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Reuben H Weber

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The Nurenberg kinetic"
By Reuben H Weber
Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rated "G" by the Author.

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This tale is the beginning when my young Champion Pach is endowed with the Gauntlet of Power that magnifies his already powerful kinesis.


“The Nurenberg Kinetic”


    July 24, 1679 was very warm and in fact very stormy as Richard Pachelbel went to the home of Physician Heinrich Steiner and asked him to come to his home to deliver the baby that was coming that moment. “Of course. It is a nice day your child has chosen. But too it is good, it is said a child born during a summer storm will have a special power of his own.” The physician said, “My child will be a warlock?” Herr Pachelbel asked in shock, “Oh, do not be so unyielding. This child has the potential to be something very special. This is the four thousandth year of the make of the Gauntlet of Power.” The physician said, “And that means what?” Herr Pachelbel asked, “It means that your child has possibilities of becoming the next Champion of the Gauntlet of Power,” The physician said, “Nonsense. I will not permit it. If this Darson, D’Sygrace come to propose such a thing to my child I will have him arrested for corruption of an innocent.” Herr Pachelbel said seriously. They came into the house only to find the child already born and wrapped in a warm blanket, brought into the world by his sister Honoria and the cord was cut by his brother, Regan. “I named him Johann Josef. I hope that is alright.” Answered Louisa Pachelbel as she held her new son close and gently kissed his soft pink forehead. “That is more than alright Louisa. It is what I wanted him named were it a boy.” Herr Pachelbel said proudly, yet there was a sense of unrest in the new father. What if the physician was right? What if this child was to be the next Champione’ D’ Sygrace? What then? He looked at the tiny babe, so small, so fragile, so innocent, how could so tiny a babe be charged with such a monumental charge as the Gauntlet of Power? ‘Surely Physician Steiner was mistaken this time is all. This child cannot be the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power. Impossible!’ He thought to himself, the delicate rose pale skin of his son was so soft and the espresso brown eyes of the baby were not even open yet, ‘No, he cannot be the Champion Sygrace seeks.’ Herr Pachelbel thought secure in his ideas.

     Years passed and the young one grew up as a beautiful child of delicate features and thin structure.  ‘Hann as his family and schoolmates called him, or Pach, a short form of his surname, called him by others. Either way he was a bright, bubbly happy child always cheerful and always ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever he could. He was taught the violin by the accomplished Russian violinist Nicholai Androkoff of Moscow. Pach learned fast and well, soon surpassing his teacher and being accepted in the prestigious Auditorium where he was taught the art of keyboards and other fine instruments including the viola, violoncello and flute. Pach was a splendid student and his teachers Heinrich Weilden and Klaus Adlien were very proud of their young student.

     Pach remained at the top of his classes through every obstacle thrown at him. It was not widely known that young Pach was a kinetic of highest caliber, not your average psychokinetic nor even a simple telekinetic, his was more a natural form magic arts, though definitely not witchcraft. He had the power to form portals to other locations, read minds, move objects and re-direct objects from one place to another. His powers of the kinetic were compounded by the aid of a sensitive area on his wrist called Elipta, the Eye of the Kinetic, although he never used his amazing power to aid him in his schooling for he often said, “That would be cheating and then I would learn nothing.” Which was so true .

     He was about ten years old when he entered Saint Lorenz High School where he met Eldwin Wennig a tragic child only three years older than Pach. They grew close and were great friends despite Eldwin’s tragic secret, he was scarred and because of this he was abandoned by his mother and his father was dead. Eldwin’s worst secret was that by night the ordinary schoolboy worked as a paid escort. Pach’s friend was a common whore. He never allowed his employers to see his face as he wore a mask and called himself the ‘Mystery Lover’. Pach always knew the truth though as his power of the mind shroud allowed him to read Eldwin’s darkest secret. Pach was horror-stricken and devastated, but he understood and knew Eldwin had to do what he had to do.

     In time, Pach also met Zigfried Rhinehart a young student of literature, the three friends enjoyed life as carefree children, all save for Eldwin’s dark, ugly secret. Years passed and still only a very few people knew Pach’s secret as the Nurenberg Kinetic. No one knew his role as the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power. On July 24th, 1692, on Pach’s 13th, birthday, his brother Josef, who worked as a maker of musical instruments, presented his beloved brother with a beautiful rosewood violin and bow of his very own. Josef had made the instrument which made it unspeakably precious to the young Pachelbel. Pach loved this violin more than any other, it was not a small child sized violin, but a full sized regular scale beauty and Pach endeared it to him as his highly prized possession. Finally on September 1st, 1692, Pach was approached by a young man who introduced himself as Nara-Nara the first Champion of the Gauntlet of Power. He told Pach, “This is now for you. It is the Gauntlet of Power, you, Johann Pachelbel are the chosen Champion of Sygrace, my father.” Pach was shocked. “Me? Surely, you are mistaken. I am a mere boy. I am not worthy to be the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power.” “Enough! You Are The Chosen One! It Was Seen At Your Birth!” Nara-Nara said in a strong voice. “I am only a mere child.” Pach persisted, “Mere? You? You cannot hide the truth from me Johann Pachelbel. I know, as my father knows you are the Black Forest Warlock. Your powers of the mind are incredibly strong. Yours is the most powerful force of kinesis ever I have known and I have known a lifetime of kinetics. Young Pachelbel, you are the Chosen Champion, do not deny thy destiny.” Nara-Nara said. “My destiny, Lord Nara-Nara is to take the business of my father if Regan or Josef do not. Otherwise I will have to be employed elsewhere.” Pach said, “You will go to Vienna and be a schoolteacher. You will also be the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power child. It is not a title to be taken lightly, it is a responsibility as deep as being the religious leaders of any sect. The Pope far away in the Vatican City. The Dali Lama in even further away Tibet in the Himalayas. The spiritual pronouncement will be as great as theirs, more so since the Gauntlet was often used in forces dealing directly with God’s great cause for the vanquishing of evil in whatever form we must face it. In this case, young Pachelbel, you will be pit against many great and vile dangers. You will not face them alone.” Nara-Nara said. “What do you mean?” Pach asked, “There will be Sygrace, my father, the guiding light of the Champion, save for your faith in God. Then there is myself, Nara-Nara, always I am here to act as the guardian of the heart of the Champion. Nura, the Archer of the Gauntlet, the Warrior soul, Myr, the spirit of wisdom, Amethysta, the heart of purity, Tutankhamen, the boy king of Egypt, the thinking mind, Akhneaten and the Druids of Stonehenge of which there are three, Arian of the Stone, Danian, Andru of Wight.  The wise one called the nameless one and the hermaphroditic Pelius are with you. You never need be alone child.” Nara-Nara said, “Amethysta? As in Pachelbel? Lady Amethysta Pachelbel who was the wife of Lord Welmartin of Zurich, Switzerland?” Pach breathed in awe, “That is she. Your great grandmother ten times removed.” Nara-Nara said, “She was a Champion of the Gauntlet of Power?” Pach asked with wide eyes, “As will be her descendent.” Nara-Nara said. “Th-then I am to be the next Champion?” Pach asked, “You are indeed, child.” Nara-Nara said. After great decision Pach took the Gauntlet and said, “I accept this charge then in the name of Our Holy Creator and His Most Holy Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ’s name… Amen.” “Amen.” Was all Sygrace said as he bestowed a kiss upon the forehead of his new Champion. Pach sighed and placed the Gauntlet on his nightstand and blew out the candle, as he lay there in the dark he asked Nara-Nara, “Will I be taught how to use the Gauntlet?” “I will teach you how to utilize its great mysticism.” The Dragon- Prince said, so then Pach fell asleep secure in his position now.

     Then came the time when Pach would really learn his incredible power of both, the Mind Shroud and the Power of the Gauntlet. On May 28th, 1693 he was walking on his way to see his friend, Eldwin when an inner voice told him to go to Saint Lorenz High School. He did and it was here he looked in the west window and saw the body of his dear friend, Eldwin hanging from the rafters. Pach was devastated. He turned to run from the horrific sight when he noticed that although it was late spring and warm the weather turned stormy and relentless. His breath caught as he thought for a moment of which Sygrace had warned him, “Iguada!” He whispered, The sky turned suddenly black as soot at the approaching storm. A massive roar was heard all over the Imperial City. People ran from the sight of the giant black monster, Iguada Subrad, the first born of the evil witch Gliden Subrad. Louisa Pachelbel came running to get her youngest child when she was scooped up by the monster and flung to the ground. Severely wounded, Frau Pachelbel screamed and tried to get to her feet. Iguada dealt a massive blow to her face which took her off her feet. The storm mounted as young Pach watched in horror as this monster raped his mother and then murdered her by ripping the poor lady’s heart out.

     Pach rushed the monster shouting, “Noooooooooo!” Iguada simply slapped the child aside like an unwanted toy. “I will kill you next in the same fashion as your mother the whore died!” Iguada said heartlessly. “You Will Pay With Your Evil Life Iguada Subrad!” Pach shouted ruefully. Pach backed away from this scene of dire devastation, he realized now that it had been Iguada that caused Eldwin to hang himself out of shame for the scar he bore. And here, before the lad’s very eyes the monster killed his beloved mother. Pach closed his eyes and brought his arms up in position as though he were holding a crossbow. Iguada laughed heartlessly. In less than a heartbeat, Pach formed a crossbow out of pure silver already armed with a silver arrow, which Pach aimed at Iguada’s heart. With the true accuracy of the Archer of the Gauntlet, Pach shot the arrow with the power of his amazing mind straight into the immortal’s black heart. Iguada shuddered and died. Pach, as a final tribute to his rage, spat on the corpse of the immortal. His father ran forth and grabbed the child’s shoulders and shouted at him, “Are You Mad? You Might Have Been Killed! What Were You Thinking?” He shook Pach hard as he spoke. “Get Away From Me! I Do Not Know You!” Pach shouted ruefully, “What do you mean? Johann I am your father.” The astonished Richard said, “Where Were You When She Needed You? Hiding? She Needed You And You Were Hiding? I Would Lay Down My Life For My Kindred Eldwin And My Mother And You Would Not Lift A Finger For Your Own Wife? You, Sir Are Lower Than A Snakes Belly!” The enraged boy spat. “Johann!” His father shouted at his son, “Leave Me Alone!” Pach growled, “Obey Me Child!” His father shouted as he swung the boy around and dealt a heavy blow to his fair face. Pach was startled, not a wise thing to do, he reacted out of defense thusly. His quick reflex shot an invisible hand that dealt a blow to the face of his father as well. The angry boy walked over to his siblings and said to Josef. “I am leaving here. I cannot stay where he is. I will ask you to bring my possessions to the outskirts of Nurenberg in one hours time. I will return then for them.” “Where are you going now then?” Josef asked, “To bury that waste called Iguada!” Pach said hatefully.  “‘Hann, are you sure?” Josef asked, “I am, Josef. I will be well.” Pach said with an emotional embrace. The anguished child then went and borrowed a cart from Farmer Stieles and returned to the sight of Iguada’s vanquishing. Using his amazing power he lifted the giant corpse onto the cart and boarded it and left. He drove to an undisclosed location and buried the massive monster finalizing it with thirteen drops of his own blood over the gravesite and his words, “As I am the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power so I condemn ye Iguada Subrad, slayer of the innocent, to rot in the fires of justice for all eternity. I vanquish ye in the name of Our Holy Creator and His Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!” He spoke the final word with authority. He then boarded the cart and drove back to Nurenberg. He traded his belongings with his brother Josef for the cart to be returned to its owner. Then Pach gathered the body of his beloved kindred, Elwin Wennig and placed him on in a cart with higher walls so there was no way the little body could be lost.  covered him lovingly and prepared to take him to Eisenach where he was born. After a weeks travel the child arrived in Eisenach. He went to the funeral director and paid to have Eldwin properly buried. Pach paid for a casket, private plot and a marble headstone with the inscription, “In Pace Requiescat. Forever you remain in my heart and know always that I love you. ~Pach~ then the traditional: Eldwin Kristof Wennig: May 29, 1676-May28, 1692.” Then after a tearful farewell, the young kinetic left. He drove his little cart to Munich and sold it. He used only his horse, a grey Arabian named “Zeus”. The horse carried his light passenger as though there were nothing on his back at all. They went north to the beautiful city of Rotterdam, in the breathtaking country called Holland. Here Pach moved into the “Elia” Inn a place where he could stay and eat at the same time. He worked as an innkeeper during the evenings to pay for his keep, and during the day he was a schoolboy learning music, literature and history most of all, but all of education combined. He learned well the art of music, in fact it was the subject he excelled at the most. He learned literature extremely well also and intended that if he were unsuccessful as a composer or musician, he would become a writer. He enjoyed school tremendously and was happy in Rotterdam. Then something happened that changed everything. A strange personage named Synexi IceHeart came to the inn. He did not go inside at first but rather he ripped the doors off with the use of his own amazingly powerful kinesis. He tore the inn to shreds board by board till be found Pach’s room. The terrified former residence ran screaming and crying in unsheathed terror. Pach came face to face with the masked immortal, Synexi was a beautiful child (child in immortal years that is) with long dark hair and eyes of an unknown color. He wore a mask to hid the scars he bore as a memorial of his first encounter with his best friend, an immortal  wolf-lord, named Savos. Synexi attacked Pach with an ice-sword which wounded Pach’s left shoulder. This caused Pach to react also, he formed a sword of fire from his incredible mind. Synexi was startled to learn he was dealing with an equal. Not a minor as were many of his victims, but this child of above average statues was a powerful warlock of immense power and knowledge. “Who are you? I recognize you not.” Synexi screeched, “I am Johann Pachelbel. I am Champion of the Gauntlet of Power.” Pach answered, “You are no mere Champion. What is the identity of your power child?” Synexi growled, “I am the Black Forest Warlock called by many who know me well.” Pach answered, “A real warlock? In all my days.” Synexi said calmly, his voice was pleasant when not engaged in extreme irritation. “You are not of the immortal realm called BlackDomain, are you Synexi?” Pach asked, “No. I am from BlackRealm, under the rule of one Slavandei IceWind. I am shunned by your kind because of my resentful hate of music.” Synexi admitted, “Then you are most likely the one responsible for the murder or Wilhelm Reich, he was a musician of considerable accomplishment.” Pach said, “This is true . I am.” Synexi said and then Pach realized the nature of Synexi’s visit, “You mean to kill me as well, do you not?” He said excitedly, “Prove to me the power of music and I will spare your life Johann Pachelbel.” Synexi said. Pach drew his violin to his chest and said, “In all fairness though, you must be willing. You cannot simply dislike it so as to defeat me.” Synexi laughed, “You are clever child. Agreed then.” Pach played the beautiful music of his good friend, Heinrich Biber, he knew Biber from a visit to Halle, Saxony where he learned Biber’s music quickly and skillfully. Synexi listened carefully, he was not really impressed, Finally he put his hand on Pach’s wrist and asked, “Have you any compositions of your own?” “I do.” Pach said and he drew his bow and played his first ever composition called “Auracedres”, Synexi listened and smiled, “Yours is truly a gift of unearthly measure. You win the encounter with me this day child. Go in peace and know I will not molest you.” Synexi smiled as he extended his hand to the young one. Pach accepted the hand of the masked immortal willingly. It was during this time the King of DarkHaven one, Phyadazirex DeathStrike made himself known. The instant he appeared Synexi drew back, “I will not harm you Synexi IceWind. Know this though. I am the friend of the Champion of the Gauntlet of Power and I will side with him if the realm you reside in attacks any oppressed peoples, do you understand Synexi?” The black haired immortal lord said strongly, “I do Lord Phyadazirex. I have just learned the favor of music. I will not harm him.” Synexi said. Neither Pach nor Phyadazirex totally trusted Synexi, though this young immortal was far more trustworthy than another who would come into play later in Pach’s life, a dangerous adversary he will prove to be.  His name was Treasen WildOne, very wild and unbridled was this child of BlackDomain, he was the youngest child of LeShane and Gliden Subrad, he took the name WildOne when he advocated the realm of his parents and sought refuge in the ancient realm called DarkHaven.   The first time Pach encountered Treasen was just before entering Vienna.

     Pach was riding through the forest called “Idicon” a terrifying place, it felt like death and the screams of dying souls could be heard in there often. Pach encountered a boy lying on the side of the road. He appeared to be seriously injured. Pach stopped to see what he could do. “Hello? Are you awake?” “Oh! Please, help me!” The boy cried pitifully, “Where does it hurt you child?” Pach inquired, “My left side!” The boy cried in pain, Pach thought, ‘The appendage.’ He then approached the boy and dismounted the horse. He came nearer the fallen child and asked, “What is your name child?” “Treasen.” The child answered, Pach reeled in horror, this was no mere child in pain it was the youngest child of LeShane and Gliden named Treasen, the child with the unsteady mind.    The young immortal suddenly produced a powerful crossbow and aimed it at Pach’s heart. The unnerved kinetic gasped and leaped to his feet. He then took several steps backward to find his horse. Just as he gripped the reigns and formed his portal away from this young dread, the insane one shot the arrow, narrowly missing Pach’s heart. Pach appeared near Vienna on December 24th, 1694 and Treasen laughed like an insane creature, which he was. He then brought about a horrific blizzard that enveloped Pach and his horse with a ferocity unknown till now. When Pach rode through the town, he was only a blur to us in the “Green Dragon” Inn. We barely saw him pass the window though it was broad daylight, or as close as you could expect with the storm raging outside.

     He rode passed us enroute to the livery where he would board his horse. He paid for “Zeus” to be boarded until his first pay. That would be harder to work out then dealing with me, he realized that. Then he fought his way through the evil blizzard to the door of my inn. He opened it and came in. My young friends, J. Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi were sitting at the large picture window which would become a major part of their lives later on. The child came in and was so cold and tired my heart went out to him immediately. “Welcome child. How may I be of service to you?” I asked. Antonio felt a sudden sense of familiarity with this young new comer. When the hood came down from the fair young face, Antonio whispered, “You! It is You!” J. Sebastian looked at his friend wonderingly.  “I have met him before.” Antonio explained to J. Sebastian, “He is to be one of my students then?” J. Sebastian asked, before the Venetian could answer, Pach said, “I am Johann Pachelbel, from Nurenberg, Saxony. I am the new teacher of music and history at Saint Martin’s Academe’.” J. Sebastian’s eyes flashed and his mouth dropped open, “A teacher? He cannot be more than sixteen seasons.” The older teacher said, “If I recall his sisters stating his date of his birth he is now fifteen seasons.” Antonio said. I took Pach’s credentials he offered me and I looked them over carefully. “You are fifteen years aged and a teacher? Your credentials certify you as teacher of Saint Martin’s Academe seventh grade level.” I said, “Yes. That is right.” Pach answered. He delivered a shy smile to Antonio who he knew was watching him carefully. He remembered the encounter with the young priest in Innsbruck.  “How may I serve you then child?” I asked, “I have no place to stay and no money to pay you. I will work in the evenings for my keep. I will pay for my board when I am paid and then purchase materials to build my own home. Do you agree M’Lord?” The child said with a very well delivered bow of his beautiful head. “I accept Johann Pachelbel.” I said, “Then you must call me Pach, as all my closest friends do, and I want us to be very close friends.” Pach said, “Then you must call me Reuben. That is what everyone calls me. This is my assistant, Viktor Helgaar, he is from Rotterdam. And my niece, Jenna Weber.”  I introduced the rest of my staff. Pach shook hands with the Dutch giant and graciously kissed the hand of my niece. Jenna sighed dreamily, She stared at the young newcomer till I sharply reminded her, “Jenna Anne… Do you have beds upstairs to make?” “Uh….. Yes Uncle Reuben!” She said as she came back to reality and ran upstairs with a fleeting glance at Pach with a heavy sigh from her heart of hearts. “I will take you to your room… Pach. I have reserved room 13 for any new comers, will that be alright?” I asked, “Perfect sir.” He said, I reprimanded him, “Reuben, Pach. Reuben.” He smiled and repeated, “Reuben.” I took him to the room and opened the door for him. I had not noticed till then that Antonio had followed us up to the room. “I must speak with him in private if I may Reuben.” Antonio said, “Of course.” I said, and shut the door behind me as I left.

     “You chose me, did you not? It was your voice I heard, am I right?” Antonio confronted the child. “Yes Antonio. I chose you as my second. I have faith in you like none other. I know I can trust you with my very life. Some day you will wield the Gauntlet of Power my friend.” The unusual child said. “Hmph! Some day is a long time in coming I hope then. Come now my Little Warrior. I wish you to meet my other friend, Johann Sebastian Bach. He too is a Saxon.” Antonio said as the two new friends walked down the stairs to the lobby to introduce Pach to J. Sebastian. So the grand adventures begin…..


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