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Lilly H

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Alerion's Deceit
By Lilly H
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not rated by the Author.

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a new story i just turnned in today...needs editing i think and to continue and be prefaced

“Come to the car now my darling girl”
Lacy dragged her feet in the mud, her white socks staining a brownish green
“I'm coming mama”
Lacy stood on the edge of the car as her mother brushed grass and spores from Lacy’s dress
“Do I have to go to the school? All the girls will be mean to me”
Lacy sat down and shut the door as the car sped off
“they will not be mean”
Lacy’s mother tapped on the glass window to the driver’s seat telling the man to speed up
“you’ll make new friends and learn everything your father knows.”
Lacy crossed her arms looking out the window muttering under her breath
“just because you take a husband dose not mean he is my father”
The car slowed to a stop as Lacy’s mother raised her arm to strike her daughter. Lacy’s mother was stopped at a knock at the door and a soft voice,
“Margret are you in there?”
Lacy opened the door stepping down on her step-fathers foot leaving muddy a shoe print
“I'm so glad you made it, I was about to send each of my men to find my little dove”
Lacy’s step father helped her mother from the car
“and how was your trip Lacy?”
Lacy crossed her arms turning her nose up at the question
“my trip was grueling! I am no dove either sir, I have no feathers upon my arms nor a beak upon my face.”
Lacy’s step-father looked down his cheeks flushed a bit
“don’t be upset John, she just needs time”
Lacy opened her eyes wide letting her jaw hang open
“Time?! Time to what? Adjust to my mother dumping me in this asylum for girls?”
Lacy’s mother ceased lacy by the shoulder and walked to the school stairs,
“you best watch your tongue Lacy, these people here will not admire your wild mind”
Lacy climbed the stairs close behind her mother as Lacy’s step-father knocked at the door.
“hello? Oh hello there, welcome, welcome Mr. and Mrs. Sean, and this must be Lacy.”
An old woman far older and taller then Lacy’s step father,
“I am Ms. Tranter, and I am the head mistress of this school.”
Mrs. Tranter bent her neck further down then it had ever appeared to go,
“did you go for a walk in a bog Lacy Sean? You are knee deep in mud”
Lacy’s mother led her down from the stairs
“why do you complicate things so?”
Lacy stepped up into the car peeling her shoes and socks off as her mother opened Lacy’s trunk puling out a new pair of socks and shoes
“you see Lacy, this is what comes of you dragging your feet, you make so many things difficult”
Lacy tied her shoes muttering under her breath
“not all of us can be as simple as your husband”
Lacy’s mother jerked lacy to the ground and leaned down close to her face
“Lacy Banks Sean, you best mind your tongue, keep your thoughts to your self, mind your temper.”
Lacy raced up the stairs bumping into Mr. Tranters chest with her forehead
“you’re short for a girl of ten, ah well, shall we press on?”
Lacy hung her head following her mother into the school; they walked into a large hall
“we’ll start here in the hall, on the table each young lady has a basket and in each…”
Ms. Tranters voice trailed off; lacy looked up at the high ceilings, on which little cherubs danced and played. Lacy turned her attention yo a large glass case at the end of the hall near the doors.
“what is this?”
Lacy tapped on the glass top, Ms. Tranter hastened over to Lacy
“don’t touch that child. That is a case holding a model of our beloved labyrinth, through those doors is our court yard which holds the real one.”
Ms. Tranter looked in awe out the windows at the labyrinth. Lacy looked down into the model focusing on a small speck jumping across the plastic hedges.
“what was that?”
Ms. Tranter sighed an impatient sigh
“with a mind such as yours, you are bound to see things that do not exist” Ms. Tranter placed her hand on Lacy’s shoulder “but we will soon remedy that”
Lacy looked up at her mother a look of disgust across her face
“Lacy Banks Sean” Lacy’s mother shook her head “remember what I told you”
Lacy pulled away from Ms. Tranters grip shooting a scowl to Ms. Tranter
“Lieutenant and Mrs. Sean, your daughter will be a welcome addition to our little family; she’ll be a perfect little lady in no time.”
Lacy joined her mother taking her by the hand
“may my mother and I go to my room and say our goodbyes”
Ms. Tranter looked into the saddened face of Lacy’s step father,
“and what of your father, don’t you wish to say goodbye to him?”
Lacy pulled her mother closer holding her mothers arm with both of her hands
“please won’t you show me where it is I will lay my head and write to my dearest mother?”
Ms. Tranter lead the small family up the stairs to a room far smaller then the others; the room only complimented by a balcony looking over the court yard.
“mama look the labyrinth right outside my window”
Lacy’s step-father looked the room up and down,
“I might as her to be moved to a room with a fireplace, it’ll be getting cold in the winter to come”
Lacy’s smile faded; lacy whipped around shooting daggers at her new step-father
“you may be my new father but you can not take my labyrinth away from me”
Lacy threw the doors to the balcony open and stepped out looking over the twists and turns of the labyrinth.
“your new doll is in the pram, your dress is in the amour and your mother is here so say goodbye”
Lacy smiled recognizing the good bye her and her mother shared
“your bags are packed, your car is ready and your daughter is here with a kiss for you.”
Lacy turned and hugged her mother kissing her on he cheek
“write to me won’t you Lacy?”
Lacy let go of her mother leaning back on the rail as her mothers eyes welled up with tears
“no tears mama, I will write to you”
Lacy’s mother fixed her dress as she stood up
“goodbye Lacy dear”
Lacy’s step father stepped out onto the balcony; Lacy turned ignoring him. Lacy’s step father leaned down holding lacy around the waist
“now don’t get lost my little dove”
Lacy’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened
“now hat makes you think for one second that I will get lost?”
Lacy pushed back a bit creating space between them
“a girl like you could get lost in a labyrinth like this, deceitful things happen in labyrinth’s, deceitful people and deceitful creatures.”
Lacy’s step-father leaned close to her ear and whispered,
“contrary to your look on things not everything is as it appears, remember that my little dove.”
Lacy gripped the rail tighter clinching her eyes and teeth
“John we really much be going”
Lacy’s step father stood and walked from the room in silence.
“Dose she think he is a gentleman, some god descended to live among us, puh, a girl like me. What is so wrong with a girl like me, eh?”
Lacy flailed her arms about ranting into the air; Lacy walked over to the pram by her bed and picked up the porcelain doll,
“don’t worry Rebecca, I wont ever marry, not to a man like John Sean, John Edward Sean, what a horrid man”
Lacy jumped as the door opened and Ms. Tranter walked in
“Lacy Banks Sean, doesn’t really flow dose it, we here shall call you Lacy Sean”
Ms. Tranter floated over to Lacy admiring her things
“your father dose dote you dose he not? No there is no cause for answer, it was a rhetorical question. I’ve seen what disrespect you show you father and I will tell you quick to mind your temper while staying here.”
Lacy walked from her bedside out on the balcony her little doll in hand.
“you will not go near the labyrinth, tis a game for visitors, not a playground for unruly children”
Lacy let her muscles relax,
“what a funny school. Run by a woman who dose not like children of any age.”
Lacy turned to Ms. Tranter hastened toward Lacy with her arm raised,
“you best not strike me, my parents would not be pleased to know that this school promotes the striking of children and not the teaching”
Ms. Tranter lowered her hand
“your letters would never reach her. You best mind yourself girl or you’ll have more then my hand across you”
Lacy looked up at Ms. Tranter squinting her eyes focusing on the scowl spread across her face
“you’ll do right to mind me Lacy Sean, while here, you are mine.”
Lacy turned clinching the rail in her hands letting her doll fall from her hands; Ms. Tranter turned and walked to the door pausing for only a moment,
“and Ms. Sean, stay away from the labyrinth.”
Ms. Tranter slammed the door; lacy laid her head on her hands and cried,
“she gone and I miss her already”
“what's wrong miss?”
A boy far older then Lacy walked into her room,
“sir a gentleman knocks before entering a Lady’s room”
Lacy walked to her bedside resting her hand on the edge of the pram as the boy advanced toward her
“you are a girl, not lady”
Lacy backed away tripping onto her bed with a dumbfounded look oh her face,
“who are you?”
The boy was tall and lanky; he advanced further until he was nose to nose with Lacy. He was dark with very short hair pushed up such as a cockatoo would have its feathers.
“sir, you are to close to me, it is not respectable for a lady of my age”
The boy stared into her eyes never once blinking
“I am the grounds keepers’ son and a servant around this insane asylum”
The boy rose and backed away standing to his full height
“dinner is nearly ready and your presence is demanded.”
The boy walked to the door resting his hand on the knob leaving Lacy still staring where he used to be with the same look of dumb on her face.
Lacy shook herself back into her mind as she ran to the balcony looking into the broken face of her doll,
“oh Rebecca, what have I done to you?”
Lacy gathered all the pieces of her doll and laid her in her pram
“Lacy Sean, supper!”
Lacy ran from her room down the stairs disregarding the boy standing still in her room. The boy walked over to the Pram looking down on her
“what a beautiful doll, come child I’ll fix you”
The boy picked up Rebecca and carried her out of the room in pieces.
“Lacy, you shall take the place to my left”
Twenty girls shuffled murmuring compliments in whispers,
“Ms. Tranter, will my place be moved?”
A girl about a year younger then Lacy stood behind a vacant seat at Ms. Tranters right
“no Anastasia your seat will not be moved”
Lacy smiled at the girl folding her hands in her lap
“I really don’t like to be called Anastasia I like Stasia better”
Stasia sat down folding her own hands in her lap; Ms. Tranter grabbed Stasia’s wrist giving it a light tap
“you have been told Anastasia that Stasia is not proper.”
Dinner was served and finished and the girls conjugated to the sitting room to listen to Ms. Tranter read from a book in difficult French that Lacy couldn’t understand.
“Pst…Hey Lacy…don’t listen to my aunt, she doesn’t know anything”
Lacy smiled and took her new friend my the arm.
“lacy would you like to read for us? We’re starting a new book.”
Lacy stood leaving Stasia behind
“yes Ms. Tranter”
Lacy sat on the circular couch in the middle of the room
“I flew, yes I flew, from my window straight to the moon”
Ms. Tranter pulled the book from Lacy’s hand searching for the words Lacy spoke.
“there it was tea time and gentleman greeted me, they had sideways eyes and feathers atop their heads where their hair should have been”
Ms. Tranter flipped threw the pages looking for hints of the moon and men living upon it but found it not.
“Lacy Sean that is enough of your wild stories, to bed with you!”
Lacy looked up seeing the boy peeking around the corner; lacy smiled standing to walk to her room. Lacy was half way up the stairs when she was ceased by Stasia
“I want to know more, did the men have more about them?”
Lacy looked to Stasia’s eyes
“come to my room and I’ll tell you more.”
Stasia ran past Lacy, leaving her to ascend the steps alone; Lacy walked into her room finding the boy standing over the pram
“she’s broken. I dropped her, poor little Rebecca”
The boy turned holding a beautiful doll in his hands
“she looks just fine to me.”
Lacy’s eyes lit up as she ran to the boy taking her doll from his hands kissing and cuddling her.
“she’s good as new, thank you so much”
The boy stood wit his arms behind his back
“your quite welcome Lacy”
Lacy placed her doll in the pram then looked back at the boy
“my thank you would be far more efficient if I knew our name.”
The boy smiled turning his back to Lacy
“Lacy? Lacy?”
Stasia peeked her head around the door as Lacy turned her attention to Stasia
“who where you talking to?”
Stasia walked in covered from head to toe in silk and lace shutting the door behind her
“my friend, the boy”
Stasia looked around the room searching for any sign of a boy
“what boy? Silly Lacy is it another moon man? Or is it another creature here to visit you?”
Lacy giggled leading Stasia further into her room
“the moon men you say? Did I tell you the feathers atop their heads are truly large and beautiful?”
Stasia jumped on Lacy’s bed giggling
“tell me about another creature”
Lacy opened her amour stripping from her cloths
“Lacy how positively indecent”
Lacy giggled and hung her dress, jumping into her bed in her pantalets
“Lacy! I am not to see you in your pantalets”
Stasia turned her eyes away from Lacy. Lacy laughed stripping herself from her Pantalets pulling on her robe.
“alright, alright”
Stasia looked back at Lacy
“you know Stasia, if you think a girl in her underclothes is indecent you wont like fairies much”
Stasia sat up intrigued by the impropriety of a fairy.
“I thought fairies we’re supposed to per perfect”
Lacy laughed slapping her knees
“they are perfect, perfectly naked, and perfectly evil.”
Stasia fell backward giggling
“not everything is as it seems is it”
Lacy smiled laying down closing her eyes
“I'm going to sleep Stasia, your welcome to stay”
Stasia rose from the bed and walked from the room slamming the door.
“Lacy, Lacy”
Lacy rolled over toward the sound
“Lacy wake up”
Lacy opened her eyes focusing on the boy in front of her
“what are you doing here?”
The boy stood throwing a dress down on her
“I'm taking you away, they miss you at home.”
Lacy sat up and coked her head to the side as her rob fell over her shoulder
“what do you mean home?”
The boy covered his mouth gasping in disbelief
“it is you.”
The boy kneeled at Lacy’s bedside tracing the scar on her shoulder
“the middle piece”
Lacy pulled her rob over her shoulder,
“what is the middle piece?”
The boy stood walking to the balcony doors throwing them open looking over his shoulder
“you are, come see.”
Lacy slid her feel into her slippers and walked out onto the balcony
“do you see? At night the true labyrinth shows. You see the middle, it’s gone.”
Lacy turned from the labyrinth walked to her bed and pulled the dress on. Lacy walked to the balcony doors
“how are you so sure it’s me? Alerion answer me!”
Alerion smiled
“what more proof do you need?”
Lacy giggled and spun around.
“you are king of the birds aren’t you?”
Alerion jumped up on the balcony rail and took Lacy my the hands,
“we’ve missed you, though I'm sure time has hurt your memory beyond a days repair”
Lacy fluttered her eyes and squeezed Alerion’s hands
“are you ready?”
Alerion lifted Lacy into his arms; Lacy wrapped her arms around his neck,
Lacy and Alerion drifted through the air landing at the entrance of the labyrinth. Alerion set Lacy down gently,
“you know the way, deep in your memory you know the way.”
Lacy turned to the labyrinth
“what if I get lost Alerion?”
Lacy turned to find Alerion flying above her, a feather headed boy hopping over the tops of the hedges after him. Lacy stepped into the labyrinth looking left and right
“my memory says right but the rest of me says left.”
Lacy turned right turning only two corners when she was met by a sharp pain in her cheek,
“what was that?”
Lacy rubbed her cheek as another sharp pain came to her forearm. Lacy’s hair rose from her shoulder pulling her backward,
“hey, stop it!”
Lacy turned meeting a pair of black almond shaped eyes and a white fanged grin
“a fairy.”
Lacy waved her hand shooing the fairy away. The blue fairy sat on her shoulder squeaking and pinching her ear. Lacy flicked the fairy from her shoulder
“Leave me be you naked demon”
Lacy walked on followed close by the blue fairy.
A boy jumped down from the hedge top and landed in front of Lacy
“do you remember me?”
Lacy pushed the feather from the boys face, staring into his eyes
“yes, you’re Buxton”
Buxton laughed standing only slightly taller then Lacy.
“yes miss, what year are we in? you’ve been gone for so long”
Lacy laughed
“1860, Buxton, how old are you?”
The blue fairy peeked form behind Lacy waving to Buxton. Buxton laughed jumping on top of the hedge walking on the very air above it
“I was only two years older then you, when we were born, but now I sure I am a good thousand and some years old”
Lacy walked keeping pace with Buxton
“you’re thirteen and you can keep up with Alerion”
Buxton immediately kneeled,
“king Alerion miss”
Lacy walked on turning another corner
“you bow to your king but not your middle piece”
Buxton leaned down offering his hand
“I am sorry, would you like me to help you my lady?”
The blue fairy nipped the back of Lacy neck making her flinch away from Buxton
“leave me demon, yes Buxton take me home”
Buxton pulled Lacy onto his back
“I may look small but I am fast, hold tight to me”
Lacy clinched Buxton’s shirt in her fists. Buxton took off passing three hedges when Alerion landed like a shadow in front of them.
“Buxton she must do it alone, leave her, you must remember on your own”
Alerion lat Lacy down on her feet stroking her face before he flew away. Lacy sat down watching Alerion and Buxton fade away. The blue fairy landed on her knee huffing out of breath.
“to tell you the truth little demon, I have no idea where to go, I know not how to get to the place I am going.” The blue fairy smiled her devilish smile. Lacy held the fairy in her hands as she stood making her way on.
“I believe though, I am she, how else could I know what my memory is reveling to me”
The blue fairy took flight flying close to Lacy, Lacy turned corners here and there every once and awhile the fairy would pull her from them.
“you do this every time I feel close fairy”
Lacy turned to se the fairy smiling wide showing every white tooth,
“deceitful, deceitful little demon you keep me away from my true home.”
Lacy turned down another pathway nearly falling into a gaping whole
“the middle, I'm home”
The blue fairy squeaked pulling Lacy’s hair as Alerion landed in front of them
“away you devil”
Alerion smacked the fairy to the ground
“you’ve made it, you remember don’t you?”
Alerion grabbed Lacy’s shoulder
“yes, I remember, my mother cared for me and my father doted on me. I wasn’t Lacy then but I was me. There we’re statues then, old marble statues, they were not to be broken, but I broke them, and then my mother was taken. Taken by the west hedge and my father soon after. The green fairy whispered to me because I was running, running from a shadow. She told me to leave, but he picked me up he picked me up and told me ‘my army…my world…you will give it to me.’ I ran, I ran away”
Lacy looked at Alerion staring into his eyes,
“it was you, you are the man”
Alerion tightened his grip on Lacy’s shoulder
“yes me”
Alerion pushed Lacy into the gaping whole as black crows and creeping feathered demons crawled out. The ground came up underneath her. Lacy lay on her back her chest showing no signes of breathing; grass and vines creeping up holding her down.
“now you can’t run”
Alerion threw his arms into the air as his followers cheered
“the middle piece has been returned”
Alerion walked over to Lacy looking down on her
“we’ve missed you”
Alerion walked off leading his army away only Buxton stayed behind. Buxton’s eyes softened as he walked to Lacy’s resting place.
“I am so sorry miss, if I could have told you I would”
Lacy blinked a tear rolling down her cheek
“I know you remember now, I didn’t want you to remember, all this betrayal.”
Lacy’s eyes focused on the rising sun and she never once blinked. A year passed and Buxton stayed close to Lacy the blue fairy kept safe as well from Alerion’s wrath.
Mrs. Sean stepped out of the car her new born son in her arms
“wont Lacy be excited John, a little brother all her own.”
Lacy’s mother and step-father let themselves into the school and walked down the hall cooing and cuddling their new child. Mrs. Tranter walked down the hall stunned.
“lieutenant Sean, Mrs. Sean”
Lacy’s step father looked up from his son
“we’ve come to collect Lacy”
Mrs. Tranter folded her hands and looked down
“we’ve lost her; she’s been done since the night you left her.”
The child in Mrs. Sean’s arms squealed and cried as Lieutenant Sean’s face flushed red
“no letter, not a hint of this issue! You’ve let my little dove run off?! She fancied the labyrinth have you looked there”
Ms. Tranter looked down at the glass case
Lieutenant Sean pushed the glass case to the floor and ran out the doors.
Alerion pushed Buxton from Lacy’s side and knelt down stroking her face gently
“what a poor child, what a poor poor child”
Lacy’s chest began to heave as she took her first breath in a year
“what's happening?”
Alerion stood still looking down on Lacy as stone pieces weathered and decomposed pulled together from the ground reforming the statues Lacy had once broke.
“it can’t be!”
Alerion looked around in disbelief as he saw his own face form in the stone. Alerion turned screaming
“how are you doing this?!”
Lacy’s step father stepped threw a hedge in front of Alerion
“the king”
Alerion hung his head as he vanished into his stone statue.
Lacy’s step father pulled Lacy from the vines and grass that kept her down
“Lacy, Lacy answer me Lacy!”
Lacy’s step-father help her limp body close crying out; Lacy closed her eyes as her breathing picked up.
“papa? is that you?”
Lacy picked herself up out of his arms and studied his face
“it is you!”
Lacy lunged toward him as he lifted her into the air
“I’m so glad I’ve found you my little dove”
Lacy’s step father lowered her to the ground taking her by the hand
“I was almost lost forever papa”
Lacy’s stepfather looked up noticing in awe the beauty of the labyrinth. The two walked around the center hand in hand.
“I know this one, Alerion, king of birds”
Lacy looked up into the face of Alerion once again
“he’s a deceitful creature”
The two moved again this time stopping in front of a statue with a marry look on his face as fairy danced around him.
“looks like Horus, god of sky, he looks like him minus a beak”
Lacy giggled winking at Buxton’s smiling face
“alright little dove, let us please go home”
Lacy and her new step-father walked from the labyrinth followed close by a little blue light keeping her safe.

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Reviewed by Linda Newton Perry 7/2/2008
Wow, you like dialogue. Happy writing.

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