the country on a dirt road. 

Charlie droved until he saw a big white house wirh blue trim.   he thought that maybe he was lost so he drove up to the house. and got out of the car.   in the yard there was little boy's toys. and a big swing set.   Charlie

wondered if this might be the house.    he knocked on the door but there was no answer.   all the shades were

pulled down.   he walked around the house  trying to peek in all the windows.   but he couldn't see anything.

there was no signs of life here.  as Charlie was walking back to the car he noticed a bulkhead was half way opened.    he  opened up the bulkhead and went inside.

he could here voices coming from up stairs. and a little boy talking.    he knew now that he was in the right house.   he looked around the celler and saw a hatchet

on a table.   he took the hatchet and walked up the stairs.  the celler door was locked. so he started banging the door with the hatchet.  Lisa started screaming.

she knew it had to be Charlie. he had found her. 

Charlie kept banging away  with the hatchet. until he had a big hole in the door.   Lisa took the baby and her mother and ran out of the house.   in all of the excitment

Lisa never thought of calling the police.   but she knew

that on the table was her cell phone.    she told her mother to keep running with the baby.  Lisa was going back into the house to get her cell phone.    she knew that Charlie  must have still been in the celler breaken down the door.   she snuck back into the house and looked around.  she could see her cell phone on the table.  maybe if she made a mad dash for it she could make it.   she ran to the table and grabbed her cell phone.   but when she turned around there was Charlie standing there before her.   he grabbed her and threw her around the kitchen. he banged her head up against the stove. she could taste blood dripping down her face.

he picked her up again and threw her up against the wall.   he was  asking her where the baby was. she didn't answer him. he kept hitting her in the face for answers.

but she said nothing.   he grabbed the cell phone and smashed it againest the wall. it shattered into a million

pieces.   he asked her again where the baby was. 

she spitted blood in his face.   she told him he would never find her baby.   she told him she knew he had killed his daughter also.   Charlie started laughing. 

he told her he did kill his daughter because he hated her

just like he hated Lisa for lieing to him about the baby.

the mother had ran down the road with the baby in her arms. she was so tired.     she put little Charlie down and made him run with her.   but she was to old to run anymore.    she fell by the roadside. holding her grandson's hand.   she prayed to God that Lisa would be okey.   she knew Lisa was in the house with that maniac.   but there was nothing that she could do for Lisa.   Charlie grabbed Lisa again.  and kept punching her around like a rag doll.  Lisa wanted to pass out but she knew she couldn't.  there was blood everywhere.

Lisa was to hurt to defend herself.   but her mind kept thinking about her little boy. she had to find a way to

kill this monster.   he grabbed her once more and threw her across the floor by the celler stairs.  Lisa noticed the hatchet  on the floor.  with all the life she had left in her she picked up the hatchet and  swung  it  towards Charlie. but she missed.   Charlie started coming closer

to her and she swung the hatchet one more time and hit him in the chest. he went down to the floor with the hatchet still in his chest.   she backed away from him in a daze.  she watched as every ounce of life came out of his body.   Charlie was dead.   she crawled to the phone on the wall and called the police. then she passed out.

when she came to  she was being treated by the  preamedics. she was so badly hurt that they rushed her to the hospital right away.   the police had found the mother and little boy sitting by the roadside. she was still holding her grandson's hand.   the police never found Charline's body.   and they never knew who killed Norma and her baby.   so the police closed the case.

but they suspected that Charlie had something to do with both murders. but the truth will never really be known.   because dead men don't talk.   


         the end

         written by alice donatelli


          copyright 2006











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Reviewed by Alice Donatelli 6/21/2010
awesome read

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