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Fred Jenning Rogers

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Journey of the White Robes
By Fred Jenning Rogers
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rated "G" by the Author.

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“For millenniums there has existed a secret and mystical order that has incarnated time after time to help mankind through the difficult moments of transitioning the steps of the evolutionary ladder. The time is upon us once again and these beings of pure energy are coming into embodiment at an incredible rate, to assist us at this most perilous hour of
our history.” Journey of the White Robes

The overwhelming necessity for more light to reflect upon the world stage grows stronger in each consecutive round of human life. As humanity steps upon the pages of the third millennium, according to the Gregorian calendar, it would appear obvious to most that the lessons from the past have failed to capture the attention of those who lead the way. It is for that reason alone that this work has been called forth from the teachers of the eternal wisdom, one small candle to assist in the illumination of a new day.

Journey of the White Robes is an inspirational and visionary work that safely accompanies the reader on a mission of self-discovery. From the comfort of our personal points of view we will witness the expanding awareness of young Forest Waters and Aurora Collins as they travel to the far reaches of both the known and unknown territories of consciousness, in search of their destiny. We may easily identify with one or more of the larger-than-life characters that will have a profound effect upon choices we may call to life every day.

Written from a human perspective, the events and to some degree the Divine interventions are personified, providing simple allegory to color the text, where the meaning might otherwise be obscured. The author acknowledges the tremendous works, which are available to those that seek out the truth, and humbly sets this work on the table where it may serve to inspire, instruct, and entertain.

Great detail has been offered as the landscape of dreams, inter-dimensional travel and ancient esoteric prophecies are encountered, thus the reader may expect more clarity upon these elusive and mysterious subjects. With a wealth of mystical inference Journey of the White Robes promises to offer suggestions, which may prepare the human race for the challenges that lay directly upon the path ahead.

In the final analysis the objective is to simply nudge the reader, to gently awaken from the slumber of complacency, and to take their position of responsibility in co-creating a new reality for humanity. This, and all work of this tenor is paramount for the survival of the race, the cosmic clock is ticking.


   1 The Invitation

The reflection from the small crystal on top of the dresser, shined directly into Forest’s left eye. It was his favorite crystal, given to him by Blue Star, a Native American medicine man, many years earlier. This morning, however, the reflection was different, more luminous than ever before. It was another beautiful autumn morning, not unlike so many others for Forest Waters. He awoke to the morning rays of the sun entering the window by the side of his small bed. From his view on the second floor he couldn’t help but notice how extraordinarily vivid the scarlet colored leaves of the maple tree in the front yard were. Fully awake, he sprang up and out of bed, with the excitement and enthusiasm of a child seeing the glow of Christmas lights for the first time.

Forest was planning to meet his new friend, Aurora, this morning, picking her up at her aunt's house, to attend a workshop at the local community college. But, everything had changed. He had a dream, he thought, or was it an invitation? He wasn't sure, one thing was certain; today was not going to be just another day.

Hurriedly preparing for the day, Forest showered, dressed, and had a quick bite to eat. Dashing out the door, he jumped into his car, and headed over to Aurora’s. Forest could hardly contain himself; he was thrilled beyond anything he had ever experienced before. Forest arrived at Aurora’s just minutes later, he didn't even remember driving there, he was that excited. Forest couldn't wait to tell Aurora about his dream or was it a dream? Maybe an invitation? Whatever it was, he was exhilarated, and beside himself with anticipation.

It was Saturday; the community college wasn't actually in session, but frequently classes were held on the weekends, where local experts could offer their knowledge and expertise on particular topics. Forest and Aurora had been planning for several weeks to attend a particular workshop addressing the significance of dreams. The instructor, Professor Goodman, had studied many psychological and philosophical interpretations of the dream state, metaphysical and biblical alike. Dreams; referred to as the collective unconscious by psychologists like Carl Jung, were also considered doorways into other dimensions by mystics. This topic had been of great interest to Forest, especially since the passing of his mother, Claire, nearly three years earlier.

Forest was knocking at the front door when Aurora’s aunt, Rosemary, opened it and invited him in. The aroma of maple syrup smelled delicious, “Would you like to join us for some pancakes?” she asked. Forest politely declined, telling her that he had already eaten breakfast, and that he and Aurora needed to be on their way to the workshop. Hearing Forest’s voice, Aurora came out of the dining room, a vision of peace and serenity, a lovely flower, and a sweet and kind person. Forest beamed from ear-to-ear as she entered the room. “Have I got something to tell you!” he exclaimed. “You will not believe the dream I had last night, in fact I'm not sure if it was a dream.” Looking at Aurora he noticed that her sweater was partially unbuttoned at the top, revealing a portion of the blue tee shirt she was wearing. Forest had seen the tee shirt once before when they first met, it had a beautiful artistic rendering of Mount Shasta on the front, he thought to himself how interesting that she had chosen to put it on today. Aurora had a warm smile upon her face, one that invited further commentary. “What is it Forest? What did you dream about?” Eager to get going Forest said, “Why don’t you get your things, I'll tell you in the car.” Saying goodbye to Aunt Rosemary Forest and Aurora left on what would become the most incredible trip of their lives.

Forest wasn't exactly sure where to begin so he took a deep breath, “Isn’t it interesting that we are going to a class that studies dreams this morning?” Aurora agreed, “Yes, it is a fascinating topic, there are so many facets to understanding what occurs during our dreams. I love talking about it.” “Well, I have to tell you about the dream I had last night, it was more than a dream, it was a journey. Let me tell you what happened.” Forest pulled the car over to the curb and parked, Aurora didn't really seem surprised because Forest had piqued her curiosity and she wanted to hear the story.

“Do you remember I told you that my mother passed away a few years ago? In my dream last night she came out of an ancient mystery school, located inside the base of Mount Shasta. She was radiant, dressed in a robe that seemed to be vibrating and made out of light. She held out her hand, showing me four crystals, which appeared to pulsate with an energy force, right there in her palm. There seemed to be an implied invitation to come to the mountain today, some secret, mystical dream language that transcends the spoken. I feel there must be something very special waiting there, to be discovered or experienced, but I cannot figure out what it is. That is all I recall from the dream. Something else, I notice that you are wearing your Mount Shasta tee shirt today, is it a sign? Do you think maybe we should go to Mount Shasta today, instead of the workshop?”

It didn't take Aurora more than a moment to reply, “ Maybe it is a sign. What are we waiting for, let's go.” Aurora had wanted to attend the class, but felt that perhaps this might be more of an adventure, a real life experience. After debating whether they should go or not they came to the conclusion that it was time for a road trip. Mount Shasta was not that far away, only about two hours south of where they lived, in southern Oregon. The day was early, and seemed to be the perfect morning for a ride.

They decided to pick up some snacks for the day, and stopped at their favorite grocery store, even though it was out of the way. With food in hand, they proceeded to the check-out stand where the store owner, wearing his familiar smile of, I know something, greeted them and gave them a somewhat cryptic message, “Respect your journey today.” The message seemed so odd, because neither Forest nor Aurora had said anything to Mr. Scott, about going anywhere. They both looked at one another in a puzzled yet aha state, and told Mr. Scott that they would. They headed back to the car, put on some favorite music and began their trip to Mount Shasta.

It was an absolutely gorgeous drive; the morning sun was illuminating the fall colored leaves, making the trip a visual delight. After a nearly two-hour drive they finally arrived in the community of Mount Shasta City. Forest and Aurora drove through the narrow streets making their way to the mountain, the winding road took them about 13 miles east of town, which eventually led to the trailhead they were seeking. When they arrived in the parking lot, they noticed they were not alone. There were probably a half a dozen other vehicles there as well. It was one of those exceptional days on the mountain. The sky was striking with the intense shades of azure-blue that makes one realize just how alive the very atmosphere is. There were lenticular clouds assaulting the high peaks of the mountain, shrouding and nearly obscuring the receding snowline.

There was most definitely an excitement in the air when they reached the uppermost parking area. They had made it to the mountain, and were ready for whatever was to come. Forest was eager to get out of the car, but before he did, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small crystal that awoke him that morning. Aurora smiled, “You didn’t tell me you brought your special crystal, what are you going to do with it?” Forest replied, “I’m just seeing if it has a message for us, or if more of the dream will reveal itself. Remember I mentioned that there were four crystals in my dream, perhaps this may be one of them.” With that he opened the door and stepped out into the breezy cool air. As Forest looked around the parking lot, his eyes came to rest upon a small tan-colored car with a woman who was also just getting out. Turning away from the parking lot Forest gazed upwards towards a distant mountain range.

He held up his crystal to the morning light, silently giving thanks for the moment, and saying a small prayer, asking for his mother to visit him. Just as those final thoughts left his mind he heard the woman calling out to him as she approached, “Hi there, that’s a beautiful crystal, I have one just like it.” Forest turned around to see the woman slowly coming closer, instinctively he held out his hand offering his crystal for her to examine. The woman appeared to be in her early thirties, with blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Her bright-colored stylish clothing suggested that she was not from the local area, the rainbow colored scarf that was wrapped around her neck and shoulders added an air of intrigue to her countenance.

Returning the crystal to Forest she softly spoke, “My name is Sharon, I’d like to show you my crystal.” Forest followed Sharon to her car, where the trunk lid was already opened, she reached in and pulled out a beautiful clear crystal, which indeed looked very similar to the one he had brought that day. Forest glanced into her trunk, it looked like some kind of sacred traveling alter; there were spiritual books and paintings of angels meticulously placed all about. It was then, at that very moment, that Sharon looked intently into Forest’s eyes and asked, “Would you like to meet my traveling companions?” Before he could respond she reached into a hidden pocket and opening her hand revealed two of the most incredible crystals that Forest had ever seen. It didn’t take him long to do the math, his small crystal— one, her matching crystal— two, her traveling companions— three and four. Four crystals, right there at the base of Mount Shasta, very interesting, was the dream beginning to materialize?

Aurora could sense the excitement as she walked over to the car, “ Hello, I’m Aurora. Isn’t it a beautiful day here on the mountain?” Sharon smiled and replied, “Indeed, absolutely gorgeous. My name is Sharon, I was just showing your friend some of my favorite crystals, would you like to see them?” Aurora held out her hand, telling Sharon that they had come to the mountain because of a dream that Forest had the night before.

“Very interesting,” Sharon replied, “I also had a special invitation to the mountain today. I am an artist; you may have noticed some of the angelic paintings in my trunk. What happens is the angels appear to me, and I put them on canvas. I not only paint them, I telepathically communicate with them. Recently, a few days ago, I was instructed to come to this exact location, at this exact time, to meet someone, and that someone is the two of you.” Forest was caught off guard, “That someone is the two of us, how could that be?” Sharon explained, “The angels have communicated to me, that we are each of a unique frequency, however, when we are in the company of others with a complementary frequency or vibration, we may actually merge into a single vibration (a combination of the two). Sort of like the old saying; two heads are better than one. When that happens the angels, may simply refer to the combined frequency as one. I know it may be difficult to follow my interpretation, but apparently for some reason I am to share some information with both of you.”

The three of them visited for what must have been close to an hour, laughing and whisperings could be heard on the wind. Eventually, they must have said their goodbyes, since Forest and Aurora were walking back towards their car. Sharon, appeared to be done as well, and climbed back into her vehicle. She had a long trip in front of her; she had driven up from her home in San Francisco just hours before. Sharon started the car, slowly driving away, down the hill and out of sight. It was already past noon; Aurora turned to Forest and asked, “What do you want to do now?” Answering he said, “Let’s get our lunch packs ready, and climb the mountain for awhile, does that sound okay with you?” “That sounds perfect to me, let’s go,” Aurora was so at peace when she was with Forest.

They both selected what items to take in their packs; water, oranges, energy bars, and a few essentials. Looking uphill at the west facing side of the mountain, the grandeur and sheer size was imposing. Where were they to go? What were they to find? They were a sight to behold, dressed warmly in their colorful sweaters, stocking caps, and daypacks. Forest and Aurora were ready for an adventure. Leaving the car behind, they proceeded to a sign and information station, which was situated at the beginning of the trail they intended to follow. The posted map showed their current position and outlined the designated trails they could follow to different points of interest. There was also a small wooden box mounted on a post where hikers were to deposit the provided information slips they filled out. Hikers would write their names, number in party, where they planned to trek to, and how long they intended to be gone.

The information board posted the potential dangers of the area, and presented an artistic representation of the flora and fauna that one might encounter. It gave a condensed history of the mountain and surrounding area, and touched briefly upon the first Native Americans that called the region home. Having read the information, and depositing their slips Forest and Aurora were ready to ascend the side of the mountain. Looking before them, they could see what looked like dozens of switchbacks that seemed to chris-cross the face of the mountain. Forest pointed up and to the left, suggesting that they might try to hike to what appeared like a natural shelf. Just how far away it would be, was difficult to determine as neither of them were more than casual hikers, certainly not mountain climbers by any stretch of the imagination. It was almost 1:00 in the afternoon; they had decided to allot three hours for their adventure, which would still get them back home before 7:00 that evening. And so it was that they began their journey with Aurora setting her right foot first upon the trail.

Leading the way, Aurora watched her steps carefully, navigating the terrain with great caution. The incline was immediate and it was within only the first few moments that she realized they needed to pace themselves. The landscape offered plentiful resting opportunities along the way, beautiful boulders of all shapes and sizes strewn about, with the alpine plants creating a mosaic living tapestry. It was probably about 150 yards up the pathway when they both decided it was time for a break. Finding a rock, which was flat on top and perfect sized for them both to sit on, Forest suggested it would be a great place to discuss what had happened so far that morning. Aurora agreed, and removing her sweater placed it on the boulder.

“What do you think about what is happening today?” Forest’s eyes were gleaming with a twinkle of wonderment, “It looks like my dream was an invitation, I am just so amazed at how the morning has unfolded; your agreeing to come here, even wearing your Mount Shasta tee shirt, where does this stuff come from?” Aurora smiled, “Forest, I think you know, I feel we may have lived another lifetime before as brother and sister. It is incredible how we met Sharon, and how the four crystals were all here on the mountain, and how she was instructed to be here at the exact time we were. You know, no one would believe us, this is truly stranger than fiction.” Forest gazed up the hill, “They say that life is, I can still hear Mr. Scott telling us to respect our journey today. Do you think he knows something? Is he a part of this somehow?” Aurora shook her head, “I don’t know, but what I can tell you, is that I am ready to continue our hike, I want to see what’s around that bend just ahead.”

Getting up from their short rest they continued walking, now at a slower pace they were beginning to acclimate themselves to the mountain air. The rays of the sun were providing warmth, along with the cardio workout they were receiving from the hiking. Aurora wrapped her sweater around her waist, tying the sleeves together. Her brilliant sky blue tee shirt seemed to glow in the mountain light; the artistic design of Mount Shasta completing the scene, another layer of wonder. Silently they continued around the next bend, as if on a secret mission. They explored each step they took, examining the ground, ever attentive to their surroundings, awaiting whatever was to reveal itself. Forest stopped on the path, and removing his pack, opened it to get his water bottle. They didn’t say a word to each other, but the air was thick with anticipation. Aurora didn’t stop; she kept walking on, almost as if she was being drawn to the end of the switchback.

They had been hiking now for nearly a half hour, and were beginning to gain a little altitude. In fact looking down the hill, they noticed how the parking area and cars were looking smaller and smaller. From their point of view they could now see all the switchbacks ascending the mountain, and it appeared that they had the mountain and the day to themselves. Forest and Aurora were nearly half way to the ledge that was their goal for the afternoon.

Forest’s mind was active, he was remembering his mother, how beautiful she was, and how her death seemed so untimely, she was so young, so full of life. He missed her greatly, recalling they would spend long days together, talking about the wonders of life. Amazing trips to the ocean, and to the redwoods, campfires and stargazing, museums and concerts, Claire was indeed a magical human being. She had married Forest’s father Warren early in life, she was only 18 and just out of high school. Warren had been her childhood sweetheart. The young couple moved to a commune in southern Oregon where Forest was born. The marriage didn’t last; Warren was a free spirit, leaving Claire to travel with a group to India. They didn’t hear from him for many years, seems that he ended up at an ashram studying with a guru, renouncing his western life and family. Something caught Forest’s attention, bringing him back to the present; it must have been the scurrying of a small animal in some nearby bushes.

Aurora broke the silence, “Let’s take a break, I need a drink of water, and just look at this view, it is breath-taking.” They found a small ledge just off the path, and made themselves comfortable, it was indeed a magnificent vista. With the pine and fir forests stretching out for miles, and the rugged crags outlining the southwestern horizon, the elevation provided a panoramic sight, some would say, postcard perfect. Settling down, it was Aurora who first saw them, “Do you see?” Forest finished the question, “The particles of light? Yes! I do.” “What are they? What are we seeing? I see millions of vibrating particles, in every color and hue dancing all around me,” Aurora was intrigued. “Maybe it’s the elevation,” Forest offered, “Or perhaps the change in oxygen, I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s incredible.” The light show lasted for what seemed like hours, or was it only moments, they couldn’t tell, it was as if time had somehow changed, it was fluid. Forest started to get up, but was held down by some invisible force as if he was glued to where he was seated. Pictures started appearing in his mind, he tried to describe the scenes he was seeing, but could not get the words out of his mouth. Aurora smiled and nodded her head with the I understand motion. Looking intently at one another, their thoughts exchanged places, and Aurora was now seeing what Forest had just visioned. They were in telepathic rapport.

It must have been the astonishment or intensity of the moment that brought them out of this almost hypnotic trance, as Forest questioned, “Did we just have an experience?” “I did, I saw some inner pictures, and intuitively knew that I was seeing or sensing what you were envisioning. That has never happened to me before, I am not sure how I feel about it.” “Wow, maybe Sharon’s angels are right, maybe our energies are combining into one, I just wonder what’s next? Is this why we came here today?” Forest was now able to rise, which he did, holding out his hand to help Aurora from her seat. “Let’s head up to the ledge, I think that something most unusual may be waiting for us there.” Aurora hesitated, “Okay, let’s go, but if this gets too strange I may want to go back to the car, agreed?” “Agreed,” Forest nodded, but secretly he hoped that she would change her mind if the unexplainable events continued, he felt as though the invitation was only beginning to reveal itself.

Back on the narrow path, they looked up and noticed the switchbacks were beginning to have fewer steps between them, and the incline was even steeper than before. Their pace slowed, their breathing changed, and they trekked on, one step at a time. Looking behind himself and downward, Forest noticed the parking area almost looked like an ant farm now, the cars nearly indistinguishable, appearing like colored dots. They had climbed quite a distance, and were almost there, just a hundred yards to go. The terrain had changed now, fewer trees and shrubs, more of the low growing grasses and broadleaf perennials were visible. The rocks and boulders were changing in coloration too, the blue and gray hues were becoming lighter, and the reds, browns and beige stones were becoming fewer. The air felt very light as well, thinner. “We’re almost there,” announced Forest. “Good,” Aurora said, “I’m not sure how much farther I can go, my legs are beginning to get sore. I think I better have a little snack too, I am starting to get hungry.” The ledge was coming into view now, and what had looked so promising from down in the parking lot, was indeed a magnificent landing, a mystical outdoor courtyard, high on the side of the mountain. Forest and Aurora had arrived.

Entering this somewhat flat and level area felt like one was going into the reception room of the immortals, perhaps the domain of the Greek gods, what Zeus’ throne room may have been like. The area was roughly the size of a larger house, maybe 50 to 75 feet by 75 to 100 feet. There were tremendous boulders that appeared to be placed around strategic locations, although it was clear they were once sections of cliff faces far above that had long ago fallen into position. Still, it had the feeling of a miniature freeform Stonehenge, with all the mysterious allure that accompanied those unexplainable and legendary ages past.

Looking around Aurora located the perfect set of prehistoric furniture that would provide both a table and seating for their snacks. “Look,” she said, “This is perfect, let’s have our lunch here, after we eat I would like some quiet time for meditation.” Forest joined Aurora, it was the right spot for their meal, “You’re right, some food sounds good, and I’d like to have some alone time too.” With that, they both took off their packs and emptied the contents onto the flat surface of the provided table. The food somehow seemed more sacred at this altitude; it must have been the setting was more conducive to appreciation. They spread out the simple food in an almost ceremonial fashion, and after a brief silent moment of thanks they each began by peeling their oranges. The juicy sweet wedges soon disappeared and seemed to satisfy their craving for the moment. They both agreed that the rest of the snacks could go back into the packs for later, so a few sips of water finished their meal. Forest stood up and told Aurora that he wanted to go near the edge of the area overlooking the valley below for his contemplation, which of course was fine with her, as she too wanted to find a special spot for meditation.

Slowly walking a few paces from the dining area Forest found the ideal location. The sunny weather had warmed the stones that were facing the southwest, so his chosen seat was very comfortable. He sat cross-legged with his back resting against one of the giant monolithic boulders. Closing his eyes Forest began the familiar deep breathing exercises he had learned as a child from his mother. Breathing in, he took in the precious life force, holding it in his diaphragm for a short count; he then exhaled in a rhythmic fashion. He continued this yogic breathing for several minutes until a natural relaxed state of peace was achieved. Forest felt he was one with nature, one with Aurora, one with the universe. Drifting now into a state of beingness he was focusing his attention on his dream, asking that the inner meaning reveal itself to him at this time. To his astonishment Blue Star the medicine man came into his consciousness and told Forest to take the crystal out of his pocket and to place it on the small stone that was two feet in front of him. Forest opened his eyes, and following the suggestion, did so. Interestingly there was a natural indentation that held the small crystal in an almost upright standing position.

Sitting back down again, Forest was quite surprised when the crystal sent an intense beam of reflected sunlight directly into his right eye. He found it intriguing that just that morning he awoke to his left eye being filled with a similar reflection. He felt as if a doorway was opening between worlds, and in his excitement he discovered that once again he was experiencing a rapport with Aurora. He was sensing her wonder; she appeared to be having a communication with something or someone, a something or someone outside of herself, perhaps a resident from the mountain. It dawned upon Forest that this invitation to the mountain today was for the both of them; he was after all having unique experiences, experiences that he had never had when alone. What was the significance of the four crystals, and of his mother coming out of a mystery school in the base of this mountain? What was she trying to tell Forest? Why couldn’t she just communicate her message without the cryptic symbolism in the dream? He felt as if the information was almost in reach, yet veiled in a mist keeping him from understanding, but why the invitation, to what? He could feel Aurora’s presence, so he turned around seeing that she was slowly coming his direction. Perhaps she could shed more light on what was going on.

“Forest, is it okay if I visit? I do not want to interrupt your silent time, but I would like to share something.” Aurora approached as quietly as possible, and her voice no more than a whisper upon the non-existent wind. With her infectious smile and soft mannerism she walked to within just a few feet of where Forest was seated. “Of course,” he said, “Come on over, I was just thinking about you. I am eager to hear what you have to share.” “Very well then,” walking even closer she seated herself across from Forest next to the small stone that held his crystal. “I see that your special friend decided to join you, are you getting any clarity of the meaning of your dream-vision from this morning?” Forest looked intently at Aurora, trying to mentally communicate what he had just been experiencing, but once again the excitement seemed to prohibit the telepathic communication for the moment. “Yes, I have been receiving some interesting information, but now I’m curious, what is it that you would like to tell me?”

Aurora brushed her strawberry blonde hair away from her face, and began, “My meditation was absolutely incredible, you came into my awareness. I was visiting with some very playful and almost whimsical little beings; they were jokesters of sorts. They impressed upon me that this hillside is their home, and that they had lived here for thousands of years. According to them, they were responsible for the light show we experienced earlier. They said that if a person’s consciousness did not reach a certain level during that exercise that they could not communicate with them. A family of these beings came to me during the meditation, showing themselves and telling me that we were indeed here for a very special reason today, but that they were prohibited from disclosing anything further.” “Wow, that’s incredible, I knew that you were being visited, I sensed you experience the excitement. I think I am beginning to understand that when we are together, at least at certain times, that our consciousness does merge, we must be emitting an energy that calls extraordinary occurrences to us.” Aurora thought for a moment before replying, “You’re right, I was connecting to your thoughts too, I knew when you were taking the crystal out of your pocket, and I saw the reflection hit your eye.”

“What do we do now then?” Forest stood up and held out his hand to Aurora. “We continue on, the journey is just beginning,” she said as she arose. She opened her arms and they embraced. Forest certainly had many questions remaining, however, he felt as though the dream would reveal itself in other ways, as it chose to. They both felt that the time on the ledge was well spent, but that it was time for them to move on. The pathway continuing uphill looked foreboding, and didn’t really hold any promise of further insights, so they decided it was time to head back down the hill, perhaps to start on their way home. Aurora was happy that the downhill hike would be less exhausting, and would most likely take a fraction of the time they spent climbing the mountain. Putting their packs back on, and giving their silent respectful thanks for the moment and the mountain they proceeded back to the path where the descent would begin.

This time Forest set his foot upon the trail first, and he began with his left. In but a few steps Aurora moved around to take the lead, which seemed to feel natural to them both. Forest was happy to have found such a good friend in Aurora, someone who respected him, for who he was. Aurora too, felt blessed to have Forest in her life, he was so genuine and honest, a true seeker, and she found the combination very refreshing. Surveying the downhill path, it appeared that they still had the mountain to themselves. The way the switchbacks were situated it would be easy to see someone hiking up the hill to where they were. Glancing around Forest had that feeling as if he was leaving something forgotten behind. He felt in his pocket, yes the crystal was there, and he knew that he had replaced all the contents removed earlier from his pack. There just couldn’t actually be anything he was leaving behind, nothing of a physical or material nature in any event. The two of them began their descent in the silence just as they had in the ascent.

It was only a few steps down the path, turning the first switchback that they encountered another person, a young woman. She was a striking individual, slender, dressed very lightly, unusually so, with only a light wrap folded on her arm. In a voice that sounded more like music she address them, “Do you know where the meadow is?” Aurora answered that she did not, and Forest offered that he thought it was perhaps back down the road towards town, about a mile or so on the south side of the mountain. He thought he remembered seeing a marker to that effect, if indeed that was the meadow that she was seeking. The young woman said thank you and goodbye then proceeded uphill, she walked around the switchback and out of sight. As she left Aurora stopped and turned to Forest, “Where did she come from? We have been looking downhill and there was no one coming.” “That’s right,” Forest said, “We would have seen her. Let’s look back around the corner and see what direction she is headed.” So they both turned around, walked back up to the switchback and around the corner, the young woman had vanished, she was nowhere in sight.

“How could that be?” Forest was puzzled. The path that led uphill was quite an incline, and the sparse vegetation and shorter distances between switchbacks did not allow for any portions of the path to be obscured from sight. “I don’t know,” answered Aurora, “And I’m not sure she was human, if fact I’m not sure that we really saw her.” They remained silent and very still for a few moments, they each had a feeling coming over them, and they were once again in telepathic rapport. “I feel like something is happening,” was the thought in Forest’s mind. Aurora responded immediately, inwardly humming a tune, which lifted their shared vibration even higher. The moment was overwhelming, and both looked simultaneously for a place to sit down. There were two flat rocks side by side, like perfect seats in a classroom, so they seated themselves upon the stones. Sitting, Forest and Aurora were positioned so that their gaze continued looking down the path, which was a straight-of-way for several yards.

They must have been perfectly in tune with one another as what happened next defies description, but for the sake of the story we must attempt. As they were in this state of awareness the light particles once again visited them, and having had her visit with the little people Aurora felt as if this was a communication with the energy of the mountain. Being in rapport, Forest felt that awareness within himself as well, and added his desire to have the message present itself to them. They were both in an altered state of being, almost oblivious to their surroundings as the intensity of the light particles were nearly blinding them to all but their presence. The great light gradually subsided and what they saw next was most definitely not of this world. What appeared right there in the middle of the path was a tunnel leading into the mountain, but where most tunnels are entrances into dark places, this tunnel had brilliant golden light pouring out of it. As their eyes began to adjust to the luminous light they could distinguish geometric patterns and what appeared to be holographic pictures upon the walls leading into this cave-like opening.

In amazement they sat upon their chairs of stone, transfixed upon the sight before them. Almost instinctively they arose again simultaneously, and inched their way closer to the opening. Where did this strange doorway lead? Was this the secret entrance to the ancient mystery school? What had they stumbled upon, or been invited to? There were numerous thoughts swirling around both of them as they walked nearer. Yet there was no fear in either of them, it felt natural to explore this wondrous threshold.

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