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Kenn Klick

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Little Coyote Tales Preview
By Kenn Klick
Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rated "G" by the Author.

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This is a preview of Little Coyote Tales. It includes the first of five stories as well as the Mystic Musing that accompanies it at the end of the book.

Little Coyote Tales

By Kenn Klick

Text copyright © 2007 by Kenn Klick

All rights reserved. Published by BlueCougar Studios

No part of this publication may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission please contact via email:

First Edition, August 2007

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007907713


Please respect the work and effort that went into not only writing this, but also what it took for me to get to the level of understanding in order for me to communicate and share it with you as well. By paying you show that you value your Self as well as your growth and development when you purchase this book.
There is a stand alone version of Mystic Musings, please review the site if you are interested and purchase those instead of photocopying my work.



I began writing the stories of Little Coyote in the summer of 1990 when my paternal grandfather died. I had returned from a stay in Colorado pursuing a dream to miss his death by but a few hours. I found myself staying with my grandmother that summer and learning a great deal about the man I thought my grandfather to be as well as what I never suspected.
I don’t know, outside of Poppi Otto’s death, what triggered me writing these stories, I only remember sitting down on the couch with a pencil and pad then at my grandmother’s old Olympia manual typewriter and starting to write. The images and dialogue flowed through me and I did my best to dictate. At times I could feel the comfortable weight of what I imagined to be turquoise rings and bracelets on my hands and grey braids resting on my shoulders. I was filled with stories and wisdom beyond my years. Maybe it had been from reading all those books since I was young: Edgar Cayce, Paul Twitchell, Joseph Campbell, Mary Summer Rain, Medicine Cards, Carlos Castaneda, Hyemeyohsts Storm and many others. My grandmother has recalled that summer at times with me, hearing my bursts of laughter amongst the sound of the keys of the old typewriter.
So how did I return to these manuscripts once again after so many years? I got the chance this year on vacation to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was a small child growing up as an air force brat watching air shows. I was offered a ride in a biplane doing aerobatics. My first reaction was fear and doubt for the safety of my life, but I stepped out and didn’t hesitate despite the fear and doubt and jumped at the chance. I even volunteered to be the first to go up. A friend of my father, Danny, took me up in Dad’s Pitts S2B Biplane and I was changed from that moment. Something opened up and sprang forth from me the instant we lifted off the runway and Danny pulled the stick back and hit the throttle, rocketing us up into the heavens. In that experience of barrel rolls, loops, a hammerhead, outside loop into a hammerhead (woot!), snap turns, and a flatspin, a true joy that reached back over the years woke up in me what it meant to truly dream and believe and open myself up to new experiences and possibilities. I stepped out of Dad’s plane onto the airport tarmac a changed man. Given how I have continued to change since then, I now believe I am ready to do justice to the true meaning of these stories.
The stories came through as five steps of “evolution” and remain so to this day. The last story, “Learns to Dream”, at the time was a difficult one. I just could not reach the level of understanding needed to comprehend in words what was being shown mentally to me. Somehow I knew its true completion would take years of life to do it justice, actually for all of the stories it would. The original draft was returned to for “Learns to Dream”. It was rewritten then edited with the knowledge and wisdom of one older than the youth that attempted, quite boldly and convincingly, to describe what he had not truly experienced for himself.
In the second half of the book, I have also done my best to interpret what I can only say is what I believe each of the stories mean to me, as a gift to you. I did this so others could see the deeper meaning in what could honestly be seen on the surface as mere children’s stories. Along with it are queries and suggestions that will help you find personal meaning in the stories. I placed them in the second half of the book so as to not disturb the continuity of the stories. The stories are yours to take within yourSelf and interpret for yourself, for in all honesty this is your experience and your dream.
Today I chose to dream and pursue what I began that day long ago…to change the world as a Storyteller. Little Coyote Tales has truly been my enjoyment and I hope it will benefit you as deeply and completely in your life as this companion of words has done for me.


In the legend and lore of the Native Americans, the Coyote represents the human on his path of learning. In one instance he is the Greatest Fool, and in another the Great Teacher and knower of secrets, all within the same circumstance.
Coyote is the Great Trickster that ends up being the joke of his own clever pranks, but in doing so he learns and teaches the Great Lessons of Life. He knows what is just underneath the surface of all things physical but at times he cannot connect it with the physical. He knows all, yet he knows nothing. He knows nothing factual or experiential yet has the untainted wisdom and exuberance of innocence and youth.
Coyote is a Creator of worlds within worlds; the world within that finds its expression through Coyote. He is an omnipotent innocence that grows through the curiosity and love of the unfamiliar aspects of new growth, with himSelf being the focus of this creative power; in the sometimes painful instances of learning and discovery.
Coyote is the Learning Human -- the fool's eyes open. He represents humanity in our folly and our wisdom. He relearns and recreates his world and himself continually and in so doing becomes a Creator of an ever-evolving existence. This is the beauty and awe-inspiring quality of Coyote. The stories within contain all of these aspects of Coyote. These stories are centered on the experiences of a young one named Little Coyote. The Native American tradition refers to physical reality as the Dream Awake. I believe humanity is the source of a World Dream that encompasses all. Little Coyote mirrors Humanity in the World Dream just as our interior life is mirrored in our exterior life. I hope you will enjoy traveling with Little Coyote, observing his self-creation as we all Dance in the Dream Awake.


Little Coyote was blind, even though he could see. But as most young in life he was unaware of this for he did not know his heart nor had he truthfully ever seen the world as it truly existed.
One evening Little Coyote was trotting along his daily path on the edge of the prairie in the middle of a drought. The world around Little Coyote called for nourishment from the sky just as his own heart called to him to understand his life.
Little Coyote heard Fox just ahead on his path. It sounded to him as if she were singing. As he approached her he more clearly heard her song. "Fox, what is that song you are singing?"
Fox answered through her tears, "I am singing a song of loss."
"Oh I’m sorry you sing that. What can I do to help? I can help you find whatever it is that you've lost."
Fox paused in her song and looked into the coyote’s blank eyes. "Little Coyote, what I have lost I cannot get back. You cannot see that to understand. Do not feel poorly Little Coyote, there is nothing you can do." Fox gazed out onto the prairie.
"Fox, I'm serious, I will help you."
Fox tenderly looked at Little Coyote. "Little Coyote, what I have lost cannot be found. One of my pups has died. He’s gone so I am crying."
Little Coyote didn't understand Fox's dilemma. "Very well Fox, but if you change your mind and want help, I will help you find him.”
“Thank you, Little Coyote." Fox turned away and slowly returned to the rolling bundles of red fur within the shadows of her den.
As he trotted away Little Coyote muttered to himself, "What is crying, and why do I not do it?"
Just then a rustling in the prairie grass attracted his attention. Little Coyote leapt in the air and pounced on the noise. He had caught a mouse, but this was no ordinary mouse. This was a very brave mouse. He was so brave he even had a name. His name was Talks to Snake. This mouse had once begged for mercy from Snake who caught him exploring in a dark burrow. Deep in his heart Talks to Snake knew it was not his time to die. Snake took mercy after hearing the mouse’s pleas and let him go. That little mouse battled the fire of the poison from Snake's bite and lived to become the brave Talks to Snake, Elder to his people
"Please do not kill me! My people will mourn my death for generations!" squeaked a voice from between Coyote's paws in the green grass. This startled Little Coyote, for he had never had his food talk to him.
"This is odd…food that talks. Talk again food or I will eat you."
"What do you want me to say?" responded the fluff of brown fur, its shiny black eyes peering up between the coyote's paws.
"Well..." Little Coyote lay down, "Who are you and what is mourning?"
Big pink ears popped out as the fluff of fur pushed its head out and boldly replied, “I am a mouse. My name is ‘Talks to Snake’. Mourning is the pain and crying my people will find in their hearts when I am lost." The mouse wriggled its forepaws free then started to push the rest of his body free.
"I know about crying," pronounced the blind coyote.
"Really?" Talks to Snake glanced up then looked down and freed one foot then another. He stood up and backed away to get a better look at the coyote only to be pulled off his feet by his tail, "Oof!"
"Yeah, its, ah ... its, ah ... well I really don’t, do you know what it is?"
The mouse reached down between his legs and got a strong grip of his tail that was stuck beneath the big paws. He wiggled his hips as he braced his feet against Little Coyote’s paws and said, "Crying is the expression of pain at losing someone you love ... okay, one, good, tug...”
"Why not just go out and find them?” asked Little Coyote tilting his head to the side.
The little mouse rested his head on the ground then looked up at the coyote, "You cannot find them for they have gone where you cannot go." He spit on his paws, grabbed his tail a second time and started pulling. While his little ears quivered he wheezed, "We will go there when our time is finished here..."
"Hmmm, well ... alright then what is love?" said Little Coyote. He heard a grouse call in the distance and turned his head towards the noise.
"grunt…whoa! …oof! ... Love?" Talks to Snake replied from under his furry arm that was lying across his face. He still lay on his back with his tail stuck between the coyote's paws. "Love is the attention shown towards something or someone that leads to an ever deepening knowledge, understanding and acceptance of that object or person. For you, it’s probably been when you really enjoy or like something."
"Hmmm, well, if I learned to love then I would learn about what it is to cry?"
The mouse raised his arm from his face and looked at Little Coyote with his black shiny eyes, “Yes, Little Coyote, if you love, you will learn what it is to cry."
"Okay, tell me how to do it!"
"I cannot, you must find out what love is for yourself. My love is not yours."
"Well," Little Coyote sat up," For what you have told me I will let you go, but only if you will help me understand love and what it is to cry."
"Very well, I agree. Meet me here everyday at this time and I will answer any questions that you have."
“Okay.” and Little Coyote lifted his paws releasing the mouse’s tail. Talks to Snake hopped up and scurried away with such silence that Little Coyote wondered how he had ever heard him in the first place. Then he realized that the mouse had known his name without him telling him who he was.

They met every evening for many days. Each time upon meeting Little Coyote would once again pounce on the mouse who would cry to be spared for his people’s sake. Then Little Coyote would recognize it was Talks to Snake and they would begin to talk again. Sometimes they just sat and listened to the prairie, other times they talked about life and what they liked to do to make the day pass.
One day Little Coyote was trotting along on his way as he did every day. He wondered what questions he would ask. Then he saw Hawk dropping from the sky and with a sharp cry landed nearby. Little Coyote ran toward what became a clamor in the sagebrush and he heard a cry of Rabbit. Startling the entangled pair, Little Coyote slid up to them. "Wait! I need to ask you a question!"
Hawk and Rabbit gazed at each other in puzzlement. Hawk looked at the coyote, "Very well, ask."
"Why do you cry?"
Hawk looked at Rabbit. Rabbit looked at Little Coyote and painfully asked. "Are you serious?"
"Yes, quite...”
Then Hawk noticed that even though Little Coyote could see he was blind. He could not recognize the blood on Hawk's talons or the pain in Rabbit's eyes. "I will tell you quickly, for Rabbit is in pain. I cry because of the loss of my sister Rabbit that I need for food. I also cry from the powerful expression of my Self in the dive of the killing strike.
Rabbit then tenderly explained, "I cry for the joy at becoming one with the Great Spirit and nourishing my Brother Hawk. I also cry from the pain of losing my Self in the energy of the killing strike."
"Okay, thank you," said Little Coyote and he trotted away with the pair watching in amazement. Hawk quickly took advantage of the opportunity and mercifully killed Rabbit. He jumped to the air with her body and flew to a safe perch to eat.

Little Coyote arrived at the meeting place and called out for Talks to Snake. Instinctively, like everyday before, Little Coyote pounced on the mouse. Again Talks to Snake cried out, "Wait! Do not kill me! My death would have my people mourning for generations."
"Oh, it’s you Talks to Snake," said Little Coyote as he loosened his grip on the mouse.
The mouse pulled himself out from under the paws and looked up at the coyote, "Yes, it's me. What questions do you have?"
"Well, on the way over here I heard Rabbit and Hawk cry, but they were crying for different reasons," Little Coyote shook his head.
"Really, how did they cry and what was different about it?" Talks to Snake straightened up and shook off the prairie dust.
"Well, Hawk cried for taking Rabbit's life and for expressing himself in the power of the dive and kill, and Rabbit cried for becoming one with Hawk and the Great Spirit and for losing herself in the kill. How does this make sense?"
"Hmmm," The mouse looked at the coyote and rubbed his nose. "Alright, before I told you that we cry when we lose someone we love. Well, that is what happened."
Little Coyote lay down to wait for an answer as Talks to Snake scratched behind his right ear. “How do I put this, they lost each other as well as their Selves. Rabbit lost Hawk, Hawk lost Rabbit, and they each lost their Selves or who they were known to be to the energy of Rabbit's death."
"How could they feel loss for one another when they did not love one another?"
"Little Coyote! Love is the attention shown towards something or someone that leads to an ever deepening knowledge, understanding and acceptance of that object or person. They were aware of each other for a long time. Hawk hunts Rabbit and Rabbit is ever vigilant of Hawk’s silhouette in the sky. Each could each tell you the habits and life of the other. So they had a deep knowledge, understanding, and acceptance for what each meant for the other. Isn't that love?"
"Yes, but Hawk ended Rabbit's life, so how is that love?"
Talks to Snake looked into the blank eyes that were directed at him. Slowly he looked at the ground then moved to the side of the coyote. He raised a paw and touched Little Coyote's fur. "Hawk gifted Rabbit with something she could not give her Self in her simple quiet life, an enrapturing exciting moment and a courageous death. Rabbit gave Hawk something he could not give his Self, the sustenance of her body as well as bringing him down from the sky of the world, so that he could be part of the rest of world and not be dead to the rest of the earth's children. Do you understand?"
Hesitantly, he answered, "Alright, I guess I understand,"
Talks to Snake drew his paw back holding it to his chest. "Do you see how each showed his or her love for the other by being an important part of each other and completing the other's life?"
"Hawk did not complete Rabbit's life, he ended it!" yapped the coyote, sitting up and away from the mouse.
Talks to Snake watched the blind coyote for a moment then returned to his side. "Yes he did but isn’t that his role in nature? Little Coyote, is not death a part of life? Without death there would eventually be too many for the environment to sustain. Life feeds life and without death that cannot happen. Death is a part of life. Hawk is no longer the same being he was before the death of Rabbit, now that the spirit of Rabbit has been released to express her Self in infinite ways. Her body will be transformed within Hawk to feed Hawk’s body and continue his life. It’s as if the event gave birth to a new hawk, like lovers producing a child.”
"How does that work?"
Shaking his head the little mouse walked away from his student, "It would not do you any good for me to tell you, for you do not yet know what love is. If you don’t know what love is, then you are just dancing with shadows within yourself."
"So first I must learn how to love. How do I do that?" Little Coyote's blind gaze searched for meaning in Talks to Snake’s eyes.
"You first must learn to love your Self enough to fully open and express who you truly are, cleanly and honorably. I’ve noticed that your ribs are showing under your hide and you have not eaten.”
"Oh, I don't want to eat things that can talk to me."
"What?!" Talks to Snake threw his arms in the air. "All things talk to you if you listen! The stream talks to you when you drink from her side. She giggles and whispers love songs in your ears."
"Well ... I guess I see your point,” his tummy rumbles and he shifts his weight to one side, “but I can learn from them, so I don't want to eat them," piped Little Coyote.
Talks to Snake lowered his arms and took a deep breath, "Little Coyote, what you are dies and you are born anew every time you learn! Who you believe yourself to be will change each time you learn something. In the process of learning and growing from an experience, the old you ceases to exist. You shed the identity of the past like Snake sheds his skin…newly born! You are a divine being capable of expressing the love of your Self in each moment, free of limitation, to grow and evolve endlessly!"
The coyote's stare was an empty well to the mouse's little shiny black eyes. The mouse scrutinized them for a glimmer of recognition. Finding nothing, Talks to Snake turned and watched the sun begin its descent into the brilliance of the sky’s evening colors.
"I don't know what you're talking about, but what I do know is that I want to learn more, so I'm not going to kill anything!" whined Little Coyote, cringing from the criticism.
Spinning around screaming, hairs standing on end in the setting sun the mouse shook with his message. "What! So you would rather have me wait around watching you die of starvation and answer every question that you will ever have in your life? You know,” Talks to Snake paused for a moment then looked at the coyote, “why don’t I just live your life for you?!"
"Yes! ... Well, no ... uh, ... I don't know. What do you think?"
"Great Horns!" The mouse threw up his arms, and fell onto his back in a puff of dust. "You are impossible! Eat me, just eat me and take me away from the misery of having to talk to you!”
"What?! What are you talking about? You're talking crazy!" yapped the coyote. The prairie started to cradle the sun in blankets of colorful clouds.
Laughing, Talks to Snake got to his feet and slapped his thigh, "Oh, this is funny! A coyote telling a mouse that HE is crazy! Woo, you’re not a coyote, you're a mouse!"
"What?!," shrieked Little Coyote, "tell me what you mean!"
"Why do I have to tell you what I mean? Can't you reason it out for your Self? THINK! Here, why don't you just take off your hide and give it to me and I’ll be the coyote?!" Talks to Snake strode over and grabbed Little Coyote’s hide and started pulling.
"Hey! Wait! How will that help me?!" flinched the coyote, pitching dust into the sunset.
"Well, you might learn something as I stupidly wander around with my head on backwards, whining about what I choose not to see and blindly stagger here and there so you will know how you are acting!" sang the mouse as he danced around.
"I don't act like that! Take that back!" yelped Little Coyote.
The mouse stopped. "Why?"
Little Coyote coyly cocked his head to the side. "Well ... because you love me?"
Talks to Snake stomped his foot, "NO! I will not! That is why I am saying this in the first place, because I do love you. I noticed how you are limiting your Self, that even though you can see, you are blind. If you will not eat, I will feed you another way. The end of my life is near and if I did not do this, then I could not be who I believe my Self to be.”
The coyote sat in silence. He moved his face to the last warmth of the setting sun and felt the warmth of the light fading. Talks to Snake turned to the dying sun as well. Little Coyote’s stomach interjected its opinion with a low rumble.
"Well, I guess it's time for you to eat me."
"NO, I cannot eat you. I know you too well and you know so much and you have helped me. That is something no one else has done."
"Yes, Little Coyote, I have helped you. But consider the alternative; would you rather have something kill me that didn't know me? Would you like to kill something you didn’t even know? There is no respect or love in that. It is merely acting in ignorance. I have watched you for a long time waiting for you to hear me so that I could talk with you.”
The two stood side-by-side facing the prairie as the last of the sun's colorful bedding wrapped over and dropped below the horizon.
"I can't kill you, your people will mourn your death for generations."
"Yes, they will, and that is proper, for that is the way life is. I have already taught the young. Now I will become an inspiration for them, not an adversary, in their growth. That is the cycle of nature from birth to death."
A soft velvet blackness gently crept over their heads moving across the sky. It settled down into place on the horizon behind the forest and prairie extinguishing the bright blazing colors of the sunset. Slowly stars pierced the dark blanket of the sky and they danced with tiny glimmers of light.
"But I want to learn more ... if you're dead, I can't!"
"You will continue to learn even after I am gone, there are so many others that will teach you to look more carefully at what you do and what is around you. Gift me by letting me see the excitement of who you truly are, show me the coyote you are and then I can continue happily in my growth within."
The song of the night drifted across the prairie as low dark clouds started to spread from the western sky with the faint smell of rain.
"Where will you go?"
"I will be released to be with the Great Spirit and I will also be with you, for I will have chosen to give you life." Talks to Snake turned and looked up at Little Coyote, "You know…I've always wanted to be a coyote."
"But, I don’t understand. I don’t get anything out of it ... I won't eat you. That's my final word."
"Well ... then you're already dead. I thought a little bit of you might still be alive, but I was wrong." The little mouse kicked a pebble, shook his head, and then slowly walked after it departing the coyote's company.
"But I might get lost, or not understand something, or fail, or…gasp…what if I find out I’m something horrible inside…how about that?!” called Little Coyote after the mouse.
"Ooh! I will mourn long and hard for my poor dead friend, Little Coyote. I loved him so!" sang Talks to Snake loudly to the stars.
Little Coyote hopped after the mouse, "What do you mean? Hey! I'm alive, I'm right here!"
"OOOH! How I will remember him, my great cowardly friend who died of stagnation!"
Little Coyote stopped short, "Stagnation?! Hey! Wait a minute..."
"Oh yes, that blind, ignorant...well, well, what is that?" The once bright blankets of clouds on the western horizon now grew dark and lit up with lightning as they drew closer to the pair.
"Huh? ... What? ... What was it?" Little Coyote stammered and blankly scanned the sky.
The mouse looked at the coyote, then back to the night sky. He sighed, closed his eyes, bowed his head, and whispered to himself.
"What was it?!" Little Coyote stamped the prairie grass in the dark. Talks to Snake opened his eyes and looked up.
The mouse's little black eyes reflected the stars, “A storm of cleansing and nourishment is brewing...” Blinking to organize his thoughts he looked down at the grass in the darkness. "Where was I ... yes, blind…ignorant...alright, " he turned to look at Little Coyote, "and a dead clod-headed fool!"
"Fool?! I’m not a fool! And dead, how could I be dead? I'm not dead!"
Talks to Snake pointed a paw to his chest and leaned toward Little Coyote in the starlight, "Well I think you're dead."
"No I'm not!"
The little mouse looked up at the wide, faint pathway of stars that spanned the blackness from horizon to horizon that was slowly fading behind the dark clouds and whispered, "Yes you are..."
"Am not!"
Rocking back on his heels, paws behind his head, he softly sang, "Are tooo..."
"Am not!" howled Little Coyote.
Talks to Snake jumped in the air with a giggle and started dancing a little jig. “…uh huh…”
The storm clouds were nearly above them when lightning flashed and backlit the raised hackles on Little Coyote as he shook with his anger and frustration, "NOT!"
Talks to Snake danced up to the enraged coyote, "Yes you are,” he whispered and large drops of rain from above landed with little puffs of dust all around them.
"I'll show you a dead coyote!" The night prairie erupted as the rain began to pour from the sky. There was a dark twister of growls, fur, rain and prairie grass. Amidst the torrential rain Little Coyote blindly tore after the quick dance of Talks to Snake. Suddenly there was a leap and a pounce. From beneath Little Coyote a cry rang out across the prairie. Lying down, Little Coyote was still and silent as was everything else on the prairie except for the sound of the rain. Slowly the night creatures resumed their song rejoicing in the nourishment that fell from the heavens. The heavy rain slightly eased its initial assault on the earth.
Little Coyote rolled up onto his haunches. The rain still hid the prairie from him; it was a dark curtain of water. "See I told you..." Little Coyote panted. "Talks to Snake, see, I showed you I’m alive, I’m not a dead coyote." The sky flashed with lightning and the song of the night and rolling thunder met him as he waited for an answer. He looked down as the rain eased further to see, within a second flash of lightning, his teacher crushed into the muddying dirt of the prairie. The flame that once lived within Talks to Snake had been extinguished.
Suddenly Little Coyote realized what he had done. He howled as he felt the loss. The energy and pain tore through him. Tears gathered in his blank eyes and began to run down his face. Not knowing what was happening to him he began to blink to try and see. He panicked, turned, and ran from the prairie. He could not see clearly through the tears and rain and met a tree on the edge of the woods. He met it squarely with the middle of his head, practically knocking the silly out of him.
Lying under the cover of the tree away from the rain, he understood the tears and storm of pain were part of him. The little coyote laid down his head and let the emotions flow through him. The emotion filled tears cleansed his vision and streamed down his furry face. He began to truly see the world around him. The rain finally relented as the clouds moved away across the prairie. His pain eased as he realized how much his feelings had grown and how he felt comfort in the knowledge and memory of his friend, Talks to Snake. He slowly returned to where his teacher lay and in one movement granted Talks to Snake’s wish…and ate him. Talks to Snake had become a coyote.
Little Coyote looked up at the clouds retreating from the night sky and realized what his friend final gift had been...Life. His body relaxed with a sigh as he watched the stars return to the night sky, the clouds retreated off into the distance. A brilliant spark of light appeared and ran down the inside of the blackness above. It left a trail and slowly faded. Little Coyote caught his breath at the sight. His eyes lit up at the new experience and he threw back his head and began laughing through his tears at the painful joy of life.

Old Man Coyote rolls over in his den bedding, a sly smile waking on his scruffy graying face. He gets up and peeks out at the rising sun. "Well, time to get out there and see what’s there is to see. There's nothing like a good teacher in the morning to get you going!" He bounds out into the sunlight looking for his breakfast.

Mystic Musings


This part of the book is quite literally what it’s actually all about. There are elements that play a part in revealing the greater truth of each story. I will take it one story at a time and give an overview. Then I will start giving the explanations and meanings for each character and element within the lesson. After each element’s explanation I will interject questions to stir your mind and hopefully your soul to help you find answers that have a personal meaning to you. I’ve left some space after each question for notes regarding any ideas or images that come to mind. There is also an additional notes section at the end of each story’s explanations if you care to use it.
Please remember there are no wrong answers to these questions. They are merely doorways for you to open and explore within your Self. It is to better understand and to better express your Self within the shared Dream Awake. I would suggest getting a few friends together to discuss the stories because in the sharing you may see what another may not and visa versa. One observation from another may blow away a blockage and reveal an insight that had lain dormant within you.
If you find you cannot comfortably answer a question or if you draw a blank, or feel you’ve hit a wall, then back up a story. Each story is an evolution of the previous. So if you find you draw a blank at finding your heart then maybe you need to go back and do some more work on dancing. Once you go back and look at dancing and better understand what it means, you will better understand what your expression is. You will more easily be able to discern from what you do day to day and find out what is for you. Once you get it you will truly resonate with it and know where you find your heart in order to continue in your progression. Other moments you may just need time, time to immerse yourself and experience a new awareness for yourself in order to ground yourself in it and know who you are in it and find a ‘new normal’ to live.
Being a storyteller at heart the best thing that could happen with these stories is that a group meets and each takes turns reading the stories to the group. Its origin is in the oral tradition that stretches back through time, regardless of the cultural colorings and theme, and is where it is most at home in its expression.
I think that many groups involved with life changes, or coming to terms with changing destructive behaviors, would benefit greatly from the safety these stories can offer for discussion. They give a wide gambit of subjects and discussions that relate directly to issues of the heart and how one expresses it. This is what all therapy, group or otherwise, strive to address.
I wish the best and I know that wisdom blesses each and everyone of you who have the courage to take that inner journey, which is the last great frontier of man. The nice thing about it is that at the end of this journey, you can take it with you!


The central theme of this story is the understanding and acceptance of change. It deals with the awareness of the present and an open eyed view and acknowledgment of how we can change as individuals as well as our environment. Change is a constant. It will not go away, it is life.
So what is it that you find uncomfortable about change?

What do you enjoy about change?

Do you feel that change is a necessary part of life and why?

A major element of the story is a teacher/student relationship and what that means to the learning process. It’s based loosely on the theme where the student evolves to the point where the teacher no longer has anything more to teach and its time for the student to graduate. Here we have Talks to Snake teaching Little Coyote about love and crying. Love being the attention ones shows towards an object or being with total acceptance, deep knowledge and understanding of that object or being. Crying being the expression and release of the love one has for a subject, that due to a change in circumstances, state of being or condition, is lost. So the energy of that love, with the loss of its subject, is expressed as sorrow. The loss doesn’t necessarily portent a death in the actual manner, but can also be a perceptual loss of the object or subject due to change.

So what does the teacher/student relationship mean to you?

Who was your most influential teacher in your life and why?

What was it like and how did it feel when your time with that teacher was complete?

What is your understanding of love?

What is your understanding of crying?

Little Coyote- As I mentioned in the introduction he is the learning human. The divine innocence that takes on his surroundings then through trial and error comes into his own realization of the truth of who his is. In this story he is blind even though he can see. In this he represents the blind acceptance or blind denial of his environment without thought. He does not actively interact with his surroundings or the other animals. He is the self centered human who blindly accepted what he was told. This could be how he was raised and continues to live life never truly knowing who he is inside. He measures who he is by his past experiences. He is the remains of what was, never questioning what is or what could be.
How do you perceive Little Coyote?

Fox- She is the totem of the family unit and also represents the ability to blend into one’s surroundings. A child growing up in a family learns what it means to be human from them. In this the art of how to blend in and exist in the world is mastered, just as Fox does in her environment. The sad thing is the pure expression of the Self may die in the process. Taking on the limits of the environment and the emulation of their parents, they forsake and dishonor their own feelings and desires. They abandon themselves in order to belong and feel safe. There is a subtle symbolism in Fox’s crying for her lost pup in relation to this. It’s akin to the parent that witnesses the child abandoning who they are in order to belong or feel safe. No only was Fox crying for her pup, symbolically she was also crying for Little Coyote who was lost to himself.
How do you perceive Fox?

Talks to Snake – Now he’s an interesting fellow. He’s a mouse, which is the totem of small details and scrutinizing events for answers and understanding. It is the art of seeing the microcosm and by that, one understands the macrocosm. When he was bitten by a Snake and given a name it gave him even greater meaning to his role. (I will further explain Snake’s role later in the last story but here I will say merely that he stands for transmutation.) He was exploring a deep burrow when Snake came upon him. This symbolizing digging into one’s psyche for understanding and wisdom and in the process it finds you and transforms you. It kills what you were in creating a new being like the black hole, a negative becomes a positive. It’s all a matter of perspective. Something may seem unreasonable or negative at first, once understanding is attained, makes perfect sense. A circumstance that seems dire, stagnant or negative actually ends up being for good. Once there is a change in one’s perception of the circumstances, one Trans-mutates it for good. Then one can understand what direction to move in order to move forward. This is a constant aspect of life because life is ever changing. So he has a life threatening circumstance. In it he learns the greatest part of it was the act of him recognizing his own self value and being bold enough to speak it to Snake proudly. By doing this he courageously changes his fate and survives. Knowing your own value and having the courage to freely express was the great gift in this event. More importantly was he expressed his value in terms of his relationship to others and recognizing their role in his life. He was an elder for his people and taught them what he had learned. But then he chose to teach a coyote, his predator, which shows courage to follow his calling and convictions no matter where it sends him and not draw any limitations upon it. This is the last great evolution of a teacher, you draw no limits to potential and see no boundaries to what you are deeply called to express.
How do you perceive Talks to Snake?

Has there been an event or time in your life that seemed negative but in the end turned out to serve a purpose for good?

Hawk & Rabbit – I grouped them together for brevity. This was a subject I wanted to include and one I have purposely taken to an extreme. Hawk is the symbol of the messenger, much like Mercury or Hermes. He is the deliverer of new thoughts and ideas regarding life and situations, bringing them down from the ethereal or thought plane. In this context he helps introduce the final piece of the puzzle to understanding. Rabbit I use here partly because she can symbolize fear. Fear that you focus on so much as an outcome, eventually becomes reality. It can also be when an event is asked for that will kill what you once were to create what you have requested. Then the individual panics when it arrives and wants to remain in the old familiar and claim to be a victim. Rabbit timidly sits in fear and expectation of Hawk. She spent the whole time scanning the sky constantly worrying about her fate until one day her life is complete and over. She has missed out on what could have been since she was busy worrying. The greatest moment in her uneventful life ends up being her death. Symbolically it could be the beginning of a new experience that transcends the present so much that you die to what you once were. Now the relationship here and why it was brought to such an extreme was to bring to light the ‘victim mentality’. The ‘victim’ sees themselves as being acted upon by their environment instead of having an active role in the event by their choices and intent. Otherwise they would not have found themselves in the circumstance. Their choices and beliefs have lead them to it. This is where you must be careful what you ask for and what your intent is in your beliefs and actions. As I like to say, “If you don’t want to get attacked by a tiger, don’t go in the jungle.”
What can a person believe about themselves, their environment and their ‘attacker’ that could contribute to the culmination of the events to a “damaging” event?

The Sunset & the Storm- Well this is an easy one. You have the day ‘dying’ into the night, once again a transition. It is the nourishment of the soul with a spiritual event of learning just as the rain feeds the dry land. As the sun drops over the horizon, the clouds, once beautiful in the rays of the setting sun, become dark and dangerous. This is how one’s perception can color and judge events to be good or bad. The clouds were the same clouds the whole time; it was the frame of reference in context to them that affects how they are perceived. The storm is the cleansing change that at times can be scary and feel violent. The lighting gives flashes of insight and clarity to events that happen within the darkness. This is symbolized by the moment Little Coyote sees that Talks to Snake is dead and realized he’s the one responsible for it. It is a cleansing transition. This event helps us realize how and where we are in the transition. It is the condition of the brain where one is right brain dominant and left brain impaired. Logic, linear sequential thought and reasoning are out the door and emotion, circular organic thought, and creativity is left running the show. This is the depth of change and life transition. Only as the storm subsides does one’s mind clear up and start functioning within its new normal in a balanced way.
How do you perceive The Sunset & The Storm?

The Falling Star- This event expresses the resolution of the relationship between Little Coyote and Talks to Snake. It is the bright blaze of light that comes into being for a short beautiful moment and then just as quickly it is gone leaving you with a fond memory. In that moment witnessed with his new awareness given to him by Talks to Snake, Little Coyote is changed even further. In experiencing this event it mirrors and repeats the experience of change that was brought on by his teacher. Without Talks to Snakes’ lesson he would never have been aware of or experienced the joy and awe of the falling star. So in one moment he is thankful for the gift of Talks to Snake as well as the gift of seeing the falling star which he couldn’t have without that gift. This produces a loop of resonance. The loop starts with the experience and deepens his understanding and acceptance of who he has become. It then continues by showing attentiveness and gaining unconditional love towards him Self. Once he understands love in the context of Self it can then be turned outwards towards others. That love then springs forth as joy in the realization as well as tears for the lost object of its attention, Talks to Snake.
How do you perceive The Falling Star?

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Reviewed by Charlie 10/21/2007
Coyote learns to cry is a well-written story. I love that you have open-ended questions. The relationship between coyote and Talks-to-Snake is strange, yet very believable -- My favorite question was that about teachers in my life -- fitting really, because that's more like the relationship between the writer and the reader of this piece -- it allows you to teach us, and allows us to teach ourselves as well. Very well-written. --Charlie

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