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RM Green

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By RM Green
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rated "R" by the Author.

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This is an excerpt from my upcoming novel, 'She Could Hear The Silence".

Newly divorced Janae didn’t feel like going home to her empty house yet, especially since her kids were at her Mom’s until next week, so she sat listening to the soft mellow jazz performed by the quartet onstage.  Besides, her eye had been on this particular guy ever since he walked into the club.  It was time to start emerging from the rubble of her failed marriage and start living.  Feeling bolder than usual since she had a few drinks under her belt, and knowing her friends were now gone, she decided that there was no time like the present.

The physical wounds had long since healed, but the mental scarring was still fresh in her mind.  Janae yearned to be tenderly held by a man, to have a man’s touch bring her to the plateau of physical ecstasy rather than have his touch bring hurt and pain, which she was so used to and had endured for many years.  She needed to feel like a woman again.  Could this stranger make that happen for her, make her feel alive again?  For just one night? 

Muscular, toned and striking, with chocolate caramel skin and built like a football running back, he caught her eye right away – she loved muscular men!  His dark eyes sparkled and his lips looked sumptuous as he sipped his drink, standing in a far corner for most of the night.  She purposely stared at him to make sure he KNEW she was looking at him. She hoped he would come join her at her table.  After a few minutes he finally looked her way and they made eye contact.  She felt her body tingle with excitement.  She couldn't help it, but she caught herself licking her lips after she gently bit her lower lip as he returned her gaze.  Her heart started pumping hard and fast when he started walking toward her.


          "Would you like to dance?" he asked.


          "Sure" she said as he took her hand gently in his and led her to the small but crowded dance floor.  The quartet was playing "For The Love of You" by the Isley Brothers, and he pulled her close to his body as they started to sway to the music.  His touch, his smell and the firmness of his body felt amazing – it had been a long time since a man held her like this.


"Um…you feel so good," he murmured in her ear. 


'My sentiments exactly!'  Janae thought to herself.


"What is your name?"


          "Janae," she answered softly.  "And yours?"


          "Derek," he answers in a low husky whisper.


Just then she began to feel him press his body closer to hers and felt as though she might lose her mind.  She felt his breathing become more ragged. Derek pulled her even closer and kissed her gently on the neck. She felt raw sexual energy building, rising within her. 

They continued to dance to the slow, sensual beat of the music, until they were both at a fever pitch and could no longer contain their passion for each other.  

 Janae attempted to rationalize why she should allow this stranger to use her body for his pleasure.  But in all actuality, she would really be using him.   I just want to - NEED to - feel good again – oh please let him take me to ecstasy…

Ecstasy was a very rare feeling indeed during her long, torturous decade-long marriage to Greg.


She had met Greg during a customer service seminar at the University of Maryland, just after landing a CSR position at Riggs National Bank in DC.  During the lunch break, while she was quietly eating a tuna sandwich on a croissant and pasta salad, reading through some of the seminar material, he approached her table.


“Is anyone sitting here?” Greg asked politely.


“No, you can sit there,” Janae answered politely but disinterested.


“Thank you,” he said then sat down.


They sat eating silently for a several minutes, he gazing at her while she read and ate.  She never looked up and pretended to not notice or feel him staring at her, but she was very much aware of it.  She just didn’t feel like making small talk, and she couldn’t wait until this thing was over so she could go home and get some sleep.  Working days and attending night classes had worn her to a frazzle.


“Greg Pierce here,” he finally said, extending his hand.


“Janae Wilson,” she says reluctantly, returning his handshake.


 He tightened his grip on her hand and held it, forcing her to stare back at him angrily while trying to yank her hand away.


“What do you think you are doing?” Janae angrily demanded.


“Just as I suspected,” he replied.  “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!”


Janae’s anger and defenses quickly melted away at the compliment, replaced by pleasure from his flattery.  After a long moment she finally took her hand back from his, and muttered a meek “Thank you.” 


“What were you reading so intently?” Greg asked.


“Just some material from the seminar.  You should have the same thing.  Where’s yours?” she asked.


“Back on the table in the meeting room where I was sitting,” Greg answered.  “I never really look that closely at that stuff.  I come to these seminars for three reasons; they get me out of the office, the credits for these things look good on my resume, and the BOSS is paying for it all!”


“Yes, I guess you have a point there,” Janae answered.  They continued getting acquainted over lunch.


She joined him at his table after lunch was over, making small talk throughout.  After the seminar he took her to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s near the Capitol Center.

It was a whirlwind courtship.  He seemed to worship the ground she walked on, and showered her with gifts and phone calls daily.  She was swept off her feet.  Two months after the seminar, Janae became Mrs. Pierce and moved into Greg’s home. 

Unfortunately, so did Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Things started to change almost immediately after their marriage, and intensified as time went on. He quickly persuaded her to drop out of college and start a family – he wanted to take care of his family himself, and insisted that he didn’t need any help.  He decided she needed to be at home and take care of the kids, so after she became pregnant with Savannah, he insisted that she quit her job at the bank. Two and a half years later, Greg Jr. came along.

Janae began feeling more and more like a prisoner.  There was only one car – Greg claimed they couldn’t afford two on his salary - so when Greg went to work, she was stuck in the house all day with the kids and without a car, in a rural part of Wheaton.  He called her six, seven or more times a day, and when he couldn’t reach her, he got an angry, even jealous, attitude, which he normally took out on her once he got home.  The terms “fat whore”, “stupid bitch”, and “you can’t do anything right” began regularly peppering his vocabulary when he spoke to her. 

Greg couldn’t stand any of her friends, so she slowly stopped socializing with them, and called them very infrequently.  He didn’t get along with her family either, so she slowly began withdrawing from them as well, for fear of triggering Greg’s wrath.  Both her friends and family loathed Greg, and prayed that Janae would wake up and find the strength to leave him.  They found themselves powerless over Greg’s unrelenting hold on her.

Once, when Janae refused to make love to him, he came from the kitchen with a knife and held it to her throat while he raped her. That event prompted her to leave him the first time.

He begged and pleaded for her to come back to him, with promises of change while showering her with gifts, and she eventually gave in.  For a short while, things changed for the better.  But within weeks Janae found herself back in the same oppressive situation again, which continually worsened as time went on. Nothing she ever did was good enough – there was almost no pleasing him. 

The abuse escalated.  Over the ensuing months and years, she was thrown down the short flight of stairs that lead from the living room to the kitchen because dinner was late; slammed against the living room wall and slapped for paying the telephone bill one day late; punched in the face for giving an attractive male directions to Wal-Mart while they walked down the road; she lost two side teeth from a right punch across her jaw for going shopping with a girlfriend without his permission; she was regularly denied sleep from Greg’s all-night tirades; he even punctured her right breast with a screwdriver on another occasion during which he raped her.  He always said the same thing, like a broken record - she ‘made him do’ all these things to her, and if she would ‘just do what he said’, everything would be fine. She’d heard it so much she’d begun to believe it.  Her self-esteem was near zero.

For some strange reason, she still loved him.  She’d left him a total of five times, running to friends & family eager to help.  Each time they would helplessly watch him would woo her back, with promises of changing and ‘getting help’, only for her to find after a few weeks she’d been fooled once again.   She always went back because of the kids; they needed him and they would miss him, and she loved him still.  But SOMETHING had to be done – she could not go on living like this.  She had to talk to him and make him listen to reason.


“Greg, why do you hit me and call me names all the time?  When we have problems, we can work things out without all that.”  


“Hell, don’t you know that’s how I show you I love you, by keeping you in line?” he answered.  “That was the way it was around my family’s house.  Dad spoke and we jumped, especially Momma, and he loved her. Momma worshipped him.  I’m being NICE to you compared to Daddy.  I didn’t like it when Mom had to go to the hospital, and you’ve have hardly had to go. Just do as I say and we have no problems.”


“Well I can’t live like this anymore, Greg.  I’ve got to go,” Janae replied.  Greg turned to look at her, with dark fury in his eyes.


“You ain’t going NOWHERE with MY kids, Bitch!”  He grabbed her by her throat and began squeezing until she was beginning to choke.  “And if you try it, I will hunt you down and kill YOU and THEM, you understand me woman?  If I can’t have you NO ONE ELSE WILL!” 


She KNEW what that meant. 


The next morning after he went to work, Janae called her friend Monica, who had information on domestic violence shelters that Greg didn’t know anything about. After Greg called Janae from work the first time, and she was satisfied he was at work almost an hour’s drive away, she packed a few days’ clothing, picked up Savannah and Greg Jr. from school, and called the domestic violence shelter from there.  After a short telephone interview, she was accepted into the shelter and they were whisked away to the safe house by police car from the school.

When Greg found out she was gone, he grew angry and desperate, calling everyone he knew to try to find her and coax her back again. Janae only shared her plans with Monica, who would never tell Greg.  She too had lived through domestic violence, and knew Janae needed to save her life as well as the lives of her children.

During their few weeks at the shelter, Janae and the kids received counseling.  She found out through the children’s counseling sessions that the kids were HAPPY that their parents broke up – they felt the tension and the violence in the house.  They were terrified of their father, but even more afraid that Greg would hurt their mom. 

She prayed and thanked God for her blessings; she and the kids had finally achieved a certain measure of peace of mind.  Even Greg, with whom she had extremely limited contact, appeared to be a changed man, having begun anger management sessions on his own volition. The shelter arranged free legal counsel for Janae, and she was awarded not only temporary possession of their home, but a restraining order to keep Greg away from the house.  Since she still had no job, the court ordered for him to continue paying the bills.

As it turned out, Janae didn’t need the restraining order after all.  Greg had found another woman (whom she later found out he had been sleeping with for over two years prior to their separation), ran off to Florida with her and basically abandoned them, a common occurrence with men who commit violence. When a woman fights back, they often retreat.  Janae was determined to support she and her children, and found a good job after working as a temp for some months. Her new life was beginning to take shape.  God was answering her prayers.

And now she needed a physical manifestation of the end of her battered and bruised past.  She knew it was wrong in God’s eyes to be with a man she she wasn’t married to. However the overwhelming physical and emotional pain of the past ten years with Greg had to be put to rest.  


          After the song was over, Janae and Derek left the club and went around the corner to a nearby hotel, and Derek paid for a room. 

Once behind the locked door they could barely contain the burning passion that had built up on the dance floor.  They started kissing passionately, licking and sucking on each other's lips, neck and chest while their hands explored each other’s bodies.  

Janae was dripping wet as Derek ran his fingers over the thin material of her panties, which excited and pleased him all the more.  She let out deep moans as his touch sought then brushed against her clitoris, her body bucking and reacting to his touch.   Derek kept stroking her until she felt her body begin shaking, then climaxing, oozing her wetness all over his fingers.  When Janae finally finished her much-needed and sought after orgasm, she took his fingers into her mouth, then licked and sucked her own juices off them.   She pushed him back on the bed and whispered, "It's my turn, now. Just relax and let me please you."

Janae began undressing him, kissing every part of him as she slowly removes each piece of clothing, taking special care to suck his nipples and lick his body down to his navel. She removed his pants and licked her lips as she savored the view of his hard throbbing penis.

          She began to strip for him, slowly removing her blouse, then her bra. She sensuously swayed to soft music coming from the radio on the night stand, and began to pinch and play with her nipples, making them hard and rigid.  Derek watched her mesmerized, his longing to take her barely containable.  She leisurely shimmied out of her skirt, and then slowly removed her panties to reveal her dripping wetness; the hair of her vulva glistening with desire for him.  She inserted one finger, then two, into her vagina, and then had Derek watch her masturbate herself to another orgasm.

          Derek's manhood stood straight up in the air, precum oozing out the tip. She knelt in front of him and licked up the salty-sweet, sticky liquid. She gently flicked the tip of her tongue all around the head of his penis, as deep moans of pleasure slipped from Derek’s lips, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, and he closed his eyes to fully absorb the the ecstasy of his entire world being reduced to feel of her tongue on the head of his cock. She slowly sucked on the head, taking just a little more in her mouth with each suck until she can't take in any more.  She nibbled all the way up and down the shaft as she pumped him with her hand, hearing him moan and feeling his body rock beneath her.  She ran her tongue over his testicles and drew them into her warm mouth one by one, gently sucking on them, almost taking him over the edge. 

Oh no, he can't cum yet, I must feel him inside me, Janae thought. She straddled him, rubbed her dripping pussy against his cock, and then lowered her vagina onto his rock hard, throbbing penis…

          "Whose cock is this, Derek? Tell ME!" Janae demanded.

          "It's yours Janae, it's your cock, Baby, all yours!" he moaned, over and over again.

          And Janae rocked her body harder, up and down, more intensely each time he says her name.  She was about to reach climax when he flipped her over on the bed and entered her from behind.  He pulled her hair firmly but erotically, and pumped her vagina hard, grabbing her hips to go deeper, as deep as he can, hitting bottom...

          "Now tell ME whose pussy this is!" Derek demanded.

          "It's yours Derek, all yours!" Janae half screamed/half moans each time he asks.  Just then she felt him shoot his cum inside her vagina as he loudly groaned, his body shaking, his penis throbbing inside her. She began climaxing again, her body trembling as she collapsed on the bed. He rolled off of her, completely spent. 

          They pulled each other close, their bodies still gleaming from sweat and hot, raw, passionate sex.  Cuddling under the covers, they fell into a deep sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.    

          My body needed this, she thought to herself. Derek was sweet revenge for all the pain, anguish, tears and scars she endured during her 10 years with Greg, now symbolically conquered.

          Janae awoke a few hours later, still feeling elated from last night, but she also knew that she simply needed release and closure of her past life.

Now that she had crossed into a new day, over a new threshold, she could begin living again.  She looked over at the still sleeping Derek, and silently thanked him for the newfound strength he had no idea he just provided her.

Quietly but swiftly, she gathered her clothing scattered about the room.  She could hear the silence racing in her mind as she looked at his sleeping figure, and felt immense gratitude for what he’d done for her.  She dressed, kissed Derek softly on the forehead, left a yellow rose she had plucked from flower vase in the room on the empty pillow, and whispered, 'Thank You", then closed the door softly as she left the hotel for home. 
          She would never see him again. 


 Copyright .2006, RM Green

       Web Site: RM Green Works

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Reviewed by Terance Williams 9/19/2006
Abolutely Crazy, I can actually picture the characters in question. A virtual roller coaster ride within. Keep It Up. In the Five Heartbeats It was said"One Day you will be a great writer when you suffered more"...

Those days have come and gone. I knew you had it in you...
Reviewed by Regis Auffray 9/17/2006
A most intense and compelling story. Thank you for sharing it and best wishes to you. Love and peace,

Reviewed by RM Green 9/4/2006
I just wanted to give a big 'THANK YOU!' to those who have pointed out the grammar errors in my work. I have enlisted the help of an editor and she has helped me smooth the excerpt out, and I have re-posted the edited version. It is because of my reviewers that I am producing a better quality of work, and I felt I had to let you know how much I appreciate you all.

Peace & Blessings to ALL!

RM Green
Reviewed by Michelle Mills 9/1/2006
This one sucked the breath right out of me Mish. It was THAT forceful. I agree with Richad that it could use a bit of fine tuning, as I could sense that it poured out of your heart like a river. But it's an amazingly intense chapter, with one heck of a big sex scene...(and no Herman involved! Fancy that!) Like every chapter thus far, I've been blown away by your insight and talent. Love you girlfriend! Shells
Reviewed by richard cederberg 9/1/2006
Goodness! You leave no stones unturned in this one RM.

A salacious exploration of many of the shades of our humanness with nothing left to the imagination. Too often the exploration of ungrounded sexuality creates more problems than pleasure. Aftrwards, more often than not, there is guilt and the fraught intellectualizing about why we did it in the first place.

Lust and love are two different forces.

The narrative shifts back and forth between third and first person. I would suggest, if you are seriously considering putting this to print, that you consider an editor/copy editor to fine-tune for story.

Very strong!
Never rest your quill!
Richard Lloyd Cederberg
Reviewed by GLENN ANCRUM 9/1/2006
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 9/1/2006
Good! :)
Reviewed by Vanessa McKinney 8/31/2006
Whoa lol! Great job!

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