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Amy S Black

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By Amy S Black
Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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Becky really likes Sam. But so does someone else. Someone is out to get Becky if she doesn't let Sam go. Will Sam and Becky's relationship live?

Samuel Becker followed his friend into the house. Peter Snow recently rented the small yellow house on 42nd Street. Sam laid his backpack on the armchair that was sitting next to the door.
“Want a coke?” Pete walked into his kitchen to grab two cans of soda from the refrigerator. He tossed one to Sam before sitting down on the worn out couch.
“Thanks,” Sam sat on the floor in front of the armchair. He opened the can and took a long drink from it.
“What time did Becky say she’d meet you?” Pete swallowed some of his pop.
“I’m supposed to meet her at the Pizza Joint at four o’clock. She said she might be running late since she has swimming practice,” Sam moved to the armchair after setting his backpack on the floor. “What are you doing later?”
“Oh, studying, as usual. That’s all I do. You’d think I’d be getting straight A’s and I’m barely making it.” Pete has always had trouble in school. It wasn’t that he didn’t care; he just always had a hard time concentrating.
Sam glanced at the clock hanging on the wall above Pete. Three o’clock. He reached down into his backpack and pulled his history textbook out. He had a little bit of time to kill before having to leave. The Pizza Joint isn’t very far, he thought. He turned to the marked page and glanced through the paragraphs. He hated history. Why did he have to learn it? He heard Pete turn the television on to some game show. He couldn’t grasp what the text was. He kept thinking about Becky. They were supposed to go to the movies after pizza.
Sam closed the book and placed it back in the backpack. He decided to relax and watch television for half an hour.

Rebecca Manor hurried home and ran up the stairs. She knew no one was home. Her mother was at work and her father didn’t live there. She went into her room and threw her backpack on the bed. She walked over to the closet and started looking through her clothes. I’ve got to find something cute, she thought. She took three different shirts and laid them on her bed. She didn’t know which one to wear. Sam hasn’t seen me wear the pink blouse before, she thought as she picked it up. After stripping down to her underwear, she glanced in the mirror while sliding the blouse on over her head. Should I wear pants, or a skirt? Hm, the skirt. After grabbing the skirt from her dresser drawer, she slid that on and glanced in the mirror again. She tucked the blouse in and pulled a little bit of it out over the top of the skirt. There, she thought. I look good. Glancing at the clock beside her bed, she started to panic. How can she be running late? She ditched swimming practice so she could be early. After running her brush through her hair, she put it up with a hairpin. When she was satisfied, she left the room and went downstairs. As she was walking toward the kitchen, the doorbell rang. Who can that be? Becky walked back to the door and glanced through the window. A man in a brown uniform stood there. She opened the door.
“Rebecca Manor?” He said in a low voice.
“That’s me,” she seen a package in his hand. After signing her name and taking the package, she thanked him and closed the door. How sweet, she thought. Sam bought me something. She walked to the dining table. Laying the package down, she picked the card up from the box.
She smiled and opened the box. Inside laid a black decaying rose.

Sam sat at the booth farthest from the front as possible and waited for Becky. When he seen her, he waved to her. As she walked toward him, he could tell something was wrong.
“What is it?” he asked. She shook her head and smiled.
“Nothing. I missed you,” Becky sat down across from him. “What are we ordering?”
“I ordered us a drink and a large pizza with pepperoni. Just like you want it,” he smiled.
“You’re so sweet,” she glanced around. Sam could tell something was bothering her, but he wasn’t going to pressure her. She’d tell him eventually, on her own.
After a while, Becky said she had to go to the lady’s room. The waitress brought the pizza to the table after Becky left. Sam took a piece and placed it on her plate before placing one on his. He was hungry, but decided to wait until she came back. Five minutes later, she did.
“Sorry about that. Good, it’s here. I’m starving!” She took her fork and cut a piece of the pizza slice off. Then, after blowing on it, she ate it. Sam thought it was cute how she cut the pizza instead of just picking the slice up. He did just that. Letting the melted cheese stretch out from his mouth to the slice in his hand, he enjoyed the taste. He loved pizza. He took a sip of his pop and watched Becky do the same. She blushed when she noticed him looking at her. He loved it when she blushed. Sam felt like he was falling in love.

Becky let Sam open the car door for her. She wasn’t going to worry about the package she received. It was just a dumb joke. She focused on the fact that she was with Sam. They were going to a movie. It was some comedy that Sam said he wanted her to see. It didn’t matter to her what it was, she just wanted to be with him.
When they got to the theater, Sam bought both tickets and they walked to the popcorn counter.
“Are you still hungry?”
“Oh no. I am thirsty though,” Becky said. Sam bought two cups of Coca-Cola and led her to the seats. They chose a couple of seats towards the back and sat down. He put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a little kiss. She leaned over on him and the lights went out. The big screen lit up with pictures from a commercial. They sat there cuddling, and watched the movie.
After the movie ended, they waited until everyone left the room, and then they stood and walked out. Becky excused herself and went to the restroom. There was a short line, so she waited. That was a cute movie, she thought. I’m glad he brought me to it. She glanced in the big mirror and smiled at herself. She felt happy. Finally, she went to the next available stall. When she was done, she noticed she was alone in the restroom. She walked over to the sink and gasped. That wasn’t there before. Written on the mirror, she read “STAY AWAY FROM HIM!”

Sam hugged Becky while standing outside the theater. She just told him what she seen in the restroom. She explained why she was nervous at the Pizza Joint earlier too. He couldn’t figure out who could be doing this. He told her so.

“I’m getting scared, Sam. First, the dead rose, and now this? I thought it was some sick joke when I seen the rose. But for someone to go through all the trouble of following me to the movies and writing that on the mirror, what else will they do?” Becky wrapped her arms around Sam. “I didn’t recognize any of the girls that went in there ahead of me. Did you see anyone you knew walk out before I came out?”
“No. I don’t understand who it is,” he turned and, with his arm around her, walked toward his car.
“Do you think it could be an ex-girlfriend?”
“I don’t know. I intend to find out. Don’t worry Becky. We’ll get to the bottom of this,” he promised her. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. They reached his car and he opened the door as she sat down. After walking around the car, he glanced around, but didn’t see anyone he recognized.
They didn’t talk about the incidents anymore. He figured Becky didn’t want to keep thinking about it, so he changed the subject of their conversation. They talked about school and planned a study date for the following night.

Becky got anxious when she got out of Sam’s car. He said he’d watch her while she walked to her car. The parking lot at the Pizza Joint was empty, and the echoing of her footsteps created an eerie moment. She hurried to her car and unlocked her door. After getting in and locking the door, she waved back to Sam. She slid the key into the ignition and started the car. Sam honked and turned his car around, then drove away. She put the car into gear and drove out of the parking lot. Putting a compact disc into the CD player, she turned the volume up. Passing the downtown mall, she turned onto Candle Boulevard.
When she was getting ready to turn onto 12th Street, she noticed the car behind her had been following her since she left the parking lot. Telling herself to calm down, she turned right at the next street, the car behind her did too. She drove a little further, and then turned left. So did the car behind her. She started to panic. She drove straight, but steadily sped up. Periodically, she glanced behind her. Once, the car was gone and she calmed down. Two minutes later, it was back. She knew it was the same car because the headlights had a blue tint to them. She turned onto her street and watched the car behind her turn. She decided not to stop at her house. She continued to drive on. She planned to pull into the police station parking lot a few blocks ahead. Suddenly, the person turned their brights on. They hurt Becky’s eyes, so she moved her rearview mirror a little. When she sped up, the car behind her slowed down. Her heart pounding, she told herself to breath. She moved the rear view mirror back to its original position and seen that the car had made a complete stop. Becky drove a few blocks more to the parking lot of the police station. Waiting for ten minutes, she glanced around for a few minutes. Not seeing anyone, she put her car into drive again, and after looking around once more, drove away. She couldn’t figure it out. Why was this happening?
After pulling into her driveway a little while later, she still felt shaken up. Unlocking the front door, Becky headed for the kitchen. After setting her purse on the dining room table, she opened the refrigerator and got a bottle of water. Taking a long drink, she walked back to the stairs and climbed to the top. Going into her room, she flipped the light on. She walked over to the window and glanced out. Not seeing anyone, she decided to call Diane. She and Diane have been friends for five years and shared everything with each other. But after letting it ring five times, she hung up.
There was a knock at her door.
“It’s me, can I come in?”
“Of course,” Becky lay down on the bed as her mom walked in.
“So, how did it go?” Her mom has been asking the same thing every time Becky gets home from a date with Sam.
“It was great, mom. We met at the Pizza Joint, and then went to see a comedy at the theater. I love being with him!”
“My little girl. You’re growing up so quickly,” her mother smiled and patted her daughter’s head. She also said this same thing every time they had this talk. “I’m glad you had fun, honey,” she said, then kissed Becky goodnight.
“Good night, mom,” Becky closed the door after her mom left. Smiling, she walked over to her dresser and got a pair of shorts and a tank top out, then walked to her bathroom to take a shower.

“I don’t understand who could be doing this. I thought that it might be an ex girlfriend, but none of them seem to be the type to do this. Besides, the last girl before Becky was three months ago, and the last I heard, she was with someone else,” Sam immediately called Pete after getting home. Pete and Sam met about five months ago at a mutual friend’s party. They seemed to have a lot in common and quickly became friends. Sam felt like he has known Pete his whole life.
“Do you think it could be one of Becky’s friends? Maybe one of them has a crush on you,” Pete offered.
“I could mention that to her. But I doubt it. She only has one good friend, and that’s Diane. And she’s cool. I doubt she’d do this,” Sam took a long swig from his coffee cup. “Anyways, how is the studying coming along?”
“It isn’t. I hate math. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, why does X times Y equal such and such? I should ask the teacher that. I’d like to see her come up with an answer!” That made Sam laugh. He could imagine Pete doing that too.
“That would be hilarious. You should do that,” Sam set the cup back on top of his desk and stood up from the chair he’d been sitting on since he got home. He started to walk toward his bed, but stopped when he heard a beep. “Hey, man, hold on a sec. I got a call coming through,” he switched over by pushing the flash button. “Hello?”
“Did I wake you?” it was Becky.
“Not at all. Hang on, ok?” he switched back over. “Hey Pete, it’s Becky. She sounds upset. See you at school tomorrow?”
“Sure. Tell her I said hi. Bye man,” with that, Pete hung up, which automatically switched the call back over to Becky.
“What’s up, hun?” Sam walked back to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door to grab a can of pop.
“Something happened again, tonight. On the way home, I was being followed. I didn’t think anything about it at first, but they turned when I turned and almost blinded me with their bright lights. “
“When did you get home? Why didn’t you call me before, Becky?”
“Mom came in and we talked. Then I wanted to get my bearings together, so I took a shower,” Becky explained.
“Did you tell your mom?” Sam was scared.
“No. I should have, but I didn’t want to worry her. She has so much going on now, what with the divorce and all.”
“I guess I know what you mean. I’m just scared for you, Becky. Someone is stalking you.”
“It probably won’t last too long.”
“Maybe we shouldn’t see each other. I mean, I don’t want to have to do that, but I don’t want you to be in any more danger,” Sam suggested.
“No. That’s the last thing we should do. I love being with you. I don’t want that to change. Whatever is up with this weirdo, hopefully they’ll see it isn’t having an effect. That’s exactly what they want, for us to break up.”
“I’m glad you said that, Becky. I was scared you’d have agreed with me. I love being with you too. Do you really think this person will stop soon?”
“Yeah. Probably just some girl from school who has a crush on you. I kind of feel special, actually,” Sam heard Becky giggle. He smiled.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I talked to Pete and told him a little of what’s going on. Is that ok?”
“I guess that’s fine. Has he thought of anything?”
“Well, actually, yeah. He thought maybe it was one of your friends. Maybe one of them could have a crush on me. At least that’s what Pete said,” Sam took another drink from his second coke.
“The only real friend I have is Diane. I just can’t see her doing this. We’ve been friends for a long time.”
“That’s exactly what I told him.”
“I was going to talk to her about this anyway tomorrow, so I will see how she acts.”
“That’s a good idea,” Sam told her. They talked for a little bit longer, and then Becky said she was getting sleepy. They said goodnight and hung up.

Becky walked up the steps of Soviet High School. She had thought about what Sam suggested last night. She wondered if it could be Diane. She kept telling herself no, but she still wondered. She walked through the glass doors and turned right towards her locker. As she was opening it, Diane walked up.
“Hey girl, what’s up?” Diane’s locker was next to Becky’s. Becky was placing the books she took home the previous night into her locker.
“Oh, nothing much. I do need to talk to you about something,” she put two more books for the next two classes into her backpack.
“Sure, what’s wrong?” Diane and Becky both closed their locker doors and walked down the hall side by side.
“Well, some things have been happening to me lately,” Becky explained the situation beginning with the rose and ending with the incident the previous night.
“Omigod, Becky. Who do you think is doing it?” Diane looked genuinely shocked.
“I don’t know. At first, I thought it was an ex girlfriend of Sam’s, but he says he can’t figure out who it would be,” she shrugged. “Part of me thinks it will all blow over soon. But the other part of me is scared. What else is this person up to?” She already decided it isn’t Diane. She felt guilty for even suspecting her. They soon got to the end of the hallway. This is where they split for their classes. “I’ll see you at lunch. Main table, right?”
“Of course. See you then,” Diane hollered behind her as she walked away.
Becky started to speed up so she wouldn’t be late for class. By the time she got there, the bell had rung. She slipped through the door and slid into her seat. She glanced over and seen Sam smile at her. She smiled back. The teacher was writing something on the board as Becky got her textbook out. She turned it to the page marked and gasped. The words “He’s Mine!” stared out at her. She glanced at Sam and he was looking at her with a concern look on his face. She looked back down at the words in her textbook.
“Is something wrong, Miss Manor?” The teacher startled her.
“Uh, no. I’m fine,” she smiled and glanced over at Sam again. She mouthed “After class,” and he nodded.

She opened the textbook to show Sam what was written in it.
“Who on earth is doing this?” Sam ran his hands through his hair. Becky closed the book and put it back into her backpack. They walked down the hall.
“I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out how they got into my locker. I didn’t think anyone knew my combination number. I’m going to have to get it changed now,” Becky said as they turned a corner. She was heading for the principal’s office to get a different code. Sam put his arm around her.
“I’m going to do whatever is necessary to keep you safe, Becky,” he promised. She thanked him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking through the door to the office.

Diane motioned for Becky. After seeing her, Becky walked over to the table with tray in hand and sat down. She told Diane about the writing in her book and Diane shook her head.
“What do you think it meant? Do you think Sam is cheating?”
“What? No way! Just some chick with a huge crush on him,” Becky took a bite of taco salad. Although she told Diane that, she was beginning to wonder. Once again, she rejected the thought. She was wrong about Diane. Chances are, she was wrong about this too.
“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Guess who called me yesterday?” Diane changed the subject.
“Who?” Becky took a quick drink from her cup of pop.
“Regina. Can you believe her? Like I would still be friends with her,” Once again, Diane went on and on. Becky let her thoughts drift. Was Sam cheating? Is that what that message meant? No, of course not. He wouldn’t do that. She forced herself to think of other things. Like that night. She had a study date with him. That made her smile. Not that they’d actually study.

Sam opened the door for Becky. They hugged as soon as she walked through the door. He led her to the dining table and offered her a drink. While he left to go to the kitchen, the phone rang. She heard him pick it up in the kitchen. She started to get her books out of her backpack when Sam walked into the dining room.
“Bad news, Becky. That was dad. He needs me down at the shop,” he said as he set the phone down onto the table.
“Oh, okay. For how long?”
“Probably for the rest of the evening. Something about one of the bikes being messed up and his mechanics aren’t available. That’s where I come in. I’m sorry. I wish I could keep our plans. But, he said he’d pay me and I really need the money.”
“That’s okay Sam. I understand. Maybe we could try this again tomorrow,” she suggested.
“Of course. Come over around three. We can eat an early supper together,” Sam hugged her. “Again, I’m really sorry!”

Did he really have to go in? Was that just an excuse? No. He really did. His dad really needed his help. Stop thinking like that Becky, she told herself. She was laying on her bed and listening to a local radio station. She felt depressed. She didn’t want to think that Sam was cheating. She thought about calling his dad’s Harley shop. But then decided against it. If she called and Sam was there, he’d wonder why she was checking up on him. I just have to trust him, she thought to herself.

The following Monday afternoon, Becky had swimming practice again. She swam her last round and headed for the showers. Usually, she would take a shower, then go straight home to do her homework. But on this day, she decided to relax in the sauna. She walked to her gym locker and got her shampoo and towel. She walked to the showers and let the cool water run over her body before removing her bathing suit and wrapping a towel around her. She left her shampoo in the shower stall, and walked to the door of the sauna. The temperature was always set at 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the sauna and Becky was cold natured, so it felt good to her. She felt she needed a chance to think things through. On Saturday, she and Sam had a good time. They fixed spaghetti together and then studied. She felt happy when she was with him. She even forgot the strange things that have been happening and enjoyed the day. Sense then, nothing has happened. Hopefully, Becky thought, the weirdo gave up.
She sat down on a bench inside the sauna and leaned against the wall. Closing her eyes, she could literally feel her body relax. She didn’t realize how much tension was built inside of her. She wished she remembered to bring a book. She was worried she’d fall asleep. She told herself to just relax. She thought about Sam. Then her thoughts drifted to the bad things happening to her. She just couldn’t understand it. Who was it? Why were they doing this?
After about thirty minutes, she got bored. Walking back to her gym locker, she noticed it was ajar. Puzzled, she opened the door all the way and smelled something bitter. Looking down, she screamed. Lying on the bottom was a severed rat’s head. She shakily picked the note up that was placed beside it. “This is your last warning!”

Waiting to talk to a police officer, Becky paced back and forth. Sam immediately brought her here when she called him that evening.
“Becky Manor,” a tall guy called her name from the desk in front of Becky and Sam. “Someone can see you now.”
She looked up as a short man waved for her to come over to his desk. She and Sam walked through the doorway and over to the officer’s desk. After sitting down, the man introduced himself as Officer Thomson. “What can I do for you today?” He was a cheerful man. Becky immediately felt comfortable. She was reminded of Santa Claus. Except, this man didn’t have a big stomach. But he did have rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his eyes.
“Well, officer, I’m being harassed. I don’t know who it is exactly, but they want to kill me-“
“Do you have anyone in mind?” he interrupted.
“Well, yes. But I can’t see her doing this. I mean, it would make sense-“ Becky stopped and took a deep breath. “OK, let me start from the beginning.” She explained what had been happening to her. She started with the rose and ended with the rat’s head. Officer Thomson interrupted a few times to ask questions so he could understand more. When she was finished, he sat silently. He looked like he was pondering over this.
“So, you don’t have actual proof that this Diane has anything to do with this?”
“Well, no. But who else could it be?” Sam said. He had been sitting quietly until now.
“Well, the thing is, without actual proof, we can’t do anything, see.”
“But, she’s threatening Becky!”
“I understand that. However, you two don’t know for sure who it is. It could be Diane, but it might not be. And I can’t arrest someone if there is no proof, see.”
“Besides, Sam, I don’t want to accuse her just yet. She’s my best friend. Until I have proof, I can’t do that to her. I just can’t,” Becky said. “I don’t want to lose her as a friend, which will happen if I accuse her.”
“But, if she is doing this to you, Becky, you’ll be putting yourself in more danger.”
“But if she isn’t doing this, I will lose a good friend. Personally, I’m willing to take the chance. She’s the only friend I have. Besides you of course. But there are many things I can do with Diane that I can’t do with you. Telling secrets and just hanging out. Going to the mall, you hate the mall,” Becky said before turning to Officer Thomson. “So, what do I do now?”
“Well, we’ve filed a report, so you are in our records now. The only other thing I can think of at this time is to be very careful who you choose to be friends with and keep a close eye on the friends you have now. Don’t put yourself in any possible danger, and look for clues to who might be doing this,” the officer offered. “I’m glad you came to us, Becky. Now we can respond quickly later if something happens. We will have already had a case file on you, see.”
“That’s it?” Sam was getting upset.
“Sam, calm down. That’s all they can do,” Becky tried to calm him down.
“But, the next time she calls you, you may not get to her in time!”
“Do you have a cell phone, Miss Manor?” The officer asked.
“No, why?”
“Get one. Even if it’s a pre pay phone. It’s good to have one with you at all times. That way, if you sense you are in danger, you can call the police before something happens and we can respond, before anything happens to you.”
“But what if it’s a false alarm?”
“Doesn’t matter. We have a case on you. It’s our obligation to protect you. Any time you sense that you are in danger, or even if you might be in danger, call us.”
“OK. I will do that. Thanks officer,” Becky stood and shook his hand.
“Good luck and stay safe, Becky,” Officer Thomson smiled.

“I better tell mom. I hate to worry her, but she needs to know,” Becky said as she opened the door to her house. She could hear her mom in the kitchen. Becky told Sam to wait in the living room and walked to the kitchen. “Hey mom, can I talk to you for a minute?”
“Sure honey. How’s you day been?” Her mom was in the middle of fixing a pitcher of lemonade. She set the pitcher into the refrigerator and walked over to the kitchen table where Becky sat. “What’s up?” Becky, once again, went through the details. She also explained the police station and about getting a cell phone. After she was done, her mother was crying. “Oh, my baby girl! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“I didn’t want to worry you mom. You have so much going on as it is. Plus, I figured it would blow over.”
“Oh, dear. At least you told me now. We will definitely get you a cell phone. First thing tomorrow. When you get home from school, I will leave work early and come home.”
“Oh no, mom. I don’t want you to risk losing your job!”
“Nonsense, Becky. You come first,” her mom hugged her. She stopped crying, but her cheeks were still wet. “Now, go get yourself a wet rag and wipe those tears away.” Becky smiled and did as she was told. After making sure her daughter was out of sight, she stood up and walked into the living room. “Not this again!”
“Hi Ms. Manor,” Sam greeted Becky’s mother.
“Hi, Sam. Uh, I have a question. Have you been with Becky during any of these situations?”
“Well, no. Becky told me everything that’s happened. But I haven’t witnessed it. Why? Do you think she’d lie about something like this?”
“No, no. Of course not. At least not knowingly.”
“What do you mean?” Sam glanced toward the hallway to make sure Becky wasn’t coming.
“Something like this happened before.”
“Oh no! What happened?”
“Two years ago, Becky complained about a man looking through her bedroom window. She said it had been happening a while. Two days later, our family dog was found dead, with its eyes gouged out. Becky found him in the bushes outside the house we lived in at the time. The cops got involved and it was a long ordeal. Well, one day I heard Becky talking on the phone. I walked in the room and she had her back to me. She sounded scared. Before I could say anything, she hung up and walked out of the room through the patio doors on the other side of the room. I walked toward the phone intending to dial *69. That’s when I noticed something weird,” She paused to glance back. Content that Becky was still in the bathroom, she continued. “The phone didn’t have a cord attached to it. It wasn’t even plugged in. She was talking to herself,” she felt tears begin to form in her eyes.
“So, does that mean—“
“That’s right. There was no mystery man. We took her to a Psychiatrist. After a few tests, she was diagnosed with a form of disassociated Identity Disorder. You might know it as Multiple Personality Disorder. Two of its characteristics include hallucinations and alterations in personalities. During these alterations, she’s a different person altogether. After her original personality reappears, she has no memory of her actions as the other person. Evidently, during these alterations, she was doing things that she normally wouldn’t do. She killed the family pet and didn’t remember. She thought she kept seeing this man. She was on medication. But now I fear that the medicine isn’t working anymore.”
“You think she’s doing these things to herself,” Sam was shocked. He never knew this. He never suspected Becky to have a mental illness.
“I fear it is happening again-“ Before she could finish, a scream broke through the house. Same ran toward the bathroom with Becky’s mother following him. Pounding the door, Sam hollered Becky’s name, but she didn’t respond.
“Oh no! Becky! Can you hear me?!” Ms. Manor screamed. “Sam, call 911!” Sam took off down the hall and picked the phone up. After a few minutes, he returned.
“The police are on their way.” He started to knock on the bathroom door again. “Becky!” He started to cry. “Are you ok? Becky?!” Her mother left and returned holding a hammer.
“Here Sam. See if you can smash the door in!” She stepped back as Sam took the hammer and threw it against the door. It made a crack. He threw it again. Bit by bit, the crack grew into a hole. He glanced through it and seen Becky. She was sitting on the floor. Blood was splattered around her. “Becky!” He kept hitting the door and finally, the hole was big enough to put his arm through it. He opened it and dropped onto the floor beside Becky. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she stared straight at nothing in particular, her eyes glazed over. She was holding her hand and it was bleeding. Bringing her head to his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and rocked her back and forth. He looked around the small bathroom and saw the mirror glass. It had been broken and Sam could see a few drops of blood that must have splattered from Becky’s hand. Then, a few minutes later, Sam heard sirens outside. He silently prayed. He placed his hand on her head and stroked her hair. “Things will be OK, baby. Just you wait and see.”

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10. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Eig

On Forbidden Ground by TJ Perkins

The sequel to Mystery of the Attic - Melissa is lured back to the old house to face her greatest fear - alone!..  
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The Storks of La Caridad by Florence Weinberg

Father Ignaz (Ygnacio) Pfefferkorn, a missionary from the Sonora Desert in northern Mexico, is caught in the Expulsion of all Jesuits in 1767. After enduring eight years of prison ..  
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