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Kiryoku Rash

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Dream Angel's older stories
By Kiryoku Rash
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rated "G" by the Author.

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This is an example, of sorts, of the type of stories Barbie helped me tell of Dream Angel. For more information, go to

It comes from far away. From the deepest depth of darkness, it wanders. This terrifying void of darkness will be interrupted by something: A ray of light. Is this light strong enough to cover the darkness? Only one knows… her name is Destiny. Three days out of high school, she meets a creature that will help seal her fate. That creature is a small brown ferret. During this fateful encounter, local astronomers discover a strange object approaching Earth… as this object approaches, a small band of youths turn into a vicious gang. The peaceful state of the small town is wildly disrupted, yet Destiny is unaware…
Chapter 1
“YAAAAAAAH!!!!” Destiny screams, leaping out of bed. “I’m LAAAAAAATE!!” She tears off into the bathroom, takes a panic-speed shower, dashes into the living room and looks at the clock.
“Oh rats! The teacher is going to be really mad this time!” Then she looks at the calendar next to the clock.
“STUPID!” she says to herself, “I forgot! I graduated three days ago!” She goes back into her bedroom and changes into a medium blue jogging suit. She then looks into a mirror to put her hair up into a ponytail. She’s 5’8” with green eyes and red hair. As she takes off on her jog, two figures watch from the roof.
“Is she it?” one asks. The other shakes his head.
“No, let’s look elsewhere.” They vanish. A third smaller figure is watching from a nearby bush.
“I must convince her quickly before they fully take over,” he says then disappears.
Destiny is just finishing her jog when she sees a flash of brown.
“KYAAAAAAAAA!!” she screams and runs into the house slamming the door in the face of a small brown ferret.
“OW!” a voice says. “Do you realize that hurt?!”
“YAAAAAAH!” she screams and runs around the house, locking every door and window. A few minutes later there is a rattle and a crash. The ferret appears behind her.
“Air conditioning vents are even a tight squeeze for me! I guess I should lose some weight…”
“YAAAAAAAAH!! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE AND WHY ARE YOU TALKING?!” Destiny shrieks, jumping on a coat rack.
“Let me…” he starts to explain.
“I know! I’ve seen Sailor Moon! You’re like her cat, Luna, right? I’ve been chosen to fight an evil that will eventually kill me, right?” she says.
“Well, I don’t think they will kill you, but you do have the rest correct. Although my name is not Luna, it’s Breezer.”
“You mean I get to be like Sailor V?! COOL!” she says excitedly. Breezer looks uncertain.
“Uh… who’s Sailor V?” he asks. Destiny looks a little disappointed.
“You don’t know? I’ll…” she starts to say, he manages to interrupt her.
“Don’t worry about it. As long as you understand, that’s fine,” he says.
“Oh well, okay. Do I get some kind of transformation device?” she asks. He nods and says, “Correct! Here it is.”
Destiny watches as Breezer walks in a wing shaped pattern, then very softly mutters a word. A small wing-shaped brooch pops out of the floor. She picks it up, blinks and realizes that she’s changed. She runs to the bathroom and sees that she has a light blue bra-like top with the little wing brooch in the middle. A short skirt in the same blue. Six inch heels in the same blue that are sandal style. To top off the outfit a perfectly matched wing like mask in the same blue. Then she turns to see the back of her new outfit and discovers beautiful broad pure-white wings.
“Hello, Dream Angel,” Breezer says from behind her. “You might want to keep those wings folded in the house. Let me explain your power a little bit, Dream Angel. Your enemy, as yet unknown mostly to me, tries to steal dreams. The only thing I really know for sure is that they enter the dreams of people to steal them. You, as your name suggests, are to be a guardian “angel” of dreams.”
“Do I use physical or energy attacks?” she asks.
“Good question,” he says. “You do have one energy-type attack, but you can’t use it while flying. It actually is called “Feather Blaster” but it takes feathers from your wings to create a feathery storm that makes your enemies sneeze. Although I must say that you should only use it when you need a quick escape.” She nods.
“The rest of the time, I have to use physical attacks, right?” she says.
“Right,” he says. She nods as the news actually settles in.
“Well, looks like I need a job. I doubt I’ll be able to hide a secondary identity from my parents, they know me better than I know myself. To prevent them from finding out, I’ll need to move out. Also to improve my fighting skills, I might need some means of training…”
“Training I can cover, no problem,” Breezer says.
“Okay,” she says as she gently unfastens the brooch to return to her normal form. “Well! I guess I need to go job-hunting!” Destiny says happily. They leave the house to fill out job applications. As she’s filling one out somewhere, a terrible incident occurs. Typically, it’s simple foolishness that causes this type of thing, but sadly, not in this case. As her parents are returning home from work, Destiny’s enemy decides to attack them. Her father falls asleep at the wheel, and runs a red light. The collision resulting kills both drivers and one passenger instantly. The one remaining is Destiny’s mother. Destiny starts feeling uneasy, but doesn’t quite know what’s wrong. She’s walking to the next place she wants to apply to when a friend of hers runs up and tells her of the accident. Destiny quickly realizes that was the source of her uneasiness. Then runs there to see if anyone saw what happened. She arrives at the scene and explains that her parents were involved. She’s allowed to identify the body of her father, who gave her a bad feeling. Her mother, just barely breathing, is the other she identified.
“Destiny, we leave fate in your hands,” she says and closes her eyes forever. Destiny already knows the meaning of her mother’s message, an enemy challenge. The enemy had attacked her and left her alive long enough to challenge Dream Angel. Now she didn’t have to worry about moving out, she just inherited the house and everything else. She’d go talk to her parents’ boss and see if she could have one of their jobs in their place. All the while, Breezer was watching to see how she’d react to her parents’ deaths. He noticed that she handled it well on the street, but wondered how she’d take it once she got home. She knew that she had a job to do, besides the ones that her parents had done. She managed to shed no tears in front of anyone at the scene of the accident, but she knew that she’d cry for hours in that empty house. Then she made the firm decision that her parents’ deaths would be avenged. She would fight this enemy until she joined her parents! When she left the scene of the accident, she assured everyone that she didn’t need a ride home, she was fine. She got home, went into her room and burst into tears.
“Destiny?” Breezer said from the floor. “You know who did this. Will you fight them?” She looked up from the tear-soaked pillow and nodded with a fierce look in her eyes.
“I will not let their deaths be in vain. That accident was not Dad’s fault! I could sense that the enemy had attacked them! They forced him to fall asleep at the wheel to take his dreams. That’s why Mom told me that they were leaving fate in my hands. Somehow she already knew, that might be why she allowed herself to die – to prevent the enemy from attacking her again. Her wounds weren’t really fatal. I will defeat this enemy! Even if it does take my life!” Destiny pulls out the little brooch given to her by Breezer, and a small necklace that her mother gave her. She transforms and puts the necklace on.
“This charm is a symbol of that promise,” Dream Angel says to Breezer. “I’m going back to the scene of the accident, there may be another clue besides my uneasy feeling.” Breezer nods.
“I’m sorry things started like this. I’ll transform as well to help,” he says.
“Transform?” Dream Angel replies, a little confused.
“I am really only supposed to do this during an emergency, but I think you need a companion in this particular case, since it’s so close to you. This body isn’t much of a comfort for you.” Breezer then seemed to morph from a little ferret to a male human about Destiny’s age dressed in a reasonably respectable outfit with a cape. To her eyes, he’s quite handsome. Short-cropped light brown hair, and a mask similar to hers, but a darker blue to match his outfit. His own wings matched hers.
“Call me Kamikaze. It really means divine wind. I’m really meant to be just a helper and guide. That’s why my wind-type attack powers your feather attack up. Let’s go, Dream Angel.” She nods and leads the way out the back door of her house. By this time it’s dark outside.
“Well, I’d hoped at least a little that they’d attack tonight, so I could try out these cool wings, but what happened has sort of changed that, I guess,” Dream Angel says softly. Kamikaze smiles.
“I know how you feel. I’ve lost my parents too. Although in my case, a young ferret doesn’t feel any emotion. The fact that I can talk and transform is the result of human stupidity. I was born in one of those animal research labs. At least that’s what I remember. I don’t really know. Either way, we should get going.” Dream Angel nods and takes off. Kamikaze follows her. Within a few seconds, they’re at the scene of the accident. Dream Angel immediately senses something is wrong, but can’t quite put her finger on it. Kamikaze is the one who identifies the problem.
“Dream Angel, look out!” he yells diving on her as a flash of light appears.
“What was that?” she asks him.
“That was one of the enemy’s attacks. They were going to try invading your dreams, Dream Angel. Since your power protects you, that attack would have killed you,” Kamikaze says to her as they get up.
“So, they’re here,” she says softly. He looks at her in surprise. “Fine. This will end here and NOW. I KNOW YOU’RE HERE! COME OUT AND FIGHT!”
“Well, what do we have here? A challenger? You don’t stand a chance, little girl,” a voice says from the shadows.
“Who are you to murder innocent people?” Dream Angel demands. “Why do you do such things?!”
“Why? I don’t bother with reasoning, it takes too long to sort out,” the voice says. “Hello, Kamikaze, long time, no see. Last I checked, I’d trapped your soul as a ferret. I see you’re able to transform again, though.” Dream Angel looks at Kamikaze in surprise.
“What are they talking about?” she says.
“Don’t worry about it now, Dream Angel, just focus on where the voice is coming from. That’s the source of our problem.”
“Still in denial, I see. Oh well, maybe I should be fair this once,” the voice says. From the shadows appears a lovely woman in a leopard skin print evening gown. She has long black hair and cat-like ears; her green eyes are like those of a cat. That is all that could be seen in the soft glow of the streetlight since it was so late at night already.
“It didn’t take you long to figure out who did cause the accident to occur, Kamikaze. Although I am curious who the little girl is?” she says.
“I am Dream Angel, guardian of dreams and life,” Dream Angel says. “Who are you?”
“The name is Katrilina, child. You would do well to remember that name as it is the name of the one who will kill you.” There is a sudden flash of light. “This is merely my greeting, child.” Then an explosion rocks the entire street, knocking Dream Angel and Kamikaze on their butts.
“So, that’s her greeting,” Dream Angel says. “Let’s go home, Kamikaze. We know who is behind this whole thing. I have a feeling we need to do some research on her.” Kamikaze looks at her in shock.
“You’re really into this aren’t you?” he says. She nods and flies off. She gets home and immediately starts her research, despite not knowing what to really look for. Kamikaze, then puts a program on her computer that helps her find what she was looking for. He then invites her to eat something in the kitchen while he does the research and says that he’ll be out in a few minutes to put a different program on her parents’ computer in their office. She goes out and manages to fix herself some dinner. As she’s eating, she thinks about the events of the day. Meeting Breezer, her parents’ deaths, and the encounter with Katrilina. Kamikaze comes out a couple minutes later.
“I am going to set you to training while I do the research, Destiny. Did you have a favorite PC game?” he says. She looks a little confused.
“Actually, I didn’t play PC games. I was a console game girl. I don’t play much anymore, though. I did play a street fighter type game, once, but I was beat so badly by the computer that I haven’t played it since,” she says. “What? You want to turn that into some kind of training program?”
“Yes. The catch is, that if you’re beat, you start back at the beginning. The other catch is you will be physically in the game. Don’t worry; you’re able to get out anytime you want. Now let’s see that game,” Kamikaze says.
“In the game? That’s pretty cool! So I can enter and exit the game any time I want?”
“Right,” he says. “Let’s get you started.” A few minutes later, she’s transformed and in her game, training. Breezer is back to normal and doing research. Then it seems, as he is doing his research, there is a flash of light. An hour later, Dream Angel comes out of the game, and finds him missing. She searches the entire house.
“Breezer? Where are you? This isn’t funny! Come out now!” As she enters the office where he was working, she senses a strong presence.
“Katrilina?” Destiny says. A transparent image of Katrilina appears before her.
“My, you’re sharp. Correct. Although, all you see here is an illusion,” Katrilina says. “Don’t worry about Kamikaze, he’s safe with me, for now.” The little image pans over to show Kamikaze in the back round, kicking and screaming.
“Dream Angel!” he yells. “Don’t come!” She yelps as one of the guards holding him hits him sharply on the head and he falls silent.
“He’s right, it is a trap. Are you strong enough to defeat me, child?”
“So, you want to challenge me, is that it? Fine! I’ll fight the murderer of my parents! Where do you want to meet?”
“Oh? You’re really that foolish?” Katrilina said. “Very well. Come to the old park on the outskirts of town in three hours’ time.” Then the image disappeared.
“The park on the outskirts of town, huh? What’s her game? She must be figuring on some form of advantage out there. I’ll fly over and take a look then come back to train a little.” Two minutes later, she is on her way home.
“I don’t see how she could possibly have any advantage there. It looked like an ordinary playground to me. I wonder why she chose that old playground?" As she arrives home and continues to train in the time allowed, Kamikaze wakes and finds himself in the old playground Dream Angel had just flown over. He also noted that his hands were secured to one of the support bars to the monkey bars. As he noticed his surroundings, Katrilina noticed he was awake.
“Awake, are we?” she asked him. “Well, no matter, it’s almost time for her to- Ah! There she is now.” Kamikaze follows the direction of Katrilina’s gaze to see Dream Angel circling overhead.
“Don’t come!!” He yells up to her. “IT”S A TRAP!!” Then he notices a glimmer in her hand. Good, he thinks to himself. She managed to create her Feather Sword. Really good, since Katrilina hasn’t noticed! He continues to shout warnings up to her as she circles down. As she lands, the first slash of her sword frees Kamikaze, who runs to her side.
“Nice aim, just how far did you get in that game of yours?” he asks her.
“Quite a bit further than the first time I tried. I found that the weapons upgrades I got in the game I got to keep when I left! This sword was one of those. I guess I was just button mashing the very first time I played. That may be why the computer beat me!”
“Ummmmm…. How old were you when you tried that?”
“…Eight, I think.”
“No wonder!” he laughs. “I think that game was too old for you at that time!”
“Don’t forget the issue at hand,” she reminds him. “Ready?”
“Too slow!” Katrilina’s voice says from the shadows. The pair looks around and fined themselves completely surrounded. Kamikaze doesn’t know my wings are bullet proof and that the sword I hold is made from a feather in my wings. I can create another and give him this one. I learned that as I get stronger in that game, I get stronger in real life. Meaning that I’m a lot stronger than the first time I met Katrilina. She thinks she still has the upper hand, she’s wrong. I’ll give her one heck of a surprise! Dream Angel charges toward Katrilina, who starts to attack only to find that Dream Angel seems to have disappeared. She looks up but doesn’t see her. She looks all over and sees no sign of Dream Angel at all. As Katrilina looks around in confusion, Dream Angel makes a new Feather Sword and hands it to Kamikaze, who seems surprised by her increase in power.
“Ready?” she whispers. He nods. “NOW!!!!!!!!!!” She screams from under the slide and begins slashing at the various henchmen. Katrilina watches as her forces begin falling and running around in confusion.
“It seems I have underestimated you, Dream Angel. I will live to fight again another day.” She manages to escape in the midst of the confusion of her henchmen trying to fight the pair. After she disappears, the henchmen begin to run away, clearly, to follow their leader. Kamikaze faints and returns to ferret form. This is simply because his soul is trapped in the ferret form, but he can still transform to human form.
“Kamikaze! Are you all right?” Dream Angel asks in a worried voice.
“I’m fine. I just maintained my human body too long. I just need some rest. I’m glad you came, despite me telling you not to. I now see you can create weapons from the feathers of your wings. Let’s go home. I need to recover and you need to continue training.” Dream Angel smiles and gently picks up the little brown ferret.
“You’re right. Let’s go home,” Dream Angel smiles as the little creature that is now her friend falls asleep in her arms; she flies home and lays him on her bed. Then she gently covers him with a blanket and falls asleep on the couch.
Destiny wakes the next morning to the smell of bacon wafting from the kitchen. Rattling pots and pans wakes her further. She gets up from the couch, following the smell. She walks into the kitchen to see Kamikaze, wearing her mother's pink apron, trying to cook bacon and eggs. When she sees the hilarious sight, she can’t help laughing. Kamikaze turns in surprise, to see that she is awake and laughing.
"What's so funny?" he asks with a comical look on his face. She just laughs louder. After a few minutes, he realizes that she's laughing at a transformed ferret in a blue suit and a pink apron. He starts laughing. She's still laughing when she points at the stove, which is smoking. He turns and lets out a yelp.
"Whoops!" he says. "Almost burned the bacon!"
"I have to sit down before I fall down from laughing too hard!" she says in the middle of her giggles. She makes it to a chair and sits down to stop herself from giggling. After a couple of minutes, she calms down.
"I didn't think I looked that funny!" he says.
"Really?" she giggles. "Pay attention to your cooking! You're burning the bacon!"
“I’m sorry!” he says as she saves the bacon. “I’m still just a ferret!” she starts laughing again.
“I thought Katrilina said yesterday that she’d ‘trapped your soul as a ferret,’ not your mentality!”
“True! Oh well, I was never good at cooking, anyway!” he starts laughing. She manages to turn the partially burnt eggs into an omelet. As they take their first bite of the salvaged breakfast, both realize that he’d added too much salt!
“*Hack* How much salt did you add, Kamikaze?”
“*Cough* Too much, I guess!” Both get up.
“So much for that breakfast!” he says.
“No problem, you just need more practice!” She walks over to a bookcase and pulls out a book. “I’ll leave some money under a magnet on the fridge. Read this book first! It gives detailed instructions on how to cook without burning it!” She giggles a little and finds a recipe. “Here’s a simple recipe, just write down the ingredients, go get them and make it. Please read the instructions carefully! I’m going to talk to my parents’ boss about their jobs. I’m hoping I won’t find a mess when I get back!” He chuckles a bit.
“Serves me right, trying to surprise you with breakfast. I now know for sure not to invade the female’s territory!”
“Nonsense! That’s why I handed you a cookbook!” They’re both laughing as she leaves.
As she arrives where her parents worked, two green eyes watch from an alley across the street. Destiny manages to convince her parents’ boss to let her take over her mother’s job – provided she goes to college to major as a secretary. Her new boss agrees to pay for it, after hearing about the tragedy the day before. Her boss then shows her to where her mother used to work and helps her start work.
At home, Kamikaze has temporarily returned to being Breezer and is doing a bit more research. He finds an article online about a gang robbing a nearby bank. At first, he dismisses it, as a common crime the police should handle until he spots a shadow in the picture: Katrilina’s.
“She’s tempting us,” he says to himself. “I should let Destiny know.” A minute later, Destiny’s pocket vibrates. She giggles briefly and stops herself.
“Whoops! This place is like a library. Now, what was vibrating?” She fishes in her pocket, to find her brooch vibrating.
“Breezer?” She whispers.
“Yes. I found something I don’t think should wait,” he says.
“Shh! Not so loud! What is it?”
“Well, I was online when I found an article about a local bank being robbed. At first I thought it was just something the police could handle, but then I took a closer look at the picture with the article. I spotted a very familiar shadow: Katrilina’s. She’s trying to draw us out, in an attempt to kill us. The trap is really obvious. She must see some sort of advantage, since kidnapping didn’t work. We’ll figure it out later; I’ve got dinner in the oven and the timer’s going off! See you after work!” She giggles softly and goes back to work. The rest of her workday and walk home prove uneventful.
She gets home and notices immediately that something smells good. She walks into the kitchen to find cheese enchiladas and vegetables. She turns around to see a very happy Breezer beaming up at her.
“I guess you read the book,” she says. He transforms.
“You could say that. I hope you don’t mind I found an old shirt and a pair of pants of your father’s that I could wear in public. I figured I’d be a little obvious in that pink ‘kiss the cook’ apron.” They both giggle a little.
“That was a little conspicuous, silly, and odd,” she admits. They giggle again. “About what you found earlier, are you sure?”
“Oh, right, that. Let’s take a look after you eat something.”
“You sound like Mom used to!” she says.
“Is that good or bad?” he wonders.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine with that! Let’s try your second try at cooking!” They both sit down to eat. Both dig in and can clearly tell that he did a much better job from a cookbook that with out it! He’d done the entire recipe from scratch and it tasted terrific. He’d steamed the vegetables fresh, and measured exact amounts of all the ingredients. What he never told her was how big a mess the kitchen was while he was cooking! All she saw was a pristine kitchen and a very good meal. She had no idea that when he tried to make tortillas from scratch, he’d dropped the bag of flour and it had exploded, creating a huge white mess in the entire kitchen! Nor did she know that he’d spilled vegetables all over the kitchen counter after burning his fingers! Then he’d spilled oil everywhere trying to cook the tortillas. Luckily, he’d asked a neighbor for help with his burnt fingers and how to clean up the mess! Fortunately, he’d just finished cleaning as she got home! Luckily their dinner was good and uninterrupted. Then they went to look at what he’d found. Not only did Destiny recognize the shadow in the picture, she saw several others in a second that he hadn’t noticed.
“Penny for your thoughts, Destiny,” he says.
“I think we both know this one. She’s inviting us to come find her. This is the second invitation. I really don’t know what she’s up to,” Destiny says.
“There are too many shadows for it to be her this time. Hmmm… Would you like sliced tomato on that salad?” She looks puzzled, and then understands.
“Sure! As long as they’re fresh!” She follows him into the kitchen and watches as he takes out a fresh tomato and a knife. He puts the tomato on the cutting board and tries to chop it. All she hears is a squirting noise; then a few seconds later he turns around. She doubles over laughing. He’d gotten squirted in the face with tomato juices and seeds!
“You picked on hard tomatoes at the store, right?” he nods. “I think you just got a very juicy lesson!”
“I blame the clerk who said ‘get the ones that are nice and firm, they’re the best!’ So,” he says closing his eyes. “I guess I did learn a very wet and juicy lesson!” she hands him a dishtowel to wipe off the juice and seeds.
“I think I’m safer as a ferret!” he says.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s a common mistake!” she giggles. The phone rings and she goes to answer it.
“Hello?” she says.
“Come to the park in five minutes,” a voice says.
“Who is this?” she demands. CLICK is all she hears.
“Come to the park in five minutes? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I’m not sure.”
“Has Katrilina figured out who I am, Kamikaze?”
“I don’t see how. Then again, how’d she figure out where I was last night to capture me?”
“Too many questions with no answers. I’m thinking we go to the park for answers, even if it is a trap.”
“We can always work out trap troubles as they arise.”
“Right. Let’s go.” The two take off, this time Breezer is not transformed. He rides on her back between her wings hidden by her long red hair. They arrive at the park and find nobody there. Breezer manages to slip unseen into a nearby bush.
“Anybody here?” Dream Angel says, announcing her prescience in the playground that’s as still as death. She is answered by silence.
“I don’t like this,” Breezer says to himself. “This might turn into an ambush.” She walks over and sits on a swing.
“YAAAAAAH!” she yelps. “Wow! That’s cold!” She sits down again and waits. Then, in the soft glow of a nearby streetlamp appear seven figures. It’s dark, so she’s unable to see much of them.
“Dream Angel, your parents didn’t really die in that car crash,” one of them says. “They were simply in a form of stasis. Their hearts were beating so slow, it seemed like they were dead.”
“How do you know this?” Dream Angel asks, cautiously.
“I know because I was the one who invaded their dreams. I also know because I have them.”
“Prove it,” Dream Angel says. “I believe nothing like this nonsense without proof.”
“Very well. You’ll see soon enough,” The voice, replies. She suddenly realizes that as she was talking to one, the other six had her surrounded!
“Dream Angel! Behind you!” Kamikaze bursts from his cover and plows right into one of the shadows; at least, that’s what should have happened. Instead, Kamikaze went right through the figure. Luckily, when he’d yelled Dream Angel took off in surprise. As she floated above the scene, she watched the shadows jump on Kamikaze in an attempt to hold him. Fortunately, to hold him, they needed to be solid. So the first one who jumped on him he managed to kick away.
“Dream Angel! Get out of here! Get to your parents’ computer! Enter code FERRET!! DO NOT COME AFTER ME NOW!! YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO FIGHT THEM RIGHT NOW!!!” She starts to fly down to him, but he continues to yell at her to enter code ferret and escape while she has the chance. She knew it was against her morals, but she did leave figuring code ferret would tell her something. Sure enough, when she got home and put it into the computer program he’d installed, it gave her instructions.
“Well, I guess his program knows more about this than he does. I wonder why,” she says to the silence of the empty house.
“That’s an answer you already have in your heart, Dream Angel,” a voice says from behind her. She turns to see Katrilina.
“What do you want?” she demands.
“Only to help you,” She responds.
“WHAT?! You were out to kill me just last night! Now you want to help me?! Why?”
“Actually, I wasn’t trying to kill either of you two. I was aiming for the ones who were trying to kill you from behind. Whether or not you believe me now is irrelevant. Code Ferret calls me. He doesn’t remember that’s all.”
“You said you trapped his soul as a ferret, though.”
“That was an accident that I’ve been trying to fix, even though he won’t let me.”
“Accident? I’m not too sure about that.”
“I can understand your uncertainty, Destiny, but there are more important matters at hand.”
“First tell me all you know about what’s going on,” Destiny says.
“Fair enough, since you were thrown in the middle without any knowledge of what you are fighting and why,” Katrilina replies.
“My real name was Katherine Larina. I can’t use it anymore. It was about a year ago, when they first appeared. Breezer and I were working together as typical superheroes or crime fighters. Not even I know who they are or their real intentions but I will never forget that night. We’d traced them to a chemical weapons facility on a nearby military base. The fight was messy and just as I was starting to get the upper hand on the enemy I was fighting I heard a splash. A few seconds later, I realized I’d bumped Breezer into a vat of some sort. The enemies retreated a couple of minutes later after a severe butt kicking from me. I would have helped Breezer, but the chemicals were already making me woozy, so I left. I don’t even know how I got home that night, but when I woke up the next morning, I had these ears and this tail. I’m certain that the same enemies I was fighting that night are back to try for a second round against me. That’s probably why they keep capturing him. They’re trying to get my attention. He likely remembers “code ferret” because of all the times he used it to signal me that he needed backup.”
“What about me? Where do I fit into all this?”
“Sadly, you’re just a victim of circumstance. Breezer needed a partner to help him against these “dream thieves” and you just happen to fit because of your pure heart and want for revenge for your parents.”
“Oh.” Destiny looks downcast. “I’m just the unfortunate girl who gets dragged into the unfair battle, huh?”
“Well, I never not finish what I start. Let’s go help!”
Katrilina smiles. “Allow me to change into something a little more suited for the fight.” Destiny nods. “My true form is now a black cat with white wings much like yours. I’ll use this form, but I’m not that fast flying long distances. I’ll ride on your back and I will guide you to where they’re holding Kamikaze.” 

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Reviewed by m j hollingshead 7/7/2007
well done,

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