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Patricia E Utter-Rivera

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Weekend at Lake Meredith
By Patricia E Utter-Rivera
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rated "R" by the Author.

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This story is for adults only

Weekend at Lake Meredith

Page 1

On this day it so bright out and we are living in Texas in a town called Sanford, Texas near a lake called Lake Meredith. It is 10:30 all the chores are done. I call out anybody need the shower because I want to take a shower. So I disrobe an get in to take a shower turn the water on and Charlie say hey baby I gonna take one with you not knowing Frank is already in the shower. I said sure more the merrier I wash Frank and I turn around to wash Charlie and he is washing the front of me as I am doing the same to him. I bend over to give a lick to his cock and then Frank is putting his dick in the back of me. I get all hot and warm from the over welling of my men. And they I go to give Charlie a kiss. As I straighten Charlie is down sucking on my pussy. I turn and Frank give me this passion kiss knowing I am about to cum all over Charlie face.
It like is the first time we have met the kiss is long and intents and I bend over to suck on Franks cock and he cumís in my mouth. And I cum again on Charlie . We all decide let get out of the shower and take this to the bed room. Its noon time flyís by when you are enjoy the love of 2 men.
Frank is putting passion oil on my back as I lay down on my stomach and sucking Charlie cock and again as the oil his patiently heating me up in a hot and sexing mood. As Frank turns me over and starts between my legs and the joy begins all over again. I suck hard and hard on Charlie cock and he cum more then once in multiply time. Then we switch but Charlie put his cock inside me deep and hard. And I am sucking on Frank cock his is play and suck on my breast they are so hard. And he turn and gets the oil and put on the front of me. And he is heating my body into a rag of passion once again. And I suck Frank hard and hard and then real slow and slower and then real hard and until I get all his juice from his cock. Charlie move up my body kissing me as he goes along and put his cock in my mouth and Frank is fucking me harder and harder and as he cum again in me. I bit down with ease and Charlie say hey baby not so hard he pulls out his cock.
The phone rings and it one of Charlieís friends at work wouldnít to know
if we want to go to Lake Meredith and have some fun with 2 other ,

Page 2

couple, Charlie asked hold a second.
Hey Ralph down at my job wants to know if we all want to go to Lake Meredith and get one of the large cabin with 2 other couples I sit up and Frank say well we donít know these people Charlie say Pat you want to talk to him sure why not. Hello Ralph what are you asking now me and my 2 women and another couple want to know if you all want to get a large cabin and do some swinging. I said sure whatís the harm are you D&D free sure. Well here is Charlie by the way when and what time. I will tell Charles. So I go back to frank who still has a harder on and start sucking him off again. Charles get off the phone want to know how fast can we get there said they will meet them at 3oíclock. Hey will only have one hour it take 45 minutes to get there. So I finished up Frank and I have to take a shower again. Well I go to take a shower Frank yell in and say hurry up baby because I need to take one to. Told to come on in and he grab my breast and we kiss and he puts his fingerís inside my pussy and he tells me I only want you and no one else. Charlie yells in are you taking a shower or what Charlie opens the curtain and say hey we arenít going to get there if we keep doing this all day. So we stop I finish up Charlie drys me off and franks gets out still with a harder on.
We are dress and in the truck Frank say I drive and I will suck on your cock while you drive and you say hmmmm. Charlie say when you are finish you can come back here baby and do it to me.

Well we get there the guard at the gate say can I help you Charlie say we are with Ralph Getz group man say last cabin at the left, thank you and we drove to the last cabin. Ralph answer the door with nothing on. Wow hey take you clothes off the girls are in the hot tub. So I go back taking my clothes as I am going and the guys are in the other room. As I am getting in girls are saying hi I am Peg and this is Sandy and you are Pat well you can sit between us. Sandy is sucking on my breast Peg say we are Bi are you no just Bi curios oh you will like this then Peg is fingering me and then the guys walk in with another couple George and 2 more gals they say I Peg and Sandy we got us a new gal. Come on in the water is fine.

Page 3

This is Patty and Pam and this is Charlie and Frank gal her name is Pat. Nice to meet you, You all know each other oh yes we work together where your men work they never told me there were gals there. We work in the office oh that explains it. We come here every weekend also two other couples come too. They might show up but you never know if they will be here or not. We have our own nudist camp here. Is that the reason of the fence yes and we own this cabin its ours, oh how long have you own it about 11 yrs wow. Where were you before you moved here we
lived in Maryland wow that funny George was from there too he lived in a place called ECI. Do you know what that mean yeah Eastern shore Correctional Inst. How did you know that because thatís where Charlie and Franks is from I lived in the mountainís of Garrett County called Deep Creek Lake Peg goes oh my god I lived in Oakland oh how weird.
Hey Frank and Charlie you never told me that you knew George from the pen. Well we didnít know him, until we met him at work. Isnít that weird. Yes Pat it is So what are we waiting for so come on out Pat yes my lover. Peg and Sandy say let see if the other show up first and we all can go to dinner at the club. What club is that Charlie asked well is a place to eat and have fun. Frank say kool! down Frank Pat say, ok lover and he come over a play with her breast and gives her a passion kiss. And George goes and pulls my legs apart and start licking my pussy as Charlie just looks and watchís and then the gals call him into the hot tub.
And then 3 other couple walk in the room and Bill Booie yell anybody want to go to eat a meal before the fun starts George yells to Bill hey you want to taste something taste this and he begin to taste me. Say you taste good and you are who Frank speak up she is mine and Charlie women. As I am still sucking on Franks cock and he cream me with a large load of cum. And I am still sucking to get every drop, franks say that enough for you baby.
George say to us you donít have to wear much clothes to this place because your not to aloud to wear clothes in this club at the tables. I say why is that, you will find out why.....

Page 4

So we walk into the club , everyone there has no clothes on even the hostess has no clothes on she show us where we can take our clothes off and where to put them. Frank is holding on to one of my breast as I unbutton his and Charles shirt. Peg speak up canít they undress them selves but we always do this. Because as long as they were in ECI they never had a women to do this for well we donít do George how long was he there about 3 years. Well thatís why because the guys have been in there longer then that.
Well let go get something to eat the rules are as follow:
1.) Any man can touch and suck on any women in here
2.) Any women can touch and suck on any man in here.
3.) There is no such word as NO you canít.
All agree, yeah sure are you sure Frank and Charlie and Pat. Frank and Charlie gave me a kiss as I did to them long and hard. Frank went to the buffet and got strawberries and cream and put the cream all over me and put big strawberry in my pussy and licked the cream off of me and ate my pussy with the strawberry in it. This Big Black man came up to me and told Frank excuse me but I want too suck on your women and fuck her and my women will work on both of your men. And she will lick your women dry and then your women will suck on me as one of you will suck on her pussy and other will get there cock sucked by her. As this big black guy had strawberry dizzle poured it very slowly from my neck and to my pussy. He licked it off of me as he put his cock in my mouth. And since we where the newest couple in there we got the full treatment from everyone in there. They moved all the table and chairs out of the middle of the room and put all three us there and everyone took a turn women on Frank and a man on Charlie and two women working on me. And then two women on Charlie and Frank thus went on f0r five hours. Since we are new to this will go on for one month as new members. So as we all where leaving this black man came up to us and said we will be seeing you all again. And of course we said yes.
Charlie was saying in the truck boy does my cock hurt asked Frank his was sore as was my pussy. It was Saturday morning everybody slept

Page 5

in about 1 pm. This cabin had 5 bedrooms in it nice size kitchen and 3 bathrooms , large living room , dining room , outer room with two large hot tubs and a swimming pool out back. And a big play room in the basement. With whips and weird stuff since I am not into pain I stayed away from that stuff. Well the other two couple and enter duce there selves to us One of the guys new Charlie as Lone Wolf and I knew him a Wizard. Frank called him a young wise guy. I knew him as Howard he had Shirley and Connie we talked a little. And then there was big Bill Booie from Maryland with his two women Cher and Fanny and a dog Butch was the womenís play toy. And Cher had this dog mounted on Fanny fucking her I told Frank that is gross I went running to throw up.
Peg yelled down and asked does any one know how to cook I yelled yes I do let me put some clothes on.
So I made a big lunch we all ate, and told everybody we will have to leave we have a small farm and we had to feed the animals. Well you all are welcome back anytime donít need and invitation just come on down on the weekends someone will be here they gave us a key to the locked gate. Well when we were walk out to the truck a car pulled up and there was Charlieís boss Herb are you leaving so early Charlie say will have to get back and feed the animals. What kind do you have 2 male steers, bunch of red island chickens, three horse, Frank yell come on Charlie or we are going to leave you here. So Charlie stayed and we back home and you know what Charlie is up too. We went back to the house turned the air conditioner on changed into our work clothes went and did our chores, then went for a horse back riding for a while. Came back to the house all sweaty went running upstair to take a shower and to find a handsome man standing in behind the shower curtain waiting for us.
Charlie got a ride home had a girl in the shower with him hey who invited her here. I did have a problem yeah we are suppose to talk it over we everybody who lives here. This is Shama she is the boss daughter
she is a kid Rape bait she is 20 and the boss knows she is here. She never had sex with anybody still a virgin. Dam Wolf she is virgin she need to be with someone her age, You say you would never be with anybody her age right sorry wasnít thinking does she have a boyfriend yes then have

Page 6

her call him. And we can lend her one of the bedrooms we have here and they can do what they want to do. If she wants you in there to watch or join in with all of us thatís fine too right Franks what ever baby what ever goes. Just do it now we want to take a shower we smell like a barn. So Shama called her boyfriend Joe and he has no way here, so I am going with her to pick Joe up Bye see you when we get back. Hey Pick up some Beer and Chips on the way back. Ok will do bye.
So Frank and Pat go take a shower together I am french kissing him and he is kissing me back and then I get all hot all over again and I want Frank cock so I can suck on it Frank say wait until we shower and dry off. So we walk hand in hand into our room and we here the door slam, Frank yells out whatís wrong no answer hmmm maybe he didnít shut the door hard enough and the wind blew it shut. So I am kissing Frank all over as he is licking my pussy and I heard a noise I sat up there is someone in our house Frank get his pants on and I put my night shirt on
and go down stair real quiet like as I go down the back stairs to the kitchen with my hand gun.
Here is this man in my refrigerator eating my food. Frank startled him and I came behind him. Frank say, what do you want and who are you? He say this is my house no this is our house who is ours the man said. I said, mine and Franks and Charlie I told we have the deed to this place we own it. And who are you to come in our house a raid our frig my name is Howard Smith I have been in prison for 30 yrs. And my family owns this house no your house burnt down and we bought the empty part of a house and had it built into a different house. Oh I am sorry I didnít know I been staying in the tree house I built for my son and when I see you leave I come and take a shower and eat your food. And when I saw your truck leave I thought you all left. You both have beautiful daughter we have no daughter oh you are talking about the young lady who left with Charlie oh that Shama they went to pick up her boyfriend.
I have niece by that name. But her father owns S&M Mechanic Factory, right that is my and Charlie boss then you must be Williams Smith brother yes I am.

Page 7

Well does your family know you are out of jail no they donít they never knew I was in jail I left to go to war thatís all they knew. So you want to stay with may I sure Pat doesnít mine more the merrier. So do you know anyone in town. Hey guys let sit down my legs are killing me. So what kind of work do you I used to work for my brother before I left they it was a little shop.... oh did I disturb you folks no we were just having some fun fucking. Oh I have done that with my old girlfriend in 30 yrs I wonder if she still live in town whatís her name Sue Kyler. Hey didnít we hear that name this weekend Frank yeah she has a son name Joey Kyler and grandson name Joe Kyler . Well look her name up in the phone book I am hold you cock in your hand please. Here it is I will call her. Hi Sue this is Pat I met you at the cabin oh hi your not married are you no just me and my son live here. Well who is Joey father then his name is Howard Smith do you ever hear from him no his brother said he died, oh what a shame. Hey what is Charlie doing here picking my son up for have they left yet no tell Charlie your are going along with him ok.
Sure Pat whatís going on just tell Charlie I want to talk to him sure Pat, as Sue yells out to Charlie Pat wants to talk to you! Whatís up bring some wine home and stop at the chicken place and get 2 family size meals ok what ever you say.
Now, Howard let us go finish what we started and I will look for some clothes for you no you donít have too I have some in the tree house are they clean the washer and dryer is right there. They will be at least 2 hours wash your clothes and dry them and on the third floor is two bedroom pick one and its yours there is a closet and dresser in there in the closet there is sheet and stuff in their for the king size bed. Itís your as long as you want it. Thanks, but donít want to be a burden on you folks.
Just hurry and do it. Dam Pat what your really look out for others donít you. Hey you better get up stair before I suck on your cock right now and here. I am going boy youíre my sexy women you know that, donít you. Yes and you and Charlie are my sexy men are you.....
†Just then the pick up pulled up to the house and Frank blew the horn.
And in the door walks this person name Sue and her grand son and son and Shama.

Page 9

Well hi Pat and Charlie is there a reason why you want me here yes. Who told you Howard Smith was dead his brother. Well come with me I want to show you something said Pat. Sure what is it something you will be surprise when you see what I have to show you. If Howard is dead when and where did he die at? And did they bury him around here.

No his brother said that he was at war. I wish he was still here I am still in love with him. Well Sue I want you to close your eye I have a big surprise for you and it not going to hurt you.
Oh okay open your eyes, oh my god Howard as she passed out. Hey Charlie get me some smelling salt up runs her son what did you do to my Mom. Nothing and who are you I am your father but your dead no I am not. But Uncle Will say you are. Well I am here I am not dead I been in prison.

Well Howard Smith and where have you been? Like I just told our son I been in prison and I just got out not to long ago I been living in our son tree house. For 5 month now. Boy you know that thing is small. Pat and Charlie say its already right if I live here. Maybe you can live here with me. Joey is old enough to be by himself is he married yes but. But what you say you still Love me and I love you. Let me asked Pat and Charlie if I can sure we both will.
Hey Pat can you and Charlie come up here said Sue. Sure what you need said Pat can I move in with Howard. Sure but I warn you we donít wear clothes in the house only when we are working on the farm. Oh like what do you mean we have many acres here with the fruit trees, and barns and animals we work on our farm and do chores we wear clothes outside. We come in the back door and clothes come off and then we take shower. Walk around the house with no clothes on.
Hey where my grand son go said Sue with his girlfriend said Pat. Oh they probably went for a walk or go see the animals said Frank. Oh okay your son is watching TV down stairs Howard stay here let me talk to Joey. Do you want us to come down Sue said Pat sure said Sue.

Joey, your Mom wants to talk to you. Joey you and your son can live in my house. I am going to move in with Howard and stay here with Pat. But Mom said Joey what nothing Mom. Joey you are 30 yrs old and you have a wife and life. I donít have anything, I still love you Dad I want my life back and he loves me. Hey Frank can you drive me back to my house so I can get my car sure. Howard you want to drive back with me sure. Pat we will be back and I will bring my grand son motor bike back with me. Bye see you all later.
So Charlie and I go back up stairs as I am peeling off my clothes and open the door to our room here is Shama and Joe in our bed. Hey this is our room and

page 10

they donít have any clothes on what have you been doing. What we always been doing have sex. How long have you been doing this since we were 16 but do you know you are related no we arenít. Yes you are his grand father is your brother. Who? Howard, he dead no he not well my brother say he is thatís BS
he is living here with us now. And so is Joe grand mom.
My Mom and Dad run around the house with no clothes on so whatís the different if we see you. Shama how old are you will be 21 in October and Joe I am 21. Then why does your Dad think you are still a virgin, well he know I am
not because he has taken me to those party on the weekend and do what ever they do. Why hasnít Joe been there with you because he never knew until now. I was told I had to go no if ands or buts.
So can you kindly get out of our room. Why cant we stay and have fun with you too said Shama. Hey Wolf what do you think well she is of age and so is Joe said Pat. Oh it will be nice to have some of this young stuff. Now Joe when your Mom comes back there is a loft in the barn with a bed in it you guys can go play there said Pat. Okay thanks said the kids. We all can fit in this bed and Charlie take Shama and she is sucking on his cock she accidently bites Wolf and he yelps what wrong Wolf that hurts. Pat needs to show you how now look at Joe he really enjoying this and then he shoots a load. And it keeps cumming and cumming and then he said oh that was the best blow job I ever had. He agrees with Wolf you need to take lesson from Pat. But she canít why she has teeth and I donít. She has to learn not to let her teeth get in the way. But you suck so hard I thought my cock was going to come off. And Wolf laughs so hard sorry honey.
Shama say can I asked you a question Pat ? What are you and Charlie married? Yes why because that guy Frank says your not and he going to marry you. Well he doesnít know that we are but maybe we should tell him tonight said Charlie. Thatís a good ideal and maybe he can find a girlfriend of his own. Is his name on this house as a third party thatís all.
Hey Joe would you mind if I fuck your girlfriend no. If you donít mind me fucking your wife go right ahead never fuck a older women before or ate her pussy out its what ever you want to do. Hey Charlie did you lock the door yeah I did why I thought I heard something let me look out the window oh know they are home we need to get some clothes on let you kids going down the back stairs and go threw the kitchen out the back door and go to the barn. Oh okay thanks Pat said Joe and Shama.
As Charlie and I walk down stairs you guys okay. Sure, did you stop by you Dad place Howard no but Sue and I are on Sunday. Oh okay we are going to church. Now that women your Dad is marry to is that your Mom no she died a while back and you said Shama is your niece right thatís what I said. But really she not related to you at all. She is my step mother daughter, but not your real sister or niece no oh okay.
Page 11

Now Sue you have any brothers or sisters yeah I have a brother name Randy oh okay and how about parent my Mom is the only one alive and her name is Mae she has a truck stop oh okay.
Hey Sue said Howard what side of the closet you want the one side your not using oh okay. Hey Howard when your not to busy can you come down here and talk to us about something sure Pat said Howard. Okay what you need to talk about this farm. It used to belong you my grand parents but they died. And every year they have a feastible here it was called The Smith Farm.

Because here we have all kinds of fruits and nuts and berries said Howard. But I didnít know it was up for sale Oh Howard you were gone for the longest time. But were your grand parent rich not that I knew of but they werenít my dadís real parent they adopted my dad and his brother. But did they have any of there own family you knew of they did but they all passed away.

Why you asked because they real estate office gave us a lot of papers and a lot of things that was to given to the new people who brought there place oh okay. It was offered to your Dad and he told them he didnít want anything from them. Then I guess it belongs to you. What did you Dad mean said Charlie that he told his children he didnít want any of his children around the Smithís but yet they adopted your Dad and his brother I donít know you would have to asked him maybe one of these days I will.

Hey I am going to fix some supper are you guys hungry oh yes Howard say you always make to much food I am always finding it in the frig after you leave. And I was always blaming that on Frank because he sleep walks you know you should lock your doors you never know who is going to come in. Charlie is (LAUGHING) yeah we know now who has been coming in.... Pat say yeah right there Charlie. How hungry are you Sue hey here comes Joe and Shama you kids hungry yes mame please donít call me that my name is Pat. not Miss Pat or Mrs Pat or Patty or Patsy or Patricia or mame or lady just Pat. Okay Pat how hungry are you little or real hungry. Real hungry hey grand mom do you know they have blue berries up there in the orchard and all kinds of apple and peaches and pears and other stuff and nut trees we were walking around your ground you donít mind no I donít but I sure I going to have somebody to help pick them. And they have cute little stepping stones around the fruit trees. Oh and we fed you horse and chicken and you have a nasty rooster up there yeah we know that. He attacks Pat every time we go up there well I donít think he will anymore I showed him what my boot look like. He grab hold of Shama leg let me look at that said Sue. Oh my Pat do you have a peroxide sure do it in the hall closet by the bathroom Frank go show her said Pat. I hope you kicked him real hard said Charlie well he will not be running to attack you for a while. I

page 12

will be honor it you would chop off his head and I can make chicken pot pie tomorrow. Are you sure you want me to do that Yes said Pat. Donít you need him for what so the chicken make eggs. No thatís only if you want to make peeps oh okay we will make a farmer out of you said Charlie.
No I am going to college to be a contractor how far are you in college well I am working and saving the money up. Well I can help you there said Pat how can you help me said Joe. I can give you money so you can go to college how we have money what about your kids we donít have any. And why not give it to someone who donít have any money said Pat. I will have to asked my Dad and Grand mom no you donít have to asked them it will be a gifted. From Charlie
and I to you. Have you pick a college out yet no do you know of any college said Joe. Yes I know of a lot of collegeís how about Texas University or would you rather go to college in another state said Pat. How would I live well suppose I get you a place to live and Shama can live together would that work said Pat. You say you Love her right and I found out tonight she is not related to you. So what you to do is your business how does that sound Shama. Can we think about it said Shama and Joe sure said Pat. So let me fix supper Shama will you peel some potatoes for me sure. Hey Shama have you thought about going to college yes Pat I have like what are you looking at, but Pat I have no money. To go to college yeah but your step father wont help you no he wont. He is money hungry he is only out for himself. And no one else he buys mom stuff but in one breathe tells me I have to pay rent if I donít do what he tell me to do like go to those parties with him.
Then move out and then he canít control you said Pat where would I go come here we have enough room.
Can I think about you know Joe has asked me to marry him said Shama. No I didnít know said Pat and what did you say told him what my step Dad said do you care what he said your almost 21. Has your dad ever have sex with you she is sitting crying what wrong tell me said Pat.
Hey Sue no donít call her in here but she can help you. NO! Okay never mind Sue sure Pat said Sue. Give me those potatoís I put them in water and they can boil awhile. Talk to me Shama I had a baby when I was 17 said Shama where is she my step dad is raising her is she Joe no its my step dad oh my god child you need to get out of that house tonight. I am taking to home and you are going to pack your clothes and coming here. He will not let you take me out honey your step father doesnít know me.
I have to tell my husband okay, sit there now hey Charlie can you come out here sure what you need honey. Hey what wrong Shama? Charlie I am going to take Shama home and bring her home here to live long stories. Will you fried the chicken while I am gone and put some string beans and watch the potatoís.
Hey Sue and Howard I will be back taking Shama home you need help in the kitchen said Sue sure Charlie is out there. I think he has everything covered.

Page 13

Hey Charlie give me a kiss as I whisper in his ear is my hand gun under the seat said Pat and your badge and handcuff thanks love you.
Okay get in the truck Shama, we are going down the road and my cell phone rings it your dime and my time who is this itís Charlie whatz wrong where you at the end of the drive way Joe wants to go tell him to stay there. Might going to be some trouble tell him to stay there. Okay Pat said Charlie!
Shama, said we are here thanks as I am pulling in the drive way her step father comes out I put my badge on and my gun in my holster. And handcuff in my back pocket. He goes who are you? I said Mr Smith I am Charlie wife and I am taking your step daughter to live with me. And he say no your not I tell you
lay one hand on her or me I will have to arrest you lady your bluffing I said try me. You have molested you daughter over and over again you take her to the parties at Lake Meredith whether she like it or not. You got her pregnant and you took her child away from her. You tell everybody she is your daughter in a way your right but she is her mother not your wife. As Shama mother comes out of the house and starts yelling and screaming at me I tell her to lower your voice or you will be going to jail with your husband. She say what do you mean? Do you know your husband William Smith Sr. has been molesting your daughter since you married him. No mame I didnít know this. Where are you taking Shama home to my house. Do you know who is the father to your daughter child? That you are raising no mame. Well you are looking at him do you have proof yes your daughter told me tonight. And I am going to get a DNA test done tomorrow and her daughter will be giving back to her, you canít do that. And why you say that because we adopted her well that can be change in court. As Mr. Smith went to hit me I knock him to the ground that is assault and battery to a deputy sherif as I am calling Stratford Texas sherif department.
Evening Howard can you send a car to the William Smith Sr. house on Cooper lane this is Lt. Patricia Rivera oh Hi Pat said Howard whatz wrong Mr. Smith just assault me. Sure I will send Josh out thank you. As I read him his right and put his hand cuffs on him and sit him in the back of my truck.
Mrs. Lily Smith asked her husband did you do those things that Pat said you did. In reply he said go in the house and mind your own business women. She spoke up I wont she said. Lily please go in and help you daughter pack her stuff for me said Pat. Yes Pat I will thank you said Pat as Mr. Smith say why canít I get loose. In the yard pull is son Bill Smith what are you doing your father is under arrest for what assaulting me molesting his step daughter, forcing her to have sex with other men said Pat. As I walk to the front of the truck he asked Dad did you do this yes I did son and will doing it again if I had too. His father say get these hand cuff off of me said William Sr. no dad I hope you rout in hell said Bill Smith. Well that all I had to hear said Pat now I have it on tape. Oh Bill said Pat who told you your brother was dead my Dad did.

Page 14

Well he is not said Pat. Then were is he at my house! He just got out of jail for what I donít know I didnít asked him that.
Just then officer Josh pulls up. Hi Lt. Pat Rivera hey Josh here is your prisoner you will need to come to the station sure let me get Shama Smith she is moving in with me. Okay Pat said Josh, I meet you at the station. Hey you might want to put your tape machine on and copy what he is saying said Pat okay see ya.
Hey Shama is this all your stuff yes for what I want said Shama. Pat, said Lily canít you change her mind no I wont said Pat. You keep it up and you will be accessory to this. Your daughter has told me she tried to tell you and you
wouldnít listen.
Why would a 20 yrs old make some thing like this up. You had your chance now she going to have a chance in life. And your husband told her he didnít have the money to send her to college said Pat. Well I have the money to give her so she can go. So how do you like that Lily.
Shama I have to go the sherif office do I have to go in no I have some papers to sign and go in front of the judge to keep your step father in jail. I am coming said Shama hey what happen to you head your bleeding Pat. Oh its where he hit me I guess. Stay here in the truck if anybody comes tell them I am in the sherif office said Pat oh okay said Shama. Hey Pat your bleeding yeah Shama told me I must have not ducked before he hit me. Hey Josh was he doing a lot of talking when you were coming here yes. About what he did to his son Howard and how and what he did well I like to hear it do you mind Howard no go right ahead. Because he told Bill he was dead and he is not very much alive living at my place. Oh my god listen to this Howard he paid the judge to put Howard Smith in jail said he stole money from him when he came back from the war he spent 30 yrs in jail for something he never did. Oh that judge is dead and gone lets go up in chambers and talk Judge Corn and see what he has to say about this. So this guy from Millers towing comes in there is a purple truck park in a red zone. And I say you touch and you are mine and who I are you Lt. Pat Rivera deputy sherif oh sorry mame. What did you call her Mame she not a mame she is Pat thank you Josh. Oh I remember what happen last time I called you that boy was I sorry.
So we go to the court house, this clerk slap me on the back and I decked him. Boy your jumpy said Mr. Hunter hey you know your bleeding yes I do now your bleeding too. Never sneak up on her like that you deserve what you got. Hey before you leave need to talk to you sure. I knock on the door the judge said come on in. Howdy sir my name is I know who you are well excuse me said Pat. What is your business its about William Smith Sr. I hope your not like the last judge who was in office. And whatís that mean he took money from Mr. William Smith to put him in jail for something he never did and then told every

page 15

body he was dead said Pat. Well isnít he said Judge Corn no he is living at my house he been in prison for 30 yrs. For something he never did oh my said the judge. And how you know this listen to this tape. Oh my said the judge well seem like the father needs to be in jail plus he was molesting his step daughter since she was 16. And where is he now down in the jail plus he hit me said Pat. Yes I can see your bleeding I will go to the hospital and have it fixed yes Doc Henry is a good doctor said the Judge. Is he to be arraigned tonight yes sir. Then bring him up in 10 minute Howard let me talk to Lt. Pat Rivera sure.
So now what did I do nothing you are the only one who is not afraid of William Smith. And how comes is that said the judge call me Mike sure Mike it just who I am. Okay and where are you from Maryland and I moved into the property own by the Smith. The Smith Farm yes sir good for you. That is where I reside with my husband and friends that nice of you. I will walk you down to the court room said Judge Ray Corn.
Order in the court here reside is Judge Mike Corn all sit except for the prisoner, how do you plead not guilty State the reason why this prisoner should not be release Shama walked in he made me have sex with him since my mom married him. He took me to parties and made me have sex with those men. He got me pregnant and took my baby away from me told me I wasnít to raise her. He would force himself on me tide me up and hurt me I have marks all over my body. That enough young lady. 15 million dollars bail take him away. First and for most he lied to the court and had his son sent away for 30 yrs. And assaulted me said Pat. And he hit the hammer down and started to cry I am sorry for you my child.
Judge Mike Corn is there a waiting period here for someone who wants to get married said Pat. Mike said no why this young lady and her boyfriend want to get married. I would be honored to marry them. See Shama what did I tell you said Pat thanks Pat. As we are leaving the court house the clerk came up to me. And said boy she a good lay just then I slugged him. Do you know how old she was when you raped her the man said she was 30. Did you think she was. She was 16 oh my god now what do you have to say Tom.
Come on Shama lets go home, Pat calls home Charlie answered the phone. Can I bring anything home maybe some ice cream what kind. He yells in what kind of ice cream doesnít matter so me a Shama walk into Wal-Mart let get 6 different kinds and some cones and dip stuff to put on the cones. And I need some sodas. Pat do you know how to make a root beer float yes I do can we get some root beer too sure. May I pick fruit in your orchard sure what ever you want to do because my Step Father say I couldnít even come here well he doesnít own it I do and Charlie. I love you Pat never had anybody to do what you have done for me what you have said Shama. So we are going back to the

page 16

house when I get pulled over Pat say this better be a good one. Licence and registration oh what was I doing officer get back in your car like hell I will as the deputy came out he said spread all four do you know who I am and I donít care. That did it I flip the officer now your going to listen to me younger. As I put hand cuffs on him and read him his right. And get in his car and call the station. Breaker Howard this is Pat either you come out to route 42 and bring a officer out with you or I am going to leave this dude in his car and he can roast to death. Whatís wrong Pat just send Officer Josh here now I am getting pissed off. Being pulled over nothing Josh and I are coming. Ten minutes went by Charlie calls me tell Sue to come get this ice cream where you at the end of our drive way oh okay. Sue and Charlie pulls up whatz wrong with your head said Sue I will fix it when you get home. Who is that jerk do not have any ideal
But he is pissing me off.
Just then sherif cars pulls up who in the .$#%& is this aĖhole new deputy well guess what no body pulls me over when I am doing 25 mph at my own drive way. Get my hand cuff off of him..She took a short cut back there yes its my property ass hole.
And if you want to stay on this force then you better know who you are pulling over. Just then Pat Collapse in her yard oh shit she didnít take her insulin I bet.
Josh give her this Charlie yeah but will shoot her up and bring her down real fasted let take her up to the house Shama can you drive sure I can. See you all up there Sue. Josh and the rested followed him.
Sue here you do it so she gives her 11cc of insulin and Howard calling Doc Henry I be there in a second. And Sue calls her Mom, Maeís diner hey Mom where you at daughter remember that lady trucker who helps you bake stuff yes. Well I am at her house do you have anything quick to eat other then ice cream. Pat invited me for supper and we didnít save here any food said Sue I am sending Joe down to get something okay Mom sure Sue said Mae.
Officer Howard say is this the lady who helps your Mom with the baking. Yes and Charlie say donít let her hear you call her the L word. Frank said defentily thatís the wrong word to say.
Just then Joe and Mae come into the house. Where is that smoke coming from Charlie did you leave something on the stove. Oh shit the kitchen is on fire where is the fire extinguisher to put it out itís a grease fire oh my..... Just then the fire department showed up. Everybody out side said the fire chief. What happen here I must have left the frying pan on but I thought I turned it off. What frying pan did you used the one my wife told me to used and that was the electric frying pan. Just then Frank spoke up you said wife right Pat and I are married since when its been a while now said Charlie. And why wasnít I told about this said Frank we were going to tell you tonight said Pat. Gee

page 17

thanks said Frank.
Who is going to pay for us putting out the fire Pat said she will with what money. I will send you the bill sure will this cover it. Young lady do you know what you gave me yes and I am not a lady my name is Pat. Okay Pat do you know how much you gave me is it not enough do you need more no I donít. How much does a new fire truck costed said Pat about $50,000.00. How about I give you $75,000.00 Pat your crazy. No I am not Sherif Howard say she not crazy but I wouldnít look a gift horse in the mouth if I was you said Howard. So the chief took it and said if you need help fixing up your house we have plenty of men that can help.
Hey Pat said Howard what did you do win the power ball something like that said Pat.

Hey Sue we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Whoís Shama and Joe my grandson yep Joe asked Shama to marry him and I asked the Judge Mike Corn if there was a waiting period and he said no. So I am going to help them with money to go to college and buy them a place for a wedding gift. And going to help Shama with money to go to college also. Pat you donít know us you just met us, so and your point is said Pat. Howard and I been talking we waited long enough to get married can we make it a double ring ceremony sure it up to the kids. Shama say I donít have anything to wear to get married in what size are you a 12 good I have a dress for you its in my closet. Charlie go get that dress you bought me said Pat the one I bought you to wear and you didnít said Charlie yeah. So Charlie goes and get the dress oh Pat thatís beautiful. Why didnít you wear it said Shama Charlie spoke up Pat doesnít wear dressís and high heal she isnít a lady. What did you wear jeans and nice top. But one condition I want it back oh okay said Shama. And you now Sue oh I have had my dress ever since Howard went to war. And I been waiting for him ever since. But you said something Sue you said I donít know you all, but Sue I do know you threw your Mom down at the diner.
So we might stay at the Encolodge to night you have rooms for us sure Pat anything for you. So Charlie and Pat went upstairs and got some clothes. And so did Howard and Sue, Shama clothes were still in the truck. Franks go get Bearbear and get some of your things too.
So I didnít see Mae standing there I said where did you come from I bought you some food up after you passed out. Oh great hey Charlie you need to get my insulin out of the frig I have it Pat. Doc Henry will fixís your head down at the Diner said Mae.
Hey Pat said Charlie lets go for a walk in the orchard tonight yeah after I eat sure said Charlie. So we took the truck to the barn and Pat notice a light on in the house hey I thought we turned all the lights off we did said Charlie. Then

page 18

whatís that light doing on in our bedroom. Maybe itís a reflection no I donít think so. Well we will check out when we come back from our walk.
Hey honey there are these things the kids were talking about they are jars. Got your knife yes dig around one oh my god it has money in it. Check another one this one too. It has 20 one thousand bills in it. Oh they must have been here for a long time. Lets go down to the green barn yep that where the kids said they were and more money. Boy somebody is looking after us. Look the light is still on you have your gun yes I do lets go quietly in the house. You go up the front stair and I go up the back stairs. I caught you who are you? It Lily what are you doing here I heard one of the fire department guys say you went upstairs and got them some money for a new truck thatís right but it doesnít give you any reason to trespass in my house. Hey Charlie call the station tell Josh we found someone broke in our house okay Pat said Charlie. They are coming good two crooks in one day.
Well my phone is ringing itís your dime and my time hey Pat what going on up there at the house. Well we caught someone who broke in to the house said Pat Sue said who never guess Shama mother she was tearing my bedroom apart looking for money. Caught her in the act and guess what Charlie did turn the frying pan off she turned it on and made the kitchen caught fire. She isnít any better then her husband said Pat. Donít say anything to Shama about this said Pat okay said Sue. Do want to get her upset about tomorrow. So you know they are going to asked said Sue. Did you find your Dress yes Mom had it in her house I am going to go get it. I like to talk to Howard sure honey Pat wants to talk to you. Yes Pat you have a tucks for tomorrow if you like Charlie can take you to the store oh thanks Pat but I donít have any money oh donít worry we have plenty said Pat. How about Joe? Hey Joe what you wearing tomorrow for your wedding I donít know did you here that Pat yes tell him to get ready we will come and get you. Okay!

Hey Wolf, have they left yet no they are still here they want you outside I coming go to the orchard and open another jar. Sure Honey said Wolf. Hey Pat said the sherif what do you want us to do with her put her in jail right now how about the little girl that belongs to Shama. Call and asked Billís wife if she can stay with them until after the wedding is over. Oh okay say Josh thanks said Pat. Can we come sure more the merrier what time around Noon I think said Pat. So I have to go donít say nothing in front of her of okay said Josh.
Hey Howard and Joe where do you want to go on your honeymoon. We donít know how about so where in the states never been to Disney world sure now which one is there more then one yes. I donít want to go to the one my Grand mom goes thatís fine. Here we are hello need tucks for both of these gentle men will that be credit or cash. Cash they arenít renting it will be thereís. Are you

page 19

sure mame yes I am and I am not a mame its just Pat. Oh okay Lets go to the florets Remember what kind of flowers yes Sue wants Roseís and so does Shama well you can get them Pat is allergic to them big time. Oh okay say the Howard and Joe. You get the flowers and I will get the ticket for your honey moon. 2 weeks to Disney in Florida and 2 weeks in Disney in California that will be total of $4500.00 thank you your welcome say Pat. So I am going back to meet up with the guys.
And then I had to sit down I started felling dizzy can I help you mame no. I need my husband and sherif Howard sure I will get him for you. And you are Lt. Patricia Rivera stay here are you diabetic yes I am. Hey Doc Henry a little voice howled hey Pat whatís wrong I need something and she passed out cold. Hey Charlie Rivera yes itís Pat she has passed out on the street where are you in front of the travel agent okay we are coming. Is this Doc Henry yes it is do you have any insulin with you. No I donít who would have some go to the drug store and tell them Doc Henry sent you.
Okay I am so I go into the drug store and told him what Doc said and the pharmacy said he doesnít believe Doc Henry let me talk to him here he want to talk to you. Who is this Thomas Carr well this is Doc Henry, either you give him what he told I need or if his wife dies because of your stupidly okay Henry now run my son oh I need a needle here go find Doc Henry. Mean while Officer Josh shows up whatís wrong with Pat she is insulin shock. Here comes Charlie she has been under a lot of stress and that is not good for her. Hey sherif Howard I caught this guy with Patís wallet. Did she have any money yes she did about 30 one thousand dollar bills let me check this guys pockets. Yep your right thanks Howard your welcome Charlie Doc gave her 24cc she is waking up.

Hey that guy took my wallet said Pat. I got it here is your badge too said Howard where is you hand gun in the truck oh good with my hand cuffs. He was trying to rob me when I was passing out I asked him to go get you. Well the only thing he will be seeing is a jail. Wait let me ask him something what your name Bill thatís all I am saying why did you take my wallet I was hungry didnít have any money. If I can give you a job and pay you will you stop stealing where do you live in a card board box can you show me yeah. Okay lets go where he is going I live there who are those guys friends of mine. You live in a box yeah donít you get cold yes very cold. Donít you have a soup kitchen here in town or a shelter no we donít well you will if I have anything to say about it. Pat donít say something if you donít mean it well I do mean it said Pat. Bill get your belonging you are coming with me Pat said Howard he took your wallet and had your badge. So I am giving him a chance canít I do that yes I guess you can. You have your stuff Bill yes good you will take a shower when you get where we are going. Where is your family they are around they just donít want to have

page 20

nothing to do with me. Do you have any clothes no just what I have on. Hey Charlie take Bill in to buy him some clothes and some shoes. Pat your crazy say officer Howard no she not Pat being her self. What do you know about and who are you Howard Smith if it wasnít for Pat and Charlie. I and Sue would never got back together I would still be living in the tree house in there yard. So donít say that about someone if you donít know what going on. Here comes Charlie where is Bill he is coming now when we get back to Encolodge your to wash that hair and take a long shower and get that dirt off. Now you have clothes to wear those rags go in the trash including them shoes. Did you get razors yes good and I will give you a hair cut. Did you go to school around here yes class of ď67". I graduated from that class said Howard. And so did Sue Kyler I know her you do well I am going to marry her tomorrow. Oh okay said Bill, Do you know the Smith boys sure do wasnít that awful about Howard Smith dying well he didnít die because I am Howard Smith I have brother name William Smith jr. yeah but you dad told everybody that you died in Nam nope I am here in real life. I worked for your dad until he fired me for no reason at all.

Well he is in jail Pat put him there said Howard good for her said Bill. So you going to tell me your last name Bill itís Crowetz mame what did you call me sorry Pat. Better that or get fist in your mouth. She wouldnít do that would she Charlie oh believe me she would. So how much of a farm do you folks have oh about 1000 acres Wow said Bill. Is it all fruit trees sure is, well most of it is.
Well we better get to bed, morning comes early enough. buzz buzz shit good morning Honey hey were are you?
Sue and Shama is knocking on the door. Hold on a second let me get some clothes on. Yeah what you need we are going to dress at the church I hope you all didnít sleep with the guys. Oh no that is bad luck right. Anybody seen Charlie this morning Shama say she saw him walking Bearbear up at the fam he must be feeding the animals.
Who is that new guy who was with Howard this morning someone who went to school with name Bill Crowetz. Oh I know him well I brought him home I passed out on the street and I asked him to go get someone and then he took my wallet. He is a homeless person so I gave him a job and place to live and got him some clothes. Are you crazy Pat another person asked me that and I am going to come out swinging. I need some insulin let me do it Sue sure ouch that hurt. Need to do my sugar test now too you should have done that before I gave you a shot yeah I know. Lets go down to Moms and get something to eat. Did you guys get to see the flowers? No well the guys got you roses I canít be anywhere near you said Pat. Sue say why its called I am allergic to them I think they put them in Mae walk in. Did your mom find the dress yes and Shama say it big on me rather be big then canít get into it very true said Sue. Hope in the

page 21

truck and we will drive down.
Hi Mom, today is your big day Sue said Mae. One of the truckers say what going on well Sue is getting married. And so is Shama well who you marrying Sue, Howard Smith but he is dead no he not. And who are you marry Shama Sue grand son Joe, oh the dead beat dad who never came back for you Sue. Heís not a dead beat Dad his father put him in jail under false charges. And Patís going to fix that too. Now his Dad is in jail he hit Pat last night when she was getting Shama stuff out of the house. Plus he has been molesting her since her mom and him got married. And who was that William Smith Sr. Well he is most best person in town said the trucker, well you keep thinking that way said Pat. As Pat walked by the man he touch that was the last thing he remember because Pat flipped him and put her foot on his throat. Mae goes oh my god Pat hey nobody I donít know donít touch that is called offence. Sue said you will have to show me that, nah donít think so.
Just then Charlie came in the door what happen here this guy touch my shoulder you know that is just reaction. Hey Honey can I talk to you out side sure Wolf whatz up. those little stepping stone are around all the fruit trees and the berry bushís. Oh my and some around the barns. You have a new baby

You have a new baby in the barn. What a calf and colt oh that is wild you see the guys yeah they are taking there stuff out of the house fire marshal is there the house is worse then the fire department said it was at least we have insurance on the house. This time we will build and bigger and better one. Yeah but how long is that going to take. Wild the guys are on there honeymoon think we can take a trip of our own.
I like to go see Norman at ECI do I have to go you can stay at the Encolodge if you want sure and then we can go to Delaware or Ocean City we can take Frank if you wish. Sure Pat we need a vacation. Where is Bill he is picking some fruit for Mae and so is Frank oh thatís cool. Maybe we should take Bill too bet he never been on a vacation before. Are you sure Pat said Charlie, hey why you never call me Boo anymore said Pat. I thought maybe you didnít like it said Charlie.
As Pat and Charlie is walking toward there house Jim comes walking down hey Pat you are going to have to take your stuff out of your house . And why is that it not fit enough for you all to live there well I guess I will have Frank and Bill help us move stuff down to our room. And put some stuff in the barn that will work said Charlie. Jim, said the money wont come from your insurance but from the person who started. That was Lily Smith well they have plenty of money then why was she trying to rob us because her and her husband are greedy people. At least you and your husband are nothing like that and donít ever change.

Page 22

Hey Jim what year did you graduated from high school 1966 oh said Pat. Why I thought maybe you graduated in 1967 no my brother did but no one has heard from him why its like he walked off the face of the earth said Jim. Oh thatís awful, may I asked what his name was said Pat sure Bill Crowetz oh your kidding me why. Hey will you take a walk with us to the orchard sure need you to sign this first oh okay said Pat.
Charlie whisper in my ear boy does he has a surprise for him said Charlie and Pat say oh yeah what is wrong with this world. Okay I am ready so we are walking up the orchard and Bearbear is following us and chancing a rabbit. Hi Frank said Pat Hi Charlie said Frank and Bill so how much have you picked one bushel of each apples and pears now we are starting on the peaches.
Hey Bill I want you to meet some one but I think you already know him. This is Jim Crowetz he has the same last name you have. Didnít you tell me you graduated in 1967 yes and then went to Viet Nam yes and you had a head injury yes but donít remember much just where I lived and I have no family I know of. Jim do you have any picture of your brother yes but he died in the war well maybe he didnít. Maybe he is standing in front of you sure he has whisker and he need a hair cut but you never know.
Very True said Jim.
Hey your phone is ring Pat answer it Wolf it your dime and Pats time, hey this is Sue tell Pat we have a hour to get to the court house oh yes we do. Sorry get your butt down here and get dress Charlie is taking the guys and you are taking us. And tell Frank you move it to because h e is Joe best man oh I didnít know oh okay. Hey Frank did you guys bring the tractor up yes with a broken down wagon well put what you have done on the wagon take it to Maeís. We have a wedding and you are joe best man since when thatís what Sue just told me and your going to Bill. So we help the guys put the basket up on the wagon and Pat yell Wolf and she collapse in the road. She anybody have candy with them sure Wolf say Bill. Whatís wrong with her she not eating right and she is diabetic oh she need to get one of those thing that gives her insulin when its low, never heard of it. Let me call one of my men to bring some insulin to her said Jim. Hey she is turning blue said Bill I donít think its her insulin shock this time. Let me look in her wallet she is a bleeder and she need to get blood transfusion. Oh shit this was suppose to be done 2 weeks ago. Get here fast she need to go to the hospital now she is dying. I will call the hospital for you Charlie. Stratford Memorial how can I help this is Capt. Jim Crowetz I have a patient who need a transfusion. And the patient name Patricia Rivera oh yes bring her in I was anyway she need to see Doctor Henry he is here. She needs blood transfusion she is ab negative blood. Just then the ambulance showed up at the hospital and so did Charlie he said my wife is dying she to have a transfusion every thirty days. Who is her doc Henry has been looking after her. Our family doctor

page 23

is Donald Richardson in Garrett County in Maryland we have blood that came from there for a Patricia Utter well that is her she took her maiden name back and we are using Rivera. Oh okay Mr. Rivera she has 6 pints here for her. Sir your phone is ringing. No its my wife I will take this outside tell her where I went okay Mr. Rivera said the nurse. It your dime and Pats time hello who is this itís Sue where are you guys at I had to rush Pat to the hospital said Charlie. Sue say oh my she alright she will be soon as she gets some blood into her.
I am taking Shama and I to the court house sure go ahead is Frank around yes I will let you talk to him here Frank Charlie wants to talk to you. Yeah Charlie where are you guys at the hospital Pat passed out said Charlie. Can you take Howard and Joe to the court house for us Pat is going to be a while said Charlie. Sure said Frank but Sue say they arenít going to get married unless you guys are there. Let me talk to Sue again Charlie wants you sure thankís Frank, I mean it Charlie we arenít getting married unless you guys are their. Oh okay someone should let the Judge Mike Corn know then. Tell Frank to go tell the guys and if you want you can come here to the hospital said Charlie. Okay said Sue and Shama agree to what I say she said if it wasnít for Pat she and Joe wouldnít be getting married. So be it then I just thought you would want to get married no Pat not there we all can wait. What was Jim at the house for?

Its not a sound structure what ever that means they are going to burn it down the rest of the way said Charlie. We havenít even got anything finish there is stuff left in the basement from the Smith. But it going to be rebuilt at Lily Smith expends. There insurance is to take care of it since Lily is the one who start the fire but donít say anything to Shama. Bill has her daughter since Step Dad and her mother went to jail last night. Do need to ruin her day. And Howard father will be going to jail for a long time for insurance fraud.
I will have to find someone to take the safe out of the basement after the house gets burn down. I have to go said Charlie need to get back to Pat okay Charlie said Sue.
So Charlie goes back into the hospital to Patís room, nurse is she going to be alright is Doc Henry in there with her Said Charlie. The nurse said yes he is I need him to up date her card. I am sure he will said the nurse . Okay thanks, well Charlie your wife is very lucky you and jim was around because she would be dead right now.
Will she be able to get out today no Charlie she has to stay until tomorrow. Oh okay I was just wondering we had a wedding to go to will you update her card sure I will. This card is a very old I will give you a new one 2010 thanks say Charlie. Hey there is someone who wants you to come in the room, hey boo you had me scared. Sorry Honey I forgot to do something I guess you figured it out yeah I did said Pat. Sue called they are going to wait until you get out of the

page 24

hospital oh I ruined there day for them said Pat. No you didnít you come first boo said Charlie, Jim has something to say to you boo said Charlie. Can he come into to the room Doc Henry for a couple of minutes Pat. Ok Jim whatís the verdict well itís not a sound structure so it going to be burnt down to the ground but there is stuff in the basement that the Smith left for us. Like what said Jim. Well we have two safes there and there is one safe that was there when we brought the property there is a fork lifted in the green barn well I can have some of my men take it and put it in one of the barns. Oh thatís fine ,hey would you mind if some of my men could pick some apples and cherry oh sure. And Pat could you make a few pie for us I know you help Mae with her pound cakes and pies maybe she will let you bake in her kitchen. Sure I will asked her after I get out of here said Pat. Oh okay Jim you will have to leave said Doc Henry. We donít need to tire her out and it 2pm. Mrs. Rivera you have some flowers out here you want me to bring them in what kind are they roseís I
donít think so.
Oh Charlie spoke up she is allergic to roses well the florist is out here you can tell him. Hi Pat you have some flowers what kind are they roseís now Nora I am allergic to roses oh okay I will take them back and get you something else oh thank who are they from Mae and Sue oh okay thanks I will write on record that you are allergic to roseís.

Hey honey they are from Mae and Sue now she knows I am allergic to roseís. So a knock at the door hey Pat say Shama can we see you sure. Why didnít you except the flowers because they were roseís. And Pat is allergic to roseís oh we for got. We arenít getting married until you get out of the hospital said Sue.
Mom said Pat asked Doc Henry canít I get out of here today I hate hospitals. Well let me see what I can do sure Mom Love you. Shama say Mae is your Mom sorta, I know her for a lot of years. Shama Pat is a truck driver oh I didnít know that yeah that how Mom and her met. And Pat is also a chef thats how Mom and her start baking cake and pie to help Mom with her business.
Okay Pat Doc Henry is going to let you go home but no hard work. Like what is hard work just going to pick some fruit and get some kids married. Is it alright if Charlie and I go on vacation never been on honeymoon before sure why not just donít over due.

Here comes Doc Henry to sign your paper I have question can Charlie and I go on vacation sure fine. But know ruff housing what is that never did that before. Thinking about going to Ocean City or Delaware sure that will be fine.
So come on kids lets get you married.

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