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Chuckie Finn

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Night Walker
By Chuckie Finn
Friday, August 27, 2004

Rated "R" by the Author.

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Look Over your Shoulder - Someone could be Watching You..

Lauriston Harris had seen her move into the brick facade apartment building next door. The rumbling sound from a diesel engine had caused him to sit upright from his prone position where he rested upon the urine stained mattress. He had cautiously eased back the sickly green window shade of his tenement so his peering invasion would not be witnessed by anyone. He lowered his radio to listen to see if he could overhear any of the conversation. His dirty colored eyes darted among the moving figures below through the disgustingly soil smeared glass window pane. Her blond hair was up high on her head in sweeping ringlets. A young face with doll like features accompanied by smooth sculpted long trim legs. Her hips were a bit large for her frame but they were quite pleasing in black slacks he concluded. He couldn’t quite see her eyes, but he imagined them to be the color of the ocean. It would be orgasmic to see them bulge from their sockets. Lauriston leaned his heavy frame against the paint peeling window casing and studied her movements. She gave an appearance of being full of energy, coltish if you will, directing the operations with fluid hand motions. Her poutish lips gave one an impression that they were brimming with honey sweetness, ready to burst upon being roughly kissed. She had an extremely polite tone of voice as the movers wheeled her belongings along the long diamond plated steel ramp by hand truck. He closed his eyes momentarily. His nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply within the darkness which surrounded him in his bedroom. The thrill of the possibility of those large boxes carrying her undergarments electrified all of his senses. His imaginary vulgar pursuit of her grew to a heightened passion gripped climax. There was an urgency in his jagged breaths as he repeatedly thrust his eager hips against the window sill until fulfilling his sexual need. He relaxed his portly body from its stiffened stage. With the smile of a predator, it amused him to think of her gloriously naked and begging him not to kill her.

Her telephone rang no sooner as she closed the door when the last of the moving personnel had left her apartment.

“Hello?” she answered brushing aside a wisp of hair from her face with a quick movement and falling onto the couch in welcomed relief.

“Is this the future Mrs. USA?” His voice was cheerfully robust and supremely confident as always.

“Honey!” she exclaimed bolting upright. “The movers just left and I was just getting ready to have a nice hot cup of tea with lemon.”

Jeffrey Doyle laughed into his cell phone. “Well I'm glad to see those moving van workers got you into your new place safe and sound."

“Now I have to unpack all this junk. I didn't realize I had so much. Would you like to come over and help?” she asked in a seductive tone of voice. "We can fool around a bit later if you're not too tired."

“Can’t Kathy. Not tonight. I’ve got a consultation meeting in Boston with the Operations Manager,” he said

”Oh Pooh. You're no fun at all anymore!” she snickered. “Well when do I get a chance to run my fingernails along your backside?” Kathy asked placing the phone cord between her teeth. She looked overhead and watched the slowly turning paddle blade ceiling fan.

“You're a very tempting and convincing young lady,” he replied sharply with a light chuckle.

"That was my plan from the very start," she purred.

"Now I gotta run. I’ll call you after the meeting. Love you!"

"Love you too, Honey!” she replied and replaced the receiver to its cradle. She tapped her fingers along the couch arm and gazed out her window.


Lauriston let the steaming hot water run over his body as he wrote Kathy Young’s eulogy in his mind. He recalled how earlier in the month he wrapped a telephone cord around Pamela Moore’s throat until she choked to death on her own vomit. How he loved her feeble attempts to escape his grasp and listening to those barely audible gagging sounds escaping deep from within her air starving lungs. She had been so surprised to find him under the bed waiting for her when she came home from work. He replayed the scene in his mind of how he forcefully shoved her beaten and battered body beneath the bed after her chest heaved and her weakened voice begged for the last time. She was as shy as a virgin and he had a delicious ache to set her free her from that crippling bondage. He placed the phone next to her with the phone cord still tightly wrapped around her neck. He whispered softly to her and asked if she would like place a long distance call to police from where she was. He remembered being dizzy with confidence and relief as he locked and closed the door quietly behind him. He had planned her death for three weeks. However with Kathy Young, she didn’t deserve to be so happy and full of life for three more weeks. He chuckled as he turned the temperature of the scalding water up until it reddened his skin a deeper shade. His laughter was drowned out only by the punishing noise of the water against the mildew scum on the stained tile walls. He stepped from the shower choosing not to dry himself and stood naked in his bedroom observatory. He was beaming now with his thoughts, just waiting for Kathy Young to die.


"Dammit," she said slamming the refrigerator door. "I don't have any milk for tea! I knew I would forget to bring something! It’s always the way,” Kathy complained aloud amidst the menagerie of her domestic possessions. She grabbed her keys and vacated the apartment.

He caught a glimpse of her exiting the building. Startled momentarily as he watched her hurry down the stairs, he cursed her through gritted teeth. “Where the hell are you going without me knowing you bitch!” His foul spittle sprayed in all directions. He was ill prepared for this situation. He believed she would be totally engaged in the chores within the confines of her apartment. Costly seconds of not knowing her whereabouts seemed like hours to him now. Lauriston urgently had to find her. She had no right to leave her apartment without consulting him.

Lauriston impatiently made his way down the two flights of stairs from his tenement and out onto the main street. Thoughts of her erratic behavior spun through his head. He pulled his full length leather coat closed tightly around himself and tipped his baseball cap down to shield his eyes. He surveyed the area surrounding the building. He quickened his steps looking for her. His eyes nervously darted everywhere, searching intently as to which direction she may have taken to escape. Tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead and ran freely from his dark haired temples. His chest heaved in furious gasps of anger. He pressed his lips tightly together and became annoyed with himself for allowing her an opportunity to slip away. This blatant disregard of his soon to be realized affections by her inconsiderate actions could not be forgiven nor forgotten. She would pay more dearly now than ever.

He disappeared down a litter strewn alley and waited. His face molded with concern as to when she would return. Lauriston was a shapeless dark figure listening to the garbled voices of the passing pedestrians. He pictured how lovely she will soon look in a white laced dress with blue ribbons. Her puffy kissable lips sewn tightly together and resting her innocent child like head upon a padded pillow in a polished oak casket with gold trimmed handles. A slight sigh of contented relief escaped his pacifier encouraged cheeks as he spotted her across the street looking into the window pane glass offerings of Roses’ Bakery. His heart boomed as she crossed the street toward the apartment building and nearer to him. He slipped into the darkened doorway of the service entrance unnoticed. Before she entered the building she had an eerie feeling she was being watched, or closely observed by someone. Goosebumps gathered on her arms and she felt a slight chill run up her spine. Her eyes traveled around her. She had an uncomfortable feeling until she opened the locked door with her pass key. Safely inside, she made her way up the flight of stairs to her new apartment. Lauriston waited from the sidewalk and watched for a light to be switched on in a window. It wasn’t long thereafter, Lauriston knew the apartment where Kathy Young would soon meet Pamela Moore.

For the next few days Lauriston watched her every move from a distance. His desire to take her ached inside of him burning feverishly to the core of his soul. His insatiable curiosity of her pleading words begging him fueled the sexual sensation within his loins.

An unsuspecting Kathy left for work each morning at 8:15 and returned home in the late afternoon. She was oblivious to the fact she was being stalked by a monster. When she left for work on Monday, he studied her carefully. He wondered if she would give her boss notice that she would no longer be an employee after today. He smiled as she pulled her car away from the curb. It now gave him all day to be in her apartment alone and prepare to welcome her to the end of her life.

He climbed the brick staircase to her apartment building. His hooded eyes were shielded by his baseball cap with the New Jersey Devils hockey team embroidery. He rang the six buttons for the other apartments at the same time relying on someone within the building to allow him entrance. He placed his body weight against the door. On the third attempt someone finally allowed his passage. He quickly disappeared down the hallway. An elderly woman called out from the top of the stairs asking who was there. Bits of confusion registered in her trembling voice. She mumbled something about children playing and returned to her apartment. His defiant laugh followed in the perpetual dusk cloaked hallway when he heard her door close. He felt he was indeed a competent man of many affairs.

Laurison reached into his coat pocket and withdrew his black driving gloves. He enjoyed the smoothness of the leather with the holes in them for his knuckles to show through. The thin piano wire was in his other pocket along with the serrated knife. He admired the beauty of the knife and held it close to his face. “Guaranteed to cut thru a stale loaf of bread and even a steak bone,” he whispered stepping off on a dream tangent momentarily as he recalled the media advertisement for the knife. Lauriston was filthy with evil and clenching his teeth, he crept carefully toward the stairwell to ascend the stairs to Kathy Young’s apartment. He gripped the banister with one hand and took each stride with meticulously placed footsteps so as not to make a sound of his trespass.

He didn’t know her name until he came to the brass plate just outside the door jamb. "K. Young" written in haste in pencil on a small piece of white cardboard. The hallway offered him a coffin silence. He slipped a plastic card between the jamb and the lock and pushed against the door. The door clicked and opened a crack. Kathy hadn't found the time to secure and mount her dead bolt as yet. He listened intently before entering the apartment. Thunder rumbled somewhere in the distance as Lauriston closed the door behind him and locked it. Boxes were still piled high in the living room whose contents waited to be sorted and put away. He went directly to her bedroom. He smiled displaying his rotten, stench decaying teeth as he opened her dresser drawers. He watched himself in the mirror picturing her standing next to him. He fondled her delicate underwear stroking them with the gentleness as if petting a fawn. He closed his eyes and deeply inhaled their tantalizing smell. His amplified desire to rape and kill her caused him to shudder. He closed his eyes picturing her ruffled blond hair and these silky black panties bound tightly around her throat. The phone in the living room rang jarring him back to reality. The answering machine picked it up on the fifth ring.

“Baby, it’s Jeff. Change and get dolled up when you get home. We received the bid award with the corporation I mentioned earlier in the week and
we are going out to celebrate. I’ll pick you up at 7:30. Bye Baby.” The phone clicked off with an annoying beep and reset itself.

Lauriston smiled weakly as he stared at his reflection. He scanned the bedroom for a place to hide. Thoughts whirled through his head.

"The bedroom closet is too small! She would find me immediately and that would take all the thrill out of her death." He entered the bathroom."Behind the shower curtain! Yes! It will be ideal!" he decided. "No, wait! That's too fast!" He changed his mind abruptly. He stepped from the plastic tub pushing aside the white vinyl curtain. "The linen closet!" He opened the hollow door. "Yes, you little slut. This is where I'll wait for you!"

Kathy had not yet to put away all of her linens and bath towels and Lauriston had ample room to squeeze his frame within the void of the closet. He brushed his gap filled mouth with his index finger and urinated on her panties before throwing them into her hamper. He placed his back to the wall of the closet and waited now for Kathy Young to shower when she came home from work.

He opened the closet door a crack when he heard the jumbling of keys and the tumblers drop from the lock. Kathy clicked on the red flashing
light of her answering machine and heard her lover's voice.

“I love you, Sweetheart!” she yelled after she heard the message. He carefully closed the
door tightly without a sound. Kathy rushed into her bedroom. He heard her steps hurrying across the living room floor. She seemed frantic as she searched through her dresser drawers and bedroom closet. Had he stayed hidden in the closet there, he thought, he would have her on the bed, legs parted, and glaring down into her blazing, bulging and disbelieving eyes. He held his breath as he heard her just on the other side of the linen closet door. He hoped she would not open it and find him there just yet. He relished the suspenseful excitement before the kill. He gripped the wire with both hands and pulled it taut just in case. She went to the living room and clicked on her stereo. “You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac seemed appropriate and turned it up to full volume so she could hear it while in the bathroom.

He heard her turn on the faucet for the water. He pictured her testing with water temperature with her delicate fingers. He heard the metal rings which suspend the vinyl curtain slide across the stainless bar. He paused for a moment before he opened the closet door a fraction of a space. She was standing naked in the tub now. The water flowing over and caressing all of her heavenly charms. Her shaving razor was on the vanity sink. He emerged totally from his hiding place and softly closed the closet door once more. He took a few steps and stood facing her separated only by a thin piece of plastic. He watched her silhouette as she washed and lathered with shampoo before rinsing her lavish blond hair.

"This tub will be your marriage bed my dear," he mumbled with quivering lips. Her hand emerged from the tub groping for a towel lying upon the vanity sink. He backed away quickly against the wall away from her searching fingers. He slid by her sudden intrusion just in time and avoided her contact and her sudden realization someone was there. He tightened the grip on the piano wire once more and stood ready for when she pulled the curtain aside. The music abruptly stopped in the living room.

"What the hell?” she said in a curious tone as she slid the entire length of the curtain over to one side. His outstretched muscular hands lunged with the wire at her throat. She tried to scream as she raised her arms to protect herself. He experienced the alarming tension shimmering throughout her naked body. The flimsy shower curtain tore and ripped through the small holes from the weight of his body upon her. Her blue eyes were full of panic now as he tightened his grip and twisted it firmly around her slender neck. Her arms flailed harmlessly in the air in her terror stricken efforts to escape. He hunched over her, kissing her bare breasts while still holding her with the wire securely around her throat. She fought back against his weight by kicking, clawing, grabbing at anything that was a part of him. She wanted to cry but couldn’t. He sexually kneaded her body with his which was intensely fueled by her struggling resistance against him. In a matter of moments he had reached his climax inside of his already wet soiled pants. Kathy felt the nauseating dreary darkness associated with death enclosing around her. He pinned her beneath him releasing his grip a bit so he could explore and fondle more of her body. She had gone limp in his arms. Her eyes had bulged and rolled back into her head. He reached in his pocket for the serrated knife to finish his dissection when the splattering of blood sprayed upon the wall tiles, her face and her hands. His thighs jerked convulsively as he struggled to breathe. Pools of blood puddled around him. Lauriston touched his throat and his hand came away with his own blood. His eyes gave a worried hysterical look as he stared at it. He tried to raise up and scream but couldn’t while his stomach lurched in violent tremors. He turned his head to see a man with the serrated knife standing over him with a faint smile.

"Don’t know who you are pal, but you saved me a hell of a lot of aggravation and grief on how to get rid of my mistress. Wives are pretty sharp you know and mine was getting a bit suspicious of her.”

As Lauriston's eyes gave a blank far away stare, Jeffrey Doyle placed the knife in Kathy’s
hand. He released a contented sigh and locked the apartment door of Kathy Young for the last time.

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Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 8/28/2004

GAWD, this is SCARY! *shivers* and so well done! like i've told you before, buddy, if i have nightmares, i'm blaming yew :)

(((HUGS))) and love, karla.
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 8/27/2004
Yikes! Extremely chilling and scary write, as only you can pull off, Chuckster! Well done!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :)

LOL at Tinks' review! LOL
Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 8/27/2004
Wow Horror at its best!!

Thank godness it is bright daylight!!

Love Tinka

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