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Sherry L Knight

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The Cucumber in the Picke Jar!
By Sherry L Knight
Friday, September 14, 2007

Rated "R" by the Author.

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I was only 46 and disable most of these people were seniors and the majority of individuals that I have meet, believes seniors to be very boring people. If they lived where I had lived and seen what I have seen they would never judge a book by it’s cover and never under estimate anyone. Remember there is a reason Jesus says never judge anyone because we never know what goes on behind close doors and we are to love our neighbors as our self irregardless of the going on’s, which is none of our business. But we end up somehow finding out. They are all unique and special people we love anyway and without them we would not have neighbors.

The Cucumber in the Pickle Jar!
By: Sherry Lee S. S. (Alias) Codding Knight

I live in a small town, way out in the middle of the desert, in a senior and handicap-housing complex. You would think this would be a dull place to live but on the contrary. There is so much that goes here. Let me tell you of what is like in my complex. We have many people who are from many areas. One woman named Hilda from German is 72 and the other named Mildred is a Southern black woman about 65. On one corner of our particular culver sac is another woman, I do not know her name, but I will name her Barbie. Now for the longest time Hilda and Mildred wondered about Barbie they never saw her coming or going from her apartment. For the first 2 years Mildred had no clue what Barbie even looked like. Hilda on the other hand, was her next-door neighbor. Barbie always snuck out the back way of the apartments to go to the bar and then snuck back home the back way so no one really paid no mind to here before.

Now Mildred started getting suspicious one day when she saw her and thought I will start watching this women and see what is going on. Both Mildred and Hilda had heard about how the maintenance man would go in there and find this woman bombed out of her mind. Therefore, now everyone knew she drank and see this place everyone knows, everything everyone else is up to or they start spying on each other it seems. Barbie is just trying to keep her personal life personal and not have everyone know what she is up to. She is not dating any men in the apartments and she is not causing any problems amongst any of the tenements but sometimes being quiet makes people wonder what you are up to, so they become even more on the lookout for your coming and goings. Now because someone is watching more are watching and they notice the men are coming from Barbies’ apartment. Barbie likes men and she brings them home quit frequently. Barbie is about 50 and she is disable and she spends her days at the local bar. She is there day and night smoking and drinking and hanging out. She always sits on the bar stools and everyone in the bar knows her.

On time Barbie has a boyfriend no one ever learned his name but she used to bring him home during the day and Hilda would call Mildred over to her house and tell her to come in and enter quietly they would stand in the hall giggling at the noises they heard coming from Barbies’ place. The bed would hit the wall hard and they would hear her moan and him groan and yell and making all kinds of sexual noises. She would tell him he was great and he would tell her put your leg here or there this way or that. Mildred and Hilda could barely contain their laughter. Now Mildred had heard he was a black and she was expecting that when she saw him that he was big and husky cause of the noises and all the commotions they would hear coming from the walls. She did not see this man for months. Yet she was called over to Hilda’s over and over again and the two women would stand arm in arm giggling at the outrageous noises they would hear from these two. Now Barbies’ other boyfriends did not seem to raise such a noise and most of the time Hilda did not even know they were there but this one guy it was always loud and the bed was always banging hard against the wall, ba Boom, ba boom, and always the verbal stuff. Then one day they saw him. He walked out of the apartment about 1:30 in the afternoon. Mildred started laughing and Hilda had to shut her curtain, What is the matter? said Hilda” “Did you see that little man? “, squealed Mildred. “I thought from all that noise he makes he would be husky and big but he looks like the wind can blow him away she wears that man away.” All the while she is laughing with tears running out of her eyes. She squealed, “Barbie is going to kill that man with sex!” One day as they were watching they saw the old willowy man get in the car and put his head on the back of the seat’s head rest and Mildred thought for sure he was dead. She called Hilda and said “look out your window, I think this time she really did it.” Hilda said “what are you talking about?” “Just look outside at Barbie’s’ boyfriends car, he got in and his head feel back and he has not moved for 15 minutes I think she killed him with all that sex.” Mildred said. Mildred wanted to go over and shake the man but was so afraid that she would be known as a snoop, she did not dare. Hilda was like Oh No. Oh No. Oh No. he is not moving. All of the sudden the mans head popped up and Hilda screamed. And Mildred said, “what?” For she was not looking out the window anymore. Hilda was startled at the movement Just then the little old man honked the horn and Mildred was back at her window peeking out and Barbie came to the door wiggling all over and the man said what would you like to heat from the store. Barbie said, as she wiggled and in a high sugary sweet voice, Just more of you babe”. He got snappy and “yelled get serious women.” I guess he was just one of Barbie’s many men and most interesting of all of them but that is how it is when you live in a place where everyone finds it more interesting at what everyone else is up to.

Up at the other end of our place is a sweet little old women who goes to church all the time. Never misses a service. She is 62 and she has some mental illnesses and she has some physical illnesses too. Her name is
Belinda, she is from somewhere down south and she very think and short. One day the maintaince man was doing the bi yearly inspections and he came to do Belinda’s apartment and she said come in and she was in her nightgown, no big thing. He starts where he normally does and is going threw the apartment and gets to the hall where he has to change the air-conditioning filter, he turns around to see Belinda standing there with her nightgown lifted all the way up past her left breast while she was scratching above it with nothing on underneath it.
Now this women has already had 2 other women in the complex after her for going after their men and now she is making a pass on the happily married maintaince man. The poor man got red in the face and did not know how he was going to get by her. He finally said, “lady put your dress down and move to the side, I am a happily married man and he left her apartment without finishing the inspection. He went back to the office to get the manager to go through the rest of the inspection with him so he would not get accused of anything. Belinda goes to church and tells all she is not committing fornication and how she is working at control of her Christian walk. Yet morning after morning she is going over to Mr. Sands and having a good time with him and is seen leaving his place with her nightgown all arrayed. Later in the day Sam shows up to her apartment and goes in and comes out 1 hour later putting his wallet away and fixing his pants but all the while Belinda is telling everyone how Jesus loves them and Jesus is teaching her to walk in the spirit and everyone knows what is going on behind her doors for the men come out of there and tell. I find living here is never boring. Now Sam he is the Casanova of the apartments. His girlfriend knows he is sleeping with his caregiver, his neighbor, Belinda and two women who do not even live here but still she does not break up with him she stayed his finance’ she is so much in love. It is not that he is that hot looking. He is about 41 to 45 somewhere with green eyes and he is disabled too but he is a charmer and he knows how to talk to the women. They seem to love him. His girlfriend her name is Nancy and a sweetheart a Christian women who had 7 children from a previous marriage. She is 64 and very much in love with Sam and he loves the ladies but maybe if they marry he will be true to her she thinks. My neighbors are both from other countries, One on one side is a man and the other side a women. The man is a man who likes to sit outside with only a white tee shirt on and nothing on underneath it.

Mildred one day, because Mildred takes pictures of everyone asked him to stand up so she could take his picture. He said, “no I cannot”. She said “sure you can, stand up”. he said, “No”. she said “Yes, let me take your picture stand come on.” He said, No, I do not have any underwear on, now leave me be.” Mildred was so mad she went straight away to the manager who only said that she had to catch him sitting outside like that. So, Mildred took a picture of him sitting out there like that the next time she saw him like that but still the manager only warned him and since then he has not come out like that since. The manager asked me to let her know if I ever see him sitting like that again. I told her I would but in reality I would not. I do not care if the old man wants to sit in his birthday suite. On the other side of me is the women she is small and her name is Francis and her boyfriend my husband calls the security because he is always walking around the complex watching everyone. He even, takes pictures of what is going on to tattle tale to the owners when we are breaking one of the many pages of rules. The rules are a whole book. Francis’ boyfriend Jared went around and took pictures of everyone’s gardens. It was really very pretty here, everyone had the front of their walkways and places with plants and flower and flowerboxes all individualized. Well Jared and Francis were fighting because Jared was always drunk lately and Francis could not stand him when he drank. When he was sober he was a sweet man but drunk she could not stand to be near him. So he was always spying on everyone especially those near her end of the complex. He would carry around his camera in a camera box and hide at the dumpster, behind the buildings, the other side of the fence. It seemed all the time someone was in the manager’s office to complain about Jared and his spying. It literally was scary many but the manager would just say he is just keeping a watch on his girlfriend because they are fighting. The manager would not do anything about it. Well it was creepy. Next thing you know this red head that lives here who was trying to get rid of the manager teamed up with him and she and he went in cahoots.
Betty and Jared would take down the manager and get revenge on all those they were angry at. So Jared went around taking pictures of everyone’s gardens for we are only allowed three plants and only lawn furniture on our patio. He took pictures of wind chimes, planters, wheeled shelves with plants on them, everyone who had more than three plants, everyone who had anything hanging, a bird feeder, a watering place for the birds anything and everything that they knew everyone was doing that was against the big book of rules and she wrote the letters and they sent them in over the managers head. Wow, it happened, we had to pull up our plants, remove the bird feeders, take down our wind chimes, take in our chairs and everyone started tattling on everyone. It was as bad as a kindergarten playground. He still walks back and forth and around the whole area questioning everyone he sees and acts as if he is the owner of the place we live. At least he is not drinking anymore. Now Jared is not allowed an apartment near his sweetheart because he has gotten drunk so many times and disturbed the peace and harassed her and her neighbors that he is not allowed 50 feet near her; however, Francis and him sneak down to the community center all the time to see each other for they cannot stand to be apart and at night you can find Jared coming out of Francis house and vice versa.

Now Jared lives next to this mentally and emotionally slow women who are always running to the manager and everyone in her culver sax with every little bit of information. She is also found on the bus riding and she likes to ride back and forth from one town to the other and talk to all the bus drivers she knows them all by name. She is really a very sweet girl one who many take advantage of quit frequently. Sally is from the area always lived here grew up and her parents taught school here. They are her payee. Sally stays pretty much in her area and on the bus. Now because of Sally’s mentally state, the men take advantage of the women like her. Men, from the complex are frequently visiting her. The other ladies feel sorry for Sally but actually Sally knows enough to not sleep with these men for they are men who live with other women. I do not feel sorry for her at all. She is sleeping with Sam, Mr. Sands and another man from here named Max. now if Max’s wife catch’s on; she is just crazy enough to kill Sally! Sally maybe thinking that one of these men could be hers someday. Max’s wife does not play when she catches her man playing on her. She makes him stay in the house and she watches him like a hawk and she finds out where the women go away from the complex and then she makes her moves away from here so that she cannot get in trouble from the manager from here. One night Sally decided to go to Max’s and starts being friends with his wife to get closer with Max. Jennifer does not leave her house that often so she welcomes friends to her home and she welcomed Sally in the house because you see; Max was the one telling Sally, how he was so unhappy and he was so abused and how he wanted to leave his wife. Sally bought it his line of crape. Now her and Jennifer would go places and go shopping and do all kinds of things together. Jennifer started teaching Sally how to read and write better and they started reading the bible everyday together now this all started playing on Sally conscience.
One night when Max would medicate his wife, and sneak out of the apartment and go up to Jennifer’s, she said, I cannot do this any longer to your wife. She is a nice woman and you do not intend to ever leave her, and she does not abuse you. You are just taking me for granted and she slammed the door on his face. Which, fired up, Max and he went home and later that night when his woke up, he started a big fight with his wife and started beating on her and she ended up standing up for herself. She beat him black and blue from end of his muscular body to the other. When she started she did not stop it was like, she was let loose on every man that every done her wrong. She was a big woman, tall,
6’2”, 250lbs., and she put every inch of her and every ounce of her into her punches.

One crisp morning, the birds were singing and driving Mildred crazy with all their noises and she saw Hilda outside, she yelled, “Hilda, these Birds are driving me crazy, those black ones you know the little ones the way they squawk today they are louder than usual.” She walked over to Hilda’s because it is unusual for Hilda to come outside for she is ill and not usually well enough to venture out. Now Hilda is preoccupied with looking around the front of her place. Mildred is wondering what is that women up to? So when she crosses the driveway, she blurts out, “Women, what are you doing all bent over like that?” Hilda says, “There is a fowl order somewhere and I could smell it in my house and I thought maybe an animal had died out here“. Mildred started holding her noise. Just then Mildred, “burst out good Lord that smells”. She said “I have lived her 9 years and that is no dead animal someone has died“, see people die around here all the time. So, Hilda went inside and got her medicine for the smell was too bad to stay in her house and went over to Mildred’s. Mildred called the manager and said, ”Someone has died near Hilda’s place and it smells so bad that Hilda can not go into her place.” The manager is new and just starting and was startled by the call she got a hold of the maintaince man right away. He told her it is probably a dead bird and those two are over reacting I will go and take a look. So he went over to Mildred’s. Mildred open the door and said, “Fred what are you doing here, you should be over at Hilda’s finding out where that dead body is”. He said, I am here to calm you ladies down and let you know I am going over there now.

Now Mildred and Hilda started figuring it had to be the neighbor women for they had not seen or heard her in a while. They had not seen any men in a while nor heard her in any sexual going on’s. So they had all kinds of fantasies and storied running wild in their head and already figured they knew what had happen. A few minutes later Fred knocked on the door and Mildred answered and he said,” it is all safe ladies now. It was some old dog had curled up in the bushes and died. It was already starting to decompose so the smell was pretty bad. Those two women had been conjuring up all kinds of stories and their imaginations were running wild. Well Mildred, said “thank God, no one was dead. I was really glad about that.”

Now while I was at church, Belinda stood up and accused me of spreading her stuff all over the place and told me not to anymore. I just sat there very embarrassed and I was livid inside but a church was not a place to hash this out. I just tried to let it go over my shoulder but I was very angry for I had been defending this woman in the complex.
The next day, I called her on the phone and told her to listen here, “the next time she accuses me of spreading her business, I was going to start listing her business.” I started telling her all I heard about her. She went berserk and told she said “I am bi polar and I had better look at who I was talking to. Women do you want to go rounds, we can go rounds.” I told her, “I was not dealing with her while she was in that kind of attitude” and I hang up from talking to her. I took my phone off the hook. Next thing I know she was at my door knocking. Let me say it like this the whole door and window shook from her banging on it. I told her to go away I was not dealing with her when she was like that. She Said, “You will when I call the police and they come down here then you have to open your door.” Shortly later, my in-laws showed up with a tire for our car had gotten a flat tire and my in-laws were kind enough to fix it for us and my stepfather-in-law, left my mother in-law here with me and we went down to the managers to get an application for a friend. Since then, a new manager was being trained and the old manager was hanging around for she wanted to be my caregiver. I was sitting in the office with my mother in-law, when here comes crazy Belinda, she came in the office in disregards to what I was doing in there and interrupted me and said, ”Are you ready to talk now.” I said, “this is not the place nor the time, I am doing something else right now.”
She keeps saying, “we need to finish.” She would not let up. So I excused myself and went outside the office all the while the office door was open and of course the new manager and my mother-in law followed me out. For they could see there was going to be a fight. I took her to the side and told her again not to disrespect me like that again in public or next time I might just stand up and tell all. She said,” No don’t listen to the rumor and I know who has been spreading the rumor now and I know it is not you.” She blamed it on the new manager. Who was not even here when the rumors started to fly.
Come to find out it had nothing to do with any of those rumors. I had no idea what she was referring to and I would not have spread all those ugly rumors about her. I still told her I wanted an apology in church in front of everyone for being accused of gossiping when I was not, even though, I did not expect one. She said, “you can do something for me and never talk to me again.” I said, “That is fine with me.” I started walking away with my walker and got to the passenger side of my car for I cannot open the driver side of my door. I was parked now. Three spaces from where she was standing. She started running as fast as she could, with her feet pointed out away from each other and waddling like a 62 year old, ill women would suffering from high blood pressure and numerous of other aliments would. Came to put her arms up and started to hit me and I blocked every punch. I grabbed both of her arms and told her, “ I am not going to hit you or fight you but I am not going to let go until you stop attaching me.” I also told her,” Everyone is watching and everyone saw you come after me.” She looked around tears filled her eyes and she started saying, “I just wanted to pray with you sister I just want to pray with you, as tears were rolling down her face.” I put her hand around my neck and slowly let go and we hugged an prayed. Now I know the Holy Spirit was working threw me that day and I do not understand why I did not deck this women except that I am changed women in Christ and that is the only reason I can believe that I would not. I know I saw a miracle that a woman was plump out of her mind and she was calmed like a wild beast would have been calmed. Both the old manager was there and the new manager and my mother-in-law was standing right next to me.

Now poor Belinda is evicted and she is still not going to take her meds for she feels God has healed her bi polar but she does not remember the things she does and she has gotten into fights with so many of the tenants, but an actual psychical one with me. No one will let her at their apartments they just call her crazy Belinda, because the nosiest of nosey saw everything and spread it around the complex that day. Now all the elderly are afraid of Belinda and they should be I guess without her meds she is a time bomb. Now she wants me to lie and testify and say that I hit her and she has even tried to tell me she would sign under me, seeing I am involved with direct selling. I told her I need my place to live. I have a son that needs to have a place to come to when he visits me and that I was not going to lie for her and lose my place. She tried to bribe me with $10. Which I took the money and put it in the offering she said it was to help me out in our crisis. It did help me out because I had nothing for offering. One morning at 6:30 Belinda came to door asking if someone was here, later my husband realized it was a nick name for when you are asking if you have crack to sell in your place. For there are people in our complex selling crystal meth but she had the wrong apartment she has been knocking on others door at that time also, and they have been complaining to the manager and this poor women does not even remember it. She does not remember even her conversations right.
I am only 46 and disable most of these people are seniors and the majority of individuals believes seniors to be very boring people. If they lived where I live and seen what I have seen they would never judge a book by it’s cover and never under estimate anyone. Remember there is a reason Jesus says never judge anyone because we never know what goes on behind closed doors and we are to love our neighbors as our self regardless of the going on’s, which none of our business is. We are to mind our own business. These are just some of the people in my place. They keep our place very interesting without them we would live in a very boring place. Thank God for my neighbors for each have their unique charm and I am glad I can laugh and cry with them.

       Web Site: writings by Sherry Lee S. S. (Alias) Codding Knight

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Reviewed by Kristi Hudecek 9/15/2007
I don't know if this was meant to be humorous but in certain places, it was. I really thought Jared was funny although I can see why you were creeped out. I had no idea things like that happened in disabled/elderly apartment complexes. It was shocking to me to know that some people sell meth there. Anyway, I enjoyed your story a lot. :)
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 9/15/2007
Excellent story, Sherry; well done! :)

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